Smart Alecky JC Student


In the years of being a loan shark, I have seen many interesting and also bizarre things. I remember one time when a junior college student came to me to borrow money. She was only 17.. Going on to 18 in a weeks’ time and boy was she ripe. She had shoulder length hair, nice big round eyes, and she was rather tall, around 1.68m. Her terms for borrowing money from me were rather bold too. What was most interesting was that she seemed confident and a little arrogant, but she came prepared.. She had a contract all printed out on a paper for the terms she wanted and what she would do to repay the loan. I was going to enjoy dealing with this one.

Her name was Sheryl, and she seemed well educated enough. Her ang moh more +++gong then mine anyways. Upon further questioning, I learnt that she was from a rather well-to-do family, but it seems that her parents were unable to control her and used cutting off her allowance as a way to make her be more obedient. Well, she found out about me and came to me for help.. On money matters, of course.

I must admit, I never really went for young girls. They seemed to be rather inexperienced and I lacked the patience to really guide one. I would rather prefer a grown woman who at least knew how to give a proper blowjob. Plus the fact that younger girls are not really fully developed yet, and that really does nothing for my lust. However, Sheryl seemed like a grown woman in terms of her fully developed body. She had long legs, with gave her the height, and one can tell her hips and bum was definitely build for sustaining a man’s weight. She was not skinny, nor fat, just the amount of flesh that I liked, the kind you would call voluptuous. But that part was discovered later when she took all her uniform.

Let me start from when she came to see me.. It was on a Wednesday afternoon that she came to my office. Lok and ah siong were outside and she insisted to see me. Lok led her into my office and as I was taking an afternoon nap, usually sleepy after lunch, I was in a state of blur when she came in. Sheryl had that how-lian look on her face, whether it was arrogance or confidence I don’t know and I don’t really care. All I knew was that someone recommended her to me and she wanted to borrow $1,000 from me.

“Are you sure you want to borrow from me I charge interest one you know not cheap leh.” I said, half expecting her to leave after those words.

“I know, otherwise I won’t come already. I found out about you and your business, and how much interest you charge. Can I ask you to lower it a little” Sheryl said in a calm voice.

“Eh xiao meI mei, I lower rates.. How to survive must eat you know you feed me ah” I leaned forward and half-snarled at her.

“fa ger, I tell you what. I have an arrangement that might interest you. I get the money from you, and you get some satisfaction.. How about it” Sheryl said in a lower voice, and then sat on my table, showing more of her legs under the jc uniform.

I was curious when she did that, because I had never had a jc girl before. Not when I was younger, and definitely not yet in my loan shark days. It got my lust going, but only a little.

“Eh xiao meI mei, how old are you ah” I asked with a cynical grin.

“17, going to be 18 next week. How want to hear what I have in mind” she almost purred.

Somehow I was taken in, not because I was lusting after her but because I was damn curious of what she had to offer. Turns out that she had only wanted to give me a blowjob and allowed me to cum in her mouth. But what the hell, $1,000 for just a blowjob that was out of the question. Sheryl was a bit perplexed at my rejection of her offer and tried to sweeten the deal to let me finger her pussy and she also said she would let me fuck her breasts.

“Your breasts eh… They develop enuff or not I dun wan to put my cannon on a feI jI chang you know (literally translated as airport runway. Meaning flat-chested.)” I said with a cynical look.

Upon hearing that, Sheryl pouted her lips and stared hard at me, before unbuttoning her blouse. I was not shocked that she would do that, but I was shocked at what she revealed to me. It was a pair of 34c boobs, encased in a flesh-coloured bra. I was stunned and at a loss for words. Sheryl was a tall girl, but her blouse was loose fitting and it really camouflaged her big boobs well. Then, I was hard as a rock in my pants, and I was eager to find out if her whole figure would be that much of a man-killer. But I would have to wait for another time. For then, she would only let me see her bra-covered breasts, still slightly concealed within her half-opened school blouse. The look was enough to make me want to rip her bra off, but I still maintained my calm and bargained for a lesser amount that she had asked for.

“I only prepared to give you $200 for the service you giving lah. Take it or leave it.” I said in a huff.

Sheryl was proud of what my expression had turned into when she revealed her bra-covered boobs to me. But her face soon turned sour upon hearing my counter-offer. With her brows knitted, she pondered a while and also bit her lower lip. Her thinking lasted less than 10 seconds before she agreed to what I had offered.

“Ok.. Before we start, can I have a look at your ic to see if you are really your age” I asked.

“wah fa ger, so cautious ah I thought you people very brave one” Sheryl half joked.

“Eh, no joke you know. I dun wan to be caught doing anything to an under-aged girl. Got cane one you know” I answered back.

Sheryl finally relented and took out her ic and passed it to me. I opened my desk drawer and fumbled through my stuff, looking for something. I found it and pressed a button, then resumed talking with Sheryl.

“ok, to prove you are the person in this ic, please say out your name and ic number, and then how old you are. Dun worry cos I just need to see if you are who you say you are. Tell me your name, and your birth date.” I told Sheryl.

Sheryl remarked that I was too careful, but complied anyway. She said her full name, and also told me her birth date. It all coincided with the information on the ic, so I asked one last question, “so you agree to let me finger your pussy, fuck your breasts and you suck my cock till I cum in your mouth for $200, ,right”

“aiyo.. Yah lah. So chicken one. Fa ger, you better keep your word ah.. Otherwise I report to the police you know” Sheryl half chided me.

I thought it funny that Sheryl would bring up the police, as she was almost prostituting herself, but I let the thought pass because I believed that I had the situation under control. Once that was out of the way, I went over to the sofa in front of my desk and laid on it lazily. Sheryl kneeled on the floor and began to pull my zipper of my pants down. My hardened cock, in my boxers was almost popping out of it, and it made Sheryl smile coyly.

Without hesitation, she pulled my pants to my knees and reached into my boxers and roughly massaged my hard cock. Her roughness caught me off-guard and the sensation on my cock made me close my eyes and I groaned out loudly. Sheryl wasted no time and pulled out my cock and continued playing with it roughly. I tried hard to open my eyes, and on the third attempt, was success enough and then ordered her to slow down.

“ooI ooi! Slowly lah. Take off your blouse and bra lah, otherwise how I fuck it” I said.

“Eh fa ger, I never said I let you fuck my breasts without my bra, right I also never say I let you finger my pussy without my panty, right” Sheryl said with an evil smile.

Damn it! I was caught, and she knew it before I could say anything, she pulled out a small recorder from her bag.

“fa ger, this is evidence ah, so better continue and then pay me.” Sheryl said.

Right there and then, I had the feeling of being played for a fool, but since I was in such a state, I allowed Sheryl to have her way.. For I would soon be able to have her eating out of my hands.

There I was, slumped in the sofa in my office, with my pants down to my ankles and my boxers at my thighs. My hard cock was being roughly handled by this young jc student called Sheryl and she was smart, so smart that she used a tape recorder to catch me off-guard. She literally led me into the trap. She said she was willing to let me fuck her big boobs and finger her pussy.. Then she reveals the hidden clause that I did not ask.. She will not take off her bra or panties.. I will have to give it to her as I should have been more careful. But I underestimated her. So I let Sheryl have her way, if it was only $200 for this kind of fun.. I probably did not mind as I had this in ktvs before too, only not with a real jc student.

Sheryl was smiling all the way, she must be so delighted that she caught me with what the businessmen called, fine print. She smiled as she jerked away at my cock, kneeling in-between my legs.

“eh.. Kinn lah.. Put my cock between your breasts I want to try them out.” I commanded.

“ok ok.. So rush.” Sheryl said, still smiling. She must really enjoy tricking people. Somehow I can imagine her getting her way with most of the guys her age, or even older. That made me eager to have my revenge on her. But for the mean time, I tried as best to enjoy what she was willing to give me.

Sheryl leaned forward and pressed her big bra-covered breasts onto my hard cock, and used her body to move up and down, massaging my cock. The feeling was a first for me, my cock rubbing against those cotton-covered breasts. It somehow made me realize why some men liked to use female undergarments to masturbate. I tried jerking my hips to increase the pace, but Sheryl immediately stopped her movements. It was evident this woman wants to be in control.. Maybe all the time even. So, I gritted my teeth and let her.

Sheryl made the slowest movements I had ever seen, she took her time in using her breasts to simulate masturbating my cock. That made me more and more frustrated, I wanted her to increase the pace, but she just shook her head and smiled at me. I even asked her to lie on the sofa and let me fuck her bra-covered breasts, but she was also reluctant to do so.

“eh, you say you let me fuck your breasts one.. Now you dun even wan to lie down ah” I asked, and I felt blood rush to my face as I became angry with this smart-aleck girl.

“fa ger, I said I would let you fuck my breasts, but I never say I lie down and you fuck it, right I do this should be nice feeling too, right” Sheryl smiled even wider.

In my heart, I was already thinking of how to get back at this girl, but I would hold on for just a bit longer.

“ok.. I want to finger your pussy now. And I want you to suck my cock at the same time.” I half-sneered .

Sheryl obliged and even chuckled at my exasperated tone of voice. She got up from her knees and went to one of my shelves to get a bottle of whiskey.

“eh now what you doing ah!” I asked impatiently.

“fa ger, I need to wash your cock. We never shower or anything, I dun want to just take your cock in my mouth like that you know.” she said as she poured out a cup of whiskey and went over to me. She took from my desk, a box of tissues and put two pieces under my balls as she poured a little from the cup onto my now half-limp cock. The feeling of the cool liquid almost put out any lust I had left, but I immediately reached for her panty-covered pussy. Sheryl was witting next to me, and I stuck my right hand onto her pussy, but she pushed it away. Fa ger, dont rush, all in good time.

“kan nI na.. Lim peh cannot wait liao. See, my cock almost nua liao. Den you dis cannot, dat cannot. Wah lau, my $200 can get more service in geylang you know. Make me buay song I dun give you money dan you know!” I raised my voice, in an attempt to threaten her.

Sheryl was definitely a smart girl, she took my cock and smiled at me, “fa ger, dun like dat la. I need to wash your cock properly so I can give you a good blowjob mah. Na.. Now I start, and you can finger my pussy liao.. Happy” after saying this, she leaned her head across my lap and started licking my cock, while raising her legs onto the sofa. I now could use my left hands to rub and caress her pussy through her panty.

It was weird, I remember the first time I fingered another girls pussy through her panty was when I was in the army. That was my first encounter with my then girlfriend. She only allowed me to finger her pussy with her panty on because she was afraid of getting too aroused if she took it off. Anyways, it did not help as it was the first time her pussy was ever touched by a man, and we had sex that night at the fort canning park, on the poncho I brought with me, on the grass, looking at the moon in the sky.

That was a nice memory, but what I was experiencing now was a frustration. I tried my best to enjoy Sheryl‘s blowjob, but she was like half-hearted in doing it and she would squirm at my hands rubbing and caressing of her pussy. I knew she was trying not to get too aroused, as she would squirm when I used my fingers to trail the outlines of her vagina and the outer lips through her panty. Her panty was already getting a bit wet at my hands, and she squirmed more when I tried to rub my fingers hard on her now swelling private part. Her blowjob was really nothing at all. She would lick at my cock head and then put it into her mouth and then take out, just like that.. Not even sucking at my cock. I swear my anger was reaching new limits that moment, and I retaliated but being more rough with her panty-covered pussy, using more force to rub and caress it.

“ow.. Fa ger, gently please. Pain you know” Sheryl looked at me.

“eh.. Your blowjob ah.. Like butterfly landing on my cock you know like dat how to make my cum you going to take the whole afternoon to get your $200 you know” I told Sheryl in a cold voice.

This made Sheryl realize that she had forgotten I had sexual experience. The look in her face shows it all. Maybe she could get boys in her age off like this, but certainly not an old hand like myself. If she wanted to waste less time and get that $200 quick, her real gongfu in blowjob must be revealed, otherwise I could fall asleep on that sofa.

Sheryl went back into action, now with more gusto. She took my cock into her mouth and began sucking and licking hard now. At least I was getting more feeling now then before, and I must admit she had some skill because my toes curled as she sucked my cock and used her tongue to swirl around my head of my cock that was in her mouth. God, it was good.

I continued to massage her pussy and because she was paying more attention to sucking my cock, she was less restrictive of my hand movements and I was able to use all the fingering techniques that I knew to try to get this girl more aroused.

Sheryl was really putting in more effort now, with her head bobbing up and down on my cock, I could see her cheeks getting more red as she was using more suction power on my cock, and that felt so good. I could also see her nipples getting harder and protruding from her bra. Her panty was already revealing a huge wet patch and I trying to inch my fingers into her panty, but Sheryl used her hands to grab at mine to prevent me from doing so.

We were at it for more than 6 minutes and I was feeling my orgasm rising from my balls. I used my hands to caress Sheryl‘s bra-covered breasts and I could hear a muffled moan from her mouth. She increased the pace of her sucking and that made me close my eyes and groan loudly. My hips was jerking now, as Sheryl increased her sucking power and her head bobbed faster on my cock. My hands were not getting lazy as I tried my best to alternate from caressing Sheryl‘s breasts to her pussy. Then I decided to multi-task and used my right hand to rub her breasts while sticking my left hand to her pussy to continue rubbing her there.

Sheryl must be getting more aroused because her muffled moans was getting louder and her legs were opening wider, allowing my left hand to caress not only her panty-covered pussy but also her inner thighs. She loved it when I used my fingernails to lightly rake at her inner thighs. She would let my cock out of her mouth and groan loudly as I did that. And because she was getting more aroused, and probably enjoying what I was doing to her, she did not stop me.

I was really working into a frenzy now, with my right hand, I pressed her head and made her continue sucking my cock as I ran my left hand over her inner thighs and over her now swollen pussy. It seemed to suddenly fill up her panty and also soaking it in the process. I was breathing harder now, as my orgasm became increasingly near. Somehow the thought of cumming in the mouth of a jc student was a turn-on that seemed to be an erotic thriller for me.

“ahh.. Yah.. I want fill your mouth up.. Ahh..” I groaned as I grabbed Sheryl‘s head with both hands.

Sheryl suddenly struggled free and reached for her school bag that was on the ground.

“ooi! What you doing!!” I shouted at her for leaving my cock at the most crucial moment.

“fa ger.. Im getting the condom.” she said calmly.

“what!! Why I tot you say I can cum in your mouth” I screamed at her.

“yeah.. I said bbbj and cum in my mouth.. But you know the dangers of stds and aids lah.. So put on condom for you and then you can cum in my mouth.” Sheryl said with a silly innocent grin, which was so fake that any child would know.

As I sat there, naked from the waist down, fuming with anger at how this young student had somehow got the upper-hand in dealing with me, at least for the moment anyway; I could not help but feel an animalistic urge within me to tie up Sheryl and rape her, sodomize her, cum in her mouth and make her swallow and even to whip her with my belt. I just don’t know why but she just seemed that type of girl who pushed you to the edge and you would feel justified in any sort of action you would take against her.

As Sheryl prepared to put on the condom for me, I grabbed her hand and said, “no need lah. OledI lose steam liao.” I was so angry at this young thing that I went to my desk without even pulling my underwear or pants back on. I took out $200 and said to her, “this is $200 for your farking lousy service, count it!”

Sheryl smiled triumphantly at me and took the money, fa ger, dun like dat. “I so surprised you so easy one. And also dun even wan to finish up before paying me. Ok, correct amount.” Sheryl was happily smiling away as she put the money in her bag, without adjusting her clothes first.

“eh, you willing to provide other services or not” I half shouted at her.

“why fa ger not enough ah aiyah, pay only mah. $1,000, I let you touch my pussy with your cock. Haha.” Sheryl laughed after finishing her sentence, almost like teasing me to try and see if I could get more than just use my cock to touch her pussy.

At this point in time, I pressed a button on my phone and talked into the hands free console, “eh you two seen and heard enough liao, come in.” I said with a grin on my face now.

Sheryl looked confused and thought I was kidding, but lok and ah siong came in almost immediately after what I had said.

“wah boss, neber tot u will get tiu around like dat by a xiao meI before.” lok said jokingly.

“heh heh, this ger got guts ah. Eh, now dat we got everything on tape, who you want to show it to first ah boss” ah siong smiled at Sheryl as he said those words.

“tape you.. You both saw what happened you.. You.. You mean.. You mean theres a video cam.. Ha ha.. How!” Sheryl was almost frantically looking around, trying to find my hidden video camera.

“small ger, you think I so easy one ah dreaming ah you. Lim peh eat salt more dan you eat rice. Your tactic ah.. Too old liao.. My new technology ah better. You only got sound, mine got both sound and picture. Why you think I ask you to say your name and all from your ic, and also asking if you got other services. You see ah, before I pay you it is not prostitution yet. But since the tape show me paying you for your farking lousy service, police will definitely catch you, not me. You prostituting yourself, I only client, never force you to do wat” I slumped back onto my chair behind my desk, my smile stretching from one corner to another.

Sheryl was confused, lost and scared now. She certainly knew that she had messed with the wrong person. She definitely knew what kind of person I was, and I would definitely do what I said I would. She was not sure how I will use the recorded footage to blackmail her, but she suddenly got a bit bolder and said, “huh, this type of tactic small boy also know. How I know you two really saw what happened here” she turned to my assistants and asked them fiercely.

“wah, so fierce ah eh, you look very pro ah, using my boss whiskey to wash his cock. Must have learnt it somewhere.” ah siong folded his arms and said in a cynical voice.

“eh small ger, you said let my boss fuck your breasts yet you left those big things inside your flesh coloured bra, bad service lah. Some more must put on condom before letting my boss cum in your mouth.. Wah.. I wonder how many people you trick oledi” lok said as he tried to pull at Sheryl‘s bra.

Sheryl was shocked now, she had no reason to doubt that her action with me was caught on tape and that she was now at the mercy of none other than the person she had thought easy to fool, namely; me. She was so shocked that she let lok tug away at her bra, and lok pulled the bra to one side, revealing one of her big breasts for all three of us to admire.

My cock, which was already going limp, sprang back into attention at this sight and ah siong wasted no time in using his fingers to fiddle with the expose nipple.

“eh!” Sheryl gasped as she pulled away from my assistants and used her hands to cover her exposed breast. “what you trying to do!”

“small ger, you better let my assistants and myself have a fun time with you. Otherwise I send that tape to your parents and also to your school to show then you know.” I threatened Sheryl as I got out from my chair, my erect cock not wagging at all as my mind was filling up with erotic thoughts on how to teach Sheryl a lesson she will never forget.

“ah siong, orgy aI mai” I looked over to lok and asked him.

“hwah boss, song ah song ah. On!” ah siong said as he licked his lips.

“aiyah, why cannot one by one” lok lamented. He was never one for sharing a ger, not even with ah siong.

Sheryl‘s face whitened at our comments and remained quiet and I could almost see that she was shivering with fear. Too bad.

“small ger, now this is my offer. You make the three of us happy.. Here and now. Otherwise, I not only show your parents and school the tape, I ask someone to make it into a vcd and I can make other money from that. Then, lastly, I call the anti-vice and tell them that you prostituting yourself. Wah.. You sure jialat jialat man. Haha.” I laughed heartily after I made these comments, as all the pent-up frustration and anger was released into my laughter.

Tears were now forming in Sheryl‘s eyes, as she realized what kind of position she was in. She looked as if she was still trying desperately to find a way out of the situation, but I put a stop to it by ordering my assistants to grab her school bag from her. From it, I took out the tape recorder and made sure it was switched off. I made no attempt to take the cassette tape inside the recorder. “your tape now is useless against me. I did not rape or molest you, or force you to do anything that you did not want to. You use this tape ah.. Only evidence dat you a prostitute. I let you keep it for souvenir lah. Eh, xiao meI mei, better make up your mind fast, otherwise we three lose interest ah, our video tape can be made into a batch of vcds in less that 3 days.” I told Sheryl.

Resigned to her fate, Sheryl agreed to do anything to make us happy. That was what I had wanted to hear. So to start things off, I made her take off her blouse, but not her bra, lok said he wanted to keep it on as it excited him more. Then, I made Sheryl pour a cup of whiskey into her mouth and then give all three of us a blowjob with whiskey in her mouth. She was reluctant at first, but I warned about the tape, threatening to make copies and giving it to her parents and school. Upon hearing this, Sheryl finally kneeled down before us, and all three of us pointed our cocks towards her face, as she took in the cup of whiskey in her mouth and then started to suck on my cock first, I had commanded it and the other two did not mind.

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