Wife and the Innocent Doctor Aw


At the clinic, the receptionist nurse called our turn. There wasn’t anyone else in the clinic. They were about to close. We entered the doctor’s office, he saw us and greeted us. We had been going to Doctor Aw for years.

Doctor Aw: “Hello! Which one of you is unwell today? I hope it is not the both of you…”

The Wife was rather embarrassed…

Me: “Doc, my Wife needs a full checkup, STD checkup. Your clinic provides that right.”

Doctor Aw looked at Wife. The Wife was embarrassed and avoided eye contact.

Doctor Aw: “Oh… Erm… You didn’t inform the receptionist.”

Me: “Would prefer to keep it discreet, do you mind keeping it to yourself?”

Doctor Aw: “Understood…”

Me: “Is it complicated?”

Doctor Aw: “Not really, it depends. How comprehensive do you intend to screen?”

Me: “The complete package. How much would that roughly be?”

Doctor Aw looked at his monitor, clicked a little…

Doctor Aw: “A complete, comprehensive screen will be quite costly, $600++.”

Me: “Wow!”

Doctor Aw: “We will do blood tests and urine tests. And depending on the type of sexual intercourse, we have to take some swabs from the genitals or throat or rectum… It is always better to detect early, better to be safe than sorry.”

Take swabs from Wife‘s genitals? In other words he needed to touch my Wife.

Me: “True enough. Ok we will go for the complete package then. Can we proceed now?”

Doctor Aw: “Yes of course, but before we can proceed with the blood and urine test, I need to ask you a few questions first.”

He pointed to Wife.

Doctor Aw: “Have you passed urine within the last two to four hours?”

Wife: “Yes, Doctor Aw.”

Why was she being so obedient?

Doctor Aw: “Have you consumed any for form of alcohol within the last 24 hours.”

Wife: “Is beer alcohol? I drank beer yesterday.”

Doctor Aw: “Yes of course. I am afraid I can’t run any of the blood or urine test today.”

Me: “Is there anything else to be done today?”

Doctor Aw: “Well, I can interview you first, but I need you to be honest with me so that I can make an accurate screening process. Can you do that for me?”

The Wife nodded her head.

Doctor Aw was an uncle looking man, chubby, large tummy. Close to 40 years old. He was married from what I knew. He was a very friendly doctor, very mild and harmless. The Wife and I had been going to him for years. Wife had even let him check for mammary cancer once each year. Wife described him as reserved, like he looked, but he remained professional and didn’t molest her.

Doctor Aw: “May I know the purposes of this test?”

The Wife gave him, the confused look.

Doctor Aw: “Was there any particular incident that led you to decide on this screening. Like sexual intercourse with a stranger? Do not worry, these will not be recorded in your medical records and it will be kept discreet with me.”

Wa wa. When I heard the doctor asked her these questions, I was rather turned on. Was awaiting Wife‘s reply…

Wife: “Erm… I went to a party. Got drunk… Woke up with a white man I didn’t know…”

The Wife was blushing, embarrassed. I saw the doctor’s reaction. His eyes widened, he might be turned on by the story. He looked at me worriedly… I gave him the ‘I am ok with it’ look…

Doctor Aw: “Erm… Did you engage in sexual intercourse with him?” Doctor stuttered slightly.

Wife: “Yes.”

Doctor Aw: “Did the… Erm… White guy use protection during the sexual intercourse?”

Wife: “What do you mean?”

Doctor Aw: “Did the white guy wear a condom when he penetrated you?”

Wife: “Erm… Yes at first, but he took it off…”

I noticed that the doctor was enjoying mentioning the white guy.

Doctor Aw: “You are able to recall the whole incident?”

Wife: “Erm. Yes…”

Doctor Aw: “Do you recall if the white guy ejaculated in your genitals? Your vagina…”

Wife: “Yes.”

Doctor gulped…

Doctor Aw: “Other than your vagina penetration, did you perform other kind of sexual activities with the white guy?”

Wife: “What do you mean?”

Doctor Aw: “Hold on, Mr. X, are you ok with listening to this conversation, you can exit for the time being if it makes you uncomfortable.”

Me: “I am ok with this. I am an open minded guy, doctor, worry not. Do what you have to…”

Doctor turned his attention to Wife

Doctor Aw: “Erm. Where was I…? I meant that, did you perform oral sex with the white man?”

Wife: (Hesitation.) “Yes…”

She looked down. Doctor looked at me, then looked at Wife… He had some lust in his eyes…

Doctor Aw: “Did he ejaculate into your mouth?”

Wife: “Yes.”

He couldn’t believe what he heard… He looked sexcited.

Doctor Aw: “Did you swallow his semen down your throat?”

I found that question dubious, not sure if he was supposed to ask that. I suspected he could have been interested in Wife since a while ago…

Wife: “Yes…”

Doctor Aw: “Ok. Did the white man penetrate your anus as well?”

As well? He might be seeing Wife as a loose slut liao…

Wife: “Erm… Yes…”

Doctor Aw: “Ejaculated in there as well?”

Wife: “Yes…”

Doctor Aw seemed to be breathing harder… His face was flushed…

Doctor Aw: “Ok. That’s all for now… From the description of your sexual intercourse, I should take swabs from your genitals, rectum and throat to test for any STD the white man may have transferred to you.”

He got up to get the things he needed…

Doctor Aw: “Please lay down on the bed…”

The Wife got up and sat on the bed. She was wearing a dress. We had gone home to change and fuck. Doctor Aw’s clinic was in an atas building.

Me: “Doc, I will take my exit.”

Doctor Aw: “You don’t want to be present for this examination?”

Me: “Nope. I am fine. Please go ahead.”

Doctor Aw to Wife: “Would you require the presence of my nurse while I conduct the examination?”

Wife shook her head: “It’s ok. I am fine…”

The Wife gave me a look. I recognized that look. Was she turned on by the doctor’s questioning?

I thought the doctor would probably just lift up her skirt to check her vagina. I decided to help her make things more interesting… I went over to Wife

Me: “Come turn around.”

I helped her to unzip her dress all the way down. Doctor was surprised. After unzipping for her, I left the room and took a seat on the couch outside. Leaving Wife and doctor to explore an adventure in there.

The Wife came out… She was smiling. I recognized that look. It was the looks she gave when she started to get naughty with my buddy Jon.

She came and sat beside me.

Me: “How was it?”

Wife: “Tell you later. Need to make another appointment…”

Wife settled it with the nurse, was surprised we didn’t have to pay first, pay tomorrow at the next appointment.

In our car, on the way back, Wife told me her recount of what happened after I stepped out of the room…

Wife: “After you stepped out, I proceeded to take off my dress. He watched me do it… I was just wearing my red bra and panties. I went to lay on the bed. He approached me and asked me if I could adjust my panties to allow him to take a swab or remove it. I decide to take it off. Spread my legs and I asked him to help me place my panties on my dress on the chair. He took it and was quite nervous. He turned on a light to shine on me down there. Passed me a blanket to cover my legs, told me to bend my knees. He didn’t take a long time to look at my down there. He told me to relax. He put on his glove, told me that I may feel some discomfort. He pushed the swab slight in, twirled it… It was ticklish but I realize I had to… When he pushed the second swab in and twirled… This time round, I let out a moan. He was shocked and asked if I was ok. I told him yes. He took a third swab and I let out another louder moan. Then he did his doctor stuff and stored the swabs properly. He told me he needed to check if my vaginal walls were injured. He put one hand on my stomach, kept his eye on me… His other hand went under the blanket and I felt his hand on my down there. He pushed one finger in gently and slowly… I looked back at him! Maintained our eye contact and then I closed my eyes and moaned out for him. He asked if I was feeling pain. I told him a little… He pressed on the different sides of the wall gently. I moaned a little here and there. When he moved to my side to help me turn around for the ass hole swab check, I saw his pants! There was a bulge! Hehe… That swab was weird… I kept quiet. Then he took some swabs from my throat. Checked it as well… He gave me a weird look. So I asked him…”

Wife to the doctor: “Doctor, you won’t judge me right…”

Doctor Aw: “Of course not, it will be unprofessional for me to do so. My job is to help you. Not judge.”

Wife: “Thank you doctor.”

Doctor Aw: “Is your throat feeling any discomfort or pain?”

Wife: “Not really. It’s not painful for the woman during a blowjob at all.”

Doctor Aw: “Oh really.”

Wife: “You don’t know?”

Doctor Aw: “Haha. I am embarrassed. I don’t…”

Wife: “Oh. You mean your Wife doesn’t?”

Doctor Aw shook his head: “Ok, that’s embarrassing. Please pretend that it didn’t happen.”

Doctor Aw looked worried, his hormones must have caused him to lose his logic. He was worried…

Wife touched his hand and told him: “Don’t worry at all. You have been my doctor for years, you can trust me…”

Doctor Aw: “Thank you. I think we are almost done here, except for the blood and urine test which will be performed tomorrow. Do you have any questions or health issues that need my attention?”

Wife thought to herself, then dug up the courage: “Actually, I have been feeling some pain on my chests… I am not sure what it is. Just a little worried…”

Doctor Aw: “Oh. What kind of pain is it?”

Wife: “I am not sure either…”

Doctor Aw: “Oh. Can you point to the areas where you feel the pain or discomfort?”

The Wife pointed to her nipples…

Doctor Aw: “Would you like me to take a look?”

Wife: “Ok. Thank you. I am a little worried.”

Doctor Aw: “Do you need the presence of my nurse or your husband?”

Wife: “Nope. Do you need me to sign the form again?”

Doctor Aw: “It’s ok. I will trust you. Just don’t sabotage and sue me ok.”

Wow. He was making jokes. He seemed more relaxed.

Wife: “Of course I won’t. I have been coming to you for years!”

Doctor Aw: “Haha. Just kidding… Erm… I need you to show me the areas of discomfort.”

Wife: “Oh yeah…”

Wife took off her bra slowly and passed it to Doctor Aw. He took it and placed it on the dress as well. Doctor Aw tried to stay calm but he gulped a little…

Doctor Aw: “I can see some red marks around your areola area…”

He pointed to my nipples…

Doctor Aw: “I am going to tap gently on them… Tell me if you feel pain.”

Doctor Aw tapped gently before pressing with some force. He asked me how much I would rate the pain. He pressed my breasts around it, did his inspection. My nipples were so hard… But it was frustrating. Doctor Aw still looked professional and not lustful… It was like a challenge to me.

Me to Wife: “Dear, what time did you set your appointment tomorrow to be?”

Wife: “In the afternoon, 12 pm.”

Me: “Change it to evening slot… 645 pm…”

Wife: “Huh. But they close at 7 pm…”

Me: “Precisely why. Hehe…”

The Wife looked at me. Then she got the idea too…

The next day, I went to work. Came back home around 4 pm. Helped Wife got ready.

Wife: “Actually Doctor Aw said I didn’t have to remove my dress.”

Me: “Haha, will he stop you even if you did?”

Wife: “Hehe. What should I wear?”

Me: “Do you know his favorite color?”

Wife: “How would I know?”

Me: “Then go with pink or orange this time then…”

Wife picked her lingerie, I picked out the dress for her. Instead of picking a dress, I chose the kind of one piece with a button up shirt as the top and with shorts as a bottom. So regardless of what the doctor preferred, she still had to take off her one piece. The idea of the Wife undoing her buttons in front of the doctor was such a turn on.

The Wife chose a bra with the clip in front. She was planning ahead, could predict that she would be undoing her bra while lying on the bed. I advised her not to get naked immediately as it may scare the doctor off. Go in looking decent, show him some seductive lingerie first and let the monster inside him come out on his own.

Drove Wife over… It was about 650 pm. The Wife received a call from the receptionist asking if she was still coming and that they were closing. The Wife told me that the nurse sounded rather short and impatient. I didn’t follow her up. She came back down close to 8 pm… Looking guilty, but with a glee she couldn’t hide.

Earlier, at Doctor Aw’s clinic…

Wife: “Sorry I am late.”

Nurse: “Doctor Aw is right inside. Please go in.”

She was rude…

Knocked on the door.

Doctor Aw: “Come in…”

Wife: “Sorry I am late… Are you closing?”

Doctor Aw: “No apologies please. I am just glad you came.”

Wife: “Oh.”

Doctor Aw realized he said it out loud…

Awkward silence…

Wife: “Is your nurse ok? She seems very upset.”

The Wife took the seat…

Doctor Aw: “Oh. She gets upset whenever I close later than expected… Can’t blame her, she needs to pick her son.”

Wife: “Oh no. In that case shall we postpone this?”

Doctor Aw: “No, it is ok.”

Wife: “But I feel bad.”

Doctor Aw: “I can send her home now.”

Wife: “Yes, please! I don’t want her to be late because of me!”

Doctor Aw: “But for the blood and urine test and the secondary genital check, she can’t be around.”

Wife: “Aiyo. It is ok. You forgot yesterday I said I didn’t need a witness? Just let me sign the form again.”

Doctor Aw: “Haha, it is ok. I trust you. Give me a moment…”

Wife: “Ok…”

Doctor Aw left the room…

I sat there waiting. Anticipating what may happen… So exciting!

I sat down on the chair, waited for him to come back in. He took about three minutes. Tempted to strip naked and lay on the bed and pretended to fall asleep… But remembered husband saying don’t be too slutty and scare him away.

He came back in.

Doctor Aw: “I am sorry about the delay, had to wait for her to leave to lock the door.”

Wife: “Lock the door?”

Doctor Aw: “Yes… I will be doing the screening in here with you, no one to monitor the outside.”

Wife: “Oh… Ok…”

Doctor Aw: “Haha. Don’t worry, I won’t kidnap you…”

Wife: “Hehe. Kidnap lo. Might be fun anyway…”

Doctor Aw: “Alright, let’s begin… Do you experience and form of discomfort from yesterday till today?”

Wife: “Yes. My chest area is still painful. A little sore down there still.”

Doctor Aw looked surprised when I told him that…

Doctor Aw: “I may have forgotten to ask you yesterday, how did you get those red marks? Was there contact which caused it…?”

Wife: “Erm… The white guy did…”

I noticed that he reacted when I mentioned the white guy. Hubby was right. It turned the doctor on.

Doctor Aw: “So he pinched you?”

Wife: “He pinched quite a bit.”

Doctor Aw: “Was he trying to rape you?”

Wife: “No, no. He was just doing it to pleasure me… It wasn’t just pinching. He sucked and kissed too hard I think.”

Doctor Aw: “Ok…”

He paused for a while.

Doctor Aw: “Would you require me to check if there’s any internal bruising?”

Wife: “Yes, please. I am worried…”

Doctor Aw: “Ok. I will need you to remove your blouse…”

Wife: “Ok…”

I stood up and started to unbutton myself slowly. I looked down and pretended to be shy. He pretended to write some stuff down but he was secretly looking… I spread the shirt top and revealed my bra to him. Doctor Aw’s mouth opened a little. I was wearing my push up bra, with black straps in the middle.

Wife: “Doctor, you need me to remove my bra right…”

Doctor Aw: “Yes, that would make it easier to inspect… Can you lie on the bed as well?”

I pulled my t-shirt top from my arms and just let it hang behind me. The t-shirt top was connected to the shorts a one piece. When I took it off, I pretended to struggle. Now I tried to reach for the hook behind me. I pretended that I had trouble. The doctor could see. He was putting on his gloves…

Doctor Aw: “Everything ok?”

Wife: “My arms are aching quite badly. I can’t really reach the back. Could you help me?”

Doctor Aw: “Oh. No problem. Hold on…”

Doctor stood up. I could see a bulge at this pants! He was hard already! I turned around as he came towards me. He struggled a little. He wasn’t really good at it.

Doctor Aw: “Ok, got it…”

My hook came off. I turned around and faced him. Took the straps off in his full view. My bra came off, I put it on top of my bag. Walked to the bed and got on. The doctor was watching me walked and my breasts shaking… Came to me.

Wife: “Doctor, can I make a request?”

Doctor Aw: “Yes anything?”

Wife: “Could you not wear the gloves? It hurts my skin. I don’t know why…”

Doctor Aw: “Oh. That’s odd. Ok, I shan’t wear them then…”

Doctor Aw removed his gloves. I wanted him to touch me with his bare hands… Then he came to me.

Doctor Aw: “Ok, I am checking for any internal bruising. Do let me know if you feel pain.”

He started to press my boobs, spot by spot… Due to the cold air, my nipples were already quite hard.

Doctor Aw: “So which area exactly do you feel the soreness?”

Wife: “It’s my nipple area. I think he sucked too hard.”

I closed my eyes as I told him that… Hehe. Then I opened my eyes to see his reaction. He was trying to stay calm.

Doctor Aw: “Ok, let me check…”

I closed my eyes. Then I felt a very light touch from his finger on my nipple. His finger was cold. It was soo… Such a turn on!

“Aww…” I let out a soft moan… I kept my eyes closed shut so as not to cause Doctor Aw to shy away. I felt another light tap on my nipple. This time round, I bit my lips and let out a muffled moan. I started to breathe harder.

Doctor Aw: “Do you feel any pain?”

Wife: “No…”

I felt Doctor Aw pressed slightly harder this time. “Hawwwww…” I let out another moan. Almost immediately, I felt him pressed my nipple again. Harder this time.

Doctor Aw: “If you experience any pain please inform me. I am checking for internal injuries.”

Wife: “Yesss doctor.”

I replied him in my whiny voice. He pressed a few more times. I held it in… But let out a “Hawwwwww…” softly. My body started to fidget, I was breathing heavily.

Doctor Aw: “Are you ok?”

Wife: “Yes, yes. Don’t stop.”

Doctor Aw: “Erm. Ok.”

He pressed a few more times…

Doctor Aw: “Still no pain?”

Wife: “No.”

Doctor Aw: “Then what do you feel?”

Wife: “It’s just the sore feeling… But your touches make it feel better.”

Doctor Aw: “Really? That’s odd. Touching should aggravate the soreness. I don’t think there’s any internal injury on this nipple. Shall I check the other one?”

Wife: “Yes, please.”

Doctor Aw leaned closer to touch my other nipple. I could feel his tummy on my arms, I felt his cold finger touched my other nipple. This time it was even more pleasurable.

“Awwwwwww…” I moaned out.

My hand, which was nearer to him reached out to grab him.

I was now grabbing his…

I was grabbing on his shirt. His tummy, I was grabbing it so tight. Doctor Aw didn’t seem to mind at all. He didn’t react. His finger tapped on my nipple again. Harder this time.

“Awwww!” I moaned out loud and then I lifted my body in reaction.

Doctor Aw: “Is it painful?”

Wife: “No, no…”

Doctor Aw: “Would you like me to stop?”

Wife: “Of course not. Continue!”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. Gave him a come fuck me look… Needy. Like I needed him to fuck me right now. He looked at me. He had a lustful but hesitant and worried look. I think he wanted to climb on top of me liao. But he was afraid I would cry rape…

He touched my nipple again. I closed my eyes and moaned! This time round grabbing his tummy harder… Ok. The next time he touched me, I was going to hug him tight and kiss him!

Waiting for doctor to touch me…


Doctor Aw: “I think your nipples are ok. Not suffering from any internal bruising…”

I opened my eyes. Doctor was walking over back to his table…

What the!

My plans were ruined…

I laid on the bed and panted for a while. Then I got up, put the top part of my one piece back on.

Doctor Aw: “You forgot your bra.”

Wife: “It’s ok. Too troublesome.”

He gasped. The idea of me going braless. I buttoned myself up, but left many unbuttoned, exposing my cleavage to him. Still disappointed that he didn’t proceed.

Doctor Aw: “Did you notice any unusual discharge from your genitals?”

Hmm… Not really… But wait… Here’s my chance?

I gave the doctor the embarrassed but concerned look.

Me: “Yes. I think I saw some whitish stuff yesterday when I got home…”

Doctor Aw: “Were there any other similar incidents?”

I gathered my courage, took a deep breath in…

Me: “I think at the moment now too. After the test just now…”

Doctor Aw looked surprised… He seemed excited as well.

Doctor Aw: “In that case, would you like me to take a look?”

Me: “Yes, please!”

Doctor Aw gave me the weirdest look.

Me: “Sorry doctor. I am worried…”

Doctor Aw: “No need to apologize please. It is my job to help you. Although we are running a little late. Do you have an appointment to get to?”

Me: “Nope. I am very free today.”

Doctor Aw looked happy: “Please lay on the bed.”

I got up, started to unbutton again. Doctor Aw looked at me.

Doctor Aw: “You don’t really have to remove your dress you know.”

What? Why was he so professional and innocent? Didn’t he want me to be naked for him at all?

Maybe he’s worried about his practice. He’s still thinking with his head…

Me: “This is a one piece. I have to take it all off as the bottom is shorts.”

I proceeded to remove my one piece. Looking down as I unbuttoned… Innocently. He was watching. I took it all off, just in my panties. I looked at him. My nipples were erected.

I lay on the bed, spread my legs. Doctor Aw handed me a towel.

Me: “It’s ok. I don’t need the blanket…”

Doctor Aw: “Oh ok…”

He shone the light on my down there. He took a good look at my down there.

Doctor Aw: “You are right. I do see that it is moist… But I don’t see any discharge.”

I decided to spread my legs wider for him…

He bent forward to take a better look. I used my own hands to spread my down there even wider.

Doctor Aw: “Thank you. I do see it now. But…”

Me: “But what?”

Doctor Aw: “I don’t think that is discharge… It is just. Erm… Your own lubricant.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Doctor Aw: “It’s ok. You have nothing to worry about, but I will just take a sample just in case.”

He went to get his swab. I felt the swab went into me.

Me: “Awwwww…”

Doctor Aw: “What’s wrong? You feel some pain?”

Me: “I am not sure. Maybe it’s soreness… Doctor Aw can you help me check if any part is injured?”

Doctor Aw: “Erm, ok. I am not wearing any gloves. Do you mind that?”

Me: “Not at all.”

Then I had an idea.

I felt his hand go close to my down there…

Me: “Wait, wait!”

Doctor Aw: “Huh? What’s wrong?”

Me: “I am a little nervous. Can you hold my hand?”

Doctor Aw: “Erm… Okayyy.”

He held out his hand, I grabbed it tight.

Doctor Aw: “Don’t worry. I will be very gentle. You won’t feel a thing.”

Won’t feel a thing? Hehe. You had no idea…

Doctor Aw: “Is it painful here?”

He touched my clitoris region…

Me: “Awww…”

I closed my eyes and moaned. Grabbed his hand tightly.

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