Teen Days True Story


I had this crush back then in Secondary School, We were both Secondary 3 then. We met because we were both in Track and Field. Both of us represented the school and we trained weekly together with the school team. Being a marathon runner, she had the most perfect figure you would ever imagine. She was lean and even had a hint of abs. She had the most amazing skin ever – very white and smooth, just like a baby’s. Her complexion was perfect as well, never had a pimple in her life I am sure. Her breasts, then were at least B+.

Our coach would make us do speed training, we would sprint 100m, then rest 30 seconds, then sprint 100m again. This was very tiring, as it usually last over an hour. Whenever we had the chance to rest in those 30 seconds, I would take the chance to have body contact with her. After a while, I will pretend my stamina wasn’t as good as her and would sprint slower than her. At the finishing line, she would be waiting for me already. I pretended to be really tired and lean against her. Either holding onto her shoulder with one hand for support, sometimes brushing her soft bra ‘accidentally’ or my back leaning against her back if she sat down – feeling her firm buttocks pressed against mine. After a while, she got the hint that I liked her I think.

Being runners, we wore very little. It was always those short running shorts with a split on the side and singlet. After training, we would be completely shagged, she liked to lean against the wall when resting with her legs curled up. I always took the opportunity to peek at her panties. She always wore either white panties, or pink ones. Whenever I saw her undies, I got an instant hard on, the small shorts could not contain my erection and it became really obvious. I was sure she saw them.

After the workout, she would be stretching in a sitting position, reaching for her toes blending down a lot with me looking from across. Her singlet was a little oversize for her and would create a big opening for me to peek in. I saw her breasts, but not the nipples as her bra was covering them up well. I had such good views that I could even see her down blouse all the way to the stomach.

But other than that, nothing really happened until 6 months later when we were selected to go for the Outward Bound School (OBS.), to spend 2 nights there…

In OBS, we were grouped into the same group with 21 other schoolmates. There were 7 guys and 14 girls in our group. At night, we were made to sleep in separate rooms; each room was really large and could accommodate 20 students. A lot of us were uncomfortable with the emptiness and large space. At night, the girls told us to come over. Everyone gathered around torchlight on the floor where we told ghost stories and jokes. We formed a circle where everyone was cuddling with their pillows and shoulders touching one another. Of course, I took this chance to cuddle next to her.

Throughout the night our bodies were touching by the side, I was having a hard on throughout the night. I purposely shifted my body, making sure she felt my hard on, it was rock hard and I brush it against her buttocks and thighs. I did that several times, whenever I did that, through the corner of my eye, I would sneak a peek at her, she just pretended like nothing even happened. No resistance whatsoever from her.

After a while, I summoned the courage to try something even braver. I reached for her hand under the blankets and pillows. Yes, we were sharing a blanket now. My hand was trembling slightly, from nervousness. I held her hand slightly; she pulled back just an inch, slightly shocked. Immediately, she looked at me, but I just smiled. I held her hand again, this time, no resistance; she just went with the flow.

Holding her hand for over 5 mins already, a naughty thought then flashed in my mind. I led her hand into my pants. I was wearing sleeping pants those that were very loose, those elastic type. Leading her hands through my underwear and when they touched my pubic hair, she got a shock. I felt as if a jolt went through her hand. I looked at her and she was blushing, and she looked really shy. Again, being insistent, I led her hand into my rock hard penis and just left her hand there.

Her hand was like a dead fish initially, but then she started to roam. She roamed now into my balls which felt so good, and started massaging them. She was touching me and massaging me until I pre-cummed into her hand. She could tell that I pre-cummed into her hand and she took her hand out to inspect it and smell it. This happened in front of everybody, oblivious to them as it was under a blanket. I could not hold it in anymore. I told her I needed to go to the toilet, and rushed out to the toilet.

The toilet outside the ladies’ room was obviously a toilet for the female. I didn’t want to go all the way to the gents as it was quite a distance and I was scared then. I just rushed into the ladies and straight into the first cubicle. The first cubicle was a shower cubicle with shower curtains. I wanted to masturbate so badly I could not be bothered to even close the curtains. I whipped my dick out and started rubbing it profusely.

I could hear footsteps from outside, but as when I was about to cum I didn’t want to stop. In fact, the footsteps made me more determined to cum faster. I heard the female toilet door opening, I panicked and didn’t know what to do. But too late, I cummed and shot my load into the curtains with a loud ‘Paaac’ sound. It was her that entered the toilet and she saw everything. She stood in front of me looking at me. I was stunned, completely shocked… And still holding onto my dick…

We looked at each other, both of us speechless…

My heart skipped a few beats, and it felt like an eternity.

Her: “Ermmm…”

Me: “I am sorry, I didn’t…”

Her: “No no no, it’s okay. Really.”

Me: “It’s okay?”

Her: “Ya, I was just shocked at how huge it was. It is the first time I am seeing and touching one…”

Me: “I was going crazy with you touching me”

Her: “You made me so horny I wanted to… Masturbate here as well…”

She walked up to me and I kissed her gently. She reciprocated by opening her mouth, her tongue eased out into my mouth to meet mine. Our tongues danced around like lovers. Promptly, I inserted my hands into her blouse, caressing the area around her nipples. When I finally touched her nipples, she let out a moan and her tensed body muscles relaxed. She had really small pinkish nipples, about the size of a 10 cent coin and I could feel that they were erected.

I slid my hands into her pants, expecting to touch some pubic hair, but I did not touch any along the way down. There were none, she was cleanly waxed! I touched her cunt, she was already wet. So wet that even her panties were soaked, and her lips were dripping juice. I slotted my finger in really easily, and started fingering her. She was moaning really loudly.

I removed her clothes and this beauty was completely naked in front of me.

Wow, what a sight! Her pussy was completely shaven, her breast were B+ and her nipples pinkish. I felt damn lucky.

I took out my cock and inserted it into her. Felt a jolt through her body when I did that. She wanted to stop me, she hugged me and said my name. But I just continued my thrusting. Again she relented, her moans becoming louder.

When I went deeper to insert my cock fully, she let out a loud: “Oouuuccchhh!”

I looked down at my cock, it was covered with blood, she was bleeding…

Looking at my cock, it was coated with blood…

Me: “Oh shit. There’s some blood!”

I completely blanked out, I didn’t know what to say or do next, and it was my first time.

Her: “What?! Blood?”

She turned around and saw my dickhead completely coated with her blood.

Her: “OMG, it hurts…”

Suddenly, it dawned on me. I had some recollection of this, probably from the porn I had watched before.

Me: “Oh no, this is your first time isn’t it? It is my first time too.”

Her: “Yeap, how did you know?”

Me: “Well… I just know, and you’ll be alright, I have heard about this before…”

Her: “Okay, hug me please.”

I hugged her, and we kissed like lovers. The thought of us both completely naked kissing and hugging in a female shower room was too much for me to take. I wanted to screw her more, I wanted more! I inserted my cock into her again, but the moment I penetrated in, she shivered in pain. I loved her and didn’t want her to feel such pain, I withdrew my dick and we kissed and hugged for the next few minutes.

Feeling something warm dripping down my leg, I looked down. Her pussy juices and blood were mixed together and dripping down my thighs onto my calves. She saw that too, and suggested we shower together. Her wet body was even better to caress, I could slide my hand all over her curvy body from her protruding nipples down to her firm ass. Fondling with her vagina lips, I could feel the slimy juices she was discharging. The water was really cold, and her nipples shrank and looked much smaller than before.

After nearly 30 minutes, we were done showering.

Her: “Oh no!”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Her: “There is no towel!”

Me: “Ahhh! Haha, this is actually quite funny… Okay, okay, I will go get one for you.”

Her: “Hurry, it is really cold.”

I simply put on all my clothes, even though my body was wet from the shower, and my dick slightly painful from all her inexperienced massaging / rubbing and penetration. I rushed to the female sleeping room. Almost everyone was asleep on the floor already. I tried looking for my bag, but to no avail. I forgot, my bag was in the other room – the men’s sleeping room, and it was quite far away!

Though I was really afraid of going that far to the men’s room, this time was different. She was waiting for me. I summoned the courage and dashed into the men’s room and got my towel and rushed back to the ladies’ toilet.

Just before entering the ladies’ toilet again, I could hear the sound of the shower running. I thought it was a little weird, she was cold and yet she’s showering in that cold water again? I didn’t think much about it and went straight in to hand her the towel. Behind me was another cubicle, and I could hear the sound of the shower tap running from behind. I turned around, and saw another girl completely naked showering…

I’ve introduced another girl into the story, let’s call her Netballgirl, and I will rename the initial girl I like to Trackgirl to avoid any confusion.

Characters so far:

Trackgirl – The girl I was talking about all along.

Netballgirl – The new girl I saw naked in the shower.

Back to the story…

I handed Trackgirl the towel and turned around to see Netballgirl completely naked – showering. Netballgirl was in the school’s netball team, and prettiest in the whole team.

Netballgirl was shampooing her hair with her eyes closed, with her back facing the shower head and her head tilted slightly upwards. She did not see me, but I could see her entire body frontal body completely nude with the shampoo soap flowing down her curvy body. She had really fine pubic hair, very trimmed down and very sexy. She was a beauty in her own right and had C+ breasts. Her nipples were slightly larger than a twenty cent coin, but they seem shriveled. Perhaps, due to the cold water she was showering in. She was the type that loved to tan, and her bikini tan lines accentuated her breast and pussy.

My dick had an instant reaction. It stood to attention immediately. In fact, my dick was about to explode that very instance. Trackgirl was taken aback slightly, but she quickly regained her composure. Before I could imagine any thoughts, she signaled me to go out before Netballgirl saw me. I rushed out of the toilet, and back into the ladies’ sleeping room.

I laid on the floor where we were just now, and thought to myself – OMG. I fantasized about screwing them both. Just within these few minutes I saw two of the prettiest girls in my level completely naked and even deflowered one. My dickhead was one lucky head, and very happy, though slightly swollen – my foreskin could not be pulled back fully yet, and was forcefully overstretched.

Trackgirl came back from the shower and laid down beside me. She hugged me and we slept with my right hand cupping her right breast. I tried to sleep, but I could not. How could I? So many thoughts ran through my head. So many dirty thoughts. After about 20 mins, Netballgirl came back into the female sleeping room, her hair still wet from the shower. I looked at her as she walked across me to her sleeping area. She didn’t even notice me. Yet, I saw her completely naked.

I was awakened the next morning by Trackgirl‘s movements. My hand still cupping her breasts and my dickhead still erected. During dinner, I sat next to Trackgirl.

Trackgirl: “Hey… You know about yesterday?”

Me: “Yep, is something wrong?”

Trackgirl: “No, nothing is wrong. Is just that… You know about Netballgirl?”

Me: “What about her?”

Trackgirl: “Did you know we are both together?”

Me: “What do you mean together? You mean like in a relationship?”

Suddenly, it made sense why Netballgirl was showering across from Trackgirl and didn’t close the shower curtains.

Trackgirl: “Shhhhh… Yep, we are both together, and only the school’s netball girls know… It has only been a month.”

Me: “I didn’t even know you were les… And yet with her?!”

Trackgirl: “Yes, anyway. We’re both bi actually, and I told her about us… About yesterday…”

Me: “…”

Trackgirl: “She was… Quite angry… But… But, quite excited…”

Me: “Huh? Excited about what?”

Trackgirl: “You see, she has this crush on you for quite a while. Me and her being so close and all… Well, long story short. I was wondering if you would not mind accepting her. I don’t want to lose you, nor her. I love you both a lot.”

Me: “What do you mean accept her?”

Trackgirl: “I mean like, the three of us hanging out together, doing stuff that couples do… But just in threes instead.”

Again, I blanked out, I just could not comprehend what had just happened. But after a while, the reality dawned on me – that they wanted me to date both of them together. The thoughts of making out with these two girls at the same time came to mind. Thoughts of a threesome lingered in my head. I was excited… Very excited…

That very night…

When I returned back to the sleeping area, it was already late into the night. I was in charge of returning the day’s equipment and the accounting for the bits and pieces took a while. I went to find Trackgirl, having not seen her for most of the night, I was thinking about her. I went into the female’s sleeping room. Everyone was to sleep already, but she was nowhere to be found.

Disappointed, I went back to the men’s sleeping room to pack up my stuff, because tonight was the last night of OBS. Upon entering, both Trackgirl and Netballgirl were sitting very comfortably on my bed talking. We made eye contact, and they smiled upon seeing me.

Trackgirl: “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Me: “Oh… Hey, hi girls.”

Netballgirl: “Hey. I have heard from Trackgirl you’re open to the idea?”

Me: “Yea, a little I guess…”

Netballgirl then leaned forward, her lips touching mine gently. I looked at Trackgirl, and she was smiling with approval. I leaned forward to kiss Netballgirl, this time her tongue lashing out into my mouth. She was a wild one. Our tongues wrestled, and I could feel a stud piercing on her tongue. I never realized she had one. Trackgirl got off and went to lock the doors.

My hands roamed around to feel the C cup breast I so longed to touch yesterday. Her bra padding was very thin and I could feel her breast and nipples through the bra. The moment I grabbed her breasts, she tilted her head upwards with her eyes shut and moaned with pleasure. Netballgirl‘s hands were feeling me everywhere. I could tell she was enjoying herself, and longed desired me. Her hands glided into my pants effortlessly, grabbing my rock hard cock. As if to avenge for what I saw yesterday. She started masturbating me, rubbing my dickhead like a pro. I moaned in pleasure, as she momentarily stopped to strip my pants down. My cock stood up like a pole, but disappeared almost immediately. She sucked hard and deep throated my dick.

What a wild girl I thought to myself. Trackgirl returned from locking the door and we kissed passionately. My left hand went under Netballgirl‘s bra and started fondling her nipples. While my right hand stripped Trackgirl‘s shorts, with the help of gravity, her panties dropped to the floor. I slotted my middle finger into her pussy, and it was wet, but not dripping wet like yesterday. I licked her clit and she moaned with ecstasy – she loved it. Her tap flowed very fast, so wet that my chin was dripping with her juices in no time.

My dickhead could not hold it anymore, I was in complete heaven. I tried holding it in, but barely 1 minute of blowing me, had I exploded into Netballgirl‘s mouth. Her reaction was immediate, but shocking. She swallowed down the whole load of sperm I shot into her. I have never shot so much in my life before. I was cumming for nearly 10 secs. Netballgirl licked clean my dickhead and looked up at me, she opened her mouth, and I peered in and could see her mouth filled with sperm. Netballgirl then pulled Trackgirl over and they started french kissing, sharing my sperm.

They stripped each other piece by piece until completely naked with me watching. While both of them still frenching, I hugged Trackgirl from behind and start ramming her doggie style. She was so wet, her juices soaked the bed. Again, my dickhead could not endure the pleasure it was going through, I shot straight into her without me realizing. I moaned loudly expressing my satisfaction. I wanted to withdraw, although I have already exploded the initial load into her. Trackgirl realizing it, pulled my butt in and prevented me from withdrawing, I cummed wholly into her.

Trackgirl laid on the bed, panting heavily – looking very satisfied. Netballgirl on the other hand, looked at me with a hint of jealously. She knew I had cummed into Trackgirl and didn’t want to miss out. Satisfied after cumming I too lay on the bed and but Netballgirl climbed on top of me. She started riding me like a horse. Her C cup boobs bounced wildly in front of me. My hands cupped both breasts and squeezed them firmly. They were much softly than Trackgirl‘s B cups. I started sucking on her nipples, wondering if there would be any milk. Again, I could not last long and told her I was going to cum and wanted to withdraw. Netballgirl nodded and hugged me, preventing me from withdrawing and riding me even faster and harder. I shot my 3rd load into her.

My dickhead could not handle any more sex, it was throbbing in pain. It was completely milked dry of sperm. Even if I wanted it, I could not. I had never shot 3 times in such a short period of time. Netballgirl was still riding me, I pushed her aside. But the girls wanted more, I could tell through their lust in their eyes. I cummed way too fast, then now needed to satisfy them. I fingered them of them at the same time, one hand for each pussy. Both of them moaned loudly, each louder and louder than the other. They seemed to be competing…

Early next morning it was time to go, all our bags were loaded into the buses and it was a one way trip back to school. Somehow, there seemed to be some tension in the air when I was with both of them together. They were the ones who suggested it, yet they seemed to be unhappy about this arrangement.

I sat at a window seat; staring aimlessly at the buildings we passed by. Daydreaming about what had happened these past 2 days. It marked the first wild sexual experience in my life, but certainly not the last.

A few weeks passed by, Netballgirl and Trackgirl had a major fight over me. It seemed like this threesome arrangement would not last. Somehow, I felt I was to blame as I favored Trackgirl over Netballgirl. But then again, I never loved Netballgirl, it was just lust. Netballgirl broke off all ties with us and I ended in a steady relationship with Trackgirl. Both of us were very happy together, it was the first time I felt love, but something was about to happen soon that would mark one of the darkest periods of my life…

Sometime later, Netballgirl called me on the phone…

Netballgirl: “Hey, errmmm… I have something to tell you, something you should know…”

Me: “What is it?”

Netballgirl: “I… I… I missed my period.”

Me: “…”

Netballgirl: “I didn’t want to worry you like this, but I just thought that you should know.”

I turned pale – blood rushed from my head and I felt light-headed. My world was turning upside down and my head was spinning round and round. I was too young to become a father. I was not prepared, and didn’t want little me’s going around. I told Trackgirl and we cried many nights over it.

For the next few weeks, I spent a lot of time with Netballgirl, and talking about baby stuff. I spent many nights staying over at her place. Her parents were divorced and only her mother stayed with her, and her mother was seldom home as well. I thought to myself, fuck it, she’s already pregnant, might as well enjoy the moment. We had sex so often then, several times a day.

We showered together, I loved showering with her. Penetrating her was so easy and smooth with the water. We fucked so often it was not even funny. Every day I would just do her raw and cum into her. She loved it.

Another week passed, and her period didn’t come. I knew we had to face the music, and I will get into some serious trouble. We went to a Guardian to purchase a tester, it was really expensive for me as a student then… Something like $40+ I remembered. At her place, she went into the bathroom and tried the test.

The results were out, she looked at me with tears in her eyes…

Negative, she was not pregnant. I was completely relieved and felt alive again. But that didn’t seem right, she missed her period for almost a month already… But true enough, her period came one week later, exactly 1 month 1 week from the OBS camp. Trackgirl speculated that she lied to me to make me get together with her, I have never known the true answer. My relationship with Netballgirl slowly fizzled out after that. My heart was not with her.

Me and Trackgirl then got together. For a good 2 years we were together, but it could not last, I went to a JC while she went to a poly. She became so wild and started clubbing, with her looks she was always invited to all the right places with VIP treatment. I could not keep up with her, and I need to concentrate on my A levels. Her new friends were always driving her around, while I didn’t even own a car. She organized parties in many different clubs like Attica and China Black and made a lot of money selling tickets to these events. Somehow, we just grew apart. I am still in contact with Trackgirl, but she’s such a different person now. She has grown so SPG’ish. But I have to admit, the sex was amazing.

I’ve recently bummed into Netballgirl at Vivocity, She had long flowing hair and have really grown to become a beauty. We didn’t talk much, but just exchanged the usual pleasantries. That meeting made me reminiscent of OBS and what sparked off my interest in sharing this story with everyone here at SBF.

Looking back now, I did spice things up slightly, as I could not remember the dialogue word for word. But this was the general sequence of events. That marks the end of Teen Days True Story. I hope you enjoyed the ride with me. There are some more stories when I and Trackgirl got together until we broke off. But I will leave those for now.



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