A Short Affair with My Tuition Student’s Mum


I completed my National Service in December 2002 after serving 2.5 years for the country. At the time, the hiring rate was slow as I remembered the country was still at the end cycle of an economic downturn. 6 months before I ORD, I sent out my resumes to many companies, but had yet to be called for interviews. Even there were some interviews, many companies said they will keep me in KIV as the companies can’t either wait for me to finish my NS or they had yet to be given a green light by their big boss.

By the time, I had collected my IC, I had yet to secure a job. Here I was, a graduate from a local polytechnic with merit was having difficulty in getting a job. I was not the only one. Most of my men and fellow NCO’s that ORD together with me were having a tough time getting a job. Day in, day out, I sent out my resume and beat the street for interviews. Some companies were willing to take me in but at a lower starting wage of $1000 plus NS incentive $1100. I rejected them as I felt that I could ask for a better starting wage.

Then one Monday afternoon as I was sitting on the steps of Funan Center after an interview, I met a former female classmate and asked me what I am doing. Her name was Jaslyn (Not her real name.).

“Hey! Aren’t you Joe?” Jaslyn asked as she stopped in front of me.

“Yup! And you are…” I replied and tried to remember who she was.

“It’s me Jaslyn, you remember me right.” She said ecstatically.

“Oh, Jas, it has been some time since our graduation ceremony.” I replied.

“Yah. By the way, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Relaxing before I go for my next walk in interview at Raffles City.” I said.

“You are looking for a job?” She asked.

“Yah. Haven’t secure one yet. Not easy to find a job.” I said as I sipped my last drop of coke.

“But didn’t you get a Dip with Merit?” She said.

“Yup, I did. But I think the employers might think I’m out of touch after spending 2.5 years in NS.” I said bitterly.

“I see. By the way, want to join me for lunch. Today I am kinda alone.” She said.

“Well, thank you, but I have to say sorry, kinda tight on budget.” I informed her.

“Oh come on, my treat. It is not every day that I bumped into old classmates.” She said as she tugged at me.

Not wanting to disappoint her and that I still had an hour before my interview appointment, I agreed to her invitation. We settled for Mcdonalds for lunch. We chit chatted as we caught up with things. Then, she offered me a proposal.

“I actually want to thank you for what you did in poly.” She said.

“Huh, what I did?” I said casually.

She then reminded me the days when no one wanted to take her in for the final year project as back at that time she had some personal problems to deal with and was always absent from school. They didn’t want a free rider in their group. And I was the only one that took her in into my group and gotten a Distinction for the project. I told her we worked as a team and she did not once never do her part. She did her part for the project and all of us deserved what we got. She smiled and thanked me again.

“Ok Joe, why dun you do tuition?” She asked.

“Huh tuition, nah, I dun have the talent.” I told her as I bit into my Filet-O-Fish.

“Why dun you try it? I know you can. At least until you find a proper job.” She said.

“Hmmm… Let me think about it.” I told her.

“Great. Here, actually I have a colleague who needs a tuition for the son.” She said. “If you are agreeable, I give her your contact number and let her call you.” She continued.

I nodded and soon after we finished our lunch, we parted ways for our destination.

I still did not get any job and decided to go home to rest. “My savings getting very low and I have yet to have a job.”

It was at night while I was playing FFX when my phone rang. I picked it up and answered it. I was greeted by a sweet voice asking to talk to me.

“Hello, can I speak to Joe please?” The unknown voice asked.

“Joe speaking. Who’s that?” I asked.

Jane. A colleague of mine gave me your number. She said you do tuition.” she answered.

“Oh, you mean Jaslyn.” I said.

“Yah. So you do tuition?” She asked me again.

I kept quiet for a while thinking about whether to say yes or no. In the end, I said yes.

“Fantastic! When can you start?” She asked.

“Well, before I do that, I need to see your kid and also what level he / she is at.” I answered here.

“Oh, my daughter is in P2 and she had difficulty with English and Maths.” She said.

“Oh ok.” I said.

“Great, maybe you can come over my house tomorrow say 8.30 pm. I sms you the address.” She said.

“But… Oh, alrite.” I said.

We ended the conversation and soon received an SMS from her stating her address. I was impressed as she was staying at Hillview.

The next day, I stayed at home and at about 7 pm, I left my house. My mum asked me where I was going. I told her that I was going to watch a movie.

I took a cab to her address and the taxi stopped outside a grand 3 storey mansion. In the courtyard was a white Mercedes parked. I paid the taxi driver and pressed the bell at the gate. Out came a Pinay maid, and opened the gate. She asked me to come in and wait for her ma’am to come down.

I stepped into the mansion and sat the sofa and marveled at the décor of the house as well as the space.

“Excuse me, you must be Joe.” A soft sweet voice asked.

I turned around and stood up immediately when I heard that voice.

“Yes! You must be ehhh… Mrs…” I said.

“No need the Mrs. Just call me Jane.” she answered.

I was greeted by a tall and beautiful MILF. She was dressed in shorts and a body hugging t-shirt. Her hair was tied into a bun. I was appraising her from top to bottom and I have to say she is one fuckable MILF. “Nice C cup boobs.” I said to myself as I reckoned that she was in her late 30s, early 40s at least.

“Thanks for coming down Joe. Really appreciate it.” She said as she offered me a drink.

“No problem, Ma’am.” I answered.

She smiled and then insisted that I called her Jane. I finally agreed. We chatted about her daughter and her expectations. Jane, I have to tell you, this is my first time doing tuition and I have to be frank, I might not be able to change your daughter’s grade.” I said with a straight face.

“It’s ok Joe. I hope that you can teach her or the least you can do for her is to enjoy the learning and complete her homework.” She said.

“Ok, I will try my best Jane.” I assured her.

“So how much do you charge?” She asked me.

“Well, actually I don’t know, since it’s my first time.” I said casually.

She smiled and offered “How about $80 dollars per hour and $20 for your transport?”

I was surprised with the offer to pay me. I asked why she offered me so much for 2 hours of tuition. She said that most tutors dropped or stopped tuitioning her daughter after working for a few sessions. She hoped the money she offered could help motivate the daughter. I wonder how jialat her daughter was. She was only in P2.

I agreed to her offer and told her I will start next week, It was at that time, her daughter came into the hall.

“Mummy, I need help with my Maths homework.” She asked.

“Joe, here my daughter Celia.” She said as she introduced her daughter to me.

Said hi and Jane informed her daughter that I would be her new tutor. Her daughter then said something very shocking. She asked Jane if I would stop teaching her again. Jane said I would not. Jane then excused herself as she needed to attend to her daughter and I left her house. I looked back and looked at Jane‘s back. I would say she had a nice butt. As I walked out of her house’s compound, I wondered where was her husband.

As the week passed, I emailed Jane about my tuition schedule to her. I decided to tuition her daughter on every Monday evening, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. She agreed to the schedule. And thus the following week, I started my tuition assignment with her daughter.

Her daughter was quite cute, but I realized that she kind weak in her Maths and English. Her main problem was memory retention. So I incorporated memory games into her lessons.

During my tuition assignment, I noticed that Jane was not around most of the time. I asked the maid and found out that Jane returned home late and on Saturdays she would leave home early for work. I kinda pity her daughter as she was always left alone with the maid.

One month into the tuition lesson, on a Saturday morning, I reached her place early for tuition lesson. I pressed the doorbell at the gate and I was welcomed with a pleasant surprise. Jane came out of the house looking sleepy, but what attracted me was that she was in a black, translucent night gown. I could see that she was braless and was wearing a black G-string. “What a morning view.” I said to myself.

“Morning Joe.” she greeted me sleepily. “My maid went back home to visit her mum. Her mum not feeling well it seems.” she continued.

“Oh, I see.” I answered as she unlocked the padlock of the gate and pulled it open a bit to let me in. “Come in. I think Celia is still sleeping. I go and wake her up.”

“Nah, it is ok. Take her time.” I said as I ogled at her ample tits. Behind that translucent nightgown, were two glorious tits. Confirmed that she was a C cupped. She had areolas the size of a 50 cents coins and eraser nub nipples. Watching her in that nightgown had turned me on and soon my little bro was getting a hard on. I waited for her to close the gate and then walked beside her as we made our way into her house. As we walked, I purposely brushed my right hand against her butt. She just ignored it. “Take a seat first while I go and shower and then get Celia ready.” I waited for about 15 minutes before Celia came down. She greeted me and we proceeded to the study room to begin our tuition. Before I started the lesson, I asked where her mummy was and she replied that she’s in the shower. I said to myself if only I could peep at her showering.

We were half an hour into the lesson, when Jane came in with a tray of sandwiches and 2 cups of Milo. “Sorry to disturb, but here’s breakfast.” she said casually. “Tuck in.” she instructed. I smiled at her and Celia. Jane had let down her hair and was wearing a white spaghetti strap top with black shorts. As she bent down, to put the tray on the table, I managed to look down her top and again was greeted with an uncovered fair boobs. Again she was braless. Saturday was quite a long session. I had a 3 hour lesson. Finally, the session ended. We managed to cover what she needed to cover and completed all her homework.

“Mum, I am done.” said Celia loudly as she walked out of the study room. Jane came over to her, praised her and let her go up to the games room to play with her Play Station 2.

“Well, I am done. Bye.” I said and made my way to the exit.

“Why don’t you stay for brunch? I would like to have a discussion with you.” She asked.

I pondered for a while and agreed to stay for brunch. We proceeded to the kitchen and as she cooked, we discussed on her daughter’s progress. She was actually very pleased with the improvement her daughter had made. I told her I was just doing my job. We chatted about our personal lives. I found out that she was 38 years old. I complimented that she still looked good despite the age. She was coy and smiled when I said that. Then I asked her where her husband was. She was quiet for a while before she said that her husband was posted to Canada to work for 3 years. I said why she and Celia had not followed her husband. She explained that it was quite a hassle to uproot from here, but they would go to Canada every school holidays.

“Dun mind if I asked you a question. Don’t you feel lonely?” I asked her.

She bit her lower lips and then answered, “Well, I do get lonely at times. But what to do, life still goes on.”

“I see. So is that the reason why you bury yourself with work to manage the loneliness.” I commented.

She kept quiet and let go a long sigh and said yes to my earlier statement. Then she let out a comment that that was how she coped with her needs. I was shocked to hear that, but deep inside myself, my brain and my dick said that this was an opportunity I should not miss.

I reached out and placed my right hand on her left hand. She did not move. I continued, “You know you should spend some time with Celia. She’s your only kid and she not stupid. Look, after a month, she improved a lot. Yes memory is an issue with her, but she understood what she was being taught.” I told her. “Sometimes I think kids do these things just to get attention and maybe she doing that.” I continued.

She looked blankly at me and out of the blue, she started sobbing and then cried. I got out my seat and sat beside her. I grasped her left hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. At the same time, I tried to comfort her. My left hand went around her and placed it on her right shoulder. I gave it a squeeze. Just as I squeezed her shoulder, she turned and buried her face into my chest and cried. I was surprised by her actions. All I did was smoothed her hair and then pulled her closer to me and hugged her tightly and said some ‘Sweet nothing’ words to comfort her. I can’t remember what happened next. All I knew was that left hand started to caress her back. I used my index finger to gently and slowly stroke her spine. She stopped crying and leaned away from me and stared at me. I looked at her and she was giving me a longing look. I was hesitant if I should make my next move. After some deliberation, I leaned forward and tried to kiss her. At first, she was a bit hesitant, but the moment my lips brushed her, she quickly returned my kiss. I had to say her kiss was a longing kiss. Her kiss was a kiss of desire. We kissed and soon we tongued each other. My hands quickly moved to her boobs and I squeezed it gently. She moaned. Just as my hands moved under her spaghetti strap top, we were interrupted by her daughter.

“Mummy, I am hungry” whined Celia. We quickly separated and she stood up and went to her daughter and attended to her.

“Oh honey, I have prepared your favorite garlic fried rice. Mummy and Uncle Joe had just finished eating it.” said Jane to her daughter.

“Yeah. Mummy you’re the best!” exclaimed Celia.

Celia then went to the dining table and Jane scooped some rice from the wok and presented it to her daughter. I poured some of the Ribena drink that Jane had prepared for our brunch and moved out of the kitchen.

Jane, I better make a move.” I said to Jane.

“Now? Maybe you can stay for a while.” enquired Jane.

“Nah, you better spend some quality time with Celia.” I told her.

“Bye Celia, bye Jane…” I said to both mother and daughter.

“Wait. I haven’t passed you your payment.” Jane said. She left the kitchen to go up the staircase and then reappeared and passed me $100.

I took the money and made my way out of her house. Somehow I felt that Jane was in need of some TLC from a man. And I was a man that had been deprived for some time since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend 6 months ago.

It was around 11 pm when I received a SMS from Jane.

SMS from Jane: “Hi. What are you doing now?”

My reply: “Nothing, just lazing around while getting myself sleepy. You?”

Reply from Jane: “I just put Celia into bed and I am getting ready to sleep. Anyways, thanks.”

My reply: “Thanks? For what?”

Jane‘s reply: “For encouraging me and being a shoulder to cry.”

My reply: “Ohh. It is nothing. You were sad and I happened to be there to let you grief and rant. Anyone would have done the same.”

Jane‘s reply: “… Btw, I also want to say sorry.”

My reply: “Sorry for what? Just now thanks, now sorry?”

Jane‘s reply: “About the kiss. I should not do that. Who knows, I might get you into trouble with your girlfriend over the kiss.”

My reply: “Aiyah that one no need to say sorry. Anyway, I no girlfriend. So you can kiss me anytime… Lol.”

Jane‘s reply: “You really no girlfriend? So you enjoyed the kiss?”

My reply: “Really no girlfriend, broke up 6 months ago. Yah, I enjoyed the kiss.”

Jane reply: “… Ok cya on Monday. Nitez.”

My reply: “Nitez.”

After that, I put my phone aside and wondered what were the smses all about. Suddenly, I kinda recalled the kiss and I would say I enjoyed it. I was able to squeeze her soft tits. Damnz almost managed to get under her dress and played with her nips. If only her daughter did not interrupt us. I started to imagine what can transpire if daughter never came in and interrupted us. Thinking and imagining all that naughty thoughts got me a bit horny and my dick got a hard-on. I quickly turned on my laptop, rummaged for my JAV VCD’s stash and started to watch porn. For some reason, the JAV was about fucking a MILF. Buay tahan, I jerked myself off and then closed the lid of my laptop and fell asleep.

The following week, when Monday came, I decided that I needed to plan a holiday program for Celia. However, I would need to discuss with Jane whether she would be bringing Celia out for a holiday. I kept a mental note to ask her later when I tutored her daughter.

When I arrived, Jane was there to welcome me. I would say today she was dressed in a tube top and shorts. Asked how come she was at home at this time, as usually she was not at home.

She explained that until her maid came back, she would be taking no pay leave for 2 weeks. I told her that’s tough which she agreed. She then lamented that working mums were at a disadvantage due to the weak manpower law. She then left me in the study room where Celia was waiting for me. She was reading a book. The lesson for today was a bit active and outdoors. I retouched a bit on number bonds where I threw 2 colored counters to formed number bonds. Threw a number of counters, gave Celia the number off she went picking up the counter to form numbers. Once that’s over, we did some work and then a simple test on her understanding of the lesson before doing homework. Finally, she finished all her homework. She then said she was going to watch TV. I said ok and off she went. She disappeared quite fast. It was only then that I realized that she was watching TV in a mini cinema. Apparently, her parents had made a mini cinema in the house and that’s explained the lack of TV in the hall.

Then I remembered that I need to discuss with Jane about the holiday programs and whether she had any plans for Celia. For me, if Jane wanted to bring her daughter out for a holiday travel, it was fine with me. I went up to the second floor of her house to look for her. I would have to say she had quite a number of rooms. Finally, I found a room with the door ajar and not shut. As I approached the door, I could hear muffled sounds of moaning. It sounded like a woman moaning. I gently pushed the door and took a peek. What a sight to behold. There, seated on the floor with legs apart was Jane. Her tube top was pulled down to her waist and her undies were down on her left legs. There she was, playing with herself. It was a sight to behold. Her C-cup breasts were beautiful. They were shaped like a giant peach. Her nips were pinkish and was like pencil eraser nubs. She also had shaved her pussy and it was beautiful. She was really enjoying herself. At the moment that I peeked, she was busy fingering herself and squeezing her boobs. “God, this is amazing.” I said to myself. Soon I found myself aroused by what I was watching and had a hard-on. I couldn’t take it anymore. Immediately, I unzipped my pants and started to jerk myself.

But something happened. Just as I was about to cum, as I tiptoed, I lost my balance and fell forward to the door. I crashed into her room. Jane was surprised and quickly she stopped and screamed. I was panicky. Then she stopped screaming and asked what I was doing. I apologized profusely, but when she saw that my dick was out of my zipper, she demanded to know what was I doing. I had no choice but to tell her that I was peeping at her masturbating and in the excitement, I had to jerk off. She was very upset, but somehow she looked… I can’t explain what her facial expression. It was like a mixed of angry yet happy.

“Is this the first time, you see a woman naked or exposed?” She suddenly asked as she pulled up her tube top to cover her boobs

“Nope. I have seen my ex-girlfriend’s before.” I answered as I zipped up my pants.

“Ex? Meaning you are single? For how long?” She asked as she finished dressing up.

“For six months.” I said and then I told her I better go.

She stopped me and proceed to close the door of her room. “So I believe you and your ex had sex?” She then questioned.

I nodded, but was afraid of what was going to happen. Was she going to call the police or was she going to slap me for intruding her privacy?

“Six months is long for a man and I believe you need to relieve yourself the need.” She continued. She stood in front of me. She was slightly taller than me. As she stood in front of me, she suddenly cupped her left hands on my crouch. With both hands, she unzipped it and then unhooked my pants and let it drop on the floor. Then she knelt down and what she did next was something I did not expect.

She pulled down my brief and then grabbed hold on my dick. And soon she was masturbating for me. She stroked it gently and slowly and when my dick was hard and erected, she increased the speed and soon I was enjoying what she was doing. It seemed that she was happy with it. Then I felt that I was going to cum and I tiptoed a bit and leaned forward. I put my hands on her shoulders to maintain my balance. She looked up and smiled and she mouthed, “It’s cumming?” I nodded quickly. Taking that as a cue, she increased the speed, put her face right in front of my dickhead. Less than 1 minute, I exploded. My cum shot out and landed on her face. Some landed on her hair. After all my cum had been released, I collapsed on the floor. Meanwhile, Jane stood up, wiped my cum off her face with the back of her hands and smiled. She commented that I had plenty of cum. I nodded. She went to her room’s attached bathroom and I could hear that she was washing herself. I took some tissue from her dresser to clean my dick and wore back my briefs and pants. She came out of the bathroom and then went to her wallet and gave me my tuition payment. She just smiled and I went out of the room and went home. I kinda like her hand job, but deep inside I had the feeling that it was the last time I am working for her.

As I sat in the bus that was bringing back to my home, I received her SMS. Deep in my heart, I thought it was a “Your services has been terminated.” message from her. But I was surprised with the message.

Jane SMS: “Hei, where are you now?”

My reply: “I am on the bus, on the way home.”

Jane SMS: “So fast. Why did you wait for me to come down from my room? I prepared some food for you.”

My reply: “Ohh. I am sorry. I thought you might be angry with me for being a peeping tom looking at you pleasing yourself.”

Jane SMS: “Lol. If I am angry, do you think, I would give you a jerk-off? Anyways, I was more surprised than angry.”

My reply: “Really? You not angry with me.”

Jane SMS: “Yup. I am not angry with you.”

My reply: “So I am not terminated from my tuition services?”

Jane SMS: “You silly boy. Why should I terminate your services? My daughter enjoyed her lessons with you and you are the only one so far that had her grades improved.”

My reply: “Coz I thought you were angry with me.”

Jane SMS: “Silly boy. Anyway, did you like what you see?”

My reply: “Hmmmm. Yup.”

Jane reply: “You are a naughty boy.”

And that was her last sms for the night. I was quite glad that I was terminated yet I wondered if the hand job can be upgraded to other things.

The week flew past without anything significant event. I came to her house, tutored her daughter. Jane behaved as normal as can be as if the hand job never happened. Though, there were times where she would purposely bend down to let me see her boobs. There were times where she wore a bra and there were times she never wore. She was teasing me. On Saturday morning, I came over and she welcomed me into her house in a robe.

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