Under Lock… But No Key – Compulsory Swimming


I remembered my first time I was introduced to porn when I was 10. At that age, all I had was ‘Drygasms’. I could do multiple orgasms then! Extremely sad that I can’t do it now.

At 11, I started to cum. And no more multiple orgasms. Really jealous that girls can cum so many times in a row, but boys can’t. 🙁 My family had not found out, but my mom spotted stains on my bed. Oops. Damn embarrassing.

Since then, I masturbated every day, at least 3 – 4 times a day! It wasn’t until Secondary 1 that my father caught me. He was knowledgeable about kinky stuff, but never discussed it with me. He got a chastity cage from China (He worked overseas 95% of the time.), and shamed me in front of my mother and sister (Younger.).

Ever since then, I had been in my little cage, unable to get any real pleasure… But I had lots of exciting adventures!

I was locked in Secondary one, nearing the end of the school term. At first, there was this weird sensation, like there’s something on your cock and balls. I couldn’t erect fully, as the tube contained me. The device was made so that if I got hard, the entire device will move a little forward with my penis head. That was pure torture as the ring at the base put pressure on my balls. The cage did its job: To make me soft. After a few weeks, I got used to it and can control my erection somewhat. I guessed what many of you are dying to know is the frequency of my orgasms. That will come later and it will be exciting! 😉

In Secondary 2, my school had compulsory swimming lessons. It was a real oh fuck moment. What if my friends found out? Or worse, what if someone gossiped and it spread to the whole school? I don’t know about other secondary schools, but in mine, words spread fast. When I started Secondary 1 for just one month, I got to know which were the sluts in the school. Until I got locked. Damn. Back to the story, I begged my mom (My dad only came home twice a year, with some rare random visits.), to let me take it off on swim days. She called my dad to discuss it with him, but to no avail. I had to stay on.

I wore the baggy beach shorts, which helped hide the bulge of the cage. It helped that the cage I was wearing is a CB-6000s, which was less noticeable than the others. Anyway, no straight guy was gonna looked so closely. The problem was the girls. Anyway, I was not that toned, so I should draw less attention to myself right? The swimming lessons were a consecutive 12 week thing. The first 2 weeks were fine, but the third week…

Jurong swimming complex

Coach: “Okay people, once you’ve warmed up, take 2 laps!”

My friend, Zack, was feeling a bit horny that day and said, “Eh, let’s wait at the back. Later, go underwater see the girls.”

Of course cannot reject, because it had been a while since I came. Some of the girls gave us angry looks, but didn’t call the coach. This went on and off until the end of the lesson. Zack even managed to ‘accidentally’ rub against a girl’s boob. Lucky guy. There was an option to stay behind after the lesson to use the public pool, like the wave pool, lazy river, etc. Me and Zack always hung back to play.

As we walked to the in-pool cafe to get some food, 4 girls stopped us.

A: “What’s your name and class?”

Zack: “Why? What’s wrong?”

A: “You just now go underwater look at us right?”

Me: “Err…”

B: “Don’t lie! We saw you and the other guy keep diving down for no reason!”

Zack: “No, we didn’t! I swear!”

A: “Tell the truth! No balls issit?!” (Heh, heh, my cock and balls were locked up.)

Zack: “Okay, okay. We did it. Sorry la.”

C: “You think sorry, got cure ah? Must at least buy us lunch right?”

Me: “Okay, so one lunch and we settle everything?”

B: “We see first.”

After we had finished lunch, they mercifully let us go. Really didn’t want to make a scene there. Learnt their names during the rest of the week. I was sure they were also doing some research of their own…

For A & B, they will be Amanda and Bernice. The next two were not as important, as they did not make frequent contact after that. The next week, Amanda and Bernice came looking for me after swim class. Zack told me later the other two confronted him too.

Bernice: “You think one meal enough or not? If I report to teacher then you in more trouble right?”

Me: “Then what you want? You know this is blackmail and extortion right? So both of us will kenna.”

Amanda: “But who will lose more, you tell me? And the teacher will more likely believe which story?”

Me: “Ok, ok, what do you want? Anything except money. I don’t have much.”

Bernice: “Then give us something interesting to entertain us.”

Me: “Ok, after school come to CC toilet.” (The unisex, handicap one. Hardly anyone used it.)

At that time, I just wanted them to go away, as a teacher was walking nearer. I panicked, I guess. Guilty conscience. And apparently Bernice was more open and kinky due to her having 2 older brothers.

After school, the two girls were waiting outside the CC toilet.

Amanda: “Eh, if you try anything funny, we will spread that you are a fucking pervert, ok?!”

Me: “Relax, it is very interesting one. But you must also promise not to tell anyone.”

Bernice: “You think you in control ah? Tell us what you want to do?”

Me: “This is worth more than the pervert story. If you guys can’t swear to keep it a secret, then tell the pervert story la!”

From their faces, it looked like it got their attention and got them thinking seriously. They agreed not to tell anyone else. At this point, I only had their word for it.

Me: “Okay. Let’s go in.”

As I unzipped my pants, I felt a sense of adrenaline, excitement of the unknown and a little bit of fear.

Amanda: “Woah, woah woah. Didn’t you say you won’t try anything?”

Me: “I got a… Cage on my dick. Still wanna see?”

Intrigued, Amanda allowed me to continue.

Bernice: “Wow. Why would you wear that thing? Who has the key?”

I told my story of me masturbating and getting caught. At the end, Bernice was surprised, but not too taken aback. Amanda had a look of disgust and confusion.

Bernice: “The last time you cum was 2 weeks ago??! Pathetic!”

Me: “So, can I go now?”

Bernice: “No, no, no! Stay like that for a while! I wanna see more!”

I followed their instructions, lifting the cock-cage, turning it side to side, as they did want to touch it.

Bernice: “Eh, eh, eh. Show me how you pee. Surely cannot use the urinal right?”

I sat on the toilet (Bowl.), legs spread wide open like a little slut boy, and peed into the bowl. Blood rushed into my face and ears as I let two young women watched me urinate. It was so humiliating.

Bernice: “Hahahahaha! You pee like a little girl! Maybe we should call you our little slut from now on? Since you have no access to your own manhood?”

Amanda looked on with interest. Maybe she was starting to be more open-minded? Either way, I was fucked. And I sort of enjoyed it. Maybe my natural place was to be a little bitch for women?

We quickly exited the toilet after I cleaned myself up. As we parted ways, Amanda shouted, “See you tomorrow, sissy boy!” Wow. One, Amanda seemed to have gotten over her initial shock. Two, the whole basketball court nearby must have heard it. I walked away briskly, avoiding one or two stares.

My secondary school days were peppered with many, many kinky (And some dangerous.), activities. However, there was this one thing that Bernice and Amanda wanted from me almost every other day after school…

Several days after ‘Compulsory swimming’.

Amanda: “Eh, Josh, today free or not? Come stop by my house. Got things to ask you and Bernice.”

Me: “Okay.”

I knew it can only mean ‘that’. I had no choice, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. Zack kept asking me why Amanda and Bernice kept looking for me. The other two girls just extorted / blackmailed him only once and that was it. It was case closed for him. I told him a half-truth, saying that I came to an agreement and we were now friends. Zack was like, “Wa lao, bo jio! How you catch two girls one? Some more you peeped at them leh!”

(I will be writing this on the first encounter / start of the ‘routine’, so that you guys can understand better.)

Amanda‘s house

Amanda: “Come in. My parents are working today, so should be no problem.”

Bernice: “Put your bag here and then close all the windows and curtains.”

Looked like they had planned this before I stepped in the house. *Gulp*

After the apartment was air-conditioned and safe from the neighbors’ eyes, I was commanded to strip down. I was totally naked except for my chastity cage.

Me: “Erm… Why you two called me here?”

Bernice: “We got a special surprise for you! We googled chastity cage and read some articles about slaves. You will address me as princess from now on. But only when it is safe, like now.”

Amanda: “You will call me milady. We are your mistresses now.”

Me: “Huh? Wait!”

Amanda: “Aiya, we won’t do anything harmful la. Just some simple fun. For now, just study with us. Got a test coming up, right?”

Studying while naked was no easy task. However, true to their word, we really studied hard and coached each other on our weak subjects. Not bad, I thought, now got a study group, easier to ask questions and get high marks.

After a 3 hour study session…

Bernice: “Mmmm… I am feeling a little bored. Wanna have some fun now?”

Amanda: “Okay, but not too long, ok? I still got other homework to do. Slave, help us take off our uniform.”

Me: “…”

Bernice: “You need to reply with ‘Yes, milady.’ or ‘No, milady.’! Then can build up the atmosphere and feeling!”

Me: “Yes, princess. Yes, mistress.”

My semi-hard cock tried to grow harder, only to be constricted by the plastic prison. They playfully teased me as I helped undress them, asking me to go slower and gentler. By the time they were in their underwear, my cock was bulging out at the openings of the cage.

Amanda (To Bernice.): “Eh, I dun want him to see my privates leh. What you suggest?”

Bernice: “No need worry. Dun need remove also can, just use a thin and silky panty. And can blindfold him just in case.”

At Bernice‘s command, I was blindfolded as they changed into something more comfortable.

Amanda: “Hmm… Maybe should blindfold him just now also. Not used to a guy seeing my body.”

Bernice: “Never mind la. He cannot see what you are wearing now.”

The experience was one-of-a-kind, not able to be fully erect and not able to see the girls. I was instructed to kneel by the bedside. All of a sudden, a panty-clad pussy was in my face.

Amanda: “Guess who’s pussy?” (With a smirk-like tone.)

Bernice: “Start licking, but don’t use your hands. I don’t want you fondling me yet.”

As I licked and flicked her clit, the wetter she became. With the moaning, the scent of her pussy and the sweetness of her juices, I started to leak precum. After a while, she orgasmed, screaming loudly while locking my head between her soft, smooth thighs.

Me: “Err… Princess, can I take off the blindfold?”

Amanda: “Nope, it is my turn now.”

Another pussy was in my face, with the panties already wet. It did not take long for Amanda to cum, as she was a little inexperienced compared to Bernice. Her scent was a little less sweet compared to Bernice, but I think the pheromones got to me. My cock was so hard that it left marks where it tried to escape the cage. When they removed my blindfold, they were covered up in bath towels.

Bernice: “Ewwww, you dripped cum all over the place! Go get tissues and clean yourself up!”

Me: “Yes, princess.”

As I cleaned the place, they took a bath. This was so exciting! Naked in another person’s house. What if her parents came back early? What would they think? But that didn’t happen as they ordered me to dress up and headed for home.


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