Vacation Sleepover at My Girlfriend’s House


It was the vacation and my girlfriend, Jade, invited me over to have a sleepover at her sister’s house so that we could do things when her sister went off to work.

Jade‘s sister, Kate, was really pretty. It was my first time meeting her when she came home for dinner in this Little Black Dress that I could not help throwing glances at her.

She teased me a little by bending over to get some chicken wings, giving me a good view of her down blouse. I excused myself right after dinner to the common bathroom while Jade went to her room. Kate volunteered to wash the dishes like what an elder sister would.

In the toilet, I noticed two different pair of lingerie’s – one with a smaller cup. Obviously the bigger one belongs to Kate and I did not really think much while peeing. The night came and we went to sleep.

I was a little frustrated that Jade did not want to have sex on the first night because she was really tired. Tossing and turning in her bed, I suddenly thought about her sister and the lingerie I saw in the bathroom.

Little did I know that Kate was one horny woman.

I went to the toilet again, this time to try to jerk my horniness off. I looked at the two different pair of lingerie’s in the basket. I picked Kate‘s up and started jerking off with it cupped between my dick. It was so wrong, but I could not care less. I needed to release.

While batting my meat, the toilet door suddenly opened. I was holding my shaft while Kate was left stunned outside. She blushed when she saw what I was doing – her black bra was in my hands. She instantly recognized it, so she muttered sorry and helped me to close the door in hopes that I would finish off my job. I could not continue and decided to leave it as it is.

Kate was outside the bathroom waiting to use it. I got out and hurriedly excuse myself back into Jade‘s room. An hour later, still not asleep, I noticed the room door open. Kate tiptoed into the room and lay on top of me.

In her right hand was the black bra from the bathroom. She placed it on my body and asked me if I liked it. What a weird question to ask, but since she saw what I did in the bathroom, I excused her for asking such a question.

She gave me a peck and without saying a word, she moved to pull down my boxers. This was so wrong, but I did not stop her. She placed my dick into her mouth and starting sucking it off. The slurping sound she was making was a little loud and I whispered to her to keep the volume down. I was afraid that Jade would wake up anytime.

“I owe you one for interrupting,” she whispered while she freed her mouth and stroked on my dick. After explaining, she continued blowing me like she was really hungry for my dick.

We paused for a moment when Jade turned over in her sleep. Kate removed my dick from her mouth and smiled at me. She took her bra and cupped it on my dick. Grabbing hold of my tool tightly, she stroked it together with the bra. She could see that I was going to cum any moment, placed one of the bra cup above my dickhead and stroked my dick even harder. I came within seconds onto the inside of the bra.

Placing her black bra to the side, she sucked and cleaned my head to tidy up the job before getting up. She removed her Little Black Dress slightly to wear the cum-filled bra. With the moonlight shining into the room, I could see her smile brightly. She certainly loved it. I whispered to her before she left the room, “I owe you one, too.”

The next day, we exchanged eye contact during breakfast. I could see her smile as she adjusted her bra at the dining table. No points for guessing things right, but she must have worn the cum-filled bra through the night. At breakfast, she donned this white tank top with pink FBT shorts. I started having while thoughts when I saw her.

As Kate was on leave, we all decided to gather in the living room to catch a movie I brought from home. It was an adult movie with nude scenes and coarse language. Jade probably felt awkward since we were cuddling each other while Kate sat beside us. I definitely did not feel awkward at all!

Sitting in the middle of two ladies, I could not concentrate on the movie. I peeked both sisters’ smooth legs as both of them are in their comfortable FBTs. While Jade had her eyes fixated on the TV, playful Kate rubbed my thigh quickly. I started planning through the movie on how to lay on Kate.

Things were made easier when the movie finished and Jade went down to the supermarket to buy some snacks. The horny sister was ready and I told her we got to finish quickly.

Kate helped me off my boxers to spring out my dick. It was not at full hardness yet so she showed me that she was commando under her FBT. I pushed her onto the sofa and shoved the FBT’s crotch to inspect her pussy. I started licking to get her really horny before she told me she was getting wet.

I quickly placed my dick into her already-wet pussy and she let out a soft moan. I pumped her quick and her moan got louder. We changed positions as she took off her FBT and got on top of me.

For three minutes she rode on top of me. Her moans were quite loud and it was exciting. She took off her tank top and indeed she was in that same black bra from yesterday night. Kate managed to throw a wink at me while riding and moaning.

She took off her bra and pulled out from my dick. Since the right cup of the bra was already cum-filled last night, she decided to make it even by placing my dick on the left cup. She stroked my dick slowly even though we were rushing for time, but I do not mind that.

But little did I know, Jade was back. At the same moment the wooden front door opened, I unleashed my cum onto Kate‘s black bra. Jade was left stunned as she saw her sister fully naked while I was lying on the sofa with my dick out. Wearing on the bra, Kate said, “He is really good!” As she placed a finger into her bra, took it out and licked it in front of Jade.

I stood up and quickly wore my boxers, but Jade stopped me.

“You do not have to,” Jade stared at me in the eyes. I was expecting my girlfriend to get angry at me, but instead the unexpected happened.

Jade pushed her sister back to the sofa and they started what looked like a catfight. Well, a sexy one that is. Before I could get hold of what was happening in front of my eyes, Jade took off her white t-shirt and shoved her small tits onto her sister’s face, “You bitch!”

If that was how Jade was going to get angry for what we have done, I would not mind that. It looked more like a sexy punishment which was not fierce at all. I went behind Jade and slapped her ass real hard.

She was caught off guard and fell onto her sister. Her lips planted on the other pair and within a split second, they started making out like lesbians. I looked at them, then looked down at my little brother. It has gotten hard again. I smiled.

I went ahead to pull down my kneeled-down girlfriend’s purple FBT as she wriggled to assist me in taking it off. She was wearing the cute new purple panties I bought for her. I looked at her from behind, she looked fabulous in a matching purple bra. But I needed to take them off later.

The sisters slowly sat up while frenching each other as I sat behind Jade. I started rubbing her crotch from the outside and then moved my hands into her panties to finger her cootchie. She let out soft moans while her mouth was still intact in her sister’s.

As the front door was not closed, I told them to move into one of the rooms while I helped to close the door. I ran into the room with glee and was greeted by the sight of the sisters lying in bed helping each other to masturbate. “Let me have some of my girl,” I told Kate.

I started licking my babe from below with delight while Kate sucked on Jade‘s nipples. Jade stared at me. It was the first time I am licking her. I switched roles with Kate after a couple of minutes. Kate exclaimed while licking as liquid started gushing out of my girl’s pussy. Jade was moaning and enjoying every moment of it.

Enough of all the girl-on-girl action, I told them it was my turn to have some fun. “But you already had some fun,” Kate replied cheekily while helping her sister to take off her undergarments. They exchanged kisses before facing each other and nodded. They wanted my dick.

I positioned myself in bed while Kate went 69 with me. Her pussy tastes as good as her sister’s. Both of them had equal amount of shaven pussy hair. “You guys should shave your pussy hair together more often,” I told them. They looked at each other again and agreed with me.

As Kate sucked on my dick, Jade licked on my balls. I was enjoying every moment of it. Kate got up to let Jade have her turn. My girl licked and kissed my rod before placing it into her mouth.

The sucking lasted for a little while and Jade thought that it was the turn for her to get on top of my toy. Holding her hips after inserting, I pounded her. Kate helped rubbed her sister’s pussy while we were doing it. I told them I am already reaching my limit and would love to release it soon.

The elder sister got back to her fetish idea and told Jade to get off my dick. Kate sucked the tip of my dickhead while Jade sucked the side of it. Kate then took her sister’s purple bra and guided Jade by holding her hand to stroke my shaft. “Cumming soon,” I said.

Kate placed the bra in position and stroked harder on my dick as Jade watched her sister do her fetish stuff. I released my hot white load onto my girlfriend’s bra and immediately, Kate helped her sister to put it on. While adjusting her bra, Jade looked at me, “That was some hot cum.”

“You should thank your sister for her weird fetish ideas,” I smirked.

What a wonderful day I had with the sisters, I thought. Kate‘s fetish was really weird though, and she must have thought of it when she saw my jerk off.

My girlfriend looked thoroughly satisfied and allowed me to come over whenever her sister needs to fulfil her sexual desires. Jade remained my girlfriend while Kate became my side buddy. We occasionally had threesome once fortnightly. Up till today, I have been coming onto both of their first cum-stained bras for a few months now. I am such a lucky student, but I will never know when will Jade‘s sister change her fetish. I await the day.



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