University Schoolmate – Ann


My name is John, 21 year old currently and doing a degree in a local university. Over the past few months spent in school be it lectures or CCA’s, I had met many pretty girls and got to know quite a number of them. But there was this particular girl who never failed to catch my eyes. Her name is Ann. She’s about 1.64m, had long black flowing hair and a flawless complexion. What attracted me the most was her bright, round sparkling eyes that can easily mesmerize anyone. Her usual dress sense was a tank top that flaunted her figure with a mini skirt that would make all guys turn their head to take a second look at her long slender legs. She may dress up like a typical ‘Ah lian’ to some people, but often people failed to realize her angelic and rather innocent face.

I got to know her during my orientation camp a few months back. We didn’t really keep in contact after the camp though. Much as I wanted to find a chance to talk to her, but me being shy as always, didn’t dare to. Finally, one day, my chance came.

I was playing street soccer with my fellow lecture mates on a Thursday afternoon. Besides the street soccer court, there was the field where a group of girls was playing touch rugby. Usually when I played soccer I will remove my spectacles and thus I didn’t realize that Ann was actually one of them among the touch rugby girls.

“Wah, there the girls’ not bad leh. Got a few of them quite chio.” Ben made a remark after glancing over at the girls’ direction. Ben’s my good buddy of about 8 years, sharing the same Secondary School and Junior College as me.

“Play soccer lar, see what girls, wait I go tell Xiao Lin then you know.” I jokingly replied him. Xiao Lin was Ben’s new girlfriend whom he just met in the school.

While talking to Ben I didn’t realize the ball suddenly flew over. Playing as a defender and seeing Ben rather concentrating on the girls, I made a hurried attempt to clear the ball away. I hit the ball as hard as I could, away from the goal mouth and off it went… Towards the group of girls playing touch rugby!

The ball kept spinning and it hit one of the girls’ head! “Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed. I could hear the poor girl let out a loud cry as she fell onto the grass patch.

“Wah… You damn cunning leh… I only say got a few babes there and you so fast take action liao. Power lar John, use this trick to know girls… Not bad also ar!”

I didn’t reply to Ben’s stupid remarks as I was more concerned with the girl who was being hit by my soccer ball. I ran over hoping that the poor girl was alright.

“I am so sorry, are you alright?”

“Arrgg… I guess so…”

She rubbed her head and turned over. I immediately recognized her. It was Ann!

“Hey, it is you, John.”

“Yea, it is me. I am so sorry Ann, I shouldn’t have kicked the ball so hard. Are you sure you are fine?”

“Nah, don’t worry, it is just a little painful that’s all. The pain will get by soon.”

I was very embarrassed by what happened and especially when the rest of the girls were staring at me like I was some alien from another planet. I quickly apologized to them for disrupting their game and did another check with Ann before leaving the field with my face totally red.

“Wah, your aiming good sia… Among so many girls so zhun hit the most chio one. Normally I see you shoot balls at goal mouth also not so zhun lor!” Another of Ben’s stupid joke as he was laughing at my latest plight.

The sky looked gloomy. Expecting a rain soon, we decided to call off the soccer game. I turned to look at Ann, she seemed to be alright, continuing with her game after that freak accident. Thus, I left the court and headed to the washroom for a shower.

Almost half an hour later, I stepped out of the washroom and headed towards the bus stop. By then it already started raining. I was hoping to catch another glimpse of Ann but she was nowhere to be seen.

I walked towards the bus stop. “Damn, the bus will be damn crowded at this time.” I thought. I took out my water bottle and took a sip of water when suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned and when I saw who it was, I was nearly choked by the water in my mouth.

“Geezz… Easy. Are you ok?”

“Yea, I am fine.” I coughed. Damn, I was so useless, my second time embarrassing myself in front of her.

“Erm… Your head, is it alright?”

“Haha, your stupid ball hit me so hard, it is a little painful still actually.”

“Oh mind… I am so sorry… Is there anything I could do for you?”

“Huh? Like?”

“Erm… I… I mean, I am so sorry… I mean, if you need to see a doctor then let me know… I will pay for the medical fees.” Damn… Am I stupid or what!

“Take it easy John, it is not that serious. Oh, my bus is here.”

“Eh… So fast? I mean… Goodbye…” I turned and looked and I was suddenly stunned for a second. “Hey, that’s my bus too.” Inside me, I was so damn excited and overjoyed. Maybe I will have a chance to see her again since we took the same bus to school. Maybe we lived near each other… Or maybe we could be neighbours. Maybe I was dreaming.

“Oi… Dreaming ar? I thought you say you are taking this bus too?”

“Yea, yea, coming!”

As usual the bus was crowded, but this time to my delight. Both of us were squeezed into one corner of the bus and for the first time I realized what she was wearing. She was wearing a tight pink tank top that revealed her boobs. I was never really good with boobs judging, but I took my pick on a 34C. Matching her pink tank top was a denim mini skirt that once again revealed another marvelous asset of her – her lovely pair of legs. I couldn’t help but kept staring. As the crowd got worse over the next few stops, we were squeezed in more. The usual me would have cursed and swore, but this time I was not complaining. We were standing so close to each other that I could actually smell her. Our shoulders were touching each other and there was so little leg room for both of us such that her legs kept brushing against mine. Our hips were very near each other too, and if I just made a 45-degree turn I would have been in a ‘Doggie’ position with her. (If she bent down.)

Before I even finished fantasying, she suddenly turned her front to me. Her whole body practically brushed against mine. Due to the very limited legroom, my left thigh was actually pressing against her denim skirt.

“Hey John, do I smell? I didn’t take a bath after my training just now. Do I smell quite bad?”

“Huh? You want me to smell you?” Arrgg… Another of my silly reply. My brains just refused to work in front of pretty girls.

“No lar, aiyo… Haha, never mind.”

“So where do you stay?” She asked me.

“Jurong Ave 3. How about you?”

“Hey same. I just moved in last week only. I lived at block 413.”

“That’s just 3 blocks away. I lived at 416!”

Oh goodness! Things couldn’t have been any better. She lived so near me! Imagine I could take the same bus to school with her every morning and the same bus back. And don’t forget about the cheap thrill of squeezing together with pretty lass. I thought this was better than striking 4D!

Finally we reached our destination. It was an enjoyable trip back home with our body brushing against each other. I was getting a mini hard-on throughout. We alighted and the rain was still pouring as usual. Thank goodness I had an umbrella. I removed it from my bag.

Ann started looking at me. “Wow, I seldom know guys who carry an umbrella along with them.”

“You will appreciate when it is raining so heavily like now.” I replied back gleefully.

“Yes, I will appreciate it if you can share it with me?”

“Erm… Sure.” I coolly answered, but in my heart, I was shouting with joy. For once I enjoyed walking under a heavy rain.

It was a 5 minutes’ walk to her block when I realized my little adventure was about to end. I was determined not to end just here. My mind thought of an evil plan…

“Ar damn it! I just remembered I left my waist pouch in my school locker!”

“Oh… You have got anything important in there?”

“Yea… My house keys.” I replied sadly. I purposely looked at my watch to check for the time. “It’s gonna be another hour before my parents will be back home. Guess I will hang at the void deck then.” I started praying, hoping for the reply I wanted. She looked at me, took my hand and checks my watch for the time. “If you want, you can come over to my place and have a seat. But my mum will be back home in an hour’s time too. So you have to leave before she’s home.”


“Aiyo, I have never seen a guy so wishy-washy like you. It is raining so heavily and the wind’s blowing so strongly, you want to freeze yourself at the void deck ar? And I might need you to help me do something too.” Ann gave me a playful smile.

“Huh? Do… Do what? Do what… Thing in your house?”

“You still dare to say, your stupid ball left me with a bruise on my head. Maybe you can help me apply some ointment. Then you think do what?”

“Oh, I thought… Er, I mean… Ok lor. I guess I owe you that.” I answered with a bit of reluctance, but only I myself knew how thrilled and exultant I really was!

Ann lived on the 12th floor. We took a lift up to the 11th floor and walked up 1 storey. While walking up the stairs, there’s a garang kuni man coming down. I made way for him by shifting to the left side of the stairs, which led me to be directly behind Ann, and she was a few steps ahead of me. I looked up and almost got an instant hard-on. I caught a great view of her lovely legs, but the angle wasn’t just quite enough for me to see her panties. The devil in me woke up and I had the urge to bend down to check out her panties.

“Better not. What if she catches me doing that? I better not embarrass myself.” I thought.

Within the next few seconds we reached her house. She unlocked the metal gates and we entered. It was a 3 room flat, though small, it was nicely decorated. The place looked neat and tidy.

“Wow, your place is damn neat and tidy. You do the housework?”

“Hehe, yea. I do most of the housework. Mum’s got to work so I will try to ease her burdens as much as I can. You take a seat first. I will go take a quick shower. Can’t stand the leftover perspiration from my rugby training. Make yourself at home!”

I sat down on the sofa as Ann went into her room.

“My room’s door is spoilt and can’t be closed. So don’t you dare peep at me changing ok!” Ann shouted out from her room. Before I could reply, she was already out from her room wearing an oversize tee shirt that covered all the way to her knees. I turned and looked at her. I wondered if she’s wearing anything underneath that oversized shirt. The thought of her not wearing anything underneath made my dick hard.

“I am going to shower, don’t anyhow go in my room hor.” Again, before I could reply, she had already walked into the kitchen and I could hear the toilet door closing. I sat on the sofa for another minute. Getting bored, I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I could hear the showers and boy, was I getting excited. I couldn’t stop thinking how Ann‘s naked body will look like behind the toilet door.

All of a sudden I heard the noise of keys. Someone seemed to be unlocking the metal gate. Damn it! Is that her mum? I knocked frantically onto the toilet door. “Hey Ann, I think your mum’s coming back. Someone’s unlocking the door!”

The showers in the toilet stopped. “Oh my god! I think my mum’s back. She will hit the roof if she sees you. Shit!”

I looked towards the direction of the wooden door, expecting it to be opened any time by her mum. Then the door opened, no it was not the wooden door. It was the toilet door instead.

“Quick! Come in here and hide. Don’t let my mum see you!”

Ann pulled me in just in time when her mum unlocked and pushed open the wooden door. Now I was standing in front of Ann, and she was wrapped only in a towel that covered only up to her upper thighs. This time, surely there’s nothing underneath that towel. I stared at her. My bulge beneath my jeans grew larger… And harder.

I stared at Ann. Looked hard at the towel which was the only piece of cloth covering her nakedness. I looked as if I was able to see through it. “Er… I don’t think… This is a… Good idea… I think maybe…” I stuttered.

She immediately put my index finger in front of my lips. “Shhh…”

I stopped my sentence. Just when she was putting her finger on my lips asking me to keep quiet, her sudden action almost made the tiny white towel dropped. Ann quickly turned her attention back to her towel and held onto it. The towel slipped down a few inches, but her hand moved fast enough before her nipples were exposed. I stared again. Speechless… Shocked… Can’t imagine my luck today, being stuck in the toilet with a beautiful girl clad only in a short towel. The bulge in my jeans nearly burst out. I actually moved my hands down and adjusted the position of my dick to a more comfortable one.

Ann was too concerned with her mum instead. It seemed that she wasn’t too bothered with the fact that she’s hiding her nakedness in front of me with just a towel. She put her ears closer to the toilet door as if expecting any sound from her mum.

Ann you bathing ar?”

“Yes mum, I just got back home, how come today you come back so early?”

“Having a headache today. So boss let me leave an hour earlier lor.”

Even when they were talking, my attention on Ann didn’t shift. There were still some foam on her hair and boy, did she look sexy with her wet hair. Droplets of water were flowing down her face and arms. I was on the verge of removing my jeans and masturbate.

Ann looked at me. She suddenly blushed, finally realizing her almost-nakedness in front of me. She looked down and saw the bulge on my jeans. We didn’t speak a word. I then turned 180-degree away from her, to spare her from the embarrassment even though I still very much wanted to enjoy my eye-candy. “I am sorry I didn’t…”

From behind me, Ann‘s hands cupped my mouth before I could finish my sentence. “You idiot! You want my mum to hear you is it? She’s just outside.” Ann whispered.

Both her hands were busy covering my mouth and she was standing so close to me. I could feel her boobs against my back. Wait… I feel something dropped onto my heels. I looked down and it was a white towel… Don’t tell me…

“Don’t you dare turn back and look at me!” She whispered again. I could hardly breathe. My heart was thumping so hard. My bulge was getting even harder. I was feeling excited, thrilled and a little tense as well. Ann‘s now standing behind me, naked. Her hands still cupped onto my mouth. This time there’s not even a towel covering her body.

I wondered how her boobs looked like. What color were her nipples? How about her pussy? I would love to see a shaven pussy. She released her hands that were on my mouth. “Don’t you dare make a sound or turn back to look at me.” She whispered into my ear. I could sense a stern tone in her warning.

I couldn’t resist it anymore more… Should I just turn and look at her naked body?

“No, I can’t. I can’t do such a thing. It is too downright despicable. I will be invading into her privacy.” I decided that I should respect her warning.

“Mirror… There must be a mirror in the toilet. She only asked me not to turn around, but she didn’t say I can’t peep using the reflection of the mirror!” I shifted my eyes around the surrounding of the toilet. I saw this mirror hanging on the wall to my right. I strained my eyes and moved my head a little towards the welcoming mirror. From the corner of my eye I managed to catch a glimpse of her. Ann was bending down to pick up the towel. I could only see her bare back and the side of her firm butt. I almost wanted to move my head more towards the mirror when she suddenly looked into that mirror too! I instantly jerked my head away from the direction of the mirror. Damn! She must have caught me peeping at her through the mirror! Shit!

“Erm, mum, you there?” Ann shouted out of the toilet.


“My hair conditional shampoo used up liao, can you help me get a new bottle from the Econ mini mart downstairs?”

“So fast used up meh? I thought you just buy last week?”

“Oh, I accidentally spilled the whole bottle out just now. Don’t mind help me buy a new one now? Please mum?” Ann quickly squeezed out the whole bottle of her shampoo into the toilet bowl. I turned around and the towel was already back in place, just enough to cover wherever needed to be protected against my eyes.

“Ok. You ar, always make me do extra work one. You wait a while lar, I will go down now.”

Ann let out a sigh of relief. She was breathing so hard just now and I could see that her boobs were almost spilling out of the towel due to her heavy breathing. “Can you don’t stare at me like that? I feel quite naked now, you know?”

“I am sorry…” My whole face turned red as I turned away from her, facing the mirror instead. Either way I still got a good view of her almost naked body.

After a minute or so, she slowly opened the toilet door. She put her head out and peeped outside. Confirming that her mum was out of the house, she ushered me out of the toilet quickly.

“Quick, quick! Go before my mum is back.” She ran towards the bunch of keys on the table, one hand holding the key, the other hand holding firmly onto the short and teasing towel that kept my bulge hard as ever. As she ran across the living room, her body movement was tempting the towel to be dropped any time. While keeping my eyes on her, I bent down to pick up my bag that was fortunately left unseen by her mum beside the sofa. I took my time to bend down to retrieve my bag, hoping to catch a view of her bare ass.

Suddenly the metal gate was being unlocked from outside.

“Hey Mrs. Tan, just got back from work ar?”

“No lar, wanted to go down buy shampoo for my stupid daughter. But I just remembered the mini mart today close. Ayio, that girl ar, always give me trouble one.”

Ann immediately recognized her mum’s voice. “Into my room!” She pointed into the direction of her room. I quickly grabbed my bag and dashed into the room.

She then hurriedly followed me, hands still holding onto the towel that seemed to be wrapping looser and looser around her sexy body.

“Close the door?”

“Didn’t I tell you my room door is spoilt? It can’t be closed.”

“Then… How?”

I heard the wooden door creaked open. The footstep of her mum seemed louder and louder.

“Behind the curtains!” Without any questions, I quickly stealth across her bedroom and hid behind the dark green curtains. The curtain was long enough to cover my whole body as I stood behind it anxiously. My heartbeat went up fourfold as I imagine what will happen if her mum caught me in Ann‘s room, with Ann not wearing anything less the skimpy white towel.

There was a small gap through the curtains and I could get a complete view of her room. The room’s door was spoilt and thus my view extended all the way to the living room as well. Ann was standing by her bed, hands still on the towel. As her hands held on even tighter onto the towel, she didn’t realize she was actually raising the towel further up her thighs. With her back facing against me, I could see her ass cheeks! This made me even hornier than just now. I almost felt like lowering my jeans and relieve my dick from the soreness of growing bigger and bigger inside my rather tight underwear.

Ann ar, downstairs the mini mart today close lar. One day don’t shampoo hair never mind one lar! Aiyo… Make me make a wasted trip down. Eh… You come out of your shower liao ar?”

“Yeeeaaa… Errr… Yea… I forgot just now I saw that the shop closed, so I just come out of the shower lor. Never mind lar… Er… I don’t wash my hair today lor.” I sensed the worries and the nervousness in her.

“Aiya you ar, always so blur one. Eh… Where’s your towel? I want to wash clothes liao. Give me your towel also, so long never wash liao.”

“Har? Now?” Ann answered in disbelief.

“Then when?” Ann‘s mum walked into the room. She looked to be in her late thirties. Her complexion can be considered quite good given her age. She’s what I would usually call lau chio. She’s wearing a body hugging spaghetti strap and a tight pair of jeans that showed off her firm butt. Her overall figure was pretty good and was still quite a looker to many guys I am sure.

“Quick lar, give me the towel. Shy what? Not like I never see you naked before.” Ann hesitated for a moment, seemed to be staring at the air dazing away.

“You ar, don’t waste my time lar. I need to quickly finish the laundry. Later going Mrs. Lee’s house for mahjong.” Without any warning, she thrust out her hand and pulled the towel away from Ann.

My jaw dropped. I saw her perfect back, her cute ass and her slender legs. She was standing in her full glory… Not quite facing me though. Her back was still facing me. “Mum!!!” Ann protested in vain, but her mum already left the room, leaving her with only her birthday suit. Her left arm quickly went across her chest to cover her boobs which must have been a 34C, while her right hand frantically covered her pussy.

I could feel my underwear getting a little wet. Apparently it seemed to me that she did not know I had a good view of her through the little gap of the curtain. She looked out of her room and checks for her mum. “John, you don’t come out ok? Just stay where you are and… And… Just look out of the curtains or anything ok?”

“O… K…” My eyes couldn’t stop staring at her sexy and tan body. Her body must have been a 34-24-34. My right hand was on my crouch, trying to shift my hard dick to a more comfortable position. My eyes, of course, kept glued on her.

Ann ran across her room towards the wardrobe. Her hands were still trying to cover her assets. This time she was facing me from sideways. I could see the side view of her boobs. Her right arm was only enough to cover her nipples, not quite the two lovely busts. I was waiting for her to reach for her wardrobe. Both her hands were busy, and she now must release one of them to pull open the wardrobe. I wondered which hand she would use. And what a great view awaited me.

Ann reached her wardrobe. She used her… Left hand! She pulled open the wardrobe… While presenting me a view of her pussy! I saw the small patch of black pubic hair above her pussy. It was well trimmed. What had been five seconds seemed like five hours to me as I didn’t even blink my eyes so as to treasure every ‘heavenly’ seconds that if I were to die now, I would die a happy man.

She pulled out a tee shirt. Her right hand was still on her boobs while she wore it using her left hand. I couldn’t take it anymore… I felt like masturbating right now! After putting on the tee shirt, she took out a pair of shorts. She quickly slipped into the pair of shorts and said to me, “Hold on…”

I obeyed her instructions as my eye were locked onto her still, even though now she’s clothed. Ann looked out of her bedroom, certain that her mum was in the toilet. “Ok, you can come out now.”

I walked out from the curtain, using my bag to cover the big bulge in front of my jeans. I was breathing quite heavily and perspiration was actually dripping down from my forehead. We stealth our way to the living room, keeping a close watch at the toilet door, hoping her mum won’t notice anything.

The metal gate was unlocked and I quickly made my way out. My bag was still covering my bulge.

“Erm… Just now did you see…?”

“Huh? Err, no! I didn’t see anything!” I responded quickly, trying to defend myself from peeping at her. As she was not wearing any bra underneath her tee shirt, I could see the shape of her two nipples protruding out. My eyes suddenly stopped at her chest.

“Ok, quick go… Before my mum comes out!”

“Ok, erm… Sorry for the trouble… Erm… See ya…” I scratched my head dumbly, in embarrassment yet to my delight, turned quickly and dashed away from her house as soon as I could.

By the time I came out of my little adventure from Ann‘s house, the rain had stopped. While walking back to my house, my mind was still filled with the flashback of her pussy. The thought of her cute little well trimmed pussy made me horny. The moment I got back home, I quickly unzipped my jeans, let out my already hard dick and masturbated away.

“Ringgggg!!!” My alarm clock sounded off.

I yawned sleepily. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I kept thinking of Ann in her skimpy towel. Of course also the part when she ran across her bedroom naked. Just the thought of it made my dick hard again. I checked my watch. It was 7 am. I looked out of the window towards the direction of Ann‘s block. How I wished I could go through what I went through yesterday. Perhaps even more… As my mind began to be filled with many horny ideas…

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