Xiao Hui and I


I met Xiao Hui when I was working in my company, a small SME that dealt with semi-conductor sales. She was only 20, and had just graduated from Singapore Poly. She was very sweet, with a gentle voice and such a caring disposition. From her first day at work, she would greet all of us with a big smile, and greet us with her crystal clear voice.

Her usual attire was a modest top that never ever revealed anything, and long flare skirts that tapered off near her ankles. A very proper girl, she was very well groomed and well behaved, and in the one year that I had known her, never once had a bad thing to say about anyone in the office. She had bright twinkly eyes, long and straight hair, and her figure could never be clear to us because she didn’t ever wear anything revealing. Nevertheless, she was definitely not fat, and the only question the guys in the office ever had revolved around how full her figure was when she took off those clothes. The reason why everyone would keep mentally undressing her because her face was to die for. As fresh-faced a girl as you would ever come across, she had the ability to make you stop in your steps with one look from her innocent eyes, and that natural smile that came to her so easily.

I was her immediate supervisor, and being five years older than her, always fancied that perhaps if we could spend enough time together, something might happen between us. But she was very careful, and never once allowed any guy to get close to her. It became very frustrating since she was obviously no cock tease, but she was also evidently not interested in an office romance.

A few times I managed to get near enough to her at work to breathe in her sweet aroma, and a couple of times I even managed to get a down blouse peek. Every time she would be wearing a full cup bra that revealed and gave away nothing, much to my disappointment. But she had a really heavenly scent, always making me wondered what sort of perfume or body wash she used.

I knew my manager Jerry had been eyeing her for some time himself, since I often caught him just stealing glances at her. And that was not surprising, since she was by far the sweetest thing this office had ever seen. I had bedded my fair share of sweet young things before, including two virgin sisters who both were amazing, but Xiao Hui was different. Not better, just very different.

At our company’s Dinner and Dance, the theme that was selected was ‘Fairytales’. I dressed up as Robin Hood, and she came as Cinderella. She had fretted over what to wear, since she had never been to a dress-up party before. I told her to simply come in the best red dress she had, and look really glamorous. So she really knocked me off my feet when she showed up in a long flowing red velvet dress that showed off a very generous chest, and which also hugged her superbly well shaped body. I came over to compliment her, and she shyly thanked me, saying this was her sister’s dress, since she had nothing that was red. I had come to know that she would be very uncomfortable and didn’t like any sex talk, so I was careful to compliment her on how she looked instead of how sexy she was.

But she was incredibly hot. It was the first time I saw her cleavage, and given her modest body frame, it was a very generous pair of boobs. Her ass was very well rounded, and with her amazing body posture (She used to take ballet.), she had an immediate effect on me. I felt my dick hardening in my tights, and so I was thankful that the ballroom was not well lit. As we proceeded to our table, I saw my manager gaping at her with his eyes wide open, and a cunning look came over his face. I knew he was formulating his own plans to lay his hands on her, and I told myself this was going to be the night that I claimed her before Jerry does. If he started to get decisive and transferred her to work under him, then my chance would be gone.

Before I could get a chance to formulate my strategy, Jerry had come over to our side, and immediately praised Xiao Hui. “You’ve always looked so conservative, I had absolutely no idea how gorgeous you looked! Xiao Hui, one day I will bring you shopping, and you can transform your wardrobe!”

She looked a bit uncomfortable, and shyly smiled back before saying, “Thanks, Mr. Lim. I am actually very comfortable with my attire. I will consider your kind offer and let you know.” She tried to cheekily add. After all, he was her boss and she didn’t want to offend him. I was glad she had turned down his invitation. She was a good girl, and it was going to take a lot more than just the offer to buy some clothes to win her heart. We had a pretty pleasant dinner after that, during which I learnt she never had a boyfriend before.

“How’s that possible?” I asked her. “I mean, you look amazing. And I don’t just mean today. Guys should have been fighting over the chance to ask you out!”

“Haha. Guess I never really felt the need to get a boyfriend. I mean, I have always had things to do to occupy my time, and I hang out with two very good friends who are also single.” As she smiled at me from where she was sitting in her chair, I couldn’t help but admire her soft glowing skin from the cleavage that stared out at me. I was getting uncomfortable, worried that she would notice me peeking and so lose my chance to snare her. I thus kept asking her questions, from her family to her hobbies. All in all, we managed to spend practically the whole night chatting away, after which I even managed to get her to sit my car home. I thus learnt that she stayed in Tampines, which was a world of a difference away from where I stay in Bishan. I deliberately kept that fact from her until she got off the car and asked, upon which she looked very shocked and grateful that I had travelled so far to send her home. All in all, I thought it was a very good night for me.

That night, I went home and jerked off furiously to all the images that ran through my head, from her well rounded arms to her snowy white globes. I knew this was not love, but simply pure animal lust at a girl who was so ripe for the taking.

On Monday, when back at work, Jerry called me into the office first thing in the morning, and asked me about Xiao Hui. He asked about her work performance, and said that he was planning to give her more responsibilities. “I think she’s been a very good employee, and we need to retain them. I thus want to add more things to her portfolio to develop her.” I nodded in agreement, though we both knew what he had in mind. He was giving her responsibilities that would involve letting her work with him. Poor Xiao Hui had no clue what was going on, and was simply very glad to hear that she was being recognized for her efforts in the company. I was a little anxious, but was confident that Jerry’s personality wouldn’t hold any interest for Xiao Hui.

Two weeks later, we had a company weekend retreat which was held in one of those huge colonial houses, and Jerry asked Xiao Hui to attend. It was a very small team, comprising Xiao Hui and Janet as the only two girls. There were three guys: me, Jerry and Kang, Janet’s husband. Naturally, Janet shared a room with Xiao Hui while Kang and me shared the other room. Jerry took the third room for himself.

We started on a Friday evening, and the agenda looked very full. This was the first time I was seeing Xiao Hui wearing informal clothing’s, and she was in a t-shirt with cut off shorts that very nicely hugged her butt and showed off her trim legs. All the while when I stared at her legs, I couldn’t find a blemish at all on them. Every time I glanced at Jerry, he was looking at Xiao Hui, and I knew he was mentally undressing her. She kept playing with her hair in the schoolgirl manner that drove me crazy, and when she sat down I could make out the full curves of her body in the baby blue t-shirt that she was wearing. When her black bra strap slipped off her shoulder and came into view, it sent a jolt of excitement through me. It was all in all, pretty embarrassing, since I knew I was behaving like a fifteen year old virgin.

Perhaps when one was deprived long enough, even the slightest hint of gratification can be sufficient.

That night when me and Kang were about to sleep, I asked him if he would like to spend tomorrow night with his wife. I offered to sleep on the couch instead. Of course he declined, but I knew he was considering the offer. They had been married less than a year, and the thought of having sex during a company retreat would have its thrill. I was hoping that if Janet came over to my room, that would leave Xiao Hui alone.

The next day, we had a very intensive day of meetings, barely pausing for lunch. We had a lot of agendas to complete, and there was not a lot of time left. We were supposed to check out on Sunday, to leave at least half a day to spend with family. Unfortunately, both me and Jerry were not very productive, since we both couldn’t stop thinking of Xiao Hui.

Finally, we called it a day at 9 pm, hungry and dead tired. Luckily I had talked to Jerry about this, and we drove out to buy food. He came back with lots of beer, saying it was to celebrate, but I instinctively knew he was trying to get Xiao Hui drunk. After all, he had his own room. I decided to not say anything, but tried to use it to my advantage.

As we ate, I kept plying both Kang and Janet with alcohol, while Jerry kept trying to get Xiao Hui to drink. Naturally, I had way more success than him, and soon the couple was pretty much intoxicated. I whispered a few suggestions to Kang, and he soon took Janet into the room he and I shared. I noticed that Xiao Hui was getting red after downing a whole can of beer, but still had enough soberness to firmly reject any more alcohol. I pretended to be going out for some fresh air, but quickly snuck-ed my way into her bedroom. There were two big wardrobes there, and I hid in the one which was empty. Having done a survey of her room previously, I was hoping to catch her changing, and perhaps felt her up a little after she fell asleep. I know it was despicable, but men do crazy things when thinking with their dick instead of their heads.

After barely being in the closet for two minutes, I realized I better checked what Jerry was doing, and so I snuck-ed out of the wardrobe and approached the stairs. I could see from the corner that Jerry had his arms over her shoulders, was trying to kiss her. She was pushing him away, but obviously had not much strength. He was wheedling her and telling her who much he liked her. Their voices carried through pretty clearly in the big empty room, and I could see that she was getting worried with Jerry’s advances. Jerry laid one hand on the back of her head, and then leaned in to kiss her lips. She tried to turn her head, but she couldn’t really fight him off. Jerry thus easily claimed her first kiss, as he mashed his lips against hers. However, he was in an awkward position with her still in the chair, and so she soon managed to push him off. She moved off the chair and I could see she was angry at what he had done. But she was a young and inexperienced girl, not daring to vent her anger on her boss. She thus simply ran off, and I barely managed to make it back into her room and back inside the wardrobe before she came in. She was panting from her exertions, and her steps were unstable from the alcohol.

I pulled out my hand phone, and started to record the whole scene. She closed the door, and then started to pull off her top to reveal her white lace bra. She actually had a really tight body with well-developed breasts, which she kept very well tied down so as not to appear busty. But with her shirt off, her twin globes looked like they were threatening to burst out at any moment. I was glad that I had emptied out my phone memory and recharged my phone before this, as I was very happy to take in the whole scene with my phone. As she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, I felt my heart beating so wildly that I was afraid she was going to hear me. I was also getting very excited, and had to tell myself to calm down and breathe slowly. As she took off her bra and turned around, her magnificent pair of breasts came into full view. Her small pink nipples with their faint areolas looked so incredibly cute, and there was a tinge of pink to her very fair skin, probably due to the alcohol. She quickly removed her shorts, giving me a great view of her standing in nothing except her matching white panties. Her very well formed ass that tapered off to her well-shaped and trim legs were absolutely amazing, and I loved how she had such a flat tummy which only made her boobs looked even bigger.

I marveled to myself what an amazing figure she had underneath those clothes she wore. She had the body of a porn star, as well as the face to match it. She really was unbelievable. After putting on her pajamas, she laid on her bed, with very unsteady feet. I thought to myself that I should give her ten minutes to drift off to sleep, since she was so tired she didn’t even turn off the lights. I passed the time by looking at the footage of her stripping down and changing into her sleep attire. The footage was fairly good, and I congratulated myself on having gotten some prime wanking material.

I suddenly heard the door opened, and thought to myself, “Shit! Janet’s back so early?” I wondered how I was going to get out from the wardrobe now. I quickly turned my phone off, and waited to see if Janet was wide awake now or also still boozed up from the alcohol.

As the door knob slowly turned and the door swung open, I saw with a shock that it was Jerry who came in. Looks like the sneaky bastard also counted on the alcohol taking its effect on poor Xiao Hui, and had the same intentions as me. I was now caught in a dilemma. I couldn’t possibly jump out of the wardrobe now, and gave myself away. Nor could I call anyone to come rescue her. So I could only remain hidden, and watch what he planned to do.

Jerry took one look at the sleeping Xiao Hui, and reached back to lock the bedroom door. Guess he didn’t want to be disturbed. I had a sudden thought, and whipped out my camera again. Maybe I could capture him molesting Xiao Hui. It could prove useful next time. Jerry walked over to her bedside, and chuckled to himself. “Janet’s fast asleep with Kang, and Chris has probably gone gallivanting. Guess you’re all mine tonight, sweetie,” he whispered delightedly. So this bastard had already checked that the coast was clear! It was too late for regrets, but I now clearly see that I had chosen my actions poorly. Surely I should have expected that Jerry would come looking for her. After all, if I could think of it, so could he!

He sat down beside her, and gently laid his hands on her calves. Tapping her lightly, he tried to softly call out to her, Xiao Hui, Xiao Hui!” In her intoxicated condition, she was totally oblivious to Jerry. With a satisfied smile, he reached forward and slowly brushed his fingertips against her cheeks. “To think that all this while you have been around and I never noticed how great you were. Luckily Chris hasn’t gotten his hands on you yet.” As his fingers traced the outline of her face down to her jaw, he continued letting it trace its way down her neck and then to the collar of her pajamas. Lingering there for a moment, he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers.

As she stirred a little, he sat up with a smile, and lightly began to unbutton her pajamas. As the first two buttons came undone, the swells of her breasts came into view, and he paused to admire the view of her soft and perfect skin. I was glad that the lights were brightly lit in the room and that Xiao Hui didn’t manage to turn them off, since this afforded me the perfect view of her and Jerry. My eyes opened wide as Jerry sat up and began to take off his t-shirt. I was shocked to see him do so. Surely he didn’t intend to do more than simply felt her up or even took some pictures!

As he now stood by her bed in just his underwear, he positioned his body over hers, and began to gently kiss her on the lips.

From my angle, I could see him stick out his tongue, and snaked his way into her slightly open mouth. As he closed his whole mouth over hers, she stirred a little and shifted her body position on the bed. But she was still pretty intoxicated, and it was going to take more than a little tongue to wake her up. Jerry’s right hand found his way to her chest, and rested on her left breast. Letting his palms slowly press in on the soft mound, he began to slow circular motion on it, enjoying the feel of her soft warm body under his hands. He used his tongue to slowly lick her face, from her nose to her cheeks, lewdly enjoying the slow, deliberate act of wetting her cheeks with his saliva, and smearing them all over her face. All this while, Xiao Hui would periodically stir and shift her body, but was not totally awake.

As he moved his lips down to her neck, and took in the softness and sweet smell of her virginal innocence, I started to get worried. Should I stop him? How do I explain my presence inside the wardrobe? Do I have any moral ground to accuse him of doing anything? I realized that I didn’t. Coming out of the wardrobe would make me look just as bad. If she were to later accuse him of rape, I could become an accomplice! I knew I desired her, but I wasn’t prepared to go to jail. I therefore realized I was stuck in the wardrobe, and could only hope that Jerry doesn’t ruin the poor girl.

I therefore did the only thing that I could – I carried on filming, and decided to just enjoy the show.

Jerry was getting excited, and definitely heavily aroused, as seen by the bulge in his underwear. He pushed her face to the side, and began to lick her ears. This brought a shiver from Xiao Hui, and a soft moan escaped her lips. This encouraged Jerry all the more and his hands went back to roaming over her chest, feeling her up through the thin fabric of her pajamas. Jerry closed his eyes and began to immerse himself in the arousal of Xiao Hui‘s nubile body. I was intently watching her, and saw her suddenly opened her eyes in the awareness that someone was on top of her and all over her.

As she registered in shock what was happening, her body jolted and she started to struggle. “What are you doing!?” She whispered in a panic. “Get off! Get off me!!” Jerry pressed his whole body on her, and then just lewdly told her, “Ssshhh… Better keep the volume down or else the others might hear.” At that, Xiao Hui suddenly stopped struggling. Jerry had rightly pegged her as a girl who had a very proper upbringing. Girls like these were so inexperienced that this sort of situation would be a very shameful episode to let others know about. Poor Xiao Hui was frozen in shock, and didn’t know how to react other than to cave in to his threats.

“Please don’t do this, Jerry. Please don’t do this anymore. Please let me go.” She pleaded with him, her eyes glistening with tears, staring at him with fear in her eyes. Jerry simply looked at her and smiled, then reached out his hand to rest on her breasts. As she closed her eyes and turned her face away with a whine, he told her, “Just let me have a little fun and I promise I won’t do any lasting damage to you. Tell me, has a boy ever seen you naked before?” When she didn’t answer, he asked her a second time, drawing a very timid shake of her head.

“So you are still a virgin!” He delightedly exclaimed, as she gave a very hesitant nod. She turned back to look at him with hopeful eyes and said, “Please let me go, Jerry. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Please let me go.” Jerry just laughed at her and replied: “What did I say just now? As long as you’re a good girl and cooperate, I promise you I will let you go after I have some fun. I even promise you’ll be able to keep your virginity.”

Poor Xiao Hui struggled with the idea, and then reluctantly dropped the hands that were pushing Jerry away. Jerry laughed and proceeded to undo the remaining buttons on her pajamas. When he gripped the hems of her top, he paused for effect and enjoyed seeing her closed her eyes very tightly in anticipation of what was to come next.

As he dramatically pulled open her pajamas to reveal her pair of breasts, she whimpered with her eyes closed while Jerry drank in the sight of her tight sweet body, her beautiful breasts as well as her small pink nipples. Even from my angle, it was a glorious sight, to behold. She was trembling, and trying hard to control herself from crying out. When Jerry hovered his lips over her nipples, she cringed back in anticipation, silently sobbing away at what was happening. Despite myself, I was getting very aroused from the whole episode and had to force myself to keep still. Having a good video footage will be infinitely better than wanking off now and having a shaky video.

As Xiao Hui for the first time felt a man’s tongue on her nipples, she gave off what could only be described as a half-moan and half-whine, which always was incredibly attractive and arousing to be. She squirmed and tried to struggle again but Jerry threatened her by saying, “Keep still, or you’re going to lose a lot more today. I mean it.” She again ceased struggling as Jerry’s tongue traced the outline of each breast, going from below the breast and running across the nipple. She again pleaded with him, saying, “Please, Jerry. Don’t do this to me. I beg of you. I will do anything you want.”

Jerry was waiting for this moment. “Anything I want, you say?” He asked her. As she nodded hopefully, thinking that he was going to relent, Jerry quickly whipped off his underwear to reveal his enormous and very swollen dick. As she stared at it in horror, he told her to suck it. Not understanding what he meant since she’s probably never heard of a blowjob before, she made her sit up and proceeded to place himself at her mouth. Repulsed by the idea, she clamped her mouth shut and refused. He waved it back and forth at her nose and told her to open her mouth, which she continued to refuse. “It either goes in your mouth, or into your vagina. You decide.” He threatened her again.

Xiao Hui stared back at him with anger in her eyes, but once more when Jerry looked threateningly at her, the fear returned and she slowly opened a small slit of her lips. He grabbed her jaw and shoved his manhood into her mouth, ignoring her gagging and her choking. As her sweet little mouth tried its best to accommodate Jerry’s giant man tool, he groaned in pleasure as he enjoyed her warm wet lips wrapping themselves around his penis. With sadistic pleasure, he told her, “Suck it, my little angel. Soon you will learn to enjoy and even crave it.”

Poor Xiao Hui was absolutely traumatized by what was happening to her, and as Jerry grabbed her hair to stabilize her while thrusting in and out of her face, she winced in pain and reacted by using both hands to grab Jerry’s thigh and butt in order to gain some leverage. This was exactly what he was waiting for, and he proceeded to cup his hands behind her head and forced himself deeper into her. Her muffled moans and the wet sounds coming from her mouth as she half gagged and half choked was actually very arousing. If this had been a porn flick with a rape theme, this would have to be one of the greatest videos I had ever seen. The fact that I was witnessing a real rape made it a little less enjoyable, but I had to admit I was pretty much as despicable as Jerry himself. Maybe I just had less balls than him.

After a few minutes, I think Jerry got tired of trying to get her to give him a blowjob. Being evidently inexperienced and also unwilling, I doubt he enjoyed himself too much after the initial thrill wore off. So he finally pulled out of her, leaving some sticky precum trailing from her lips, and her silent sobbing chokes. She dared not make a din for fear of calling attention to her predicament, and even in her tears she tried to control them from being too loud. As she slumped back into the bed with her arms wrapped around her to cover her nakedness, she suddenly felt Jerry tugging at her pajamas bottoms. With a start she looked up, to see that he had already yanked it off her halfway. She made a grab for it, begging him, “Please Jerry, you said if I gave you want you wanted, you’d let me go. Please don’t do this.”

He laughed at her and said, “I am not done yet. All I promised was that you would keep your virginity. Aside from that, you’re far from giving me what I want. Now let go before I tear this thing off you.” She sobbed and kept on saying, “Please, please please…” He just forcefully yanked the bottoms off her, leaving her sobbing on the bed, clad in only her underwear. She had such an amazingly clear complexion, free of any blemish and spots, and her skin was pink and red in various spots, evidence of the struggles that she had had in the past twenty minutes. To me, this was an indication of how delicate her skin was. She was indeed a very special girl. I felt sorry for her that her first time was such a traumatic experience. Good girls liked her really deserved much better.

Jerry pounced on top of her, and enjoyed the feel of their naked bodies entwined together, separated by nothing more than her sheer lacy white panties. I envied him and also hated him, since I wanted to be in his shoes. I would have been gentler, more tender, and I would not have forced myself on her. But it was too late for regrets now, and there wasn’t much I could do for her. He began to kiss her again, and even as she squirmed under his body, there was nowhere for her to escape, since she could not possibly match his strength. No matter which way she turned, his lips landed on her, from her face down to her neck and her chest. Pressing both her wrists down on the bed, he lewdly admired her chest with her still whimpering away, and then he very slowly licked each breast from side to side, before engulfing the whole breast in his mouth, and twirling her nipple inside his mouth. This brought a cry of desperation from her as she experienced for the first time such a feeling of sensual arousal. She cried out in helplessness, having to put up with Jerry’s violation and not being able to do anything about it.

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