Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister

Me (In mandarin, I don’t usually use that, but I was trying to hide my identity.): “Shut up! You make a sound and everyone downstairs will know what you are doing.”

By that time, my dick was already between her butt crack and rubbing her in a most pleasurable manner…

I slowly release my hand covering her mouth and use it to caress her wet breast and rolling the hard nipple. She started to struggle violently, but my body weight and other arm restrained her. She did not shout because I think she saw my logic in that she is really in a very awkward and compromised position…

So as I rub my cock against Huang‘s mummy’s sweet ass, I slowly caress her breasts. She was in a dilemma of whether to scream or just keep quiet and allow me to continue this ravishing of her.

Huang‘s mum: “Who are you…? Why are you doing this to me??”

Me: “Now look, do not turn and look at me. If you just listen to me… We will have a very pleasant time together. If you make a din, your daughter and all her friends will come and if they find us in such a situation, I really do not know how to face everyone after that.”

Huang‘s mum: “Please get out of here… What do you want?”

Me: “I want to make love to you. I have already desired you long enough…”

Huang‘s mum: “No you cannot do that!! Please get away…”

Despite the ordeal, Huang‘s mummy was taking it really calmly and trying to negotiate her way out of this situation.

I really did not care too much and in a flash I inserted my curved dick into her pussy. It went it tight and snugly. My dick felt warm and comfortable inside that sanctuary of my friend’s mother.

Huang‘s mum: “Aw…Wat… Did you … Just do…ohh…”

I could not tell if she was moaning from pleasure or was just crying out in shock and pain… I did not care and thrust hard into her from behind, going into her all the way and pulling back and going in again.

By then both my hands were cupping her breasts and stimulating her nipples while she has already moved to accommodate my entry from behind. The sound of flesh slapping again flesh could be heard reverberating throughout the whole bathroom…

I moved one hand to touch her clitoris and one hand continued to rub her big titties while I got really tight to her and moved my lower body rapidly against a decreasingly resistive body. It looks like I have broken her will and she will gladly allow me to fuck her. It turns me really on to know that while my friend is celebrating her birthday downstairs with her sister, brother and father, I am here banging her naked and busty mother.

Huang‘s mum: “Aww…. Aw…. Aww……” Her moaning varies from high to soft and is in accordance with the speed of my penetration.

Suddenly, as if shocked, she hit me with her elbow and tried to push me away. It appears that she regained her sanity suddenly and was no longer filled with lust but rather fear and disgust. She struggled and moved her pussy away from my dick and tried to scream for help.

I swiftly cupped my hand over her and grab her stomach with the other as an anchorage for me to launch another assault on her wet pussy. I used my leg to push hers further apart and because the floor was wet her feet moved easily.

I angled my dick again and entered her once more with immense satisfaction. By now she was fighting and wriggling and doing her best to break free of my hold. I ignored all resistance and continued to push my dick deeper and deeper into that welcoming pussy.

This went on for another 5 minutes during which she gave up struggling and just went weak in my embrace while I was working very hard to make her feel pleasurable and also working myself to a climax.

Then she suddenly said something… While I continued to thrust her from behind… Gaining satisfaction and pleasure from each stroke.

Huang‘s mum: “You are not going aw… Aw…to get away… Aw aw… Wwith thhhiis…. Awwwwwww…… I will report you to…. Awwwww the police……AWWWWWW” (I increased my intensity at that point…) “No……no ….oh my god …. Aw……please stop…….I will tell my husband….”

Me: “You like it don’t you! Are you going to tell him how you liked me fucking you?”

Huang‘s mum: “Oo…….aw…….aw…. You stop … Don’t shoot … I will help you….please…. If you shoot I will go……. AWW…awww…awwwwaaaaww…To the police….I am serious….”

I was really enjoying myself as I made love to this attractive middle aged woman. Her body was warm and her pussy tight, maybe from years of disuse. Her body is well proportioned without being too saggy and just of the right tone. But she sounded serious in the threat.

I hesitated and stopped thrusting… But my cock is still inside of her.

Me: “I really need to finish it… I am going crazy… Please let me go on….”

Huang‘s mum: “No no… You cannot shoot inside me… I help you with my hands…. You carry on I will scream. I don’t care already if you dare to shoot inside me…. Why are you doing this to me? If you go now I will not tell anyone… I promise…”

She is really a shrewd lady. But I was too horny to think straight so I decided to ask her to give me a blowjob instead…

Me: “Ok, you close your eyes and turn around… If you open your eyes, I will rape you again ok…”

Huang‘s mum: “Ok… I will use my hands… Please take it out of me….”

I retracted my dick and then I saw a t-shirt by the side and decided to use that to blindfold her…… Before I turn her around and suck on that large succulent breasts of hers…

So after I blindfold her, I turned her around and continued to play with her body as I deemed fit. I held her hand and placed it on my hard rock cock and told her to massage it just like she would for her husband or ex-lover. I proceeded to suck at those beautiful breasts and making love on them and teasing her nipples with my nimble tongue.

My hands were not idle as I rub and encircled her pussy and clitoris and was rewarded with gentle and firm moans.

Me: “Madam, you really are enjoying it right. Come stroke me harder and faster. Later I shall have this Singapore sausage right into your mouth where you can taste the most delicious flavor of your children’s generation.”

She said nothing, but stopped rubbing my dick….

Then finally after some silence, she said: “If you continue to talk rubbish and insults, I will scream for help already. I do not have to put up with your rubbish young man.”

I was a bit shocked by that outburst… And quickly tried to salvage the situation.

Me: “I am sorry, ok, just continues what you were doing ok. I will be respectful ok.”

So she restarted her hand job for me and I continued my pleasuring of her. It just got more and more erotic the more I thought about it. Unable to believe myself in such a situation….

I then wanted to fuck her, for my dick inside her wet and juicy pussy again. So I gently lifted up one of her legs and pull her hand away from my dick. Slowly although she tried to push me away, I went inside her again.

Me: “Don’t worry, let me go in while and I will pull out for you to suck ok… Auntie.” (I thought that sounded quite kinky at that time.)

So I went into her and thrust and thrust and at the same time my mouth could not leave that pair of delicious fleshy breasts. Yet while she was reacting biologically, I could still sense that tension and unwillingness in her since she participated in no part and was just a spectator to my deeds.

After much thrusting, I could feel the climax building up so I slowed down and slowly withdrew my dick.

Auntie Huang: “Are you done? Please… I have been in here for some time and if my husband comes up we will be dead.”

Me: “Ook… Come, come… Kneel down…. Do you know how to suck cock?”

Auntie Huang: “No! Are you crazy?”

Me: “Ok, ok… Learn fast ok… It’s not hard… Just take my cock into your mouth and use your lips to apply pressure on it. Don’t worry… After I cum, then I will just leave you alone and no one will find out. Please I beg you… If not I will really have to shoot inside you. I am on the verge already.”

Reluctantly, she kneeled down in front of me. I gently guided her head to my dick and instructed her to open her mouth. She took my dick into her mouth and instinctively used her tongue and lips to apply pressure and suction. I was totally out of control… And it felt so good, that the suction and the wetness of her mouth. I told her to move her lips to and fro so that it is akin to a hand masturbating a dick. She obeyed and her head bobbled back and front turning me on to no end.

Being a newbie to a blowjob, the speed is still somewhat lacking and I placed my hands on her head and used them to manually increase her speed. Then I felt the tightening of my balls and sense of release building up in my stomach… Within 1 minute I shot my 2 weeks’ worth of sperm right into her mouth. She was so shocked that she stopped there stunned. I really went weak in my knees, first time in my life.

Me: “Quick! Swallow it and it will be over already.”

Somehow, in that confused moment, she took my word for it and swallowed my thick hot wad of cum wholesale.

Me: “Ok, thank you for everything… I am sorry, but I really could not help it…” (In the aftermath I was a bit scared of the repercussion and what she might do to me so I tried to pacify her.)

Me: “Ok, I shall leave now and you just come out 5 minutes after me ok?”

Taking my clothes at the door, I put them on while she is still blindfolded, apparently unwilling to want to find out who I was. I took one more glance at that glorious body and took out my camera silent and took many pictures before I left the bathroom.

Me: “Ok, I am going now… Thank you ok? Thank you for everything. Get dressed and go down later.”

So that concluded my first experience with Ms. Huang‘s mother. I had more in store for her. Maybe the rugby team in my school could find a use for her, a need in her that I suspected lies dormant but is ready to awaken soon.

Now I need to refocus on getting Ms. Huang to bed. Because I am anxious to find out how their performances compare!

I headed downstairs after having my fill of the birthday girl’s mum. Or should I say after she had her fill of me?

People were already leaving as it was after the birthday cake cutting. I saw her dad and shook hands with him, thanking him for providing me with a wonderful time tonight.

I went over to Ms. Huang and gave her a hug. Wishing her all the best for the coming year and may her wishes come true. I suggested a trip together with her boyfriend to Kuala Lumpur. Perhaps she can introduce a girlfriend to me. She found the idea interesting and agreed. Another devious plan was hatching in my head already.

I saw Auntie Huang coming down the stairs looking a bit shaken. She was scanning the room for any possible culprits. I tried my best to look innocuous. I quickly made my exit after that and will call her on another day for some exciting chat.

After a week, it just happens to be our study break and I suggested going to KL on that weekend before we start to seriously sit down and study. I was ready with my sleeping pills after seeing a doctor for supposed insomnia. Of course, I cannot possibly drug both Ms. Huang and her boyfriend Jack. I cannot drug Ms. Huang also because that is tantamount to rape.

In the end, we decided on a group of 6 people, with Ms. Huang and Jack being the other couple. There was another guy and two more girls who were our common friends. We knew them when we took some skating classes during our CCA.

So we took a coach up to KL. Our main aim was to shop and eat. Of course I should omit these senseless details and get to the part where I finally get into that virgin body of Ms. Huang.

SO our sleeping arrangement as proposed by myself is as follows: The two girls will share a room while me and the other guy will share the other. Ms. Huang and her boyfriend Jack may have one for themselves. We will know that it is a good chance for them to have some intimacy. No one really objected and I could feel that Jack is waiting for his chance with Ms. Huang as well.

I realized that I cannot afford to waste time in putting my plans to good use. Since it was a Saturday, I got the guys together and told them to go clubbing at night with me. It would be nice to explore the night scene in KL. I did not want to involve the 3 girls because Ms. Huang is not very keen and the girls can keep her company.

Jack was a bit reluctant, but finally gave in after I persuaded him.

We partied till very late that night. At about midnight, I offered to buy a new round of drinks and I slipped 2 tablets of Dormicum into Jack’s drink. (Let’s just hope he is not a fan of sammyboyforum.) That was enough to make him really giddy and slipping in and out of consciousness.

I asked the other friend if he wanted to go back… I told him I had some hot dates lined up for us. He got my hint and knew that I am about to make a phone call to call some girls over for some hot steamy sex.

For bros who have been to KL, you should know that the girls are usually in the nightclubs beneath the hotels and you also have people giving out pamphlets advertising girls for room service.

So I called two up and kept Jack in the room. He was not really privy to what was going on. My friend was curious and asked what I was going to do. I said I prefer to go to the basement of the hotel and choose my own girl.

By that time it was already 2am and with the girls in our room, Jack was too zonked out to do anything while my friend’s small head already took over. I secretly took Jack’s room keys and wasted no time in making for his room.

Quietly I opened the door and as expected it was dark and Ms. Huang was sleeping. I slipped underneath the blanket and found her to be wearing only a loose nightie. It is my wettest dream come true. I always have palpitations, when I am doing something wrong and this time my heart almost jumped out as I put my hands on her.

I gently licked her ears and put a hand in her nightie. Feeling her soft and firm breasts and my hand seek to explore every part of them. She responded and in a dreamy voice said: “Why you come back so late… I sleepy… We do this another time can?”

I ignored her and continued with my kissing and peeled off her nightie and threw them into the floor. She was only wearing her panties underneath and I pulled the blankets over us to use the darkness as a cover for me. I moved my mouth to her neck and slowly enjoy that warm and fragrant and sensitive region of Ms. Huang while my hands were busy cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples.

This carried on for some time and Ms. Huang was giving out soft moans and whispered to me: “Jack… This feels so good….”

I continued licking her neck and moved down to her breasts and with one hand playing with her right boob, my mouth took the over the left side. I used my remaining free hand to pull down her panties.

Ms. Huang puts her hand over mine and said: “No… We cannot have sex….”

I sucked harder at her breasts and overcome her resistance and got my hand into her panties and felt for that magic button named the clitoris.

As I licked those nubile breasts of Ms. Huang, I cannot help but wonder why did her mother have such enormous rack while her daughter doesn’t compare up at all. Yet despite the vast differences in sizes, her breasts were supple and firm. Her nipples now fully hard and erect after some fine manipulation from my skilled tongue. She was holding my head with her hands and softly moaning.

Shyly Ms. Huang muttered: “Jack… Oh… Jack… You are very naughty… This feels very good…. Ooh…. Ooo…”

I wanted so much to tell her that I am not Jack, but that will surely ruin all the fun I am about to have.

My hands were not idle as they attacked her pussy with tender vigor. I rubbed her clit in a circular motion and gently caressed her labium. I tried to stick my fingers in when I realized there is actually some resistance… It should be her hymen and she must be a virgin!

I decided her not to be deflowered by my fingers, but rather by my dick. So I continued to stimulate her, attacking both her breasts and vagina at the same time. Her soft moans really made my blood steam. Compared to her mother, she was much more responsive and a more willing partner.

I sucked at her breasts furiously, but my rub on her pussy was much more cultured and loving. She was arching her back and giving me regular quivers and her moans got louder and louder.

That was when I decided enough was enough, I must get inside her already. So I spread her legs wide enough and positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

The SHOCKER came when she grabbed hold of my dick with a firm resolve and said: “No… Jack… After marriage please……”

She actually wriggled her lower half of the body away from mine and I knew unless I forcefully rape her tonight, my dick will not enter her. Of course I could not say anything to convince her since she still thinks I am Jack.

I was so close, so close to just forcing her hands up above her head and pushing my legs between hers to open them up and penetrating her, but I know the consequences will be dire tomorrow when she accuses Jack of raping her.

I said nothing and went back to pleasuring her until she reached her climax. I slowed down my fingering but continued at a slow and easy pace. She came a few times because of that and kept coming until I got tired and put her hands firmly on my dick.

She was not sure of what to do so I wrapped my hands over hers and moved them up and down my shaft. My face sucking on Ms. Huang‘s titties while she masturbated me under the guidance of my hands.

I could feel the buildup and before I can do anything I came hard and thick all over her hands. Ms. Huang gave a shriek as the thick gooey semen covered her virgin hands while I gave her breasts a final kiss, a long and passionate one.

After that I just wiped it on the blankets and hugged her till she fell asleep. By the time I was able to sneak back, it was already 4 to 5 am in the morning. The call girls were gone and Jack and my friend were both sound asleep, fully satisfied.

I cursed my luck as it turned out I paid for him to have sex while his girlfriend only gave me a hand job. I could not even request for a blowjob. Tamade.

I tried shaking him, but he was in a super deep slumber. I managed to carry him back to his own room and very very stealthy laid him down beside a sound asleep Ms. Huang.

Retrospectively moving him back to the room was so bloody risky because if Ms. Huang wakes up, then everything will be so awkward and hard to explain. But no, she did not and I left him there while I went back to my room super tired and sleepy.

Then I made up my mind to make Ms. Huang mine. By hook or by crook…

Anyway, back to Ms. Huang, after all she is the most important person. The next day I observed very carefully whether the two of them appear weird or uneasy but things seemed normal. Ms. Huang was chirpier than usual, though. Could it be the making out session that gave her good mood?

I was so afraid Jack would try his luck with Ms. Huang that night I purposely organized a slumber party for all 6 of us in my room that night. I made sure we had games and food and drinks so that by the time everything was done and everyone was tired, it was already 4 – 5 am. Too late and shagged to do anything and we were catching the early bus tomorrow morning.

So my adventure in Malaysia concluded without much fireworks. But I shall continue to plan my next move in Singapore. I think it is time Jack disappears from the scene because I really, really crave for Ms. Huang‘s body and pussy already. She is so principled that the only chance I have is to be her boyfriend or short of using force.

So we returned to Singapore and time passed very fast. There was not much action or opportunity for me to lay my hands on Ms. Huang because I was really stuck and almost lost for ideas to make her mine.

However, I had plans for the older woman in the household. One afternoon, I made a phone call to Ms. Huang‘s house. I had two approaches: First of all I will just declare myself as an admirer of Ms. Huang‘s mother and hope that she will continue to talk to me. After all, which woman can resist the idea that someone out there finds her attractive? If she doesn’t want to talk to me, I will just let her know I am the guy in the bathroom with her and her photos are with me.

Of course I used a public phone to call because I did not want the calls to be traced back to me.

Me: “Hi, is Sandy (Ms. Huang‘s mum’s name.) At home?”

Ms. Huang‘s mum: “Yes who is this?”

Me: “Hallo… I am Bernard, I do not know if you remember me, but we met at a function a few months ago. I found you very captivating and would just like to be friends with you.” (I was trying to sound nervous and smitten at the same time.)

Sandy: “Huh… I don’t remember such a person… I am sorry”

Me: “Oh, it’s ok, do you mind if we just be friends? You are a housewife right, it must be terribly bored for you since your kids are all grown up and your husband is always at work.”

Sandy: “Oh ok sure we can be friends… Yeah, you are totally correct… I spend most of my time shopping or watching television. The maid does all the housework and the kids are always home late.”

And so we began our friendship through the phone. It is easy to make older women open up to you by empathizing with them and letting them know that they have a friend in you who is willing to spend time with them and listen to them.

Over the next few weeks, our phone chats will sometimes move on to erotic stuff like was she a virgin before she got married, does she like sex and so on. From my encounter with her I know there is a horny bone inside her. Something that she tried so hard to suppress and something that might never have surfaced if she had not run into me.

Despite being in her 40s, she still has this youthful aura, maybe because she spent much of her life taking care of her 3 children, that’s why she is influenced by them a bit. Sometimes our conversation will go like this:

Me: Sandy… How’s your day?”

Sandy: “It was very boring. Maybe someday we can meet for a movie or lunch. I am quite curious to know how you look like.”

Me: “Sure. The pleasure is all mine. Your husband is always working, don’t you feel lonely? Who satisfies your needs?”

Sandy: “Needs? What needs…?” (She was pretending to be shy.)

Me: “Oh, you know, who makes you feel like a woman again? I am sure many guys out there would love to have you as their lovers.”

Sandy: “Haha, yeah right. My kids already so old. Who wants their old mother?”

Me: “Hmm, ask you ah… Have you ever had an affair in these many years of marriage?”

Sandy: “Oh…. Why you ask?”

Me: “Coz I am sure with someone as attractive as you, there will bound to be someone wooing you.”

Sandy: “Hmm, I don’t know…”

Me: “That means have la!” (I was trying to test her reaction to that incident in her bathroom during Ms. Huang‘s birthday party.) “Tell me more about it leh…”

Sandy: “No no… I never cheated on my husband before… It wasn’t my fault…”

Me: “Huh? That sounds intriguing. Tell me more leh….”

Sandy: “Can we talk about this some other day?”

Me: “Ok… You know, don’t worry ok, I respect you for the person you are. To me, you are gentle and kind and lovely. How I wish I have known you earlier….”

Sandy: “Haha, you are so young! I am already 43 leh.”

And so my plans for Ms. Huang‘s mother are beginning to bear fruits!

A few months passed and it was exam time again. One weekend I made plans with Ms. Huang to study in school and camp there. Because I did my psychology module already I was able to help her in her child psychology test that is coming up.

I was a CCA leader (Ah ha! Giving always too much of myself.) And has keys to my CCA room so we just camped there for the weekend. On Saturday night, I bought lotsa supper and many cans of beers so that after all the studying we can let our hair down. She had not bothered to invite anyone else along because we wanted to be as efficient as possible in our studies.

It was already about 1 am at night, we had supper 2 hours ago and are now downing the beers with gusto. I moved closer to Ms. Huang and put an arm around her. She looked at me funnily and asked if I am drunk.

Me: “No, I am not drunk, it is more comfortable this way right?”

I pulled her closer to myself and took in the smell of her body. That fragrance that brought my brother to a salute. She did not seem to mind and lay comfortably in my arms. Sometimes things just seem so right when they happened at the right time. Even if she has a boyfriend.

I decided to be bold and planted a kiss on her neck. Then I slowly moved my lips to hers and she offered no resistance whatever so! Our lips touched and the softness and sweetness of it filled my heart with delight and groin with a blight.

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