Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister

I extended my tongue further and tasted the suppleness of her lips and when our tongues finally met, electricity ran through my body. I hugged her closer and it has been just like finding a whole new world. My mouth and tongue exploring that unknown heaven.

After a good 10minutes locked in a passionate french kiss, I moved my hands into her shirt. That was when she opened her eyes in shock and pushed me away.

Ms. Huang: “I am sorry! We cannot carry on. I have a boyfriend. I have to go off now.”

Me: “Oh please… I really love you… Would you be with me? I can take better care of you than Jack…”

Ms. Huang: “No no… Don’t force me. I am very confused.”

With that she tried to stand up, but I was too overcome with lust that I just bear hug her and rolled both of us to the ground. I was frantically kissing all of her face while trying to pin her hands to the floor.

Ms. Huang: “What are you doing!? Let go of me please…”

Me: “No! You will enjoy this…. Just trust me this once ok!”

I forcefully pressed my lips against hers and tried to push my tongue into her mouth. It took me a while before I pried open her lips and make contact with that luscious tongue of hers. Slowly she began to put down her fight. My hands are already inside her shirt and slipping into her bra. I tickled her nipples and rubbed her breasts, eliciting fulfilling moans from her.

So I thought I was in freaking dreamland when Miss Huang was struggling underneath me. At that moment, I knew I must try to confuse her and arouse her at the same time. I know that she is still a virgin and her loyalties are with her boyfriend. If I do anything too rash, she will definitely make me pay for it.

So I started kissing her instead of violating her and at the same time I whispered to her that I truly love her. That she has always been the girl of my dreams since the day we met.

I think what I was saying seemed to have an effect as she stopped struggling and was trying to take the things I have been saying in. It seemed strange because there she was half naked and her lovely breasts trying to lure my lips to them while I am trying my best to look as serious as I can as I express my hidden feelings for her.

I quietly let my hand slip to the skirt she was wearing and slowly hike up the skirt. Now I passionately put my mouth to hers and we got locked in a full french kiss. She began to moan again. Now I know that I have her permission to carry on exploring her my hand unfastened her skirt and started to play with her clitoris slowly and sweetly.

The other hand moved over and molded her breasts and teased her nipples and just did its best to give those small perky boobs of hers the time of their life.

So this cock tease went on for a whole good ten minutes before she suddenly got a pang of guilt. She opened her eyes wide like she had some sort of enlightenment and looked at me with FRIGHT…. Mouth gasping and then said no! We cannot carry on like this… Please…. Let me off…. L am so sorry.

She was already half naked, my hands we all over her pussy and her breasts were covered with my saliva and she asks me to stop…. Yah of coz I would stop and cover her up and dress her properly and send her home.

Yah right. I decided to ignore whatever she was saying and continued my ravishing of her body. I sucked at her breasts harder and I stuck two fingers up her tight little virgin pussy. I felt something give way and she cried out loud in pain…. I told her….“Miss Huang, please, we have already come so far… Let’s have the time of our lives and just put everything else aside…”

Miss Huang was crying now, and mumbling no no…. Either in protestation or pleasure, which, according to her now was a mixture of both.

I really could not think straight already and I was already lying between her legs so I arched my back and aimed my hot straight rod at her pussy and rammed right into her. She gave a gasp and went oh…… No…

Then she began to hug me real tight while I pierced her virgin cat hole with all my loving tenderness and macho power!

Sad to say…. Not all fuck stories are erotic… Sometimes it is messy or disappointing.

I kept poking her for a good 3 minutes and I came… I think I was too pressurized and her pussy was way too tight and wet that I just came within such a short period. It was hot and sticky and I remembered hugging her tightly and shooting my load below there… With such satisfaction for me… Not for her I guess. It was over and she grabbed her clothes and ran off. I was really very scared what she would do, whether she would tell her mother or her boyfriend. I tried calling her but she wouldn’t pick up. I decided not to disturb her just to let her cool down and not think about it. Not about me.

Despite getting the cold shoulder from Ms. Huang, I continued to call her mother. To her mother, I am just a stranger or unknown admirer who flatters her by being attracted to her at her age.

At that time I was pretty happy, almost beyond my wildest dream would I ever expect myself to screw a pair of mother and daughter. Now if you already have the kick of screwing the mother against her will, and did the daughter in the most confusing but erotic condition, it will be hard to be just satisfied with a normal screwing from now on.

I devised a most evil plan for the mother. Through our conversations, I could sense a lonely and sensual woman looking for release and a listening ear. It is normal for women to exchange their bodies for love. I shouldn’t have put it in such a crude way, but a lonely woman would be more willing to share her body with someone who understands her and shares a bond with her.

I thought of seducing her and bedding her in a proper and outright manner. That was because I really could not get enough of her from our previous bathroom encounter. She has a ripe and enticing body. And the thought of making love to a decent housewife who is happily married with 3 kids and a husband is frankly quite arousing.

Our phone chats became more and more intense and private. And of course we grew closer and I can make jokes and idiotic remarks which will be really appreciated by her. I would say things like, Sandy, you have such a good body, and how I envy your husband. I am sure your pussy is still tight after giving birth to 3 children and your husband must be enjoying it.

Sometimes she will tell me I am rude but most of the time she would just say I am talking rubbish but without a hint of anger. I loved asking her what pleasure her most. Having her breasts licked or having her clit licked. She actually told me her husband never eats her! So she doesn’t know. But her breasts and neck are quite sensitive.

One day she actually confessed to me that a friend of her daughter had forced himself on her during her birthday party. She was quite emotional about it. I tried my best to cheer her up and told her to forget about it. Of course I did my best also to ask her to look at it from another point of view. Maybe she had great sex that day which she had not had in a long time. After all, her husband is old and fat and definitely not about to poke her continuously for even 10 minutes.

My plan was to seduce her and get her into bed. After which I would share her. With her consent of course with my Indian brothers! You guys know who you are! I am going to just introduce them to her and maybe after a few drinks they can get cozy and comfortable. I would get a kick watching them.

So I put my plan into action. The first part of coz was just to invite her out. To her amusement and shock, she recognized me as her daughter’s friend and wondered out loud, I am actually so much younger than her. Yet she appeared flattered that I would be interested to know more about her and be friends with her.

Perhaps for mothers who are neglected, they would feel happy at the sudden attention lavished on them by their kids’ friends. For those MILF lovers, please try it and feedback to me. :d So we met up in a decent ‘minggecanting’ aka music lounge in the evening and spent our time talking to each other and singing songs. The first drinks I ordered were honey water and ice lemon tea. But as the time flew by, I decided to order whiskey for both of us. Perhaps the drinking loosened us up and we started sitting closer to each other during the songs. I put my arms around her and she did not mind.

I could see from my view her full breasts and lacy bra from the peephole in her dress. I was getting an erection from peering at her and whiffing in her fragrance. After our time was up, we headed out and I led her into an alley. She was giggling and asking me what am I up to when I just pressed her against the wall and started to kiss her on the mouth. And there she was in her white tai tai dress being groped and sucked in the back alley of a lounge. I stuck my hands in her dress and massaged those familiar boobs with a vengeance.

I was kissing her and our tongues intertwined and I boldly pulled down her top and left her boobs hanging out. If anyone walked by, they would have been enormously turned on by the sight. I guess, especially for our poly classmates, the guys are always so sexually charged they would practically salivate at this scene.

I moved my head down and sucked on those luscious titties. Soft like tofu and huge like melons. Her nipples and areolas were huge, perhaps the result of many lactations. I chewed and I licked and I gave her many love bites on those breasts of hers which fed Ms. Huang when she was young. Her mother is more of an acquired taste compared to the younger Ms. Huang. Because to guys, a nubile young girl is always someone you can bonk with ease and vigor. Older women are like wine or tea, you need to appreciate and the more you try the better they get.

I played with Sandy‘s breasts and wanted to take her there and then when she pushed me back firmly and said no. This is it for today. We shouldn’t be doing this. She actually said it with such finality and authority that I really stopped. Something that never happened previously with her or Ms. Huang. I stopped there and she pulled up her top and holding my hands, she led me out of the back alley. She told me she had a good time tonight and said it is late and her husband and kids would be expecting her at home. So she got a cab and left me high and dry.

I know my time with her would come so I left it at there. However, I was still horny and the next day at school, I bumped into Ms. Huang, along the second floor corridor near the old canteen. She looked really awkward and pissed and disgusted and fearful and I thought I even detected a trace of longing. So I stopped her and said hi.

She nodded and tried to get past me but I just grabbed her arm and pulled her into the adjacent classroom and locked the door. I told her I wanted to talk. I went to the back door and locked it as well.

Me: Huang… I am sorry for what I have done. But you are the one I truly love.”

Huang: “Yah right. Why did you not stop that day when I asked you to?”

Me: “I really couldn’t. No one could have done that in those circumstances. Will you be mine? I will help you tell Jack that it’s over. We will start afresh and I am sure you like me.”

Ms. Huang hesitated there and I knew I was right that she liked me a bit. And perhaps all those things which happened since she was with Jack has shook her belief in their relationship.

I walked up to her and held her in my arms. Then I began to kiss her. I held her in my arms… And I got horny again. Darn.

I gently massaged her breasts through her white flowery dress. That dress was soft and had a blue sash in the middle with pleated lower half that puffed out like an inverted umbrella. I started talking dirty to her.

Me: “I am your first man… You were so tight and delicious. You are also my first woman. Do you know that? Maybe that’s why I lost control so easily.” (Of course I was just sweet talking her.)

Ms. Huang: “Really? You are a virgin also?”

I kissed her and nibbled her ears. I continued rubbing her breasts through the dress because I could not find a way to get those breasts out! Haha!

Me: “Yes…. You have a really sexy body… You drive me crazy and please don’t ever disappear like you did for the past few days. I could just die.”

At the same time I turned her around and hugged her from behind. I pulled up her dress and pulled down her underwear and bent her slightly forward.

Ms. Huang: “What are you doing?”

Me: “You like me to play with you down there right? You never knew it to be so good right?”

Ms. Huang: “How you know? I did not even know it feels good down there…. This is so embarrassing!”

I massaged her butt crack and her labium and worked my way to her clitoris. She was wet by now and probably thought I was just pleasuring her with my fingers.

I very expertly made her moan and arch her back in pleasure and quietly and slowly took off my Bermuda’s and underwear. Perhaps her eyes were closed, she did not notice me gearing her ass up and inching closer to her. With a fierce determination I entered her pussy from behind with her slightly bend and still fully clothed.

I pushed inside her and hugged her from behind.

Me: “How does it feel? You are just soooo hot. I love you”

Ms. Huang: “Arhh…. You… You… Take it out!”

She tried turning around, but my hug was tight. I continued to kiss her neck and eyes and groped her tits from behind. Then I pulled my cock back a bit so that my shaft feels shiok and yet not fully out of her. Then I thrust in at high speed and force.

Ms. Huang whimpered and I really missed those sounds.

Ms. Huang: “Ahhhh…. Mmmmm…eer…. Err….”

Then I just went in and out of her while she oohhed and ahhed…. Then freaking hell her phone rang!

Must be Jack looking for her! Her break and she went missing. Maybe look for her for lunch. Her bag was on the teacher’s table and I refused to take my cock out of her. So I hugged her from behind and we both walked in clumsy tandem to the table. I whispered in her ears… Just answer it ok?

Ms. Huang nodded and asked me to be quiet while she take the call…

The moment she picked up and flicked open that Motorola phone of hers, I continued my thrusting. Oh my god she was so shocked that she screamed out loud…. She screamed: “Oh my god…”

I was quite shocked but the scream not only frightened me but turned me on and made me want to pound her more furiously!

Ms. Huang: “Oh no, nothing is wrong. I just got a fright. Ohh…… Oooo……”

Ms. Huang: “No, no, nothing, nothing…… Ooo…. I… Will be there soon…… Er…. Er…”

I thought it really crazy and erotic to be screwing her while she is talking to her boyfriend. I cannot remember when but I watched a china made video of this employee behind screwed while taking calls from her finance customers. Perhaps that was an inspiration or if my screwing of Ms. Huang happened before I watched that video, then it is really an uncanny resemblance. Maybe art really imitates life.

So I groped her breasts harder and just kept thrusting in and out with that doggie style while she tried to talk and muffle her moans and generally vibrating rhythm of talking while being pounded hard.

Ms. Huang finally got rid of Jack’s call: “Ok la…. Ahhhh hhhhhh I will see… See… You there oookkk…. You… Order for foor for…. Me… Ok…”

Then she slammed shut the phone and tried to push me away by turning and using her arms to push against my chest. I ignored her and just kept thrusting in and out of her for a good 10 minutes… Then 5 minutes… I wanted to change position or to just undress her, but I know she would make it really difficult for me to screw her once I release her from my grip. It was also very enjoyable doing her from behind… Her fleshy butt knocking against my legs and my balls knocking her pussy like a table pendulum.

My cock was really in pussy heaven as it felt tight and wet and warm. Then another heart attack when someone fucking knocked on the door hard…

Some bastard wham wham wham on the door and it almost made my balls shrink and ruin my climax. But I steadfastly ignored it and increased my speed knowing that I do not have time.

Ms. Huang: “Arrrrgrggghhh…… Pain… Oooo… Errr…errrrr……….mm oooo…………………………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh hhhhhh”

She let out a scream when I freaking increased my speed to that of a woodpecker and totally and forcefully shoot my piping hot cum right into her pussy. Then I came again and again while I went forward and retreated and went into her pussy and withdrew a bit and in and out and in and out at such high speed that the last moment and last shot I was just wriggling there, wriggling my cock in her pussy. Craving for just any friction and contact and finally with my semen all inside her my balls felt shrunken and dry and I was exhausted.

I stopped hugging her and let her fall forward to get support on the teacher’s table. Her dress which was hiked up by me from behind also fell down into the normal position and she was left sprawling over the table while I recovered my breath. The fucker outside the classroom actually shouted: “Hey, who is inside?? Open the door!”

I quickly pulled up my shorts and seeing Ms. Huang quite dressed I just pulled her up and said: “We just walk out of here quickly once I open the door ok! Don’t be bothered by people from other classes. I will talk to the guy, just tell him we were having an intense discussion that we needed privacy for. You go and have lunch, I will call you later… Really love you…”

So Ms. Huang with my cum still between her legs and inside her pussy and her panties not properly pulled up, but covered by the dress nodded dumbly and followed behind me while I walked to the door.

I turned back and inspected the area just in case still got my semen that I shoot unknowingly onto the table or what but everywhere was clear. So I walked out and said sorry to the bastard who was knocking the door. I told him I just needed a place for a private talk and walked away with Ms. Huang. I guess the only clue that might give me away was the large amount of perspiration on my face and my wet t-shirt. Wet with sweat from the vigorous pounding.

Ms. Huang walked to find her boyfriend while I went to the library to cool down and reflected on what I had just done. It was mind blowing exhilarating!

That night I chatted again with Ms. Huang‘s mum on the phone.

Sandy: “You were too much that day. I enjoy talking to you, but I have a husband and 3 kids, how can you kiss me and even touch my breasts?”

Me: “I am sorry, but you genuinely attract me… How I wish I am right beside you now…”

Sandy: “You don’t find me old and ugly?”

Me: “No way. You got the most fabulous body. I bet you your son and his friends make you the subject of their fantasy….”

Sandy: “Yah right…. That is crazy!”

Me: “Of coz crazy…. You are a crazy sexpot! I think secretly you enjoyed the rape session that day during your daughter’s birthday celebration”

Sandy: “Hmm, I do not know… But it has been a long time since I am intimate with my husband…”

Me: “Where is he now?”

Sandy: “Working overseas…”

Me: “Ok… Tell you what… I know you love your family very much and won’t betray them… Why not I teach you how to satisfy your sexual needs? After all these years working for their happiness, it is time for your own…”

Sandy: “How?”

Me: “I want you to listen to me and masturbate. Touch yourself… Connect with your inner soul. Now don’t argue with me and take off your dress and underwear and everything and lie naked on the bed… Leave your bedroom door slightly ajar and follow my instructions…”

Sandy: “Are you crazy? Although it is 1am but my son and daughters are all in the house!!”

Me: “Never mind… They are sleeping and won’t notice… I just want you to feel free and liberated…”

Sandy: “Ok….you are sooo full of weird ideas!”

Me: “Of course! You are now a sex object! Imagine yourself in a room full of strong young men. Men who are the friends of your daughters and son, their male teachers and principal and the friends of your husband.”

Sandy: “This is wrong!”

Me: “Are you naked?”

Sandy: “Yes….”

Me: “Yah, just imagine… They desire you… All of them are lusting after you, raping with their eyes and if there were no moral restraints they would have pounced on you already… Now rub your breasts with one hand and your clitoris with the other….”

Sandy: “Yes… Oh…… You are soo notti… I am sexy…”

Me: “Imagine that the hands touching you belong to that of your son’s friends’ hands. From his class, those that have been to your house for projects… They love you… You occasionally try to get a peek of your down blouse, your breasts and bra and every time they get close to you, they will want to touch your sweet alluring ass… Grab a piece of you…”

Sandy: “Ohhhh yes…. My dear boys… Ooooo”

Me: “Rub harder, pinch yourself on the nipples…. Try to lick your own breasts…. Those little boys are your worshippers… Their dicks are untested and raw… All wanting to put it into your sweet cunt.”

Sandy: “Yes… My cu…nt… Their fingers are there… Ohh….”

Me: “Now moan really loud! Up steps a 15 year old boy who forcefully places his hands on your knees and pull them apart. He licks your pussy… He bites your breasts”

Sandy: “Ohhh aww…… Iii love…. It… Aawwaaww.w….”

Me: “He then sticks his big and mature dick straight into your pussy… Now stick two fingers in and finger yourself furiously!”

Sandy: “Aaaahh aahhhaa OOOHHHHHH IT FEELS SO GOOD… FUCK ME … OH NO! Oh NO… GOD….”

Me: “It is actually your son Benjamin! He calls out to you… My fucking hot mum… He thrusts even harder”

Sandy: “Eh…. Why my son???”

Me: “Just continue! Your body disobeys your brain and they just want the dick… Now finger your clitoris and stick one more finger in… HARD and FAST”

Sandy: “Yes….YE.SSSS……. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ahhhhhaahhhhha I am CUMMING… MY BOY…… Oh oh FUCK FUCK FUCK….! OH!”

Sandy: “Oh! Oh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

Sandy: “Ahh…whhee….ho….hooo…….”

I could almost feel the convulsions of her cumming through the phone. Her breathing was quicker and quicker and then suddenly a forceful shriek and another and another and another. She must have at least cummed four times before she relaxed… Before she got tired…

Sandy: “You are so evil… I actually enjoyed it…”

Me: “I told you I am good… Anyway, next time I get to watch you do it ok?”

Sandy: “We will see how… Shit… I hear my son’s door close! Did he peep at me just now?!? Now see what you have done!”

Me: “Come on relax! No one saw what happened! Maybe he was just getting a drink or taking a piss. Hmm, now you feel better, just go to sleep ok!”

Sandy: “Yah… I hope you are right… Thanks for everything! I… I actually enjoyed myself! How I wish I met you earlier! You taught me so much and showed me the world… Good night…”

Me: “Yes, good night! There is more for you to come!”

So while corrupting Ms. Huang‘s mother was fun, it was still Ms. Huang‘s tender and sweet body which I really crave for.

That year the June vacation was really miserable for me because Ms. Huang had started working and stopped all contacts with me. I think she is guilty towards her boyfriend and hope to stay true to him.

Meanwhile, I was really bored and hence agreed to my Indian buddies that I will bring Ms. Huang‘s mother out for a date with them. Some drinking and maybe they will slip something into her drink. I was really against that when I heard they want to drug her. So I said only if they promise me to stay clean and let her decide for herself.

I continued to have phone sex with her because she was unwilling to have sex with me. But I know that the longer we continue this way the more addicted to sex she will get. Our imageries include her getting tied outside her bungalow at night and having Bangladeshi workers pass by and screw her, another one recurring theme was fucking her son and his friends. I even got her to masturbate to their group photo taken at Ubin and showing off their bare chests.

But as I have told the story in a chronological order, I will now refocus on Ms. Huang because that was what really happened. Also, I did a deed that I really regretted doing. Because it was truly a bastardly thing to do. I can only wish for no retribution and that the girl who was implicated will have a long and happy life.

Now a rare opportunity arose for me when a common friend of Ms. Huang and I is getting married. My close female friend was supposed to organize her HEN party, but when I heard of it I volunteered to help her.

That party cost me a bomb… And almost wiped out my vacation job’s earning. But it was definitely worth it.

What happened: I got professional ang mo strippers and paid them handsomely, telling them to perform some really dirty dancing and wicked games. With all the alcohol I am piling on them, I am really hoping something interesting will happen. Then they are to seduce one or two girls that I tell them to and make love to her. I will try to make an excuse for them to have some private time with the girls, maybe an hour or so.

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