Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister

Jasmine felt the rough hand between her legs. The fingers inside her were exploring every part of her vagina. They touched parts that made her tense with sexual joy and parts that electrocuted her with lustful sensations. The hand on her breasts were full of hardened callous as well. She has never experienced such hard handling. No no… The guy on top of her who was greedily kissing her was not her husband. She felt so scared. Why did she do something like this to betray her husband? He was moving directly on top of her.

She felt him position himself between her legs. She awoke with a startle and pushed with all her strength to end this unwanted assault. She knew she must not be penetrated by this guy who had just turned up at her house. She pushed and yet her strength did nothing to stop the growing cock from entering her pussy. She felt it clearly and vividly as something hard and smooth entered her. She chock out a cry and then the cock belonging to this stranger thrusted in further to complete her sense of humiliation.

What would her husband think of her? Will her son find out and feel disgraced for his defiled mother? Jasmine was fully awake and in touch with reality. Just like Rahim’s average cock was in touch with her tight and juicy pussy. This was unlike any girl at Geylang or JB. The idea of spoiling a heart lander mother brought more vigor to Rahim’s thrusting’s. He continued to feed upon the flesh of Jasmine as his mouth savored all the white naked body that was beneath him.

The bed was bouncy. With each entry of the cock, the bed sunk under the weight of Jasmine and Rahim. Then it would regain its shape and forcing the body of Jasmine closer to Rahim. He was almost drooling with a feverish lust as his circumcised cock was thoroughly massaged by the tight pussy of this young mother. He was swelling up to almost unbearable size as he was stimulated to the height of orgasm. He had no money for a hooker recently and no girlfriend so he was extra sensitive.

Yet he wanted to enjoy the moment more. He forced a contraction at the base of his cock and relaxed the thrusting. Jasmine was writhing beneath him as his body and odor overwhelmed her. Her hands were still pushing him, but he held her extremely tight. As tight as your pussy is holding me, thought Rahim. He ruffled her hair and bit her breasts, he then placed his hands on her hip and pushed himself upright.

With him at a right angle to Jasmine, he continued to hold his leverage on her hip and thrust his hips rapidly as his cock went into a machine gun mode to outgun Jasmine’s bunker. Jasmine’s curvy body and large breasts were in total control by this expert soldier of sex. Rahim then placed one hand on massaging the voluminous breasts of Jasmine as he grabbed and knead and tickled and all sorts of things you would do with a beautiful large breast.

Jasmine was so sad now. She could feel him move faster and faster within her. She was totally confused as to how she ended up naked and penetrated by this Malay stranger. Yet her body responded in defiance as her nipples turned erect and her vagina produced tons of lubricating juices to aid the despicable guy’s dick in gaining comfort. She started to feel high just like initially. That guy’s pelvis rammed against her clitoris with each thrust and his cock hit the wonderful sensation everything it went deep enough to touch her vagina wall. The G – spot was something that she did not know, but was happening to her.

She started to move in concert as both of them synchronized their morally wrong actions on the marital mattress in her sanctuary. Her legs wrapped around Rahim to take more of him in and her eyes were rolled back in lust and her soft, sweet lips were parted slightly to allow the moans to escape. Just enough to turned Rahim over the edge as he was spurred on to add more speed to his lower body.

Their animalistic actions have been going for the past 15 minutes. You could see Jasmine’s breasts splayed out on her body and they moved almost excessively as Rahim’s hip banged in Jasmine again and again. The sweat was disgusting though, as Rahim was drenched in his own perspiration. They were dripping over Jasmine and it was not a nice sight. The windows by the bed were open and anyone from across the block who saw such a sight will be stunned by the natural attractiveness of Jasmine’s lusty body and the ugliness of Rahim’s sweat and fats.

His stamina was not good and he could not keep up with the rapid-fire thrusting. Rahim decided to go for the kill once and for all as he summoned the will to release all his tension into Jasmine’s fuck hole. Jasmine tensed as she sensed the build up to Rahim’s cumming. She felt the muscles or whatever was beneath those fats tensed up. Rahim was moving harder and slower into her so she increased her rhythm to lull Rahim’s hot cum into her pussy faster. She also was spasming as her pussy was wholly stimulated by their carnal intercourse.

They were one and all as both sets of bodies truly convulsed fiercely and Rahim spilled all his semen into Jasmine’s birth canal. Jasmine cummed also at the same time as she gasped loudly and seductively. Rahim was a spent force with all his 100 plus kg of body laid all over Jasmine. His dick shrunk and no longer filled up Jasmine’s pussy. Both lay there in heavy breathing and each heave pondered what the next step was now that their mutual use of each other was over. They were still essentially strangers and a wave of guilt washed over Jasmine.

She wanted to cover her face in guilt as she had betrayed her husband. Because of the effects of the date rape drug she took, she had no collection of what has happened to her before the intercourse. She was still naked in her own bedroom with one Malay stranger and another young lad filming down this process. Oh my god thought Jasmine! That guy was filming down everything?! This has to be her worst nightmare as she could not even fully grapple with the reality of what has really happened.

Joe was really shocked and aroused at the scene before him. Apparently Jasmine had already come to her senses after her orgasm and was in deep shock. She was crying uncontrollably and mumbling incoherent things. You could see the cum dripping out from her pussy and Jasmine did her best to push Rahim away and dig out the deposition. Joe felt a knot in his stomach as he realized he was not going to get Jasmine to cooperate. Furthermore, she would actually recognize Joe and will certainly take action against him.

Rahim was quick to take action as he went to the head of the head and firmly held Jasmine’s arms together. Rahim bellowed to Joe: “Quick! Get your cock into this mother now. Jasmine’s wails turned louder and she was thrashing with her body and legs, but her arms remained firmly in Rahim’s iron grasp. Joe fumbled with his school pants and strode up to the end of the bed with a huge erection that was about to be cooled with Jasmine’s wet pussy.”

Joe lurched for Jasmine’s legs, which were kicking wildly in the air and managed to grab her knees before locking her thighs beneath his armpits. Jasmine was screaming: “No NO no! Who is this guy? JOE! DO not touch me! No, no! This is wrong! Tears were streaming down both sides of her cheeks and her eyes were full of fear.”

Joe hesitated, but was soon urged to continue his ravishing of Jasmine by Rahim’s sharp bark. Rahim: “Hey bro! Quick la! You want to fuck her or not?”

Joe bit his tongue and positioned himself right in between Jasmine’s legs. With him between her legs, no amount of struggle would help any more. He stabilized Jasmine’s hips by pressing down firmly and he took careful aim at locating the soft and warm entrance into Jasmine’s body. With a shout of: “Sorry Andy! Your mother is too delicious, Joe pushed his lower body forward and into the blissful trenches of Jasmine’s holy cathedral.”

Jasmine was still sobbing loudly and muttering to herself: “No, no this cannot be happening…” Her body was sore from the previous session, which lasted longer than her usual loving making sessions with her husband. She had many boyfriends before her husband, but none were a Malay. After her marriage vows, she has never ever touched or thought about any other guys already.

The whirlpool in her mind was disrupted by the greedy feasting of Joe on her ample breasts. He was thrusting with great strength and speed that it was beginning to hurt. Amid all the frenzy he managed to latch onto Jasmine’s bountiful boobs and took in large mouthfuls like a fish taking to water after out for a while. Joe bit hard on Jasmine’s right breast and nipple, so hard that the scream was almost blood-curling from Jasmine. Joe could taste blood in his mouth.

Being an inexperienced lad, he could just feel the tension building up within a few minutes of thrusting and generous helpings of Jasmine’s bosom. Joe let out a guttural cry and his legs went weak while he collapsed on Jasmine. Just like a weak child running into the arms of a protective parent. Jasmine could feel more wet liquid between her legs. The thrusting and knocking force against her lower body disappeared as fast as they appeared. She was no longer moving up and down the bed to the rhythm of Joe’s hip manipulation. Joe was all over her like a ragged doll and Rahim’s grip loosened.

What was she supposed to do? Jasmine’s mind was blank. Joe’s slack cock was still inside her. Push him away? Run to another room or out of the flat for help? Why could she not remember anything that happened earlier? It felt like a nightmare and even worse than the nightmare was the realization that the nightmare is irreversible.

Sandy was feeling lost and confused. Her life had spiraled out of control over the past year or so. She had done things she never expected she would do. Things had been forced upon her. Is she to be blamed or was it the fault of the guys who had forced themselves upon her? What was going on with her Joe? First she had found him attacking his sister. Then he had conned her into sucking his cock. She still felt nauseated at that memory.

Sandy got a call one evening from her son’s classmates. 2 of them were drinking at a coffee shop near her house. They asked if she wants to join them for supper. Sandy thought why not, no one is ever at home and she is so lonely all the time. The maid and the dog don’t count.

It will be a night she won’t forget nor remember.


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  1. malaysian says:

    wow but you really should not go rape the mrs huang. she did said no the first time , her mother also at first . so now do you still have sex with the mother,sister, mrs huang . what happen to andy’s mother and jack’s sister

  2. Ren says:

    Fucking Indian bastards. Keling’s

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