Nurse Story


I rented a room to two nurses from China. Not the super chio type, but will pass as a target if they sit in a pub. Both with very smooth and fair skin, one, Xiu Ling, has super long legs, but so…so breast (Not too small, but somehow could not make head turns with that pair.), the other, Xiao Yan, is at least a 34D, I tried very hard not to stare when she walks by. No joke, that pair of knockers just bounces up and down by itself, I do not believe any normal guy can keep his eyes off if he sees her walk by.

Xiu Ling likes to wear shorts and t-shirt at home, the shorts are those up-cut type that will disclose partial of the butt when she bend or curl herself on the sofa. Xiao Yan wears a nightie, those till knee length, but a translucent type most of the time.

In the beginning, they were very reserved, cover themselves heavily, never even hang their undergarments out after wash. (I still wonder how did they get it dry?) After a couple of months getting along with me, they begin to relax, thinking that I am harmless, they told me: “You are very different from the rest of the Singapore men”.

Well, in actual fact, men are the same all over the world. Which guy won’t want to get a good fuck if given the chance?

To cut the story short, they got very bold as days passed, not wearing bra at home, hang their sexy panties and bras all over the place. I get to see some G-string or lacy bras hanging around from time to time, but could not make up who’s the owner. Most of the time it is lace or cotton hanging around. I am tempted to keep a pair for myself, but considering the fact that I do not have much privacy, I am still trying hard to refrain myself. Why do I say so? I do not lock my room. They come in and out of my room freely because my bedroom’s bathroom is equipped with heater but the kitchen’s is not. So, sometimes when they return from a late night shift, they will use my room. They just wrap themselves with a towel and don’t seem to mind walking around me. There is even once I get to see a few strands of Xiu Ling ‘s pubic hair sticking out of her very loose and short shorts.

They are trained nurses and they should know how a man reacts to this. There is one incident when Xiu Ling went back to China, leaving Xiao Yan with me. I tried my luck by sharing a bottle of wine with her. She took about half a bottle, blushed shown through the face and seemed tipsy. I was sitting on her bed showing my photo album to show her, she pressed her breast on my back and was looking through the album over my shoulder. I acted as if nothing has happened, but deep in my mind, I wanted to press her on the bed and ripped that nightie off and give her a good fuck. I could clearly see the red lacy panty beneath that nightie. The risk was too great for me at that time; I controlled myself, close my eyes and lay back on her bed. The following morning, I woke up to find myself in her bed; both of us were fully clothed. But that single bed seems to be too small for two people to be in, inevitably, my hand was on her butt and her hand on my groin. I left the room and pretended nothing had happened for the rest of the day.

There are many incidents that are stranger than fiction. I wonder if I were to tell anyone, would they say that I am bullshitting. A few things for sure, I suddenly have many friends who like to visit my place, and for some reason I am willing to rent the place to these two girls, free of charge. I shall stop here for some of the brothers might be bored or think that this is another tall tale.

As I have said before, facts are stranger than fiction, but not to the extent that the girls want to suck your cock or spread their legs the moment they see you, not even Brad Pitt has this kind of attraction. As one of the brothers has indicated, it takes time. The rule of this game is to look innocent and be friendly all the time, do not act as if you are in a hurry to poke your prick in someone’s hole, things will happen later.

To think of it there are more disadvantages than advantage in this whole matter. It is not healthy to have a hard on almost every day (I am not kidding, I do not know how long I can tahan before I become a rapist.). The rent I charge is only $300 for both of them, which includes free supper, free wine, free night outs, free counseling, free laundry and free companionship. The only good thing is that I have lots of visit from my so-called friends, get free snacks and supper from these guys, besides the free shows I get every day. One more good thing is that I get to hear lots of stories from Xiu Ling and Xiao Yan, telling me about one dirty old man (A patient.) Who like to purposely show his erected dick and pretend to touch here touch there, or ask them how much they want to charge for a blow job, or the story about how one of Xiu Ling‘s Singaporean colleagues was being gang raped while camping in Pulau Ubin a few years back. Many of the stories are very interesting that I wish I can share with the brothers here someday, not all are sex related, but some are really out of imagination.

Back to the point, there is hardly much secret when 3 person is staying under one roof. We got too intimate, as far as a tenant/landlord relationship is concerned. The girls are very liberated; they will discuss anything from sex to movies and not shy to hide themselves. They do not lock their door and I am also free to walk in and out any time I wish, even when they are asleep. There is once I was looking for some aspirin, opened one of the drawers by the girls’ bedside, no aspirin, but there was a long ivory colored battery operated massage tool, reminds me of a vibrator, beside it was a tube of KY. I guess any guy will have the same suspicion as me, what did they use this to?

Till today, I am still dying to know the truth.

We share our laundry basket. All we do is throw our clothes in the basket beside the washing machine, whoever is free in the house will do the washing. This gives me the opportunity every brother in this story is dreaming of: to handle some young females’ panties and bras! At first I really did not have much thought about it except I have finally found someone to wash and iron for me. One night while both of them were out, I decided to do the washing for them. Among the laundries were some lacy bras, panties and even a pair of G-string! If I were a teenager, I would have suffered from a nosebleed immediately. I never was a bra person, but it is impossible to ignore the perfume / power scent on the bra. As for the panties, they are not those as big as tablecloths like panty. They are all high cut, but not thongs or G-string, I can image those girls revealing half of their ass and part of their cunt hair will be exposed due to the limited material at the front, a few of it are transparent with just some lace from the front, one will show the hair visibly if she wears it.

I took the only piece of the white color G-string and examine it. I know Xiu Ling was wearing it till late last night; she was in a tight white cotton pant, clearly displaying what’s between that round butts of hers. There was a curly hair on the G-string, I touched the middle part and it was still sticky. It must be her cunt juice or something, formed a faint yellow patch on the material. I kept wondering was she horny and dripping or wetting her G-strings last night? This is just one of the occurrence that happened at home all the time. I am tempted to pick up one of the soaked panty and jerk off, but afraid that they might find out from the smell of sperm. These are the little things that caused some men to perversion. Some day if these girls were to move out, I might end up stealing someone else’s underwear.

One evening while I was having a friendly chat with Xiao Yan, the big breast girl, she was still in her uniform with the zip down to the breast area, showing her deep cleavage and her white bra. She told me she felt very warm and doesn’t seem to mind showing her assets to me. Anyway, she is telling me that some of the patients need to shave their pubic hair and fast for 24 hours before going for an operation.

The topic got hot when she told me: “I think it is more hygienic for women to shave their pubic hair, it feels cleaner too.”

“I do not think the women here shaved, even if they do, they will not discuss it openly.” I replied.

“What’s wrong with that? It is not a filthy subject, it is just as normal as guys shaving their moustaches, only a little troublesome, like you, I shave every day, and at least I feel good with it.”

I was stunned by her words, couldn’t believe a girl with no relationship would be so open to me. I was trying hard to conceal my erection at the same time. She was sitting on the opposite sofa from me, all laid back, with legs slightly apart, showing her white panty (I think they have a dress code for underwear in the hospital, it is always white under that uniform.). I couldn’t help but took a peep in between her legs; it didn’t bother her either.

“I shave my face to show it to people that I have a clean face, too bad you can’t show off…” I was saying this jokingly, trying my luck at the same time.

“You want to see it?” She asked.

“I have never seen a shaven part before, I am sure I will remember the person who is willing to show me, even till the day I die. But I do not want you to have the wrong idea that I am being lascivious, you are a friend I treat with great respect after all… I am just dead curious….” I said.

“I know what kind of person you are after all this time I am staying with you. I wouldn’t mind showing it to you, but in return you have to show me your shaven part.” She said.

“I have never shaved down there before and I have no idea if I am bold enough to show…”

“You do not dare to show and you want me to show you mine? You have to display more courage and sincerity to get what you want, you know? This is like the true or dare session we had before, the same question: are you game enough? I have the courage to come all the way from China alone to work here, that prove that I know how to take care of myself and I am not a mouse, you know?” She was smiling, in a challenging manner.

That incident stopped there, we did not carry on until later. Well, it is a long story and I think I have been hogging too much space for this column, this was supposed to be ‘Bra raid’. I do not want to get flamed, perhaps should do this elsewhere if anyone is still interested to carry on to know what’s going on with me. There are far too many incidents and happenings around that sometimes I keep wondering who’s going to believe me if I were to say it out, even my closest friend asked me: “Are you sure this happened?” Some other day, some other time, under another discussion, perhaps.

There is always a potential danger in almost everything, from renting a room to some female to sitting next to a girl in a bus, but the trick here is to be friendly to your tenant, be their friend and take good care of them, you’ll never know what you will be rewarded. A relative who was working in the same hospital recommended the girls. So they think I am ‘Ok’, that is another reason why I cannot fuck them.

The incident happened a few months ago, or to be exact, two weeks after the ‘Shaven challenge’. Xiu Ling returned home to Beijing to attend her brother’s wedding. Leaving me with Xiao Yan for the week. It happened on a Friday evening when the following day is the Xiao Yan‘s off day. She returned home early and we had a chat. She was telling me she doesn’t seem to have a social life here that all she’s been to was home and the hospital, and the shopping centers, never had a chance to go to discos or pubs. It inspires me in a way that I knew she get very bold when she is drunk. So I decided to bring her out for an evening of wine and dine. The dinning part was easy, but when we try to enter the pubs, it was filled with crowds that we required to queue up, an anti-climax. So Xiao Yan suggested that we return home, picking up two bottles of wine on the way. I told her that we could try one bottle of red and the other white to see the difference. Of course this is bullshit, I was hoping to rip off her panty with her in that nurse uniform and fuck her doggie style. Anyway, she thinks that it is ‘more romantic’ and quiet at home. We acted like any other couple, holding hands and cuddled on our way, although she knew that I already have a girlfriend, whom due to her job, has to fly around and can only meet me about once a month.

We reached home; she turned on the dimmer for the lights and proceeded to take a shower in my room. She returned with a very short nightie, something like two inches above the knees. The nightie was about 50% transparent. She complained about the heat, as usual. Perhaps she had too much ‘heat’ in that pair of boobs? Anyway, although the lights were dim, I could clearly see her boobs, yes, and no bras (Xiu Ling does not wear a bra too, but she is in t-shirt or spaghetti strips most of the time.). Her nipples were large, but what turns me on was that pair of black thongs. I tried not to stare and excused myself to the shower. Like to be clean before fucking. I returned after the shower to find her consumed a full glass of wine, face blushing like tomato.

She said, “Sorry I didn’t wait for you, it smelled so tempting and I took a sip and couldn’t stop…”

Of course I won’t mind, that’s what I wanted. We had some chats and drank casually, sitting on the floor, telling dirty jokes and laughing away. About an hour later, she became totally relaxed and lay on the floor, I was blur and getting bold too. I begin to bait: “Do you dress like this when you were with the last landlord?”

“Hell no, the landlord is about 50 years old who can’t stop staring at us from head to toe and his wife does not like us, so we covered ourselves and keep ourselves in the room all the time. But the stupid room was so warm, even with one big fan, it still keeps me sweating, sometimes I have to sleep without any clothes on…” She said.

“Aren’t you afraid that the old goat would just dash in to do something?”

“I know all these men, of course I locked my door and I only do it when Xiu Ling is around.”

I ‘accidentally’ brushed my hand on her lap, it was smooth like silk and it didn’t bother her so I put my hand on it, I could feel the heat of her pussy. “Aren’t you afraid of me?” I asked.

“You? Are you going to eat me? My heart is pumping like mad now…” She said with her eyes closed.

I put my hand on her chest (Not breast, but slightly above.) And told her: “You are drunk, so am I. Do you remember the true or dare game we played two weeks ago?”

“Ya, I was teasing you, I knew you wouldn’t dare…”

“What if I have shaved?”

She suddenly rose and dipped her left hand into my elastic shorts. I know this is unbelievable, I was shocked beyond words that I do not know if I should let her do it or take her hand aside. “I am a trained nurse, you know? This is very common for me. And I say that you are a liar, you are still as hairy and you are naughty down there…” She looked at me mischievously with a grin.

“It’s not fair, Xiao Yan, you molested me and I have not done anything to you.”

“I am just doing a routine check and I have shown you more than you should see.”

“How about showing me your shaven part in return or are you just bluffing?” I was expecting a slap for the reply.

Xiao Yan looked into my eyes for about 30 seconds and said: “Ok, but you must promise me two things, you cannot tell this to Xiu Ling and you can only see, don’t touch, understand?”

A guy who shakes his head now must be a fool. She continued talking: “There is nothing that I do not dare, in fact, I have done almost everything in life. You know the first time when I came to Singapore; I took up a part time job as a nude model in the art studio in Waterloo Street. Surrounded by some old men, I do not feel comfortable with it, as some of them seem to be up to no good. One of the old guys asked me how much I charge for special service. I asked him back how much does his wife charge. I quit the lousy job after a few sessions, lousy pay, only $30 per hour and someone told me that it is illegal to take up part time…”

“So do I take it as a ‘Yes’?” I asked.

She stood up and pulled me up: “The neighbours might see us here, go to your room.”

We sat side by side on my bed in my room. I could not take my eyes off that ivory liked lap and my breathing seem to show that I am losing control. She put her hand on my lap and looked into my eyes: “There is one thing I want to remind you. I trust you and like you a lot and I understand your needs and reaction, but if I were to sleep with you, everything will change here. I am not that kind of one night stand girl, so if we start once, we will have a second time, and then third, and so on. There is no hiding from Xiu Ling or your once in a while girlfriend. If things don’t go well, I don’t think I can stay here anymore. Moreover, I am having my ovulation now and I know you do not have any protection in this house… so, can you promise me, once again, to be a gentleman and keep your hands by your side?”

I nodded my head and said: “I will always respect you for whatever you do.” Well, whatever that means, as long as we get the show going.

“Here we go….” She stood up, in front of me, pulled the nightie over her head. She then slowly rolled down the black thongs, very slowly and looking into my eyes with a teasing smile. She then shoved her thongs into my hand. It was moistened and warm. I see her pink nipples protruding and she was breathing irregularly too. I knew she was high and if I were to press her down the bed to fuck her, there will not be a problem. But is it worth it?

She was standing very close to me. Her pussy was just inches away my face that I can smell the scent of soap. It is true; it was clean, not a hair, with her clit clearly visible. Although I did not see any juice flowing or any wetness, I can feel the heat of the pussy, she was very high. I wish I had a video cam to capture this moment.

“Take a closer look, is it beautiful?” She came closer; my face was just an inch away from her cunt. I was so tempted to stick my tongue into that slit to make her moan and cum like crazy, but the words just linger by my ear: “See, don’t touch, no hands…”

“Now you’re happy? I am not bluffing, you know?” She glanced at my bulging shorts, “You’re naughty, you know, aren’t you going to do anything? It is not healthy like this, you know?” Her breast was moving up and down as a result of heavy breathing.

“You started it, I will settle for a cold shower.” All I have in mind was to call that admin clerk from my office to finish the job, the first thing on a Saturday morning. I am not going to risk this at home.

“Take off your t-shirt, lie on the bed and wait.” She said and went to the bathroom, I feel like a patient.

She returned with a handful of olive oil, “Now, close your eyes and relax, I am going to do you a favor for being a gentleman.”

I could feel my shorts being pulled down and a soft, warm hand holding my dick. It was smooth with the oil over, the hand begins to stroke up and down of my dick, very slowly. I was expecting a blowjob, too bad that didn’t happen. The hand seems to roll in a circular motion, then with the thumb and index finger just squeezing on the shaft of my dick head. I could feel the warmth of her butt sticking closely with my leg. A couple of minutes later, I begin to tremble, I had never experienced a hand job like this before, my girlfriend prefers to give a direct blow job.

“Cum, relax, let it cum, you have been too intense” she whispered in my ear.

I shot my load all over the place, my stomach, the bed sheet, her breast… she did not stop when I came, just kept on shaking it vigorously, causing the sperm to spread all over. She seemed to enjoy the sight of it.

Some of my sperm was dripping down from her stomach towards her groin. I wished the sperm was flowing down from her cunt down her thighs, “I am sorry I have caused a mess over you.” I apologized.

“It’s ok. I am used to body fluid, sperm is good for the complexion, you know? You want a second time? I could use more of this.” She used her hands to wipe the sperm all over her body.

I shook my head. I still have another fuck elsewhere.

At this point, I was bewildered, how could things get this far? I couldn’t believe I was having a buxom, naked woman jerking me in my room and treat it as if it is just another routine. Maybe she was afraid that I might rape her later that she’d better drain me first, or was there a pinhole camera around for her to extort from me later?

She lay by my side on the sperm stained sheets for a while and proceeded to the bathroom. After a while, I heard a series of soft moan from behind the door, followed by the sound of the shower. She returned with a towel wrapped around, breathing hush with a face all blush and eyes, watery and red but she gave me a satisfied smile.

I can figure out what has happened, “Are you relaxed now?”

“Yes, I am only human…” she said.

We went to her room to sleep as the sheet on my bed is stained. Nothing happened that night, although she slept naked. I was sleeping in Xiu Ling‘s bed.

Things did change after that incident. Well, some other time……….

Things did wild after the shaven incident. Xiao Yan seemed more daring when Xiu Ling was not around, she regarded me as ‘Singapore gentleman’ and saw me as someone who posed no threat to her. In real fact, a Singapore gentleman should be an expert around the cunt, well, that’s my opinion. Xiu Ling seemed to notice something between Xiao Yan, and me one evening she asked me, “Did you sleep with her?”

“No.” I replied.

“But something has happened?” She knew because they were friends for many years.

“Nothing harmful, I hope.”

“Maybe you want to tell me some day?” She said.

“I respect her privacy, or why don’t you ask her?”

The conversation ended there. These girls seemed to have a strange relationship: they need each other yet does not want to be out shadowed by another. Isn’t that the kind of relationship with all female friendship? Anyway, I heard that there is an Indian orderly in the hospital going after Xiu Ling, very aggressively, well, that’s another subject.

Back to bra raid. I have this lewd pal, S who is always finding an excuse to do ‘house visit’. S is a bra fetish. He always goes to the basket and digs out the bras and sniffs it. I am not making this up, hey, he’s got his sexual preference as long as he doesn’t not leave any sperm on the laundries or get caught by the girls while doing his business. He told me he could almost feel the flesh of the girls on the bra. Swore to me that once he was waiting for me at my place (I knew why he came early.), he saw Xiu Ling, wearing spaghetti strip, bending down to pick up a newspaper, exposed her full, fair breast, down to the nipples. S told me Xiu Ling seem to do this intentionally and he is interested in fucking her. I do not encourage this as S is married and I do not want his wife bursting up here with a knife. Later on the ‘True or dare’ session we play, this is one game that will led girls to bed and it can get extremely explicit, I think some guys have played before…

My advice for you if you want to play the game: if you have a family, or your Mrs is in the house, it is impossible to conceal an affair for long. That is why I did not sleep with either of them, to them, as long as I do not put my dick in one of their cunts, other activities are ok, strange, isn’t it?

Not every tenant is ok. Before the two nurses, I have rented the room to a divorcee, and before that a KTV / night-club girl from Malaysia. You must think that I can get some action from the club girl, right? Well, it was a disaster for me. The girl comes back 4-5 am almost every night, half drunk, banging and slamming the door that will wake the grave up, I only get a moment of peace (Or a few days break.) When she is not here every 2 – 3 weeks. If you are into those G-string / sexy bra / lingerie, you’ll be happy to see all this hanging all over the place, but you only get to see the girl’s face once in a blue moon. The girl is chio, but she is only interested in business.

One night about 4 am, the girl was banging and knocking at the front door, when I open the door, she was so drunk that she could hardly stand, no wonder she cannot find her keys. I have to half carry / dragged her into her room. A little contact is inevitable, but you won’t want to do anything, the smell of alcohol is a put off. I threw her on her bed and left her, although she was showing much of herself, skirt lifted up, blouse unbutton, and there was nothing sexy. The amazing thing was that when I picked up the half-opened handbag, there were crumbs of notes in it, yes I mean $$$$. $50, $100, all crumpled; filling the bag, among a box of Durex and a strawberry flavored condom.

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