Teacher Became My Shorty


Story submitted by: Taller

When I started kindergarten at five years old the rest of my education was spoiled. My teacher was this beautiful, young, blond and although she seemed old to me she was only twenty four at the time. I was obsessed with her and would try to make her proud all the time. She could tell I was sure that I had a crush on her because she would catch me looking at her all the time. I had an obsession with her feet and more specifically her feet in pantyhose. I blamed her for this obsession since I can’t remember having it before she was my teacher. She would frequently remove her heels during school and walked around the class in her pantyhose feet. I remembered thinking her feet were perfect with a high arch that made them looked so small. I remembered thinking I would love to touch her feet one day. The year went by too fast and was soon over. She hugged all of us goodbye and when I gave her a hug she commented on how tall I had become that year and measured me to her. I came almost up to her shoulders. She laughed and said, “Oh wow, I forgot I was wearing my heels. You really are tall! I can’t believe you’re this tall and only finishing kindergarten!” I wished she had taken off her heels to see how tall I was to her without them on but she just said how proud of me she was and enjoyed teaching me that year.

Next year I got an old, larger teacher who was also nice, but not nice to look at. Her feet were huge and I could barely look at them. I would daydream about Miss D’s feet and go to my happy place. Miss D was the name of my kindergarten teacher. We never called her by her last name because it was too long and complicated. I would often go by her class after school to give her a hug, which I loved doing and also to see if she would be wearing pantyhose. She always did and dressed nice every day. She always had a dress on and I remembered thinking how lucky that class was to see her every day. That year I grew fast again and you could tell I was going to be really tall. My parents were extremely tall too, with my dad at 6’8 (A former basketball player.), and my mom at 6’2. I towered over almost everyone in grades K-3 except one girl who was really tall in the third grade.

That tall girl went up to Miss D one time at lunch and said, “Are you a teacher?” Miss D said, “Yes, why do you ask?” The girl looked old for a third grader and I think Miss D thought she was in the older grades or something. We had a small school so all grades K-6 would eat lunch together. I went and sat closer so I could better hear the conversation. The girl began to explain that she was in the third grade and had noticed how short Miss D was and wondered if she was taller than her. Miss D said with a smile, “I am not short, I am perfect sized.” The girl stood up straight trying to get as tall as Miss D but fell a few inches short. Miss D said, “You see, I am not that short.” The girl pointed out her high heels and Miss D’s face went red. The girl asked her to take off her heels for a real measure and Miss D would only say it was not proper for her to take off her shoes as a teacher. I knew that was a sweet little lie because she did it all the time and she kind of knew that this girl would be taller than her. The girl said she was 5’0 tall and wanted to know how tall Miss D was. Miss D whispered something in her ear so no one could hear and the girl started smiling. Miss D smiled too, and said, “Don’t tell anyone.” I went up to the girl later and asked what Miss D had whispered to her and she said, “It doesn’t matter short stuff. Maybe it was how tall she was but I won’t tell anyone. It doesn’t matter even though you are tall for your age, you’re not tall enough to know.”

Second grade went by with a breeze and I still wished I was in her class. I would still go by and visit Miss D all the time. I noticed she was never in her pantyhose feet anymore, maybe because it was after school and she was getting ready to go home. I could tell I was gaining on her in height every time we talked. One day she even commented on how tall I was becoming. She said she thought tall was handsome and a good quality in a man. I told her I thought small was pretty for a woman. She blushed and said, “You really think so?” I said, “Of course, shorter women are prettier to me at least.” She said “It is a good thing you’re going to be so tall then. Maybe all the girls will be short compared to you.” She said smiling.

One day I walked in after school and she wasn’t there, but her stuff still was. I saw a pair of heels by her desk and I walked over to them. They looked small. I put my foot next to them and my foot was bigger than the heels. I knew they were heels and therefore a little shorter than what the person’s feet would really be but they looked small next to my foot. I was hoping they were her heels. She must have been somewhere else in the building because I sat down at one of the desks to wait for her, but left after about fifteen minutes. I was hoping they were her heels and that I would see her walk in without shoes on. I later saw her wearing those same heels and it was a major turn on for me, thinking my feet were bigger than hers.

Later that year she told me she would be teaching third grade the next year and hoped I would be in her class. There were only two third grade classes. I hoped all summer for her class and only to find out before school, I was put in the other class. I complained to my mom and she had heard how much I liked Miss D in kindergarten so she said she would talk to the principal. My parents worked late shift all week, so they never got to go to my school activities. My friend’s mom would take me to parent night and I would walk to and from school since it was so close to my house. I would always stay at my friend’s until my mom came to pick me up at night. My friend’s mom was hot too by the way and I would always want to see her pantyhose feet too. Only saw it a few times, but that’s another story. Anyways, after school started and I complained enough, my mom went to talk to the principal. I was called out of class to be part of the discussion. I loved it because as the principal went through excuses of why they didn’t like to move children’s classes my mom would stand closer to her. My mom seemed to know how to intimidate because she just kept standing closer to my principal who even in heels had to look straight up to talk to my mom. My mom talked about how good Miss D was for my education and it hadn’t been the same the next two years. The principal just looked beaten down after the discussion and then said, “Ok, we can make the move.” The principal walked me to my new class as she brought me in to Miss D’s class I could hear her whispering to Miss D how much I wanted to be in her class and my mom was insistent. Miss D just smiled and said, “He kind of took to me when I taught him before. I will make sure he is comfortable.” As the principal was leaving Miss D winked at me and told me to grab the seat in the back. Teacher’s desks were in the back of the class at that school and this desk happened to be next to her’s. Perfect! I had a whole year of watching her slip in and out of her stocking feet. She had to notice me watching her all the time, but she never gave notice of it. She would again walk around the class on her pantyhose feet occasionally and I noticed she would wear higher heels now than she did before. In fact, they were so high I wondered how she would walk in them sometimes. I think she realized that the kids were taller in third grade than her usual kindergarten kids.

My parents were finally able to make it to a school night activity at the beginning of the year. We had put together projects and Miss D had them displayed all over the class. When my parents came up to talk to her and you could see the shock in her eyes. She was absolutely dwarfed by them. She had to look way up and this was in some very tall heels. My parents seemed almost uncomfortable with being so much taller than her and sat down in some chairs close by. Miss D continued to stand I think because it made her feel more secure. My parents said goodbye and as they stood up, Miss D’s poor little neck had to crane way up to see them. She said, “Well, I can certainly see where your boy gets his height from. I will bet he is going to be really tall.” My parents just laughed and joked about how better I will be, seeing as how much I liked basketball. It was true because I played almost every chance I had and was starting in the youth leagues. Miss D and my mom hit it off and became good friends that year. They would even meet to shop and have lunch together sometimes.

I really started to grow that year. I noticed as she would say goodbye every day to the students I kept getting closer to looking her in the eye. I could tell she could see it too, and wore very tall heels every day to school from then on. She would stand up really straight every time I was near her. One day after school, I stayed around to help her clean some things up, but I really had other intentions. I was close enough to her height and wanted to measure with her. She was still wearing very tall heels that day, but I was only a few inches shorter than her and it made me excited quite honestly.

When I said goodbye to her I shyly asked, “Can I see if I am taller than you?” She laughed and said, “What do you mean?” I said, “I think I might be taller than you if you took off your heels.” She stood face to face with me and said, “Oh, I am afraid you might be taller than me. I am afraid if I take off these heels and you will look at me differently from now on. I can’t be shorter than my students.” I was 5’1 and I could see she was about two inches taller than me with the heels. I told her I would love to see if I had grown taller than her. She said, “I remember you thought short women were pretty. Do you feel like I am pretty?” I told her I did with a very embarrassed red face. She said, “Ok, I will do it, but you have to respect me all the time, no matter if you’re taller than me or not. Got it?” I said, “Of course I will. You’re my favorite teacher.” She slipped off her heels and there it was I was looking down into her eyes. She laughed and said, “I can’t believe my little kindergarten boy is looking down at me.”

She never wore any smaller heels from then on but I grew a few more inches that year until I could see we were looking eye to eye. She called me up in front of the class towards the end of the year like she did to so many kids to do a problem on the chalkboard. We still used chalkboards back then. I walked up to take the chalk from her and our eyes met. I was looking down a little to her, but just barely. I could see the shock in her eyes. She stepped back quickly. I started messing up the problem and the class started to laugh at me. I was embarrassed. She came over quickly to help me because she was a little protective of my confidence and knew how shy I was. As she helped me one of the kids yelled out, “He’s taller than Miss D!” We both turned around and then looked at each other and Miss D’s face was flushed now. The class then noticed she was wearing heels and asked her to take them off. She said, “That’s not appropriate and so what if he is taller. I am the teacher.” With enough coaxing, she finally took off her heels. What a great day. Like I said, I had grown a few inches since before and now stood 5’4. The class and her were amazed as she took off her heels that had to have been around 5′ tall. She shrunk before my eyes. She finally stopped about at the top of my lips. I could see the top of her beautiful blond hair. She was having to tilt her head to look up to me and I loved it. She put her arm around me in a kind of half hug and said to the class, “There, you see, your teacher is very short.” I was speechless and could not believe it.

It shouldn’t have changed our relationship I know, but it did. She talked different to me now. She would take off her heels more often at her desk and tell me she needed to talk to me. She would then stand up and said how short I made her feel and then laughed. The class couldn’t see because they were all facing the other direction. One time she was trying to reach something behind her desk, on a shelf and was on her tip toes but couldn’t grab it. She asked me to help her which I was glad to do. I think she was doing it on purpose because she knew I loved her pantyhose feet and small ladies so she really played into both. All of the sudden she couldn’t reach things that she had been reaching all year with heels.

She had mentioned at the end of the year she was moving to Atlanta to help take care of her mom. We were in Las Vegas so it seemed like an eternity away. We were all bummed, but especially me. The last day of school, we all said our goodbyes and then she told me to wait after the kids left because she had a present for my mom and didn’t want the other kids to be jealous. As I followed her to her desk, she slipped out of her heels and said, “I am going to miss you the most. You have been so sweet and helpful all year. Tell your mom I will miss her a bunch too.” She was crying as she came to give me a hug. I was like nine or ten so I didn’t quite know what to do with the feelings I was having. I just gave her a hug back and could tell that she was on her tiptoes to hug me which made me feel like a man. She let go and then hugged me again reaching up on her tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek. She said, “Man you’re tall. I hope you get as tall as your dad someday. I would like to see that even though it would make me feel so tiny.” We said goodbye again and that was the last I saw of her until after my senior year, which was the greatest moment of my life as a man if you know what I mean. I will continue that part of the story later.

She moved to Georgia and got married. My parents and her exchanged Christmas cards and my mom would show me hers every year and she was always beautiful. She got married a few years later and we got all the announcements and Christmas cards from her and her husband. He also seemed tall next to her in the pictures. My mom was in Atlanta for business one year and took her out to lunch. My mom told me later she was so surprised to see me in the pictures my mom sent because I was as tall as my mom and in the sixth grade. My mom told me she was really shocked when she told her she was even wearing heels and that I was taller than her now. She mentioned to my mom what a handsome young man I was becoming. I continued to grow and grow and finally stopped in my senior year. I had become one of the most recruited basketball players in the nation. I was 7’7 and could actually move athletically and was not fat, but husky. I found out later that Miss D was so happy to see the last Christmas letter from our family with me towering over my mom and dad. I never messed with my dad out of fear I think, but I would always do things like pat my mom on the head when I stood next to her. She was so tall for a woman, but next to me looked petite. She was thin and when she would hug me, I felt even taller looking down and seeing her head not even reached my shoulders. I could see the pride in her eyes and she had to look way up to look into my eyes.

Miss D in the meantime had some rough few years during my high school years with her mom and dad dying and now divorced. I heard her talking to my mom one night crying with all the loss she had. My mom told me she was heartbroken for her and wished there was something she could do. I told her how nice she was as a teacher and why something this hard would happen to such a nice woman. My mom agreed that it was too hard and thought maybe I can get her to move back out this way. She tried to convince her, but Miss D couldn’t afford the move since she had fallen on hard times financially too. She had just started teaching again and would have to save up money.

A couple of years later, when I graduated, I had just turned eighteen. My mom and I had a discussion about girls. She was worried about me not dating any girls steadily. I told her high school girls didn’t impress me. She said, “Because they are short or because of their age.” I told her not because they were short because I liked short women. She said, “Then who do you like?” I said, “Older women, but not many paid attention to me other than to take a picture with me. Like a circus clown.” My mom said, “You don’t understand women then, son. I have a lot of women tell me how handsome you are and so kind and gentle for a superstar basketball player.” I wasn’t shy anymore but still remembered to be a gentleman like my parents taught me to be. I opened doors for women and then had to duck under them to get in. I could tell women and girls would always want to be around me, but I thought it was always about my large body as a sideshow. I do have to admit women always would hug me in the pictures we took and I enjoyed being that much taller than everyone. Women would remove their shoes a lot of the times to emphasize the height difference and I would love it especially when they were in pantyhose. My mom continued, “Are there any older women you like who are not married of course. You are eighteen and mature for your age. Maybe an older woman would interest you.” I confided in her that Miss D had always interested me from the moment I met her in Kindergarten. She laughed and laughed. I was embarrassed and said, “Fine, don’t ask me these questions then.” She put her arm around me and said, “I meant a little closer to your age, but Miss D is very pretty.” And she was glad I had such good taste. “Do you even remember how tall Miss D is? She is tiny to me and you tower over me and I tower over almost all ladies. Miss D is tiny tiny!” I said, “I told you I like small women mom. The smaller the better.” She said, “Whatever floats your boat son, I am just glad you like women. I am not sure how Miss D would feel about being with a former student of hers who actually is twice her height. Maybe sometime you can ask, but make sure you don’t make her feel uncomfortable.” I would never do that, I told her and said if I ever did see her again, maybe I would put down some hints and see if she took the bait.

As luck would have it, I moved to North Carolina to play basketball in college. I was headed out there before school started for what they called a big man’s camp. Not just at my school, all the Southeast recruits and college players came to it. It was two weeks of morning workouts and scrimmages. I would just end up playing up the road from the place where the camp was and then moved into my dorm after the end of camp. The first thing I thought of was Miss D. I got her number from my mom and my mom reluctantly gave it to me. She said, “Don’t you dare make the moves on her. If she is interested then she will make the moves.” I told her I wasn’t like that and never wanted to make a person I cared that much about awkward around me for the rest of my life. I hadn’t seen her in almost ten years and I really wanted to see her for more than just catching up, but if that was all it was then that was fine. I called her and was so nervous asking if I could come down to Atlanta to see her. She was so excited I had chosen to play basketball in North Carolina and said Charlotte was not that far for her to drive. She said her brother had hotel points from travelling for work and offered her hotel stays as a vacation that year knowing all she had been through. She said she would drive up and stay a week of my camp. I told her what school we would be playing at and then where we would be staying. She said, “It will be so nice to see you again. Are your parents coming? I would like to see them too.” I told her they wouldn’t and couldn’t get off work. They would need to save time off for games in the fall. She said, “Ok, it will be just you and me then.” With a happy voice. I got off the phone and my mom asked how it went and I told her and she said, “You know, the fact that she is making that trip might be good news for you. That means she is really happy to see you. I don’t think a woman would do that for just any kid she taught a long time ago.” I told her I hoped so and did she mind that I might happen to be with Miss D? She said, “Knowing you I know you will be a perfect gentleman and treat her right no matter what. I told your dad about your little infatuation with Miss D and he said ‘I think he should go for it! Miss D is a good looking woman!'” I was shocked but they were both now in perfect support of me hitting on Miss D with my mom laying down strict guidelines. Always coaching me what a woman meant when she told me something all the way until I went to camp. She gave me all the clues that a woman was interested like flicking her hair when talking. Soon I was off to camp and a new life.

I left Las Vegas with big dreams and a big body. I entered ‘Big man’s camp’ in July and was then going straight to play in college from there. I was so excited to see Miss D I couldn’t wait. I didn’t know if she knew how tall I had become exactly, but she was about to find out.

Everyone at the camp was over 6’10. You had to play center to even be invited. However the next tallest person to me was 7’2. The first day I was intimidated with all these guys I had watched play on television just the year before in college. Even though I was tall and pretty stout, I was getting pushed around a little. The coaches who were all former big men were yelling at me to be more aggressive. Then she walked in. I was barely conscious of all the other guys looking at her because I was too busy looking myself. She was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen and if it was possible she looked prettier than she did before.

We were on break as she walked in with huge platform wedges, tan pantyhose and a beautiful dress. She looked like a model if models could be tiny. She sat in the bleachers and I could tell she was looking for me. It had been a while and I was a kid when she last saw me. I was sure we all looked the same to her being giants from her perspective. I must have felt an adrenaline rush or maybe a testosterone rush because I started playing great. One of the coaches called me by last name and slapped me on the back after a powerful dunk on another guy. I was hoping she was paying attention and she was. Her hand went over her mouth in surprise as she realized who I was. Then she met my eyes. She gave me a wave and I gave her a little wave back to not be noticed. It did get me noticed because one of the coaches yelled out, “Is that all we had to do was bring a pretty lady in here to wake you up! Let’s make sure someone brings in a pretty lady every day so you can play like the beast you are right now.” Everyone laughed, but I didn’t care. I was in love.

She left about halfway through practice and I could see her talking to one of my coaches. She looked so tiny to him almost like a kid. She was definitely not a kid as far as the body went. She had all the right curves. They were laughing and I could tell talking about me. She was so beautiful. Everything about her was feminine from her pretty blonde hair to the way she walked in that tiny frame to how she gestured when she talked. A little southern Georgia peach. I forgot she was from this area. I was hoping she hadn’t been disappointed in me and gone home.

After practice the coach she was talking to came to me and said, “A Miss D told me to give you this note. She is a beautiful woman. She said she was your very first teacher and hadn’t seen you for some years. She looks so young to have been your kindergarten teacher.” I told him she used to live where I did and had moved to Georgia for family reasons. I realized as I was talking to him that I was a lot taller than him. I thought of how much taller he was than her and I was at least a head taller than him. I read the note she gave me and my heart pounded harder and harder as I read. She wanted me to come to her hotel so we could talk and maybe go do something together. The note said she understood if I couldn’t because of basketball, but she said anytime I could make it would be great.

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  1. scottie says:

    Love the story! I had a Teacher in middle school who was a tiny Asian woman and so hot. I am a short guy but loved watching a very tall student in at our school tower over her. She flirted with him all the time and was usually out of her high heels every class looking way up to him. He would always ask her a question after class and would hold the book up above her eye level which wasn’t hard for him but she would first get on her tip toes and say “stop, you are doing that on purpose. You know I can’t see that high up” He would laugh and I think she liked being teased like that.

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