Vanessa’s Hallventures

Story submitted by: Valerie

Prim and proper, those two values had been ingrained into Vanessa‘s head ever since she was a young girl. Now in university, she still maintained those values, until one day…

Vanessa was a bright young lady, with an even brighter future. She had excelled in her academics throughout her entire life, and as a result, she found herself in one of the most prestigious universities in Singapore. She had been living in the hall for a little over a month and she was getting accustomed to the culture. It was difficult for Vanessa to understand how everyone in her university seemed to be so sexually driven, as she herself had barely explored her sexuality. She had only fingered herself once, in which she got caught and was told never to do it again. Her roommate, Natalie, was especially horny, it had only been about forty days, but she had already brought home several men from the night clubs in Singapore back to their shared room.

Vanessa shuddered when she thought of the things that must have been going on under those sheets. The noises made her uncomfortable, but also made her private regions moist. Nonetheless, Vanessa thoroughly enjoyed her hall experience. If only she knew, she was an object of fascination for many young men.

One Friday night, after the weekly hall sports session, Natalie suggested that they all head back to her room for some drinks and fun. As expected everyone agreed as it was a Friday night, and what are Friday nights for if you don’t let loose a little and get hungover on the weekends? Vanessa was a little iffy about the whole thing, but seeing that everyone was so excited about the affair, she conceded and cheerfully agreed to the little drinking session. While some of the gang chose to return to their rooms to freshen up, a small group had elected to simply go straight to the two girls’ room. This group consisted of Jacky, who carried a short and stout figure, Thomas, who was rather tall and lanky, and lastly Justin, who had the most athletic figure of the three boys.

The trio followed the girls back to their room and they started setting up the room for the night of fun. Midway through, Vanessa complained that she was feeling too sweaty and sticky and went to take a shower.

“I am sorry guys, I am just a little too sticky and wet. Let me take a shower and I will come straight away alright?”

“Sticky and wet? Come straight away? More like cum straight away.” Justin thought. Vanessa had no clue, but her words had erected a tent in Justin’s Adidas shorts as lewd thoughts entered his mind. He watched her ass swayed from side to side as she picked out her clothes and made her way to the toilet. He managed to spot a lacy white bra, as well as a pair of lacy white panties to match, among the pile of clothes that Vanessa carried with her to the toilet.

As the crew finished their preparations, they decided it was only fair that they had a head start on the drinks, and they started off with truth or dare. After a couple of PG13 rounds, Justin could not bear the sexual tension anymore, and he initiated a dare onto Natalie.

“Natalie, I dare you to get Vanessa to unlock the toilet door and take a photo of her bathing.”

“What??? How am I supposed to do that? Oh my god, that’s crazy!”

“Hey, a dare’s a dare, you can’t back out. Just say you really need to use the toilet or something, I am sure she’ll do it for you.”

Not wanting to appear as a spoil-sport, Natalie knocked on the toilet door and asked:

“Vans! Could you open the door, please? I really need to pee! Faster!”

In seconds, a click was heard and the door was unlocked. Natalie rushed in and pretended to pee while she snapped some photos of Vanessa, completely naked and ignorant of what was happening. Natalie then quickly left and showed the pictures to the three boys as proof of her dare completion.

“Wow! I can’t believe you actually did it! Vans is so damn hot.” All three boys remarked. The photos Natalie had taken were indeed hot. Vanessa‘s perky pair of B-cup tits were on full display, as her pink nipples greeted the camera. The slender curves of her body only served to get the boys even harder. Her pussy was completely shaved, with no trace of hair. Prim and proper right? The pinkish shade was absolutely beautiful and what made things better was Vanessa‘s face in the photos. She was reveling in the hot water, and she had her mouth wide open, tongue sticking out, as if she was waiting for a facial.

“Okay, who’s next!?” Natalie quickly ordered. The rest of the game went pretty normally, with the occasional lewd dare. Other girls may have been a bit worried about receiving dares like ‘I dare you to touch my cock’ or ‘I dare you to make out with me for one minute’ or even ‘I dare you to let me squeeze your tits’ but Natalie was a-ok with these dares. One of the dares even featured Justin with his hand down Natalie’s pants, and vice-versa. Just as this was occurring, Vanessa opened the toilet door and shrieked in surprise as the sight.

“What are you two doing?!” She shouted as Natalie and Justin were busy with each other’s nether regions. Upon hearing Vanessa, Natalie and Justin immediately ceased their foreplay and apologized. With all this action, Jacky could no longer contain his hormones as he rushed off to the toilet to relieve himself. He locked the door shut, dropped his pants and he was about to start jerking off when something caught his eye. Right in the corner of the toilet, there was a basket. He eagerly made his way to the basket and lo and behold, his prayers came true. The basket contained the girl’s used clothes. Jacky gingerly sifted through the different fabrics in the basket until he finally arrived at something squishy. He lifted it up and found a bright pink sports bra. It was good, but not exactly what he was looking for. He continued his search and eventually, he struck gold. He gently lifted up a pair of white cotton panties with pink polka dots. He was not sure which of the two girl’s it belonged to, but at this point he didn’t care. They were both hot anyway. He pulled out another pair of panties, this one being a simple black pair. He planted his butt firmly onto the toilet seat and brought both to his nose. The smell was heavenly. The polka-dotted one was still wet with sweat, and Jacky assumed this must have belonged to Vanessa, who just changed out of it. He brought the black one up to his nose, as he used the white pair for his dick. The moisture immediately hardened his dick as he imagined fucking Vanessa‘s wet pussy. After a good five minutes, the arousal from sniffing Natalie’s pussy and having Vanessa‘s fresh, wet undies on his dick was too much. He unloaded his semen into Vanessa‘s pair, and wiped his dick clean with Natalie’s. He carefully buried both pairs under the mountain of clothes in the basket, and exited the toilet to rejoin the group.

Jacky was quite shocked at what he saw when he exited the toilet. Justin had Natalie in his lap, arms wrapped around her tummy, dangerously close to her ripe tits. Thomas had his arms around Vanessa, who was clearly uncomfortable, but obviously did not know how to reject his advances. The whole group was clearly a little drunk. The group had now changed the game to King’s Cup, and long story short, Jacky had to down a cup of wasabi, chili peppers and soya sauce. By this point, Natalie was halfway out of her mind, as she gently swayed from side to side in Justin’s lap, her eyes closed. Justin had taken the opportunity to cop the occasional squeeze of her tits and it didn’t appear as if Natalie minded. Vanessa was lying down on Thomas’ lap, her head a few centimeters away from his raging erection. Thomas had placed his arm right in the middle of Vanessa‘s chest, right where her tits met. Vanessa was completely and utterly wasted. All she could think about was trying to keep her puke inside of her.

As the night progressed, Justin and Natalie had embarked on an adventure on Natalie’s bed. The couple were buried beneath the sheets, but it was quite obvious that they were having fun. Jacky decided to try and join the couple, and he discreetly climbed onto the bed, fondling Natalie’s assets whenever he got the chance. Thomas had picked Vanessa up and placed her on her bed, but as he tried to get in bed with her, Vanessa resisted.

“No! Don’t come any closer!” Vanessa retorted. Thomas was too drunk to care about her resistance and he forced himself onto her bed.

“Relax! I just want to lie down, the other bed is full, can I just rest here?”

“Huh! Oh… Umm, alright I guess, but don’t come too close to me!”

With that said, Thomas climbed onto the bed as Vanessa closed her eyes and tried to remember where she was. He admired her facial features, and her beautiful figure. It was only a matter of time before he could no longer control himself.

“Hey Vanessa, I have liked you since the first day of orientation, I have never gotten the chance to tell you, but I am telling you now.”


Thomas’ words were met with a snore and Thomas sighed. He was a bit bothered that he didn’t get to hear her response, but in his head, he sort of believed that Vanessa liked him too. Another thought crept into his head, this time, a kinky one.

“I am pretty sure she likes me, so doesn’t that mean I can just have my way with her and she’ll want it?” He thought to himself. He crept his hand over slowly and quietly, over to Vanessa‘s waist. From there, he ventured upwards, towards her chest. He slipped his hand into her shirt, and under her bra, and gave her nipples a squeeze. The more Thomas fondled Vanessa, the more aroused he got, and since there was no resistance, he assumed he was doing the right thing. He slipped his other hand into Vanessa‘s FBT shorts, and under her lacy panties. His finger soon found her clitoris, and he began flicking it, occasionally entering her hole. Vanessa moaned subconsciously, as the pleasure surged through her unconscious body. This only served to embolden Thomas, as he slipped his pants off and guided Vanessa‘s hand to his dick, using it to stroke up and down. He was enjoying himself with Vanessa‘s sexy body. He wanted to go all the way tonight. There was no way he was going to let this chance slip away. He spun Vanessa around on the bed so that her body faced his and quickly removed her shorts. He positioned his dick right in front of her pussy, and with one hard thrust, sent his manhood straight into her virgin pussy.

“Aghh-“ Vanessa screamed, but her screams were quickly muffled by Thomas’ mouth.

“Whagg ghe vuck???” Vanessa exclaimed in confusion as Thomas continued thrusting in and out of her, quickly increasing the tempo. Vanessa flailed wildly, trying to hit Thomas and push him away, but it was to no avail. Thomas might have been skinny, but Vanessa was too drunk and weak to push him off.

“Plead stvop!” Vanessa moaned into Thomas’ mouth, as his tongue tirelessly flicked around in her sweet mouth. Tears streamed down her face as she finally came to terms with the situation. She was getting fucked by someone she barely knew. She hadn’t even had an orgasm before.

With a few final thrusts, Thomas groaned loudly and shoved his dick as far up as he could manage and shot his cum all over the insides of her pussy. When he was done, he pulled his dick out and was greeted by a white fluid flowing out of her pussy. He had successfully unloaded in her. His dick was actually quite swollen from the tightness of Vanessa‘s pussy. It had literally squeezed him dry.

“You fucker!” Vanessa screamed as she punched and kicked Thomas.

The threesome on the other bed stopped momentarily as they heard the commotion.

“What happened Vans?” Natalie asked.

“He-he raped me and he wouldn’t let me go, it hurts so much Nat…”

“What the fuck Thomas? You even came inside of her? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Natalie screamed.

Thomas looked sheepish and quite nervous as the other two boys got up from the bed and approached him menacingly.

“I didn’t know you were that kind of guy Thomas.” Justin said as he kicked Thomas in the balls. The two boys beat on Thomas for a good ten minutes before finally throwing him out of the room. Right as that happened, the rest of the hall showed up, smiles on their faces, all ready for the night of fun. They quickly realized something was amiss and rushed into the room. There they saw Vanessa with her tits hanging out, pussy leaking cum. Natalie with nothing on except for her bra. Justin was decked out in his underwear.

“Hey guys, let’s go and drink somewhere else, and can a few of us stay behind to make sure everything is okay?” Someone said.

The group went into the room next door, as a few girls and guys went over to Vanessa and adjusted her attire and covered her up. They found out what happened and consoled her.

Vanessa felt broken, used even. She had never even thought about sex before, but now she had just been fucked so hard so could barely stand. The cum dripped from her pussy served as an even harsher reminded of her circumstance. She was no longer pure, no longer the girl she was raised to be, she was stained and soiled. She hated herself. But even she had to admit, she loved the feeling of a cock in her pussy.


Source: Valerie

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