Diary of a Taxi Driver

I had been a cabbie for the past nine months now. Before that I asked around, getting feedbacks from other cabbies about how a cabbie life will be. Some encouraged me, others gave non pleasant views. You got to be disciplined, dedicated, have a stone face in case passengers scolded you etc. Some cons, but most of the cabbies I spoke to will say there were perks being one, and meeting gorgeous ladies was one of them. With a candid face and a good conversation, you can go far with them.

Anyhow, that was not the main reason I became one! For almost six months my life was driving towards a boring job. Yes, you met people, ladies pretty and ugly, boobs and bums of various sizes, couples kissing behind the passenger back seat. But that was it. Visual and hearing stimulations for few ten minutes and that was it.

One fine Wednesday night in August, about 4 am, as usual, I attacked Clarke Quay. Most of the party goers were already leaving the clubs and taxis were needed there. I drove along River Valley Road and straight to Tan Tye place. I tried to avoid the main road because so many people waiting along the main road and I had no clue who to pick, maybe someone just stood in front of another person who was already waiting for about five minutes and I happened to come and picked up the former, no fair right? So I went straight to Tan Tye place taxi stand, was fourth or fifth in the queue.

And from afar, I saw a Malay couple standing. The girl looked in her early 20s, wearing a blue tight dress, tall, fair, wavy shoulder length hair, slender legs, and tight bums. Her head was leaning on the guy’s shoulder, who was seen playing with her hair and whispering in her ears.

I could tell that she was high, super high, not zonked out, but high enough to can’t even stand properly. The guy kept whispering something to her and she repeatedly shook her head. Every time she shook her head, she did it rigorously and after that she was swaying like being pushed by strong wind and every time the guy would hold her and grabbed her waist. Oh… Her waist. Slim and cutting an hour glass body, I could see her curves right from afar. Her dress was so tight it could rip up anytime, showing her full round ass for the whole world to see.

I was second in line. The couple was standing diagonally left of me. I dropped the left window a bit. The guy was still talking to her, whispering in her ear.

The girl: “Tak nak… Tak nak!” (Don’t want… Don’t want!)

The guy gave a fucked up face.

Then he said: “Tapi you kan mabok!” (But you are drunk!)

The girl kept repeating shaking her head. She shook her head so much she began to wobble. She adjusted her position and walked forward, the guy by her side still holding her waist. Now they were standing beside my taxi. I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help eavesdropping.

The guy: “Alah kita gi makan pat xxx then I hantar you balik k.” (We go eat first at XXX then I send you home k.)

The girl: “Nak makan kat sini pon ada Mac aper. Takya gi jauh jauh.” (Want to eat here got Mac what no need go far far.)

The guy: *Whispering something*

The girl: “Tak nak laaaaaa.” (Don’t wannnnnt.)

I can see the girl was in super irritated mode already. I was wondering if the guy wanted to bang her. Who doesn’t? With her curved back and a rounded bum, I started to imagine what will she looked like when on all fours, back arched, her wavy silky black hair falling on her super seductive face.

Ah yes the face. I could see clearly her face now that they were standing beside my taxi. She had this bedroom eyes. Maybe natural or maybe just high, I didn’t know. They were half open, half close. And the lips! Glossed with red lipstick, her upper lip was fuller than the bottom one. The kind of lip when making a goodbye flying kiss smooch would drive you to find any hole and fucked it on the spot.

She had also a pair of high cheek bone. Flushed with redness from much booze, imagine a Shu Qi high on alcohol. But Shu Qi I think had a flat face, this girl had a high forehead and an almond-like face.

An angel.

I was drifting away and imagining all sorts of things when I heard the door being opened. The girl had entered. I turned around and confirmed my suspicions, I had a drunk angel seating in my taxi. Her breath stench of alcohol. Smelled like whiskey.

But she also oozed sexiness. Lots of it. A sexy Malay girl wearing a tight blue mini dress. Her pair of tits must be crying out wanting to get out from that suffocating outfit. And her hips were curvaceous, she had broad shoulders. I had never seen this type of Malay lass before and I thought I had seen it all…

The guy: “You sure you don’t want me to follow you?”

The girl: “Yes, dear, I’m going back.”

The guy wanted to retort, but then was realizing I was looking at him. The girl too turned around and was looking at me. She smiled. I meant she smiled, showing her full sets of her pearly whites.

The girl: “Abannngggg…” (Cute mode.) “Pasir Ris please!”

I said ok! With such an enthusiastic response and gave the guy one last look.

“Brother, close the door, please.” I said.

The guy was huffing and staring at me.

I was sure as hell he saw a smirk on my face.

From inside the taxi the girl was giving the guy big goodbye waves.

The girl: “Byeeeeee! See youuuuu laterrrrr! Or neverrr! Byeeeeee! Blahhhhh!”

Some mild vulgarities and she made a very deep sigh. Maybe relief. I didn’t know.

I drove on.

As I made my way from River Valley Road towards Hill Street, I was filled with mixed emotions. Here sat a gorgeous lady and you couldn’t deny it make your day, seeing pretty things. But then again, I realized, this girl was drunk! What if she puked? What if she slept and unable to wake up. My shift ended at seven and she was meant to be my last passenger and it could be a hassle to wash the car if she puked or to wake her up, worse to call for police.

While passing by the parliament house, I realized I did not have her exact drop off point. So I looked up at the rear window.

I can’t see her head!

I turned my head, looking back. A pair of slender long legs stretching out.

My worst fear had come true. Once a drunkard fell into sleep, it posed a challenge to wake her up.

Then, as I turned my head more, from the darkness inside the taxi, something caught my attention.

The girl was lying on the back passenger seat, her dress was uplifted, showing her white underwear, so white against the dark like a lighthouse shining through the dark night.


Really hated this part.

Guy or girl, a drunkard was the last person a cabbie wanted. Worse is if the drunkard was a lady, you had to take precautions to avoid unnecessary allegations.

Okay, never mind. Gave her some rest and will wake her up once we reached Pasir Ris.

I turned around again, her legs were still stretching out and spread. Her hair fell on her face. I wasn’t sure if she was awake or asleep. I dared not look again and continued driving.

Once I reached Pasir Ris, I called her out.

Me: “Miss, miss. Pasir Ris already.”

I called her many times. No response. I turned and slapped gently on her right knee using my left hand.

The girl: “Err… Err… Block XXX.”

I quickly proceeded to the said block.

I knew this would be a challenge, so I parked the taxi in an available lot. Me: “Miss, miss!”

I tried to wake her up. After several unsuccessful attempts, I shook her leg. Her whole body moved, her dress lifted higher. Her cute butt cheeks now exposed, her white panties now seen clearly. She refused to wake up.

Okay, another five minutes and I’m calling the police. I got out of the taxi and proceeded to the left side of the taxi. I opened the door.

And there she was lying on the back seat, like prawn like posture, sleeping on the right side of the body. I could now see her lower part of the body clearly. Legs, butt, groin.

Her fair ass mocking me as if daring me to touch them. But as much as I wanted, I knew I would be in trouble.

This time I shook her shoulder vigorously.

Me: “Miss! Miss! Wake up!” I felt like slapping her for wasting my time. I gave one hard shook.

The girl: “Heyyyy… Relax!”

The girl had come around. She sat up, her droopy eyes half closed. She looked around and suddenly she gasped.

The girl: “Where am I?? Where you bring me???”

The girl looked around her, obviously unaware where she was.

Me: “You are at your block miss.”

The girl looked around. And then she looked at me.

The girl: “Did you bring me to the hotel?”

I wished!

Me: “No la, this is your block. See?”

I pointed to the said block. It took some time for her to absorb the information. She closed her eyes. And slowly, her body fell sideways.

Me: “Hey miss. Don’t sleep, we are here already.” I tugged her firmly.

She was murmuring to herself: “You don’t play play with me ah. You bring me to a hotel, you watch out.”

Okay, that’s it. Before she alleged me for something, I better call for the police. I stood up and took out my phone.

The girl: “Help me out please. I wanna puke.”

Instantly I pulled her body towards me. My right hand was holding her waist and slowly pulled her out from the taxi. I could feel the curve of her back and I was making sure I did not touch her rear end. Slowly I dragged her out of the taxi. Staggered, the girl walked towards the grass patch nearby. She squatted down and puked. If my eyeballs could popped, they had already rolled on the ground, sprinting towards the girl.

The girl was squatting, never realized her dress was lifted up so high I could see her full round bum and the V shape of her front panties. Her groin was so fair, no dirt, grime or stain on her pubic area. So clean you can smell it.

I bit my tongue.

Few minutes had passed.

I circled her like an eagle waiting to strike its prey.

Back and forth I went. Pussy, ass. Ass, pussy. Even when the place was quite dimmed, her white panties and her fair juicy bums were clear to see.

Me: “Are you done?”

The girl: “Help me.”

I helped her to stand up.

Me: “You, please adjust your dress.”

She was still unstable, but I could see her smiling when adjusting her dress. I was sure it was embarrassing for her, exposing her bottom for me, heck, for the whole block in front of her to see.

The girl: “Best?”

I was shocked. When you are drunk, you throw your inhibitions out of the window.

Me: “Pe je!” (What only.)

It was me who was embarrassed. Never thought she could have said that.

I held her thin waist and guided her to the void deck. Her left hand was holding onto my left shoulder. There was a tingling sense of perfume on her.

While walking her, I glanced. She was wearing a tight fitting dress and I swore I could see the contours of her breasts. Round and firm. Tight and perky. She must be a very well kept person, judging by her physical appearance and the way she dressed.

I helped her to a bench at the void deck. Straight away she rested her head.

Me: “Eh, don’t sleep here. Your house upstairs. Just walk and you will be home safely.”

I sensed this will take some time. I needed her to freshen up a little bit.

I went back to my taxi and grabbed a bottle of mineral water. It was half empty, but I needed her to drink it. I came back and saw her sitting with legs apart.

Me: “Drink. You smoke? Light a stick. And sit properly.”

The girl just looked at me. She folded her legs and took out of her purse a box of Winston. She lighted it. The first puff she inhaled so deeply I was afraid she might choke.

Ten minutes, she smoked two sticks and finished my mineral water. Her eyes began to be aware of the surroundings and her speech was no longer incoherent.

The girl: “Why are you helping me?”

She was looking down and holding her ciggy while asking me that.

Me: “Because you are a lady. Drunk. Plus, you are hot.”

The girl turned her head and looked at me. Again, she smiled. Cynically?

She tried to stand up, but her knees nearly gave way. I managed to hold her and let her stand straight.

Again she repeated: “Why are you helping me. I do not know you.”

Me: “Okay first off you are drunk. Can’t let you sleep in my taxi. I need to wake you up so you can go back home. I don’t want trouble. Make sure you okay so you cannot anyhow say I hanky panky with you.”

The girl giggled. You know, how a drunkard girl would.

The girl: “Do you do this every time to a mabok (Drunk.), girl?”

Me: “First time I sent a super mabok girl like you.”

The girl giggled again: “I not mabok la, noneng (Tipsy.), only. See. I can stand.”

She stretched her body to pose. She had this S shape in her body. With two goggles staring at me and her long legs. I imagined them on top of my shoulders.

She then did a supermodel pose. And she began to strut. Strut in a drunken stupor. I caught her when she fumbled. Both her hands holding onto my shoulders. I held onto her waist. Size 24 I think. So now we were face to face and we stared at each other’s eyes. She was flawless. No pimples, dark skins, her eyelashes were natural long. And she always smiled. Her lips always half opened.

The girl: “I’m not drunk. If I am, I wouldn’t be standing here because I will get laid with that mat (The guy.).”

Oh… K…

Suddenly the girl leaned on me. Then she hugged me and whispered in my ear…

“Thank you for saving me.”

I did not know I was a hero.

The girl then kissed me on my sweaty left cheek. And hugged me.

I felt time stop. Brushing my chest against hers, I could feel the pair of her awesome rack.

The hug was tight and I was expecting some sponge from her bra, but no.

It was meat. Round, firm meat.

Her right leg was slightly bent and her thigh brushed my crotch. Up and down. Up and down. Naturally, my schlong got hard. Not that I never resisted the feeling.

I stroked her back gently. Did I hear an ahhhh??

Me: “Miss, I gotta go. I will give you the receipt proving I did not take a detour while you were sleeping in the cab. And also prove that I’m not afraid if you wanna allege me of doing something wrong.”

The girl stared at me, from my head to my toe and then focused on my groin. She kept quiet while both her hands were stroking mine.

Me: “Miss, you okay?”

The girl then walked away. Obviously she swayed side to side and then stopped.

The girl turned to me and said: “Forget the receipt. Help me to my house and I pay $50.”

The girl: “Help me laa. Please. Forget about the receipt. You help me send up to my house, I pay $50 for all the trouble.”

The time was 5 am thereabouts.

Ai yah. What the heck. Just send her, take the money and fuck off. You don’t get to send a super hot chick home. Hotel yes. Home, err… Like once in a blue moon!

Me: “Ok, you wait, I lock my taxi.”

I made her leaned against the wall before I ran to the taxi. Off the engine and locked the door.

I ran back to her. She was smoking. Her right side of her was leaning against the wall.

As I was looking at her side, I just couldn’t help feeling amazed by her body. Malay girls were known to have ‘duck’ ass, we called it ‘tonggek’. Not the Latina types they were super round, but the Malays had this perky ass, the kind like lifted up while you were walking on your toes.

But this girl’s, she defined the term ‘bontot Jack’ (Jacked up ass.).

If I could place a glass full of water on her bum, I swore it will not topple.

Me: “Okay, come, let’s go.”

I guided her to the lift. She pressed a number and then straight leaned on me.

What am I doing here…

Inside the lift, the girl was leaning onto me, still holding her cigarette in her left hand.

Her side boob was brushing against my rib cage. She must be about 1.6 m and maybe under 50 kg. She was petite, but ample at the right places. I held her left shoulder. I did not want her to suddenly collapse and had to carry her. I was no bodybuilder.

The girl: “Bodo pey mat!” (Stupid mat!)

Me: “Hey relax, he is not here. You are finally home.”

The girl did not respond. She mumbled to herself: “Ingat aku senang per?” (Think I’m easy is it?)

I wondered what the said guy had done to cause her such anger.

Me: “Ok, ok, calm down. Finish your ciggy. We are reaching soon.”

The door opened in a short while. The girl stubbed the cigarette with her high heel. That was a pair of Christian Louboutin!

The girl fumbled her way out of the lift. There, she pointed. To the right corner.

I purposely let her walk alone in front of me. Let her open the gate by herself. Let her open the purse and gave me whatever she owned me.

The girl managed to reach the gate of her house. Slowly she bent over to take out her heels.

I watched from behind like gazing to a sunrise. Or sunset. Whichever awed you more.

Her butt cheeks peeked from behind her dress.

I loved the letter W more than ever.

The girl took out a bunch of keys and opened the gate and the door. Slowly, as not to make any noise.

Great. Don’t want to wake up the parents.

After opening the door, she went in. I couldn’t see what was inside the house as it was dark.

A moment later, her head popped out from behind the door.

“Quick, come in before my neighbors see you!” She said.


I gave her the ‘nnnooooooooooo’ look.

The girl, whispering: “Hurry up!”

I did not think I really had a choice. Actually, I did. Part of me wanted to leave the place and be gone. Part of me wanted to stay and see how this event will unfold.

The girl: “Quick!”

I went in.

The girl closed the door. It was still dark inside the house. But I could see the silhouette of a hot body, curves and all.

The girl: “Don’t be stupid. I ask you come in you come in. I don’t want my neighbors to know.”

Me: “Okay. Sorry.”

The girl went to a corner and switched on a standing lamp. The orange bulb created a soothing ambience, relaxed, lazy.

The girl threw her purse to the living room sofa. Take a seat, she said. I gave her a confused look.

Me: “Look miss, I am really running late. Just pay the fare if you can. If not I need to go.”

The girl was walking towards a room.

The girl: “Can you wait for a while? Money in my room. I don’t have enough earlier. You got no nets right?”

I stood up. “It’s okay la miss. If you see me outside you just pay me okay. I got to hand over shift already.”

The girl turned back and shoved me back to the sofa.

The girl: “Sit.”

I obeyed like a dog!

The girl began to mumble again. She was so animated, gesturing and all. I was observing her from top to bottom.

Wavy shoulder length black hair.

Bedroom eyes with naturally long eyelashes.

High cheekbones.

Pouty lips.

Small frame body with big rack and a bigger ass.

Long slender legs.

I assumed she had the 34-25-36 type of physique. Like Kylie Minogue. She must be a self-conscious girl who spent a lot taking care of her body. I didn’t see any flabs or fats or even past scars on her hands or legs.

The girl: “Oi! You listening?”

She ended my visual rape dream by bending over towards me and calling me.

She was in front of me. Bending over.

Why can’t I see her cleavage?

Because her dress was made such that the top just nice covering her chest. I tried to sit straight, but alas, I could not see them.

This was killing me!

Her breast was tight against her dress, two beautiful jugs in front of me waiting to be stroked, yet I was not able to see the meat itself!

So close yet so far.

The girl: “You know why I leave that mat? Because he thinks he can own me. Tell me what to do.”

Uh… Uh… She waved her right index finger with her left hand on her hip.

“Nobody owns me,” she continued.

“No one can control me.”

“I am the one who is in control.”

She liked to be in control. So drunk still wanted to yaya papaya. Stuck up. Granted, she had the looks and the body, but in a normal situation, I couldn’t care less about her.

Me: “Miss, I gotta go la. Where’s your parents?”

The girl: “Mum no longer here. Dad overseas with step wife.”

Ooh. I looked around. It was a five room flat. The house was well maintained. Clean, and tidy. The furniture and decorations were modern. This family got taste I thought.

Me: “Siblings?”

The girl shook her head. Good. I hated pretty girls who had older brothers, they tend to be overprotective.

The girl: “I’m the only child. And also not married.”

Hmm… I never thought of that!

The girl: “You wait.”

She went to the kitchen. Fumbling to find the light switch, she knocked into something. I went over and helped. She was bending over rubbing her ankles when I bummed onto her behind.

Me: “Eh, sorry.”

But I was still standing behind her.

The girl bent more, whether she obviously knew my groin was rubbing her butt or purposely pressing harder onto my groin, I had no idea. But it felt blissful.

In the darkness, she lifted her dress a bit using her left hand, her right hand against the wall. Her butt cheeks exposed to the dim orange light from the living room.

The girl curled her back.

“Don’t you find it erotic?” She asked.

I kept quiet, feeling the softness of her butt pressing against me, eyes fixed to her fair butt cheeks.


The light came on, completely surprised me. She walked away from me.

Fucking cockteaser!

The girl fetched a glass from the cabinet and poured plain water from a flask. She then drank it one gulp. She then took the flask and filled the glass again. She finished the drink in one gulp.

Gulp… Must be thirsty.

The girl: “Thank you for helping me reach home safely. Thank you for being there. If not I don’t know to run away from him.”

The girl continued: “We met for a few weeks already. Today our second time go clubbing. First time I never drink because I am working the next day. Today he knew I’m not working insist go party. Then gotta fucking cheek to go Dutch when open bottle. Push me to drink. Until like this…”

Typical mat. Freeloaders.

The girl: “I knew he wanna get laid with me. But doing like this… Takde cara (No standard.)! I will get laid when I will get laid. Not happy happy can get me one. Think I noneng can bring me to hotel is it? See leg laaaa!”

After which she continued blabbering. I could only stare at her. I was mesmerized by her innocent look, yet I saw her insecurities.

Suddenly she came to me. Slowly. Her hands rested on my shoulders. Her droopy eyes already half closed, squinted from the kitchen light.

Her face now came directly in front of mine. Our noses touched each other. I did not move.

The girl: “When I saw you, I felt relieved. Because I know you could save me from him. He will not stop me he will not stop you from leaving. Thank you.”

And so she cupped my face and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

“Mmmm… Peppermint!” She exclaimed.

Yuh, I ate half of Tic Tacs when I saw you. I didn’t expect you to kiss me though.

The girl closed her eyes. Her lips gently touched mine. Slowly she opened her mouth and kissed me harder. And harder.

All this while my eyes were wide opened though. WTF had happened?!

I tried to digest the events that had been unfolding so far. The drunk girl I fetched from Clarke Quay, her hot body, her delicious booty, sending her home, entering her house, rubbing her buttocks and now kissing.

I didn’t want to close my eyes as I wanted to feel this reality.

But the girl was a good kisser. Without me realizing it, her tongue had explored in my mouth.

“Shit!” She exclaimed. “Cannot kiss. Vomit smell.”

Duhh… When you got aroused, even shit smelled like roses.

The girl: “Don’t you wanna call your other driver say you late or something?”

Huh? I looked at my watch. 6 am!

By that time I was completely bedazzled. Here in front of me a lady who oozed so much appeal, she managed to stun a man at least fifteen years her senior. Never had I met a girl who could tease really well. And she was in complete control too.

I decided I would cherish this moment. My guardian angel had slapped me so hard to remind me of myself. You are a taxi driver. You cannot do this. Don’t take advantage! But the devil in me whispered, fuck it! This is your chance. You are a fool if you don’t take this. You are an old man, no hot pretty girls want you la!

The girl: “If I like someone I don’t care his age, race, shape or size. You better call your driver. I need to wash up.”

She then went to her room.

Err… Shape and size? I had a live Elizabeth Hurley of Bedazzled talking to me.

That’s it. I will play along. Just don’t abuse me.

I sat at the end of the sofa facing away from her room. I took out my phone and dialed a number.

Me: “Uncle? Eh, sorry ah. I got some important matters to take care now. I need to use the taxi. I pass to you afternoon can? I pay your rental laaa…”

At the other end some Hokkien vulgarities rained on my ear. I profusely apologized to him. I could go back home now, but my seven inch tool was controlling my brain.

After a few minutes of free fucking (Verbally.), I needed to fuck someone back. Free too, hopefully.

“So how? Settle?” I heard her behind me.

I turned.

There she was, standing by the room door, a big white towel covering her body.

I swore the front part of my boxers ripped off by my rock hard erected tool.

The girl was wearing only a piece of towel, albeit a big one, covering her from chest to knee. But even the towel could hide her curvaceous figure, her ample breasts bulging underneath. She looked fresh, probably she had washed up for a while when I was talking on the phone.

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