One Night Between the Sheets

I’ve been on a three to four year hiatus from clubbing and it was only recently I got back into the scene. I was afraid and thought I would be burned out like real quick because I wasn’t used to the late nights but apparently that wasn’t the case at all. It was like the nightlife never left me. About a month in, I actually had some of the most fun and crazy nights ever. Reliving the moments like it was back to 2011 – 2012 was awesome. My first comeback night wasn’t actually all great, but the feelings I had while partying reminded me why I loved it so much in the first place.

Outfits weren’t much of an issue, luckily. I wasn’t the sexiest or the best dressed girl, but I sure did attract attention. (Maybe that’s also because I really can dance. LOL.)

Never would I have thought that it’ll happen again, but last Thursday night proved me wrong. And so, that was the one night between the sheets.

Now playing: Kissing Strangers – DNCE ft. Nicki Minaj.

Last Thursday night.

My friend had invited me to join a Kinect dance session with her plus dinner and like damnnnn, I had a good time working out that evening. That got me pumped up and I really want to get that streak going on through the night! I was sporting a purple crop top and white cropped jeggings. Since Thursday nights at Zouk = free entry, I made my plans and went alone. (My friend already had plans after this so yeah.)

It’s not like I had never gone on my own before. I loved going to clubs on my own, mind you. It was quite an empowering feeling and hell yeah it took a lot of courage. It was also that freedom to move around quickly and freely without having to look out for somebody other than yourself, and yes, the freedom to make ‘friends’ easily. But of course, it also made me an easy target and sometimes I spent half the night avoiding people like a snake. (Like damn it was tiring yo. I just want to let loose on my own man. LOL.)

Anyway, moving on… I arrived at Zouk at about 12 am, got my chop, went in to make my usual rounds to check out the crowd, which wasn’t really there yet so I headed out somewhere else to get a drink. Downed like two bottles of cider in an hour and man did that get me bloated! However, it got me a little buzzed so that was enough to get me started. Luckily I ain’t on heels, so that would also mean I was going to be up non stop on the dance floor! Yay.

Slipped back in at 1 am. Phuture’s music was better this time round, the crowd was really liking it and so I joined in. Stayed for a song or two before heading up to Capital to check things out too, but nothing much was going on so back down I went.

With that night’s outfit, walking around CQ surely had gotten me extra stares and stuff. Well, no surprise that I would stand out even more on the dance floor right? I had so many eyes on me that it was starting to kill the buzz… But no worries, I got my groove going on soon after. Of course, I soon realized that all this attention I was getting was a great confidence booster and it gave me the serious adrenaline rush to keep going.

About what seems to be like ten to fifteen minutes later of dancing, I was approached by two guys in some casual work wear. Can’t remember their names, so I am going to say it was James and Bryan. I knew what was going on immediately. I could clearly see that James was winging it for Bryan since he slid off to the bar to get drinks while I was suddenly left alone with Bryan.

“Ah, so that’s how it is gonna go huh…” I thought. Well, I danced a little with him, made the usual small talk and came to the conclusion that he wasn’t my type. (James, on the other hand, though, was kind of cute I guess. LOL.) Anyway, I didn’t stay too long with him; politely told him I was going to bounce back upstairs and he replied by saying he’ll come look for me later after he finished a round of drinks with James at the counter.

I didn’t give much attention to that though. The night was still young. The party was just getting started. And with my whole body still pumping – still wanting more of the rush and excitement, I made my way up to Capital to dance some more.

Back at Capital, I waltzed my way in to the middle of the dance floor as the music was thumping real good. I totally let myself loose, closed my eyes and danced like everyone and no one was watching. Hahaha. I think I actually made some serious eye contact with several guys across the dance floor, but sadly they didn’t get much of the hint… Oh well. They be missing out.

Soon after, I saw James and Bryan returning. We saw each other, said hi again and danced together for a short while. Still didn’t feel the connection with him though… And James was just going everywhere LOL. Well, I managed to excuse myself and not long after he disappeared home I guessed.

Made a stop down again at Phuture for the last time that night to see if there was any more eye candy, but most of them weren’t my cup of tea. A group of three tried their luck with me, but they promptly made their way out too.

Being alone made it real easy to dance with the ladies and I was sure the guys loved some girl to girl action on the dance floor, am I right? Usually a quarter of the fun came from times like this and it was really awesome because I may be bi-curious, but I was not necessarily lusting over their bodies, you know what I mean? It was just all about the fun.

Well, I think James saw that (About how I was onto another girl LOL.), and he came over one more time… This time it was to introduce me to his other group of friends. The group consisted of a couple and a bro of theirs. He pulled me over so fast that I was like lost about whatever was going on man… Hahaha. He wanted me to dance with the girl, but I think she was too focused on her guy instead, which was fine by me. Because the guy next to them, I think his name was G?*; he was like totally my type (Quite the eye candy material.), so I decided to focus on him for the rest of my night instead.

I believed we had some spark going on. We didn’t like immediately come into close body contact… I was probably getting sober, so I was also getting a little conscious I guess? LOL. Maintaining the distance, we were grooving at the same pace and I loved that. It was really hard, really rare to find someone to connect with on the same wavelength at first sight uh. That alone kind of charmed me somehow.

I even secretly thought to myself about how I wouldn’t mind heading back with him… If he actually popped the question. Well, erm, was I hoping for it? Perhaps so.

Oh, what about James, you ask? I admit that he was still on my radar. He was cute too, you know. Despite him flocking to random girls throughout the night, the fact that I saw that he was being the supportive wingman to his buddies was really sweet somehow and that had got me noticing him as well. Hahaha.

Oh lord. If I didn’t make a choice by the time this night ends, it was going to be disastrous… Or so I thought to myself.

Time flies when you’re having too much fun. Didn’t even want to take a break because it was just too good you know. LOL.

Then again, all that dancing made us thirsty so me and G walked over to the bar counter to get some drinks.

Talking over our G&T, the space between us became so close that if we were to turn our heads at the same time, our lips would have touched.

Oh man, the tension, though! Hahaha.

Entertaining between G, James, David and the couple was cool too.

However, 3 am arrived too soon. The lights came back on.

We downed our cups and then decided that Kyo was the next place to go.

Meanwhile, James was trying to convince these two OL’s to join us, but he failed to do so. LOL. He said they were too tired to come along, so oh well. Poor fella.

So off we went, exited Zouk while walking next to G and James. Since it was five of us, we had to take separate cabs to Kyo. And guess what? I was in the cab with James while the others went on another one. Was I disappointed? A little. After all, I was hoping to chummy up with G instead of James. LOL. But I hadn’t really got the chance to talk to him, and nothing had really been set yet so why not right? Ah well, the ride was pleasant to say the least.

The two of us arrived first. So in we went and James wasted no time in getting me more drinks. LOL.

It was my first time there and boy, was it still crowded! Kyo’s layout was a little weird, but it was cozy alright.

“Bottoms up, girl and let’s go in!” Said James. He was fast man. Hahaha. I downed mine a few minutes later and off we went to the dance floor. And boy, did the high kick in fast too…

Inhibitions were lowered.

Everything instantly became semi-trippy and shit.

Suddenly I was way too friendly with James.

Another shot was given. I was already over my limit.

About what seemed to be the longest wait of my life, the trio finally made it! I was actually legit happy to see G again. LOL. “Yaaay! You guys made it! That took too long man! I missed ya.” I said. Complained to him about how James made me downed two shots. Hahaha. We both gave him the ‘You the bad boy tsk tsk’ look and laughed it off.

The next two hours were a blast. As we danced, I felt his hands reaching out for me… Sliding down from my arms… All the way to my waist. Naturally, my hands went over his shoulders and our heads bumped. We could have actually kissed… But we didn’t. (I should have gone in for the kill, but I decided to tease it out a little longer. Wanted to take it slow uh.), like damn, we were seriously connecting through the grooving and the touching and all that?! Hahaha. This was too good to be true… Oh, how I wanted time to just stop so badly.

Every once in a while, smiles were exchanged with some intense gazing. And I wondered just when was the last time it felt so electrifying… Couldn’t help but to let out a happy sigh.

With each song getting better and better… We were getting closer and closer.

With the bass thumping & bumping, all I could focus on was this man in front of me. All I could focus on was how heavy our breathing got. We were both perspiring from all the dancing. Hell yeah, we were tired, but we were also happy. We were so in sync that night, it was just unbelievable.

Forgive me for already imagining you in bed with me… LOL.

The two hours flew by so quickly though. I was still enjoying our moment together and didn’t want the night to just end like that. We held hands as we walked out of the club. Here I was, thinking that maybe my imagination might just come true. However, I was just too busy with my thoughts that I didn’t notice that he wanted to head home instead? Hahaha. Damn it.

I was like, “Give me your number before you leave at least!”

But he said that the guys should have it and told me to ask from them instead. To avoid having the cabs blocking the roads, we hurriedly went our separate ways… Like fuck. I should have gotten on the cab with him instead of joining James and the couple. I was asking for a few good minutes, but apparently nobody knew? I was actually wondering if they really knew him though… LOL. Argh. Regretted much please. Sigh…

Missed connections are such a pain in the ass.

But anyway… We actually cabbed over to their place at Orchard to chill and drink some more. Well, damn, their studio apartment was gorgeous. They actually all lived together. Hahaha. So cool. Seeing that I was feeling a little out of place, James grabbed my hands and took the chance to show me around.

Once we’re done, I went to the balcony to take a breather while James and the couple went back to their respective rooms to change. As for me, I was trying to sober up as much as I could so that I retained the memories of tonight. Keeping focus was tough, but I did it anyway. I knew exactly how tonight was about to go, and I asked myself if I was seriously going to be down for it… I didn’t want to settle for second best, but then again, my first choice became the one that got away. The conflicting voices in my head vs the feelings of my heart and body didn’t make it any easier for me.

Oh fuck it, I was already in heat. At this point of time, I needed my release. Just get into the right head space and just go for it girl!

Yeap. That conclusion I made was the turning point I guessed. I didn’t want to think no more. I just wanted to enjoy all of this.

Soon after that, they came back out of their rooms and made warm their leftover pizzas with some cold beers in hand as we chilled in the night.

Before this, James was being aloof towards me and all that? I kind of got the vibes that he was staring, but I wasn’t so sure… I didn’t make much of it honestly speaking. However, once he changed into his home wear… He started coming real close to me. He was being touchy throughout and his hands wanted more of me.

Ah yes… I now clearly see what he wants. Me. In his room. On his bed.

They soon finished their supper, but didn’t bother to clean up. LOL. The couple went back to the balcony and James slipped back into his room. He motioned for me to go in with him, but I just stared at him LOL. I quickly grabbed my bag in the living room and followed him in soon after.

So this was his room, huh… It was cozy and comfy. The scent of a guy’s room, smelled like him alright. It was messy where it was expected and damn did the bed look comfy. Fuck. LOL. I jumped right in after thinking about that because goddamn it, I was tired! I danced all night okay… Hahaha.

He slid into the sheets with me and we cuddled for a short while before realizing it was just too quiet somehow… We needed some music.

As he turned on his Spotify, I took off my socks and went to give myself a final check at the toilet. It had been a long while since I was in a stranger’s room this late at night… It was not like I didn’t have the confidence of my own skills in bed, but it was still with someone completely new after all. So… Of course I was still nervous despite being intoxicated. Prep myself up and back into the room I went.

He was checking his mails while I came in. I remembered about how he said he needed to be doing work before he crashed. LOL. But him being drunk like that now? I very much doubt he would even start. Hahaha.

James: “Hey. You’re back.” *Grabbed my hands, spun me around to pull me in closer for a hug from the back*

Me: “Yeah, I see you checking your mails. Are you done?”

James: *While hugging me from behind* “Oh, it is alright, that can wait…”

Me: *Feeling him trying to sniff me out* “Hahaha! That tickles! You sure?”

James: “Yeah. I am good.”

Me: “So what’s on your Spotify playlist now, lemme see.” *Clicked over to check*

James: *Talking while still sniffing me, hands now roaming all over my exposed waist* “I don’t have much, but you can choose whatever you’d like to hear.”

Me: “Okayyy.”

The F8 soundtrack was like my jam currently at the time, so I clicked on that. Good music, good company. What more could I ask for? I was enjoying the attention I was receiving too. Hahaha. I assured myself that all was good so far.

I broke away from the hug to slide into the sheets. He followed through after switching off the lights. Once the mood was set, he swooped right in and went on top of me. I stared back at him and… Wait. He was already topless? LOL. I stoned for that few seconds, just admiring that lean body of his. I was about to reach out though…

And mmph! He went straight in and kissed me even before I had time to react. Sneaky fella. Hahaha. With all the tossing and turning, we were heavily making out for minutes.

I was hot and bothered by this point of time. Had to take my bra off to cool down, but my top remained on me. Didn’t want to seem like I was rushing into this…

James: “You alright?”

Me: “Yeah, I am good. Just starting to feel a little warm.”

I was wondering if this was actually a good idea… I was still thinking about G. But here I was, in bed with James. Sighhh… I guessed I was still hesitant. I knew that this wasn’t the best thing to do, but I was already in too deep. I couldn’t possibly stop right now… Right? I turned to the other side of the bed and he came spooning me from the back.

Me: “You know, if you were interested in me… Then why were you winging it for your buddies? You could have just come straight for me without going through all that trouble you know.”

I noticed how heavy he was breathing on my back.

James: “Honestly, you were great at dancing! That and you caught my eye, but my friends eyed on you first and wanted to know you more instead, but didn’t know how so I was just trying to help them out…”

Me: “Hahahaha oh come on, really? Then again… You suck because it didn’t work out in the end. Hahaha. Oh my god. Seriously. It is funny how I am now here with you? Like whattttt…”

James: “Hahahaha… Yeah, you’re right. I suck. Well, I thought I wouldn’t have my chance tonight, but here you are so thanks for coming over. I will stop if you don’t like it.”

He removed his hands off me after that. I let out a laugh and a sigh and stared at the ceiling for a short while. Was that the truth? Was he really into me all along?

Truth was… When I looked over at him again, he was giving me that puppy face look that I couldn’t say no to. Truth was… He was being so adorable, all I could think of was just about how much I wanted to eat him out. LOL.

With the backlight still coming from the desktop… I sat up on top of him, took off my top off in a quick motion, completely exposing my boobs in front of him. Not sure if the light was casting some harsh shadows… But judging from his reaction, I guessed he liked what he saw.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” I said softly. He nodded.

I grinned, flipped my hair back and continued on saying, “Then you better be ready, because I am about to eat you out.”

The skies were turning into a lighter blue than before. I think it was like about 5 am already?

Hahaha. We were both topless now. After making such a declaration… I made sure I sat well on top of him before swooping down on his lips. I had this huge urge to yank his pants off once I was done with his lips, but I held back. Not yet… Not yet.

Those lips were new yet gentle. Those lips were soft yet filled with so much lustful strength. It wasn’t sloppy nor messy. My lips and his came together just right. Mmmhhhmmmm. Such bliss. Hell, I wanted more of all this. I went to nibble his earlobes and breathe hard into his ears. I still remembered how all that made him let out such an uncontrollable sexy moan. And that was just the beginning of what I had to offer?! Like come on… Oh lord. Hahaha. Heck, this was off to a good start!

Swapping positions while taking a quick breath in between, his shorts were now off. He was completely exposed to me now and fuck that was so hottttt. Hahaha. (I was trying my very best not to jump on him so quickly, but heck this guy was faster than I was! Sheesh. It is time I guess?)

He targeted my neck, which was one of my weak spots (Like damn did that feel great!), giving me the kisses all the way to my chest. I definitely let out some moans… It was starting to feel too good to hold back anymore. Oh! I suddenly felt a warm squeeze; it was him totally groping my boobs and thoroughly licking both nips. Like a puppy wanting more milk, the sight of him enjoying it was so cute. LOL. I can’t!

Once he was done, he gave me the stare again, looking like he wasn’t sure if he should go for more. Perhaps he was kind of embarrassed about it… He stared and he laughed it off while lying back down in bed. I caught my breath and laughed it off with him as well. Still had my pants on by the way.

Me: “Hahahaha. You’re done? You don’t want more?”

James: “I do… But I should stop.” *Looked away shyly*

Me: “Oh come onnnn. If you don’t continue, then I will just go to sleep then!”

James: *Looked back at me with those eyes again* “I… Hmmm…”

Me: *Closed my eyes and pretended I was about to fall asleep* “Mmmhm. Nights…”

“Looks like I might need to take control, or else this isn’t gonna end well…” I thought.

Oh damn you James. I didn’t know if you’re deliberately teasing me by acting coy or you’re just being awkward, but you’re going to have to pay for making me want it so much uh! I couldn’t take this no more. I had to take on the dominant role. I took a deep breath and up I got. Sat back on top of him and pinned his arms on top of his head. I asked while looking down at him, “Looks like you actually like this huh… Have you been dominated before? You prefer me to do the job then?”

While still heavily breathing at me, he replied with a resounding yes.

Hahahaha. Good. This actually turned me on so much more, knowing that I could fully unleash myself on him without looking too much of a freak I guess?

Welllll. Time to tease the fuck out of this bitch hahaha.

“Ohhhhh. I see.” I said softly. I leaned over to his ears and whispered, “Then this is great…” I nibbled and breathe hard into his left ear again.

(His moans though. Oh my god. Oh no. LOL. *Smirk*)

Nibbling his neck to shift over to his right ear, I whispered again, “Because I am gonna give you your best night ever… I hope you’re ready for it…” I looked back at him, smirked, tightened my grip on him and proceeded to tease the shit out of this poor little boy whom seemed to be completely under my spell.

Oh, those moans though. I didn’t think I had ever heard a man moan this uncontrollably good? I think it must be the amount of alcohol he was drinking. Hahaha.

And so, while keeping a lookout for his reactions… I slowly made my way down south by giving kisses along the way. No hands, ma!

Over his shoulders. Over his chest.

Down to the tummy. Down to the hips.

I was nicely greeted by his standing shaft. One glance at it and I knew I was about to have a good time. Not the largest I had seen, but it was sizeable enough. I wasn’t even sure if it was clean… But it didn’t have any funny taste to it, so it was all good. I hoped he’s going to be able to last though. Also, I wasn’t expecting him to twitch just by my touch though… LOL.

Wasted no time in giving him head ya! Hahaha. I was in some serious craving now so I dived right in. Starting from the top, slowly sliding down to the base and going right back up as a starter was already putting him into overdrive as it seemed. And I wasn’t even giving in my 100% yet! LOL. Anyway, I started to work my magic on him. Showcasing my skills had never been this fun uh. Hahaha. I was being really slow and sensual before I picked up speed. From me gently giving kisses to licking the top in a circular motion, I focused on sucking the tip first. Giving the tip a good amount of attention never fails!

His body was responding well with all the slight twitches and arcs. Awesome, I was still doing good. I even gave him some surprise dips to the base while doing the slow suck! Hahahaha. Well, it was not all just mouth you know… My mouth needed its short breaks too. Hand jobs were helpful too ya! So yeah. My hands were proven pretty effective too. Placed my hands on his hips… Slow caressing of the inner thighs to the pelvic region was just so smooth. Like damn serious it was so smooth! Hahaha.

He was clearly in the overdrive and I didn’t just stop there either. I went on until I was tired at least… For at least a good fifteen mins? Oh man, this poor boy was enjoying it so much that it looked like he was trying his very best not to shoot in my mouth. Hahaha. He had to even sit up a few times to grab my head and take his deep breaths in before going back down on his back. He also mentioned that he was about to do it into my mouth a few times if I recalled right… LOL.

Catching my breath, I asked him…

Me: *Panting* “You good there? You still here? Hahaha…”

James: *Panting as well* “Oh yeah… I am. Oh my god… So good.”

Me: “Really? That good? On cloud nine kinda good?”

James: “Yeah, it was. I almost wanted to cum in your mouth several times man.”

Me: *Laughed* “Oh hahaha… It’ll be nice if you did, you know… I wouldn’t have minded…”

I didn’t think he heard it though… My words just trailed off because honestly, I only wanted to give him head. I wasn’t exactly looking for sex per se. And giving head was more than enough for me. But, uh… I didn’t think he saw it that way though. LOL. Oh noes. I think I was already in too deep into this shit.

James: “Ahhh, shit. I should stop. I can’t go on.”

Me: “Are you sure you don’t want more? Your body is telling me otherwise, uh.” *Looked down at his little one and giving it a light rub*

James: *Paused for a while* “Urgh. Damn it. I know this wouldn’t be right, but then again, it is too good to stop.”

Me: “Hahaha. I will make a quick pit stop to the toilet while you recover kays?”

James: “Alright.” *Slipped back into the sheets*

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