My Tenants


Since young I had been saving money so that when I grew up I can own a house to stay by myself. The time had come to finally able to afford a condo. Swimming pool, gym, sauna and fitness corner just within reach.

I owned a condo with three bedroom. One master bedroom and two common rooms. A living room big enough which I can partition for my own gym machine and a study / home entertainment room.

After a few months of staying there, I found that I wasn’t using much of the two common rooms and my parents didn’t usually come to stay a lot. So I decided to rent out the two rooms to earn some money for my maintenance fee.

Posted on the web to look for female tenants instead. I thought that a female will take care of the room better than a male. Waited for two weeks and got a reply from a female from Malaysia. She will be transferred from her office in Malaysia to work in Singapore so she was finding a place near to her workplace.

Two days later she came to view the room. She was wearing her OL black outfit with a deep V cut showing her cleavage. Boobs about C cup from the look of her cleavage. Wow. She just finished settling some taking over stuff from her office and came to view the room so that was why she was wearing the OL outfit. So after finishing looking at the room, she agreed on the rented price and she will move in about a week’s time. She will be going back to her hometown every weekend so she was going to stay during the weekdays only…

*Ring ring.

“Hi, this is ‘A’. Can I request to meet you tomorrow to sign the tenancy agreement because I got to go overseas for work so won’t be able to move in this coming weekend? Don’t worry, you still can charge me starting from this weekend onwards since we had a verbal agreement.”

Me: “Sure. You want to meet me at the nearby Mac or at my house?”

A: “Nearby Mac, is it ok?”

Me: “Ok. I see you at 10.30 am?”

A: “Ok. See you tomorrow.”

After putting down the phone, I wondered what will she be wearing tomorrow… Will it be the same miniskirt again? Now where did I keep my spy camera? Better to charge it fully and bring it along tomorrow.

Hmmm… Anything else should I bring along?

Still on the same day, but a few hours later, finally found my spy cam and charged it.

*Ring ring

B: “Hello.” (Wow voice already sounded so sweet, but didn’t look local.) “This is ‘B’. I saw your ad online that you are looking for a tenant. Is the room still available?”

Me: “Yes. It is still available. When do you want to come down and take a look?”

B: “Is it ok for tomorrow morning?”

Me: “Morning ah… I need to go off (Meet my darling tenant.), at 10.30 am.”

B: “How about before that? I just go there for a quick view that’s all. How about 9 am?”

Me: “Ok. You can come here for a quickie (Slap forehead.)… I mean quick view at 9 am.”

B: *Giggling… “Ok. I see you at 9 am for a quickie.” *Still giggling… “Bye.”

Me: (Slap forehead again… Why did I come out the word ‘quickie’ for…?)

The next day at 9.15 am

*Ding dong…

I opened up the door and there was ‘B’. Short about 1.6m in height. Didn’t look like Chinese or Malay… I wondered what race was she from. Gold color re-bonded hair and wearing the orange color tube dress revealing a short cleavage, but covering what looked like a D size boobs of hers. Gosh… Big boobs on a small gal. Felt like carrying her up and hugged her immediately.

B: “Hello… Err… Can I come in?”

Me: “Sure you can.” (Opened up the door and let her in while glancing at her boobs.)

B: “Wow, what a nice house you have. The security guard below looks cute after I told him what I am here for before he can issue to me a pass to come in.”

Me: “Oh… What did he ask you and what did you say to him?”

B: “I told him that I meeting someone at unit XX-XXX. Then he asked me why am I here for. I just told him I am here to find the guy in that unit for quickie loh.”

Me: (Jaw drop.) “What!!! Gosh… Think they are going to stare at me every time I walk past that gate…”

B: *Giggling.

Showed her the room and the rest of the house. Ended up in my balcony.

B: “Wow. You have a great unobstructed view of Singapore here.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s why I buy this house. So what do you think of your room. And may I ask what race are you because you doesn’t look Chinese or Malay.”

B: “Oh… Forgot to introduce myself. I am from Thailand and here studying XXX institute. I have been staying here for two years already and currently staying in another area. Wanted to find somewhere nearer to my school and save up my transport fee. So I looked at your advert and saw your ads there.”

Me: “Oh, I see… How old are you now? Your parents allowed you to come to Singapore to study alone?”

B: “Hey… I am 24 already.”

Me: “Oh… Ok… But you are from Thailand so err… Female right?”

B: “Of course. You think all female in Thailand are transvestites? Want to see my vagina now to verify?”

Me: (I was shocked and taken aback by her remarks.) “Errrm… It is ok, no need, no need…” (Of course I bluffed her. How much I wanted for her to lift up that tube dress and showed me her Thai pussy now.)

B: *Giggling again. “By the way, can I keep a cat here? I have a cat back at my current house so I wanted to bring her along with me if you don’t mind…”

Me: (Wah… Take one pussy plus one pussy free ah…) “Errmmm… I actually will have one more female tenant staying here soon. So I need to ask her first whether she allows your pussy to stay here.” (Suddenly think back on the word I had just said and slapped my forehead.) “I mean, I mean your cat…”

B: “Hmmm…” (Pointing her finger at me like seducing me.) “Yesterday quickie… Today pussy… You are a naughty naughty boy…”

*Ring ring (What the fuck! Ring at this timing to distract us.)

Me: “Hello!” (Sounded a bit pissed off.)

A: “Oh, hi.” (Sounded a bit stunned due to my voice.) “I am almost reaching soon just to let you know.”

Me: (Suddenly toned down a bit.) “Oh ok. I see you there in a while.” (Hanged up.)

Shit. I almost forgot I had a meeting with A to sign the agreement.

B: “Hmm… I think you are rushing for your appointment already right. Think I don’t bother you anymore. You help me ask the other tenant whether is it okay for me to bring cats here okay?”

Me: (A little bit anticlimax after the disturbance.) “Oh ok. I let you know by tonight ok? If can, when can you move in?”

B: “I need to give one month in advance notice to my other landlord so one month is it okay?”

Me: “Yah. One month is fine.”

Took my documents and sent her down to the guard post before separating while I admired her ass from afar. I noticed someone was watching us also and I turned to see the security guard was also watching us and the look on the guard’s face was weird. Then I remembered what B had told him just now… ‘Quickie’

Reached Mac and found a secluded spot where I can admire A. Saw a familiar face walking into Mac. OMG! It was A. She was wearing white long sleeve shirt and blue short mini skirt which made a lot of heads turned in Mac. I could see her boobs were stuffed inside the shirt waiting to be let out and her skirt was almost up to her panty and I remembered one thing. My spy camera!

I frantically searched my bag for my camera. (Five seconds, reaching the table.)

Searched the front pouch of my bag. (Four seconds, reaching the table.)

Searched my other side pockets of my bag. (Three seconds, reaching the table.)

Searched my pants pocket. (Two seconds, reaching the table.)

Then I realized that I had still put the spy camera on charge at home… I rushed to get the documents but forgotten to bring the camera which was beside the documents. Must be B who distracted me… B shall pay me back big time if she was going to stay at my place… I looked miserable while thinking about that.

A: “Hi. What’s wrong? I saw you were looking for something and your expression…”

Me: “Nothing, I thought I didn’t bring out the documents.” (Yah, I was searching for my spy camera so I can film what color underwear you were wearing, or you were not wearing one.) “Wow, you look fabulous today.” (Took a quick peek at her boobs while she was not watching. Imagined that boobs of hers was trying to force out of her shirt. Only the buttons were still strongly holding them together. Red full cup bra. Nice and seductive.)

A: “Thank you. Actually, I was thinking what to wear also so just grab any clothes and wear.”

Me: “Oh wow, any clothes to wear, but still can look nice on you. I wonder how you are going to look when you know what to wear.”

A: *Laughing. “Well, you will get to see it when I moved into your house. Think I can no need to buy sweets anymore since my landlord knows how to talk sweet things.”

Me: (Yah, I can give you sweeter things if you want.) “Ok, this is the agreement. You can look at it before signing.”

‘A’ took the agreement and read. She tilted her body to one side and crossed her leg. I can see a lot of people looking in my direction. Really hated myself for not bringing my spy camera again, otherwise tonight I can enjoy the view from my home entertainment system…

While reading, she span the pen around her fingers, eyes focusing on the words and sentences. Body tilted sideways, revealing the big gaps at her shirt showing her bright red color bra. Couldn’t see any nip slips at all because the bra fully covered her boobs leaving no gaps. That was what big looked like. Thinking about how I can just unbutton one or two buttons and slot my hand into her shirt to feel how heavy her boobs were.

Once finished reading, she penned down her signature and passed the documents to me. I looked over it to make sure everything was not left out.

Me: “Ok, that shall be it, my first tenant.”

A: “Oh… I am your first tenant? Didn’t know that. So what do I get for being your first tenant?” *Saying that cheekily and giving me that seducing look like what ‘B’ did to me just now…

Me: (Hmmm… What should I give her?)

Me: “What you want me to give you?”

A: “Hmmm… Now can’t think of anything yet. Wait until I know then I will let you know.”

Me: “Gosh… Sounds like you are extorting me instead. LOL.”

A: (*Laughing.)

Me: “Ok, let me know if you need anything then. I need to make a move first is it okay?” (Booked massage already.)

A: “Ok. See you when I am moving in.”

As she turned around, she accidentally hit the pen on the table and it fell to the floor. She stood up and bent down on her knees while the skirt opening was facing me. She spread her legs wide apart during this time showing me beautiful white translucent panty underneath. Somehow the time stood still while I admired her panty from my table. She picked her the pen and put it on the table before winking at me and left.

What was the meaning of winking at me before she left for? I was puzzled…

I had forgotten to ask her whether she allowed another tenant to have a cat in the house. So I rushed out to find her.

Me: “Hey A. Wait up.”

A: “Yes? So fast miss me already?”

Me: (Yah right…) “No, I just want to ask you whether do you allow another tenant to have a cat at home? Because she is going to move from another place to my side together with the cat. So I have to ask you first.”

A: “Oh… Another female staying? If the cat is trained I don’t mind at all. She can stay together with the cat. Is she pretty?”

Me: “Why you ask that for? You are les ah?”

A: (*Laughing and touching my chest.) “You never know… Byezz.”

She turned her back and left, but not before winking at me again… What did the winking actually mean?

Phoning ‘B’.

Me: “Hey B. Still remember me?”

B: “Yah of course. I save your name as quickie pussy guy.”

Me: “…”

B: “What can I help you with?”

Me: “Help me?” (Yah, you can come over to my house and do some Thai dancing strip tease?) “Oh… I called you to tell you that the other tenant allows you to have your ‘pussy’ to stay as long as it is tamed.”

B: “Ok. Don’t worry. Both pussies are tamed.”

Me: “What??” (Ok, up to this point it was time to chat openly with her.) “Erm… They better be tamed otherwise I will use my rod to hit them.”

B: “Wah… Which rod? The rod that is attached to you? Yours good or not? Later take out like small little cane only.”

Me: (Simi lan jiao. This gal really was so open to talk all this kind of thing.) “Small?” *Laughing. “Wait till you see it when I unleash to punish the pussy. By the time the pussy better don’t scream.”

B: “Scream? Maybe not. If your rod is so powerful, maybe the pussy will moan instead.”

(Wah lau. Talk like this my bro also can start to erect thinking about what I was going to do to her when she moved in.)

Me: “Yah. So you better tame that two pussies if not I have no choice but to tame them myself.”

B: “Hmmm… We shall see who tame who, when I move in. See you in a month’s time. I will let my other owner know that I will be moving to another area. Bye.”

Wow. I cannot wait for what will happen in a month’s time when she moved in. Time to go to my massage appointment and think up a plan…

A few days later…

Came back home after an intense running outside. While opening my gate, I heard the door opened behind me and a lady spoke to me in PRC Chinese, “Hello.”

I turned around and saw that was my neighbor. I had been staying here since moving in but never had the chance to meet up my neighbor before. Our level had only four houses with two houses on each corner after coming out from the lift. So every time it was quiet. This female neighbor looked like PRC, especially with the accent just now. She had foxy eyes, long hair, which was tied to the back and she was wearing the full pajamas dress which revealed a bit of her cleavage. I didn’t really check out how big her boobs were because she was looking at me straight into the eyes. Any signs of me looking at her boobs will cause her to be aware of me. (All conversation with the PRC was in Chinese.)

Me: “Yes?”

PRC: “Do you have the phone number to a plumber?”

Me: “Sorry I don’t have. May I know if there is anything I can help you with?”

PRC: “Oh… My drain is clogged and I do not know what to do.”

Me: “Do you allow me to go in and help you look whether I can help you?”

PRC: “Ok.” (Opened up the gate for me to enter.)

I went in and also looked around the house. Very clean and tidy like mine. There were a few photos hanging on the wall with a guy, her and a son. Looked like my neighbor was a family. Went into her bedroom and saw some clean laundries on her bed waiting to be folded. Hmm… On top of the laundries were a few of her colorful underwear. Bras, panties, tongs and G-string. Wah… All were sexy with laces on them. While walking behind her, I can smell floral smells instead of those smells that I always smelt whenever walking next to a PRC (Sorry for that.). She guided me to her master bedroom toilet and pointed at the drain. While pointing, I took a sneak peek at her armpit to look for any hair which determined whether she groomed herself or not. Perfectly clean pits with no hair could be seen.

The toilet was really clogged with water almost up to my ankle. I told her I would need to go back to get my springs (I always had a set of tools ready to tackle any problems I encountered at home.), to help her.

Went back and came back with the spring plumber always used to unclog the drains. Put the spring into the drain and started twisting it. Reached to a point where it jammed and I pushed in hard. I can see from the side of eyes the PRC was watching at my body while I did the job. I was still wearing my singlet after my run so my arm muscles can be seen while doing the unclogging. A few pushes and twists and finally the water started going in. She heaved a sign of relief. I helped her to wash her toilets because of the stains.

PRC: “Thank you for the help. Didn’t know my neighbor is Mr. Fixit.” *Laughing. “You look so strong while doing the unclogging.”

She took this chance to grab the muscles in my arms. I didn’t resist and let her enjoy it. It took a few seconds and a few pressing before she released her grip out from me. Can see that her eyes were sparkling with delight watching a strong guy helping her.

TCSS with her to know about her background. She was from Guangzhou and she was here for her son to study in Singapore school. Her husband was busy working hard back in China supporting his family here. Her husband seldom had time to come to Singapore to meet up with her because of his work. Her son was studying in Primary three at a school nearby via school bus. I took this opportunity to ask her to show me around her house. Her balcony was directly facing a jungle which was about one km away from her house.

Me: “Wow, I like your balcony. Very good privacy. Can walk around without worry people looking into your flat.”

PRC: “Yah. Sometimes I even walk around naked.” *Giggling.

I was stunned when she told me that.

Me: “Wah, you are not scared that someone will peek in?”

PRC: “No. I checked and scanned that area already. No one can see into my house at all. I even be naked or in my undies enjoying my tea there before.”

My mouth was even wide open when she said that. Meant she had been walking around the house naked behind closed main door and she was staying just opposite me. Wished I had an x-ray machine to see that. Talking about that, as she was looking, I quickly glanced at her pajamas dress to see anything revealing. Same cleavage with about B cup. Because of the floral pattern I could not really make out whether she was wearing any bra underneath. A look at her butt revealed no line of panty. Was she not wearing one at all?

After introducing me around her house and knowing more about her background, it was better to be time for me to leave.

PRC: “Thank you again. How much do I have to pay you for the job?”

Me: “Don’t need lah. We are neighbors. If you need anything again can just call me. FOC. I give you my number.”

PRC: “Cannot like that. I will feel embarrassed. What can I repay you with?” (Her foxy eyes staring back at me while biting her lips and removed her hair band to let her hair down…)

Since she said like that then I might as well take this opportunity to try my luck.

Me: “Do you know how to massage?”

PRC: “I was once a masseur back in China. Worked for five years before I met my husband and become a tai tai. Why? You need massage?”

Me: “Yah, my legs were quite sore after the run so maybe need to loosen it.”

PRC: “Oh, then like that I can help. You want to do it here or back at your house?”

Me: “Now? I need to bath first because I am sweaty all over. So is it okay with you coming over to my house and wait for me while I bath?”

PRC: “Ok. Wait, I get my oil first. It’s good for massage.”

Led her to my house and to the living room. Asked her to wait in the living room while I went and bathed.

A few minutes later, I wore my shirt and shorts and went out to look for her.

PRC: “You want to massage here? How about your bedroom? I give you a full body massage better.”

Me: *Hosay liao. “Ok.”

Brought her into my room and put a towel onto the bed to prevent the oil flowing down to my mattress.

PRC: “Ok. Take out your shirt and shorts and lay face down on the bed.”

I was stunned. She was willing to see me in my undies just after we first met? Took out my shirt first.

PRC: “Wah. Your body is fabulous.” (你的身材很棒哦.)

I pai seh turned around and took out my shorts leaving my underwear on. I laid face down onto the bed.

PRC: “Take out this one too. Later, my oil dirty it.”

She pulled down my underwear and dropped it onto the floor. I was totally naked in front of her.

PRC: “Wah… Yours is very thick and beautiful.” (哇… 你的好粗大有很美.)

Oh great… Was this going to be good?

After hearing what she said, my cock starting to raise thinking about what she was going to do to me. I quickly covered up and lay face down on the bed.

PRC: *Giggling. “Embarrass ah? I have seen cocks before but yours is the first one that I see so thick and full of veins.”

Me: “What? How many cocks you have seen before?”

PRC: “Actually, not many that are able to touch in front of me. Maybe only four from my ex and husband. The rest is watching porn on disc only, but they are mostly fake.”

Me: “Oh… You watch porn also?”

PRC: “Of course. I also have my sexual craving.”

Hosey ah… This PRC was one horny bitch.

Me: “So are you horny now after looking at my cock?”

PRC: “Oh, shut up. Don’t get me wet. I am here just to return the favor that I owe you for helping me just now. Now put your head down on the bed and relax.” *Turned my head downwards and pushed it down on the bed before slapping my ass.

She came on top of me and sit on my butt. Wow. Damn smooth and I can’t feel any panty material at all. Was she wearing any? Or was it G-string. I tried to move my butt a bit to feel the G-string line but nothing. She slapped my ass again telling me not to move around otherwise she will feel sensitive below. LOL. I moved again to tease her.

Her massage was solid and hard. The oil she put on me made her hand glided smoothly around my body. She can feel where I had all the knots and which part of me was not feeling well. She was damn experienced in this.

She moved her body in front of my head so she can change direction to massage my upper back. She was kneeling with both her legs at the side of my head, which meant her pussy was open to me. I tried to move my head up to see and up skirt, but was pushed back down.

PRC: “No peeking.”

She slid her hands from my upper back to my butt and went in between my butt crack till my balls area. I reacted by moving my butt up so she can touch my balls too. But she pushed it down and moved her hands from my butt crack back to my upper body. She did that a few more times, which was quite sensual. I had to move my hand to adjust my harden rod.

PRC: “Why? Too hard no place to put ah?” *Giggling.

Sickening. Never before I kenna teased until like that. If got the chance I surely pay back the favor to her.

Next she moved down to my leg area and opened both my legs wide revealing my tight balls at her.

PRC: “You like to shave clean your cock and balls is it.” (She said that while feeling my balls.)

Me: *Shiok. “Of course. I like it to be clean. Some ladies like it when there is less hair right?”

PRC: “Yah. It looks beautiful and huge that way. Doesn’t tickle also. My husband doesn’t shave or trim.”

Me: “Why he don’t do that?”

PRC: “I don’t know.” (Still feeling my balls.)

Me: “Oii… Stop that otherwise I have to retaliate by feeling yours too.” *I turned my head around to look at her.

PRC: “Feel what? Feel this?” *She lifted up her dress to reveal her pussy before putting it down. Although it was a quick glance, but I managed to see a bit of the details. Well-groomed pussy hair and pussy lips that stuck out. Guessed she must have been fucking a lot to have her pussy lips sticking out like that.

Me: *Pretending. “So fast put it down I can’t see anything leh… Why are you so open to me? We just met leh…”

PRC: “Aiyoh, you already can show me your cock why I can’t be open to you. I know you are also one horny fellow.” Then start touching my balls again…

All this teasing made me cannot tahan. I quickly turned around and showed her more of my erected cock.

Me: “How you know I am a horny fellow? You have been stalking me?”

PRC: “Ok lah… Sometimes see you at the swimming pool you are also ogling at girls.” *Started touching my inner thigh, which I did the same to her.

Me: “Ogling what. Guy’s nature.” *I slowly put my hand under her dress and felt her pussy.

Just by touching the outside of her pussy lips can feel moisture there. Can’t believe how much she might be craving for sex now. She did the same by feeling my cock now.

PRC: “Yours is really thick and veiny.” *Using two hands to feel at the veins at my cock and touching my little bro head.

Me: “Give it a kiss if you like it.”

She bent down and slowly kissed the tip of my head before kissing the side of my cock and under my helmet.

Me: “How is it?”

PRC: “It’s beautiful.”

Without wasting any time, I sat up and lifted up her dress to reveal her pussy. It was a nice wet pussy. Can see the moisture reflection at her pussy lips. I cupped her boobs and massaged it. She closed her eyes while I did that. I pressed her under-boobs which made her even more relax as it was the place where it was more sensitive. I kissed her boobs still with her dress on. Pecked here and there with my lips. Her nipples were already protruding out from her dress waiting for me to suck. She moved her hand over all over my back enjoying the teasing of her breasts. I grabbed one of her boobs with one hand and zeroing in my mouth on that protruding nipple. She let out a moan. I sucked on it to make the nipple more protruding. She let out more moan and grabbed my hair. Her dress at her nipple was all wet with my sucking. She tilted her body sideways so that I can suck on her other boobs too which I did. The amount of sucking made her unable to resist and she put down the opening of her dress from the neck down to one of her boobs and grabbed my head to it. She had a big areola, which was bigger than the old Singapore 50 cents. Her nipple was also big like a raisin. I sucked on her milky boobs first before going in on the areola and the nipple. She moved one of her hands to my cock and grabbed it to feel the thing.

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