Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister



Ok, finally I have gotten down to writing one of my secrets down and get it off my chest.

This tale started many years ago and continues till today. Even through the times when the girl has a boyfriend. Right now she is studying in Australia, living with her Singaporean boyfriend so I can only lust after her sister.

I knew her in poly when she was doing her diploma in childcare. I was also studying life sciences in the same institute and was really looking out for a hot poly girl to have flings with.

Now many of our bros have one time or another gone online and chatted up stranger girls with or without much success. I was no different in my younger days. Mass messaging tens or hundreds of them on Friendster or Facebook till one or two replies.

Let’s call her Miss Huang since she is after all a nursery teacher. Turns out that she is an unassuming and innocent young girl at the age of 18. Most probably thinks that the whole world is a happy and a nice place with lots of cute little children.

I really thought I struck Jackpot after she replied me on Friendster. We quickly became friends and I pretended to be the sort of righteous and caring fellow who is just trying to look for a friend and nothing else. It could not be further away from the truth, but she fell for it and became friends with me.

I told her about my benign interests like reading and playing with my cousins and my non approval towards promiscuity and other vices plaguing the youths nowadays. She really took my words wholesale and very soon we met up.

Of course I have requested for a photo of her and found her to be pleasant looking. There were many a times when I discovered to my extreme disappointment that my target is a fat dreamy girl. So this time I was really glad to have got the right type of girl. To my eternal delight, she turned out very decent and even has a great slim but curvy body, the type that looks damn hot in tights.

Of course, as the saying goes: “To get the big fat fish, you need plenty of yards of reel before reeling in. So naturally I kept up my pretenses and tried to work my way into her heart or rather less ambitiously, just her firm fleshy young breasts.”

So I met Miss Huang at Takashimaya and we went for lunch together. I offered to buy and asked her to sit down and wait for me. When she sits down, I could see her cleavage and got really turned on. I took out my phone and pretended to message while actually taking a picture of her from the top down. Those days, the phone only had like 1mpixel of photo power, but they were good enough for my viewing pleasure.

As I brought the food back, I had my camera in video mode and aimed it at her so I could video her and wank later on at home. I was thinking I must really make her my conquest and started plotting on how to get her drunk or stuck in a sexy or horny situation.

She started telling me about her poly life and how she loves the kids. I was just staring at her tits and pretending to listen. After the meal I proposed a movie and she was happy to oblige.

By that time I was already rock hard and just thought I had to get my wad off. Maybe even on her if possible. It was at Lido that we watched a movie and we were seated quite near the toilet. I thought it would just be a great opportunity for me to go and wank and come back with a present for her.

So halfway during the show, I went off and wanked to her picture and video clip on my phone. I came and a lot of semen was produced. I decided to hold some in my palm and walked back to the theatre. Going from behind her, I dripped or flicked my hand onto her hair quickly and walked back to take my seat beside her.

I guessed I got that idea from ‘When Sally Met Harry’ when Meg Ryan got semen in her hair… Or was it some other show? I really could not remember. Of course I have done it a few times on buses while sitting behind girls, I would wank and drip my semen onto their hair. It is not good practice to flick because they might just feel it. The semen will just dry up and turn colorless, so it is quite harmless as long as no one catches you doing it.

So I really could not get enough of her and volunteered to send her home. The train was really crowded at 6 plus on a weekday and we were squished against each other. I could smell her fragrance and feel her soft body against mine. I was trying to pretend to be gentlemanly and protect her against other men when in fact I was rubbing her myself. Think she did not think it was intentional and fell for my act. I pretended to be pushed and put a hand in front of my chest to allow someone else to move. That way as I leaned towards her, my hand actually touched her breasts.

I was really high now and was trying to stick to her and maybe ‘accidentally’ move her top down a bit… So that her breasts and cleavage become more visible. I succeeded and slowly revealed part of her peak and long gang. I would turn my head so she could not see my eyes and stealthily peek at her boobs…

She did not suspect anything but was feeling uncomfortable. I decided to stop what I was doing, and anyway the next stop many people got off and I could not have the excuse of the crowd to get flesh with her anymore… Sensing that she is very trusting, I decided I could probably get what I want from her very soon…

So that day I sent her home to demonstrate my gentlemanliness. We continued to chat on the phone and through internet regarding all topics under the sun. I found out that she has not had a boyfriend before, but currently she is rather attracted to another guy in school. She is a virgin and is really innocent. I was even more determined to obtain her first time by hook or by crook.

One day she got a pet dog and invited me to her house to play with the dog. I was naturally happy to be inside her inner sanctuary. That was when I saw her sister Xin. She was just 14 at that time and studying in a neighborhood school in the west. She was not well developed, but she has the face of an angel. She actually looked like a Hong Kong actress… Maybe Ah Sa. Yes, the one who gets fingered and screwed upside down by Edison Chan.

I guess that the younger sister was not expecting anyone to visit them so she wore a casual white t-shirt WITHOUT a bra underneath. I could see the shape of her nipples from underneath the shirt. She happily walked to a sofa and laid down on her stomach and propped herself up with her elbows. That was such a fantastic view that allowed me to see her two small, really small breast buds with nice dark nipples.

I got an instant hard on and had to move around awkwardly to prevent detection. Her sister Huang called me up to her room where the dog was and we spent some time playing with the dog. Of course, my eyes were roving about and though sister Huang‘s cleavage were magnificent, I could only think about her sister Xin…

I made an excuse to go to the toilet and after getting out of her room, I tried to figure out which room was her sister’s. Turned out that the room was just next to the staircase and I could see Xin downstairs still in the same position doing her homework. I snuck into the room and snooped around looking for a piece of bra or panties where I can leave a nice present for Xin. Think she might be too young to understand what is going on.

I found a nice white panties with a bear picture on it and a small bra, those ordinary white colored ones. I took it to the toilet with me and used her bra to wrap around my cock while thinking of her lying down on the couch. I imagined I got on top of her and covered her mouth with my hands to prevent her from screaming. Then I would pull up her shirt and start licking those immature breasts. Soon I came and came and spilled all my cum onto her bra and panties.

Quietly I went out of the toilet and wanna make my way back to Xin’s room to put her lingerie back into place. That was when I saw her in the corridor and she was trying to go to the toilet. I purposely raised my elbows to brush against her little tits as she walked past me and I could really feel her nipples.

She got a bit of electric shock when my elbow came into contact and I quickly pretended to be apologetic and make it to be a mistake which she gladly accepted. Unknown to the fact that her bra and panties are in my pocket and laden with cum.

Seeing her enter the toilet, I went into her room and put back her stuff underneath the pile of clothes, knowing that as long as some time passes, the semen will be just dry and become invisible…

Then I went back to the sister’s room to continue to chat and play with the dog…

At that time, I was already hatching an evil plan for the elder sister Huang

Now, Miss Huang being the well brought up girl from a well to do family has never been to a pub or dance floor before. I was just reminiscing that encounter I had with her up close in the MRT and thought if I could just get her to another crowded place, I could take advantage of her again.

So I did my best to paint an exciting picture of a night at Zouk (Is it still around now? Haha.) With lotsa dancing and drinking and people having fun. Just during that period, the most dreadful thing that could possibly happen, happened.

One fine day, she told me she was attached to this guy from computer in our poly. My heart almost broke and my dick wilted in despair. I should have been more aggressive with my maneuvers and now I am looking at this fat, delicious lamb being snatched away right from my clutches.

I would have loved to procure her for my own enjoyment. But now it is impossible to do so with her willingly, I would have to resort to more evil tricks. So I finally persuaded her to go Zouk with me. Naturally, her boyfriend was upset and insisted on coming along. He did not really show his displeasure, but through Miss Huang, I could sense it.

On the topic of poly girls going clubbing, Miss Huang, who is doing her childcare diploma told me some of her classmates are really wild. They would challenge each other to get laid for that night during their night out. That thought really made me hot, and how I wish she was of a similar mindset. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

I decided to set the boyfriend up at Zouk and of course getting as much fresh as I can with Miss Huang. So Saturday night came quickly. We drank a bit at the Kopitiam opposite Zouk before going in. The queue was long and there were four of us: Me, Huang, her boyfriend and another female friend Lynn.

I knew the bouncer and we managed to get in without much queuing or trouble. Think his name was Mike or what shit, really a meatball of a man. Once in, I decided to pile everyone with alcohol and got a large bottle of Johnny Walker on top of the shots and jugs of beer. One or two hours later, everyone was really having fun and relaxing when I invited Huang to go onto the dance floor with me.

I had called two of my ‘meimei’s from my secondary school to Zouk and I had given instructions to them. They were to go up to Huang‘s boyfriend and try to know him. I would then point that out to Huang and make her jealous. Of course, things are not that simple either.

While dancing, I really could help staring at those peekaboo 33B tits that moved in perfect sine motion. Sometimes I would stand behind her and grind my already erected dick and place my hands on her waist and hip. Of course, any more movement I know would not be welcome.

Seeing a group of Indian bros dancing at one corner, I slowly edged her towards them. They were those biker gangs and usually dance with their own hot chapatti chicks. Boy, those Indian girls are hot. But I digress. See my two meimei going up to Huang‘s boyfriend and chatting him up, I quickly point that out to her and I could tell she looked really annoyed. She tried to play it cool though, and began to dance in a more dangerous and sexy manner which was not seen till now.

I purposely pulled one of her spaghetti straps down, revealing half her breasts and her right shoulder. I could have just screwed her there and then. But then I controlled myself. Slowly we were dancing beside the Indian group and I could see a few of them throwing covert glances at Huang and her soft fleshy breast. Now, one of them is a good friend of mine and I had told him I am bringing a slut for them to play around.

I pretended to have to answer a call and left Huang‘s side. The group of Indians (No offense to my Indian friends ok, it’s merely a recount of what actually happened.) Quickly surrounded her and some tried to dance with her. I did not actually leave the dance floor and was actually standing somewhere behind her sight of view and could see through a slight gap what they were doing to her.

All of a sudden, one of them grabbed her by the waist and wanted to french kiss her. Huang got a shock and tried to pull away. Perhaps from the effects of the drinking and the strength of the guy, she was unable to and he just kept kissing her face. By this time, he was already placing his hands on her breasts and rubbing it intensely.

I saw another guy unbuttoning his jeans and pulling Huang‘s hand to his crotch and making her rub his dick. That I must admit was a real shocker as I just thought they would take advantage of her just like what most guys do to girls on the dance floor. I wanted to just step in and stop them, but an evil part of me actually wanted to witness more of this erotic proceeding.

Miss Huang as sobbing by now and tried to scream for help, but another good buddy covered her mouth. None of the clubbers around us noticed anything wrong. After all, I had brought her to that spot and most likely people think we are a big group of acquaintances.

By now, her top was down to her waist and people were taking turns to suck her breasts and holding her to prevent her from struggling or screaming. I decided to join in from and I hugged her from behind at the same time extending my hands to cup those heavenly titties. I breathed down her neck and gave her a passionate love bite. I kept quiet most of the time because I did not want her to identify me.

The guy who took her hand to wank himself came over her hand and it was really a thick thick glob of semen. I could have lost control of myself but instead I decided that enough was enough… And I backed off. My intention being to rescue her as the damsel in sexual distress… Someone took out a camera and took a picture of her in this compromising position: Top down, tits out, hand on dick and held in close embrace by 2 big dudes.

What happened next?

So the music was beating the rarefied air, and to Miss Huang while being abused by the Indian bros, it must have felt like physical blows.

To a girl who has had no prior experience in such matters, who wished for her virginity to be taken only by her husband, this was a nightmare. It was worse, this was hell. Yet to the onlookers reveling in her naked beauty, it is heaven. Nothing more ecstatic than the innocent being ravished.

That she did not have too big a pair of boobs made her look really seductive under the disco light of the club. Those firm white and soft breasts are turning all the guys into beasts. I realized something bad will happen if I allow them to continue. So I pushed forward, broke their grip on her and shouted at them to fuck off.

My Indian friend looked amused, but took that as a hint that their game is over. At least for the time being. I would deliver that delicious lamb to them soon enough after I had my fill. But now is still the time for corruption and oppression of the poor lamb.

Miss Huang slumped to the ground and almost looked like a picture right out of an AV film. With her hair disheveled and top and bra down to her waist, I almost felt sorry for her if the lust was not so overwhelming.

I dressed her up properly and half carried her to a seated area near the toilet. (Her hand was still wet with the cum and I felt quite disgusted even.) I cleaned her hand with a tissue and offered the pack to her for her tears.

Me: “Don’t be scared… I am here… I am sorry for going away…. Don’t be scared ok….”

Huang: “Sobz sobz… Ohmygod… Ohmygod….What were they doing….sobz…”

Me: “Don’t think about it! It is over! I am here to protect you…”

I hug her even tighter, enjoying the sensation of her soft flesh and vulnerability.

I then gave her one glass of whisky which she gulped down in a flash. She was trying to drink away the shock and fear. That was when I decided to take a gambit.

Me: “Did they do anything to you? Shall we call the police? Let’s find your boyfriend and get those guys.”

Huang: “Sobz sobz…” (More crying.) “No … Don’t let anyone know… They….” (More crying.) “….”

I waited and waited… In relief because calling the police would surely get my Indian bro and me into trouble.

Huang: “I want to go home… Help me call my mum to pick me up. I hate this place…”

Me: “Ok, ok we go home ok… We shall talk about this later… Do not tell anyone about it including your parents and boyfriend… If they go to the police it would only make things more complicated for you… I am sorry what happened to you but you will always have a listening ear. Tomorrow I will go and find you k…”

So I made a call to Huang‘s mum and told her we were done for the night and Huang wants her to pick her up.

I helped make sure Miss Huang looked presentable and no trace of what has happened remained. We walked back to the area and saw her boyfriend still flirting with my two friends. I was delighted, but imagine Huang‘s anger and she stomped away without telling him. I tried my best to pile as much alcohol on her as possible while she waited for her mum’s car so that she will not be that sober and spill out everything to her mother.

After a while, her phone rang and her mother said the car is waiting out. By this time, Huang could not walk properly already and I put my hands all over her. How I regretted the decision of calling her mum. I could have just walked out with her and brought her to a hotel. But that was not to be.

I cupped her breasts and gently massage them as I help her to the exit. Once outside, I put my hands to where they should be and helped her to a black Lexus where a fairly attractive woman was waiting. Huang‘s mother was in a white home t-shirt and I could see outlines of her lacy bra and gigantic breasts beneath. Somehow mothers always have big breasts… Even if her daughters ones are somewhat less glorious.

She rushed over and asked me why Huang is so drunk… With slight anger and resignation… She had actually thought I was her new boyfriend… Which I immediately clarified and said that he is still inside and I am just helping her daughter out. Oh, she said in surprise and together we helped Huang into the backseat of the car. The space was rather narrow when we lowered her and I had a good swipe at those gigantic breasts with my elbow…. Of course the mother who looked to be in her early 40s did not really take notice of matters such as her daughter’s friend taking liberties with her.

She asked me if I needed a lift home, but I politely declined… In my mind, I wanted to return to Zouk and find my mei meis and screw them thoroughly and truly, after such an erotic and arousing night. I said goodbye and watch both fine specimen of a woman depart with a heavy heart and even heavier cock….

The next day, I paid a visit to Huang‘s house again. Because of the alcohol that I piled upon her, she seemed unable to recall too much of the traumatic experience. Perhaps it is also too harrowing for her to talk about. What really pissed her off was that her boyfriend was busy flirting with two young chicks.

The guy apologized to her furiously and somehow he managed to escape her wrath. However, there is bound to be a rift which existed after that incident and I on the other hand, grew closer to her.

Somewhere in Sept, Huang‘s 21st birthday came and she invited a whole bunch of people to her house for a celebration. It turned out that she is not the only person receiving presents that day.

Her family were busy getting the food ready, making sure everyone has enough drinks and the place is neat and tidy. Her mother was wiping the table when she bent forward and I quickly took the opportunity to stand across her and admire her fabulous breasts. Boy were they big. After many years of being a housewife, their bodies tend to be white and supple. Provided they don’t sag before that.

She certainly doesn’t show any signs of sagging. At one point, seeing that no one was noticing, I whipped out my phone and set it to video mode. I carefully aimed it at her mother’s ample bosoms while she was busy picking up stuff from the couch and floor.

The more I look at her the harder my dick became. That day I just spent following her around without trying to be obvious. By the end of the day, after cutting the cake, she was covered in perspiration and headed upstairs for a bath.

I also did not know what took over me, but I felt really addicted to her and I quietly went upstairs after 5 minutes. I was really hoping for her to be bathing and I can sneak a quick look.

Having been in Huang‘s room and Xin’s room before, I know that the master bedroom must be the one I have not entered before. With a pounding heart, I tried to make as little noise as possible as I turned the door knob to the room occupied by that voluptuous lady of 3 children.

I am praying that no one comes up at this moment and I entered the room to see a typical master bedroom with a king size bed in the center and a large wardrobe at the side and a dressing table at the foot of the bed. There is a huge wedding photo of Huang‘s parents hanging over the bed and many more of the family on the table.

Something on the bed caught my attention and made my heart race, only that the blood is being pumped to my dick. I realized I was trembling and my lips were dry. On the bed were the clothes that Huang‘s mother was wearing just now.

I searched for the bathroom door and caught it instantly. It is closed, but I know fully that behind those doors is a sight to behold. Something that can warm and moisturize the hard rod standing at full attention between my legs. Someone for me to hug and savor the joys of the succulent female form.

I tiptoed to the bathroom door and placed my hand on it. Cautiously I tried to turn it. To my major disappointment, it would not bulge. I could hear the sound of water from the shower tap and for me to stop here would really be a major anticlimax.

By then my brain was already not thinking properly and in retrospect, it was really a fucking dangerous thing to be doing. If I were caught, I would really be screwed big time.

Taking one final gamble, I went to the dressing table and pulled open the drawers to look for the key to the bathroom. I was really desperate to get a good look at Huang‘s mother’s glorious body. In the second drawer, laid a metal key which I took without hesitation. I went back to the door and carefully inserted the key.

The shower sound can be heard from where I was standing and my guess is that she is fully concentrating on cleansing that heavenly body of hers. It fit! And I grabbed the knob tightly and turned it as slowly as I can. A click sound was suddenly made as the door became unlocked and I almost had a heart attack then. I stopped all movement and paused to hear for any quick movement from the mother.

I was ready to run at first sound, but she continued bathing. Oh, I am so lucky. I very very very slowly twisted the knob and very very very very gently pushed the door 1cm wide…. And then 1.5cm wide and then until I could see inside. Thank heavens that the bathing cubicle is just visible. It is those transparent cubicles which has a sliding door and the person just stand in there to bathe.

I was so fortunate that the sliding door was not closed and from where I was, I saw her naked back and the right side of her naked body. The breast that so enticed me for the whole day is fully visible with water thundering on it and soap covering her like a badly shaven lamb.

I stood there dumbstruck, salivating and dick throbbing like it is about to explode like a pack of popcorn. I stood there watching her move her hands over her body with soap to clean it, watching those curves and flesh and her hard dark nipples. She was totally oblivious to my presence.

Almost unaware of my own actions as my eyes remained fixated on her, I found myself unzipping and pulling my brother out before it suffocates within my trousers. My mind was almost blank except to release all my pent up desires for my friend’s mother.

I stood there masturbating while admiring and leering and lusting at the naked body just meters away. Seeing those water trickle down her breasts and between her legs drove me crazy… Seeing her put soap on them made me wish for my cum to cover her instead. I quickly took off my shirt and pants and laid them on the bed. I was about to do the unthinkable.

How I lost my mind, I did not know. One moment I was at the door, the next I rushed in and grabbed her from behind. She was totally taken by surprise, first by the sound of the door opening and second by the sight of a guy running straight at her. Before she could get a close look at me, I pinned her against the wall. Putting a hand to cover her mouth and another to control her arms. I tried to use a rough voice and told her to shut up.

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