Me and My Sister-in-Law


My story starts 7 years back when I first knew my wife, then my girlfriend. She brought me back to her home in Marine Parade sometime back in Nov 2000. It was then that I first got to know my in-laws. The family was rather small comprising of Mum, her 2 daughters and a then 10yrs old son. My wife’s father passed off before I knew her. My wife was 26 and I was 29, same age as her elder Sister, Patsy.

My sister-in-law works with SIA as a flight stewardess and her soon-to-be husband, age around 40, was a pilot with UAE. (He looks identical to mediacorp veteran actor ‘Wang Wen Yong’ whilst Patsy looks like hongkong actress Pinky Cheung).I notice Patsy on my first visit to their flat; incidentally it was the couple’s off day. Unlike my wife who is short and slightly plump (resemblance of her father I learnt) 1.62m and 58kg there about. My Sister-in-law was like her mum whom is tall and slender. Patsy stood at about 1.70m and I would say approx. 48-50kg. Her stats I estimated then 34-24-35.

She wore a thin white t-shirt and a tight high up shorts that day (the kind that doesn’t cover the butt line) where I could see her tight firm butt. She had very fair and flawless complexion and usually doesn’t wear bra when she was home. My visit wasn’t a surprise to her as my wife had already told them I would be visiting.

When I arrived, my wife introduced me to them 1 at a time. There were distinct difference between Patsy & her Hubby… ‘Wang Wen Yong’ looks tired while Patsy always rather restless. When I shook her hands, she was like not bothering much… I notice an unusual bounce from her shirt, as she was not wearing bra!

I didn’t pay much attention to her coz she was making me feel like a stranger (SQ girls are typically snobbish, I think). She didn’t interact with us a lot that day, mostly doing her own stuff like browsing magazine, polishing nails and walking in and out of her room while her hubby was half the time zzzzzzz-ing.

Nothing much to talk about for that day, I stayed for dinner, watched TV and left with my then girlfriend. Of Coz, made her come my place and did our bonking…. We both loved bonking each other! Hehehe

Few weeks past, I would pop-in on and off my in-laws place, usually the flying couple wasnt around. One Saturday, me and my wife returned after our mid-nite movie, Patsy was home from her trip while her hubby was on flight to Middle East. As it was rather late, my wife suggested I stay there instead of going home as we plan to be out early to view our wedding stuff.

My mum-in-law owns the master room, my wife and her younger brother the other, Patsy and her hubby the 3rd room. So definitely no lobang for me to crawl onto my wife that nite . The layout of the flat was quite unique, masterbedroom at 1 extreme corner, side by side was my wife’s room and a distance away, her sister’s room which was just beside the living hall & close to the kitchen where the toilets were. There was this long sofa just outside Patsy door and I was to sleep there for the nite. My wife gave me a complete set of pillow, bolster, blanket and a free standing fan for the nite, while they turned on their 3-in-1 aircon to their respective rooms and slept like pigs in the chilled rooms. Nahbayz!

I had the fan on full speed that night and covered myself mid body with the blanket provided. I tossed and turned quite frequently on the sofa and was making soft noise of discomfort.

Suddenly there was a gentle tap on my shoulder, as I slowly opened my eyes (thinking must be my wife la) I was caught by surprise that Patsy was bending slightly down to reach me and asked softly, ” not used to the sofa arh?”. Now my eyes were wide opened, she was wearing a silk orange-red sleeping pajamas, and standing to the backdrop of the distance away living hall 4 panel windows, casting lights that vividly highlights her cleavage… I was caught stunned, speechless momentarily as my eyes did the fastest scan down in my life! Unfortunately, bcoz she was facing me, the vital front was all darkness but consolation was that I could see her amazing shape.

She continued asking, “I thought you might be having a nightmare or something as you were obviously tossing around!” . Her voice was so mild and inviting. I replied quickly, ” thanks for checking on me, yes I think I am not used to this sofa set”. She then said,” ok, sleep tight then!” As she walked to the kitchen toilet.

I fell asleep soon after that, not knowing when she returned to her room. It was a short while later that I was jerked awake. This time I saw lights coming from Patsy’s room, the door was ajar and she was like talking. I rubbed my eyes and sat up to see what was going on. Her door was like 10 inches opened and the dimmer lights from inside kinda glow the area around me. I looked up to the clock and saw that it was almost 4am. Then, I walked over to her room door to find out what she was doing. I told myself if she sees me I would tell her I m going to check on my wife to see if she is sleeping well.

I walk passed her room, she was lying on her bed talking on the phone with her 2 legs arched up and her feet beating the air. I could briefly see her nice long legs and almost semi round butt from the sideway. She was giggling and laughing softly as she spoke, I proceeded to my wife’s room to find her fast asleep and so I went back to my sofa. Through the ajar door I could feel the chill air coming from Patsy’s room and with it, the sounds of her conversation flows.

I didn’t pay much attention till I heard something like, “well, I would like to have a baby, but he told me he is not ready”.

Wowww, something personal, the kaypoh me instinctively moved my head nearest to her room.

“He was always tired!”

“How to? He is quite traditional on that…. He would do me like it’s a mission and finish himself in a mission position very quickly!” Followed by uncontrollable laughter, I nearly laugh aloud but held myself.

Then, I heard the magic words from her… “sometimes I really missed making love, you know those that would make you cum like toilet flush!” Again she laughed aloud. “yes I missed em” she reaffirmed.

I found myself not lying well, so I sat up.

At this point, I heard Patsy saying, “4-5 times a night… You’re crazy ar…. You siao little bitch!” Then laughed and followed by “ok, its late, better go get some sleep, else you never end” followed by another laughter.

I am now sitting up with my legs crossed, like mediation. The blanket, pillow and stuff at 1 corner. I was caught by surprise that Patsy was quick to come out from her room, apparently dashing to toilet. She saw me and was equally shocked I could sense. She paused her walk and was like wanted to say something but then moved on. In the process of the dash, paused then move I saw something most undeserving! My sister-in-law’s Boobs. She moved swiftly but my mind kinda recorded the image and paused in my mind. I saw from her side view,(I didn’t say her tits size earlier coz then I didn’t know) her nice and firm profile of her tits, it was bouncing I recalled and the shape of a pair of twin peak about 2inches protruding out and finished at the tip with small tiny perky nipple like red beans…

I can still smell her fragrance minutes after she had gone to the kitchen toilet.

At this point my breathing suddenly went heavy and I could feel quick blood rushing North to my mind, then suddenly all dashed down south…. National Anthem!

Si liao! It just couldn’t stop hardening and I had to do a quick didi adjustment. I tried distracting my mind, so I reached down to my bag (by the side of the sofa), retrieved my cigarette and lighted em… I inhaled long and hard… I needed the smoke to cool me down or rather clear my very fascinated mind at the juncture.

Suddenly, there was this soft yelling close to my left ear, “wei… you want to die ar, smoke in the hall? Family rule, no smoking in hall la… go kitchen!”

It was Patsy… this lady’s second time made my ballz shrink that night. I expressed my paiseh look and said “sorry, madam!”

At this point she gave me that kind of half serious, half CFM look. I guessed she must have laughed after going back to her room.

So I went to the kitchen, I stood near the window and started puffing. The carpark downstairs was like dead deserted: quiet, silent and cool. I was puffing for something like 2mins when suddenly this lady again from behind me…. ” peeping people make love is it?” I turned and this time she was quite closed to me…she was looking over my shoulders to see what I was looking at. I blushed her boobs quite literally and we stood there motionless for only seconds, but those seconds were like forever… !

Patsy took a step back and placed a stick of cigarette to her lips, apparently she didn’t had a lighter with her. Come to think of it, maybe it was deliberate she did not bring hers.

She requested, “you have a light?”. I passed her my lighter without saying a word. She was lighting the tip of her cigarette, as the light grows on her face, her eyes suddenly turns to me, the look was hard staring, yet seductive and definitely CFM! Si liao, my small head decided to renegade from the big head and stood up on its own. While my big head of all things decides to betray me by commanding my eyes to scan her body…. She was sucking the smoke softly from the lighting up, her throat inhaling, my eyes travelled with the smoke down her body, downwards… siao liao… THE TWIN PEAK! Now I could feel I was swallowing my saliva and she certainly notice it… ! Nose bleed arh!

I am now quite literally staring at her tits, boy oh boy, from the translucent pajamas, I could see the firm round breast with an areole of a one dollar coin diameter. Further down was a light colour, I guess white G-string. I hadn’t the time to confirm that, as she started the conversation rolling; she asked, “your dear sleeping ar?” … rubbish right? But I obliged by replying “yah man, sound asleep, like a baby!” She then gave me a smile and said, ” don’t you dare mistreat her, I beat you, okie” I smiled, ” well, I am always gentle and patient with ladies” .

She paused then comes what she really wanted to ask, “sorry, did my chats earlier disturbed you from your sleep?” Followed with a puff and was half looking into my eyes. I made a quick thinking and replied jokingly, “ya lor, you were so happy and spoke so loud, surely la!” I followed with a grin. She then had this funny facial gesture and her top teeth now biting the lower lip, “you overheard everything?”, I said “no la, I think from you said, something like you would like to have a baby”.

I knew at this juncture she was feeling worried, so to make her feel better, as she was obviously lost on what to say, I told her,” aiyaa, talk cock with friends is like that la… I always do that too!” She smiled at me, then said “thanks” then she stub out her stick, looked into my eyes and said, ” I catch up with you some other time”, turned and walked to her room. As she walked, the lights from the windows penetrated thru her pajamas, this time I could see the entire back profile of Patsy, with her stimulating butt hidden behind her confirmed G-string. The lights shone cruelly between her thighs, as I again found myself swallowing saliva and could still remember the sight of Patsy’s lovely inverted V.

At that moment, I knew I am in to explore Patsy further. Unlike her initial ‘SQ’ attitude, she was now having interesting topics I am aware of. I knew I wanted something with her but wonder if she was game!

Several weeks later, again a Saturday, I was at my in-laws place. This time however, the whole family was around. For the period prior to this I was having fantasies of being alone with Patsy, sometimes I just got erected thinking of her. I knew jialat liao, coz honestly speaking on some occasions when I was bonking my then girlfriend, Patsy just came to my mind and my vision made up Patsy inplace of her sis and I was pounding her real hard. Man’s pride la… I actually not a fantastic bonker la… brothers know la… once in awhile, we like to cheat ourselves!

It was quite awhile I haven’t seen Patsy and though I pretended normal, somehow my heartbeat went fast when I reached Marine Parade. I wonder how she would receive me?

I stepped into the flat, acting normal and from a distance I quickly started greeting everyone aloud, though deep down I was nervous. I saw Patsy the moment I stepped in, she greeted me with a smile almost instantaneously, her hubby was sitting next to her, typical of a highly educated pilot I guess, he was busy catching up with news. He smiled and went back to his papers.

Patsy wore a black short tee shirt that hangs slightly loose revealing her slim and flawless waist At an angle, I could tell she was bear inside, coz I remember spotting her ‘little red beans’ Her skirt was a tight denim that cuts just mid way on her thigh, rather high and with her long legs, it was a true sight!

We ate dinner, watched TV and ‘Wang Wen Yong’ brought out some red wines and invited us to drink with him. It was near 10pm as 4 of us, my wife included were downing wine into our system. We spoke everything under the sun and occasionally Patsy would look at me for abit. Very soon, we finished 2 bottles, about 12am, Patsy hubby wanted to rest but Patsy said she would stay for slightly more. At this point, all other members were already in bed, only my wife, Patsy and I were still struggling to finish up the 3rd bottle. My wife left for toilet in one instant and Patsy was suddenly tilting her chin slightly lower, smiled very sweetly with her mouth slightly ajar and looked dreamy. Her arms on the table and her tits comfortably squeezed between the table, her eyes were electrifying. With her face blushed from the liquor, she looked so damn sexy… I would have raped her if the others weren’t there. Ahaha

I took the chance to ask her, Patsy, are you ok?”. She replied, “don’t worry, tonight is the night!” Which I don’t really understand. I wanted to tease her but I knew my wife would be out soon, so I thought why not just make her remember me for making her drunk.

Patsy was mingling her glass with index finger circling the glass tip. I knew my wife would be out soon, so I proposed to Patsy to bottoms up our equally filled glass. To my surprise, she naughtily mentioned, ” how to bottom up for you?” ” you naughty, want me drunk ar?” Then I said jokingly and with a smile, ” yes, I want you drunk but on another occasion, not tonight” and we laughed, as I overheard her softly saying “you bastard” . We knocked on our glasses and looked deep into each’s eyes before pouring the wine down our throat fast. I knew she would be on concussion very soon. My wife came out and before Patsy speaks rubbish I quickly took the chance to excuse myself for a shower.

By the time I am out, Patsy was already in her room and the light was dimmed. My wife then brought out all the essentials to sleep on sofa and kissed me on my lips, “tonight cant give you, no choice” she said,then walked to her room. I spent another several moments clearing up my wet hair and tucking my changed clothes aside. It was an extremely difficult night I must admit as the wine kicks into my blood system. I went to my wife’s room hoping for extraordinary but she was already fast asleep.

It was at this moment, I heard Patsy’s voice. She was like talking to her hubby and also breathing heavily while she speaks. I quickly went back to my ‘bed’ to eavesdrop what was cooking. She was making soft noises which I couldn’t figure out, only then I heard her hubby say, ” I am quite tired, I try” something to that extend. Then Patsy’s voice got slightly clearer, she was telling him she feels extremely hot and wants him to make her feel good. “Don’t just try, I want every bit of it tonight” then the magic words that I heard earlier “tonight is the night”. So this was what she meant tonight is the night… she wanted a real good bonk and maybe try for a baby, I guess…..

It was all her hubby vocal noise for awhile, didn’t heard much of Patsy moaning. When I finally hear Patsy’s voice, it was “don’t, not now, hold on, I want!” Followed by her hubby “no, no you are so wet, I just cant hold on no more…. Arghh!”

Kanasai, at this point my penis stood straight up, very hard and steeply supporting my tentage of my undie and shorts. I adjusted it down and pointing up, in the process the slight stroking made me felt unbearable. I was near to needing to PCC but held back by deep breathing. At this very moment, I saw a shadow coming out of Patsy’s room, Its Patsy!

She closed her room door and was attempting to walk to the kitchen, she must be very drunk and high as she was walking ‘snake’ steps. Then not long after, she slips and fell onto me… I believe it was unintentional, but perhaps a blessing from heaven. She dropped completely face down on my tilted body, her face near my butt and her hands on my legs. I tried sitting up to help her, next I notice she was caressing my leg’s hair…. From her mouth, soft moaning noise of… ngggg coming from her throat. I believe she was 100% kong-ed, therefore I tried getting her up. From where I sat, I must start lifting her by holding her waist… her dead weigh was far beyond simple carrying. I used more strength to lift up her body, fortunately or unfortunately my hands slipped and were now infront wrapping her blossom. I could feel her tiny nipple very hard and erected, honestly I knew she must be damn horny at that moment. She was now falling back on my shoulders with her head up… I tried to make minimum noise as I feared if anyone sees this… sure die, I wont know how to explain.

Patsy hair smells great, the liquor plus the unique fragrance coming from her body was beyond description. My didi just naturally got hard, uncontrollably. She was dreamy with slight attempt to get up. But the liquor must have overwhelmed her and she just gave up getting up and laid comfortably on my shoulder whilst starting to be ‘itchy handed’, she just must rub something or hold something it seems.

My mouth and nose were on her neck, I kind of kissed her neck accidentally as I struggled to lift her up with both hands on her waist. Remember she was wearing a loose black t-shirt and denim skirt? Yes, my hands slipped and 1 hand found its way inside her tee, with the palm just over her soft, tender tits. The nipple was really perky and hard. This very moment, Patsy moaned gently, her eyes closed and breathing heavily, her hands suddenly went for my ‘glory’. I don’t know if she knows what she was doing but certainly she was trying to hold my dick from the outside of my shorts. I don’t know why, I just gotten bold at that time and started caressing her breast too, feeling her… she moaned with soft pleasure, as she attempted to dig under my shorts to experience my now very hard penis. I stopped her, then kissed her neck alittle, then her ears. I knew she enjoyed the contact very much. She was slowly getting back onto herself but still high I guessed. She made a slight butt shift and got her butt between my spreaded legs and tightly against my hard penis, at this point, I know SHE KNOWS! But I must admit we were very, very tipsy that night.

Still laying on my shoulder and my left hand inside her tee (actually, I was using 2 fingers to circle her nipple that moment, but I don’t know if she was aware).. Suddenly, I felt her hand catching my right palm which was not doing anything and she led it to her thigh. Somehow she managed to sit up and the skirt went above her thighs, she guided my right hands close to her little secret. Next thing I knew my fingers were all wet with her juicy nectar!! Yes I mean it, she wanted me to know she was so damn wet that night….!!

Believe it or not, the entire ‘event’ happened all within 5 mins and it seems so very long. As soon as it happened, it ended just as fast. Patsy suddenly just stood up and somehow managed to walked (still rather floaty though) to the toilet. Minutes later she came back, I was already lying down in sleeping posture. She walk passed me unsteadily and deliberately rubbed her legs on the sofa, hitting me in the process. She acknowledges!

I spent few minutes in the toilet to wash up after Patsy returned to her room.

Somehow I wasn’t worried about what had happened and how Patsy would react the following day. I was confident the ball in my Sis-in-laws court was in good hands.

I shifted to my wife’s room to sleep at about 9am after her younger brother woke up and I got up only at 2pm when I was told its time for lunch. I got up, not totally sober, with a mind filled with the scenes that had happened barely hours before, especially the fingers that teased Patsy’s nipples and those that had the fortune of touching Patsy’s channel and gotten her glorious fluid. Having recalled the scenes, my didi erected unreservedly and I was sure my wife noticed it, but fortunately it is typical of me that I ‘stand’ to the morning calls.

I came out of the room to find Patsy and her younger brother in the hall whilst my wife and her mum in the kitchen, Patsy’s hubby still in his room. I was trying to straighten my hair by brushing them with my hands when Patsy greeted, “hey handsome, hangover ar?” Then grinned with totally normal disposition. I was probably looking at her with stoned facial gesture, “no la” I replied, “you never make me drank enough!” Then I struggled to smile so as to express the sight of relieve that she took things positively. “Is it, then next time I should ‘have’ more with you lor” Patsy answered in slow words with dragging emphasis for ‘have’. With her face away from her brother she widens her sparkling eyes and gave me a cheeky look. I suddenly choked and coughed as my mind pictured her reply, she laughed playfully. Kanasai Just this moment, her hubby came out from his room, I quickly divert the subject to stop her teasing, “ok, I better go brush my teeth, talk later” with a smile.

Nothing much after that, as we had lunch and did a bit of TCSS then at about 4pm my wife signaled we should be going as she had on the night before told me she would like to shop Robinson on Sunday. We asked the couple if they would like to join us but Pilot said they have other plans. Just before we left, while my wife went to the toilet, and her hubby was back to his room, Patsy took the chance to walk up to me and said, “don’t be naughty and make sure you don’t mistreat my sister hah… else I box you ar” follow with a soft box on my forearm. “I know, last night was just ‘thee’ night” I said softly, she quickly replied “thanks” almost muttering. Her eyes were expressing unfulfilled emotions like she was missing me. Damn me, that moment was drop dead touching.

My wife returned soon after, Patsy and I quickly turned smiley to avoid suspicion. We left to do our shopping.

For the next 2 years, me and my sister-in-law got to know each other better and developed chemistries like we were courting each other, while maintaining our ‘distance’; dilemma!

In the 2 years, me and my wife got married and moved to our new nest at Bayshore Park while Pilot and Patsy got married slightly before us but maintained their stay in Marine Parade. I was bonking nobody except my wife during this period and we were extremely active as we now have an entire house new to explore and honestly, my wife is one great creature to have sex with. She does read up or chat up with friends to constantly improve and master skills that sextify my needs. Of course, I would also constantly upgrade my skills to keep up with her pace. Afterall, wasn’t that what our sillypore government has been telling us, UPGRADE! TRAIN AND


Though there was no ‘ultimate’ intimacy between me and my sis-in-law during this period. We did meet quite regularly and got closer to knowing each other. We started personal conversations on phone, went for swims, shopping, pubbing, disco, movies, pick and sent her to airport at times when her hubby wasn’t in town; of course mostly with the presence of my wife. In all the outings, I have never gotten enough of admiring her beauty and of course her mesmerizing body. Those teasing winks, cheeky smiles, charming personality, witty and amazing reflexes were all additional attributes of MY SISTER-IN-LAW! Whom I came to know.

Amongst the many outings we had together in that 2 years, there were 3 occasions that had some minor ‘events’.

The 1st happened about 3-4 months after that ‘red wine’ night. Patsy, me and my wife had decided to chill out at Zouk on one of the Friday night. My wife wore a 2 pieces green silk dress with low cuts exposing half her tits and black bra strap that join the 2 bra caps. Patsy wore a tight-fit purple silk dress that proudly highlights her ‘bottley’ cleavage body, her dress has a daring 2 inches cut in front from her collar down to near her tummy, the cut would reveal enough of Patsy’s non-sagging breast even without the support of a bra; seeing them would cause nose bleed even for the most ‘seasoned brothers’ I am sure. We settled down quickly and were drinking fast, wanting to be high at soonest. Tequila pop, gordon blu neat, gin lime… very soon our blood was heavily under the influence of liquor and we were like grinning all the time.

Apart from drinking, we also danced quite a bit that night; this was because my wife loves disco dancing. She would pull my hand for dance whenever nice sounds were played and I would in turn grab Patsy’s hand and drag her along. We danced very closely and both my wife and Patsy were totally freeing themselves with moves that were very seductive. We got really tipsy and high, there was enough of holding, hugging and cheek kisses and certainly we were like floating. Patsy would deliberately tease me with close body contacts rubbing her body against mine in tandem with the music, my wife would do likewise from the other side. Then came this moment where Patsy would deliberately come to my front, shake her gorgeous body teasing me with her bouncy boobs, she would then give me that kind of dreamy eyes, horny smile, CFM looks.

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