The Lawyer


My name is Catherine Tan and I work as a lawyer at a top law firm. I would describe my life as average without any surprises until I make a stupid mistake.

It was a Saturday night around 11 plus. I was heading home thinking of a case I have in hand. As I pass by a convenience store near my home, I took a glance into it and thought of stocking up for my refrigerator. Strangely, there wasn’t any staff in the store and an evil thought came to my mind. I entered the store, walked towards the cashier, reached for a box, slipped into my handbag and left. My heart was pumping very fast at this time but I was also very excited to have stolen something. When I reached home, I opened up my bag and found that the box I picked up was actually a box of condom. I was totally disgusted with myself.

The following Monday in the office

“Good morning, Miss Tan”. It was the cleaning Uncle, Mr. Lim. He is 40 plus in age and always look at the gals in my office sleazily. However, he is quite hard working.

“Good morning, Uncle Lim. I replied.

“Ms Lim, I got some matters which I needed your help. I wonder if you could spare some time?”

“Erm….. Why don’t you come find me during lunch time? It that okay with u?”

“Sure, no problem.” Uncle Lim returned for his daily routine.

Soon, it was lunch time and I heard a knock on my office door.

“Please come in” I shouted.

The door opened and Uncle Lim stood in front of me.

“Oh it u, Uncle Lim. How can I help u?”

“Ms Tan, this is what happened. My brother runs a convenience store and on Saturday something got stolen from his store. Although, he did not manage to catch the person red-handed but we know who the person who did it.” Uncle Lim described to me.

“So do you have any evidence? Like close circuit cameras video?”

“Yes, I have.” Uncle Lim started pulling out a video from the pocket of the coat he is wearing.

I took the video and put into the VCR and started playing it. I was taken aback by surprise what was shown on the video. Wasn’t this me at the convenience store stealing the box of condom?

Uncle Lim gave an evil smile, saying “I never expect a lawyer like you to break the law. Furthermore, stealing a box of condom.”

“What do you want?” I regained my composure and shouted at him.

“Nothing much, Cat. Do you mind me calling you this way?” Uncle Lim replied


“I only have a small request. As long as you are agreeable to it, I will ask my brother to not pursuit the matter any longer.” Uncle Lim laughed out loud.

“So what do you want?” I exclaimed

“As long as you let me and my brother play for one day” Uncle Lim stare at my tits.

“Play what…..” I shouted

“Stop trying to act innocent. You know what I meant” Uncle Lim said.


“是的,卑鄙又如何?” Uncle Lim exclaimed. “Anyway, you are the one who committed a crime, not me. But I am a kind person, I will give you up to the end of lunch time to consider my offer. And to show that you are sincere about making amends, I want you to take off the bra you are wearing now and put them into an envelope. I will be waiting in my storeroom for u. Remember you have up to the end of lunch time.”

After Uncle Lim left, I took a look at my watch. I only have 20 minutes left for the decision. I felt totally insulted by Uncle Lim. Am I going to let him exposed my crime or accord to his offer? Time was ticking away, I knew I had no other alternative. I got to protect my career.

So, I locked my office door, rolled up the blind and make sure no 1 could see what I was doing. I took off the shirt I am wearing, reached behind to undo the bra I am wearing. I took it off with hesitation and quickly wrapped it in an envelope. I wore back my shirt and walked towards the storeroom to look for the evil Uncle Lim.

“So you thought it over, Cat?”

“Yes,” I said reluctantly.

“So where is your sincerity?”

I passed over the envelope to him. However, without looking, he threw the envelope aside and command me to take off my short.

“What.” I exclaimed.

Uncle Lim took out the video tape and flash it at me. I know I had no choice but to accord to his request. I request for the door to be close.

Uncle Lim shouted, “No, no closing of door. However, I give you a choice, either take off your shirt or come over to me and let me look into your shirt.”

I stood there thinking of which to choose.

Uncle Lim shouted, “Be quick or there would be audience”

I choose the latter. I walked over to him and he wasted no time in pulling my shirt so that he can look at my tits. He reached under my shirt and squeezed my tits.

“Erm….. Nice tits you have!” Uncle Lim commented.

At this time, my eyes were already red with tears almost flowing out. I asked him to spare me.

“Yo, Cat. Listen up. Come and look for me here at 7 pm or else….. Don’t be late, you understand.” Uncle Lim give a stern face.

I quickly rearranged my clothing’s and hurried back to my office. I hold back my tears and my ears was ringing of Uncle Lim evil smile.

Back to the office, I couldn’t concentrate on my work. My mind kept replaying on what had just happened. I never expect the result of stealing a box of condom would turn out this way. My nipples are hard as it is very cold here. As the day went by, I managed to concentrate on my work and started forgetting about what happened in the afternoon.

Knock, knock. My assistant, Gillian walked into my office.

“Hey, Catherine, aren’t you done with your work”

“Almost” I replied. “Leaving soon.”

“Okay, I shall leave first. Don’t work too late. It already 7:45 pm. Bye.” Gillian closed the door behind her.

What, 7:45pm! Shit, I am already 45 minutes late. I jumped up from my seat and walked into the common area and found that I am the only one left. Where is Uncle Lim?

I hurried to the storeroom but Uncle Lim was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, something caught my attention. Isn’t that my bra? How dare he pinned my bra on the notice board? Beside it, I found a note that says:

Ms Tan,

Your lateness had cause a lot of inconvenience to me.

Once you see this, please find me at the male toilet.

I will give you until 8 pm. If I don’t see u, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.

Missing u, Uncle Lim

I was totally disgusted by his actions. The male toilet is situated at the other corner of this building. A walk there would take about 3 minutes. I took a look at my watch. It 5 minutes to 8 pm. I bite my lips, took off my heels and ran towards the male toilet. I was panting heavily when I reached and could feel my harden nipples protruding from my top.

I pushed opened the toilet door and found Uncle Lim peeping at one of the urinal. I turned back facing him and greeted him.

“Oh, I can see someone is embarrassed” Uncle Lim said. Suddenly, he raised his voice, “Trying to act innocent, turn and look at me.” I reluctantly turned and watched him pee.

“How is it? Is it big enough for u? Come, take a closer look. It will soon become your fantasy.” Uncle Lim commented.

Although I am no longer a virgin and had sex before, my face was still blushing looking at his dick. As I was staring into blank space, Uncle Lim had already zipped up.

Uncle Lim with a stern look said, “Ms Tan, I don’t think you care about our deal, if not you wouldn’t be ……”

“No, I …….”

Uncle Lim interrupted: “Ms Tan, you need not explain. If you are late for court, will the judge give you a chance to explain? Late means late. No buts. Since you are late, you will need to receive some punishment, any objections?”

“Nope.” I replied.

“Take off your skirt and undies and let me take a look at your pussy.”

“No way.” I shouted.

“So you are not willing to cooperate. Then, our deal is off.” Uncle Lim started walking towards the door.

“Wait, I will do what you say.” I undo the zip of my skirt and let it drop down. I proceed to take off my undies.

“Give your undies to me.” Uncle Lim commanded.

I used one hand to cover my pussy and the other to pass the undies over to him.

He wasn’t satisfied by my actions, saying “Ms Tan, don’t you know basic courtesy. You should pass things with 2 hands, not 1.” I wanted to reject but thinking of the evidence he had, I had no choice but to give him. I reluctantly pull my hand away from pussy and present my undies with 2 hands to him.

“That more like it.” Uncle Lim said. Just I was about to use both my hands to cover my pussy, Uncle Lim shouted, “Don’t ever think of using your hands to cover your chee bye. Let me take a closer look.”

Uncle Lim came closer to me, examined my pussy and said “Great, I love shaven gals. Why is that water droplets on your pussy? You wanna pee?”

“Nope, I don’t” I replied

“I asked you to pee, you better pee or else.” I bite my lips and started walking to a cubicle. “Wait, where r you going? This is a male toilet. Of course, you use the urinal when peeing”

“But” I said

“Go!” Uncle Lim commanded.

I had no choice but to walk towards the urinal. I spread my legs preparing to pee. Maybe, I am too shy. I stood there for a few minutes and still can’t pee.

I took a look at Uncle Lim. He gave a stern face expressing his displeasure.

Perhaps, I am frightened by his looks and I started peeing. At the end of the pee, I also don’t know why I felt excited at peeing in such a way.

Although I managed to aim quite properly, there are still urine which flows down my legs and onto the floor. Girls aren’t suited for peeping in a standing manner, I concluded.

“Come, let me help you clean up.” Uncle Lim called out to me. I know I can’t resists his command and thus walk towards and spread my legs wide apart to let him clean up my pussy. He picked up my panty and started cleaning up my hips and slowly towards my pussy. He purposely circled the panty around my pussy. At this time, I started getting horny. Suddenly, he inserted one of his finger into my pussy and I let out a soft moan. I am really horny now and felt the need for a dick. Juice started flowing out of my pussy.

“Slut, I just insert one finger in and you are already so horny.” Uncle Lim whispered into my ears. I think to myself: am I really a slut? Although, I had not have sex ever since I break up with my bf 1 year back but why am I already so wet when just one finger is inserted in?

By this time, Uncle Lim no longer play with my pussy and just wiped off the urine that is left on my legs. I moved my hands towards my pussy wanting to clean up the juice but Uncle Lim commanded me to leave it alone.

“Listen up, slut. This is the deal. From now, until tomorrow 9 pm, you would be me and my brother’s slave. You shall address as master, understand?”

“Yes, master.” in order to get back the evidence, I had no choice but to downgrade myself.

“And, you shall no longer be called Catherine. I give you a choice, your name shall either be slut or bitch.”


“Since you are not choosing, I shall call you slut from now on.”

“No, call me bitch, pls” I shouted


“Bitch, master”

Ha, ha, ha! The evil smile of Uncle Lim filled the male toilet.

“Bitch, come, follow me back to the storeroom.” Uncle Lim called out to me.

Uncle Lim, erm, no master, can you at least return me my skirt so that I can cover up.” I begged Uncle Lim.

“Hmmm…. Let me consider your request once we are back in the storeroom. For the time being, I do not want you to use your hands to cover your pussy while we r on our way to the storeroom, you understand?”

“Yes, master.” I has no choice but to follow his instructions.

The walk back to the storeroom seems like forever even though the whole journey is only 3 minutes. What have happened to me? A high reputation lawyer in my daily life has now become no better than a prostitute. If all my colleagues will to come about knowing that I am walking half naked in the office, I would rather die.

As the cold wind from the air conditioner keep blowing at my pussy, I started getting hornier. Juice kept flowing out of my juice and my whole face has become red. I thought to myself: “Am I really a horny bitch?”

When we reached the storeroom, Uncle Lim reached out for a piece of cloth and passed it to me saying, “Bitch, take this. I am going to bring you to meet my brother. As we will be passing by a lot of people, I would allow you to use this piece of cloth to cover your pussy. However, there is no free lunch in this world. You got to earn for this piece of cloth. Come, let me take some photo of your nicely shaven pussy.” with this, Uncle Lim took out his digital cam.

“This is not part of the deal.” I retorted.

“What is in the deal is not up to you to decide, it for me to decide. If you r not agreeable, then our deal is off.” Uncle Lim started taking his first shot.

“Good! Now, use your hand to spread your pussy apart.” I had no choice but to follow what Uncle Lim said. I am totally ashamed by what I am doing.

After a few shots, Uncle Lim walked towards me and show me the photos he took. “Look at yourself, your upper body does look like a high-class professional with your suit on, but your lower body is no better than a horny bitch waiting to be fuck.” Uncle reached out to a cupboard and from it, he took out a coat and pass it to me.

“Since you r so well behaved up to now, I will allow you to use this coat. Forget about the piece of cloth. However, I want you to take off your suit and then, put on this coat. Quick, my brother is waiting.”

I took off my suit and don the coat. It fits me nicely but the length is so short that it barely cover my pussy. A little small movement by me and my pussy will be exposed. How evil Uncle Lim is.

We left the building and we embarked on my shameful journey to meet Uncle Lim‘s brother. I used a hand to pull the coat down and the other hands to cover up my pussy. However, I could do nothing about the back. Throughout the short journey, I kept ‘zao geng’ and it attracted a lot of attention. The ‘colour wolfs’ used their eyes to rape me. I took a look at Uncle Lim and could only his the evil smile on his face. I felt totally insulted.

As we are about to reach the destination, the excitement in me rose. “Am I an exhibitionist” I thought to myself. Uncle Lim tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to alight.

I took a look at the surroundings and realised it is the famous red light district. Does Uncle Lim lives here?

Suddenly, Uncle Lim demanded me to take off the coat. I resisted and he took out the digital cam to threaten me.

Seeing this, I reluctantly took off the coat. “No covering of your tits or pussy or else you will know the consequences” Uncle Lim whisper into my ears.

I followed behind Uncle Lim up the stairs. Although, it only a journey to the third storey, we passed by 5 – 6 ‘colour wolfs’. They looked at me as if they never see gals before. The evil Uncle Lim stopped to introduce me as his gf and commented that I love exposing myself in public. What is more disgusting to me, he even openly discuss about my body with them and told them that they could play with me for a fee.

We finally reached the apartment that Uncle Lim‘s brother had been waiting in and Uncle Lim pressed the doorbell.

“Ding dong!”

Although I had finally reached the destination but I know this is only the beginning of things to come.

What greeted me at the door was a man in his early forties. He has a big belly and looks very much like Uncle Lim.

“Quick, let us in, Jack.” Uncle Lim told his brother.

“Brother, why are you all so late?” Jack asked Uncle Lim.

“What the hurry, we have until tomorrow to fuck the hell out of her.” “Bitch, greet your master.” Uncle Lim said.


Jack switched his attention to me. He slowly examined me from top to bottom. Saliva was flowing out of his mouth and I could see a bulge in his pants. What a horny bastard, I thought to myself.

“Brother, have you tried her?” Jack asked Uncle Lim.

“Nope, only get her to strip and I took some photos of her.”

“Oh, I thought you had have her. Some much juice is flowing out of her pussy.”

Jack said. “Brother, I would like ……”

Uncle Lim interrupted Jack. “Wait, bitch, come over to me.”

I dragged my steps over to Uncle Lim.

“Spread your legs” Uncle Lim commanded. With this, he inserted one finger into my pussy.

“Mmmmm….” I let out a soft moan.

“See. There is so much juice.” Uncle Lim said.

“Yup, brother.” Jack replied.

Uncle Lim continued moving his finger in and out of my pussy for around 5 minutes.

“Bitch, turn over, I want you to get on all fours and show me how good a bitch you are.” Uncle Lim commanded.

I listened to his orders. I get on my fours. Now, I look like someone waiting to be raped. Suddenly, I felt a thrust in my ass. It was Jack.

“Ah…no, spare me.” I shouted.

“What the hurry, Jack. Alright, I will let you have her first.” Uncle Lim said.

“Ah, mmmmm, ah.”

Jack up his pace and continued thrusting me. My resistance slowly disappeared and I am feeling more excited. I felt a sense of pleasure and I gathered it must have been a big dick.

“Ah, mmmmmmmm, ah.” my moan are becoming louder.

After about 15 minutes, Jack finally withdraw and shot his load onto my body.

Jack wanted to have another round, but Uncle Lim advised him not to waste ammo.

“Come, bitch, help me lick it clean.” Jack told me.

“No! Ah, ah, ah……..” before I could resisted Jack, Uncle Lim had already thrust his dick into my ass. At this time, Jack also placed his dick into my mouth. The taste of his cum make me wanted to spit it out immediately however, Jack said, “I believe as lawyers are smooth talker, they should also be smooth lickers too. Don’t ever think of spiting it out.”

This continued for about an hour, with Jack and Uncle Lim switching positions. At the end of this, I was totally shacked out already. Both Jack and Uncle Lim had already released 2 loads each and I had also cum at least thrice.

Jack said: “This bitch is great.”

“Of course, Jack, bring her to shower. We shall have more exciting games later.” Uncle Lim said.

“Bitch, follow me. I will help you clean up.” Jack ordered.

I gathered the strength that remained and followed Jack into the bathroom. Jack used the shower head and splash the water at me. He pressed some shower foam onto his hands and started playing roughly with my tits. Squeeze, fondle and pinching of my nipple and tits are some way Jack tried. After a while, my nipples became hard and juice also started flowing from my cunt. Jack used one hand to play with my tits and the other to rub my pussy.

Another round is going to start soon.

By this time, all the shame that I was filled with previously had gone. After being deprived of sex for so long, I could no longer the pleasure of a huge dick fucking me.

I quickly get on my fours in the bathtub and raise my butt high. I pleaded with Master Jack to fuck me hard and to fuck the hell out of the horny bitch in front of him.

Jack said: “Sure, I will definitely fuck the hell out of u.”

“Ah, ah.” I moan in pleasure while pleading Jack for more. The sound of my moaning and the sound of water flowing had become a background melody.

Jack and I was in total pleasure when Uncle Lim came into the bathroom to see what is taking us so long.

Uncle Lim told Jack that are more games to be played and he should save his ammo. Jack immediately withdraw and dry me up. What a disappointment for me.

I walked out of the bathroom and immediately get on my fours. I had already lost my dignity of being a human being. I am now a bitch on all fours waiting to be fucked.

Uncle Lim called out to me and ask me to crawl over to him to let him play with my tits. I slowly crawl over and let my tits ‘enjoy’ his massage.

Uncle Lim told Jack to prepare the props for the next game. Jack moved over to a luggage bag and told out some ropes, a blindfold and a small ball.

Uncle Lim ordered me to lay on the bed and spread my legs and hands apart. I followed his orders and soon Jack and Uncle Lim started tying me to the bed frame. I was tied so tight that I can’t resist. Next, they stuff the ball into my mouth and blindfold me. Now, I had also lost my sight and ability to talk temporarily. I do not know what is going to happen next.

Suddenly, I felt the ball taken off and something being popped into my mouth. I soon realised that they were pills to make me even more horny and lessen my resistance ability. Next, I felt a cooling effect on my pussy. Uncle Lim had rubbed some cream there. My tits weren’t being spared either.

I was thinking, “Oh my god, what kind of torture do I have to go through.” However, the pills I take were starting to go into effect. My mind now was thinking only about sex and the cream that was causing my juice to flow non-stop from my pussy.

Soon, I could think of nothing but only a dick that can satisfy me. I wouldn’t care whether it is a human dick or a dog’s dick, as long as it can satisfy me, I would be happy to let it fuck me. I called out: “Ah…… Fuck me, master. Quick, I need a dick badly.”

Uncle Lim replied: “Want a dick? No problem, let me release you first but do not take off the blindfold or no dick for u.”

Uncle Lim untied me and I wasted no time in getting to my fours. I called out: “Fuck me pls. Fuck me hard, master.”

With an evil laughter, Uncle Lim said, “I want you to answer the questions I posted now. If I am happy with the answers, you will be reward with a huge dick.”

“Quick, ask.” I could no longer wait.

“So, what is your name?” Uncle Lim asked.

I got no idea why he asked this but as I need a dick badly, I answered quickly: “Amy, master.”


“Lawyer, master.”

“After work, occupation?”

“Bitch, sex slave of master.” I replied.

“Good, so what is your fantasy?”

“Being fucked every day. Ah………. Quick give me a dick. Fuck me, pls.”

I never expected myself to be this horny.

“Sure, we will now give you the best fuck of your life.” Uncle Lim told me.

“Ah…… Mmmmmmmmmm……ah…….., harder……mmmmmmmm…….. I am cumming………….” I moan loudly.

Because of the pills, this sex marathon lasted for a few hours. We switched positions many times, from doggie style to breast fucking among others. However, most of the times, we were doing 3p. One of the brother was pumping me from the back and the other was being sucked by me. In this intense pleasure, I cummed countless of times. I had never felt so sexually satisfied before.

When the final withdrawal with made, Uncle Lim removed the blindfold. But even before I can make out the surroundings, I felt sperm being spray in the direction of my face. I quickly closed my eyes and soon felt that my face was very sticky. Jack had unloaded his final load onto my face. My whole body is filled with sperm.

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