Strip Poker

It was my final year of my university life… I was an art major and I was in the middle of the last school trip I would never dream to be on. It had been a long day, my whole tutorial class did lots of sightseeing and visited many different tourist attractions.

My buddy Evan and I were happy to get back to the hotel room in time for some late night television and a decent sleep. However, that was not to be.

“What a day,” sighed Evan as he flopped down on his bed. “I saw Dawn looking at you very fondly…”

Before I could answer, our conversation was interrupted by a series of three light knocks on the door.

“Who could that be?” I asked rhetorically as I got up to answer the door. When I pulled it open, I was greeted with a cute, high-pitched voice.

“Heeeeeya… Ni haoooo!” The cute voice greeted me. Three of the prettiest girls in our school were standing at the doorway, smiling confidently.

Kerissa, Beatrice, Dawn,” I said. “How’s it going?”

I was very confused on why these three beautiful ladies would find their way here… Into our room.

“Can we come in?” Asked Kerissa.

I would be an idiot to deny these three beautiful teenage girls asking to come into my hotel room at 11:30 pm.

“Of course you can!” I all but screamed as I flung open the door, letting the three cuties through.

“Hey girls!” Waved Evan from his comfortable spot on the bed.

“Heyyyyyy Evan.” Said Dawn flirtatiously.

Dawn wore a pretty black waistline tee that was tight enough to show off her large, firm tits, and sexy, dark shorts that accentuated her round ass… Fuck erotic little girl…

“Can I get anyone a drink?” I asked with a smirk.

“I would love one!” Kerissa explained in her usual bubbly and lively manner. Kerissa had long black hair and always wore perfect, cute glasses while her apple-sized tits weren’t the biggest of all the girls. Those pair was well proportioned for her petite frame, and her precious ass more than made up for it. Today, she wore a white striped tee and loosely fitted black shorts, this enough turned me frickin’ on.

“Ahhh, grab me one too, would you?” Said Beatrice with her cute and childish tone.

Beatrice was a sassy girl and today she was wearing a loose-fitting blue shirt that hid her curvy frame, and athletic shorts… Fuck… That was hawt as fuck… I swear I would pound on her now…

But Dawn was just looking at me the entire time… Beatrice on the other hand had her hair tied up in a very cute and unique way…

I grabbed the drinks for the girls, plus one for myself and for Evan.

“So what you guys want to do?” Evan flirtingly replied, looking all confident in front of these beautiful girls.

We had been sitting in a circle on one of the beds in silence, sipping our drinks, for about five minutes. Dawn and Beatrice were focusing their attention on me… I looked at them shyly and ogling at their jugular the entire time… Those were some amazing pairs… Fuck…

“I brought a deck of cards.” I said, “Anyone up for some poker…?”

The girls looked at each other for a moment and looked back at me.

“Josh, we’re all pretty bad at poker, but it could be fun.” Said Dawn sheepishly.

“There’s one problem though.” Said Evan. “We can’t use our spending money. What are we going to play for?”

Dammit, I hadn’t thought of that. Without stakes, poker doesn’t work properly. We needed to play for something, but what? Luckily for me, Kerissa came to the rescue.

“How about we play… Strip poker?” She suggested. Her comment made everyone go silent.

“You mean… Play for clothes?” Asked Evan.

Kerissa smirked at him with zest.

“Yes… That’s what strip poker means.”

Trying to sound like I wasn’t excited, I pitched in to the conversation.

“I am in.” The other girls took some convincing, but eventually they decided to give it a shot. I didn’t think any of us understood what we were actually getting into.

Kerissa dealt the cards and I was happy with my hand. Unfortunately, I was still the last place player. The first loser of the game, I had to take off my sweater, so now I only had an old t-shirt on.

I could tell who the next loser would be immediately because Beatrice had a really bad poker face. As soon as she saw her hand, she made a scowl and put her cards face down on the ground. After we played the hand, as I predicted, Dawn lost.

“What’s it gonna be, em?” Evan prodded. Dawn glared at him and after a second of hesitation, unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it onto the pile that had been started by my sweater. Tongue-tied, I hoped my jaw wasn’t hanging down too far as I stared explicitly at her tits. They were pert enough that they didn’t need one, but she had on a cute black bra that left just enough to the imagination.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the view as she covered up her chest with her arm and looked down with her reddening face.

“Come on, come on! This is strip poker, not ‘cover yourself up’ poker!” I prodded. She scowled at me, but did drop her arm.

Evan lost next and he did a little dance as he took off his t-shirt revealing his well conditioned chest and abs.

After that was a close hand, but the loser ended up being Beatrice.

“Dammit!” She cried “Screw all of you!” With that, she pulled off her baseball jersey and I was able to see her nice tits under a black sports bra. As much as this view was sexy, I couldn’t wait to see her tits without the obtrusive material in the way. At least, I hoped the game would go that far.

Kerissa was the next loser and she pulled off her stripped tee without much of a fuss, so she was only wearing a tight t-shirt.

“Good things I wore more articles of clothing than y’all.” Kerissa said, gloating. However, due to another crappy hand, she was forced to also remove another article of clothing.

“Haha! In your face!” I yelled, pointing at her. I immediately felt bad, because she now looked generally embarrassed. Then her face lit up. What was she planning? Before anyone could stop her, she reached behind her back under her t-shirt, fiddled around for a second or two and then pulled something out from underneath.

“That’s not fair!” Exclaimed Evan. Kerissa was holding in her hands a sexy pink lace bra that had been under her shirt until seconds ago.

“Why didn’t I think of that?!” Yelled Dawn.

“We didn’t say you have to go from outside to in!” Said Kerissa.

“Fine.” I admitted, even though I would have given anything to see her wearing that bra. “But from now on, no one is allowed to do what Kerissa just did!”

Now that all of the girls were topless to some degree, I suppose it was only fair that I would join everyone else. After another nail-biter of a poker hand, I lost again and took off my t-shirt. While I never worked out as much as Evan, my chest and abs were flat and I think the girls enjoyed the view, judging by the cheers and whoops they gave.

When the next hand was finished, Beatrice had lost again.

“Dammit!” She shrieked as she smashed her cards down into the ground.

Sucker, I thought.

Standing up, she pulled her shorts down slowly to her ankles and I was treated to, for the first time, I saw my classmate in only her underwear. She was wearing a black pair of panties that hid everything, but when she turned around to walk back to her seat I saw her perfect, pert little ass shaking as she moved.

Luckily for her, she was soon joined by Dawn, who was the next loser.

“Dang.” She said as she slowly stood up and turned around, so her ass was facing the rest of us. Looking over her shoulder seductively, she sexily pulled down her jeans revealing her beautiful juicy ass, her pussy only barely covered by the white fabric of her thong. When she sat down cross-legged, I noticed that there was no pubic hair showing through underneath, which started to make a tent in my pants.

I was incredibly surprised that Dawn had done this sort of move as she was usually shy regarding her body. Earlier in this very game she had tried to cover up her tits when she had to strip down to her bra. However, I suppose the alcohol was beginning to take effect.

Me and Evan lost the next two rounds and we both hoped the girls didn’t notice the bulge in our briefs when we removed our pants, although in hindsight I was sure it would have been hard for them not to have.

Joining us all in our state of undress, Kerissa sexily shimmied out of her jeans, wearing flowery pink panties that matched her bra in material.

With the game moving into another stage, I thought it was appropriate to get us all more drinks. When that was done, we continued with the game.

The next loser was Dawn, who swore under her breath and looked into my eyes. I nodded at her, silently letting her know that she wouldn’t be judged. I didn’t know how it would be possible for anyone to judge what we saw next.

“You go girl!” Encouraged Beatrice.

As Dawn removed her bra and slipped the cups off her tits, I was treated to her perfectly sized bare tits with perfect, hard nipples and perfectly sized areola. Everything about her breasts was perfect – from the way they bounced as she sat down to the way they swung as she turned from side to side. She looked up from the ground, cupping her breasts in her hands. She met my eyes.

Evan cheered.

“Do you… Do you like them?” She asked shyly.

“They’re… Beautiful.” I said and I couldn’t have meant it more. She blushed.

The first to join Dawn was Beatrice, who was explosively angry when she lost and she tore off her bra with animal-like ferocity.

“Whoa whoa whoa, slow down girl!” Said Evan, who was clearly enjoying Beatrice’s tits. While they won’t as pert as Dawn‘s, they were bigger and had more bounce to them.

Dawn and Kerissa were clapping wildly and Evan’s boxers were bursting. For that matter, mine were too.

Kerissa lost next and she pulled her t-shirt off so I got my first ever look at her smaller but remarkably perfect, firm tits that stood at pert attention.

“There we go, there we go!” Said Evan and he high-fived Beatrice, who was also clapping.

“Wait!” I cried before the next round was played. “I have a suggestion. Because we each have only one article of clothing left, I think we should play on teams. Us guys will be one team and you girls will be the other… And whoever loses has to strip.”

“That’s a fantastic idea.” Replied Beatrice. “You two are going down!”

She high-fived Kerissa and Dawn.

The cards were dealt and Evan and I knew immediately who the winners were going to be: us. Sure enough, when the hands were finished, the three girls screamed and scattered the cards around the floor.

“Strip, strip, strip!” Evan and I chanted. The girls huddled for a second, before they all stood up, side by side, facing us. They each, in unison, reached down and pulled on the elastic of their bottoms, and to our surprise, slowly slid down the panties, revealing three incredibly sexy pussies. My focus immediately went to Dawn‘s which was completely shaved. When I looked closer, I saw that it was pink and juicy and I could see the fluids dripping down her leg, evidence of how horny she was at this point. My eyes immediately moved to Kerissa‘s cute, innocent pussy, which was pink and looked like no one had ever touched it. Even innocent little Kerissa, however, had shaved her pubic hair, leaving her pussy looking bald and lonely. I noticed Evan was staring intently at Beatrice’s blonde landing strip of hair, which led right down to her own, equally inviting pussy. He licked his lips.

“So…” Said Kerissa, breaking the silence. “What now?”

“We play forfeits?” Suggested Evan. I would have agreed with the suggestion, but the sexual tension in the room was getting to be too much for me.

“Sorry guys,” I said. “But I think this game is just going to get in the way.” Evan smiled.

“I like where this is going!” He said. With that, we stood up and walked towards our three beautiful naked teenaged classmates. I ripped off my briefs ferociously, allowing my eight-inch erection to spring free. Then we all gave in to the sexual energy that had been building up all night. Like animals, Dawn and I lunged at each other and I wrapped my hands around her, grabbing her ass. Looking to my side, I saw Evan was doing a similar thing with Beatrice and they were making out passionately. As I pushed Dawn onto the bed and climbed on top of her, I was presented with Kerissa‘s cute face, kissing me violently. I removed one of my hands from Dawn‘s ass to grab one of Kerissa‘s tits. She broke her kiss with me for a moment to moan with pleasure. Then something magical happened. Dawn reached up from her submissive position and grabbed Kerissa‘s ass, pulling her over her mouth. Then she started to frenziedly eat Kerissa‘s pussy out, causing her to scream with pleasure. This gave me the opportunity to stick my fingers into Dawn‘s pussy, making her almost cry with the raw sexiness of the whole situation. I can only imagine what it felt like to be fingered while eating another girl’s pussy!

When I glanced over at Evan and Beatrice, I saw her blond head bobbing up and down on Evan’s cock, taking all seven inches of it into her mouth at a time.

“Ohhhhhm yeah, that feels so goooood.” He moaned as she sucked his dick lustfully. I turned my dick back to the incredibly sexy, submissive position Dawn was in as she was fully at my mercy. Her tits were bouncing in all directions as she wriggled with the pleasure of the intense fingering I was giving her. Then another magical thing happened.

Kerissa had bent down from her own pussy licking and was now sucking my dick. Her frame was small, but I supposed her throat was big, as she was able to take all of my dick into her mouth at a time. After a few minutes of this, Dawn briefly stopped the excited eating-out she was giving Kerissa to talk to me.

“Please, Joshhhhhh… Ohhhh, that’s so good. Please… I need you in me… Ohhhhh, fuck… Ahhhhh…!”

The timing was perfect, as just then, Kerissa let go of my cock to scream with pleasure.

“Yes yes yes yes yes! Dawn that’s so gooood!” She screamed and we were lucky no one in neighboring rooms heard.

I took advantage of my rock hard cock being free to do something I had been wanting to do for a while: to fuck the hell out of Dawn. When I thrusted my dick into her, it made the perfect sound – the combination of a squelch from the wetness of her pussy and the slap of our skin hitting together. I made a few more violent thrusts, grunting and then started to really fuck her hard in missionary. My cock was moving so fast that we heard that noise a few times a second and Dawn‘s screams were being sexily muted by Kerissa‘s pussy. I was fucking Dawn so hard that I couldn’t even tell that my dick was ever leaving her pussy. I never felt that cold feeling of my cock meeting the cool air outside of a girl’s pussy.

I lost focus for a second because Beatrice had just orgasmed and I had to look over to the other bed to see her rapidly impaling herself on Evan’s dick, riding him cowgirl.

“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!” She screamed as he fucked her from underneath. Then I heard a similar noise coming from Dawn, who had been driven to orgasm by the fucking right at her g-spot. I looked back down at her tits, bouncing as I railed her, and felt her wriggled and squirmed as she struggled to contain her pleasure. She had to take her mouth off of Kerissa‘s pussy for a second just to scream.

“Ahhhhh!! Oh my gooodddd!! Fuuccckkk!!” Reluctantly, I took my dick out of her pussy, happy that she had come so soon.

Then Kerissa, who was being eaten out by Dawn, crawled off of the other girl’s body towards me and got on her hands and knees on the bed. Her asshole was puckered, and her pussy was wide open. I never thought an innocent girl like Kerissa could ever strike such a pose.

“Josh, I want you to hit me.” She said. I obliged, striking her right in the ass, rocking her forward.

“Yes!” She screamed. “Now fuck me!”

I slammed my dick into her pussy, my second girl of the night and immediately I was fucking her just as hard as I had fucked Dawn. I drilled her from behind, every so often smacking her ass with my hand. Then I began to grope her tits from behind and pinch her nipples.

“Ohhhh, yeah!!” Screamed the sexy petite little girl. “Fuck me. Fuck my fucking cunt!! Destroy me! Please!” I took that as full permission to dominate her and I started to ram her, pushing her towards the wall. I picked her up, smashing her into the bed and continued to rail her with my hard cock. I hit her ass, grabbed her neck and groped her tits, all while my dick was moving in and out of her at an incredible speed. As I knew she would, she had an orgasm.

“Fuuuuck!” She screamed as she squirmed and writhed on the bed, causing the bed frame to shake with the power of her orgasm. I pulled out of her and grabbed Dawn again, once again fucking this beautiful little angel. I grabbed her tits, kneading them together, and once again she came. This time, it was too much for me, and I leaned forward and grunted into her as I fucked her hard.

“Where should I cum?”

“All over me. All fucking over me!” I pulled out and my cock exploded with cum, going everywhere. It was the most intense, powerful orgasm I have ever had, and there was enough cum to cover the tits of both her and Kerissa. We all collapsed onto the bed, worn out from the incredible experience we just had.

“That was… Incredible.” Said Dawn.

“I’ve never felt so… Used… Before.” Said Kerissa.

I grabbed them both, hugging them close to me.

“Thank you girls.” I said. Then I turned my head, just in time to see Evan finishing off Beatrice, who was almost passed out from the murderous fucking she was getting.

“Yes yes yes harder harder harder ohhhh fuuuuuccckkkkk!!” She screamed as she orgasmed and Evan grunted and screamed also, overflowing her pussy with his white, sticky cum.

With that, we all closed our eyes and went to sleep, content in the knowledge that we had just experienced the best night of our lives. We couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the class trip would bring. There were still two weeks left and there were more things I had to try – not to mention, I still hadn’t gotten a change to fuck Beatrice and Janice, who was my eye candy for the entire four fucking years of university life and besties with Beatrice…



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