Turning Tables


30 January 2012

I was definitely not the brightest student in the level, but it really doesn’t matter today. It was the first day of orientation and there I was standing at the front of the parade square – with a pretty hot girl next to me.

She was dressed in her white PE tee and black FBT shorts, showing off her slightly tanned skin. Her sleeves were rolled up in the morning heat as she held up the plastic placard telling everyone in OG3 to come our way. Her long legs were simply irresistible and I found myself staring at them.

Students wearing all sorts of secondary school uniforms started coming towards us and sitting on the ground. I ignored the boys and turned my attention to those 16 year old girls, young but legal – as long as I didn’t pay them. Some were dressed in pinafores, others in dresses or skirts, but I knew that in a few days, they’ll all be in the same brown blouse and short brown skirts just like the rest of their seniors.

I dropped my cheap pencil and bent down to pick it up, glancing at all the girls who were not sitting properly. Almost all of them were wearing FBT’s of assorted colors underneath, but the girl who caught my attention most was wearing what I thought was a white pair of panties. I looked at her again from where I was standing. She looked too pretty, but innocent in her secondary school uniform, sweating under the hot morning sun.

Me: “Hey Rachel, are they all here already? It is so hot here I want to get a move on.”

Rachel: “Hmm… Almost la. One more guy missing. Maybe he’s late.”

Me: “Eh, all the other OG’s moving off le leh. Don’t wait for him la.”

Rachel: “Cannot la…”

I was quite pissed that I still had to stand under the sweltering hot sun, but took the opportunity to hand Rachel a piece of tissue paper. Step one of wooing a girl was talking to her. Step two was being nice.

Rachel muttered a word of thanks and continued to hold the placard up high. I decided what the heck and proceeded to wipe the beads of sweat off her smooth pimple free forehead. She gave an appreciative smile and I smiled back happily. *Ding ding* level up.

I went back to babe watching until we could finally leave the parade square to seek my much needed refuge in the classrooms. At least there were fans there.

Me: “Can everyone help to push all the tables and chairs to the side of the classroom and sit on the floor in a circle after that?”

There was no sound other than the loud banging of tables and chairs being pushed to the side when I finished talking and I smiled to myself, waiting for the fun to begin. Students started sitting around in a circle and I took out a rolled up magazine, held together by a red rubber band. I passed it to the first boy and told him to stand up and introduce himself to his classmates. The magazine was slowly passed on and the girls were initially cautious when they sat back down. By the time the magazine was halfway through the thirty people OG, most of the girls didn’t bother watching their skirts as they sat back down again. There on the teacher’s table I sat, high and mighty, looking down at all the different colored shorts that were presented to me every time a girl sat down.

The fun was not over after everybody introduced themselves. In fact, it had barely begun.

Rachel: “I hope everybody is familiar with whacko! I will start first!”

I took out my Canon 7D with my fast 85/1.2 mounted on it and started prowling around outside the circle. I stopped, chose my target and waited.


Rachel ran towards Chantel at full speed and she leaned backwards in a desperate attempt to evade the fast approaching magazine on Rachel‘s outstretched hand. I immediately focused on Chantel’s black FBT shorts and fired away at 8fps. I made sure to take a few pictures with Chantel’s face in focus while she was still leaning backwards to hide all the up-skirt shots I had of her.

As Chantel took over the magazine and walked into the center of the circle, I resumed my prowling and waited for my next target.

I made sure to get some shots of the guys as well to avoid suspicion. One of these times when I was taking a picture of a guy, Hui Yi was holding the magazine. She came from a neighborhood school in the central part of Singapore and her school uniform consisted of a white blouse and purple skirt. She had long legs and a slim body. Best of all, her skirt was shortened I think. When she bent down to hit the guy (Whose name I couldn’t be bothered to remember LOL.), her skirt revealed her light blue FBT’s underneath and my camera did its job again.

I loved orientation.

The highlight of orientation was of course the campfire at the end of the three days. Students had to learn a mass dance to be performed during campfire night and once again, I pounced into action. I put on my ankle guard and used my injured ankle as an excuse not to coach the students. Then I switched my 85 for a wider 35/1.4. Exploring different angles, I bent down low to capture the stunning view I got when they executed a jump or a kick. In every frame, I could capture a rainbow of colors where I could individually zoom and crop on my computer later thanks to the 18MP files the 7D produced.

Man, who needs the Grand Canyon when there is an orientation? Orientation is more colorful.

31 January 2012

Everyone was in their faculty tees today. The only opportunity I had to capture some stunning images was during the water games. Students took off their socks and shoes before proceeding to the rubber pool thing. As their tees got more and more wet, they clung on to their bodies and the shape of their bras could be clearly made out. I snapped away at girls wearing half cupped bras and sports bras, some with their hard nipples poking through their thin sports bras. Cold water did wonders to the nipples.

I got bored with their bras and took a walk to the toilet. On my way there, I passed through the rows of shoes with socks stuffed neatly inside. I looked for those in my OG and started the hunt. I tried to recall the shoes a few hot girls were wearing and took their worn socks as souvenirs. I made sure to take in moderation so that nobody would suspect theft. Just as I was done, I walked towards where all the OGL’s placed our bags and saw Rachel‘s shoes next to her bag.

I stacked the socks together in alphabetical order (Of their owner’s names.), for easier identification and stuffed them all into a side pouch. I looked around to make sure nobody was around and took Rachel‘s hot pink ankle socks and stuffed it into another side pouch. Damn, I was a lucky boy.

Nobody said anything about their missing socks and I was safe. Thinking back, I would be so screwed if someone complained and they did a bag search. How was I going to explain five or six pairs of stolen socks in my bag?

1 February 2012

Orientation ended with a bang (Well, not really.), and we had to stay back to help clean up after all the lucky juniors left. Rachel and I were left picking up all the rubbish we found strewn all over the floor and we started talking as we dumped them into the black trash bag. We started reminiscing about the times we spent together as we went along. Before we knew it, we were done packing and could go home.

We went to the foyer where my dad was waiting in his silver Opel Astra and I offered to send Rachel home as it was late already. She took one look at the small hatchback and told me that she would go home with Charlene instead. I was barely in the car when I saw the two of them hopped into the black 535I that pulled up behind us.

I went straight into my room and took out my diary when I got home, flipping through it to look at all the good times I spent together with Rachel.

Reading my diary…

The first time I met Rachel was when we were doing a research project together in a well-known research institute in Singapore. We were both in Secondary Four and had no idea what the project was all about. Rachel was studying in the all-girls school opposite my school and after a few weeks of getting to know each other, we started going to the institute together after school.

The research was only a part of the project. To qualify for SSEF, we still had to do a report and poster for our final presentation and it was on a faithful December day that I went to her house for the first time.

Rachel: “There’s nobody home so make yourself comfortable.”

Me: “Erm, I brought my laptop… Where can I sit?”

Rachel: “Haha, you silly, just sit anywhere. Come into my room. I will turn on the air con.”

Me: “Yeah, very warm day.”

Rachel: “LOL you live in Singapore. Get used to it already la. That’s why my uniform is sleeveless mah.”

Me: “LOL no wonder you’re not changing out of it.”

Rachel: “Then you leh?”

Me: “Didn’t bring change. Never mind la.”

Rachel and I just came from school. I could just see a bit of her white bra peeking out from her arm hole as she sat down beside me.

We had been doing the report for an hour when I saw the time. In the excitement of going to Rachel‘s house, I completely forgot about lunch. I was regretting it now.

Me: “Eh Rachel, it’s three already leh. Haven’t had lunch…”

Rachel: “You hungry? I ate in school just now. Let me cook you something ba.”

Me: “Aww haha first time a girl is cooking for me leh.”

Rachel: “Heh then you better enjoy it.”

Rachel walked out of her room with me in tow and we went down the stairs in her two storey semi-detached house. Rachel took out some lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and chicken from the fridge. She asked me to pass her a bowl while she proceeded to stir fry the chicken with a healthy dose of olive oil. She grabbed an egg from the fridge while the chicken was sizzling in the pan and poured the egg into the pan. I sat on the countertop watching a beautiful Rachel cooking for me. At that moment, I felt blissful.

We couldn’t finish our report that day, of course, but I definitely enjoyed every mouthful of my Caesar salad lunch. Rachel went to bathe and when she came out, the two of us stood on her balcony talking about each other’s lives. Next year, we would be embarking together on a new journey in our brand new school. While we were unsure if we would be in the same class, one thing was certain – we would be in the same school. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of Rachel with my new 7D before I left.

We would spend many more days of the holiday at her house doing the report and poster and we gradually grew much closer during the times we spent together. Nearing the end of the school holidays, I managed to ask her out to Marina Barrage to relax as we finally finished the project. All we had left to do was to get it cleared by security before we could submit it to the SSEF people.

Like most teenagers (In love?), we spent most of our waking hours texting each other. Even though we literally spent the whole December holidays together, I could hardly wait to see her again as I counted down the hours till we would meet at the Marina Bay MRT station. It was the first time we were going on a ‘date’ and I wolfed down my breakfast, hoping that time would pass faster or that I could see Rachel earlier. I arrived at the Marina Bay MRT station early on the Thursday morning and I paced around the platforms waiting for Rachel to arrive.

Me: Rachel, where are you? Haha, I have been waiting for fifteen minutes already.”

Rachel: “Oh the train lor! You’re super early leh OMG.”

Me: “Haha excited to see you mah…”

Rachel: “K la k la, I am at city hall already. Reaching soon haha calm down man.”

I was a bag of nerves as I tried to take a seat, but I found myself pacing around again fiddling with my W595. I felt a tap on my shoulders and turned around to see Rachel wearing a white dress with the top of her brown bra showing slightly.

Rachel: “Play with your slider some more later it breaks off. See how you message me then.”

Me: “Heh, oops. Was nervous waiting for you mah.”

Rachel: “So nervous for what? First time you see me meh?”

Me: “Erm kind of la. First date mah.”

Rachel: “Don’t make me blush la. Let’s go.”

I hesitated before taking her hand as we walked towards the bus stop. She smiled at me as we walked along and I smiled sweetly back. We spent most of the rest of the morning walking around barrage hand in hand. At times, she would run on the vast grass patch overlooking the yet to be built Gardens by the Bay, just so that I can chase after her. I would hug her and we would roll on the grass after I caught her and we’ll both be laughing so happily together.

We went for lunch at the small café on level two where we ate a nasi lemak and a root beer float each. Rachel gently dabbed the beads of sweat that were forming on my forehead due to the unforgiving hot sun that shone all over Marina Barrage. Finishing our lunch, Rachel took my 7D and started cam-whoring, making weird poses as she struggled to balance the weight of the DSLR on one hand. We walked out of the café where I took a few more shots of this model wannabe before we headed off to Marina Square for some shopping.

I was really tempted to continue holding her hands, but decided against it as we walked under the blazing hot sun to Marina Square. For some reasons, it was more convenient to walk than take the train.

We enjoyed a quick ‘tea’ in subway before it was time for us to go home. I contemplated sending Rachel home, but decided that there would be a next time.

Our official first day of junior college was two weeks before the rest of Singapore because of our secondary school’s affiliation with our junior college. We went for boring talks and courses in that two weeks and were lucky to be in the same group all of the time.

During the fine dining course, Rachel took the opportunity to feed me despite some of our other schoolmates sitting around the table, looking at us. I was shy and tried to resist, but Rachel‘s persistence (And kicking me under the table.), changed my mind. We mostly ignored the teasing from our fellow schoolmates as we walked towards the bus stop after the course.

Rachel and I were placed into different classes after school started even though we chose the same subject combination. As sad as we were, when we compared timetables, we realized that we ended at around the same time every day and could still go out after school. Rachel and I also chose (And got into.), the same CCA so we got to spend that extra one or two afternoons a week together. I lusted after Rachel in her shortened school skirt while another part of my heart craved for her love and cared more than anything else.

Having submitted the project report and poster to the SSEF people, we continued to find excuses to meet after school. Sometimes we would go to Starbucks / Frolick / Island Creamery to grab a snack and study or we would take a direct bus to Orchard to catch a movie or waste the afternoon away. Oddly, we were never officially in a relationship even though we obviously felt something for each other.

My favorite times spent with her were probably when we went to Starbucks. We usually picked a seat upstairs where they had comfortable large armchairs near the wall overlooking the tables downstairs. I would buy her a cup of mocha Frappuccino while she settled down into the plush armchairs. Her legs would be open just enough when I came back for me to see her underwear that seemed to peek through from inside, as if saying hello.

Sometimes it would be white cotton, innocent the way I like it. Other times it would be lacy pink or a light shade of blue. I had even had the opportunity to enjoy the sight of a pair of orange background panties, scattered with colorful polka dots when she was feeling creative.

She left her legs just so slightly open for the duration of our homework / study session as she leaned back in the armchair. Occasionally she would cross her legs, allowing her already short brown skirt to ride even higher up her tanned brown thighs. I would sit up straight, pretending to look at something on my laptop as I tried to peek between her crossed legs, arousing me further. I was not sure if she did all that on purpose, enjoying the fact that I was interested. Whatever it was, it was unlikely that I would forget all the beautiful sights that I have had the opportunity to view.

We were exultant when we got our SSEF gold in March. It showed that our efforts had paid off and that we had done an outstanding job. Rachel jumped up and down despite her wearing court shoes and gave me a tight hug, stepping on my feet in the process. I was so engrossed in her hug that I didn’t even feel the pain until a while after she let go.

Adding to our gaiety was when we were selected a month later to go for the Intel ISEF held in Los Angeles. We were one of the five Singapore teams to be selected to participate in this prestigious fair, but what made us happier was the opportunity for us to go overseas together.

The fair was to be held from the 8 – 13 May and we spent the week before that to prepare for the trip. We spent most of our time after school in Rachel‘s house working on perfecting our presentation for the eagle-eyed judges in Los Angeles. We were determined to bag an award and do our country proud.

Of course that was not my only determination for spending all my time in Rachel‘s house. That was just my cover story. As a young 17 year old boy, I was more horny than I was noble. We sat around her house, often on her sofa, and each other stood up to practice our speech. When she sat back down, I was often standing facing her, catching as many glimpses of her panties as I could without raising suspicion. When we sat on the floor editing our script, she would sometimes sit cross legged with her knees pointing towards the roof, giving me a mouth-watering view of whatever’s under her school skirt.

We flew economy class to Los Angeles via Narita on the then rather new A380. Rachel sat beside me, dressed in a simple blue tee and Levis jeans during the flight. Our two accompanying teachers (One from each of our secondary schools.), sat in the row directly in front of us. We watched the same movies together for the entire afternoon until we reached Tokyo.

After Tokyo, we exhausted the movies we wanted to watch within the in-flight entertainment and I took out my laptop so that we could watch Glee together. Since I only had one headphone jack, Rachel shared my ibeats earphones and leaned on me while watching. I could smell Rachel‘s shampoo (It’s a wonder how girl’s hair can retain the smell of their shampoo even after a day of not bathing.), and a hint of her sweat as she snuggled next to me. There were times where she would grab my arm or put her hands on mine.

I tried hard to maintain the expressionless look on my face, afraid that she would move away if she knew I was enjoying her next to me.

After five episodes, I put my laptop back into my bag and we tried to sleep in the uncomfortable economy class seats. Even though it was reclined, it was such a shallow recline that we felt that we were still sitting upright. The seat next to mine was taken and Rachel was sitting in the window seat so the only way she could lie down properly was if she put her head on my lap. That’s exactly what she did.

It took all my self-control not to pat her head or lift her long hair to take a look at her face once in a while. Sitting upright, it took me a while longer to fall asleep and I took that time to take a long hard look on Rachel‘s amazing body. She had all the curves in the right place, a tanned hot bod due to our CCA and long luscious black hair which I loved. I felt my little brother grew larger as I sat there trying to fall asleep but couldn’t do anything about it for fear of waking Rachel.

I was shaken awake the next morning by Rachel when she needed to use the toilet. After lying on my legs the whole night, all she could say was that I was blocking her way. Nope, not a word of thanks. Did I care? No, I didn’t.

We watched some more Glee on my laptop until we finally landed in LAX after a harrowing nineteen hours or so in the cramped economy class cabin. I was thankful to be able to stretch my legs as we walked through the long arrival area towards immigration then to baggage collection. I helped Rachel pushed her suitcase along with mine to the waiting area while our teachers arranged for our transport to the hotel.

We were in separate rooms because of our gender differences and I got my parents to upgrade me to a junior suite so that I ‘could have more space for meetings and discussions’ (With Rachel.). I actually wanted a bigger room as an excuse to get Rachel to come over at night to ‘discuss our presentation’ (But we spent all of the time chit-chatting about the ang mohs in Los Angeles LOL.).

The fair was held over a span of five days and we went to Los Angeles two days before the fair so that we could take a look around the magnificent city before we got down to actual work. Even though we reached Los Angeles at about 2 pm, we crashed immediately and skipped dinner. It was about 3 am that my room phone woke me up.

Rachel: “Hey sleepy head! Are you up yet?”

Me: “Erm, yeah… Why are you up so early?”

Rachel: “Slept enough. How are you enjoying your big room huh? Not wanking alone, I hope… Can I go and take a look?”

Me: “Erm, yeah, I guess. Just don’t tell the teachers LOL. They’ll kill you.”

It took Rachel less than a minute after she hung up to come up to my room. The doorbell buzzed angrily and repeatedly as the ever impatient girl waited for me to walk to the door. She pushed the door open way too fast when I pushed down on the handle, sending me flying back onto the plush carpeted floor of our hotel.

Me: “Owww… Did you have to push so hard?”

Rachel: “Shut up unless you want to get hit. Did you have to take so long?”

I found Rachel making herself comfortable on my bed while she continued to let out a long list of rants and I paused her by asking if she would like a drink. I hoped that a nice cup of tea would occupy her mouth, but she just placed it on the bedside table and continued complaining that I had a bigger room than her. I finally gave up listening and took out my 7D and snapped away at the various facial expressions she exhibited while talking. She finally stopped and struck a pose when she realized I was laughing at her funny facial expressions I captured.

Talking for a while more, it hit us that neither of us had taken a bath for more than a day and she hurriedly ran back into her room for one. She threatened that if I was not out of the bathroom by the time she rang the doorbell, she would tell my teachers that I tried to rape her in her room. I laughed off her joke and chased her back before rushing into the bathroom for my shower. There was no time to enjoy the large bath tub.

We spent the morning going on a Hollywood bus tour before walking the Hollywood walk of fame. We had lunch in the iconic Santa Monica before walking through Venice beach, enjoying the various street performances and browsing through their many shops selling cool stuff there. We put an end to our tour day by going cheap clothes shopping near our hotel near LA Live.

Rachel came over to my room after dropping off her shopping and took my Samsung Galaxy S2 from my bedside table without my permission. I more or less left her to her own devices (Pun intended LOL.), while I booted up my Fujitsu SH laptop.

Rachel: “Eh, I didn’t know you have a girlfriend…”

Me: “Huh? Girlfriend?”

Rachel: “Yeah… You have been messaging ‘Darling’. How come you never told me?”

Me: “Oi! Give me back my phone la. Who said you can look at my messages?”

Rachel: “Curious mah… Hey, wait!”

I was dead.

Rachel: “Since when am I your darling?”

Me: “Erm I… Sorry.”

Rachel: “Get out! Go away!”

Me: “Erm… This is my room…”

Rachel: “Fine! Be that way! I am changing your contact in my phone to ‘Asshole’.”

Rachel stormed out of my room without looking back, still holding on to my white S2. My heart stopped beating for a moment as I knew what was in my phone.

Rachel‘s point of view

I ran back into my room shocked by what I saw. Digging into my pocket for my key card, I realized that I was still holding onto his phone. Part of me wanted to return it to him, but another part of me wanted to see what else there was to be discovered. The accidental find had left me more curious about what else he was hiding from me.

I flopped onto my bed and kicked off my slippers, hands shaking a little as the phone screen lit up. Down, diagonally up and diagonally down again slid my fingers as I slowly unlocked his phone. I could hear my own breathing as I looked at the message screen again, my number saved as ‘Darling’.

I decided to look at other parts of his phone. Fingers trembling ever so slightly, I mustered the courage to open his pictures folder. I was amazed by the number of pictures he had – of me. He took many of them, others taken from Facebook. He cropped away parts of some photos where there was someone else in it. It seemed like I was the only one of interest to him.

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