Weekend with Girlfriend’s Best Friend


It started this way, as girlfriend was out of the country for two weeks and her best friend’s (Let’s name her Erin.), boyfriend also out of town one week. So my girlfriend suggested me to hang out with Erin during that particular weekend so that I wouldn’t be bored. As her place got Play Station 3, she suggested me to go to Erin‘s house to play PS3 and just hang out because Erin was also alone and got nothing to do.

Erin and her boyfriend rented the whole house to themselves and like all boys, Erin‘s boyfriend got few gadgets which I didn’t have like PS3. Erin was rather open and warm towards the idea when my girlfriend told her this plan. She said, “Sure, okay, no problem.” Well, for me, actually I wasn’t keen but I just said ‘Ok’ at that time.

More about Erin: She was not petite, not BBW, somewhere in between petite and BBW which made her having the right curves in the right place. Her boobs I think was 36B / B+ and she got long black hair to the middle of her back. She and her boyfriend were quite active in sex life (As told by her to my girlfriend and my girlfriend to me.).

Erin and boyfriend always got it on since they lived alone and once, I heard them having sex while I called her. How did I know? By her short and quick intake of air and short answers and also the sounds of piak, piak, piak did not help much either. :p

When we went for double dating, Erin always wore short dresses, low cuts, body hugging top. I always took the opportunity to steal glances at her, her legs, her boobs, down blouse every time when opportunity arose. Not sure if she noticed though? The weird thing was, me and my girlfriend had small talks before and we said Erin‘s boyfriend seemed very fond of my girlfriend and Erin seemed very fond of me. Reason being was Erin was very accommodating to me (Not to her boyfriend.), and her boyfriend was very accommodating to my girlfriend (Not Erin.). Sometimes when my girlfriend was not around (Like went toilet etc.), Erin will always make the first move to talk to me in a flirting kind of manner (Her voice liked very cute cute soft soft – WTF?). For me, I just enjoyed the attention.

So Saturday came, I didn’t really care about hanging out at Erin‘s place, so I just stayed in my room watching movies and stuff. An sms came from Erin after about lunchtime:

Erin: “Burp! Just finished lunch. You still coming over? PS3?”

Me: “Err… Don’t think so… Lazy la. Damn far your house.”

Erin: “Come la. Can play PS3. Can play with me some more. If lose, I promise I won’t tell anyone. :p”

Cut long story short, I went to her house and reached about 3 pm. She opened the door for me, closed all the curtains (As usual.), so that nobody knew what was happening inside the house. She was wearing short sleeves and no ribbon at waist and cleavage. Again, typical of her to like the floral stuff, but this time I noticed the opening was quite low, just right above her boobs showing a little hint of cleavage (Small one.).

She gestured me to sit on the couch while she busied herself with preparing the PS3 for me to play. As I was sitting facing television, she was kneeling and bending down with her ass thrust up in the air. My thoughts started to run wild, imagining me giving her doggy style there. :p She was done, she turned around, caught me daydreaming, looking at her ass and I just quickly snapped out of it. She smiled at me went to the couch on my right, sat down, choose the Little Big Planet game and started to play while explaining to me. After like ten minutes she talked and played, and I just watched. I was starting to feel bored, so I told her to let me try. So she passed me controller one (By the way, she got only one controller.), and I started to play. At first, I fumbled a bit, but soon I got the hang of it and I noticed she started to relax and just lay down on the sofa. You knew the position, when you lay down facing straight at the television. So her eyes were fixed on the television, couldn’t really see me and because of her lying angle, her top rode down a little showing a bit more cleavage. So I alternated between the television and her cleavage and I noticed every time I almost died, she will shift a bit like afraid motion and her top will ride a little lower each time. Plus her subconscious movements of straightening / pulling down her top also contributed.

At one point, her top was pulled quite low, showing a substantial amount of cleavage and a hint of her bra. Basically, I just stopped playing and focused on that view. After like one or two seconds, I think she caught me as she ‘Ahem’, walked up, sat beside and snatched the controller from me and said, “This is how you do it.” I just pretended nothing happened and just watched the television, but I knew I already got a boner that time and me wearing boxer didn’t help much.

She played and explained… While I just fidgeted around trying to find a better position to cover my boner. Then suddenly, I thought of excusing myself to the toilet to straighten the boner. So I went to the toilet and it didn’t help because her lingerie were hanging there.

I wondered why got two? The only reason was again, goodbye sex with boyfriend before boyfriend went away. From what my girlfriend told me, many rounds of sex were quite common with Erin and her boyfriend.

Seeing this, I could not help myself but started to jack off while letting my imagination go wild. I came soon enough at the moment she knocked on the door saying, “Oi… You peng san already is it. So long in there?” I said “No la… Pang sai got la. What peng san.” Quickly flushed down the tissue and went out of the toilet.

She was standing there, wearing the same outfit and I think she realized her two lingerie’s were hanging there. Acting cool…

Erin: “Nice ah the baby doll? Your girlfriend got ah?”

Me: “Nice, nice. Be your boyfriend, damn lucky lor. Haha. Got la… Remember, you got her one for her birthday, the black color one.” (My girlfriend didn’t usually wear sexy, so this was considered good for her.)

Erin: “Good la. You enjoyed it right?” She punched me lightly on my arm.

Me: “Haha… Ok la. Not as much as your boyfriend would enjoy with all these.”

Erin: “Haha… Come, come. I got more… Let me show you.”

I followed her up to the master bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, while she opened the wardrobe and started showing me.

Wow… She really got a lot like 5 – 10 and in all sorts of color. I think all cheap one la, no brand, because some a bit aunty feeling. Anyway, I just enjoyed the baby dolls she had and suddenly she said…

Erin: “You like this one?” Gesturing.

Me: “That looks really good.”

Erin: “Let me try it on and show you. This is newly bought, not sure it looks nice or make me look fat.”

And she put it straight over her current clothing instead of making me go off.

Erin: “So how?” Doing a little twist and the bottom of the baby doll flew up a little.

Me: “Err… Like that how to comment, not sexy also, got top and everything.”

Paused for a few seconds…

Erin: “Okay. Don’t tell anyone.” She walked to her adjoining toilet and came out a few seconds later.

This time, my jaw dropped and my little brother started to grow again. She took off her top, leaving her bra and shorts on, wearing that baby doll. The doll did not really fully cover her bra as it was low cut and the little bit of the top of her black bra showed up, making her even sexier.

Erin: “So now how? Can comment?” While doing a little twist again.

Me – stunned for words: “If you don’t wear shorts, I think nicer lor.”

She came closer to me, bent down a little in front of me, showing more of her cleavage and smacked my head silly, saying, “Of course without the shorts nicer la… If wear G-string lagi nice.”

Me: “Hmmm… I would love that.” While staring straight at her cleavage.

My head got smack again and she sat down beside me on the bed, adjusting her doll’s strap and said, “Wei, don’t tell your girlfriend or my boyfriend, or they both will kill me.”

Me: “Of course won’t la. Crazy ah you. But I really like what I am seeing.”

She blushed a little then we both looked straight into each other’s eyes. Knowing this was the moment, I put my right palm on her face, caressing her, while moving in to kiss her. She closed her eyes, which was an ‘Ok’ sign.

I slowly kissed and pecked her lips and slowly, her lips opened a little bit, we started nibbling on each other lips and soon we started frenching, tongue fights, saliva trading. After like eternity, kissing each other, my brain woke up and my hands started to caress her head, hair, moving down her back and up back to the back of her neck, below the hair which garnered a soft moan from her. Her hands started to caress my hair, my back, which really gave me a good feeling and my little brother was super hard now, could feel it straining against my boxer and shorts.

I kissed her harder and more vigorously now rather than just now, which was rather slow and sensual. I think she got the hints as she started to move her hands to the front, caressing my chest and stomach up and down, sometimes brushing my hard dick. Since she caressed my front body, it was only polite that I did so too. I moved my left hand, all the while resting with nothing to do, to the back of her head, holding her head and caressing while my right hand went under the baby doll and up from her stomach and started to feel her boobs through her bra. She moaned appreciatively and now her hands started to stroke the length of my dick slowly through my pants. Damn this was making me feel like wanna cum.

I pushed her down on the bed, started to kiss her neck, pulling both her bra and doll strap down while kissing down and exposing more of her boobs. I sucked on her nipples and she moaned really loud while her hands were pushing my head, gesturing me to suck more and tussling with my hair at the same time.

After a few minutes of alternate sucking, I took off the doll and bra, leaving her topless. I enjoyed the view for a second before resuming my attack on both her boobs, sucking, licking and sometimes biting a little on her nipples which totally turned her on. Her moaning was out of the world, sounded cutesy at the same time… Ahh. Ahh… Don’t stop don’t stop. Which proved the point that my girlfriend told me she was quite vocal during sex.

I couldn’t stand it any longer with her vocal moaning, I started to unbutton her shorts and in one swift moment, pulled both her panty and shorts down. She gasped and looked at me the come fuck me eyes, stroking my face and hair, and her right hand slowly ran down her body slowly from her boobs to her clit. She gave her clit and pussy a few rubs, it was glistening wet and then stuck her fingers to my mouth and proceeded to push my head towards her pussy with her left hand. Hmm… I loved a woman in charge, showing me what to do.

Straight away I dove in and sucked and licked her pussy like how a thirsty dog lap for his water. I supposed I did a good job as she kept moaning and saying don’t stop don’t stop with some cutesy voice ah ah… Oohh… God… Thrown in. Her legs were now on top of my shoulder and wrapping around my leg. Looking up, I could see the ecstasy look on her face and her hands were fondling her own boobs.

After like ten minutes of licking, I grew tired, but she still had not come. I decided to stop licking and stood up and rubbed my cock through my pants giving her a hint that it was my turn to be pleasured.

She looked at me, proceeded to unbutton my pants, pulled them down, leaving my boxer and hard on there. She teased me for a little bit before pulling down my boxer, showing my cock with no hair. She smiled at me and said, “Hmm… You are shaved. I love it.” Slowly she took hold of my cock, licked the tip and the length before sucking on the top. Her hand was pumping the base of my cock while the other hand playing with my balls. Then she proceeded to move up and down on my cock with her mouth and at one time, she took the whole cock into her mouth deep-throating me while the tongue flicked around my cock. Damn, she was good. With the ecstasy and the taboo-ness of this situation, I was getting really excited and I told her, “Stop, stop. I am almost there.”

Instead of her stopping, she continued to suck my tip and pump my cock furiously. Oh my god, what was she doing. I told her I was cumming and she quickly stopped her sucking, pumped me hard and pointed my dick at her face and I shot all over her face.

Slumped, I sat down on the bed with her cum face on my side and I asked her, “Why you let me shoot on your face. See now so messy? You should just let me cum in your mouth.” She replied, “I want to feel your warm cum on my face. Next time I suck you dry in my mouth.” While winking at me. I smiled and said, “Let’s wash up.”

Walking to the adjoining toilet, I thought to myself, “Oh boy, my weekend with this lady just started and I fear what I got myself into.”

Once in the toilet, we wasted no time in cleaning each other. Bathing together was a standard affair in the shower cubicle. Cleaning herself by moving across the whole of her body, the occasional rubbing of her clits which garnered some smacks from her. While with her, the occasional pumping of my dick. My dick didn’t go hard solid, just half erected and without constant teasing, it went soft as quickly as it went half solid. All the time in the shower, we were teasing each other by saying you wanted this then rubbing the dick onto her body and she will say I wanted you inside me.

We dried up. I walked towards the bed naked to rest, but she said, “Why don’t we go down to play some game or watch some movie?” I looked at her and said, “Go down naked?” She smiled a wicked smile and said, “Of course.”

The walking down process was fun to me because she walked in front of me and she took a slow stroll, purposely swinging her ass left and right. Hmm, all I got on my mind was how nice it would look for doggy. Must try later.

We both sat down on the couch facing the television and I casually said, “You always walk naked around here?” She said, “Yes, fuck naked everywhere too. Especially on this couch. Favorite position here is doggy.” Haha… My eyes opened wide and then gave a sly smile, saying, “We try later ok?” She laughed and smacked me and said, “See first.” Showed me her tongue. “Now continue the game! Win this section and maybe I will reward you.”

Me: “Yes, madam!” Then continued to play the game.

She hung on to me while I was playing the game. Hugging my arm between her boobs with much girlfriend feeling. Once a while caressed and played with my dick and ball. Pecked my cheek, neck area, licked my ears. Guessed she was trying to turn me on knowing I came earlier and it was not easy to get hard again. Now I began to understand why she can have a few rounds of sex in a day because she was willing to serve and turn you on.

Looked at the clock as it was close to 6 pm. Realized I had been playing the game for about 30 minutes. The caressing from her stopped and not so frequent. I paused the game and looked at her. I said, “Let’s go for dinner.” Giving a slight hmmm… She played with my dick.

She: “Anything you want to eat?”

Me: “I would love to eat you, but I need real food for real action later.”

She: “But you’re not very hard now.”

Me: “After dinner, I promise. What to eat around here?”

After some deliberating and some touchy touchy with kisses and pecks, she decided to eat somewhere 15 minutes’ drive away. We went up the room where we left our clothes and started to dress back without much action.

She wore something that was like a pink color dress with a black bra. It was really attention grabbing and it gave some stirring to my dick. The drive and talk there was filled with sexual flirting but nothing much except my hands were rubbing her thighs and she was also rubbing my thighs and dick on and off.

Eating dinner was a normal affair, but since her bareback top was quite sexy so it was really attention grabbing but she played it cool. Treating me with full attention like a girlfriend and ignoring other people, or showing off to people like you can see but you couldn’t get that kind of show.

Now the drive back was interesting. Once in the car, she started to rub my dick while leaning closely to me, kissing my cheek and giving soft licks to my ear and neck. She unzipped my pants, got her hands into my boxer and started to give a slow hand job. This was really turning me on. All the way back she was like that, making me hard to concentrate and knowing when to stop the action, then resumed back the action to keep me high.

Reached home. Closed the door. I hugged her from behind and attacked her boobs and her neck with my mouth and rubbing my dick on her ass. My dick was already very hard and couldn’t wait for the action to start. She pushed me down the sofa while she stood in front of me asking me to strip. Quickly, I was naked while she was still dressed. I said “Do you have condom?” She smiled and went to the television drawer, took a box of condom and threw it my way, “Be ready…” She said.

She took off her top and shorts leaving herself in black bra and panty and kneeled and gave me a blow job while she took off her panty. After a few seconds, she climbed on top of me and rubbed my dick on her wet pussy. Up and down the length of her pussy, whispered to me, “Put on the condom my boy.”

She gave me a moment to put on my condom before slowly she guided it in. We moaned together and she just let the dick in her pussy while we frenched. I started to move my dick upwards fucking her slowly and she grinded me back every time I moved up. I moved up and she moved down. The feeling was marvelous. She was really generous with her moans but not too loud, I think because we were in the living room. Fucked for a while in that position, she was riding me and then we switched to doggy style. She kneeled on the sofa with her hands on the headrest and I was behind her. I fucked her hard in the style with my hands grabbing her boobs and waist. She was really a moaner with the occasional flicking the hair and looked back at me. I think she was nearly close as I realized she was rubbing her own clit with one hand and her moans got sexier with some fuck, god, don’t stop, harder, oohh ahh… Thrown in. Suddenly, she gave the distinctive moan ooohh ahh ahh ahh, when she cummed. And I realized she cummed but I continued fucking her. I was still not close yet as I cummed twice earlier. I continued fucking her which really made her high as she continued to hump me back as well, for a while. And she just stopped and lay down slumping to the sofa. I stopped fucking her, took off my condom and just lay down beside her spooning her. I knew action two will be soon as she hand job me to make me hard.

I think I fell asleep for a little while as the thing that woke me up was a nice warm wet mouth sucking on my dick. Looking down I realized Erin was giving me a blowjob. Within minutes or seconds my dick was solid hard again. I pulled her up and brought her close to me and we kissed and frenched while we were lying down on the sofa. Slowly taking our time enjoying the time. It was about 11 pm when I asked her, “What time is your boyfriend coming back tomorrow?” She said that he will reach airport about 4 something pm. Smirking, I said, “So I have tonight and tomorrow until after lunch to savor this beautiful body,” caressing her up and down. “You wish.” Erin said and proceeded to break free and run up to her room.

I quickly followed her and when I reached her room, she was lying face up in bed and nothing clothing her with her leg spread wide and she was rubbing her clit. Sexy and quickly I kneeled at her pussy, replacing her hand with my tongue, mouth and fingers. Licking her, rubbing her and with my finger in her as she kept on moaning. In the room, her moans were quite loud (For my taste.), but I didn’t care as her moaning was like the crowd encouraging a guy in an Olympic race. I continued to lick and finger her when she pulled me upwards and said, “I want you inside me now…”

“Ok. Let me go take the condom first, you continue to make yourself wet.” While I started to walk to the door, down to the living room to the pack of condom. She held me back saying it was okay, she was safe and clean. “Don’t worry and I trust you’re clean too.” Giving her a look, my brain started to weight the pros and cons. She practically shared her sex life with my girlfriend and my girlfriend shared with me and she was with this guy for two years already, so far never heard that she got any disease, so I thought should be ok. Let’s fuck her raw.

I nodded my head and went on top of her and pointed my dick at her pussy, I started by rubbing my dick head up and down the length of her pussy and slowly pushed my dick into her. Once inside her, I moved in and out slowly, to let her feel the dick pushing in and out. She was really high as she kept moaning and my both hands were holding her hands down on both sides of the bed. I increased the tempo a bit and started to go faster and faster and faster getting more furious and harder. I practically fucked her up and up until her head reached the bed’s headboard and I held on to the headboard or wall and started to pound her furiously. She kept moaning and sensing I was near, I told her I was close. She said, “Me too, me too, don’t stop, shoot inside me, my period coming in a few days… Fuck me, fuck me harder, let’s cum together… Fuck man. Fuck fuck fuck…”

I fucked her hard and after a loud groan from me, I cummed and shot inside her and I kept groaning and moaning till my load was over and as I lay on top of her, she got her own orgasm as well as she suddenly hugged me tight and her body was liked convulsing. I lay on top of her for a few more seconds after she cummed before I rolled over and lay down beside her like a dead body, lungs gasping for air.

Soon, I fell asleep again…

Middle of the night, I woke up suddenly to the feeling of someone cuddling and hugging me. I was shocked at first because the room didn’t look familiar and I realized where I was. With Erin cuddling me, I started to think about what happened earlier and the sex with Erin. It started to turn me on, not so much, enough for me to caress Erin. I was lying face up with my right arm under her body and she was hugging me. I started to caress her back with my right hand, slowly caressing her side, ass and back. Got some soft hmmm responses from her. I pulled her closer to me which I think woke her up a little which she responded by giving me a kiss on the lips. I pecked her back, but she went back to sleep again. I pulled her closer again and again she mumbled something and gave me a peck but this time, I pecked her and frenched her. I pushed her back so that she was now lying on her back and I started to french her like hard. In the daze of the night, we started kissing and frenching.

I took hold of her hand and directed it to my cock while I started to massage her boobs. At the time, we were kissing like we never kissed before. Not long after I started to rub her pussy and my dick was now half erected. Her hand didn’t really do much, maybe she was still sleepy. Looking at her sleepiness, I told her to let’s have sex. She mumbled something but I couldn’t make out what it was. It didn’t bother me because I went down and licked her pussy to make her wet. This time, she was more responsive as she started to moan softly and sexily. After a few minutes of licking, I went 69, she blew job me, but most of the time, she was moaning and gasping for air. I switched positions and sat on her face with my cock at her mouth and started to mouth fuck her gently. She got the hint and started to blow me seriously.

Again, after a while later, I moved down and rubbed my dick on her pussy. Going into her missionary style, I fucked her hard at once because I wanted to cum fast and go back to sleep. We did different styles of missionary, from the usual, her legs spread wide, her legs wrapped around my waist, both legs on my shoulders (Which I loved it as it was deep and tight.), and finally, just the usual legs spread before I cummed. This time, I didn’t cum inside her, but instead right before I cummed, I pulled out, told her I was cumming and pointed it straight at her mouth. So I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed my cum.

After that, we both lay down on the bed again, same position, with her cuddling me and she touched my nose and said, “You’re so naughty.” I smiled at her and rubbed her back like how you rubbed a baby to sleep.

The next day we woke up close to 11 am because our stomachs were hungry. Waking up was normal, no action as we were hungry. We quickly went to shower together. Just the normal, touching, hugging, playing with each other in the bathroom. We decided to have lunch at one of the malls nearby and when we left home for lunch it was about 12 pm.

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