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I never understood why people would attend Yoga or Pilate classes. Anyway, I can never tell the difference between these two. My ex-girlfriend swore by it and always tried to bring me along. I was more active then, doing a lot of sports, basketball, beach volley, swimming, running after work, so naturally, felt that I was in no need to attend any of them to keep fit and healthy as what my ex-girlfriend told me.

Finally relented one fine day and followed her for a trial session. I can’t quite remember, but the teacher to student ratio was about 1:10. While in the class, I scanned around and realized I was the second guy attending this lesson. Feeling pretty uneasy, but well, I told myself it was going to be one session and that’s it.

Her name was Snow, about 1.65m, her black silky flowing hair contrasted her creamy white complexion. An oval face and a pair of amber eyes liked those of a cat. Nice nose and a pair of full lips that looked so kissable. She was wearing a pair of brown tight fitting Yoga pants showing her nice curvy butt. White sports bra with crisscross straps that showed off her washboard abs and a pair of nice boobs. Pretty with a fabulous body.

Luckily, my ex was sitting in front of me, I had all the time to scan and look at Snow. Watching how she managed to do every single contorted move with ease. I on the other hand, was struggling. How wrong I was to think that it was easy.

Snow: “Maybe you can try to do this first before you do a full stretch.”

(She was pressing my back and held my hand to help me achieve a certain pose.)

Looking sideways, her face closed to mine, looking to where my hand was going. I can smell her, whatever shower lotion she was using, it was nice. She turned and saw me staring at her. I smiled and she returned before she walked off to check on others.

End of class, my ex introduced me to her. We had some casual chat before I proceeded to sign up for the class. Not for keeping fit, but for finding a chance to see her again. Before we left, I took the opportunity to talk to Snow while my ex-girlfriend went to change.

I: Snow, do you take private lessons like one to one? I’m really keen to speed up the process.”

Snow: “Yes, I do. You can check up at the counter for the pricing ya.”

I: “Oh, you mean they will assign one instructor for me.”

Snow: “They will assign one that fits your timing.” (With a smile.)

I would kill for that smile.

I: “So… What’s your timing then?”

Snow: “My schedule is pretty empty during weekdays 2 – 6 pm.”

I: “If that is the case, can you assign yourself to me?”

Snow: “Hey, that doesn’t sound right… Ha ha ha…”

We both laughed.

Snow: “Let me know your timing and I will arrange for you. You are doing for your girlfriend right?”

My ex came out and we were about to part before…

I: “Actually, no, I have reasons why I need a private lesson with you.”

Maybe she was acting blur or maybe she knew it, she gave a smile.

My ex and I patched back after she initialed the breakup. She cited reasons that I was too good for her and she needed to see the world… Blab blab… Then she came back and asked for patch up. Well, guess the softer side of me gave in and gave it another try. Somehow, I felt different after we patched back. I can’t describe, but the feeling was different. I knew sooner or later we would have to say goodbye to each other.

The class started with me and Snow. It was a whole new experience. There were mirrors all around, and I can always look at her from different angles. Not that I purposely tried to struggle, but my body was really stiff and required additional help to achieve the demanding postures for various stretches. So we got a lot of physical contact. My heart skipped faster and my ears were getting hotter.

I love nice firm butts and she had one. Curvy, firm and nice. With the tight butt hugging Yoga pants, she might be wearing G-string or maybe not. Her pearly white hand smooth as silk when you touched. Occasionally, I would accidentally brush her boobs during a change of postures. Not sure if she was blushing but she looked better with blood flow to her cheeks.

She was from Malaysia and learnt her Yoga from India. Snow, Shiang Li Wei, 28, she can pass off as early 20s if she had not told me her age.

I: “So, you are attached?”

Snow: “I’m not going to tell you.” (Smile.)

I: “Usually, when girls are secretive about their relationship, they are usually single.”

Snow: “Am I talking to a Casanova? Don’t act like you know. He he… I am attached.”

I: “Is still okay, you are not married.”

Snow: “You are pretty direct ya, you have a girlfriend, my impression of you dropped!”

I: “Don’t pass a judgement before you know the full story.”

Snow: “Tell me.”

I: “Is going to be a long story, can I ask you out and I can share this story of mine.”

Snow: “…”

Snow: “Nope.” (With that, her pressure increased and I swore I nearly broke my back.)

I: “Ouch…!”

Without looking at me, Snow carried on showing me the next sequence. Seriously, she looked so calm and elegant while demonstrating the posture. I probably didn’t hear anything she was saying. I was literally staring at her. Ogling her butt, her breasts and her every inch.

There were a few schools of Yoga, discipline and categories of posture. Seriously, I didn’t really know and I didn’t really care. I was there with a motive. And she was the one.

Without fail, I tried asking her out after lessons, but to no avail. Well, I loved the challenge and I was still attending the private lesson during the day and the big class together with my ex in the evening. Then, naturally my ex and I had to agree that our relationship had to end and we split. With the split, I stopped attending the evening sessions with her.

This day, as usual, I turned up for the private lesson. We were more comfortable with each other and pretty much into the routine flow of sequence.

Snow: “I didn’t see you in the evening lessons anymore.”

I: “Ah ha! You care about me.”

Snow: “Please la, there are only two guys in the class, seriously, I find it hard not to notice!”

I: “Oh… Thought I’m so lucky to catch your attention. How about a drink later, I tell you why.”

Snow: “You never give up, don’t you?”

I: “You never give in, don’t you?”

Snow: “Yes, I do, but not to you! Okay, okay… I’m going to show you the Eagle pose.”

With that, she bent her knees slightly, lifted her left foot up, and balanced on her right. Crossed her left thigh over her right, pointed her left toes toward the floor and hooked her left foot behind her right lower calf. She did the same thing with her hands except her hands were pointing up.

Snow: “I need you to start with Tadasana pose, move to Eagle, and stay for fifteen seconds, then unwind and repeat the same with the reversed arms and legs.”

I: “That’s easy…”

With that, I started to follow suit. It looked pretty easy and I pretty much got it except…

Snow: “Bend your knees, no no no… Straighten your back, hey… Look in front… Your legs… Balance, balance… Straighten…”

Yup, you know, I could never really get two things right at one go. Straightened one, then the other started to straighten. Bent one, then the other started to bend. Snow was patient and she had to keep adjusting my posture. What did you know when you were balancing on one leg and thought someone was there lending a hand to support you except that, at that moment, the supporting hands were not there. Like a free falling object, I just fell onto Snow.

She was pinned down by me, my face closed to her. I can see her long eyelashes, her pupils and smelled her lips. My hand felt something, something nicely cupped to my hand. I can feel the tenderness of her spongy breast. I acted blur and looked at her.

Snow: “How long are you going to lie on me before you get up?”

I: “Sorry, I’m lost by your beauty that I didn’t realize.”

It was good to be young, because being young, you didn’t think logically, you acted rashly and you didn’t think of the consequences. Just before I got up, I planted a kiss on her face.

Snow: “Hey you…” (Not sure if she was angry.)

I: “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

Snow: “I think I will get another person to replace my class.” (She turned and back faced me.)

I: Snow, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, but I just felt right to kiss you. You are so beautiful.”

Although she back faced me, I thought I saw her smiling through the mirror. She seemed to be blushing. The lesson carried on as usual. I thought I could finally ask her out tonight, but sadly, another failed attempt.

Back at workplace, I used to work in the sales industry and always out meeting customers, trying to close deals to meet the target. There was one particular client, Lydia. She was one of the more attractive ladies I had met during the course of work. And this day, she called me and asked me out. Well, for me, PR was important and when a client called, it usually meant business. And closing a deal could usually mean I can relax for the whole month.

Lydia: “Are you free today?”

I: “Of course! For you, I’m always free.” (Yes, think of it now, I also vomited, but back then I was shameless.)

Lydia: “Cool, can you come over to my place at 23 XXXX road.”

I: “Oh sure, so do you want me to bring catalogue?”

Lydia: “No need. Is pretty straight forward. We talk when we meet.”

I: “Sure…”

The sun was setting and I reached the designation. The door opened and I was greeted by Lydia. She was around 24, 1.6m, voluptuous, always on thick makeup, so could not really comment on her features but overall still looked pretty. She was wearing this white ankle length gown, the fabric looked soft and it was translucent. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw she was not wearing bra. My throat started to dry…

I: “Wow, you look… Beautiful. Erm… What can I do for you?”

Lydia: “You told me you are pretty good with your hands.” (Sly smile.) “I mean you know how to fix the lighting?”

I: “Yes, so you want me here just to fix your lighting?”

Lydia: “If you are not in a rush, you can always stay behind for a drink.”

How obvious that can be… Wow!

We were introduced to each other during a trade show. After which, she had closed a few deals and introduced some of her friends to me. She had always been so helpful and so, whenever she needed my help, I always tried to get it done for her. We had been out drinking, clubbing and never went beyond a certain line. But tonight, she looked and behaved like she was ready to cross the line.

I: “Sure, you owned this place?”

Lydia: “Nope, my parents are out overseas and will be back tomorrow night. And strangely, the lighting is not working and I thought of you.”

I: “No problem. I will get it done for you in no time. So, where should I begin?”

Lydia: “My room, follow me.”

The room wasn’t that dark as light outside the window lit the room dimly. My mind wasn’t on the lighting as my hands were busy. While standing on the chair, I suddenly felt her hands making her way from my toes to my manhood. I forgot about what I was supposed to do as I made my way down.

My fingers began searching for the Holy Grail. Once it was located, I started to give her clitoris a finger massage. I buried my mouth on hers and gently cupped both her breasts in each hand. I squeezed and she moaned.

Her pussy was wet, I slipped my two fingers in and started pumping.

Lydia: “I like that, baby. Faster… Oooooo.”

Without any warning, I added my third finger and that certainly filled her up.

Lydia: “This is bigger than anything I have gotten in… Ooooooo… Oo.”

Her breathing was noticeably heavier now, and she grunted from time to time as I worked my fingers. I spread her legs and started to slide my shaft into her pussy. She let out a soft moan and I entered. I was not sure because of pain or shock, she buried my cock in her pussy as far as it would go. I started to pound on her. She was still holding my hands, which were still squeezing her breasts. Her tongue darted between my lips and deep into my mouth, I was reaching the stage that I lost control of my body. And within seconds, the room returned to a quiet state.

We lay on the bed for a considerable length of time. I was massaging her beautiful tits leisurely, and she had her hands between our bodies where she found my limp dick. Stroking it, trying hard to revive the life of my manhood. Her hands, I must say carried magical power. After a while, her fondling had revived my manhood. I maneuvered her so that her butt was facing me. This time, my dick entered easily from her back. And while doing so I leaned against her body, reached around and cupped her breasts with my hands and began to massage them as I started to pump. My hands started to squeeze and massage her breasts harder with each thrust. We probably reached orgasm at the same time.

After a while, when we had recovered from our vigorous exercise, she turned and kissed me.

Lydia: “Hey, are you going to fix my light?”

I: “No, leave it, so I can return and fix it another day.”

With that, we laughed and kissed.

The relationship with Lydia was a strange one, she didn’t ask me to be her boyfriend and I didn’t acknowledge her. Basically, there was no commitment. We were like what you guys were saying, fuck buddies. She was like the prey that was not even hunted, just sat there for me to capture, whereas Snow, on the other hand was a difficult prey, evading my surveillance and my traps, this was a big one. Guys probably had this primitive hunting instinct, the bigger the prey, the bigger the excitement level.

That month, I closed a deal, so I was relaxed and not keen to push the target. I was just lazy. Lydia called and asked for a movie with her one of the weekday mornings. Since for weeks, I couldn’t even manage a date or even a drinking session with Snow. And that’s quite demoralizing for me. I promptly agreed and proceeded to Lido (I think.), to meet her.

It was always good to catch a movie in the weekday morning. Not crowded and almost like free seating. After choosing the seats, we walked around the mall since there was time before the show started.

Lydia stopped in the lingerie department choosing her undergarments. This was certainly a department that I had never stepped foot in. That day, different. The mall was quiet, the shop assistants still busy with checking stock and opening the day’s account. So I had the honor to help Lydia with her purchase.

Bras and panties of different sizes, patterns, cuts or shapes, you named it, I had seen it.

I was really clueless what will look nice on a lady, but hey, as long as they looked sexy, and ahem… Interest my dick, then they were the right choice. So, after picking a few pieces, Lydia seemed like going to the fitting room, then she turned to me with a smile…

Lydia: “Hey, wanna go into the fitting room with me?”

I would be a saint not following her. In the small cubical, we had a fast one where we were standing. Occasionally banging on the sides of the walls and letting out small giggles. We were done like in ten minutes before she chose two sets of lingerie and proceeded to the cashier.

With her arm locked with mine, we walked out of the store before I applied the emergency brake. I almost threw her off balance as I saw Snow was browsing through the bras. She saw me. It was too late to take my arm off Lydia. And I started to think how should I explain or even introduce Lydia…

I: “Hi, wow… Small world.” (I can’t possibly say need any help? Although I loved to.) “This is errr Lydia.” (I can’t say she was my girlfriend because I will find it hard to explain later. And I can’t say she was my client because you can never know what Lydia might feel about it.)

I: “And, this is Snow.” (I decided not to say she was my teacher, in case Lydia might eventually pick up Yoga.)

Snow had this weird smile that I found it hard to decipher. We were standing there making some small talks while I was in a mess. Did she see me coming out with Lydia from the fitting room? No time for regret, just hope for the best. We said goodbye and left as the screening time approached.

Lydia: “She is your…?”

I: “What do you mean?”

Lydia: “Please la, your soul seems to leave your body ever since you met her. And you were hesitating introducing me.”

I: “Oh really, ha ha…”

Somehow, the mood changed. And I didn’t even know what I was watching, I was dazing. At least Lydia was smart enough to leave me alone.

The lesson approached and I thought of explaining to Snow that I was helping my client, and she was very open and she needed my opinion… Blab blab… Yes, the reasoning sounded flaw, but that’s what I could think of.

For once, the lesson started with such a serious tone. Snow seemed to distance away and correction of my postures was done verbally. The cheap thrills of her holding my hands, adjusting my postures were gone. This was really bad.

I: “Hey, you know that day, Lydia, she is my client, a very important…”

Snow: “You don’t have to tell me, I’m not interested. And please concentrate, you are considered slow on your progress.”

I: “No, no, I need to, in case you got the wrong idea.”

Snow: “Save it for yourself, I am not interested.”

I: “How about I wait for you after your work ends, we can… Err have a drink?”

Snow: “Thanks, but no thanks, my boyfriend is picking me tonight.”

No matter how hard I tried, she was getting really cold towards me. Well, at least I told myself that I will just wait for her and check out her boyfriend later. Maybe she was pulling my legs, she was angry with me. And you never know, she actually liked me.

This guy, suave looking, tall and very smartly dressed. He can be a model, man! He took over Snow‘s bag and rested his hand over her shoulder and walked off. They were definitely a couple. Such a good looking one. As much as I hated to admit, I didn’t think I had any chance fighting with him over Snow. Oh well, looked like I won’t be carrying on with the lessons for another term as the current one was expiring.

The next two lessons, I was pretty much toned down and stopped teasing and asking her out. Anyway, I attended her class to get close to her, not to really learn Yoga. Might as well, I just stopped and moved on.

The last class, as usual, we proceeded with the routine.

Snow: “Something bothering you lately?”

I: “No, why?”

Snow: “You are pretty different these few sessions.”

I: “Ha ha… No, I’m still me, what’s different about me?”

Snow: “You don’t talk so much… That’s so unlike you.”

I: “Ah! Miss me asking you out? Ha ha…”

Snow: “I shouldn’t have asked…” (She looked angry, but I suspected she might be pretending.)

Snow: “Are you signing up for another term?”

I: “As much as I want to because I can see you, I decided not to.”

There was an unusually long silence and the lesson carried on. The class ended and so was my dream. I packed, changed and walked out of the center. Snow stopped me…

Snow: “Want to have a drink with me?”

I: “Wow, did I hear wrongly, I am getting an invitation from you?”

Snow: “Just to say thank you, although you are not the brightest student I have taught, you are quite funny.”

I: “I take that as a compliment. Ok, I have time, let’s go…”

We settled in a coffee joint. Her hair tied in a ponytail and a jacket was put on covering her bright yellow sports bra. Sitting on the couch with her legs crisscrossed. The Yoga pants really showed off her slim, slender legs. I had to admit, watching her in this outfit during the lessons never failed to get the standing ovation of my dick.

We talked about almost anything and everything. It was when we finished the second round of coffee that we decided that we should part.

Snow: “So, that’s it? We will say goodbye.”

I: “You are not missing me right? Ha ha…”

Snow: “Come on, stop thinking so highly of yourself. I failed as a teacher, as you are just as bad as you just came in.”

I: “Ho, come on! You know clearly I am here not for the Yoga. You are the reason why I signed up.”

Snow: “So why stop? That’s so unlike you?”

I: “Saw you together with your boyfriend. He is charming… Hiaz… How to fight…”

Snow: “Hee hee, I will let him know, and best, coming from a guy.” (Giggled as she said.)

Seeing her in this manner, I felt really sore and jealous.

I: “Okay, okay, I am damn sore and jealous, all the best and take care!”

Snow: “I’m free tonight?”

I almost didn’t hear that… For a moment, I was stunned, what did she mean? What was I supposed to do?

I: “Sorry, what did you say?”

Snow: “You heard nothing, byeeeee…e…” (She turned and walked away.)

I: “Wait… I will wait for you then.”

She gave me a smile and walked off.

Looking at her back view, I began to wonder, that was a yes or a no?

Waiting was torture, it was like waiting for rain in the middle of a hot afternoon. However, this wait was extremely bitter. Just as I thought my luck had turned for the better, I saw Snow‘s boyfriend. I began to dislike her, this was humiliating. No other words can describe how I felt at that moment. I began to make my way out of the center, as fast as possible.

There was a sudden tug that stopped my escape route. I turned and saw Snow. Her boyfriend was walking towards us.

“You can call me Shane.”

I: “Hi, Evan here. Sorry, I got to go… Err need to attend to something.”

Shane: “Aren’t you going out with my sis?”

Snow showed me her tongue.

This kiss had hit me like a ton of bricks and when I regained my composure, I felt like love for the first time. A kiss that had left me paralyzed. This kiss, I tried to figure out, the harder I tried, the less sure I was and where I was. It was a slow and dizzy kiss. My lips against hers, liked the soft, gentle breeze of a mid-summer’s day. Running my fingers through her hair as if water running through the ocean. Rubbing her perky boobs and her back, giving her an erotic massage. Using my feathery soft touches up and down her neck and cheeks with the back of my palm and fingers. Entangling ourselves while I pulled her closer towards me, waiting for the chemistry to take place.

We left the center and I had never felt so happy. We went for a supper before I sent her home. The emotion fluctuation was like a roller coaster, it hit a high after the low. I managed to make the move and she did not object, we ended up kissing at the doorstep to her apartment.

Both of us breathing heavily. Both our hands were busy, my hand turning south searching. Through her pants, passed the bush, the sacred ground reached. My fingers started their operations. The other hand trying to take off her sports bra, this proved a challenge. As we clumsily moved towards her bedroom, she gave me a slight push and locked herself in the room, leaving me standing high and dry outside.

Anticipation was like waves, they can be small, can be big, and can be predictable and unpredictable. The door opened, instead of a naked woman, she was fully clothed. What the fuck…

Snow: “Sorry, I had to get a quick shower as I am sticky and I am… I am…” (She was blushing as she finished her sentence.)

Looking in her eyes, I can detect nervousness and even sensed her horniness. This gave me the signal to carry on what we stopped earlier. She was wearing a long sleeve tee which was unbuttoned one button too low, I should not complain as I had a good view. My eyes moved to her partially exposed bra. I could make out the roundness of her breasts and a good view of her cleavage. My eyes moved to her legs, her almost nonexistence shorts had revealed her long slim legs. I felt the blood begin to stir and my half erected manhood resumed his straighten outright position. She must have noticed my bulge as she blushed again. I clumsily slipped my hand through her tee and my hand touched her breasts. I cupped her breasts with my hand and massaged its roundness. She was wearing a lacy bra underneath. I squeezed and pulled at her nipple. A soft moan left her mouth.

She looked at me in the eyes and told me that she wanted me. My lips met hers and our mouths exploded with passionate kisses. We were moving towards her bed when we stumbled, almost falling on it. The clumsy action made my legs came up and between hers. She started to rub herself against my thigh and again she let out a moan as her pussy rubbed against my thigh.

Snow: “I want you… Ah… Ah… I want you!”

My dick was now rock hard and the bulge was becoming more apparent. She grabbed my dick through my 3/4 pants and started to rub. My breath shortened and I gasped as she rubbed me. She threw back her head and exposed her neck and cleavage. I kissed and licked around her neck, my hands went underneath her tee from the back and undid her bra. Then I moved my hands to her front to massage her now bare breasts. With a slight twist and turn, Snow was lying on the bed, I eagerly took off her shorts which exposed her pussy, and she was not wearing panties! I spread her legs apart and buried my face into her wet pussy and started licking her with my tongue. Snow tensed and started gasping and gripping my arms with her hands. Her fingernails buried into the skin of my arms. Loud moans left her mouth.

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