The Wife Swapping Trip


Back in 2010, my husband, YY, once asked if I wanted to go on a trip to Bintan for a short getaway. We could leave our 15 month old boy with my mum while spending 2 nights on the island. I agreed immediately, but he then sheepishly suggested for AA and BB to come along with us.

AA was 35 then, standing at 1.65m and was pretty shapely (32D busts with a 23′ waist.), with pretty average looks. Her husband, BB, was 45 then standing at 1.85m with medium build and being 1/4 Caucasian, he had dark blue eyes. They had been married for 5 years with a 3 year old boy. My husband, YY, stood at 1.68m with an average build and above average looks. He was 30 then. At that time, I was 26 and was taller than YY at 1.75m. Despite childbirth, I did not let my figure go to waste with regular exercises. I measured at 34C-24-32 then and now. Being a part time model, I considered myself with above average looks.

For the 2 months before the trip, AA and BB had been our swinging partners. On most Sundays, we would leave our kids with our maids at the indoor playground before heading to one of our homes for group sex, returning for them 3 hours later. It was an easy routine with no strings attached that brought variety into our sex lives and we practiced safe sex since both AA and I did not take contraceptives. Although it seemed YY had a better deal, but being the well-endowed one, BB had satisfied me in another way YY had been unable to do so. He was longer and also wider around the girth while being gentler so sex with him was more quality than quantity which suited me very much. While AA’s and YY’s high sex drive seemed to bring balance to us all.

After one of our usual sessions, YY brought up the suggestion. He elaborated that it could be a wife swapping trip where we stay with the other partner throughout the trip. AA was pretty excited and laid down some rules:

1. The wife-swap will take place the moment we cleared Indonesian custom and will cease when we left it.

2. We will acknowledge and treat our new partner as if he / she was our spouse, including living in the same room.

3. We will acknowledge and treat our original spouse only as a friend and companion of the trip.

4. Group sex can only occur at night and we must return to our own room with our new partner at the end of it.

5. The new couples will decide how they want to spend their day and do not need to inform or spend it with the other.

Looking at YY and AA’s enthusiasm, BB and I agreed to the trip. But little did we know that this would have been the start of our next level of relationship.

Although we had a sexual relationship, YY and I did not know each other on a deeper level, so I was a little apprehensive about living with him for the next 3 days. Not knowing what to expect, I brought along a sexy night gown YY had bought for me, my bikini and a couple of thongs other than the usual stuff.

We met on Saturday morning at the ferry terminal and everything looked normal like 2 couples meeting to go Bintan together. YY could tell I was a little nervous and assured me that things would go back to normal once we were back and that he loved me. After we had entered Bintan proper, AA stood beside YY and called him ‘Darling’ and proceeded to sit together on the coach to the resort. As I sat with BB behind them, I could see them touching each other through the gap between their seats and it did have me a little jealous, it seemed like YY was no longer my husband.

Day 1, we reached the resort and checked into our own rooms (Adjacent link rooms.), at around 11 am, arranging to meet at the resort restaurant at around 12.30 for lunch. I checked out the suite while BB arranged our luggage. Our room had a mini Jacuzzi in the bathroom, big enough for two, a king size bed which I figured should see quite a bit of action over the next 2 nights and a pretty big sofa lounge. Barely 10 mins after we parted, I could hear AA’s grunts from next door and it got us a little awkward. To reduce the awkwardness, I told BB that I will be taking a bath before we leave for lunch and told him to relax and watch some television. Not long after I stepped into the Jacuzzi tub, BB entered the bathroom (Separated from the room by only a screen.), and asked if he could join me. I was a little apprehensive since this would make it our first time seeing each other naked alone (YY and AA were always around when I was with BB.). But since I was supposed to treat him as my husband (During the trip.), anyway, YY wasted no time with AA so there was a tinge of getting back at him in me, I agreed.

I could see BB was already slightly hard when he stripped. He played some soft music (Did manage to drown out the sound from next door.), and entered the tub beside me. I realized I instinctively covered my body (Now I wondered how would that helped when he had already seen my body.), when he entered and decided to lower my arms and acted normally (I should be treating him as my husband anyway.). Even from the water I could see BB’s 8-incher getting erected and upright. At that time, I was really still quite shy being with BB alone and naked and it was a little awkward seeing his erected cock. At first we tried to act normally, lying in the tub and all but an air of awkwardness hung in the air. Then BB suggested wiping my back for me, but I knew he would ultimately fondle my breasts (Men just have a thing for breasts.). Since I had already agreed to the trip and YY was having so much fun next door, I thought why not?

As expected, it did not take long before BB moved his arms in front and cupped by breasts. Since our Sunday sessions normally started with our own partners, this was the first time we were having foreplay together. When he started teasing my nipples, it sent waves of euphoria down my body. I started to relax and leaned back onto him. He then whispered sweet nothings into my ears and kissed my neck. In return, I wrapped my right hand over his cock and started stroking it slowly. BB said he loved it and we shared a passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined as our hands roamed the other’s body. BB then inserted his finger and rubbed in circles inside me. It did not take long before he located my G-spot (I did give some directions, of course.), and gave me my first orgasm of the trip.

As I leaned on the tub reeling from my orgasm, BB latched onto my breasts like a baby and started licking and sucking it. Then I could feel his penis probing to enter me. I was fertile then and would never allow him to break our safe sex rule, so I pushed him away and told him not without a condom. He was not persistent about it and asked if I could give him a blowjob before he put the condom on. I put it inside my mouth without hesitation. Of the 2 of us (AA and I.), I was the better one using the mouth, probably because I did not mind the taste as much? (It didn’t taste pleasant, of course, but I liked how it pleasured my man.). 5 minutes was all it took to make him unbearable and he quickly took on a sheath and turned me around. His fingering and tit sucking had already made me wet beyond words (Maybe it was just the water in the bath?). BB never failed to give me a ‘full’ feeling whenever he penetrated me. I just loved how his cock filled up my pussy and having sex in the bathroom made me even hornier.

I held onto the edge of the Jacuzzi tub while kneeling inside it as BB moved his hips slowly while my pussy stretched to accommodate his size. He then increased the rhythm and ploughed deeper inside me. I tried to keep my voice down, but his every thrust sent shock waves through my body. This was so much better than our usual Sunday sessions, probably because he didn’t have to do AA first, he seemed harder and larger while his thrusts became more forceful. With almost every thrust he hit my G-spot and it did not take long before I came.

Actually, this was only the 1st time BB had made me cum through penetrative sex and I was surprised it took such a short time. BB then went on slowly while I recovered and gently squeezed my breasts which I found comfortable (I liked that he’s gentle with me.). He also gently rubbed my nipples which restarted my libido and I started to moan softly from his double stimulation. When I turned my head back, we locked lips and some heavy frenching took place. After that, he pulled out and he carried me out of the tub and placed me on the dressing table and fucked me missionary style. Although not as deep, but missionary could sometimes rub the clitoris and brought another level of stimulation which made me moan louder. After about 5 minutes, BB told me to hold onto him while he carried me (Still engaged.), and brought me to the sofa lounge. We fucked in face off position before moving on to reverse cowgirl where he laid down while I dominated, riding his cock. I rode him while he cupped his hands around my tits, squeezing and rubbing my nipples gently. I had my 2nd orgasm of the trip in this position and I collapsed onto my ‘hubby’. By now, it was already 11.45 and BB finished off with doggy style, cumming within 5 mins. I got BB to lay on the sofa lounge after he removed his condom (He came a lot!), and cleaned him like how I normally cleaned YY, using my mouth.

BB: “Are you sure about this?”

Me: “That’s how I clean YY… Perks of being my husband.” (Started licking and sucking his cock.)

That was the first time I gave BB a blowjob after he came (It was reserved only for YY before the trip.), and the first time I tasted his cum (Other than his pre-cum of course.). I had to say, it did not taste that bad, probably because he abstained from meat (Other than fish and eggs, but mostly vegetables.). I licked and sucked it clean before swallowing it down (I will only swallow the semen of men who made me cum.).

We quickly got dressed and made our way to the resort’s restaurant with BB holding my hands. It was all quiet in the other room when we walked past it so I presumed they had already made their way to the restaurant. We did not find them in the restaurant, but they arrived about 10 mins after us. Honestly, I felt jealous seeing YY wrapping his hands around AA when they came in and fussing over each other like newly-weds. So I sat closer to BB and placed his hand on my thigh. As we started talking about what activities were available at the resort which we can do after lunch, I felt BB’s hand caressing my inner thighs. It felt ticklish yet seductive, but I had to stop him when he tried to go under my mini skirt before he touched my wet G-string. Since it was rather warm in the early afternoon, we spent our time indoor bowling followed by Indonesian massages (Nothing dirty happened here.). Seeing there was some time left before dusk, AA suggested going to the resort’s private beach. We then went back to our rooms to change. As I wanted to change to my favorite 2 piece yellow bikini I found BB peeking from beside the screen.

Me: “What are you looking at?” (Covering myself.)

BB: “Can’t a husband look at his wife get changed?”

Me: “Err… Haven’t you seen enough?”

Seeing BB had no intention of letting me change in peace, I just had to continue stripping in front of him (No door in the bathroom, just a screen.), and put on my bikini. He came in and hugged me from behind, cupped my breasts and started massaging them. He started kissing my neck while his fingers flicked my nipples repeatedly. I started moaning and in no time I could feel myself getting wet again. I returned the favor, grabbing his cock (Fully erected.), and started stroking them. He then turned me over and we kissed and frenched for a good 5 minutes with my hands on his chest and stroking his cock, while his one hand was around my waist and the other on my left breast. After that, he bride-carried me to the bed and we did a 69. I was so wet that I came within a minute of him licking my pussy and he moved on to finger me after I found his tongue too stimulating for me after the orgasm. Always returning the favor, I used all my oral skills on his 8-inch cock (Big right?), but the size really limited my full potential (I think I could do more tricks on YY’s slightly smaller cock.). When he finally ejaculated, I continued to suck on his cock and swallowed his cum. At first, I thought I might gag from the taste and sudden ejaculation, but the taste really did turn out fine (At least that’s what I thought.). I guess the salad and fruits platter he had during lunch really helped (BB has the best tasting semen I ever tried.). We then cleaned up, get changed and left for the beach.

We did not see YY and AA when we reached the beach so we proceeded with our own activities. We went to swim and snorkel not too far out from the beach. On and off we engaged in some kissing (With some tongue.), and light petting since those on the beach will not be able to catch a clear glimpse of us. BB then suggested we find a more secluded spot where he can massage my C-cups so we swam further away from the resort where a small beach area was separated with rocks and low lying coconut trees. As we neared the beach we could see a couple having sex on the small bay and on closer look, I saw YY fucking AA doggy style. I wanted to spend more alone time with BB since our group ‘action’ will take place after dinner so we went back to the main beach instead to a quiet area shielded from view. We chatted for a while since up till this stage we still did not have a deep understanding of each other. We chatted for a good hour from our past to our family and career (I shall not share the details here, lest someone we know recognizes us.). I would say we developed a deeper relationship (Apart from physical.), during this trip.

Soon we grew tired (All those sex and bowling were exhaustive.), and took a nap by the beach while the sun set. I cuddled beside BB while he wrapped his arm from me. Not sure how long we slept, but when YY and AA woke us up, it was already getting dark. We then proceeded back to our room for a shower before we headed for dinner. As I got more familiar with BB, I felt less shy or awkward around him alone. We took our bath together rather than taking turns and without surprise there were a lot of physical intimacy. We kissed and fondled each other’s genitals under the flowing water, and even planted a couple of hickeys on each other.

I changed into a dark blue V-neck singlet dress with my triumph wonder bra, to accentuate my cleavage, and G-string underneath while BB wore a polo T with berms and slippers. BB could hardly keep his hands off my chest while I put on my make-up. I only spent about 10 mins putting on light makeup, but all those fondling already got me wet again and I had to change my G-string. As that was my second and last G-string (The first one got wet at the restaurant and yet to dry.), I took out my lacy panty from the luggage. Upon seeing it BB snatched it from me and locked the panty inside the room’s safe.

BB: “No panty to cover your shaven pussy tonight.”

Me: “Stop playing and get it out, I will get wet and stain the dress.”

BB: “Let’s go before there’s no more food.”

He pushed me out of the room despite my protests and I had to meet YY and AA panty-less. We went to one of the restaurants at Pasar Ole Ole since most people were heading there for dinner, but turned out it was just a small area with some food places. BB kept playing with my ass the whole time, asking if I was comfortable going commando and that he liked the smoothness of my butt (Without any panty line.). Soon YY also noticed I was not wearing anything underneath and when AA and BB went to the washroom, whispered that I was naughty and he will soon punish me while he licked my ears. That got me horny and I could feel my juice flowing out. I quickly excused myself after BB came back, but felt it flowing down my thighs as I made it to the ladies. By the time I entered the cubicle and checked, it had already dripped down past my knees and a wet stain on the dress. I wiped it off myself and dried as much as possible from my dress. When I got out of the ladies, the three of them laughed when they saw the wet stain (Quite obvious.), and some of the other patrons turned to look at me, which I thought some saw my wet stain and were smiling away.

I decided to punish BB for locking away my panty so I rubbed his cock under the table while we were having dinner. As our table was away at one corner with a pillar blocking my side of the table, I went under the table after we finished most the food and helped myself to BB’s ‘desserts’. With the table cloth, I was well covered from view and gave his cock a good blowjob. AA soon joined me under the table with YY’s cock. Luckily, throughout the whole 5 mins or so under the table, not one service staff came over (Maybe this was bad service?). We did not make them cum since we were to have our usual session back at the resort.

We went straight to YY and AA’s room and the men wasted no time to pounce on us. As usual, we will have sex with our spouse before moving on to swinging or group sex. But since we had swapped spouses, we had to fuck our new spouse first. AA and YY took the sofa while we took their bed. YY started by repaying my goodwill at the restaurant, working his tongue on my ‘under-lips’. I could hear AA moaning on the sofa as YY was fingering her furiously and in no time she came and squirted all over. AA then came over and started fondling my breasts while YY frenched me. The triple stimulation soon tipped the scale as my body trembled under the waves of sensation. As I rested from my orgasm, AA requested for a DP, so she got on top of YY while BB took her back door. The men slowly eased into her before they started thrusting her.

When I recovered, I joined in the fun and played with AA’s D cuppers. As I licked and sucked on her nipples, YY cupped his hands over mine, fondling and teasing my nipples. This went on for about 10 minutes and both men did not seem close to cumming, but AA had already had her second orgasm. We then changed position with BB doing AA in the missionary while YY mounted me in doggy position (With AA below me.). I then went down and sucked on AA’s tits while she tried to do the same to mine (My breasts were dangling and bouncing above her.). Doggy was my favorite position, and YY knew it, since the penetration was deepest. He pounded me harder and harder while AA cupped and fondled my breasts. Our moaning filled the room together with the men pounding into us. The stimulation built up with every thrust and then it just released all the pent up pleasures all at once. The orgasm continued for quite a while as YY did a few more thrusts before he too ejaculated (Into the condom, family planning here.). I was exhausted and just lay onto the bed panting after YY disengaged from me. I was not sure what happened next, but I guessed I fell asleep, exhausted (Such an eventful day, how not to be tired?). Unfortunately, I had little recollection as to what happened next and the next thing I knew I awoke in the arms of BB (Not clothes under the covers!), in our own room.

It was already 2 pm in the afternoon when I got up. A quick scan around the room and I saw the clothes I wore last night on the sofa and BB was still in deep slumber. I got up and went to clean myself up. Soon BB was awakened by the sounds from the shower and joined me when I was halfway through so we had a short make out session in the bathroom before we got dressed and went for lunch (So hungry.). BB said he probably used up one week worth of sex drive and needed to recharge so we did not go further than making out. We had another massage session (What better way to recharge?), at the resort and took a walk around the resort before heading back to look for AA and YY. We heard them having sex when we came to their door and decided to watch television in our room instead. I cuddled against BB with the sea breeze coming in from the balcony. I used the opportunity to rub his groin and ‘accelerate’ the recharging and it soon ballooned under his berms. I unzipped it and was greeted by his semi-erected number 2. So I stroked it a few times until it was rock hard before I did a blowjob for my new hubby. I could tell he enjoyed me blowing him since AA did not like to put cocks in her mouth. He leaned his head back enjoying my oral worship of his cock. I tried to deep throat him a couple of times, but simply could not fit his entire length into my mouth. He then stopped me and said,

BB: “Honey, you have to stop before I shoot.”

Me: “Then shoot, I will swallow everything for you.”

BB: “No, I want to store it till I am fucking you tonight.”

So I licked his glands, one last time before putting it back. He returned the favor and went down on me. I loved it how he removed my panties, exposing my pussy to him as if it was an act of domination. He first tried to probe my opening with his tongue before licking my clit. I melted… Every time his tongue circled my small knob, it sent pleasures up my body. My nipples hardened, face flushed and moaned uncontrollably. I could feel my juice welling up inside my pussy but he gladly continued. I fondled my own breasts, rubbing the nipples to enhance the sensation. Then, he inserted his finger inside me while continuing his cunnilingus. I soon succumbed to his double stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris, another first for me.

That night, we decided to have dinner at the resort’s restaurant. It was a simple dinner and after that we went to the resort’s bar for drinks. One thing led to another and we started playing drinking games. I was not much of a drinker so I soon got tipsy and rested on the table. AA seemed pretty high and continued to pile drinks into me so it was not surprising that I was soon knocked out.

After I was out, they wanted to return to our rooms and AA suggested letting me rest in my room while the guys could have fun with her in the other room. When they reached the rooms, BB offered to stay and take care of me, in case I vomited so AA and YY returned to their own room. After leaving me on the bed, BB checked if I was sober enough to be conscious. Satisfied that I was hardly conscious, let alone sober, he took out his video camera from his bag and set it up beside the television console.

The rest of the events were related to me much later by BB and from this video. I only remember bits and pieces, but not the full details. But I shall piece the entire events here.

He then stripped me before also taking off his clothes, he was already erected. He started kissing me, but obviously had little reaction from me so he moved on to my chest. I stirred soon after he started licking my nipples, conscious but hardly sober. A little kissing and necking was enough to make me moan. He probed me with his fingers after about 10 mins of foreplay and was greeted with an easy entry. He then lifted my legs to spread my pussy while he positioned to enter me. He then asked,

BB: “Honey, do you want me to fuck you?”

Me: (Nods my head.)

BB: “Do you want it now?”

Me: “Yea.”

So he eased slowly into me (He said so that I will not be shocked awake.). He started slow before moving his hips in a constant rhythm. He then lifted me up and fucked me in the cowgirl position where I was hardly riding him. So we returned back to missionary where he continued to thrust while massaging my breasts. After another 5 mins or so of humping, he came and shot his load inside me. He was doing me bareback the whole time and he shot all his cum inside me, yet I was too drunk to know it. The video clearly captured me creampied when BB took his cock out. Then he cleaned himself and wiped away his ‘excess’ cum outside my pussy. The video was then stopped. BB said he went to sleep, but woke up about 2 hours later and fucked me again, also ejaculating his semen inside, but I had absolutely no recollection on this when I woke up which was a good 6 hours later.

Day 3, I woke up with an extreme headache to find myself naked under the covers with BB. At that time, I trusted that BB would have used a condom when he did me last night and did not suspect anything was amiss. So I went to wash up while BB still slept. We managed to catch some breakfast before the staff cleared the food away and YY was also there with AA at the breakfast table. We were all lethargic from last night and I made a mental note to myself not to go over my alcohol limit ever again (The headache was intense.). After breakfast, we all packed our things before catching our ferry back home. The wife swapping thus ended when we boarded the ferry and I once again found YY sitting beside me. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of my nightmare.

It all appeared normal after we came back from Bintan. YY was just as attentive to me as before and we still had great sex at night. Our Sunday sessions with AA & BB were as usual, if not better since we now had a deeper understanding of each other. Then I started missing my period. At first I thought it was only late since I had a few irregular periods after my son was born and dismissed it as such. But when I missed it for the 2nd month, I started to get worried and bought a pregnancy kit to check and it showed a positive result. YY was shocked when I showed him. Since we did not want another child so soon, he had been using a condom and not once did it break or anything. The nail to the coffin came when my gynae confirmed I was already 6 weeks pregnant. We traced back the date and the Bintan trip came up as a suspect but I assured him I made sure BB wore a condom every time.

Nonetheless, we still met up with AA and BB where he ‘interrogated’ BB if he broke our agreement (Safe sex rule.). When BB appeared hesitant, YY and AA became more suspicious and pressed further. Finally, BB admitted that he fucked me bareback and came inside me twice on the last night when I was drunk. Needless to say, the rest of us were all devastated to hear the truth and everything just went downhill from then on. But to cut the long story short, we got a divorce and so did AA & BB. I then moved in with BB and his son (AA left the custody to him.), and started our cohabitation. I was about 20 weeks pregnant then.

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