The Back Alley of Sin – the Beginning, Trainings, Addiction, Screams


The beginning… Ten years ago…

Sitting by the altar, little Yuna looked to her twin sister, Mikki. Both girls sat there in white tees, too young to fully understand what was going on. After all, they were just eight years old. The prayers and incense were making them slightly giddy, which was made worse by the scores of people looking sadly at them.

“Come, let’s go back and sleep. Mummy’s sleeping. Don’t disturb her on her bed,” a voice came next to their small ears.

A man in white shirt with tired red eyes squatted beside Yuna and Mikki. The two girls rubbed their eyes and asked, “Daddy, why is mummy sleeping there? Can she go home with us?” Vaguely understanding what had happened over the last few days.

“Mummy is sleeping. Tomorrow, she will be home,” Jackel replied.

Jackel was Yuna‘s and Mikki‘s step-father. Once a researcher, but the recession in 1999 forced many companies to restructure and trimmed their operations. Jackel was on a side project which wasn’t doing too well, hence retrenched and not being able to find a job since. Still bent on doing research, he had developed clinical psychological problems but went unnoticed. The two girls’ mum was a failed ‘experiment’ after three years of ‘testing’ on her… Hence the tired red eyes… Jackel then turned to the two girls and smiled.

“Daddy will take care of you from now onwards. Daddy will make sure you are prepared…”

Yuna was the more naive one and will always listen to her dad. Whilst Mikki was more alert of what will be coming, she was also the submissive type. Both held each other’s hand and walked with Daddy.

Jackel took a final look at the offerings and picture… Smiled and then suddenly changed into a cold hard stare at the rest of the relatives before leading the girls back to their home – where home was a bungalow with a basement and three levels high… An inheritance from the previous husband to Yuna and Mikki‘s mum…

The trainings…

The bungalow was your average size one in Singapore. Nothing fanciful about it on the exterior, but Jackel had some other plans for it and had renovated it to his specific needs…

“Come Yuna, Mikki. It is time for you to get prepared,” Jackel woke the girls up.

The girls struggled to crawl out of their bed and washed up, as Daddy prepared their breakfast.

“Daddy, what are you preparing us for?” Yuna asked.

“Prepare to discover yourself. What you are truly capable of… In pleasing everyone, including yourself and sis.”

Jackel went down to the basement… Unlocked the door and with a hard pull, it slid open. Switching on the lights, you could imagine why. The door was specifically soundproofed with two cameras fixed on both sides of the door for constant monitoring. The renovation was good. The place was clinical at one part and the other section… With hooks drilled into the ground, walls and the ceilings. Nothing fanciful there… Till Jackel pressed a certain spot on the wall, a catch released. Using his fingers, he pushed to reveal the tools of trade… There was a bed and a few ‘X’, ‘Y’ structures at the corner with obvious signs of being heavily used.

Mikki knew where was Daddy, since she often saw him going down with mummy. Mikki pointed to Yuna, “Daddy seems to be down there.” Yuna nodded and went down the stairs.

The door was not closed and the two girls just went in. Daddy was sitting there waiting… With a grin…

“Both of you take off your clothes. They ain’t really needed in the house. There is no one to show off how well you are dressed… In the house,” Jackel with his deep voice ordered. There was a tingle of excitement in the tone.

Yuna just followed instructions, however, Mikki paused for a moment, looked at Yuna and then at her step dad. Mikki hesitated for a while and then just followed suit. There stood the two girls… In their first training… Rule #1: Clothes were not necessary when at home.

Jackel turned down the air conditioning. “Come forward. Let me see have you grown.” Sounding extremely eager and sick. After all, they were the main reason why he drove the mum to her extreme – to get her out of the way… Permanently.

The two girls, in total innocence, stood stark naked in front of Jackel. And Mikki started to feel uneasy, but since it was her Daddy’s preparation course, she tried relaxing.

“Daddy, why is my heart beating so fast?” Yuna asked.

“That’s because, you are nervous. You are not well trained… From today, your training will start every day. Before school and after school. Till you are totally at ease…” Jackel replied. “There are some rules we have to follow. I believe you know rule #1 is…”

“Clothes are not necessary when at home.” Yuna quipped, much to the delight of Jackel.

And that day, they were trained with the following basic rules for the next ten years…

Rule #1: Clothes were not necessary at home.

Rule #2: We were family. There was an open door policy in the house. The doors should not be closed when using the bathroom or changing.

Rule #3: We had to keep ourselves hairless. Inspect each other every day. Pluck out every hair, especially when you saw it ‘below’.

Rule #4: Nipples needed to be conditioned every day by Daddy… And eventually breasts…

Mikki frowned. And then being the submissive one… She nodded…

(I will fast forward to when the girls were seventeen years old in the next post. This is because the girls were very underage and not appropriate…)

The addiction

“Sis. I need to go back to find Mr. Y again. I just can’t sleep without it,” Yuna pleaded to her sis, shaking her shoulders continuously.

“You were just on it this morning and now again?” Mikki was trying to stabilize herself from the shaking…

“Come’on… Just for a while only…”

Yuna‘s obsession with Mr. Y started when she was fifteen when the order came for her to use him for the first time. Ever since the first, she had been on it four times a day for the next two years, till Mikki started to tone Yuna‘s addiction to it by restricting it to twice a day. Oh ya, both were eighteen years of age now, in perfect figure to die for. After years of ‘training’ and maintenance, Yuna had the killer looks – standing at 1.65m, she boasted of a full C breasts, small waist and slender long legs. Mikki on the other hand, as a twin, she looked exactly like her sister, but with a D-cup instead. Both their nipples were pink and erected always, from years and years of massaging.

Back to Mr. Y.

Yuna grabbed Mikki by the arm and walked to the basement. All along, Daddy knew what was going on in their room. After all, every room had cameras installed. Daddy grinned, awaiting patiently for his next show to start…

Yuna ran towards Mr. Y with much delight. Caressing the legs, wiping it clean and turned around, Mikki. I am ready.” Eyes wide open, showing much delight and excitement to come. The addiction was severe. The dose ultimately had to be delivered. “Strap me!”

Mr. Y was the nickname given by Yuna for a device in the shape of a ‘Y’. The legs were spread and the hands stretched to the back, forming the ‘Y’ shape. Each time Yuna was on it… She got wet straight away…

Mikki yanked Yuna‘s arms backwards, stretched them to the back, cuffed and locked to the wooden block. Then her hands slowly trickled down the bare body, teasing her nipples a bit along the way down to the slit. Pushing herself in between Yuna, she spread her legs and strapped them tightly to the ‘handles’, immobilizing the thighs and ankles. Yuna lay there helpless. There was no way she could ever close her legs. Mikki bent down with eyes directly in front of Yuna‘s clean shiny waxed pussy. Mikki got more to just teasing her sister there. She unlatched a catch and Yuna screamed. ‘Mr Y’ just sprang and stretched her legs wider to almost 180 degrees – the widest and the first for Yuna for usually she was at 150 degrees spread eagle.

The pain from the sudden stretch shot up her brain, the tension at the crotch was obvious. Mikki could see the muscles trying to pull the thighs back in vain and the slit cramped inwards. Mikki‘s tongue was restless by now. Moving in, Mikki ravaged her sis’s clitoris with rapid movements. Up, down, left, right, in, out… Randomly and fast, sending Yuna screaming in ecstasy, twitching her body everywhere trying to relieve the pleasure she was receiving from her sister… And then, squirt. The first wave was over. Mikki face was wet and she wanted to get her ‘revenge’ on her sis for not warning her. Yuna was still panting from the sudden tongue attack by her sister and catching her breath…

Mikki stood up, wiped her face and went to the fridge to get Yuna‘s favorite dildo – the iceman. There on the plate lay the seven inch long and 1.5 inch thick dildo, totally made up of ice with a little handle frozen into it. Mikki grabbed it and walked back to Yuna who was still panting… Not knowing her favorite dessert was going to be served…

Once again… Mikki loved to play rough today. The iceman locked on its target and fired itself into the tight wet cave… Mikki had started what Yuna was truly addicted to – the pleasurable pain and rapid change in temperature in her love hole… Mikki‘s arms were trained in that way. Well-toned biceps moving the ice in and out of Yuna with the right, while the left fingers twisted and pulled her sister’s nipples… Each time the dildo went in… Water squirted out from the melting of the ice as well as the juice from Yuna‘s red pussy. In no time, the iceman was reduced to a mere three inch length and 0.25 inch thick… Yuna‘s pussy was totally ravaged, red and wet. Extremely sensitive to touch.

“Sis… Thanks. I think I have enough. Totally exhausted…” Yuna whispered with her eyes closed…

Suddenly Yuna felt a pair of strong hands on her breasts, rubbing and teasing her also red nipples… Getting her aroused again… She smiled.

“Hi Daddy,” Yuna greeted, with her eyes still closed.

“Good girl, enjoyed what your sis did to you?” Dad asked, but looked at Mikki.

Mikki shook her head not wanting to have what’s coming next. After all, she was also naked in front of Daddy and had guessed what will be coming.

Jackel unstrapped his daughter, helping her up and whispered in her ears, “Why not return the favor to your sis?”

Yuna looked up and giggled in a very girly manner and turned to Mikki, “Why not?”

Screams – Pain? Pleasure? Excitement?

Mikki stared hard at Yuna, giving her the pleading eyes ‘no’. Mikki had her share of training in the morning and was ready to sleep already. She just wanted to do her sis a favor to satisfy her needs and what a mess she did to herself. (Pun intended.)

Yuna stuck out her tongue and ‘Bleah’, grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her to Mr. X. Jackel followed behind with his hands behind him and a very obvious hard on dick in his pants, waiting to bore its way out.

We had seen Yuna‘s Mr. Y and now it was Mikki‘s Mr. X. Oh yes, Mr. X was one that really made you tired, bounded and begging for more… Or less depending on how you see it. There was a lock on every ‘leg’ of X and in the middle there was a waist lock. Getting on it… Standing… Just meant one thing. You can’t move, but can only twitch or violent movements of your head…

Click. Click. Click. Click.

“Sis, just relax. I just got a cool new idea for you leh. Dad also approves of it. Want to thank you for what you did mah.” Yuna smiled gleefully with all the innocence a seventeen year old will have and not a bit spiteful nor revengeful.

Mikki was used to just having a dildo and a vibrator stuck onto her for the most part of her training. And she had begun to wonder why it took much longer each time for her to climax. Yuna‘s little grin and idea was making her wet. Dripping wet. All Mikki could think of was what was her idea. Was it going to be rough? Pain? Pleasurable? The thoughts were driving her mad and sending her heartbeat racing above 110 beats per minute…

Mikki. Calm down. You won’t be able to enjoy everything your sister has prepared for you.” Jackel whispered to Mikki as his hands auto roamed Mikki‘s aroused breasts and painfully erected nipples.

“Tada!” Yuna jumped right into the front of her sister, with her breasts still bouncing up and down.

In Yuna‘s hands were godsend gifts of love. Totally bright in colors, each the size of a small hot dog sausage, about five cm long and two cm thick. Each with a wire to a speed regulator.

“Let’s start with five and then we will see how she takes it ok, Daddy?”

“No. That will spoil the fun and effort you been planning for your sister correct? Why not all?”

Mikki‘s eyes widened with Daddy’s remark. Her jaw dropped as she had previously seen how violent each could go. At that time, she saw one of these vibrating on the table and her entire iphone actually vibrated along with it. She did not think much of it then and finally realized it was especially for her.

“Daddy. Could I just try one first?”

Jackel looked at Mikki, with hands still on her breasts, “Now now now… We must embrace new things, don’t we? Embrace it with totality.” Pinching and twisting her nipples as he replied.

“Ok lar sis. I off it first, then put it in lor. Only ten of them mah.”

Ten of the little vibrators, each with the capacity to vibrate a table violently enough to vibrate an iphone… Yuna took each vibrator and lubricated it with Mikki‘s own natural oils and slowly massaged each into her love hole. Her hands occasionally flicked her sis clitoris, sending her twisting and moaning each time. After just four minutes, all ten vibrators were in Mikki.

Yuna and Jackel looked at each other then faced Mikki, who by now could feel the bulge of vibrators rubbing each other inside her walls. And they were not even on yet.

“One. Two. Three. Go!” Yuna yelped out.

Yuna‘s hand went up in one hard, fast swipe, sending all ten vibrators into full scale force. Mikki let out a scream and arched her body backwards. Thighs totally cramped up and trying to close her legs. The struggle was in total vain. All her limbs and hips were well fastened to Mr. X and she in standing position further weakened her each time she struggled. The vibrators each of them were ramming against her vagina walls and each other. Each time the vibrators collided with each other, they became momentarily more violent and jumped around crazily. The sudden contractions were sending Mikki in and out of consciousness. The violent jerks of her hands and legs became suddenly full body uncontrollable twitching.

Mikki could not take it anymore after four minutes and sprayed all over the floor with her juice. Yuna watched on with much fascination and wanting to stop the vibration. Jackel’s hand tapped on her fingers and told her to continue… Mikki by now was pleading to stop.

“I can’t take it anymore. Stop it… Argg… Ahh… Yes… No, no. Stop!!!!” Pleaded Mikki.

Jackel replied calmly, “Just climax two more times my dear. We have to push boundaries!”

Mikki continued to jerk and her pussy was turning hot red and squirting every thirty seconds. Soon her entire body could not take it anymore and lost all consciousness.

“Daddy. Think she hit her max already… And I am tired… Could we go sleep already? Tomorrow still got school leh.”

“Ok. Help your sis to the room and let her be… She will clean herself tomorrow before I fetch you both to school.”

Yuna then unbuckled the locks and Mikki fell onto her. Legs totally wet from the juice still free flowing from her love hole. Mikki regained some consciousness, but too weak to move by herself. Both sisters slowly went to their rooms and knocked out for the night.


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