Stranded on an Island


Last June, I had just finished my university exams in my first year at SMU. All my friends had already made plans for the holidays and I was staring at weeks of boredom ahead. Then I remembered my elder sister also had no plans. She had just finished her exams at NUS Business School too and she initially planned to go on a tour with her boyfriend. But I heard he was going for a trip with his otaku friends to Tokyo instead for the latest gadgets, anime, manga and whatnot. Though she was invited, she wasn’t at all interested in their activities and she didn’t want to go shopping alone. In the end, she stayed behind.

My parents had only 2 children, so we were very close to each other. Being 2 years older, my 22 year old sister has always taken care and looked out for me all my life. I absolutely adore and respect her for being the caring, thoughtful and kind person that she is. In school, my sister was one of the most popular girls in school, more for her alluring beauty than her introvert personality.

More specifically, she is a splitting image of Gwendolyn Wan, in both looks and figure. With a cute face, strangers warm up to her in no time and she made friends very easily. But what really made her stand out is her killer body. Her large tits, slim waist and perky butt were something girls will kill for and guys will pay a fortune for. In fact, I always thought she would make a better poster girl than Gwendolyn Wan. I think my big sis looks cuter, but that’s just me.

I knew she was the favourite fantasy among all my guy friends and a few of them had openly admitted they pcc to her before. Hell, if she wasn’t my elder sister, I would have too. She could have any guy she wanted but she fell for the smartest and richest guy in class, although not very good-looking. But nonetheless a good choice by any local girl’s standard.

Knowing that she was also hoping for an overseas holiday, I discussed my idea with her. In the end, we decided to book a trip to Maldives. I am a fishing enthusiast while she could go snorkeling. It was perfect. I booked everything online and we were so lucky to get the bookings last minute.

We travelled there by budget flight. The tour guide, a boatman in his sixties, picked us up at the airport and brought us to his boat where we were to stay on board a boat for five days. His boat was quite big but run down. Now I know why it was easy to get this booking. The boat probably wouldn’t appeal to most tourists and I hadn’t checked out this little detail. But it was too late for complaints and thank goodness my sis was easy-going. Sufficient food was stocked up for the whole trip. As we set off from the jetty, storm clouds were forming in the far sky. My sis and I were worried but the boatman seemed to know what he was doing and assured us the storm clouds will pass soon enough.

We could only trust his judgment. After an hour’s journey out in the ocean, he brought us to a recommended spot for fishing. We seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and land could not be seen. I brought out and set up my fishing gear on the boat while my sister unpacked our stuff from the luggage. When I looked up, the sky was getting darker and the winds were picking up speed. I was getting really worried now and called for my sis to come back up to the deck.

The waves were getting rough. The boatman turned to us and told us to put on life jackets for precaution. Sensing that the storm was approaching, he turned the boat around and headed back for shore. Within 15 minutes, the storm caught up with us. The first 2 big waves almost made us tumble. When we saw the huge 3rd wave coming, the boatman just stared and quietly said his prayers. Oh shit. I shouted at my sis to hang onto something and brace herself. Within seconds, the wave hit us like a truck and the boat nearly dismantled. The boat was shaking like a cradle and I was getting very dizzy.

When the next 4th wave came, we didn’t know what hit us. The impact was so strong, the I hit my head on the deck and lost consciousness. As the boat fell apart, we were all thrown overboard. That was the last thing I could remember. When I came to, the sky was clear. I didn’t know how much time had past. I was floating on the open ocean with the lifejacket on me. Debris was all around me. I could see our luggage not far from me but my sis was nowhere in sight. I grabbed onto a plank and shouted for her over and over. Next, I swam to my floating luggage and held on to it. At that point, I saw my sis lying unconscious facing up, not too far away from me.

Far away, I could see an island. I paddled on the luggage to my sis. I lightly slapped her to awaken her. When she opened her eyes, she was in a daze. I pulled her to the luggage and I slowly paddled us towards land. She took a few minutes to come around completely. She began to cry and I could only keep comforting her by telling her that help was just ahead. With our hopes up, we swam for shore. It took us about 3 to 4 hours before we reached the island, totally exhausted. As soon as we reached the beach, we lay on the sand, panting and thanking God that we made it alive.

After I had rested enough, I picked myself up and walked along the length of the beach. The only thing beyond the beach was a forest. The island was huge but seemingly uninhabited. The beach looked untouched by man and there was no sound around except for the familiar buzzing of insects from the forest. The only way for us to get help was to explore the forest. I told my sister to stay behind with all our belongings while I enter the forest and search for help.

The forest was easy to navigate, luckily it wasn’t too dense. Along the way, I could see several tropical fruits that could fill our stomach if we were to stay here for a while. After a 10 minute trek in, I came to a scenic waterfall clearing. There was enough space for us to set up camp and the water looked clean and drinkable. I went back to the beach and got my sis.

We first needed a roof over our heads and that was already challenging. I used my Victorinox pocket knife and sawed away at some tree branches to make the backbone of a tent. I cut some thick vines to use as rope to hold the frame together. Next, the thick tree leaves offered the best protection from the elements, so I had to gather as much as I could and arrange them on the naked tent to form the roof. I tried to make it as sturdy and spacious as possible, and I didn’t do too bad a job.

When we opened our luggage case, all our stuff was soaked in sea water. We had packed our passports, money, clothes, medicine, snorkeling and fishing gear for the trip. My fishing rod and reel were all lost at sea. Luckily I still have spare fishing line and hooks to use as hand line. And there was an endless supply of fresh water and plenty of edible fruits around that we could survive on while we waited for a search party to arrive. Until then, it was just me and my elder sister.

And so, the first day was spent building the tent and exploring the surrounding forest for food and signs of civilisation. At dusk, it was quite chilly and we got out of our wet clothes. I went to the bushes to take off my cargo pants, button-down shirt, boxers and shoes. I couldn’t find anything dry to wear so the best choice was my surf shorts. My sister had been wearing her wet jeans and t-shirt, so she went after I was done. When she emerged out of the clearing a minute later, she had changed into an apple green 3-piece bikini.

They were by no means skimpy. The 2 piece top had ample cover over her assets but half the sides if her tits were exposed due to their sheer size. Dammit, they had to be around DD coming to E cups. The conservative bikini bottom showed off her shapely hips and youthful butt. As my eyes involuntarily wandered downwards, I notice there was not even a single strand of hair around her crotch. It was hardly surprising for a clean freak like her to keep herself clean shaven, I thought to myself.

I could not take my eyes off her. It has been years since I had gone swimming with my sister. The last time we did, we were in secondary school so there was not much growth then. This time, I found myself looking at a full-grown woman. The gorgeous kind that could make it to the cover page of any adult magazine. I guess she wouldn’t expect the bikini to have an effect on her younger brother, especially not in this circumstance.

The bright green of the bikini really complimented her fair, flawless skin. She was a sight of youthful innocence and girly appeal combined into one. She had always liked to tie her hair neatly in a pony tail and I had only seen her let down her hair after a shower. Now her wavy dark hair fell down around her shoulders. She looked at me and caught me gawking at her. Then she smiled and said, “What..? Never see woman before ar?”

I reluctantly looked away. The cold night was starting to set in, so I went to look for dry wood to build a campfire. Thankfully, I could rely on my experience from my scout days to build the fire. I set up several fire torches along the beach to attract attention from boats or ships. We sat around the fire, warming our cold, wet bodies and hung out all our stuff to dry. After they were sufficiently dry, we laid them in the tent to sleep on.

The second day I found a good spot for me to use my hand line with some fresh earthworms as bait that I found in the mud. My sister was in charge of gathering fruits. Whenever she was in sight, I couldn’t help staring at her tits. Since there were only 2 of us, I guess I did it pretty obviously and I made her uncomfortable. During the day, she changed into a very faded baby blue tank top that hugged her figure. It was the same one she had been wearing since her JC days and had grown out of because of her bust size. But for some sentimental reasons, she refused to throw it away and insisted on wearing it, much to the chagrin of our mom.

It was also because of my behaviour that she tried not to speak to me unless necessary. She had not realised that her younger brother had grown into a man and found it hard to accept all of a sudden. I knew I was at fault for this awkward silence, so I tried hard not to look at her when I speak because my eyes would always glance at her bursting tight top or her cleavage. And I tried to concentrate on making the environment more livable for the both of us.

When night came, I found her sitting next to the waterfall, dipping her long legs into the river. She was deep in thought and visibly upset. Only 2 days had past and time seemed to be crawling slowly by. I sat down next to her and asked her,

“Zeh, don’t worry lah. The boat people will know we are missing and send a search party for us one. Pa and Ma maybe already know we are missing after 2 days without a phonecall back home and enquired with the authorities liao.”

She looked at me and said, “It’s not only that. Who knows what wild animals are out here? Even if they send a search party, what if they can’t find us? Jin, I don’t want to spend my life out here like Tom Hanks ok? And I miss everyone. Ma, Pa and Darren are going to be so worried…”

“And don’t mind Zeh Zeh for being nosy. How long have you been single? You used to have a pretty girlfriend, her name Jenny right? What happened to both of you?”

Dammit, she had to bring up my ex at this time. I said, “She may have found someone better already lor. She so pretty, so many guys aim. One day I found a sms on her phone and asked her about it. She wasn’t happy with it and we quarreled, then one thing led to another and we broke up lor…” I missed Jenny. Not for her childish personality, but for her horny ways. She fucked like a porn star. Back when we were together, we always took the chance to make out. Since we broke up, I turned to my hand for relieve almost daily.

“Don’t worry lar, you are not shabby looking mah. You don’t ask for too much, anytime can get another girlfriend one. But hor, must be quick. If not you start to think silly things liao…” I knew she was hinting at.

God, I felt so ashamed for staring at my big sister’s tits. I couldn’t face her right then. I looked down and tears formed in my eyes. She felt heartbroken and sad when she saw me this way. She leaned over and gave me a hug. I could feel those big, firm breasts under her top pressing on my chest. Wearing only surf shorts, my instant erection pitched a tent and brushed her elbows.

She immediately backed off and stared at me, her cheeks blushing bright red as she said, “I understand that guys have needs but respect that I’m your Zeh! If you really can’t control your urges, please take care of it. Just don’t do it when I’m around.” There was anger and exasperation in her voice. Her chest was heaving and she was almost puffing when she spoke. She was really mad at me this time.

I stood up and walked back to the beach. At that moment, I just didn’t know how I could face her. That was my one and only sister, and I had an erection right in front of her. Knowing that she was still at the waterfall, I pulled down my shorts and pcc’ed to relieve all my frustrations. After I was done, I went back to the tent and found her already lying inside. Still feeling guilty, I slept on the grass next to the tent for the night.

On the third day, I woke up early after an uneasy night on the open grass. I looked into the tent and saw that my sis was still sleeping, lying on her side. Her baby blue tank top had ridden up her torso, exposing her cute belly button and slim waist. Her back was slightly arched, pushing her butt out and her long, slender legs were bent at the knees. And she still had the childhood habit of sucking on her right thumb. I sat next to her and admired her form, watching her chest rise and fall as she slowly breathed. I wanted so much to reach out and touch her legs but I didn’t dare to.

Just then, she slowly opened her eyes and saw me. I couldn’t look her in the eye after what happened yesterday and I couldn’t find the words to apologise for something like that. She lay there, looking at me silently as though thinking of something to say as well. Finally she spoke, “Actually Zeh was too harsh yesterday also lar… It’s just that you know, after all that has happened, i’ve been trying to stay strong but I’m terrified inside. I don’t know if we are ever going to be found. Zeh Zeh might have taken out my frustration on you yesterday a little bit. And I didn’t expect you to sleep outside, what if you catch a cold?”

I kept quiet and listened. Although I was glad she was no longer mad at me, I still felt too embarrassed to say anything. Looking into my eyes and expecting a reaction, she continued, “About yesterday… Haha… Aiya… We’re all human, and we have needs. Darren does. And so do I… Don’t be so ashamed, Zeh Zeh understands. But if you need time alone to… ahem… relieve yourself, just go ahead lor. I don’t mind one lar…”

I replied, “But Zeh, we’re brother and sister. Is it really okay with you? Most girls tell me they find masturbating disgusting leh.”

She said, “Chey… Darren also asked me to do it for him before. He always begs me to do this and that with him…” She stopped and blushed. She realised she may have given me a little too much information than she intended. “But I didn’t agree lar. At most I give him a hand only… Hahaha…” She laughed, embarrassed at what she just revealed to her younger brother. But anyway, I was glad she was willing to share her experience and make me look less like a pervert. I smiled an appreciative smile at her attempt to mend relations and I thought to myself, what a lucky bastard this Darren was.

Seeing that she had somewhat softened up, something came over me and I made a daring proposal, “Zeh, yesterday I went aside to ermmm… relieve myself but it didn’t work so well. Everytime I saw you, funny thoughts just come flooding back into my head. I can’t control it, you’re so beautiful. In fact, none of the girls I know can compare with you. It seems like I just can’t get myself under control on my own anymore… I really wish there was something else I could do or some help to stop all these stupid thoughts about you…” She just sat there and listened. A frown appeared on her face as she gave it some thought.

A moment later, she said, “Let me think about it okay? It just seems weird for me to do this with you… Give it another try. If you really feel you need my help, then we’ll discuss this again okay?” With that, she got up and went to the river to wash up. I watched after her as she got into the river for a bath and a short swim. Then I left for the beach for a walk to gather my thoughts as I had to decide what to do. As I went back to my fishing spot, I masturbated to thoughts of Jenny rather than my sister Stephanie, hoping I could overcome my dirty thought of my sister.

A few hours later, I went back to the tent with some fish I caught. My big sis was just about to go and gather some fruits. During her swim, she had changed back to her bikini top and didn’t bother to put on her tank top to cover herself from my sight. Her wet hair was sticking to her neck and her bottom had eaten a little into her butt crack, exposing more of her naked, round bubble butt. I tried no to look but it was too late, my dick had an instant reaction to her. After she went, I took it out and stroked myself to satisfaction but it wasn’t fulfilling. Even after I had cum, my dick stayed semi-hard. Shit, there’s no other choice. I needed her help.

I had a swim in the river while waiting for her to come back. About an hour later, she was back but she shied away from me, as though she knew what I wanted to discuss about. She just focused on stacking the fruits away. I sheepishly made my way to the tent and tried opening my mouth but it wasn’t easy. I plucked up my courage and said, “Zeh, I listened to you and tried… but it really doesn’t work too well. You see… Doing it on my own just doesn’t provide enough… errr… satisfaction anymore. If you can help me like how you helped Darren, I would really appreciate it. You also don’t want me to walk around with a hard on right? It’s an eyesore mah… right?”

“Ya… But did you really try or not? Don’t just think you can take advantage of me since we’re alone okay? I’m your Zeh and I can still kick your ass okay? It’s really weird to be giving you a hand in this lar. I don’t want to touch you there at all, Jin. It’s illegal also.” She was still very reluctant to do this. So I had to think of an argument fast or this opportunity will be forever gone. My sister had softened her stance earlier but I didn’t go for it. Now, her defences were up again and it proved a little difficult for me to rebut her logic. But no way was I going to let this chance pass me by.

I replied, “Zeh, as long as we don’t tell anyone, who is to know? You don’t have to do too much, only help me to stroke can already. If you want, you can close your eyes and imagine it’s Darren you’re stroking. You know in hospitals, the nurses help male patients to masturbate in certain circumstances. It can be done very professionally and it’s not a dirty thing at all.” I was lying through my teeth, but I couldn’t think of a better rebuttal. I had to take this gamble and hope she buys into my lie. I could see that she was confused. I guess she wasn’t so disgusted about the deed itself. It bothers her because the elder sister has to do it to her younger brother.

After a minute’s deliberation, she finally agreed although very reluctantly. “Okay… But only this one time okay?!! I don’t want you to get into the habit of making me stroke your… errr… dick. And keep your mouth shut! I don’t want to hear any weird noises from you while i’m… errr… doing it or i’ll stop immediately. Agreed?”

“Ok, Zeh.” I was secretly elated but I couldn’t show it now. Not when she looks so distressed over helping me with this. She led me to the river bank and sat me down on a huge rock. Expecting me to just open the fly of my shorts, I surprised her when I pulled my shorts down and dropped them beside me. My semi-erect dick sprung into view and her mouth opened as she stared. I must clarify that when fully erect, I’m about 7 inches. Now, it was just 5 inches. But it wouldn’t take too long to reach full erection, I reckon. All the anticipation was making me high and the blood was steadily flowing to my dick.

She stood in front of me and got down on her knees on the ground as I spread my thighs wide open to accommodate her. She put her palms on her lap and cocked her head nearer to my dick to take a closer look. Examining me from my tip to my balls, she bent her body back and forth, looking curiously without using her hands. I guess mine was the 2nd dick she had ever come in contact with. My eyes were looking down at her while she stayed engrossed with my dick. I could see droplets of sweat rolling down her chest, down to her firm tits and between her cleavage. I could also see her erect nipples poking on the thin cloth of her bikini. Could it be the hot weather? Or was she getting aroused by my hardening dick right in front of her? I couldn’t be sure.

During my relationship with Jenny, I made it a habit to keep myself clean of pubic hair. She never did like hairy guys, so I always had to keep myself shaven down there to please her. I must admit, the absence of pubic hair does make my dick look a little bigger. Jenny always complimented me on the nice shape of my erect dick, just like the dildos in adult stores. I think my big sister was impressed too, judging by her wide-eyed expression. My personal hygiene might have scored some points with her as well. But she was still holding back, still unwilling to touch my dick. She just knelt in front of me, staring blankly at my almost full-blown erection.

God damn, I was getting very turned on just by staring down at her large tits, deep cleavage and sexy, curvy female form. The thought of her imminent fingers around my dick was enough to make me fully erect. A couple of minutes later, it was standing at full strength, pointing skywards. All this while, we never said a word to each other. It just seemed too awkward. But I was getting impatient. I was so close and yet, here she was stalling. To get things moving, I moved my right hand down and wrapped it around my now painfully erect cock and gave it a couple of slow strokes. That felt so good, and I just kept stroking at a very slow but constant tempo.

Pre-cum leaked out from my tip, and I spread it around my head then continued with my slow, provocative strokes. She cocked her head up to look as I leaked out another drop of pre-cum. To make it easier for her, I deliberately pushed it down a little to point at her while stroking myself. She looked as the drop of pre-cum ran down my tip to my fingers. Still, she didn’t show any sign of taking over. I released my dick and put my hands down beside me on the rock, then very softly called to her, “Zeh…”

She finally snapped out of her daze as she looked up shyly at me. To signal my impatience to her, I worked my abdomen muscles and waved my erection slightly back and forth in her face. She lifted her right hand from her lap and slowly brought them near my cock. Still somewhat hesitant, she timidly touched my shaft with her index finger, then withdrew instantly and looked back up at me. She probably didn’t feel at ease with me staring. I just closed my eyes and tilted my head upwards, indicating that I’m leaving myself completely in her hands.

A few seconds later, with my eyes closed, I felt her index finger and thumb lightly enclose around my meat shaft just below my cock head. She gave me a couple of timid strokes, but the grip with just 2 fingers felt really clumsy. She then closed the rest of her fingers around my cock and gave me a more natural grip. Her hands were much smaller and smoother than mine and her grip was a little softer. I opened my eyes a little and peeked down at her as she started to stroke me very slowly, her strokes never more than half an inch on my meat trunk.

To egg her on, I faked quicker breaths as if I was already enjoying what she was doing. Thinking she got it right, she started stroking with more confidence and gradually got into the same rhythm I demonstrated to her. I leaned back slightly to make myself comfortable while she continued. She was just staring intently at my cock head, which was wet from my pre-cum a while ago. Her face was flushed and her eyes glazed, expecting my pre-cum to leak again. She wasn’t disappointed, as a big droplet emerged and ran down from my tip to her fingers.

She picked up the pace with longer and harder strokes. Her own breathing quickened and she gently bit her lower lips as she concentrated on stroking my cock. Her large, soft tits jiggled with every stroke of her hand and it was a huge turn on for me. Jenny’s tits were only half my big sister’s size and I never had the honour of such a delightful display. I watched her as she got into fast and long, full strokes, from my tip to my base. My pre-cum was flowing steadily, lubricating her hot hands on my stiff cock. I could feel myself about to cum, and I suddenly wondered if I should warn her. Cumming on her would be quite a sight but she would be very mad at me. Should I risk her wrath? Or should I just go with it and worry later?

I decided to ejaculate on my big sis. As she pumped my cock with her hand, I could feel the rush. Just before my climax, my whole body tensed and my cock gave a few strong jerks in her hand. She was caught by surprise as my cum burst forth, creaming her on her chest, narrowly missing her face. As she pulled my cock to aim at her side, I moaned loudly as I came, jetting my juice onto the ground beside her. She held on to my cock as I spurted and spurted, until I could cum no more. She looked down at my cum on her chest, then glared at me. She was furious at me for spraying her with my jizz.

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