Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister

Me: “Sorry, sorry, just continue? :d”

Sandy: “Ok… So one of your friends tried peeping at me while I was peeing. I got a shock when I saw him and he just climbed into the cubicle. I had taken off my dress and was almost naked bare my undies. He managed to convince me to go out where all the other guys were waiting.”

Sandy: “I guess in hindsight, it was a trick. They must have plotted it while I was in the toilet. Then they picked me up saying they just wanna have a closer look at my panties. I agreed to all these stupidly because I thought they will keep their promises.”

Sandy: “I should have realized that with them all taking off their tops, and full erections, I should have seen what was coming. I was too trusting, who would know a bunch of 18, 19 year olds would be interested in a woman who is in her mid-40s.”

Me: “Oh boy, if only they had kept me awake. I would love to have the chance to be part of it. But if you had protested, I would definitely escort you out of that place. I am so sorry.”

Sandy: “Yes! I would not have wanted such a thing to happen. But they lifted me up and one guy just licked my pussy. I felt an electric shock going through my whole body, one most pleasurable moment and I wanted more. In my mind, it was such a beautiful and sexy moment, yet my husband’s call and the thought of being so intimate with another guy seem an affront to my children.”

Sandy: “When I moaned, the guys still took it as an affirmation that I wanted more and started to strip me. They pulled off my bra and licked and bite my breasts. I could see myself in the mirror, one guy burying his face in between my legs while two more feeds hungrily on me. I came there and then. Two other guys nearby were stroking their big fat cocks with one hand and carrying me with another and I really wonder how it will feel having them stuffed into me.”

Me: “Good… All the sex talks actually came true. How long did they play with you?”

Sandy: “They all took turns to suck my breasts and massage my body and licked me all over while I was still being carried. I cried and moaned and begged them to stop. I told them I was cumming. I said it is so wrong. Yet they ignored me. My body ignored me as well. I was having waves and waves of fits of pleasure. Sometimes I would open my eyes to take in the incredible scene, sometimes they will just be shut in the throes of pleasure as the guys were so hungrily licking me.”

Me: “Is the thought of them playing with your mature and sexy body turning you on now?”

Sandy: “Yes… My nipples are erect… There are still fucking left from the guys yesterday. My pussy is sore and so is my clitoris. They are all throbbing painful and yet I am excited. I am rubbing myself all over. How I wish for more of the same treatment now.”

Me: “Yes, you were such a virtuous and decent mother and wife. Were. But now, knowing pleasure and the desires of your body, you crave more!”

Sandy: “Yes…. Why do you keep reminding me how drastic I have changed?”

But yeah, the fondling and kissing and biting went on for a long time before I begged for something to fill my pussy. I was really dripping and reaching orgasms after orgasms.

Sandy: “I started to kiss one of them while stroking the dicks of two others when they allowed me on my feet. It was really like I am in a porn movie. The guys were cheering and singing and shouting, excited in a mixture of Tamil and English or whatever. They were calling me names like whore and bitch and cock lover. I felt humiliated and tricked and yet with every touch of their dick in my hand or their mouth on my breasts, my resolve just disappears.”

Sandy: “All I wanted was to enjoy myself. My phone was ringing in the background, perhaps my anxious family was wondering why I had stayed out so late. I told them I was at mahjong but will not be back too late. The guys stuffed their dicks into my face, I opened my mouth and put one really gigantic black dick in. The taste was horrible, but I just sucked at it vigorously. I did not know why I dared to betray myself or my family at that point, but it felt so right to have that big cock in my mouth. The others were rubbing theirs on my face, smearing their pre-cum over and forcing my face into their crotch.”

Sandy: “I really do not know how long I sucked or how many I sucked but it was a long time and one guy really came in my mouth. It really reminded me of the time when I was raped by my daughter’s friend inside the bathroom. Ok, he did not really rape me, but I gave him my first blowjob. But it seemed like I am getting so much better at it. Filling my mouth with cock, I just licked the tip of the cock, caresses the edges, applying firm pressure with my tongue and palate onto the cocks and stroking them with my mouth and lips.”

Sandy: “It was incredible and addictive. Then came the sex. After I swallowed someone’s cum, they pulled me up to my feet and asked me to put my hands on the basin. I did so and one of them entered me. I gasped and spasmed and just fucked him by thrusting my body backwards to coincide with his forward forays. My tits were swinging free as I looked into the mirror at the sight of me being bent forward and cooperating with Krishnan as we both sought to find that ultimate sexual release.”

Sandy: “The other guys just stroked their dicks and watched with respect as they take turns to fuck me. I was screaming and moaning my head off. I think I came at least 10 times. They sat me on the basin, they laid me down on the floor, and they attacked me from behind while I had a cock in my mouth. It was a night of crazy and unimaginable sex.”

Sandy: “At least my husband believed me when I said I had a good time at mahjong last night and forgot to call…. Oh…. I am cumming!”

Me: “Hhaha you get so turned on now you recalled what happened. I wonder if you will want to find them for more action or not! “

Finally the beginning of the end.

Now not being satisfied with conquering and breaking the resistance of Ms. Huang and her mother, I began looking at Ms. Huang‘s brother who was already 16 at that time while keeping my eye on the youngest sister who was 14. My memory is a bit hazy about their ages, but it is not that important.

Once in a while I would visit Sandy at her house. She still did not want to have sex with me so it was purely platonic. Despite knowing how she screwed and had a great time with all my Indian friends, I did not force the issue. Changing someone’s mindset and corrupting a thoroughly decent person takes time.

Sandy became more comfortable with me and sometimes wore really revealing clothes. Yet when I tried to get closer, she would resist. Sometimes I get to kiss her on the lips, sometimes frenching or groping but that would be all. I did my best to assure her that what has happened to her was not her fault. Anyone could have succumbed to 5 hot bod young men with thick cocks. She was merely a victim of circumstances.

When I was inside her house, sometimes I would take the opportunity to visit her children’s room. I found out the nickname and email address of her only son. He watches porn just like any other guy. He loves milfs, normal for any growing young man and he loves busty girls. I was toying with the idea of having him seduce Sandy or vice versa. Some people dream, but I choose to make mine a reality. A very wet reality.

Of course, the younger daughter’s room was also one I love to go into. Her small bras and cartoon printed underwear with her unique fragrance made them such appealing rub-icants. She is definitely one for the future.

So when I went home, I would go online and talk to the son. Let us call him Joe. Using a fake name, I chatted him up. I told him I am a lonely 42 year old married woman. I showed him pictures of myself I told from a ‘Prettiest mother contest’. I asked about his fantasies. I showed him the incest porn collections I have. I encouraged him to look at his mum in a different way. Peer when she bends over, check out those curvaceous legs and tight butt. So on and so forth. It was thrilling work.

I also encouraged him to look at his two sisters in a different light. I told him to sniff at their bras and panties. To look into their shirt when a gap presents itself and to hug them and feel their sexy bodies whenever he wants.

I told him that being a lonely and sex craving woman, I just hope he can enjoy his youth and that it is perfectly normal for all guys to do that. Apparently a young 16 year old would have no discerning abilities to figure whether I am the real deal or not. Sometimes I would have him fantasizing about me so as to give him that bit of carrot to continue talking to me.

I sometimes would give Sandy very sexy nightwear as a present so she can wear at home. I told her to exude her feminine charms because if she does not do it now, age is relentless and cruel, she would not have many years left. After all, she has proven she can still because the cocks of many young lads to enlarge and explode, so why hide all that talent?

So with that my plans were set in motion.

Let me deviate from our original protagonist and take a look at what is happening to Ms. Florence, now knowing as Mrs. Lee. What ever happened on her hens’ night remained a dark secret for all of us. The week before her marriage, she had been induced to have sex with 3 strangers by a mixture of drugs and alcohol. She thought it was willing sex, as long as it makes her feel better.

Her story reminded me of this incident that happened many years ago and was shown on crime watch. A woman went drinking with her friend just before her wedding. Somehow the friend went missing or was away when she found herself alone when two local guys chatted her up and bought her drinks. She was soon very much drunk and they took her away and raped her. Leaving her by the road after the ordeal, she called her fiancé and they made a police report. When the police came, the female inspector recalled the victim crying and her fiancé scolding her. What a mess. Eventually the guys were caught and justice was served.

Back to the story of Florence. She was teaching GP in a JC in the north. Being one of the hottest teachers in school. Her tall and slim body was further accentuated by her choice of tight office clothing’s that often made her the fantasy of every boy in school. Her breasts would be fully wrapped in those thin pieces of shirt or blouse, so body hugging that the shape and size were fully replicated. She wore a black plastic spectacles that were simply suggestive of a dominatrix in the making.

Florence got into deep trouble because of what I did. Despite her being an authoritarian, most of her students love her because of how good she is as a teacher. It helps that she is really hot. Somehow one of the strippers I hired that night found out where she teaches at and decides to confront her for more of the same sextisfying experience.

Let’s call the guy Ken. Perhaps he remembered from that night that Florence is a teacher and looked up her details at the ministry of education website. It lists the email address and clearly the school is also included in the email address together with the name.

He began to stalk the school by waiting outside until he sees her. Because most of the time her husband picks her up from school, he has no chance to approach her. Yet, like a wolf or lion hunting a deer, the wait and anticipation is of paramount importance.

The school usually has a security guard until 6 or 7 pm in the evening so entering the school was a bit of a risk. Ken began to work out a timetable of Florence, the days she will stay back in school till late and the days she goes home early. Because school teachers are dependent on their timetables, their working hours tend to have a pattern.

What Ken wanted was just to tell Florence he would like to continue a relationship with her. I rejected him when he asked me for her contact so I guessed he decided to go ahead and find her himself.

It was a Wednesday night when Ken decided to enter the school. He already has an idea of how a JC operates and he knows that Wednesdays are CCA days and teachers in charge might stay back till late, whether they are involved in the training or not. He also knew the classes Florence teaches and the CCA she is involved in. All from chatting to people from the JC through IRC.

The layout of the school was simple. The car park is just where you enter the school and the principal’s office was on the first floor. The staff is directly on top. The phone to the staff room is just outside the staffroom and that was where he made the call to Florence.

Florence was clearly rattled when Ken identified himself. She had wanted no remnants of the memories that night. She wore a tight fitting Lycra blue top with a beige skirt that showed off the curves of her hips and butt. Without much makeup, her big eyes and stern lips will melt even the most ill-disciplined student.

Despite her composure when faced with the most rebellious of students or demanding of parents, she clearly was shaken by the call from Ken.

Ken: “Hi Ms. Lee, do you still remember me? I am Ken. We met during your hen night. I have got a video that you might be interested in. I am outside your staff room. I am here just to return you the tape and perhaps if you are kind enough, just walk down to the end of the corridor where the toilets are. I will be waiting for you outside the 4th level toilet.”

Florence panicked. She thought about calling her husband or ignoring the call, but she had to see what Ken has and no one else should know. She eventually called me and asked me for an advice. I was quite shocked to find out what has happened.

I thought if she refuses to see him, or calls security, he might just be angered into blurting out that I was the mastermind for that night of lust and lost reasons. If sex was what he wants, perhaps giving Florence to him again would not be such a bad idea. I told her Ken is mostly harmless after much thought. It should be alright to see what he is up to and she can just keep the phone on so I can listen in to their conversation.

I assured her that no harm will be done and she will let him know I am on the line and will call the police if anything goes wrong. I told her to message her husband to arrive at 9pm instead of the usual 8.30pm. So there is at least 1.5 hours of buffer time in case Ken runs into him.

So off she went to meet Ken. The sounds of her steps in the almost empty and deserted school corridor were almost erotic. I listened as she climbed the steps, heaving from the effort and from the fear of meeting someone with her darkest secrets. The place where she earns the respect and the love of our next generation was soon to become a place of darkness and uncontrolled lust, of humiliation and degradation.

I heard Ken speak to her first.

Ken: “Hi Florence, still remember me? Thanks for agreeing to meet me. Such a nice place this school is.”

Florence: “What do you want?”

Ken: “You are getting a bit impatient. I can almost tell that you would be a stern teacher. You need to relax. After all that night you really did let your hair down with us. Take a look at these pictures.”

I could hear Florence gasp.

Florence: “You guys took videos and pictures? I was totally unaware of what was happening. Now I want you to hand over everything and not bother me anymore. If not I will report you to the police for blackmailing. My friend is on the phone now. If you try anything funny, he will call the police.”

Ken: “Oh…” (He was surprised by the initiative and aggressiveness of Florence.) “Let me talk to him? Yeah…. I will return you your stuff….”

Ken took over the phone: “Hey man… Is that you on the line?”

Me: “Yes. You bastard, told you not to disturb her. Now do not rat me out. Do whatever you want with her and leave the phone on ok. I want to hear the good stuff.”

At that time, although my loyalties lie with Florence, my ass was in jeopardy and I could not risk antagonizing Ken.

Me: “Now you have about an hour before her husband comes. So make it quick. Do not implicate me ok! She is afraid of her husband finding out so make use of that.”

Ken handed the phone back to Florence.

Ken: “Yeah, I am totally sorry Florence.”

Then all of a sudden he lunges forward and grabbed Florence with both arms. He dragged her into the female toilet and slammed the door behind him. He tried to cover her mouth as she attempts to scream and firmly placed himself on top of her.

I could hear the struggle through the phone and the sound of Florence falling to the ground being pinned down by him. The phone should be in the pockets of Florence. It was not clear, but nonetheless easy to imagine what was going on.

Ken: “Now please cooperate. You wouldn’t want your husband to find out right.”

Florence: “STOP IT! Let me go! What are you doing!? No! HELP! HELP!”

Then the voice became muffled.

Ken: “No one is going to hear you.”

I hear the sound of clothes being forcefully removed. There was no tearing because the Lycra material made it hard to tear, but easy to pull off. He was sucking on her face and breasts very soon. The bra he tore off relentlessly.

Florence was punching him in the face and pushing with all of her might to get him off her but to no avail. Ken could be heard fumbling with the zip of her skirt and finally pulling off the skirt together with the underwear.

Florence let out a really sad and horrified scream as she was stripped naked by this brute. She could not believe what was happening as the guy licked and sucked her face and breasts and even her pussy. It was such a sacred place that only her hubby was allowed to explore. This guy did it so hungrily and shamelessly.

His tongue flickered over her nipples, painting them moist with his saliva. He took in large mouthful of this young nubile teacher and gave his best at a love bite as a piece of remembrance. He grabbed her ass and played with them, forcing her ass crack open and inserted a finger in.

Then he inserted two fingers straight into Florence’s pussy which made her sob out loud in pain and fear. She tried to keep her legs closed, but his arms were too strong. She wanted to scream for help, to alert anyone, simply anyone in the school, but the shock of the violation made her dumb.

I could hear the unbuckling of his pants and with a slick watery sound he was inside her.

Florence: “No… No no no…. No… Get off me! Please… Please do not do this to me… Sob… Sob… NO!”

Then all of a sudden, I heard someone kick open the door!

Ken was really stunned and Florence could be heard successfully pushing him out of her body. She screamed at the person who entered to help her and you could really imagine the relief she felt!

That person who entered was the disciplinary master! Clearly he found something suspicious when he saw Ken loitering around the outside of the school and finally entering the school.

DM: “What are you doing! Ms. Lee, are you ok?”

He rushed forward and pushed Ken off her. Florence was sobbing uncontrollably and yet glad that the humiliation she suffered was over.

Ken regained his composure and in the desperation thought of a more devious scheme. He shoved the picture of Florence having fun with the strippers on her hen’s night to the DM.

Ken: “Hey, take a look at this. She is doing it willingly ok. I will let you have a piece of her after I am done. You help me keep watch ok?”

The DM was clearly taken by surprise at this proposition, but soon lust took control of him as he nodded and without looking at Florence, walked out of the toilet. Florence was in a state of shock as she realized what was happening.

Ken wasted no time in grabbing Florence from behind and inserted his thick Caucasian dick into her wet and trembling pussy. She cried out with every thrust of his cock as she was made to sit on him with her back to the front of his body. She was crying and shaking her head violently as she protested against his unholy desecration of her body.

His arms restrained her and groped her breasts depriving her of her freedom and humility as he went amok with lust. His every thrust is a culmination of the preying and stalking that took place over the past weeks. He went at her with a fervor only inspired by the desires that she incited in him. Her beautiful face and more than proportionate body turned him on to no end. He simply has to have her. Let her have a taste of the suffering of cravings that she had caused him.

He thrust her deep and forceful. He mumbled in ecstasy as he reached the point of no return. He felt his lust building up and with each stimulation and engulfment of his cock with her pussy, it was coming to the fore. The disciplinary master was seen at the door, peeking at the two of them engaged in studious copious. The teacher being taught her place as the weaker of the two genders. As the weak must serve the strong, as she must give to those who are depraved that she has in abundance: Her beauty and body.

In the wildest dreams of the DM, he would not have imagined having a shot at one of the hottest teacher in school. Never would he know that despite her serious demeanor, beneath it lies the most sultry of temptress. Sometimes he would walk by her desk, looking at the most miserly of all cleavage as her body hugging dresses do not allow her flesh to be a free show for all. He would stare at her in lust sometimes while passing her class as she stood in front of everyone, explaining the difference between the political environment of the USA and Singapore and the repercussions of the terrorist attacks on America.

Ken came and lay down in exhaustion as he finally freed Florence from the embedding of his cock. She was a total wreck as she was totally destroyed by this repulsive act. It was different from when she was high from the cocktail of drugs and alcohol. Free will was so important to the enjoyment of the body.

The DM walked over and consoled Florence.

DM: “Ms. Lee, are you alright? I am sorry… But you are too hard for me to resist. Please understand…”

He started kissing her gently on the face as if to soothe the hurt of what she has just gone through. Florence asked him through clenched teeth: “How could you?”

DM let his actions do the talking as he molded the breasts that he craved for so much. He nibbled her Florence’s neck and collarbone, he was a lover in every touch and sense. Florence responded as this sudden change in the pace of the ravishment of her body left her confused and aroused. She moaned. She kissed him back.

They locked tongues and very soon the DM had all his clothes off as Florence took the initiative to attack him with her tongue. Maybe she was doing this to spite her original attacker. To let him know that she can be such a wonderful partner but never for him. She took the DM’s cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked it. She held it in her hands while she kissed and bit his nipples.

Florence, then turned her back to him and went on all fours, imploring him to enter her from behind. He did so without a word. The thrusting was rhythmic and gentle. It was with pleasure that the DM closed his eyes and let the movement of their bodies guide him. She let out moans and whimpers and cries of lust. She wanted more and he gave her more.

DM: “Ms. Lee, did you ever thought about the consequences of your sexiness and tight clothes when you were teaching? Those young eyes of our boys feasting on your body, letting their imagination take them to what no GP essay could possibly induce them to. Flights of fantasy with you, using their hands as a replacement for yours as they rub themselves to fulfillment, mistaking the porn star on their computer as your incarnation. I need you so much.”

Florence: “Yes… Yes… I love to tease my boys. I love to make the girls jealous. I am proud of my body, but only my husband can enjoy it because we are bound by matrimony sacredness. I know I am being visually raped every moment and imaged of me follow them home to their bedroom where the most intimate occurs. I know and it turns me on. But I cannot cheat, I can only take satisfaction in the arousal my body causes. Just go faster and harder… Please… I need it so much now….”

With a thrust and a shove and both parties worked hard to ensure that the moment of satisfaction will belong to them both. Florence was totally in sync with the DM. He thrust while she accepted. She advanced when he was making a retreat. They were such a sight to behold as her boobs swayed with each motion and her head tilted in pleasure. She bit her lips and cried out as he finally came, in turn bringing her to the heaven of pleasure simultaneously.

I began to talk to Joe online as I mentioned previously in my posts. Joe being a young hot blooded guy is easily impressed and as he sought answers regarding sexuality and adulthood, I was there to provide him with what he wanted to know.

I think he was 16 at that time, sitting for his O levels. For those who cannot remember who Joe is, he is Sandy‘s son. The purpose of establishing a connection with Joe is for me to get to his younger sister who is 14 at that time. Time flies and now she is already 21 this year.

Back to that time, I introduced porn to him. I showed him stories of incest’s and taboo from erotica’s and the films including the Taboo series featuring the very famous Kay Parker. At the same time, I encouraged Sandy to wear revealingly at home, telling her to appreciate her sexuality and feminine nature. After all, the shagginess and wrinkling’s are beginning and if she still doesn’t flaunt what she has, it might be too late too soon.

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