The Weak Spot

It was Chinese New Year and I was at the family reunion dinner with my mother’s side of the family. Having just turned sixteen, I was invited to sit at the adults’ table in the dining room to eat with them. It was the worst. My mother’s side of the family consisted of my maternal grandparents and their six daughters, including my mother, Sue, who was the third eldest. Of course, my Aunts brought over their husbands, my Uncles, which was quite the colorful cast of characters, all of whom mixed only too well with alcohol.

“Johnny ah!” My red-faced Uncle George bellowed. It was unnecessary because I was seated right next to him. He gave me a heavy handed slap on the back.

“George!” Aunt Sandra, my mother’s elder sister scolded.

“Shh, shh, shh…” Uncle George hushed his wife. “I am talking to ah boy here.”

He then turned to me and broke out a lecherous grin. “Got girlfriend already ma?” He asked.

Ugh. Kill me.

“Y-y-yeah?” I answered.

That earned me another brutal thump to my back.

“Of course got la, look at you, so leng chai. I bet all the girls in school chasing you every day right?”

“Uh, not really. Haha.”

“Soooo. You do it liao ma?” He asked, forming a circle with his fingers and pushing his other finger through it.

“George!” Aunt Sandra hissed and pinched him hard.

“Owowow. Just asking what. Come on Sandra, I am about to impart some wisdom here.”

Around the table, my Uncles grinned stupidly, including my father. My Aunts all looked incredibly embarrassed, including my mother.

“I am going to tell you a secret technique to make your girlfriend very happy,” Uncle George whispered not so quietly. He then proceeded to describe some traditional notion of the G-spot. He never managed to finish though. Aunt Sandra ended up dragging him away by the ear.

Like I said, it was the worst.

After the meal, I quickly excused myself. As I passed by the head of the table, my wheelchair bound grandfather suddenly seized my hand.

Grandpa then spoke. Or rather he tried to. All I heard was some whining noise and gurgles.

“John, can you take ah-kong out to the garden? He likes some fresh air after a meal,” my mother said.

“Uh, sure thing,” I replied.

So I took grandpa by his wheelchair handles and ushered him towards the door. All the way, he was gurgling and sputtering. Grandpa was very, very old. I would guess close to a hundred. Everyone had already considered him senile so no one paid much attention to his words, if one could even call it that. I pushed him out into the garden and went to his side. He took my hand again and looked straight at me. I had the impression he was trying to tell me something.

“G-g-girl-fren,” he finally blurted.

Wow, I thought. Grandpa just spoke. And he spoke in English too. I had no idea the old-timer even had it in him.

“H-happy,” he added.

I just nodded and smiled. I knew he was referring to what my Uncle said previously about making my girlfriend happy.

He seemed to be struggling for a moment to find the right words. Finally, he said, “I teach kung-fu.”

I choked back a laugh, which was actually pretty polite of me considering the circumstances. Grandpa released my hand but did not drop his palm. He moved it behind me and placed it on my spine.

Awww, I thought. Grandpa wanted a hug.

His hand snaked under my shirt and felt my spine.

Okay, I thought. This is getting weird.

Then, I felt his fingers dipping downwards, tracing my spine, going lower.

Oh my God, I thought, my grandpa wants to molest me!

Sure enough, he forced his finger downwards past the base of my spine. I stood very still, stunned that a wheelchair bound centenarian was interested in my butthole.

However, it didn’t come to that. His finger came to a stop at a spot just where the cleft of my butt began, under the band of my boxers. He then applied pressure to that spot.

Gulping, I nervously stepped aside, away from him and stood out of his reach. Grandpa smiled magnanimously, as if he had given me a great gift.

I felt violated.

Oddly enough, I began to feel hot. It took me a moment to realize that it was me that was heating up and not the night air. I felt a pain in my groin. Looking down, I was shocked to see a big bulge in my pants. A strange feeling washed over me which I could only describe as pure horniness. A moment later, I felt like my dick might snap if I didn’t let it out of my pants.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” I yelled at grandpa while struggling to unbuckle my belt and trousers. I succeeded in pushing my pants and boxers low enough to release my manhood. My erect dick popped free. I was amazed to find that it was very, very, very, stiff. I had never experienced it this hard.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, what the fuck?” I whimpered as I hopped up and down.

Grandpa put his hands together and rubbed them appreciatively. He was still smiling. Oh, the sick fuck.

Panicking, I ran for the garden of manicured trees where the koi pond was. Yes, grandpa was rich. He lived in a mansion and he had a koi pond, with a fucking stone bridge and everything.

Oh shiiit, the horniness was overwhelming. I needed to put my dick in something. A hole in the ground. A hole in the tree. A koi fish’s gaping mouth. Anything!

“Johnny?” I heard someone call out.

I froze and turned around. Someone was coming up the path into the glade.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Instinctively, I hopped behind a mango tree.

“Johnny! What are you doing?”

I popped my head around the tree trunk and saw my cousin, Vanessa as she stepped out of the shadows into the moonlight. Vanessa was Aunt Sandra’s daughter. She was nineteen years old and studying in the university. She was wearing a sexy black knee-length cheongsam. Her hair was let down for the occasion and it flowed lustrously past her shoulders. Her tall alluring figure and beautiful face only seemed to make my condition worse.

I needed to fuck her.

No! What the fuck is wrong with me? That’s my cousin!

“Woi! What you doing behind the tree la?” She asked.

“Er… Playing hide and seek?” I replied meekly.

“With who? Are you peeing?”

“Er… Yeah. That’s right. Just gotta finish my business here. Haha. Why don’t you go inside, I will come find you later.”

“Johnny… Are you up to no good?” She asked in a ‘big-sisterly’ tone of voice.

“N-n-no?” I replied, sounding a little too desperate for my own good.

“I am coming to see.” She declared. She came closer, her black high heels clicked and clacked ominously on the stone pathway.

“Oh, fuck, nononono. Don’t cummmmm here…” I whimpered.

“Why is your face so red? Are you drunk?” She asked as she circled around the tree trunk. Then she stopped and stared at me for a moment. Then her gaze dropped to my waist. Unsurprisingly, she screamed and covered her eyes.

“Johnny! What the fuck?” She yelled.

“Shhhhhh! You’ll bring the whole house out here you idiot!” I told her.

“I am not the one jacking off in the garden!”

“I am not jacking off goddammit!”

She parted her fingers to peek through. Her eyes locked on my massive erection. “You so are!” She accused me.

“I am telling you, I am not! Something is wrong with me!”

“You can say that again, you pervert!”

“No, I mean I can’t get it down!” I said.

“What do you mean? Did you take Viagra?”

“No! I swear! It just happened!”

“How is that possible?”

“I don’t knooooow!”

Vanessa nervously lowered her hands. “I can’t believe this,” she said to herself. She took a deep breath and stepped closer. “Hang on, let me see.”

So I stood trembling against the tree, my dick poking outwards from me, and braced myself. Vanessa gingerly stepped forwards, bending over slightly to have a better look.

God. My hot cousin was checking out my dick. This was absolutely not helping. If anything my dick was so tense that it was starting to twitch.

“I am calling an ambulance,” she finally said.

“What! Don’t! I can’t let people see me like this!” I replied.

“Well, what else can we do?!” She asked, exasperated. “You need help!”

“I er… Well er… Maybe er…”


“What? I haven’t said anything yet.”

“You don’t have to, you dirty boy. I can’t believe this. Haven’t seen you in months and you turned out to be such a creep.”

“It isn’t my fault! Oh shit pleeeeease, I am in pain!”

“Oh God! I can’t believe this is happening,” Vanessa said, nervously brushing back her hair.

She seemed to be thinking things over while I near tore my hair out in frustration. Then, after a defeated sigh, she gingerly moved to stand beside me to my left, facing where I was facing. Then she placed her warm, soft hand on my shaft.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” I moaned.

“Shut up you idiot! Don’t be so dramatic!” She said, obviously flustered.

“I can help it. It feels soooooooo good.”

“Grrr… You are going to owe me big for this.”

“Yes Vanessa jie-jie.”

“Shut up, idiot!”

Vanessa slowly began to stroke my cock. I was on cloud nine.

“G-g-God. You’re so hard.” She muttered. “Eww…”

She was now smearing my pre-cum all over my cock.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah… Yeah… Oh yeah, oh yeah,” I mumbled.

“God, shut up,” she said. “Hurry up and cum already.”

“Okay, okay, almost there… Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu.” I said as I panted continuously like an overexcited puppy.

After several minutes I felt a blissful release of pressure as I ejaculated over the lawn.

“There you go,” Vanessa said. She was breathing a little hard and her face was flushed.

“Oh God. Oh God. Thank you soooo much jie.”

“Er, Johnny?”


“Why are you still so hard?”

I blinked at her, then looked down, and sure enough my cock was as stiff as ever, though my urge to fuck anything with a hole had abated a little.

“I dunno, I really dunno,” I told her, clawing through my hair with frustration.

She frowned, but eventually began jacking me again. Oh shit, her soft light touch was really a far cry from my own right hand.

“Ah… Ah… Ah… Ahh…” I moaned.

“Faster cum okay?” She pleaded.

“Shit, I just came you know. Gonna take a while longer now. Unless…”

“No!” She quipped.

“I haven’t said it yet.”

“I said no!”

“Please let me touch your boobs.”

“How about I kick you in your balls? Will that calm your dick down?” She asked.

“Please don’t,” I whimpered.

“Then hurry up and get this over with,” she said.

“How about your butt?”

“Grrrr… Oh, fine!”

Okay, despite being severely worried that my cock now seemed to have a life of its own, I was actually very excited about having my very beautiful cousin to jack me off. And now I get to fondle her pert ass? Today was both a nightmare and a blessing in disguise!

I placed my trembling hand behind her and squeezed. Mmm, so soft yet firm. However, her cheongsam was pretty tight. So it was hard for me to get a grip. Cheekily, I reached down and started pulling up her skirt.

“What do you think you are doing?” She hissed.

“I can’t grab your ass with your skirt in the way,” I panted.

“You ah…”


“You cheeky little…”

“Oh God, puleeeeeze Vanessa jie-jie…”

She sighed and became silent. Oh my God, I was so excited now. My heart was bouncing wildly within my chest cavity like a rubber ball. I was pretty sure I was going to bleed from my nose soon. Slowly I peeled her tight skirt upwards, gradually uncovering her toned, long, shapely thighs. Eventually, I got it past her sexy hips, revealing a lacy red thong panties.

I couldn’t help but whistle.

“You want to die is it?” She said. Her face was as red as her sexy panties by now.

“Sorry, sorry,” I mumbled. I lowered my hand behind her and squeezed her tender, supple cheeks.

“Oh yeah, that’s hot,” I said as I fondled my cousin’s ass.

“So cum already,” she said breathily.

But I was so horny and getting more and more greedy. I moved my hand across her sexy pert butt, molesting every inch of it.

“Gonna cum,” I said.

“G-g-good,” she replied, panting slightly.

Then, feeling particularly naughty, no doubt because of this weird condition, I slipped my fingers underneath the rear lacy triangle of her thong. I didn’t realize it until my fingers were right below the base of her spine, at the point exactly where the cleft of her gorgeous butt began. It occurred to me that this was the spot I was molested by my grandpa a moment ago. Did he think it was my asshole? Regardless, I instinctively applied pressure to the spot. Then, eager to explore more of my cousin’s nubile flesh, I moved my hand away to knead her supple ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, yes Vanessa, oh yes,” I said, squeezing her ass.

I realized her flesh was growing very warm under my touch. After a minute or so, Vanessa was breathing rather heavily. Was she getting turned on?

“Are you cumming or not?” She asked, panting hard.

“Yeah, ugh, ah, getting there…” I said.

“Oh, fuck it,” she said, breathless and flustered. “I am going to speed this up!”

To my great disbelief, my cousin turned around to face me, got on her knees and held up my throbbing cock. She then gave it a long tentative lick from halfway down my shaft up to the tip.

Oh my God! I exclaimed, and blew my second wad all over her beautiful face.

Spurt after glorious spurt, I lay down hot white creamy lines across her face. Vanessa, probably in shock, just took my wad as it came with her mouth slightly gaping. Some of it even ended up in her cute pie hole.

Legs trembling, I slid down the ground against the mango tree. Amazingly, my cock was still standing proudly upright, pointing at the moon. Having cummed twice now, I was feeling a lot better. Dreamy even.

Vanessa was still kneeling before me on the grass, legs slightly parted, black cheongsam skirt bunched around the waist and sporting a sexy thong of red lace. She was wiping my slick cum off her face with her fingers.

My heart got caught in my throat as I watched her licked her fingers clean.

“H-holy shit…” I whispered.

“You brat, you got me so horny now,” she said huskily.

Still sucking her fingers, her gaze slowly lowered to my groin where my cock saluted her. The hunger in her eyes was so intense that for a moment, I thought she wanted to gobble my dick up.

Vanessa bent forwards and crawled on her hands and knees between my spread legs. She pulled at my half-lowered trousers and boxers.

“Get this off,” she said, panting hard.

I quickly kicked them off together with my shoes. Soon, she was on all fours between my legs, slowly stroking my very hard dick with both her hands.

Oh, I get it now. I totally do.

I must have died choking on a chicken drumstick at the dinner table and now I was in heaven.

It was the only viable explanation.

Thank you Jesus.

Vanessa looked up at me with her lust glazed eyes as she slowly jacked my hard cock with her soft hands. I could feel her heated breath on my balls. Then, without warning, she started licking.

“Ahhhh, oh shit Vanessa jiejie,” I moaned.

She was panting like mad down there. I could feel her hot breath washing over my skin. It was like blasting my groin with a hair dryer. What happened next was inevitable. Vanessa engulfed my cock in her hot little mouth.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, yes. Oh, fucking yes,” I gasped.

To my amazement, Vanessa was moaning between slurps. “Mmmm, mmmh, mhhh, mhhh,” she went on my dick before she released my cock to take a breath. “Oh Johnny, you’re so hard,” she whispered hoarsely. “And so hot.”

“It feels so good jie,” I panted.

“I know,” she said. Then paused to lick me some more before adding. “Feels so good to suck you.”

There it was. She said it. The words every guy hopes to hear from a woman.

Vanessa went back sucking enthusiastically. Her shapely ass was raised off the ground behind her grinding in the moonlight, clad only in a skimpy red thong. Unable to resist, I reached forward across her low arched back to touch it.

“Mmmmmhh,” Vanessa moaned with a full mouth as I grabbed her ass with both of my hands. One soft supple cheek for each palm. Her skin felt so soft, smooth, sweaty and hot.

Maybe it was because I had already came twice, so my head was a bit clearer, but as I massaged my cousin’s gorgeous ass, watching it writhe sexily in the air before me, my eyes fell on the small, red, lacy triangle of her thong which covered the lower back of her spine to the cleft of her butt. Her ass wiggled before me, as did that triangle of skimpy fabric. It was like a bull’s eye. Well, a triangular one, if there was such a thing.

Then my brain made the connection.

But I still had trouble believing it.

I mean what???


A spot on the body that made people horny???

How was that even possible?

I meant, I had heard of erogenous zones, but this was a whole other level.

Yet here I was, sitting bottomless beneath a tree while my sexy cousin sucked on my cock like she needed to breathe through it.

My pleasure built.

I thought about grandpa. Then I thought about Neo from the Matrix movies.

“I know kung-fu,” I whispered hoarsely.

My thumb slipped under the thin fabric of Vanessa‘s thong and rubbed her right on the spot where the cleft of her shapely butt began.

Within seconds, Vanessa was moaning like a crazed animal in heat with my cock in her mouth. She sucked harder, taking in my entire length. Again and again, I felt the tip of my dick brush against the back of her throat. Her hands snaked up my chest, searching, then clawing, exploring, then clawing again.

“Hmm, hnggh, hmmhh, hhhh, unhhh,” she went on moaning, blasting my groin with her frantic hot breaths while her lips slid furiously back and forth on my slick shaft.

“Ohhhh shiiiiit, Vanessssssa jie-jieeeeee!” I moaned. My hold on her sexy, sweaty ass slipped and I started clawing desperately down her arched back.

I came hard, spurting my fresh sticky load of hot teenage cum into the back of her throat. Instinctively, I grabbed her head, my fingers clenched around her silky dark locks of hair and held her down as she deep throated me. Vanessa gurgled and gulped. Her body stopped writhing and instead, trembled and shook spastically as if each load I pumped down her throat sent shockwaves through her body. Her hands reached up and clenched and yanked my shirt, popping buttons.

All in all, I pumped five full loads of hot sticky cum down my cousin’s throat. My legs jerked and lifted off the ground from the force of my orgasm. When it was over, I slumped back against the tree, feeling deeply content and drained. I didn’t know, how long I was out of it, basking in the wonderful post-orgasm glow. When I came to, I realized Vanessa was still on my crotch. Her hands had gone limp, but was still holding on to my shirt. Her ass was still raised, basking in the moonlight. Her face was still buried in my pubes and my cock was still in her mouth.

Oh my God, is she dead?

Alarmed, I tried to lift her face off my cock.

“Hey, Vanessa, Vanessa, jie? Oh shit, wake up,” I cried out in panic.

However, I soon noticed that her body was still rising and falling with each breath, and as my panic subsided, realized I could still feel her breathing on my groin.

“Y-y-you okay?” I asked and prodded her on her shoulder.

“Mmmm,” I heard her groan with her mouthful of cock.

Slowly, she stirred. Propping herself up with her hands. I felt my cock slide out of her mouth. I stared in fascination at my pubes and balls which was coated in my thick jizz, all that she didn’t manage to swallow. Thankfully, my mysteriously afflicted cock looked like it was beginning to get drowsy. The effect was wearing off.

Vanessa tried to rise up straight on her knees, but she wobbled. Instinctively, I grabbed her by her slim waist to help her steady herself while she supported herself by holding on to my shoulders. She was trembling very badly. As she somewhat rose upright on her knees, the moonlight illuminated her wonderful, long, porcelain white legs before me. The entire length of her inner thighs was glistening and wet. My gaze moved higher to her crotch. Her thong was so thoroughly soaked that I could see the full sexy shape of her pussy outlined against the fabric. Fresh juices were dripping from the camel toe like a leaking faucet.

“J-Johnny?” Vanessa whispered hoarsely down at me.

I looked up and saw that her eyes were heavy lidded and still glazed with lust.

“Omigawd Johnny, you made me cum so hard.” She whispered huskily.

“Wh-what?” I asked.

“I-I came just from s-sucking your…” Her voice trailed off as her eyes shifted down to gaze at my semi-flaccid dick with awe.

I gulped and nodded for lack of a better reply.

“Multiple times!” She said, her eyes widening.

Wow. You knew when I said I felt like I had died and gone to heaven? This must be how it felt like to go to heaven and became a God.

God or mortal, my thoughts were in a mess. This was my cousin I was talking about. Someone who I grew up with. She could sometimes be a real teaser, sometimes even a bully, but all my life, she was a big sister figure to me. And now she just sucked my cock! And she just came while doing it! Multiple times!

What the actual fuck!

My thoughts were so jumbled that I didn’t realize that Vanessa and I had been stuck in this position, my hands on her waist, her hands on my shoulders, her face inches from mine, gazing at each other, while our breaths blew against each other’s face. When I finally focused, she had leaned down some more and she planted her lips on mine.

Oh, God in heaven…

Her hands encircled my neck in an embrace and I felt her tongue brushed between my lips.

“Oh shit jie…” I whimpered.

“Shhhhhhh,” she shushed. Then planted her lips on me again. This time I parted my mouth and we were soon engaged in a full blown frenchie.

When we broke off, I was literally wheezing for breath. “W-w-we should g-go back inside,” I panted.

“Hush you,” she said, asserting what big-sisterly authority she had left over me. “Just hold me,” she said.

“O-ok…” I said.

Cheekily, my hands slid around her slim waist and reached for her lovely pert ass.

“Ah~” She moaned as I grabbed her ass. It really made my blood boil. “You’re such a naughty boy Johnny,” she whispered hotly.

“I-I am sorry…” I replied.

She kissed me on the cheek, brushed her lips past it and nibbled my ear lobe. Meanwhile, her incredible ass was grinding against my hands. “Makes me feel so naughty too,” she husked into my ear.

Oh well, there goes what softness my cock managed to gain from cumming three times in a row. It was now rock hard again and Vanessa didn’t fail to notice.

She reached down and wrapped her soft fingers around my cock.

“Ahhh…” I moaned.

Still trembling, she straightened up, positioned herself to kneel over me and directed my cock to her thong clad pussy.

“Oh shit. Jie, we really shouldn’t…” I said.

“Shhh, shhhh, it is okay Johnny. I need this.”


“It’s okay, it is okay,” she replied with a trembling voice. Her fingers slid down and pulled her thong aside.

I gasped as her beautiful, pink, waxed pussy came into view.

“Stay still, that’s it Johnny. Goooooood booooooy…” She whispered as she lowered herself on my cock.

Oh my God.

Her pussy felt so tight. So silky. Sooooooo hot.

Bye bye virginity.

Hello incest.

“Unghhh… Oh Johnny,” Vanessa moaned into my ear.

I couldn’t even moan. I was hyperventilating. Vanessa slowly but surely impaled herself fully on my throbbing cock.

“Oh shit, you feel so good in me Johnny,” she gasped.

Then she did it again. Her fingers gripped my shoulders, hard. Her back arched. Her entire body shook and spasmed.

“Ugghhhh, ahhhh, arrrhhhhh,” she moaned.

Okay, it was more of a scream. I became afraid that the entire household would really come out to the garden and find us locked in incestuous coupling. Man, my life would really be over then. No doubt Uncle George would chop off my dick.

The thoughts fled my mind when I was sucked into a battle of wills. Holy shit, the feeling of Vanessa‘s pussy cumming around my cock was unbearably good.

Don’t cum in your cousin, don’t cum in your cousin, don’t cum in your cousin, I frantically repeated to myself in my head.

“Oh my God, you’re fucking amazing,” Vanessa gasped to my face. She then devoured my lips with hers and thrusted her tongue in my mouth.

She rode my cock firmly, getting me balls deep inside her tight, hot, twat again and again.

Oh, jeezus bejeezus in heaven, I am losing it.

Vanessa continued humping me. She was obviously lost to the carnal desire, panting furiously in my face and exploring my mouth with her hot little tongue while she fucked me. I had no respite even as she seemed to cum continuously on my cock. It was like she was in a trance.

I felt myself racing towards another orgasm. Panicking, I tried to lift her up by her hips.

To my utter horror, Vanessa grabbed my hands and pinned them to the tree behind me. She released my mouth from her kiss. “Stay still Johnny, I am almost there!” She whispered excitedly. Then she rode me harder.

Holy shit, I am getting raped here. Literally!

“Ugh, ergh, argh, ergh, uhhh,” Vanessa moaned wantonly.

“Oh fuck, oh, oh, oh, f-f-f-fuck…” I groaned.

In panic, I looked down and watched helplessly as my lust-crazed cousin’s bald pink pussy engulfed my cock again and again.

Vanessa began wailing, “Oh fuck. Ohmygawd Johnny, I am cumming again. Urghh gawd you’re making me cum again. Oh fuck. Oh Johnny. Oh Johnny, yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!”

Oh shit, sorry Uncle George. Sorry Aunty Sandra. Sorry God. I tried. I really did.

I lurched upwards when I came, slamming my dick all the way into Vanessa as she rode down on me. The force slammed me back down again. Vanessa too, arched backwards and screamed with pleasure. I felt her pussy clamped deliciously around my cock, milking it as it throbbed hard with each load it pumped out of my balls and deep into her pussy.

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