The Problem Gal in School


Lead character: Wendy, seventeen, a secondary five problem student in a girls’ school. Born as a result of pre-marital sex by parents. Father left with another gal when young and thus was raised by her mother. The mother herself was a typical ah lian and as a result, Wendy was being influenced by her.

“Ahhhh… Faster. Mmmmmm… Faster.” Moaning sounds rang out from my mother’s room.

The noise was disrupting me from my sleep as it got louder. I got out of my bed and walked towards my mother’s room. I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Uncle Tan was fucking mummy again. I wondered what was so fun as I had done it before with my ex-boyfriend and he released within five minutes. I did not even enjoy it.

Mummy continued to moan louder as Uncle Tan continued to pump her. Before long, Uncle Tan released his load and I saw mummy taking tissues to help him clean up. Uncle Tan reached for his wallet and gave mummy $500. They started to get dressed up and I quickly closed the door.

The door was soon opened. I pretended as if nothing had happened.

Uncle Tan passed by me and took a look at me.

“Ni de nuu er zhang da le. Bu cuo. You ni de yi chung.” (Your daughter has grown bigger. Like mother, like daughter.). Uncle Tan commented.

“You lao de bu gou, hai yao xiao de. Bie da ta de zhu yi.” (Already have me, still want my daughter. Don’t have any ideas on her.). My mom replied.

“Wo zhi ai ni yi ge.” (I only love you.). Uncle Tan said.

“Tao yan guai (You are bad.). Hao le la. Zai bu zou ni jia you yao da gei ni le.” (Stop playing. It’s late. Go home now or your wife will call again.). Mom said.

My mother had been Uncle Tan’s mistress for the past year. I wondered why my mom would want to hook up with a married man, but she asked me to stay out of her affairs.

“Ma, I want $50.” I asked from my mom.

“Don’t have.” My mom replied.

“Just now, Uncle Tan gives you $500.”

“How dare you, peep at me again.” My mom raised her voice.

“Anyway, this is not the first time. Ever since father left, you had done it with so many men before. I also see until don’t want to see le. Anyway, I need the money for school stuff.”

My mom hit my head. “Ok, make sure it is for school. Don’t waste the money. Don’t be like your useless mother. Only be people’s mistress, open legs and earn money. Study hard and be a useful person.”

“Okay.” I replied for the sake of it, more glad to have the money.

With the money in hand, I went back to my dreamland.

“Ring… Ring…” My alarm clock rang.

I pressed the snooze button and went back to sleep.

My room door opened and I was awakened by it. Right in front of me, my mother was standing at the door, shouting: “What time already, still don’t want to wake up. Time to go to school.”

I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed and went into the bathroom.

I removed my pajamas and panty and started bathing.

After bathing, I wrapped myself with the towel and went back to my room.

I opened my cupboard and took out a black lacy bra and panty. Although my school forbade us to wear colored bras, but I didn’t care. Anyway, I had worn colored bras to school so many times and the most I had gotten was only a warning letter to my home and my mom didn’t even understand English.

I started putting on my bra and panty. I stood in front of the mirror and took a look at myself. Seeing myself looking so good gave me a lot of self-confidence. I was happy to inherit my mother’s good figure. My figure of 34C 24 33 had not only make heads of the guys from a neighboring area turned, even the ah peks of the coffee shop will take a second look at me.

I reached for my school uniform and put it on. After so many years of washing, the blouse had become thinner and my black bra was clearly visible. I purposely leave the top two buttons of my blouse unbuttoned. (My style and I was the only one in school who dared.)

After having the breakfast my mom prepared, I left for school. Along the way, I could see many eyes staring at me. It made me feel like a mini celebrity. Soon I reached school. The first period today was assembly. What a stupid thing that wasted my time. Every time saw stupid performance or talk by stupid people. After the national anthem and the school song, the old maid of my school appeared on stage. (Old maid was my principal, Ms. Seah. So old liao, not married.)

“The discipline of the school is going down and hence we will be conducting a spot check today. The first thing, we are going to check for is illegal items like electronic items such as hand phones and MP3 players. Could all the form teachers, please assist me in checking your class.” Ms. Seah said.

My form teacher walked up to me and started searching my bag and asked me to empty my pockets. I tried to fake menstruation pain and needed to go to the toilet, but she insisted on checking me first before letting me go. So du lan, she confiscated my hand phone.

After this first spot check was done, the old maid announced again: “Next, will be checking on attire. All those with colored bra and skirts of unacceptable length, please bring them up on stage.”

“What an unlucky day.” I thought to myself.

Soon I found myself up on stage, which was also not uncommon for me.

“You again!” Ms. Seah commented while I passed her. “Why did you like to create so much trouble and break the school rules again and again?”

I replied: “Rules are meant to broken mah.”

I could see Ms. Seah was getting angrier.

“In the past, we have been issuing warning, but it seems you all never learn. We will be taking some action today. For all of you gals with short skirts, you will only be allowed back in class after you purchase a new skirt from the tuck shop and change it. As for those of you with colored bras, you all are to go braless for the rest of the day.”

Jess, who was wearing a colored sports bra, stepped out and said: “But there isn’t much white sports bra available for sale, that’s why I am in a colored one.”

Ms. Seah: “I don’t care whether it is a sports bra or a normal bra. As long as it is colored, it is not allowed. It is to ensure fairness among all. Now, take them off before you all join back your class.”

The other five gals caught started weeping while they started taking off their bra. However, all of them were in sports bra while I was the only one wearing a black lacy one. They handed over their sports bra and returned to join their class, crying loudly.

“What aren’t you taking it off yet, Wendy? Stop wasting our time!” Ms. Seah shouted at me.

I grabbed a microphone and said: “Take off, take off lor. Anyway, I got the figure to show off. Unlike you this old maid with nothing. Take off liao, also no one wants to see. Probably this explains why you are still an old virgin.”

I started removing my blouse and then proceeded to remove my bra.

Wow! I could hear whispers from my fellow school mates below the stage.

“Never see before ah! Big, right!” I commented. “By the way you ask me to take off. Then, as a principal, you also should take off. Then got fairness mah.” I moved towards Ms. Seah, trying to take revenge. I put her shirt up and all could see the kind of bra she was wearing.

“Oh… An old grandmother’s bra. No wonder no guys interested in you.”

I was like a heroine now. Could hear some cheers from below the stage.

“You are outrageous! I want to see your parents!” With this, Ms. Seah stormed off the assembly, probably feeling humiliated by me.

The assembly ended with this and I put back my blouse and returned to join my class braless.

Ring… The school bell rang for the first lesson of the day.

The cold wind blew on the way back to the classroom and my nipples started to harden. Not long after, my nipples were protruding from underneath of my blouse.

I walked to my seat at the last row of the classroom and sat down.

The first lesson of the day was by our Maths teacher, Mr. Ong. It was a Maths test today. After getting our test paper, we were told to start. As usual, there were about half of the paper which I did not know how to do.

Mr. Ong sat behind the teachers’ paper and began invigilating. As usual, I began to peep at the person beside me for answers which I did not know. As I raised my head and looked towards the front to make sure Mr. Ong was not looking at me cheating, I saw Mr. Ong staring at me. I made a wink at him and I could see his shocked expression of getting caught.

I thought I would be feeling embarrassed about it, but a sense of excitement filled me instead knowing someone was looking at me. Although I seldom wore bras at home, this was the first time I had gone braless in public. I now knew what the feeling of an exhibitionist was.

Mr. Ong began walking around the class. Soon he walked towards me and stood behind me. I could sense that he was trying to look into my blouse instead of looking at how I was doing with my paper. I purposely dropped my pen and bent down to pick it up. I took a glance at Mr. Ong and I could see his eyes fixed on my tits. I was enjoying the feeling of showing off my assets.

Mr. Ong continued to stand behind me. I decided to give him another visual treat. I dropped my liquid paper under my table and pretended to continue with my test paper. Seeing that I did not pick it up, Mr. Ong bent down to pick it up for me. At this point of time, I spread my legs, revealing the black lace panty. Mr. Ong stared at it for a few seconds before standing up. I could see that his dick was having responses underneath his pants.

Soon the school bell rang and it signaled the end of the test. I finished my last question and walked up to Mr. Ong to submit the paper.

Before returning to my seat, I whispered into his ears: “Enjoy the show?”

Immediately after Mr. Ong finished collecting the test paper, he rushed out of class and went straight into the male staff toilet. I wondered what he was doing inside.

The lessons went on and it was damn boring. Soon it was the recess break. Finally, a break from the non-stop talking from the teachers. I made my way to the school tuck shop and went to my favorite noodle store to buy a bowl of prawn noodle.

“Uncle, as usual.” I said.

He had no response. I repeated myself. Again, no response.

I raised my voice this time. “Uncle, kan gou le mei.” (Seen enough.)

He finally said: “Yi yang, shi ma?” (As usual, is it.)

I replied: “Correct, ni kan le ren jia duo lian hong le.” (Yup, you are making me blush.)

The noodle came and I flirted with him for more ingredients.

“Cannot, a lot of ingredients already. More ingredients, I will be making loss.” Uncle said.

“Then you see me, wouldn’t my loss be greater.”

He added more ingredients and I went to find my ‘sisters’ at our usual place in the tuck shop.

While eating halfway, I noticed Mr. Ong coming into the tuck shop. He brought a plate of chicken rice and sat opposite me a few tables away. I could notice that he was looking at me. I purposely spread my legs slightly to entice him to look below. Not long after, I could see his eyes shifted down. What a horny teacher, I thought to myself. Why would a teacher be like this? But without such characters, school would be boring, isn’t it?

I decided to play along. I slowly alternated between spreading my legs and closing them. Letting him see a bit and then not letting him see. I think it must have been a terrible feeling for his dick down there. I continued this for a couple of minutes while continuing eating my mee and chatting with my ‘sisters’ of my act and my great body.

I saw Mr. Ong took a mouthful of the rice into the mouth and decided to do something funny. I purposely spread my legs wide apart to reveal my lace panty to him once again. Mr. Ong choked and spat the rice in his mouth out. What a funny sight as I laughed at him.

Just then, one of my sisters, Irene requested to feel my breasts as she was only an A and wanted to know what a C was like.

Irene put her hand on my blouse to feel my tits, but I used my hands to guide her hand under my blouse and felt it directly.

“Da jie, yours is so big and firm. Share with us your secret.” Irene teased me.

The school bell rang and it was time to go back to class.

“Tell you all after school.” I said and walked towards Mr. Ong.

I whispered into his ears in a seductive tone: “Wish Irene’s hands were yours just now?”

School went on for the rest of the day with the same usual boring stuff from the teachers.

‘Ring…’ The school bell signaled the end of the school day. Ms. Goh (A newly graduate teacher in my school, clicked well with us as she was only 23), my class form teacher who happened to be teaching us for the last lesson asked me to stay put for a while. She began giving me a mini-counselling session, saying that although she did not agree with the principal’s doings but I should not have embarrassed the principal. She asked me to be apologetic and go to get my bra from Ms. Seah. It would be of dire consequences if I were to meet some molesters, Ms. Goh said. However, I wasn’t attentive to what Ms. Goh was talking to me. The only thing on my mind was after school liao, still wanted to waste my time.

After the mini counselling, Ms. Goh led me to find Ms. Seah. I stood beside Ms. Goh in Ms. Seah’s office and Ms. Goh said: Wendy is sorry for what she did to you today. She had come to apologize to you. Please accept her apologies and return her her bra. It would be bad if she returns home like this and meet some bad guys. Our school’s reputation would also be tarnished if words get out.”

Ms. Goh urged me to apologize to Ms. Seah. However, I was in no mood to apologize to Ms. Seah. If word got out, my sisters would laugh at me. Where would I stand like this?

Ms. Goh continued to nag at me to apologize.

I finally got sick of Ms. Goh’s nagging and opened my mouth: “Sorry lor, old maid.”

Ms. Seah’s face changed and she stood up immediately. “You see, she isn’t apologetic at all. I shall not return her her bra. Let her feel humiliated without a bra. Anyway, I want to meet her parents. Get her parents to collect it from me.”

“Don’t return, don’t return lor. But don’t spoil it. Fifty over dollars, you know. Yours grandmother type, three for ten dollars in the market. I scared you not willing to pay if spoil. Ms. Goh, I am leaving. Need not help me beg for sympathy from this old maid.”

I walked out of the principal’s office and headed to the school gate. I was having mixed feeling. Excited as I was going to be braless in a public place for the first time and scared because not sure if anything bad will happen to me.

I walked out of the school gate and passed by the coffee shop on my way to the bus stop. At the coffee shop, an Uncle walked up to me and said: “Xiao mei mei, ni de hao da, ke yi ran Uncle mo mo ma? Yao duo shao, Uncle gei ni.” (Little girl, your tits are so big. Can let Uncle feel them. Quote a price.)

I replied: “Uncle, zhe bu shi Geylang. Wo bu shi zhong guo mei. Wo hen gui de.” (Uncle, this is not Geylang and I am not your typical China girl. (No offense to China girl, they are a great source of relief for our little bros.). I am very expensive to afford.)

Just then, an auntie came out and pinched the Uncle’s ear: “Yao shi ah, ni bu kan kan ta ji shui. Ke ai zhou ni de nu er le.” (How dare you, take a good look at how old she is. Young enough to be your daughter.)

She continued: “Aiyo, why you never wear bra and seduce my husband. Youngsters nowadays. It is you people who cause families to break up. Don’t you know basic manners and wear a bra. Did not know how your parents teach you.”

I replied: “Auntie, it is not I seduce your husband. It’s him who come and ask me to quote him a price. I haven’t sue you for defamation by saying I am a hooker. I got the figure, can don’t wear bra. You don’t wear bra also no one want to see. And you want to scold, scold me. Don’t bring my mother into the topic.”

A small crowd of ah peks had gathered around us to watch the show.

An ah pek stood out and said: “Ya lor, people only xiao mei mei, you say she is a hooker. Next time people really thought she’s a hooker and disturb her how.”

The rest of the ah peks nodded and made some noise in agreement. These ah peks only wanted to see my tits only and stood on my side.

The auntie sensing everyone was on my side, pulled her husband away and said: “I shall not fight with a young girl.” I could see her pinching her husband’s ear, scolding him as they walked away.

The rest of the ah peks applauded me. I decided to return the favor. I bent slightly forward, revealing my cleavage and said in a seductive tone: “Bye bye.”

After waving the ah peks goodbye, I walked towards the bus stop to wait for my bus. After waiting for five minutes, the rain started to pour heavily. My mind was going: ‘Oh no. The cold wind blowing will make my nipples harden and protrude out against my blouse. What a lousy day I have had.’ I waited for another five minutes. My bus was still not coming. I was shivering in the coldness. I used my mini ‘Outdoor’ school bag to protect my chastity.

I took a look at my watch. Ten minutes had passed and the bus was still not here. What a ‘world class’ transportation system we had. I took a glance in the direction of the bus approaching and saw a red car speeding very fast down towards my direction. Before I knew it, I was totally drenched by the water that the car had splashed on me. I opened my mouth and started scolding all the vulgarities in my dictionary. I took a look at the car and it seemed like Mr. Ong’s car to me. I was thinking: ‘Give you so many advantages today and you still do this to me.’

The next thing I noticed was the car’s reversing. It stopped beside me and the window was being wound down. I took a look inside and confirmed that it was indeed Mr. Ong inside.

“Do you need a lift?” Mr. Ong said.

“What do you think? Make me so wet and still expect me to take public transport?”

“Where are you wet?” Mr. Ong asked.

“What are you thinking? Today see so much liao, still not enough ah?” I replied.

I hopped onto Mr. Ong’s car and told him I was meeting my ‘sisters’ at a nearby shopping center. After a while, I realized something didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem to be heading towards my destination.

“Where are you bringing me to?”

“My home.” Mr. Ong said.

“Why go to your home? I am meeting my ‘sisters’, you know?” I said impatiently.

“Are you sure you want to meet your sisters in this state? You will fall sick this way. Let’s get to my place and change into some dry clothing’s before I drive you to meet your sisters.”

I thought anyway, I got nothing to lose except scolding from my sisters for being late. Just say Ms. Goh kept me back for very long can liao. I decided to follow Mr. Ong home.

Upon reaching his home, I got a shock. It was a three storey bungalow. I never knew Mr. Ong was so rich. I decided that since he had an interest in me, I shall extort some money from him.

I entered his home and the first thing I noticed were some photos of him and his wife on the wall.

“Aren’t you afraid that your wife come back and found you bring a little girl home?” I asked sheepishly.

“No, she isn’t in anyway. She is an air stewardess and will be away for the next few days.” Mr. Ong replied.

“So she is away and you have no one to sextisfy you and thus you bring me home. Trying to make me her substitute?” I whispered seductively into his ears.

“N…o.” Mr. Ong stuttered.

“Why you stuttered? I am right, am I?”

“Erm…” Mr. Ong diverted to another topic to avoid my question. “There aren’t any more drinks in my house. I am going to get some. You make yourself at home. The only room in the third storey is my bedroom. The wardrobe on the left once you entered is my wife’s. You can get some dry clothes and towel from there to bath.”

With this, Mr. Ong drove his car out and I was left alone in his house.

I took a good look at the house. It was so big. No wonder Mr. Ong felt lonely. If given that I was the only one living in the house, I would have felt lonely too. I called my sisters to give them an excuse that I could no longer meet them. I then made my way up to the third storey. Wow, the bedroom was so many times bigger than mine. I quickly jumped onto the bed. It felt so comfortable. How I wished I was Mrs. Ong. Isn’t it a gal dream’s to marry a rich guy? I looked up and saw the wedding photo of Mr and Mrs. Ong right in front of me.

Mrs. Ong looked quite pretty too. Even I as a gal found her attractive. But my assets seemed to be much better than hers. She looked a bit pure and innocent while I was more slutty. I lay on the bed and a sudden thought came to my mind. ‘Isn’t this the place where Mr and Mrs. Ong have sex? If I were to make love with Mr. Ong later, wouldn’t this be the place too. Mrs. Ong must have never expected someone else to be on her bed moaning for her husband.’ Thinking of this, I decided not to waste any more time and started preparing for Mr. Ong and my plan to extort money from him.

I got out of bed and walked towards the wardrobe that Mr. Ong mentioned. I opened the cupboard and let out a loud ‘Wow’. Aren’t these the designer brand clothes that I had wished for? Mrs. Ong had a full cupboard of them. My eyes moved further down and there in front of me were a full level of lingerie on the plank. There were baby dolls, uniforms, bikinis and lace bra sets. I recognized that quite a number of them were from my favorite brand: Victoria Secret. How I wished to own a few pairs of those too. It seemed that Mrs. Ong was an avid lingerie collector like me. I must meet her one day to discuss pointers.

It now seemed to me that Mrs. Ong did know how to please her husband. Why did Mr. Ong want a young gal like me? Anyway, it was my chance to extort some money from him and I should not let this chance slip. I picked a black see through lace baby doll and headed towards the direction of the bathroom.

I opened the door and I was amazed once again. The toilet was twice the size of my bedroom and it had a bathtub in it. I was getting so excited just by exploring this house. I turned on the water to fill the bathtub. I slowly removed my blouse and skirt. I then rolled my panty down. I took a good look of myself in the mirror and was glad that I had such a good figure. I was so satisfied with my body except for one thing I noticed. My pussy hair needed some trimming. I found a shaver and started to give it a nice and neat trim.

Now I was fully satisfied except for the smell of the rain water on my body. I stepped into the bathtub and soaked myself in the water. I grabbed a bottle of mango shower gel and bathed myself with it. I took extra efforts to clean my pussy and tits. After thirty minutes, I felt I was ready. I stepped out of the bathtub and dried myself with the towel. I was smelling of mango. It was such a nice smell.

I slipped into the baby doll and put my black lace panty back. I took another look in the mirror. I had never felt so sexy in my life before.

Just then, I heard the sound of Mr. Ong’s car pulling up at the front of the house.

The time for me to perform and get my motive had come.

I heard the engine of the car went off. I got out of the bathroom and positioned myself beside the bedroom’s door.

Wendy… Are you done?” Mr. Ong called out to me.

“I am having a problem up here. Can you come and have a look.” I replied.

The footsteps of Mr. Ong climbing up the stairs was getting louder and louder while I was getting nervous at the prospect of Mr. Ong seeing me in such skimpy outfit. I took a peep out and saw Mr. Ong climbing up from the second storey.

Now, it’s the time.

I leaned against the frame of the door, one leg stretching out and my lips biting my right index finger. I called out seductively: “Mr. Ong.”

Mr. Ong stood there dumbfounded. I could see his jaws dropped as he came to terms with a beauty standing right in front of him. It took some time before he said: “Why are you dressed in my wife’s lingerie. Aren’t you meeting your so called ‘sisters’? Get dressed properly and I will send you to meet them.”

“Don’t you like what you are seeing now?” I bit my lips to seduce him.

“Erm…” Mr. Ong stuttered.

I walked towards Mr. Ong.

“You need not say anything. I already know the answer.” I moved really close to him to let him feel the scent of my body.

“No, I shouldn’t be doing this.” Mr. Ong mumbled to himself.

“Stop trying to be pure. You had already given yourself away.” I said as I pointed at the bulge trying to stick out of his pants.

Mr. Ong’s face was all red now.

“Now is after school liao. You need not think I am your student. You can treat me as your lover.” I whispered into his ears and bit gently on his ear. I next moved my hand and felt the bulge in his pants. I could sense it was big and hard. Bigger than my boyfriend’s.

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