Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister

I was hoping Ms. Huang would be the one that will be most turned on by them. I can even film the encounter and use it against her next time. However, things did not really go according to plan that night.

I try not to be too long winded about it.

So that night there were 6 girls, including my friend, Ms. Huang and the Bride-to-be. Let’s call the Bride-to-be Florence. So I was the MC for the night and told them some jokes at the start and began the drinking games. It was a cowboy or rather cowgirl theme and everyone was dressed like one! They definitely look sexy and how I wish I can ride every one of them.

Then when the guys I hired entered, everyone was really stunned because they were so hunky and handsome. So they started dancing and stripping and getting the girls to hug them. They were paying special attention to Florence because that is indeed her night. I dimmed the lights and played some really slow love songs and asked 3 girls, including Ms. Huang and Florence up to dance with the guys.

By that time, they were in their G-strings and you could see how gigantic their balls and cocks are. All the girls were tipsy from the drinks and those not dancing just laid back and just enjoy the show. The guys each took a girl and hug her real close and started swaying. Then they guided the girl’s hand to their body and slowly to their butts.

You could see some hesitation, but when everyone looked at everyone and saw all doing the same thing, they just carried on. Then you could see all the guys had erections by now and were pressing against the tummies of the girls. Their chests pressed hard against the breasts of the half drunk and very high girls.

So I shall not keep people waiting for the next part of the story.

With all the strippers actively engaging the girls, the atmosphere was red hot. The girls not involved were also cheering them on.

I sense all were high from the games and dancing and of course all the vodka plus whiskey plus all the high concentrated liquor I could find.

That was when I told everyone that it is time for a break! We have prepared a special costume for the bride to be and her best maid and it would take a while for them to try it on! So I asked everyone to excuse the strippers, Florence and Ms. Huang while we went into 2 rooms, one for Florence, and one for Ms. Huang.

I had asked the strippers to pay more attention to Ms. Huang and leave the bride to be alone, but somehow I realized that they seemed more interested in Florence. Perhaps it is because of her more flirtatious and reciprocating nature. But come on! Her wedding is a few days away and her fiancé is my friend. I definitely do not want anything to happen to her.

After 15 minutes, I decided to check on them. The rest of the girls were just happy playing some finger guessing games and getting more alcohol into their system. I went to Ms. Huang‘s room and used my keys to open it and saw her in this sexy and revealing black lacy thongs. She gasped as I opened the door because she thought she had locked it.

There was a moment of awkwardness because it has been months since we talked.

Me: “Hey, don’t worry, I am just here to check on you girls. How is it? You look really great in that”

Ms. Huang: “Thank you… Shall we go out now? Florence ready?”

Me: “I am not sure… Let’s go to the next door and see….”

Ms. Huang appears still reluctant to talk to me and just nodded in curt silence and followed me out.

The room I assigned her was just beside ours. I used the keys to open it and the sight that greeted us was that of a few G-strings and the cow suit Florence was wearing just now. I thought, oh shit… What the fuck has happened? I could not see the 3 strippers or Florence. Ms. Huang, who was following behind was as shocked.

Now the toilet in that room has the door slightly ajar and we could hear smacking sounds and moans coming from there. Ms. Huang wanted to rush to the toilet and perhaps in her mind to rescue Florence from the strippers. But I held her back and motioned for her to be quiet.

I took her arm and we walked towards the bathroom and by that time the moans and kissing sounds and smacks were getting louder. My eyes almost popped out as I saw a half-naked Florence kneeing down and furiously rubbing the dick of one stripper while her mouth was working on the other. Her top was pulled down to her waist and the remaining guy was sucking furiously and rubbing them.

You could tell she was already drunk and was just doing things on instinct. I wanted to go and then, but some voice inside me stopped me. It was evil and told me to allow them to carry on. Ms. Huang wanted to shout at them but I took her in my arms and covered her mouth.

Me: “Shhh…. You do not want others to find out. Let’s just watch them…”

Ms. Huang tried to struggle, but gave up. Perhaps she too was amazed by the most erotic sight in front of her.

We see the 3 strippers all stark naked, their dicks erected like some muscular and powerful poles. Florence has lost all inhibition and was sampling their cocks with feverish enthusiasm. Hard to believe that this is the Florence that went on to teach so many teenagers in English or Literature.

She was rubbing furiously on one dick at a moment, then switched to using her mouth to engulf the dick the way her head went in and out and her tongue licked the dick was amazing. I even wanted to just join in the action.

But Ms. Huang was being held by me. In that black thongs of hers. I tightened my grip on her. I sniffed her hair, a wonderful fragrance of shampoo and alcohol. I held her tighter. Her breathing became faster and she gave up resisting and simply leaned right in my embrace.

My hands were held over Ms. Huang‘s breasts and I could sense her nipples erect and harden. My cock too started to rise and poke against her butt crack.

Florence. Florence, who although wild at times, has been extremely loyal to her boyfriend and now fiancé. With almost 5 years of courtship since poly, I know they have always been monogamous. Now with just a few days to her wedding, she is here using her body to satisfy 3 ang mos that I hired, using her hands and mouth to send them to heaven. And naturally soon they will be taking turns to fuck her. To use that Asian pussy which for so long has been so chaste and dignified.

As she was sucking them, I could see her eyes were weird. Sometimes they would be rolled back, in pleasure, but sometimes I could see her being dazed. Did they drug her? I was thinking what shit I have really gotten Florence into.

You could see her being quite weak because when the guys wanted her to stand up, she simply slumped into their arms. That was when I realized the fucking would begin. The guy licking her breasts was fingering her with 3 and 4 fingers now. Forcefully sticking them in and moving at an incredible speed.

Florence was convulsing from the stimulation to her pussy and the licking and massaging of her breasts. Her wedding band was still intact on her hand. The beefiest guy laid down and moved the feeble Florence across his body with her back facing him. The other two guys helped him.

They held her up and guided her down onto his erected giant cock. She gave a whimper as her pussy accepted the foreigner’s cock. She arched her back but did not move according to his wishes. As she sat there passively impaled upon his dick, he grew impatient and started to fuck her from below her.

She appeared almost suspended as his cock went up and down and in and out of her. She apparently was in pain not being used to such a giant apparatus. Her face was screwed in a mixture of ecstasy and torment. The other two did not idle and shoved his dick into her face and rubbed it all over that beautiful but zonked face.

The other guy made her caress his cock. He guided her hand to a steadfast grip on his manhood. He was reveling in such a rare opportunity to have a good and yet attractive girl rub him. The guy with the cock rubbing on Florence’s face decided to stick it into her mouth. He forced his dick so deep in that Florence started to cough and choke. She sputtered and coughed violently, but the guy had no sympathy for her distress and was just enjoying the spasm of her throat and mouth which brought extra pleasure to his already steaming hot dick.

The guy beneath her really had good stamina and strength to be fucking her in that manner. He went even faster after a while and you could see him climaxing. His last two upstrokes were extremely powerful and almost threw Florence off him. Florence Came at the same time as she screamed and convulsed violently for some 10 to 20 seconds before collapsing backwards onto the guy beneath her.

Cum flowed out of her pussy and mouth. That was when I realized the guy had come into her mouth too. It was definitely erotic. Like the most fucking erotic thing I have ever seen. Partly because Florence is a good friend and a pretty one at that. Seeing her fucked by others just made me really horny.

The other guy who was being rubbed by Florence had to get into the action. He helped her groggily off the exhausted guy and laid her on her side. Then he entered her lying by her side with her leg draped over him. The guy who got sucked was still not satisfied and went behind her. He used his hands to grab her ass cheeks and pull them slightly apart and found her small asshole. The scream was piercing when he forced his thick cock into her ass.

She seemed to be jolted back into reality as her eyes lost that blurriness and had a deep look of shock and realization. However, before she could say anything, they began their thrusting in earnest. She was helpless being sandwiched by them and maybe the ass fucking threw her into another state of erotic euphoria that she was too confused to do anything.

SO they began to sandwich fuck Florence while she was mumbling “No no… Who are you…? Help….”

Then the thrusting overcame her voice as the sound of flesh and fluid grew increasingly louder as the two guys got more and more excited.

By this time I realized I had already pulled down Ms. Huang‘s thongs and was fingering her and moving my hands over those familiar and petite breasts on her.

She was so turned on that she was holding my hands and moving to my rhythm. I nibbled on her ears as she moaned. She whispered… I want you now… Can you….

Yes, yes! I agreed eagerly and was soon locked into a passionate kiss with her. She was soon down to a bare minimum and began furiously removing my shirt.

Me: “Did you have sex with your boyfriend?”

Ms. Huang: “No… I want it now… You are the only guy who….”

I wasted no time on words and lifted her up with her legs grabbing my waist. My cock slid into her as I gently lowered her. It was a good position to start fucking if the girl has not given her consent because when you carry her, and slowly let her down, she got no support and can only slide down onto your dick.

This time we have moved with each other knowing that we truly wanted it. No more force or coercion. I gave her breasts plenty of love bites as I stuff my head there. My cock ramming furiously and angrily into the still tight and yet closely acquainted pussy.

One of the strippers was very ‘zidong’. He actually had the webcam film the 3 of them fucking Florence and now is moving in on us. He was told not to film my face and did so by moving behind me. Ms. Huang‘s eyes were closed and while filming, he even tried to suck her breasts.

I was really pissed off at them trying to touch my chick and I ordered him to fuck off. I continued to thrust and threw Ms. Huang onto the bed. Jumping onto the bed, I used the bounce-ability of the bed to add to my thrusting as I brought Ms. Huang to one orgasm after another one. Soon my cock exploded inside of her and I just slumped on her tired and spent.

Remembering the girls outside, I quickly got up and told Ms. Huang to get dressed. She agreed willingly and I realized she already has become my willing partner.

Florence was in a shock as she laid on the floor, not knowing to be ashamed or satisfied having the fuck or fucks of her life. I grabbed her up and told her to clean up because the rest and waiting for us outside. That seemed to clear her head and she stood up and changed into the clothes we prepared for her.

The rest grew impatient and were booing us by the time we got out of the room. Florence looked especially lost. But we managed to continue the rest of the party without anyone suspecting anything.

At the end, when we were about to go home, Florence came to me and asked me not to say anything that has happened to anyone. I assured her that her secret is safe with me. She had no idea why she had lost her inhibition and was almost on the verge of tears. I said it is ok and no one will know about it and her fiancé will not be hurt by something he does not know.

So that ended a pretty eventful and traumatic night.

I did ask the strippers afterwards and they admitted to using some soft drugs to get Florence into the mood. I was furious with them and told them to not bother us again if they do not want the matter brought to the authorities.

I always wonder why Ms. Huang despite willingly screwing me already, refuses to leave her boyfriend. But I also have other pressing matters on hand. I told Sandy that I have arranged for a night of partying for her and some of my Indian friends. I assured her they will be well behaved and if she is not willing to engage in any sexual activities, they will definitely leave her alone.

I guess in retrospect, we were both too naive.

After many sessions of phone sex of varying themes with Sandy, I was really desperate to make love to her again. However, she was really adamant that she will never betray her husband and family again.

Of course I respect her decision after coming to know her better and I really felt that she is a caring and loving homemaker. I do not mind just giving her my companionship and being a good friend to her.

On a side note, she told me that she discovered her son taking her panties and hiding them while cleaning her room. She also discovered porn on his computer. She planned to have a proper chat with him when the opportunity arises. I told her the reaction is naturally considering how hot she is. And she has been heeding my advice to start wearing more revealing stuff at home and sometimes not wearing bras. Just to catch her husband’s attention. Who knows, it turned out her son is actually the one keeping an eye on her.

However, my buddies were pestering me to intro to them this hot MILF. I thought deep and hard about it and eventually decided that just an introduction will not be a problem.

I asked Sandy if she is alright with meeting my Indian friends. They are quite a sociable bunch. Very hunky also, being part of the rugby team! She hesitated and asked why they would want to know her. I told her they were having a party and I needed a partner. Most of the girls I know do not make very good companions so I would rather her accompany me. Furthermore, I told her, she looked young and would have no trouble passing off as my slightly older girlfriend.

Sandy was afraid that her family would find out, but she felt flattered that I would prefer her to the younger girls I know. However, she made it clear that it is just a social date and I was not allowed to try any of my hanky panky like the last time we went to sing songs.

So we organized a party where there were a whole bunch of people at a high end KTV. We booked 4 rooms in total and I arranged for myself, Sandy and 3 other girls and my 4 Indian friends to be in our room. Soon the singing and drinking started. Soon every got to know one another.

Sandy was by far the most attractive woman in the room because of her good figure and sense of confidence and allure of the mature woman. She wore a low cut black dress without sleeve that showed off her ample bosom and hugged her waist sexily. The dress was up to her knee level and had laces at the end.

My friends did their best to establish a rapport with her by repeatedly praising her voice and also requesting for duets with her. While singing duets the couple will stand at the front of the room and the guys will put their arms around the shoulders of the girls as if mimicking a lovely couple.

Now I did mention that my friends used drugs to get what they want. However, I never would in my wildest dream, imagine that they would drug me. I was feeling really groggy after a few shots and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Whatever happened that night was only revealed to me by Sandy.

As I fell asleep, the room lighting was turned to dim by the guys. One of the guys managed to snag a girl and they were kissing and making out in one corner. Sandy was quite turned on by seeing the guy french kiss and grope the girl so blatantly. The rest of the guys assured her that this is what youngsters nowadays do. They even asked if she wanna try, but she refused.

So they continued singing and taking their turns to look at her cleavage and into it while also doing their best to take advantage of her by hugging her or putting their arms around her. After many drinks, however, Sandy was opening up and happily playing along with the guys. While she was singing, some guy came up with the idea of a bet.

They actually wanted to see if Sandy‘s underwear is what color. Very soon they created a commotion that Sandy stopped singing and asked what’s the matter. They told her that they wagered 200 bucks each to guess the color of her underwear. The winner will share 500 bucks with her since there are 5 guys around.

She bashfully pointed to Kannan and said his guess of red is correct. There were hoots and boos while Kannan happily and proudly took the money. He went over to Sandy and gave her a bear hug and two pecks on the cheeks.

Sandy was naturally glad to have won some money and giggled and reciprocated the hugs and kisses. However the rest of the guys were not very happy that they just lost the money like that so they started protesting.

Then one of them asked for proof that Sandy was indeed wearing a red bra and panties. Sandy felt really awkward and told them they have to take her word for it. However, they started grumbling and the mood was getting really tense when Sandy caved in and said she will flash them to prove to them that she was really having red undies.

The whole room quietened down and Sandy reluctantly stood up and pulled her top down to reveal two white fleshy boobs barely covered with a red lacy bra. She quickly put her top down and said: “See! Is everyone happy?”

By this time the atmosphere in the room was really erotic and everyone was eying Sandy with an erected cock. But Sandy being the housewife that she has been for 20 over years did not sense the hostility and hunger in everyone’s eyes. After all, the boys she has seen these few years are those respectful kids from her children’s school. Not a bunch of hot blooded horny young men.

Then silence as everyone thought how good it would be to fuck her there and then. Suddenly Krishnan broke the silence by exclaiming that it is not fair. After all, they had bet on her underwear color so that would include both bra and panties.

Sandy this time was resolute in declining their requests and just sat down. Knowing nothing will change her mind the rest of the guys just resumed singing. And they tried their best to pile the drinks on her. At about 10pm, her husband called and asked her why is she not going home at such a late time. Sandy then announced that it is time for her to leave.

The guys were really disappointed and tried their best to persuade her to stay but to no avail. Before Sandy left, she went to the toilet to pee because for the whole night she has been just drinking and drinking. She also needed to freshen up and get rid of the alcohol smell on her before going home.

So the toilet was pretty out of the way and deserted. Sandy went into a cubicle and took off her dress to pee. She had taken off her dress also because she wanted to spray some stuff to get rid of the smell.

As she was pissing, suddenly she realized a shadow on the floor. Then she lifted her head and saw Kannan peeping at her by climbing from the adjacent cubicle. She gave a slight scream while Kannan scrambled over the partition. He put his finger on his lips and asked her to hush.

Very shyly he explained that he was sent to check out her underwear color and meant no harm. Sandy has taken a liking to him since just now and was not very angry that he peeped at her. After all, with his account, the rest of the guys will just leave her alone.

Kannan praised the figure of Sandy and left her blushing. Suddenly she realized she had not pulled up her panties and her hairy crotch was still in the plain view of Kannan and she quickly pulled it up, feeling super embarrassed. Kannan then opened the door and went out, but before Sandy could close it, the rest of the guys rushed in.

They were grumbling that they too should have a right to look at her and confirm the color. Sandy was stunned that so many young men were inside the same cubicle as her. Some of them even had taken off their clothes. They looked really delicious, but it is really time to get home. Her husband and children are expecting her.

She told them sternly: “Now you have seen your fill, please excuse me, I need to go home now.”

Sandy tried to get her dress, but she really needed the guys to go out. As she stood up, she was standing almost a whisker away from everyone and suddenly Kannan and another guy squat down and lifted her legs up.

Krishnan said: “In this lighting it is hard for us to really see your color, let’s go outside.”

Another guy grabs her from behind and they lifted her out of the cubicle. Sandy cried out: “Let me down! Ok ok now you have seen the color, let me down.”

Krishnan assured her: Sandy don’t worry, just a while more ok, we just want to examine a bit carefully and we will let you go home. Just cooperate with us.”

Sandy has no choice but to agree: “Quick! Just let me down quickly.”

Suddenly she became aware they all the guys were staring at her in her panties and through the translucent lacy panties, her vagina was in plain view.

Someone started to lick her pussy from the panties and Sandy gave out a shock moan at the electrifying touch out of nowhere. Very quickly she realized she had made a terrible mistake: The moan will be taken by the rest of the guys as her consent.

She tried to struggle to free herself only to find her panties and bra being pulled off her while she is still being supported by them. She could see herself in the mirror as one guy started sucking on her breasts and another licked her pussy. The rest of the guys quickly pulled down their pants to reveal their giant big dicks and were all erected.

She has been so trained by me in the art of masturbating that her body is very acclimatized to stimulation. Naturally, she started to tremble and moan against her wishes.

Sandy: “No, please stop…. No…… I cannot… I cannot… I need to be going.”

Naturally, no one paid attention to her and continued to attack her. She eventually succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh and did not return home that night.

Now from the story from Sandy‘s perspective:

The next day Sandy called me to tell me what happened the night before.

Sandy: “It was crazy, last night what happened. Was it a plot of you guys?”

Me: “No! Obviously I was not part of anything. I was drugged remember? I woke up at my friend’s house and they were all talking about how fabulous you were. I guess you gave them a hell of time last night.”

Sandy: “That was crazy. I cannot believe I did what I did. You guys are as young as my children. How could I just give in and let them have their way with me….”

Me: “Good question. Maybe you really needed it? After all, we all have our needs. Any sane woman with normal needs will cave in after being faced with 4 or 5 guys with hot hard bods and thick cocks.”

Sandy: “Oh… Over twenty years, I have been faithful to my husband who was also my first and only lover. And everything just changed this year. I am so ashamed of what has happened.”

Me: “Can you tell me what happened? Does it turn you on actually? Come on, apart from the guilt, the pleasure must be there. Guilty pleasures we call it. After all for so long you have already substituted your husband’s dick with your finger. Now for the real thing girl!”

Sandy: “Yes… I was not thinking straight because I was so turned on. They were stroking and kissing me in all the right places. All the hands were over my sensitive areas, my neck, my breasts, in between my legs.”

Me: “Let’s start at the beginning ok? It turns me on… Listening to this. I wonder if your son is masturbating with your panties right now. In his wildest dreams, he would never imagine you being gang banged by guys barely older than him. Indians some more.”

Sandy: “I am worried for my son. He should get a regular girlfriend and stop surfing porn and fantasizing about me. Anyway, yeah. Yesterday, just as I was about to go home after my husband called, I went to the toilet to pee and to get rid of the alcohol reek.”

Me: “I am having an official hard on. Why don’t you just remove your clothes now and play with your breasts while you tell me the story?”

Sandy: “You are so naughty. Is that what the school teach you? You should really be doing some serious work instead of flirting with someone’s mother.”

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