The Swimming Coach

Story submitted by: Daniel

Cheryl was a normal fifteen year old girl who took regular swimming classes with her coach, Tan. She started classes when she was eleven with a previous coach, but had to change due to the previous coach’s retirement. Tuesday afternoon was the normal schedule for Cheryl so coach Tan stuck with that schedule. The swimming pool was public and it was quiet as it was a working day, only a couple of families and kids wading around and Tan’s three students, one of which was a male. Cheryl was the main student as the rest were not of much use.

Cheryl then began to warm up in the pool with her usual routines with coach Tan supervising her. She was wearing an Arena one piece swimsuit which complimented her firm assets. She did not have a killer body, but it was just right for any guy to simply fall in love. Coach Tan was looking or rather ogling her from a distance, watching her swim was as if it was the first time, literally.

An hour later, coach Tan dismissed the group and he went to settle administrative matters with his other students.

“Finally finished already, I really need to pee.” She whispered to herself.

However, she was too urgent as she held her bladder for the longest of times. She could not even get out of the swimming pool.

“Shit, need to do in the pool.” She said while cupping her crotch.

She then let go of her hands, pulled aside the suit and started to pee. As there was not much activity in the pool, it was quite still and there was a visible yellow hue to the waters around her. Not aware of her surroundings, coach Tan was on the ledge where she was doing her business.

“Ahem, miss, I believe what you have been doing is a bit inappropriate.” Coach Tan said to her. She jumped from her spot and quickly waved away the contaminated water, which in turn, she released more due to the shock. She was sobbing uncontrollably and kept apologizing to coach for the thing she did. Her face was red from embarrassment and she stood in the corner looking down. Tan went into the pool, putting his hands around her waist, not knowing what he will do to her.

“Meet me in the office, I need to talk to you. And don’t bother changing.” Tan said sternly. Tan had a peeve, but also had a slight fetish for people urinating in the pool especially his female students. Cheryl resigned to her fate and went to the office after Tan went in. The cold air conditioned wind greeted Cheryl and she was trying to keep herself warm.

“So… Explain what happened just now.” Tan said.

“I… I needed to go to the toilet, but I was too urgent and so I did it in the pool.” Cheryl whimpered.

“I believe you need punishment for that.” Tan replied. Cheryl had no choice but to accept what she had done and asked what she needed to do as punishment. She was shivering from the cold and could feel her nipples getting erect as they spoke. The poking was visible and she tried to cover it, but to no avail. Tan then told her to strip, which she refused. She was shocked by the sudden statement and tried to leave the room, only to get stopped by Tan. He was in his mid-30s, but was quite strong due to his years in the pool.

Tan grabbed Cheryl by her hand and proceeded to open the strap of the swimsuit, there was pushing and struggling, but she was overpowered and there she was, bare breasts for the coach to see. The cold wind, constant rubbing by the latex from the swimsuit made the nipple very erect. Her nipples were pink with a slight brown hue, while her areolas were pink. Cheryl was crying asking why the coach had to do this. The coach did not give two damns for her crying pleas and proceeded down south. He dragged down the swimsuit which then bared her budding but fleshy vagina. Hairless and not like those fully developed vaginas on a woman. Her pussy was small, tight, and virgin and had the smell of her own urine. The sight of the mound turned Tan on and he advanced. Cheryl was crying, uncontrollably screaming help with no one listening on the outside. Tan then dragged Cheryl by the legs and then ordered her to table hump the corner. She did not comply and was thus forced upon the table corner, with Tan opening up the pussy lips and grabbing the waist rubbing up and down the table corner.

“Ahhhhhhhh stop please stop! I am not supposed to be doing these sort of stuff…” Cried Cheryl.

“I don’t care.” Tan replied. He started to stroke his own rod when Cheryl started to do it automatically.

After that, Tan proceeded to rub her pussy which was pink after all the friction. He saw that Cheryl was wet as he opened up to probe and saw her own juice starting to leak out. He continued rubbing her at a very quick pace when she said, “Stop please… I need to pee again… Stop…” Her voice was stuttering and she was tired from the ordeal. However, Tan did not stop and rubbed till she peed on the table. It was not pee, but was her first squirt. “Stop please, no more I cannot take it anymore…”

Not satisfied, Tan proceeded to unleash his bulldog and slowly inserted into Cheryl. “Please, not that please please no… No ahhhh.” She screamed in pain when he entered her. Hymen torn, blood over the head of his bulldog but he tried to force his way in which further hurt Cheryl. She slowly regained her sense and instead of pain, there was euphoria taking over her. However, in a matter of minutes, Tan came into her young pussy and gave Cheryl a kiss. Her pie was mutilated, juice on the table, blood on the lips of her mound and she was struggling for breath.

“Same time next week. Okay?” He whispered into her ear.

Cheryl, dignity, virginity and pride gone down to the drain. The thought of the ordeal scarred her for life, but deep down she knew she had a bit of enjoyment. She went home, showered and tried to rub herself off like how Tan did to her. Her knees shuddered, she fell onto the wet floor with her pussy contracting.

Her adventure was only the starting point of her crazed sex life.


Source: Daniel

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