Trixie-ing Adeline

Story submitted by: Valerie

“GL’s oi!” The camp commander shouted loudly into the sea of yellow-clad individuals. As the empire echoed their response, Adeline‘s tiny, cute voice was drowned out by the low, loud voices of her empire mates.

“Tomorrow is the official start of FO 17/18, after watching your preparations throughout the year, and after today’s day 0, I know all of you have what it takes to make this FO a great one! Rest well and I will see all of you tomorrow.”

“Wah shag ah!” Adeline complained to her group of friends. After a long day of running around in the hot sun, shouting camp cheers, Adeline was all but ready to collapse into her sleeping bag.

“Eh guys, tradition a bit la, I brought two bottles of vodka, let’s go bathe and we can bring our things to a lecture theatre to drink.” One of the seniors said. Adeline was a little reluctant to go through with the drinking, but peer pressure won in the end. She brought her sleepwear to the female toilet to shower. She removed her sweat soaked clothes and quickly hit the button to summon water. As the cold water splashed against her small frame, Adeline couldn’t help but let out a slight moan. The cold water gradually enveloped her body, from her hair, to her smooth and toned back, to her small but perky breasts. She had never been the prettiest, nor the cutest face, but her slim figure certainly gave men a reason to desire her. She twisted and pinched her hardened nipples for a little while. She was a young innocent girl, but she certainly enjoyed the sensation it brought her. As she soaped up her smooth and supple thighs, she sighed as she thought of how tired she would be tomorrow after tonight.

A few minutes later…

Adeline, now freshly showered and awake, quickly set her things down and brought her sleeping bag to the designated lecture theatre. The drinking session went as how any normal drinking session would. Occasionally she would have her male friends leaning onto her, teasing and flirting with her. Most of the boys would not mind bedding Adeline, and the intoxication only served to embolden them to try their luck. Adeline did not reciprocate any of the flirting or romantic advances, partially because she was too tired. While the gang continued drinking, nobody seemed to notice as Adeline gradually dozed off in her sleeping bag.

“Wah, she’s really sleeping leh. Don’t know if she toh or she shag.” Gabriel remarked.

“Must be toh la, see her so small size.” Daniel answered.

“So what should we do with her?” Natalie asked.

“Guys, it is okay la, you guys just head back to your own rooms, I will stay with her tonight.” Daniel offered.

“Eh, you don’t lie la… You just want to be alone with her right Dan! Better not try anything funny ah!” Natalie chided.

And so, the little gathering slowly disbanded as none of the other members was willing to stay in the freezing lecture theatre. Daniel’s little plan had worked perfectly. Now he had little Adeline all to himself. As the people funneled out of the LT, Daniel grabbed his sleeping bad and shifted it so that it was right next to Adeline‘s. Taking care not to wake her, he carefully unzipped her sleeping bag and was delighted at what he saw. Adeline‘s oversized singlet had fallen slightly to one side and he had a clear view of Adeline‘s little tits. He was surprised that she was not wearing a bra, but he was happy nonetheless. He slipped his hand under her shirt, gradually feeling up her petite mochi balls. He paid deliberate attention to her nipples, squeezing them gently. This was not enough for Daniel. A tent was forming in his pants, and he needed some relief. He dropped his Adidas shorts to his knees and carefully guided Adeline‘s hand to his engorged penis. He was shocked that Adeline was still asleep and had no idea what was happening to her. He wrapped his fingers around hers and carefully jerked himself off using Adeline‘s soft hands. He loved the way her small hands made his dick look massive. As he got more and more aroused, he slipped his other hand into her FBT shorts. He rummaged around in her shorts, searching for the small piece of fabric covering her love hole. He found it. He pulled down her cotton panties and started rubbing her. Damn, he couldn’t believe his luck. Here he was, having an intimate experience with such a sweet young thing, in school!

“What the fuck?! What are you doing?!” Adeline suddenly shouted. She had come to her senses after her short nap and she awoke to the most unbelievable sight. Her hand was tightly wrapped around a boy’s cock and another hand was buried deep into her pussy.

“Stop this, please! Whoever you are!” Adeline screamed. At that moment, Daniel realized Adeline had no idea it was him who was in the room with her. It was now or never, he had to fuck her, he had been dreaming about it for weeks. He pulled off his shirt and wrapped it around Adeline‘s face in a secure knot. He was quite well-built, and he was certainly strong enough to overpower the poor girl.

“Oh my god, please stop I beg you! I have never even had sex before, I am a virgin!” Adeline cried out. Unfortunately, that only served to heighten Daniel’s lust even further. How could he resist fucking a virgin, and such a beautiful one at that! He held down the struggling girl with one strong arm and used the other to position his dick near Adeline‘s pussy. With one hard thrust, he shoved his hard dick straight into Adeline‘s moist pussy.

“Mmmmmmm!” Daniel moaned, Adeline‘s pussy was certainly tight, she was definitely a virgin. Each time he thrusted, it seemed like Adeline‘s pussy was sucking him back in, deeper and deeper than the previous strokes. Adeline‘s moans and cries only served to arouse him as he fucked her mercilessly. After realizing struggling was futile, Adeline gave up, as she succumbed to the pain and the pleasure, lying lifelessly on the floor. Daniel grew tired of fucking her in missionary and threw her on her arms and legs, forcing her into the doggy position. It was here where he truly felt like he was on cloud nine. As he assumed the top position of the doggy style, he felt a sense of triumph well up in him for dominating the poor girl. He fucked her like she was an animal. Adeline cried out and screamed many, many times, but no one came to her rescue. With one last pump, Daniel shot his seed right into her pussy, as he stood completely motionless, letting the pleasure overwhelm his senses. When he pulled out, he felt his semen flow out of her pussy. He imagined the sight in his mind, it must have truly been amazing to see a girl like Adeline, with her FBT’s and panties around her knees, cum dripping from her pussy in doggy style. A pity he couldn’t switch the lights on. He definitely did not want to get caught. With one hard punch, he knocked out Adeline and quickly retrieved his shirt, placing her back into the sleeping bag, with his cum still leaking from her tight pussy.

“Hey freshie! It is raining heavily! Come under my umbrella, I will bring you back to school!” A bubbly girl called, as she ran towards me with the tiniest umbrella I had ever seen. She quickly sheltered me with the umbrella and we embarked on our journey back to school.

“My name’s Trixie! Where are your empire GL’s?” She asked.

“Haha, I am not very sure, they brought us here to buy A1, but then they disappeared.” I replied.

“Oh… Alright, no worries! I will take you back first!”

The heavy rain had drenched Trixie from head to toe. Her clothes were sticking to her like glue and I could make out the faintest outline of her bra, and her camel toe. I swear at that moment she looked like an angel sent from heaven to rescue me from the downpour. The umbrella was too small to fit the both of us, so she wrapped her free arm around me and asked that I do the same to ensure we could both be sheltered by the tiny umbrella.

In such close proximity, the sweet scent of her hair overpowered the stench of the rain. I ducked my head a little, pretending to be hit by the top of the umbrella, and dipped my nose down to sniff her neck. Goodness, she still smelled like flowers, albeit with a hint of sweat. I took the opportunity to hug her tighter and closer than was really necessary, and caressed her slim waist. Thankfully, Trixie seemed too preoccupied with trying to navigate through the heavy rain to care about my mischief.

As we finally arrived back in school, I saw a familiar face.

“GL Adeline!” I cried.

The pretty girl turned her head and her cute face was in shock as she looked at me. Upon realizing that Adeline was supposed to have taken me back to school, Trixie fumed.

“You left your freshie opposite school? In this heavy rain?! Are you cra-“ Trixie paused as she realized I could hear them.

“Never mind, I will speak to you later.” She told Adeline.

After handing me a packet of tissue paper and helping to dry me off, Trixie waved goodbye and smiled at me with that same killer smile.

“Oh gosh, I am so sorry Dickson, I completely forgot about you!” Adeline apologized profusely. She must have felt really guilty, as she leaned in closer and gave me a hug, not that I minded to be honest.

“It’s okay GL Adeline, I will be fine!” I said as I left to re-join my empire. The day of activities carried on with the wet weather program and it was still pretty fun. I managed to enjoy myself despite my soaked clothes. I made it a point to complain I was cold to my friends whenever Adeline was near. Her guilty self always approached me and hugged me when she heard me.

“Here, see? Now we’re both wet hehe!” She would say. The things I would do to her if I caught her alone.

*Dinner time*

I sat down with my empire at the south wing for our last dinner of the camp. I had enjoyed myself and it would definitely be a sweet memory for me to cherish. As I was wolfing down my dinner and chatting with my friends, I spotted Trixie sitting with her freshies. She was facing me, although she didn’t seem to notice my presence. Something caught my eye. My eyes wandered to the gap between her legs and her shorts and I was rewarded with a fantastic view. Trixie was sitting with her legs crossed and I had a clear view of her panties. She was wearing a pair of white panties with pink stripes. I continued ogling Trixie, my eyes shifting from her legs, to her undies and to her face. She looked so beautiful in those boxers and high socks. My ogling was cut short when she suddenly noticed my prying eyes. I looked away quickly and sheepishly, she had definitely caught me staring.

However, lady luck must have been smiling on me that night, a familiar slim figure approached me and sat down right in front of me. Adeline sat cross-legged as well, as she ate her food. I felt a boner forming as I caught a glimpse of the treasure lying between Adeline‘s legs. In contrast to Trixie‘s white and pink, Adeline wore a simple baby blue pair. Every time she bent down to eat her food, her oversized shirt dipped and revealed her bra-clad breasts, and her shorts rode up a little bit more, exposing more of her delicates. She didn’t seem to notice though.

“Hey Dick, I am really sorry for leaving you in the rain just now, here you can have my chicken wing!” She said cheerfully as she dropped her chicken wing on my plate.

“Oh uh, uh thanks!” I stumbled over my words. I could barely focus on eating with the sight in front of me, how could I possibly maintain a conversation? As dinner concluded, we all left to freshen up before the night activities.

*Trixie‘s POV*

Adeline how many times have we told you to keep an eye on your freshies? What if I wasn’t there to pick him up and bring him back to school?!” I scolded her angrily. How someone could be so irresponsible was something I could never fathom. All she needed to do was to watch over her empire, was that so much to ask for? Still, I could never really scold her, she was too cute for that.

“I am really sorry Trixie, I don’t know what happened. It just slipped my mind! I made sure he was okay though…” Adeline trailed off a long string of apologies.

“This isn’t the first time, you know, I am going to have to let the EXCO know.”

“No, please don’t! I will do anything!” Adeline begged.

“Anything?” I repeated, as I felt a stirring in my lady parts.

“Anything!” Adeline confidently replied.

The gears in Trixie‘s head started working in overtime as the stirring in her loins got more frantic.

*Dickson’s perspective*

After the night’s activities had ceased, I was dead tired. I was ready to hit the sack and get dismissed tomorrow.

“Hey Dickson! Could you come over here for a while?” Trixie called out to me.

“Sure, what’s up?” I asked as I approached her.

Adeline just wants to apologize to you, come follow me!” She said as she skipped away happily.

I followed Trixie through the sports complex that we were sleeping in, towards south wing, and up a flight of stairs to the third floor. There were two rooms on my right and a sofa in the middle of the common area.

Adeline‘s in the first room, go in!” Trixie encouraged me earnestly.

I thought it was strange that she had brought me to such a secluded area to receive an apology, but she seemed really genuine about it and dismissed by unease. I walked outside the first room and through the glass door, I could make out a figure. By the slim waist and curvy hips, I assumed it was a girl. As I got closer, I realized that she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“What the fu-“ I exclaimed, but Trixie pushed me through the door before I could finish my sentence. She switched on the lights and I realized that the nude girl was in fact, Adeline.

“What’s going on?!” I demanded.

“Hush now Dicky, your GL Adeline just wanted to apologize for leaving you stranded earlier, please don’t make too much noise.” Trixie whispered seductively into my ear.

“What do you mean? Where are her clothes? And please don’t call me Dicky.” I questioned.

Trixie shifted her gaze towards Adeline and for a brief moment, the two girls seemed to be having some form of telepathic communication. Soon, Adeline approached me gradually.

“I am sorry for leaving you in the rain just now Dickson, please forgive me. Here, let me help you with that.” She mumbled as her hands travelled towards my shorts, landing on my dick. I hadn’t even realized that seeing her nude had turned me on and my dick was struggling to get out of my pants.

“Stop! What are you doing? You’re not supposed to touch me there!” I exclaimed again. Being only sixteen, I had only seen these things occurring on porn videos, I never would’ve thought I would be on the receiving end!

“Dickson, we really need you to be quiet alright? Until I think you’re ready to be pleasured in silence, you’ll have this.” Trixie said as she shoved a white and pink ball of fabric into my mouth. I looked at Trixie, with her FBT shorts around her ankles, her pussy bare for all to see. She was completely hairless and I finally had the chance to see her smooth pussy. It looked as good as it did in the afternoon, covered by her shorts. By this point, Adeline had already pulled my shorts down as she massaged my hardened penis through my briefs.

*Adeline‘s POV*

“What the hell, I can’t believe I am doing this…” I thought. “Yesterday I got raped and today I am doing this ‘consensually’? Trixie is one fucked up bitch.”

I didn’t even know how I ended up in this position. I was on my knees in a consultation room, fully naked and rubbing a freshman’s dick through his underwear. I really didn’t want to be here, but if I didn’t follow exactly what Trixie said, I would be reported and probably never become a GL again. Still… I hated to admit it, but at least he’s handsome and quite cute. I think I was actually going to enjoy this.

“Suck it Adeline, suck it through his briefs.” Trixie commanded as she shoved my head onto Dickson’s balls.

*Dickson’s POV*

As Adeline parted her luscious lips and covered my dick with her mouth, I let out a groan. Words could not explain how good it felt to feel her tongue, even if it was only through my briefs. Trixie‘s panties were still stuck in my mouth. I could have removed them with my free hands, but something about it just turned me on even further. I stopped Adeline‘s head from bobbing up and down on my cock for a moment and pulled off my briefs. I had to feel her tongue properly. As she readied herself to take in the whole length of my cock, I saw her lips briefly turn up in a sly smile. Was she actually enjoying this? I didn’t understand the whole situation, but I did pick up hints that Trixie was basically blackmailing Adeline.

“Dickson, I think you’re ready.” Trixie whispered, as she pulled her panties out of my mouth, only to quickly replace them with her mouth. I was pushed into a chair as Trixie attacked my tongue with her own and Adeline deep-throated me. Two beautiful girls at the same time? God damn, I must be one lucky son of a bitch.

As Trixie made out with me, my hands pulled off her shirt, exposing her two perky breasts. I had some trouble with undoing her bra and she paused for a moment and chuckled.

“Is this your first time?” Trixie giggled as she effortlessly unclasped her bra.

I nodded and Trixie giggled again before resuming our passionate kiss. Adeline had a nice body and all, but Trixie was a whole class above Adeline. Her tits were larger, perkier, and they definitely looked firmer. Her curves were also far more seductive and inviting than Adeline‘s.

“Let’s head outside.” Trixie suggested as she led me by the hand, with Adeline following us excitedly. It seemed as if Adeline had finally gotten in the mood for some fun. Trixie laid Adeline across the couch and gave her pussy a few licks. She then invited me to fuck her.

“Dickson, let’s see if you’re worthy of your name. I want you to fuck her brains out.” Trixie commanded.

“And you, Adeline, I want you to eat me out while he’s fucking you.” She said as she mounted Adeline‘s cute face.

And so, the first round of fucking began, with me pounding Adeline‘s petite frame in missionary, and Trixie was riding her face, cowgirl style. While Adeline‘s moans were muffled by Trixie‘s pretty little pussy, Trixie moaned freely into the night. I couldn’t believe how tight Adeline was. The walls of her pussy were tighter than the grip of my hand when I wanked. With every thrust, I could feel my length slide against her walls. I knew I wouldn’t last long. All of a sudden, Adeline pushed Trixie off and screamed and shuddered. Her eyes were closed as her toes curled up, her legs were locked around my hips, as she forced me deeper into her. I felt a warm liquid fill the walls of her pussy and realized she had just cummed. As she opened her eyes, I looked at her lustfully, she looked even better than before.

“I am going to fuck your brains out tonight.” I told her as I viciously pumped in and out. She moaned and Trixie got back on her face as we resumed our fucking position. I felt a tingling in my balls and I knew I could not hold it any longer.

Trixie, I am going to cum, where do I shoot?” I asked desperately.

Trixie immediately got off and laid down next to Adeline and I knew exactly what she wanted. With a few final pumps, I withdrew my dick and positioned myself over their faces, with spurt after spurt of my hot cum shooting at their faces. This was the most I had ever cummed, as I covered both of their pretty faces with my seed.

I laid back on the other end of the sofa, exhausted. The girls quickly got up and what I saw next, forced my flaccid dick up. The girls scooped the cum from their faces and put the collection in their mouths. They made out, making it obvious that they were swapping around my load in their mouths. I could hardly believe my eyes, I wished I had brought my phone to capture this amazing scene forever.

“You’re still hard Dicky.” Trixie giggled as she crawled over. Without warning, her mouth enveloped my dick for my second blow job of the night. Adeline lay on the other side of the sofa, clearly exhausted, but she watched us and smiled. Trixie‘s mouth was so much better than Adeline. It was warmer, wetter and she definitely knew how to suck a dick. She wrapped her hands around my dick and began to jerk me off, while the tip of my dick was still in her mouth. Jesus, this girl knew her way around a dick alright. She kept my cock in her mouth, as she used the tongue to play with the tip. My already sensitive dick became even more sensitive as I squirmed around in the sofa, overwhelmed by the pleasure. Trixie seemed to be enjoying her tease as she moaned teasingly, clearly trying to turn me on even further.

When my dick had finally recovered from the first session, I held on to Trixie‘s head.

“This is what you get for teasing me.” I grabbed her head and forcefully shoved the entire length of my dick down her throat. Her eyes looked up in shock and surprise as I repeated the motion over and over and over. Tears started welling up in her eyes, but her expression told me to keep going. Eventually, Trixie pushed me away, choking as she tried to catch her breath.

“Naughty boy!” Trixie teased. “But I like naughty boys!” She added as she crawled onto me, ready to ride me like a cowgirl. She dropped her pussy onto my dick and dear god, it was simply amazing. Her pussy was a league above Adeline‘s. She may not have been as tight as Adeline, but she was still very tight. What made her pussy so special was the way it seemed to massage my dick. It was as though she was trying to milk me dry. Through her expression and her pussy, there was no mistaking it, Trixie was one horny little bitch. She rode me passionately as she whispered dirty things into my ear.

“How’s my pussy? Better than Adeline‘s right! I want you to fuck me like you’ll never see me again! You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend!”

Boyfriend? Trixie had a boyfriend? Well, I guessed a pretty girl like her would definitely be attached, but she was fucking me even though she had a boyfriend? That only served to harden my cock further as I pushed her off me and readied her for doggy.

“Bet your boyfriend never fucked you like this.” I teased. I shoved my dick into her warm, wet pussy once again. The sounds resonating from our humping had made Adeline horny again, as I saw her sticking one of her fingers into her pussy rapidly. My balls slapped against her crotch, and the lewd, moist sounds filled the night. Trixie seemed to have been completely lost in the moment as she arched her back, I caught a glimpse of her face. Her eyes were rolled all the way up and her jaw was wide open.

“Dickson… I don’t know how many times I have cummed already… Please don’t stop.” Trixie begged in between her constant moaning. She asked me not to stop, but I was definitely already over my limit. It was only a matter of time before I had to unload. I knew I was going to cum in her pussy, there was no way I could pass up this opportunity. With one final thrust, I shoved myself as deep into her pussy as I could and unloaded. Trixie seemed to realize what was happening and she was surprised initially, but her expression immediately became kinky again.

“Yes, Dick, cum in me! Fill me up with your sperm!” Trixie encouraged. When I pulled my dick out, the semen spilled onto the sofa. I made a mental note never to use that sofa for the next three years.

“You’re one kinky little boy Dickson, can’t believe you’re a virgin.” Trixie chided. “Let’s do this again tomorrow, my house.”


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