Forbidden Encounter

Jack and I met during our first year in university and we became close friends since then. During the orientation, he was already solidifying his status as the ultimate ladies’ man and sporty JC basketball captain while I was more of the nerdy geek playing NBA on Playstation. Till now, I am still puzzled at how we became good friends given our contrasting characters. Although we had very different interests and goals, we managed to hit it off right from the start. Being the studious guy with good results, I often helped him with school work while he exposed me to a happening social life that really intrigued me. At least the one thing we had in common was admiring pretty girls. There was plenty of attractive girls in the campus that served like ice cream to our eyes, making us yearn to be on campus every day. Without saying, these beautiful young women often seemed to be attracted toward Jack’s looks and personality as he was the smooth talker and handsome dude who can take in any woman with his words and charm. I honestly admired the way he seemed to do all this naturally like bees to honey and I just wished I could be the same. Till then, I was just satisfied to be sticking around him in order to get that tiny bit of attention from those girls.

Years down the road, my dating luck finally took a 360 degree turn for the best during my final year in university. I met an extremely gorgeous girl named Jessica, who was one year our junior. I was introduced to her by Jack, who was obviously interested in her as well and trying to turn on his charm to prey on her from the start. She was like every man’s dream came true. At least she was my sweetest wet dream, pretty and angelic looking face with a devilish hot body, a mixture of beautiful, sexy and sweet. The perfect girlfriend / wife material. Jessica had that perfect height for a lady, with black silky long hair that flowed over her shoulders and the brightest enchanting eyes I had ever seen. Her lips were formed in a way that it seemed full, thick and yet soft, the most kissable lips I had ever seen. Talking about her figure, Jessica had the kind of sexy breasts that was bound to draw men’s attention. They were fully developed and that shape of roundness and fullness were perfectly matched by the perkiness of her hips. Sometimes I wondered how such a pair of full breasts and rounded ass could be wrapped around such a tight slim waist. All this balanced on a pair of long, smooth and delicate legs constituted the flawless Jessica in my opinion. Overall, she was simply a stunning SYT that constantly caused waves of unwanted attention from guys in the campus.

Despite her ravishing beauty, Jessica was a very shy woman. I guessed this was probably due to her soft, reserved and introvert character as well as her conservative upbringing. Her ‘Girl next door yet sexy and pretty’ image actually seemed to make her even more appealing to all the horny guys around. Whenever I saw her smile, I will just melt into a puddle of admiration for her with my eyes and soul following her wherever she went. She often seemed so unattainable to me. It definitely didn’t help that she was in the tennis CCA, where she alone contributed for most of the perverted male supporters who were always there to see her wearing those cute sports outfits sweating it out in the training sessions, that of course including me among the supporters. Without saying, she was responsible for most of the male erections whenever she was active on the court. What definitely surprised me though was that she was still single despite the great deal of attention she had been receiving from the guys.

Despite my geeky qualities, I joined a long list of guys on campus who were all trying their best to get into Jessica‘s good books. This was the first time I felt so determined to go after a girl, just that I did not know where to start from. Another thing that worried me was that Jack was one of my competitors too, which I knew I was nowhere near him in terms of dating girls and also meant that I could not ask him for any advice. Thinking back, the only thing I was proud to say I was better than him was my results in school.

After hanging out with Jessica together with Jack and the other friends for some time, I could kind of sense that she was a little attracted to Jack from the beginning which was unsurprising given his qualities. Initially, this was starting to disappoint me and held me back from the pursuit. However, I noticed that Jack seemed to be unable to advance any further in terms of charming her as she often felt pretty drawn back by his aggressiveness and openness and kind of shunned from his strong advances shyly. This really delighted me secretly and that began to make me see in her something that made me think I might have a chance with her.

Jessica came from a very conservative Chinese family with strict upbringing values, which explained why she was pretty prim and proper most of the time. Coupled with her reserved and timid nature, I concluded that she was most probably caught out and intimidated by the way Jack was openly teasing and tackling her. From our conversations I knew that she was someone who was looking for something stable and practical be it relationship or work, which I didn’t think she could see it in Jack at this moment. At that time, I started to believe and tried to convince myself that maybe I could let her see me as the ideal stable guy for her in the long run, just like how I was always able to find a solution for my school work.

While most guys were obviously trying to win her body or get into her pants, I tried using logical thinking to develop an edge ahead of others. I analyzed and concentrated on Jessica‘s requirements, personality and what she was looking for. Of course, I had also been around Jack for quite some time and picked up some dating skills from him to incorporate into my strategy. However, I knew I could not be too aggressive or impatient if I really wanted to make Jessica knew that I was the one who could give her the life she wanted.

Things between us started slowly. Jessica had always been introverted and demure, so those guys who pressed her too hard had all crashed against the wall. I often wondered to myself how someone with such ravishing good looks could be so reserved. Her conservative, strict upbringing obviously had not provided her with much dating opportunities. I used as much charm as I could gather without trying to show that I was so into her looks and sexy hot body, but most importantly, I showed Jessica that I was sincere in building a stable career and relationship in the long run. Thankfully, she liked my approach and how I seemed to make her feel more comfortable compared to other aggressive guys. Finally, we got into a serious relationship, my first official relationship with a lady, the goddess I had been pining for.

Jack was totally impressed and surprised when I told him that I had made Jessica my girlfriend. He couldn’t believe that I had used my ‘education and career’ thinking to secure the most sought after prize in the campus.

Jack: “Power la bro, you have gotten one of the hottest babe in school. Soon you will be getting into her pants, enjoy the moment and remember to share with me how good she is haha.”

Me: “Haa thanks bro, I felt very lucky right now really want to enjoy the moment and time with her LOL. Hope we can work things out in the long run too.”

Jack: “So fast talk about long run ar, most importantly, remember to quickly have some fun with her first so that no regrets haha…”

I was really exhilarated that I finally got myself an official girlfriend for the first time in my life, and some more given that she was one of the most popular ones on campus, a bigger achievement than my outstanding studies. This made me feel so confident as I was obviously gaining the envy of many guys who saw us getting together in school. I was also happy to prove myself to Jack that he was not the only one who could hook up pretty girls.

I started my dating life with Jessica slowly, and that was really some of the best moments I had in my life. We were pretty prim and proper at the beginning as she was a really conservative girl while I didn’t have any experience at all previously. We only did our first kiss and some simple hugging and brushing of bodies after like three months of dating which she was obviously a slow starter due to her shyness, but her thick kissable lips were really addictive to me. After another month or so I finally got to advance a bit further, touching and feeling her soft breasts while we were smooching around in the cinema theatre. The moment where I grabbed her big round soft boobs and the sound of her soft moans in my ears was totally heavenly, and I swore I got my full erection almost immediately.

After I graduated with good results and began to start my first job for some time, Jessica and I decided to take another step forward in our relationship – applying for a new flat. At that point of time, we were both really serious in this relationship and looking towards the long run thus making up the big decision. I settled down in my new job gradually which paid me pretty well for a graduate while Jessica was studying hard in her last year of studies. Both of us were really focused on improving our lives in the future.

That was also when our intimacy level got a bigger step forward as well. I got my first ever blowjob from Jessica in the comfortable bedroom of my house while we were petting, and it was an ultimate pleasure despite it being her first time doing it as well. I had seen so much BJ videos in porn, but the real feeling of her warm, soft mouth and thick lips drove me to a much higher level of enjoyment than I expected. It gave me too much pleasure that I barely held for a few minutes before unloading it into her mouth, much to her dissatisfaction. I was pretty embarrassed and guilty knowing that I didn’t warn her about it as I was totally absorbed in my own satisfaction at that moment.

Me: “So sorry dear, I didn’t expect that I will… Really don’t mean to ar…”

Jessica: “Ya you didn’t warn me before shooting… So bad… Next time don’t be like that ok…”

Jessica got up from the bed before going to wash up in the bathroom. I was glad she wasn’t too angry to stop giving me blowjobs anymore. I was determined to make our intimacy experiences much better. I started exposing her more to oral sex, while going down on her (Learning from the porn videos I downloaded.), which really seemed to arouse her better than I expected judging by her body reactions and moans. She admitted to me that she was indeed turned on by the effect my mouth was giving to her, as this was also her first experience too. Our intimacy was turning for the better from then on with her being interested in sexual pleasure as well, and us doing everything besides the real sex.

Meanwhile, Jack and I were still good friends in close contact after leaving school and he landed a pretty nice sales job as well. As we still hung out together frequently, Jessica and I also socialized with Jack and whoever his current fuck buddy / girlfriend was. Jessica and I often chatted and laughed about how Jack went through women. I knew he always had a good knack for getting intimate with the object of his attention, having seen his ways of seduction in action far too many times during campus days.

As usual, Jack was still the same old women hunter after entering the work society, with no intentions to settle down yet. He was like a sexual predator who enjoyed separating his prey from the group, breaking down her inhibitions and taking her in whatever ways he wanted. He was really good at doing this, which made me nicknamed him the ‘Cat hunter’ because of his exploits. Jessica was too embarrassed to acknowledge this nickname as the graphic image of him mounting a beautiful woman for a pleasure ride was not something she could even contemplate.

Unfortunately for Jack, he never seemed able to find a woman who could hold his attention for long. And because of Jessica‘s stunning good looks and Jack’s natural hunter instincts, he would try flirting with Jessica casually whenever given a chance. Jessica would often get so red and embarrassed by his flirting and teasing. She once told me how Jack stared and complimented on her huge boobs which got her really embarrassed and how she quickly shunned away from his obvious teasing, and I will laugh it off together with her. She enjoyed the compliments, but still she was a very shy woman lacking in confidence and I knew that the only one she will open up to was me.

After Jessica graduated and found a new job, we decided to get engaged while still waiting for our new flat to be ready. We already knew that we wanted to be with each other by now and friends / family around us were happy to hear that. To celebrate her graduation as well as me receiving a raise in my pay, we decided to go for a nice vacation in Bali. At this point of time, we had begun to enjoy our sexual intimacy more than before as Jessica was opening up more to me and I was pretty surprised to see that she seemed to have a very high sexual desire despite her conservative nature. While planning for this trip, I was determined to make this celebration trip with Jessica (Only our second trip overseas.), a memorable one.

One evening, we spent lots of fun and quality time on the secluded beach, had a nice time drinking at a cozy restaurant before making our way back to the hotel room. By then, Jessica was already getting tipsy and high due her having a low tolerance for drinking. I felt my animal instincts rising high once we were back alone in the room. I took full advantage of the situation, using every charm of mine plus the mix of alcohol to coax her into stripping off her clothes while I kissed and caressed her nude body passionately to drive her desires higher. Her sensitive body had always been more than receptive to my teasing touches and advances, which by now was fueled by the help of alcohol to loosen her up further.

Right there on the huge comfortable bed while our desires were burning high, I laid her on her back while I took off all my clothes as well eagerly, spread her sexy legs and lowered my head to lick and finger her pussy at the same time. I knew this would really make her aroused, as I can feel the wetness of her pussy and the naughty sounds of her moans that spurred me on to increase my pressure on her. Aided by the alcohol effect on her body, I carried on orally on her till she finally gave out a deep moan before cumming for her first orgasm of the night. I enjoyed the satisfaction from pleasuring her, and with my cock at full erection now, I adjusted my hips while she was still recovering from her orgasm with her legs spread and slowly buried my manhood into her wet yet tight virgin pussy. This was our first ever real sex experience, an ultimate one for me as I can feel the contracting walls of her really tight pussy binding me tight as I entered.

The feeling was really heavenly, as I tried to hold on my sensation and not cum too fast for my first time. Out came Jessica‘s soft moans of pleasure and pain in the mixture, as I remained deep in her for a long time till she was used to my hard dick inside her before I gradually started sliding in and out of her slowly like how I learnt from the porn videos. I continued thrusting in the same position for a few minutes before I really couldn’t hold back anymore and released my load inside her warm entrance. I apologized to her for shooting inside without notice, but was surprised to see her keeping her calm despite her showing a little displeasure on her face after that. I guessed Jessica forgave me in view of that we were in a serious relationship moving on to the next level. Since then, I was looking forward to more sex exploits with her after my first ever try.

When Jessica had settled down well in her current job and I felt that I was comfortable taking home a good pay for my age with some hard earned savings, I proposed to her successfully and we decided to get married officially. That was honestly the best and greatest decision of my life, being able to be with the goddess I had loved since university days. Up till now, at times I still couldn’t believe how did I actually get to date with someone so perfect like Jessica. This definitely made me determined to give her all the best that I could offer to her. After we got married, we moved into our new flat shortly where we began to start our newlywed life.

Our sex life was more or less the same as before marriage, except that we got more time for each other now that we are living together every day. Although we were both busy building up our careers, we still tried our best to make time for each other whenever we can. We tried to make time for intimacy every week, though the routine was pretty much the same as I honestly wasn’t a fanciful or an experienced guy in terms of having variety in sex styles except by picking up some of the moves from my private videos. Being a shy and conservative woman by nature, Jessica seemed to be fine with the arrangement so far.

Over the years, I realized that Jessica despite being conservative, was a very sensual woman who was very curious about sexual intimacy and always seemed to have the interest to explore more. I didn’t expect that initially judging from her reserved and shy character, but I was definitely enjoying the fact that she possessed the willingness and desire for sex. We were both each other’s first partner and I guessed this showed in our inexperience when it came to sex. However, I managed to learn a lot from the porn videos I watched over the years as well as advice from guy friends like Jack and this definitely helped in letting me take the lead in our intimacy.

I believed I had a decent Asian dick size despite not much comparison with other guy friends, although I had seen Jack’s dick before during our campus hostel days since we were staying together and I must admit his dick was obviously thicker and longer than mine. He enjoyed boasting about this fact, even in front of the girls, and I remembered Jessica getting the blushes once when Jack boosted about his dick again in front of us while we were hanging out. The ladies that he had hooked up with over the years were definitely not complaining about that, as I ever knew of one or two female friends on campus who used to rave about Jack’s sexual ability and size after becoming his sex preys. That really made me curious and wondered how good Jack can be, judging from the performance reviews and satisfaction he had gotten from his sex buddies.

As for me, I always tried to make sure that Jessica got enough service from me as I knew I wasn’t someone who had a lasting stamina and skill set or a huge dick. At times when I had a relatively poor sexual performance which resulted in me cumming early or lacking the vigor, Jessica would still smile and reassure me that she really enjoyed our intimacy session although I could feel a sense of disappointment on her face. Most of the time, I would then help to bring her to orgasm with my fingers, which she said was more than good enough for her as well. I felt really lucky to have an understanding and considerate wife who was always accommodating towards me in all aspects including sexual intimacy.

During our first Christmas staying together, Jessica and I were invited by Jack to his annual New Year’s Eve party, by which we were both ready for a good time after a whole year of hard work and non-partying. Jack’s New Year’s Eve parties were exactly the tonic we need, relaxing ourselves and enjoying the company of friends. Jack would usually invite the close hangout friends which consisted of four or five couples for a laid back evening of music, chatter, dancing and drinks. After spending most of our nights finishing work and going home routinely, dancing and drinks sounded like a nice idea to us.

For me, the only possible damper at the party was the probable chance that I might be called away on an emergency response by my company if there was a need. I had moved up rapidly within the department of the company and so my responsibilities had definitely increased as well. My boss told me not to go too far away and be operationally ready on New Year’s Eve. If there was even a hint of trouble that night, I would be recalled by him right away.

Jessica started planning her outfit days for Jack’s party. It had been a while since I had taken her on a nice date that required dressy clothes. That was definitely my mistake and Jessica let me know that she would be needing a new dress for the party. When we went out shopping a few days before the party, she ultimately decided on a fairly short, simple yet alluring white satin dress with spaghetti straps.

When Jessica tried the dress on for me, my jaws almost dropped as it was clear that it had been custom tailored for my wife. It scooped in discreetly both front and back, hugging her shapely round breasts and hips with the softness of a warm embrace. It totally showed out the full extent of her sexy womanhood as Jessica‘s dress also slid in nicely and clung to her flat belly and slim waist. Only a lengthy, thin zipper allowed her to fully wrap her hot voluptuous curvy figure in this skin-tight fabric perfectly. I knew I had to buy this for her once I saw her in that, fully expecting the kind of attention and envy we would get.

I was very certain that Jessica would be the most beautiful woman at Jack’s party and I was feeling proud just thinking about it. From a man’s perspective, Jessica‘s new dress was the best well-designed gift wrapping present a guy could wish for. As I looked at Jessica changing into her new party dress excitedly, in my mind, I just couldn’t wait to unwrap her dress on New Year’s Eve after the whole party. Of course I would never be able to expect that someone else besides me would be having this honor of doing so, and even much more.

We arrived at the New Year’s Eve party around evening time, and were greeted by the vibrant looking Jack as usual. Due to Jessica‘s long draggy preparation at home, we actually became the last couple to arrive while the rest were already chilling around. I definitely wasn’t complaining much seeing Jessica in her sexy outfit and anticipating the response from the rest. For this party, Jack wore a nice fitting trendy shirt that obviously shows off his well-toned body from his constant workouts in the gym. He was always proud of showing off his fit body in front of people especially ladies.

I was surprised not to see Candy, Jack’s latest companion which he got to know at the gym. Jessica and I met her once about a few weeks ago and she was a nice lady that we liked as compared to the other ladies that Jack knew. Though pretty looking, she seemed like a decent lady for Jack’s usual standard of girls so we were surprised that she somehow got together with him. Jack told me that he picked her up the first time he saw her at the gym, and they had their first sex after the third or fourth meetup. Candy was a guai looking lady with nice manners, so I was pretty surprised that she actually hooked up so fast like Jack who was a ladies hopper. Then I knew she had some relationship issues with her boyfriend and Jack took advantage of that right away. Of course, probably Jack’s sexual prowess and skills did help along the way in fucking her into submission as what he said.

Jack told me that they had been humping like rabbits ever since they hooked up, and she was indeed wild in bed despite looking like a guai girl. I definitely agreed with that deep down as Jessica had this same ‘Guai yet naughty on the inside’ characteristics and began wondering if all guai looking girls were the same. The only issue with their so called ‘relationship’ was that Candy began to take things too seriously as boyfriend / girlfriend while Jack was more of just into the sexual part most of the time and had no plans to get serious. Just three days ago, they had a big quarrel as Candy found Jack flirting with one of his female friends and they hadn’t met up since. So this was probably the first ever annual New Year’s Eve party that Jack didn’t have a fuck buddy / girlfriend with him.

Without Candy around, Jack apparently didn’t mind looking around a little either, which proved to be a problem for Jessica especially. When Jessica shed her jacket to reveal her sexy body fitting dress with thin straps, I swore I could see Jack’s eyes widening immediately staring straight at her obvious big boobs and scanning her body from head to toe before eye following her wherever she went. His obvious actions made Jessica pretty embarrassed as she too could notice Jack’s lusty behavior and stares. I chuckled to myself secretly because it took quite a few minutes for Jack to finally take his eyes off my ravishing wife. I noticed the rest of the guys discreetly peeping over at Jessica as well, which didn’t surprise me as I knew she was without question the most gorgeous lady in the party.

Among the rest of the couples, Kelvin and Elaine were the couple we knew the best. Kelvin was very straight forward and started preparing and mixing the drinks early. He was a drink lover and would almost get too drunk every time, but I wasn’t too worried about him as he was mostly harmless except for his words. However, I was becoming a little concerned about Jack instead. After he gulped down a number of drinks, his calm expression was gradually replaced by a more aggressive demeanor. After being ‘single’ for the past few days, he obviously had a higher sexual desire by now and appeared to have decided that he needed a new conquest. The look in his eye definitely seemed as though he was ready to separate a new prey from the herd for his next pursuit and he wasn’t prepared to wait for tomorrow.

I remembered what Jack told me back in University about how he usually assessed his prey, and he was already boldly using this selection technique with the women at the party. His tricks were sometimes pretty fun to watch when I was hanging out with him at clubs back then. Usually Jack will start with an innocent one to one chat with a lady. At a certain point in the conversation, he would look intently into her eye to get her full attention. After which, he would purposefully drop his gaze down to examine her breasts and cleavage in detail, making sure that she was watching him do that. After letting her clearly recognized that he was evaluating her potential to be his prey, he would raise his eyes once again to hers directly. If she smiled at him, he knew he had found the prey he would probably be fucking that night. If she frowned, he figured she would be a difficult one to break in though not impossible, just more challenging. There was also a rare chance of a third kind of response which usually excites him.

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