Yvonne Ho the Banker

My colleague Yvonne is a specialist supporting me. Usually I would bring her along for my sales appointments.

She looked gorgeous, flamboyant and sexy type. She was about 1.63m tall and very, very fair skin. Long wavy hair in light brown color. Her figure was very monstrous and she will definitely make your head turn when she walked past you.

She loved to wear black and red bra and usually it turned me on every time I asked her something and she will bend down and assist me. I would always make her repeat as I was very distracted by her melons! Trust me, it was one of the best pair I had seen for a local. 😛

I joined the bank earlier than her and she was my junior so my branch manager asked me to guide her on the systems and be friendly to her. I told myself: “Friendly? Of course!” I was in fact very sexcited about her sitting beside me. Our desks were not located in the branch and our seats were very close to each other. That made it really easy for me to ‘see’ and know her better!

She got nice white bunny teeth and I always liked girls with bunny teeth as I think they were cute and the BJ can have more feel.

The first two weeks of orientation was very senior and junior kind. No dirty talks purely about work. By the third week, I got to know her much better. She had a boyfriend of three years and was not very close to her. Meeting up once during the weekend at most. This made the hunter had a better chance.

I started to tease her daily. Telling her how good her figure was and she was the prettiest in the branch. Her sales was not very good and I kept on encouraging her and told her one day she will be the top. Our relationship grew better and better day by day… My lust grew and my mouth drool every time she bent down to pick up her pens or paper. I can see her beautiful, smooth, deliciously big tits hanging there and the fact that I can only see 30% of it made me fantasize and want to explore her more.

As I mentioned, Yvonne and I had a very formal relationship until one day. I broke up with my girlfriend of three years and I was in a very foul and bad mood. Didn’t want to talk to anyone. Yvonne saw me unlike my usual self, she approached me and ask, “Hey, anything happened? Are you ok?” I looked at her and told her what happened.

My girlfriend betrayed me and left with another guy. She told me, “Forget it lar. Just a girl. Don’t worry and I want you to forget her in ten days.” I was shocked by her approach and though I was very sad at that point of time, I had to remain cool and calm and I told her, “Of course. I will be better and recover in no time.” She said let’s go for a drink and tell her more. I agreed.

After work, around 8 pm, we headed to a pub near ORQ for drinks. We ordered two beers and I wanted to make her high, so I asked, “Want to play games? Loser drink.” She agreed and said, “Why leh? You want me to be drunk izzit? What do you wanna do to me?” This kind of sentence really triggered off my little brother and made me forgotten that I had just broken up with my girlfriend this afternoon. I told her, “If you don’t dare then we will just have a boring beer session and talk about work loh.”

She was game and our game began.

Me: “How many boyfriends do you have before?”

Yvonne: “Hmmm… Don’t want to tell you.”

Me: “Then you drink one mug of beer right now!” (Angry look.)

Yvonne: “Ok lar. Joking only. I got four boyfriends in total plus the current one. Four ex and one current.”

Me: “You sure?”

Yvonne: “Of course lar. You doubt me?”

Me: “Yes, I doubt your calculation.”

Yvonne: “??????”

Me: “It should be four ex and two current. One part time and one full time.”

Yvonne: “This kind of thing got full time or part time meh. What is the difference?”

Me: “Got lar. It is very common. You don’t act leh. Full time that means me and you lar. Part time that means you and your weekend boyfriend. I five days he two days. Haha.”

Yvonne: “Why did you say that? Later my boyfriend hears this and break up with me how?”

Me: “Then you can concentrate loh. Only one boyfriend which is me!”

She pinched me hard and she was giggling and she was sitting really close to me. I was already very hard and I had to cross my legs to prevent her from seeing my big brother. I then asked her about her relationship with her boyfriend. She told me they were together for three years and previously they were from the same office and she snatched him from another colleague.

Me: “Wah, why you do that? You like him a lot?”

Yvonne: “Nope. Just the thrill of it.”

Me: “You like to steal people’s boyfriend?”

Yvonne: “All women like that. Especially if you do not like that woman and after you stole her boyfriend you will feel like a winner!”

Me: “That is cruel, but I like it!” (Thinking to myself you are dead tonight and you are mine!)

She was wearing a white top sleeveless with black bra and short skirt. At that point, after drinking a couple of beers I became more daring and sat very close to her. Our asses were together and I whispered into her ear.

Yvonne, when was the last time you had sex?”

Yvonne: “You guess?” (With a wicked grin.)

Me: “Last weekend loh, you meet your boyfriend during weekend what.”

Yvonne: “Wrong.” (Disappointed look.)

Me: “Easy, last two weeks loh.”

Yvonne: “Nope, don’t say already.”

Me: “You look pretty, sexy and tasty. If I am your boyfriend, I will screw you hard every night.” (I swear I used the word screw.)

Yvonne: “Woah, you crazy ar. We are colleague and we just know each other and you bully me.”

Me: “When did I bully you? I am just being real and truthful. You are really hot and I lust for you. Honestly, when I had been eyeing on you for some time and who don’t?”

Yvonne: “Really? I also know. You think I stupid or what? But I do like the attention. :P”

Me: “So when was the last night you had sex? Or even the last time you got a great orgasm?”

Yvonne: “Although my boyfriend and I meet every weekend, as he is doing business we do not have sex. The last time I think it was because a month ago. Anyway, he is not very good in bed lar. My ex was excellent. He can last very long and his penis is thick.”

Me: “I think you need to see and experience real power. I think you need to be loved. I think you need to be owned. I think you need to be whacked very, very hard and moan and scream as loud as you can. We are very stressful working in banks with huge numbers to meet. Sex is a good and enjoyable way of relieving stress.”

Yvonne: “Stop saying that already… Please…”

Me: “Why? Are you wet already?”

At this moment I leaned over, stroked her hair to her back, looked at her in her eyes and frenched her. It was passionate and enjoyable as she was someone I had always longed for. Everyone in the branch wanted to fuck her so much and I can feel that I was going to up her very soon. My little brother was already fully blown up and my tight pants was going to burst. We frenched and I was touching her beautiful long locks at first and rubbed her shoulders. I can feel her soft and delicate skin. She got a very fair complexion and deliciously smooth skin. I think she used SKII to bathe.

My fingers were fondling up and down and I touched her back… Wanting to unclip her bra, just to come back and realized that we were sitting in public now. Even though the setting was dark, but I was afraid our hot making out session might be posted on Stomp or something.

Me: Yvonne, you are really beautiful and I think no one can resist you in this world…” (She was really happy to hear that.) “Except me.”

Yvonne: “???? Except you? Why? I thought you said I am sexy and hot.”

Me: “You only say say. How would I know if I never see or experience it…? Prove it.”

Yvonne: “Seriously, I don’t like people who dare me and challenge me.”

Me: “What can you do then? Boooo.”

Yvonne: “I will show you what you had been missing out and how good I am compared to all the girls you fucked before.”

We both got very high and horny and decided to find somewhere to relieve our stressful penis and vagina. In my mind, I was thinking swee liao, I was going to make her mine and on another part of my mind, I was angry about losing my girlfriend to someone else. Yvonne was going to be screwed really badly by a horny and angry man…

Yvonne: “Where are we heading?”

Me: “Your place? I am sharing an apartment with Benny now.” Benny was our colleague.

Yvonne: “So gay!”

Me: “Gay or not you will realize it after my sexsion! You better mind what you are saying.”

Yvonne: “My place then, but you must promise me you must be quiet or else I will cut your penis and feed my dog.”

Me: “I won’t make any noise lar. I will contain myself and be quiet but I am not sure about you. Later, when we are in high speed gear you don’t lose yourself. Hahah.”

Yvonne: “We shall see who will die tonight then!”

We were on our way back to Yvonne‘s house. It was quite a long journey there and as we had quite a lot of alcohol and beer I was trying to make sure both of us could get to her house as soon as possible before her horniness wore out! On the other hand, I was praying that we don’t get into any road blocks on the road. Help!

Finally, we reached. Drove past the guard room and parked my vehicle in the fastest possible way. Yesssssssssssssss, finally I was in her house. We tip toed ourselves into her bedroom and she hid my shoes. Silently, yet quickly we went into her room. She was leading the way and after she was in the room, I quickly locked the door and said, “Wo lai le.”

Yvonne switched off the lights in the room and turned on a bed lamp.

Me: “Can you please switch on the air con?”

Yvonne: “So hot meh?”

Me: “Yes, you are very hot indeed.”

Yvonne: “Stop teasing me.”

Air con was on and the whole setting was quite romantic and exciting. Her bed sheet was dark red in color and it was a nice queen size bed. I took off my watch, cuff links and ring and my shirt. Walked towards Yvonne and looked at her straight in the eyes. Beautiful brown eyes. Her eye lashes were long and it looked much better than those fake lashes. I planted a soft kiss on her forehead and put her to the bed. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was standing up (My penis and my body both standing very still.). She looked at me with an evil grin and began kissing my chest and nipples. I was standing and looking down at her flexible and thick tongue. Very good, fast paced wriggling skills. She tucked her long hair behind and softly took off my belt. That little witch then just used the belt to smack my ass.

Me: “Ouch!!!”

Yvonne: “Shhhhh too loud already.”

Me: “Sorry, but really pain what.”

Yvonne: “You scared of pain?”

Me: “No, I don’t, actually I love pain. I enjoy pain.”

Yvonne: “Really?????” (Can see her really happy look.) “Me too! My boyfriend hates it and only gentle, gentle always. I feel that is not manly.”

Me: “Dear Yvonne, congrats to you. Prepare to be impressed tonight.”

Yvonne: “You are naughty.”

The belt was off, unhooked my pants and I was left with my boxes and standing dick. My heart was beating damn fast and I could not wait to see her beautiful tits and nipples later. Really hoped to see some pink nipples later as mentioned earlier, she was very very fair. She saw my boxers got a little wet stain and said, “You wet ah.”

Me: “Of because lar…”

Yvonne: “So am I…”

She took off my boxers and my naked and thick penis was right in front and pointing at her.

Yvonne: “You don’t shoot so fast hor… You must endure ah…”

Me: “You bet!”

Her cold right hand was holding my penis and her mouth was coming… Help help… Touching my dick in three seconds. I had been waiting for this moment. Two seconds… Arrhhhhh buay tahan…

My dick was three quarters into her mouth. In and out, in and out. She was sucking sexily, I can hear the wetness and the suction sound. Very nice… Wah lau… You know it was that kind of feeling that you wanted her to stop or suck slowly because you were scared you shoot, but you just loved the feeling and didn’t want to stop. Dear brothers, don’t worry, I am your man. Not shooting just yet…

The sucking continued for the next two minutes. All of a sudden I pushed her onto the bed. She landed on the bed and was shocked.

I pushed Yvonne onto the bed. Whole body on top of her. Gave her a smooch on her forehead and started slowly kissing her from forehead to eyes to nose to lips, french a bit and I proceeded to neck. Wanted to give her a love bite to mark my victory, but she stopped me.

Yvonne: “Dear, no love bites k. I don’t like.”

Me: “Understand…”

I continued to kiss her neck and lick her ears. Licking her shoulders and turned her around and unzipped her dress at her back. The zip was a long way from her neck to her butt. It was a whole piece dress. I swiftly and steadily removed her dress. I was delighted and blessed to see her in her matching bra and panties. I was very particular about matching bra and panties as it turned me on. Her bra and panties were lavender color and she told me branded. VS Victoria Secrets one. (Not that I cared… I was going to rip them off anyway.)

Me: “Woah… So nice. Let me order some more for you and you must wear and show me.”

Yvonne: “You promised one ar.”

Me: “Yes. Of course.”

Those beautiful cleavage was damn power and sexy. I had never seen such beautiful, smooth and fair tits. Woooo. I was in for a good time. Her breasts were 36C (Guaranteed.), and without hesitation I needed to see her nipples soon. They were pointing at me and screaming suck me suck me! I quickly unhooked her bra and the tension in her breasts was so much that it sprung open.

Me: “Dear your bra too small is it?”

Yvonne: “Yes, I think so…”

Me: “Very tasty melons.”

Yvonne: “Notti boy, you think what? Big breasts very sian one leh. I hate it when I go gym and do exercise. But I love the attention… I think I took all the nutrients from my sister. Hers is very small.”

Me: (Thinking to myself. If can, I will fuck her too.)

Once the bra sprung wide open, underneath two very, very fair, juicy and big breasts were revealed. Woahhhhh see her nipples liao, light brown and the size and shape was just perfect. Fucking hell I was in luck… I sucked her nipple in full force and bit a bit and continued sucking. (Very lucky indeed, for big breasts women if the nipples too dark brown it was very scary to me and if size too big it was very scary too.) Suck and suck and suck and suck. I continued down and low and low. Spent some time sucking her belly button and then…

I was licking her belly button and I went down and low into her wild bushes. Her pubic hair was like those Cecelia Chung type. A whole damn lot of hair. I had to search a little for her wet vagina. It was those dark pink kind of vagina which was still eager to be poked. I used my tongue to lick and tease her vagina. By this time, it was very, very wet with the salty taste. It did not smell great, but the excitement and the sexy moment just made you immune to anything. I continued to stick my tongue in and out giving her a good tongue fucking. She screamed and bloody hell pushed my head and wanted it deeper and deeper. My nose and face was almost covered by all her cum juice at that moment.

I turned to my fingers, digging her and giving her a fast paced fingering. She was damn delighted and enjoying the moment. I wanted to pull out my iphone to video this moment, but she was too engrossed and I could not stop as my phone was on her desk.

Yvonne: “Come in please… Come in please… I need you. Show me your powers… Bad boy!”

I immediately opened her legs wide and slowly inserted my already screaming ‘I am going to explode’ dick into her vagina. A bit of tension and push needed as she was not a frequent fucked vagina. I inserted my penis and gave her some good jacks. Pumping her in and out as fast as I could. As deep as I could. The passion and the eagerness to impress the moment of fucking Yvonne the common target for everyone in the branch made me feel great and something which I had never experienced before.

It was tough and I had to control and limit myself. I pumped fast and stopped before I needed to cum. Need to withdraw my dick when it reached 85% and in and pump again… I wanted to last. I needed to last… That was what I was thinking all the time. My penis was thick and she scolded me saying pain pain. Slowly please… I ignored her protests and continued fucking her… The pain and the enjoyment face of her made me super super ‘song’ and I just could not stop.

Her bed sheet was damn wet again all with our sweat and her cum juice. I squeezed her big tits big time and sucked her nipples as I fucked her hard. For her size, not easy to fuck and whack her big time. I used a lot of my cowboy strength and fucked her as if I will be dead if I cummed too early.

Yvonne: “Please don’t cum in me, dear…”

Me: “Of course. I know lar… On your breasts ok?”

Yvonne: “Please… Give me, give me…”

After fifteen minutes of hot and powerful sex, I cummed all everything on her breasts and neck. Shot some on her bed sheet as well. I was dead tired by then. Lying on the bed and she offered me a massage.

Yvonne: “Hmmm, you want to know how you fare?”

Me: “100 points lar.”

Yvonne: “Nope.”

Me: “99 lor easy!”

Yvonne: “Nope. It is 200 pts! I love it dear… If only my boyfriend can be like you.”

Me: “You are my dear and I can be your dear too. Just find some time and we can do this anytime we need. In the branch also can, in the office if you want.”

Yvonne: “Bad boy, but I like it.”


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