Under the Sun

Story submitted by: Tom

The sun blazed down on me as I was bored sitting on the beach, however, deciding that my decision to choose a beach as my holiday destination was probably the right one. I had won holiday vouchers as a bonus from work and as I was single at the time and wanted a break as quickly as possible, decided to book the next seven days off and out of our lovely island state. I wanted somewhere quiet, but still with a decent night-life and where I wouldn’t feel too out of place. I managed to book a villa all to myself. It had its own pool, my room had its own balcony and was situated a couple of minutes’ walk from the beach.

I had obviously been hugely excited about this unexpected holiday but now I was there I was definitely bored on my own. It was my second day, I had spent the first wandering round the town and exploring a little. Other than a couple of cool little cafés that I stopped in, there wasn’t much for me. I decided to just spend an afternoon chilling at the beach.

I walked down the beach wearing just a pair of black shorts and sunglasses. It wasn’t peak season, so the beach was dead empty with only one other person visible. It was a young girl lying on her front wearing a strapless swimsuit. I smiled as I took in her curves from a distance, she was wonderfully toned (In my mind, she certainly had abs.), and her arse looked fantastic from where I was. I laid down my bag and towel a respectable distance away, spying on her from behind my sunglasses. She appeared to be engrossed in a book so I took the chance to check her out a little more, she looked fantastic. Her top was tight and accentuated her small pert breasts and the bottom mostly covered her ass which looked smooth and inviting on top of long, beautifully toned legs. After a few minutes, I noticed that the girl had changed position and was now lying facing toward me on her side, still reading.

I must have been staring too hard, as she dropped the book and looked straight at me, and smiled. “Can I help you?”

“Uh… Yeah. I was just trying to make out what book you were reading.” I made out the first, most random thought that came to mind.

Laughing, she stood up and walked over to me, lying down her towel and bag next to mine. She looked stunning. As I had thought she seemed to have lovely breasts, full and firm in the tight material of the swimsuit with just the faintest outline of nipple poking through. She was wearing large sunglasses, but looked really pretty, her hair grazing her shoulders and looking amazing in the bright sunlight.

“I am Sophie.”

“John.” I introduced myself.

We fell into an easy conversation about our respective backgrounds and interests. From the stories we both told, it was clear we shared a love of partying. I was hoping she was a wild one. She was alone as her friend was hungover from last night and still passed out in bed. The conversation flowed on and soon we were giggling away about various daft drunken occurrences on nights out and at parties. My student years had been fairly wild, with lots of nights spent dancing and drinking at nightclubs.

Both laughing, we paused for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes and growing the sexual chemistry further. “The sun’s getting hot, did you apply sunscreen?” I said, breaking the silence before it got awkward.

“I did. Did you?” I shook my head. She turned and stretching into her bag beside me, giving me a magnificent view of the side of her breasts thanks to the tube swimsuit. “Here, let me get your back, we’ve been here a couple of hours without putting any on and you’re starting to get pink.”

I was more than happy with that and rolled over onto my front. Sophie squirted cold lotion on my back, giggling at my shivers. She straddled my backside, an unexpected, but not unwelcome move and began massaging the lotion into my shoulders. She took her time, but it still felt over too quickly, however Sophie must have enjoyed what she was doing as she turned and began rubbing lotion into the back of my legs. It felt so relaxing I started to doze off.

“Am I that boring?” She pouted.

“Yeah, just enjoying the feeling of your hands on me now.”

“Well, turn over so I can do your front then.” She said, lifting herself slightly to allow me to roll over. I drew breath as I saw the view: Sophie‘s gorgeous round ass, stretching against her string bottoms as she rested on her knees just inches away from my face. She poured more lotion onto my legs and began to slowly rub it in, seemingly gyrating her ass just a tiny amount. The suit came down across her ass and sat perfectly across her crotch, I could make out the faintest outline of her pussy lips, but no hairs, making me wondered if she was waxed.

This combined with Sophie‘s hands moving slowly up my legs to the bottom of my shorts to give me a rapidly growing erection. As Sophie was seated with her ass over my stomach, she would be able to see this clearly in the loose fitting shorts so I tried to control it, but only a little.

“And I thought I was just doing you a friendly favor and putting some sun cream on for you, but it seems like you’re enjoying this way too much!” She said in a flirting, jokey voice. “Your legs are done now anyway, time for your chest.”

With this she stood and turned around, straddling me again, but this time facing towards me and with her crotch directly over mine, almost touching my tented shorts. She squirted more sun cream onto my chest and slowly massaged it in, digging her nails in a little occasionally with a devilish look in her eye. I felt incredible with Sophie‘s hands running all over my chest and my cock was getting harder as her nails dug in again.

“You’ve got a fantastic body.” She told me.

“Thank you, so have you, I can’t wait to return the favor.” I said as I adopted my cheeky boy smile and raised my hips, grinding my cock into her slowly. She gasped lightly, but pushed back, leaning backwards and pushing me down.

“My turn!” I announced with almost childlike excitement in my voice. Sophie ground into my cock one last time, then climbed off, laying down on her front. I picked up the sun cream and stepped over her, lowering myself down so my now very obvious erection was just above her ass cheeks. I squirted a line of the lotion between her shoulders and down her back to where the suit finished just above her ass, causing her to shiver and her ass to bounce against my cock. I immediately ran my hands along her back, spreading the cream out to the sides of her suit. I had long, slender fingers and had always been able to give great massages so I set about it like a massage. Sophie was propped on her elbows so I began massaging her shoulders, moving the straps of her swimsuit to the side with no objection from her. She sighed deeply as I began to massage her shoulders more firmly so I took this as my cue to lower my cock further, sliding it along the perfect outline between her ass cheeks.

“Your skin is so lovely and soft.” I told her.

“Your hands feel amazing.” Came her husky, sensuous reply.

“Time for your legs now though I am afraid, don’t want such fantastic specimens getting burnt if you’re going to be showing them off later!” I said as I turned around, positioning myself midway along her back so I had a perfect view of her ass.

“Who said I am getting my legs out later?” Sophie joked back.

“You mean we arranged to hit the clubs and you’re not even going to wear a sexy little dress?” I asked in mock offense.

“Maybe if you rub that cream into them as well as you did on my back then I will!”

With that I placed a lotion covered hand on near each ankle and ran down toward her ass, stopping at the edge of her swimsuit with my hands lightly cupping each cheek. She gave her ass a little shake and opened her legs ever so slightly. I ran my hand back along her legs, starting at her ankles and slowly massaging cream all over her legs, focusing noticeably more on the inside of her thighs the higher I got. I stopped at her swimsuit line again, but this time with my fingers high on the inside of each thigh, on either side of her pussy but not touching it, continuing to massage gently.

“Naughty boy.” She told me, but shook her ass once, opening her legs further again.

I slid my fingers up so my hands met over her pussy, continuing to press against it and build a gentle rhythm. Sophie moaned lightly so I kept going until she groaned much more noticeably. I slid my right hand away to the edge of her suit and lifted it, wondering if she would stop me, but instead finding she opened her legs fully to give me more access.

“Naughty girl.” I told her as I pulled her suit aside, exposing her pussy to me.

I softly pulled her ass cheeks apart, causing her sweet flower to open up for me, I could see her pink folds looked soaking. I confirmed this by sliding my finger along them until I felt her clit, just out of sight from my position but sticking out looking for attention. She shuddered as I pressed down on it. I flicked my finger across it lightly a couple of times, causing her to twitch and sigh. I ran my middle finger around her nubbin in little circles, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed until she started shaking.

“Oh yesssss!” She exclaimed softly as she came.

I moved my finger off her sensitive clit and slid it slowly into her soaking wet entrance. She felt incredibly tight and hot, my finger getting barely in to the knuckle before finding resistance. I began to move my finger in and out of her, sliding deeper until that one and another were moving in and out. Sophie began to move her hips in time with my fingers, obviously building to another climax. I kept my even pace, allowing her to move faster along my fingers.

“God that feels great, you’re going to make me cum again.” She told me almost breathlessly.

“Yeah, let me feel you cum again, feel how tight and wet you get around my fingers.”

With this she let out a cry, stifled by her hand and bucked her hips wildly. I kept my fingers fully inside her, feeling her pussy grip them like a vice while simultaneously getting wetter by the second.

As her orgasms subsided, I slid my fingers out and used my other hand to pull her swimsuit back across and give her a gentle tap on the backside. “And I have not even started on your front yet!” I announced as I stood to turn.

She rolled over beneath me, looking blissful, with her sunglasses now back on, a huge smile, the shoulders of her swimsuit falling further down.

“Aww man, does that mean I can’t sit here and fondle these magnificent breasts for a while?” I joked as I straddled her hips again and put the fingers I had just used to bring her to her orgasm into my mouth. “You taste fantastic by the way.”

“Oh, alright, you deserve it I guess.” Was the winked reply, followed by her pulling down her swimsuit to show me her tits for the first time.

They were just as magnificent as I had joked. Small, but certainly more than a handful and capped by gorgeous, and now very stiff, pink nipples. I put a hand to each and gently squeezed, marveling at their softness. I didn’t notice her other hand moved until I felt it sliding up the leg of my shorts to grasp my cock.

I had been pretty much hard anyway, but feeling her small hand grip tightly around it caused it to surge further, growing in her hand.

“Fuck, you’re huge. I thought you were fully hard already!”

At this point we were looking each other directly in the eye, albeit with sunglasses on. My hands were full of her tits and one of hers was wrapped round my cock as we leaned forward to kiss for the first time, deeply and passionately.

“I need to feel you inside me.” Sophie told me.

This was just what I had been thinking. Sophie tugged at my shorts so I stood for a second to let her pull them off me completely, leaving me naked on the beach sporting a massive hard on. I sank back to my knees on her towel, lifting her legs as she raised her ass for me, allowing me to pull her swim suit off and take in her naked beauty. I could see her pussy was fully waxed and glistening with moisture, her clit poking out from between her lips. She lifted her legs to rest on my shoulders and grabbed my cock again, guiding it to her entrance and rubbing the tip against her lips. The heat and wetness coming from her pussy overwhelmed me as I pushed slowly inside her.

“Oooooohhh.” Sophie moaned as my thick, hard cock pushed her lips apart.

“You feel so tight.” I told her as I managed to slide around half my cock into her on the first push, before slowly drawing out and then in again. Her pussy was like a hot, wet vice grip around me, causing my cock head to pulse inside her as I pushed further in. I slowly slid myself in to the hilt, feeling our bodies grind together and causing me to gasp at the heat and tightness of her while Sophie continued moaning softly. I slid all the way out again, balancing the head of my cock at her entrance for a moment before pushing myself fully in again, with more speed and force this time. I began fucking her at a steady pace, her legs over my shoulders and her fantastic tits bouncing around on her chest as the sun beat down on us.

I ran my hands up and down her smooth legs as her wet pussy gripped my cock on each stroke. We continued in this steady rhythm for a few minutes, both of us reveling in the pleasure.

“This is so erotic, I can’t believe we’re fucking on the beach in the middle of the day like this.” I told Sophie as our eyes continued to lock onto each other through our sunglasses.

“Yeah, it feels so naughty but so good.” She replied, reaching up for her ankles and pulling them back toward her. “Fuck me harder.” Was her demand with which I was happy to comply, drawing all the way out again before slamming my full hard length into her. I began fucking her hard and fast, causing both of our moans to become louder and more frequent.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up this pace for very long. My cock was throbbing and felt harder than it ever had been, the horniness only added to by Sophie‘s now constant moaning. “Do you want me to come inside you?” I asked as I felt my hot seed rising in my balls.

Sophie could only nod as she moaned in pleasure. I slammed into her a final couple of times before my cock exploded, shooting stream after stream of cum into her hot, soaking pussy. I let out a roar as the initial burst went, collapsing on top of her legs panting as the rest of my cum shot inside her. I bent down further to kiss Sophie, with her legs still on either side of her head. I marveled at her flexibility as I slowly withdrew my cock, causing a small stream of our combined juices to dribble out of her pussy.

Sophie let go of her ankles and moved her legs down so she was lying in a normal position on the towel, panting as beads of sweat ran all over her body and glistened in the sunlight.

“Let me taste our juices.” She said, reaching for my still hard cock. She took the tip into her mouth, struggling to fit it all in even as I deflated slightly. “Mmm, we taste so good.” She told me with that devilish look on her face again. “We should get dressed and head off though. I expect you take me out to a good dinner before we hit the clubs later.” She stood as well as she pulled her suit on. “I am going to enjoy walking home to the boat with your spunk running out of my pussy and onto this material. I feel so hot and sticky.”

My cock started coming to life and twitching in eager anticipation of what was to come later that night.


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