Sinful Lust


“I am reaching…now parking the car.” I replied, as I reversed my car into the parking lot.

On the other line was my young sister-in-law, Jean. She just turned eighteen, young and energetic. With a nice slim body and standing at a height of about 1.65m, she could easily attract the eyes of many guys. Shamefully I too had been casting my lustful glance at her at times, though I know it is totally wrong. But I just could not control myself. And come this weekend, I would be living the wildest dream of my life. Jean and me will be spending the weekend together for a dive trip in Tioman and will be sharing the same room for the whole trip. This is indeed the wildest and most impossible thing that I could ever imagine.

We had planned for this trip for some time. Jean had just achieved her diving license few months’ back and was eager to go for her first leisure dive. My wife was caught up with her works last minute and being an advance diver myself, I was given the task to take care of Jean. I appeared to be reluctant in the beginning but finally agreed to it. In fact, my heart was beating with absolute excitement.

I reached the dive shop within minutes and saw Jean waiting there. Today she was dressed in a white tank top and low waist short denim skirt. Her handful boobs were such nicely shaped and pushing tightly against her top. I could feel my blood raised almost immediately.

“I am sorry I am late. A bad jam on the way.” I said, taking a quick scan on her slim tanned legs.

“It’s ok…I just reached too.” Jean smiled.

We went into the shop and make our selection of the diving gears. Jean browsed through the range of wet suits and select one to try on. Minutes later, the changing room door swing open.

“How do this look?” Jean asked.

I was lost of words for a moment totally engrossed at her almost perfect shaped slim body.

“Err…that is nice…very fitting.” I replied, hoping that she didn’t see my drooling expression.

“Really? I like this piece too, but the price is too high.” Jean said and she looked herself in the mirror.

As she turned her back to me, I was able to admire at her beautifully shaped ass, so nicely wrapped under that piece of wet suit.

“If you like it, I could buy it for you.” I said. Jean turned her head toward me.

“Huh…? Really?” Jean asked.

“Ya sure…I did promised you a gift if you achieve your diving licensee.” I replied.

“Wow…that’s great. I know Jie did not make the wrong choice…haha!” Jean said as she closed the door.

I couldn’t wait a second for the day to come.

Day one…Friday night.

It was indeed a long nerve-breaking wait but finally it came. I took a cab and picked up Jean from her house. My first treat of the trip. Jean tight short did nothing but fully exposed her long slim legs for my viewing pleasure. And adding to my excitement and imagination, she wore a skimpy tank top with a pink bikini bra underneath. I knew it because my wife had a similar one and I could easily identify it from the colored bra strap. My mind had started to run wild.

Soon we reached the place where we supposed to meet up with the dive master and the rest of the group. We made introduction to one another and packed ourselves into the mini bus and made our way to Mersing. It was almost 12am in the morning when we reached the local hotel in Mersing, where we will be spending a night before setting off to Tioman Island the next morning.

The room was reasonably clean and spacious. Jean dropped her bag and threw herself onto the bed the moment we stepped in.

“What a tiring ride…” she said.

“Kor…can you let me have my bath first? I am deadbeat…wanna have my sleep fast.”

“Sure…no problem.” I said.

Jean reluctantly picked up her body from the bed and took out a set of clothes from her bag before making her way to the bathroom. I wished I could join her. The door was closed and soon I could hear the water running. I wanted so badly to try to peep at Jean but did not have the courage. I just lay on the bed and let my imagination run wild, making my cock turned hard. Jean was fast in taking her bath, much to my little surprise. I tactfully covered my lower body with my towel to avoid her seeing my hard on as I made my way to the bathroom.

My hard on intensified the moment I stepped into the lukewarm bathroom. The air was filled with sex. The thought of Jean naked in here earlier on made my cock in full erection now. But something caught my attention more as I closed the door. Hanging behind the door was a pair of bra and panties, and very obvious they belong to Jean. My heart screamed in huge joy at the sight of it. Jean must be too tired and have forgotten about it. And now I knew she like to sleep with nothing underneath…just like my wife.

I took off my clothes and lay my hands on the precious prize. With Jean panties on one hand, I stroke my hard cock with the other hand. Like a pervert, I was sniffing hard at her Bee Dees panties, savoring her sex smell. I was fucking aroused and came hard within minutes. I sprang hard onto the door, my whole body tightened and my whole mind filled with the images of Jean.

When I came out from the bathroom, the room was already half dimmed and Jean was on the bed dozing off soundly. Though half dimmed, I was still able to visually make out her pointed nipples from the soft fabric of her t-shirt. I wonder how they taste. Suddenly Jean was awake and gave me a smile. It was then that I realized I wasn’t putting on any t-shirt.

“Sorry…did I wake you up?” I asked apologetically.

“No…you didn’t.” Jean replied.

“You keep your body well.” She added.

“Oh…thanks. I hope you don’t mind but I prefer to sleep without a t-shirt on.” I replied shyly and climb onto the bed.

Our bed was pretty close. Jean was lying on her side facing me. I covered myself in the blanket and looked at her.

“Not sleeping?” I asked.

“Can we chat for a while Kor?” She asked.

“Sure. What about?” I asked.

“Why is it you and Jie have no children till now?” She asked. I was taken back slightly by her question.

“Huh? Thought only my parents will question me this. Why are you asking this instead?” I said.

“Just curious.” She replied.

I looked at her sweet face and couldn’t resist but moved my hand slowly and quietly down to my groin and began to stroke it lightly. As I stroke, we chat over the topic of having baby.

“Do you and Jie still have a healthy sex life after your marriage?” She suddenly asked. My hand paused for a moment.

“Huh? Normal I think.” I replied, not expecting her to ask such personal issue.

“I heard most couples stop having sex after their marriage and that’s when their relationship started to fade.” She said.

“True.” I said.

“Tell me…do you and Jie Jie have pre-marital sex?” She asked again.

“Huh? Err…” I was lost for words, not sure what to reply.

“It’s ok…you can tell me the truth. This is very normal nowadays.” She teased me a little.

“Ya…we do have sex before we get married.” I replied shyly.

“Err…how about you?” I am not sure why, suddenly I took the courage and chance to ask her this personal question.

“Nope. I only did some kissing with a guy but that’s about it.” She said, blushing slightly.

“Well…you have to be careful and consider carefully before you engaged in pre-marital sex.” I tried to lecture her.

My hand was still stroking lightly over my hard meat under the blanket.

“I know…I will not let him to venture further.” She added on. “Besides, most guys only seem to be interested in getting me to bed.”

“Hmm…I am not surprised by that.” I said.

“Really? How about you?” Jean asked.

“Who? Me? Err…no…of course no lah…” I replied, not totally convincing.

“Do you think I am attractive Kor?” Jean asked again.

“Of course you are. If I am not your brother-in-law, I will definitely be hot over you.” I said, not sure if she will mind.

“Thanks. Nice to hear that.” She said.

Suddenly there was a strange moment of silent and feeling floating in the room. I could only hear my heart pounding fast.

“Oh shit…we nearly forget to set the alarm.” I sat up and reached for the table clock between us.

“I think I need a drink.” Jean said and sat up from her bed.

As she stood up, her legs stumbled onto her bag and fell toward me. Her one hand was on my bare chest and another hand was right onto my hard meat.

“Ooppsss…I am sorry.” She apologizes shyly and looked into my eye for a second before looking away.

For once, I have her so close on me, her hand touching onto my bare skin. I could feel the warm of her body. The smell of her body are making my cock even harder. Strangely none of us move. Her fingers on my groin back off slightly but her palm was still resting on it. Time seemed to stand still and only our breathing and heartbeats could be heard.

“Your body is very well built Kor…” she whispered softly, and her long slim fingers began caressing lightly over my chest.

My cock twitched from her touches, and I bet her other hand should feel it. Though cover under the blanket and my short, I could feel some slight movements from her hand rubbing onto my groin. I wanted to stop this but my excitement and lust was taking control over me.

Without a word, Jean sat up by my side and slipped her hand into the blanket and found onto the huge wet bulge of mine. She paused for a second before grabbing onto my hard on again, this time with more strength and intention. I didn’t dare to touch her, but just lay quietly enjoying her touch on me. My cock was swelling extremely hard and pressing tightly against the fabric of my Nike lycra shorts. Jean was running her palm up and down on my hard shaft over the smooth fabric.

I was leaking badly and making a huge wet patch. I groaned very lightly as Jean increased her stroking. I felt and balls tightened hard and with a huge low groan into my lungs, I exploded hard inside my wet short. I came so hard that some of my hot cum sipped through the fabric of my short and warmed onto Jean hand. I could hear a slight gasp from her as she continued stroking on, and I was jerking my groin up constantly till I fully released out my hot seed.

Soon it was silent again till Jean stood up and made her way to the bathroom. I was still in daze, lying on the bed with a huge soaking mess on my short. We didn’t speak again that night. I am not sure if she is able to sleep but definitely not me.

Day two…Saturday morning 6am.

When I finally managed to get some sleep, the alarm sounded. As I sat up from my bed, Jean emerged from the bathroom.

“Good morning Kor…your turn to wash up.” She flashed her usual sweet smile at me.

“Good morning…” I smiled back and made my way to the bathroom.

It was like a dream as I looked at myself in the mirror. Suddenly fear and guiltiness filled up my head. I regretted greatly. I felt I should talk to Jean over what had happened last night.

We packed our bags and headed for the café below for our breakfast. By early morning about 9am, we had reached the resort at Tioman Island. It was a beautiful and sunny morning. The water was crystal clear, perfect for diving. Our room was at a corner. And it comes with only one double size bed. I requested for a change but the resort was full.

The diving was good and we enjoyed greatly. Soon it was evening. As a beginner, Jean was not allow to do a night dive so we had to return back to the resort while the rest of the group continues their night diving.

“Kor…shall we relax at the beach and wait for sunset?” Jean suggested.

“Sure why not.” I replied.

Things seemed to be back to normal as we sat on the beach and shares on what we have saw during our day diving. After the sun set, we made our way back to the room. Walking slightly behind Jean, I couldn’t help but admire on her slim and tanned body. In fact I was almost constantly having a hard on the whole day watching her in wet suit and bikini. It was then that I sensed the feel of guilt returning back to me again.

I was taking a buff just outside the room when I heard Jean calling me…..

“Yes…you need anything?” I asked.

I heard the bathroom door opened slightly.

“Sorry Kor…could you help me to untie my bikini top? Seems like it is in a dead knot.” She said.

I eased off my cigarette and entered into the bathroom. Jean back was facing me, her hands were holding onto her front and the shower was running. The strap over her neck had been untied but the knot on her back was tightly held. I moved closer and slowly loosen the knot with my slightly shaking hand. Her tanned back was beautiful, almost flawless. My fingers rubbed across her smooth back occasionally as they moved. My hard on was growing with every second, pressing hard and tight against my swimming trunk. Finally I succeed to undo the knot.

“Here…it’s done.” I said.

Just as I was about to turn away, Jean turned and faced me. Her hands were still holding on her chest.

“Kor…about yesterday night…” she whispered softly.

“Err…let’s forget what had happened.” I looked down onto the floor. “I am sorry I couldn’t control myself…it was wrong…”

“But I…” Jean tried to say something but paused.

I thought I should leave but I am couldn’t move. Suddenly Jean removed her hands away from her chest and caressed over my abdomen. Her bikini top dropped to the floor and finally her pair of beautifully pointed breasts was in complete view. I gasped at the gorgeous sight and froze.

“No…we should not be doing this.” I tried to discourage her advance.

Instead she move another step closer toward me and mashed her soft creamy breasts against my chest. My defense and will power collapsed instantly. Her hands moved to my back and held me tighter against her and locked her lips onto mine. I held her little face and our tongues met furiously, exploring and tasting each other. My cock was throbbing hard against my swimming trunk and rubbing hard against the warm flat belly of Jean. I moved one hand down onto her chest and cupped onto one of her breasts. It was incredibly soft and her nipple was bullet hard on my palm. Her one hand had moved down between us too, and just like yesterday night, was rubbing furiously on my hard on.

I returned the favor and slid my other hand into her skimpy bikini bottom. Her body softens instantly and she feed a long satisfying moan into my mouth as my hand found onto her hot cunt. I could feel that she was nicely trimmed below as my fingers traced over her swollen mound and teased the cleft in the middle. Finally she unlocked her mouth away and moans into my ear.

“Ohhh…” Jean whimpered, her eyes tightly shut.

I made quick but soft flicks on her cleft, and took a nipple into my mouth. Jean was clinging hard onto me and was breathing hard and moaning constantly. Her other hand, which was previously rubbing on my hard on, was now holding hard onto my wrist, not sure if she want me to stop or to tease her more. I flicked my tongue deliciously over her swollen nipples, one after another. Her other hand pulled hard on my wet hair, as I could feel her leaking hard and wet underneath.

I knew there was no way back. I removed my hand from her hot mound and slid down my swimming trunk. My cock sprang out and slid across her flat belly. The feel of her smooth skin against my cock was sensuous. My cock twitched and oozed out a string of precum over her belly. Jean faintly opened her glassy eyes and stared down on my huge meat, as her hand had grabbed it and was stroking it slowly. Not sure if this is her first time holding on a real cock, but it was definitely my first time feeling her smooth hand running up and down my hot shaft.

My cock was pointing high in the air and leaking badly. Her long slim fingers were barely enough to wrap around my thick shaft. I groaned and moaned, enjoying every single stroke from Jean. Unexpectedly, Jean kneed down and with two hands on the base of my shaft, she licked over my cock head and swirled her wet smooth tongue around it, teasing me hard.

“Ohhh…godddd…” I whimpered and my knees grew weak.

I looked down onto her and watched her soft lips locked over my cock head and tasted it. I clasped my fist hard, and my cock jerked with force. Very gently, I combed back her wet hair and held onto her head. I began to slide my cock deeper into her mouth, inch by inch. All Jean did was to lock hard onto my shaft with her soft lips and I started to pump my throbbing into her hot wet mouth. She had both hands on my waist and was gasping for air lightly.

I groaned like a beast and increased my rhythm. It wasn’t long before I feel my balls tightened hard. I gave a few more hard and fast pumps before pulling out my throbbing cock from her gasping mouth and started to pump it furiously in my fist.

“Argghhhh…yeeeeeahhh…!” I let out a huge cry and direct my cock onto her neck.

Within seconds, I erupted and poured strings after strings of white cum over her neck and breasts.

I panted hard and my cock was swelling almost painfully. Jean stared in great awe and watched my jerking cock oozed out the last few loads of cum onto her chest. I leaned down to give her a kiss on her forehead before slipping back my swimming trunk and walked out of the bathroom…..

Dinner was brief and short for us. A few guys tried their sweet talks on Jean. I signaled to her and walked back to the room. She followed up very shortly and as soon as we were in the room, our lips locked on tightly, this time with more hunger, more lust and less shyness from both. Our clothes were off very quickly and I pinned Jean down onto the bed.

I kissed down her belly and over her hipbone to her slim thigh. I pulled her thighs apart and kissed on. Jean trembled instantly at my touch and ran her fingers through my hair. I took a glance at her and she gave me a shy giggle. For once, I was so near to her sex…so warm and lips so nicely shaped. I thrust my tongue between them and traced up and down on her swollen lips.

“Ohhh…mmm…” Jean pulled on my hair harder. I looked up again and her eyes were tightly shut and mouth gasping and moaning.

I pushed in my tongue and tasted her sweet flow. Jean thrust her hips up against my mouth, pushing my snaking tongue deeper into her.

“Ohh…Kor…mmm….” She sounds unbearable.

I knew how to turn her more. I switched my attention to her hard swollen clit and sucked hard between my lips. Jean orgasm hit almost instantly as her body jerked with such intensity.

“Ohhh…god….godd…” Jean screamed and thrashed her head back and forth on the pillow.

I slurped hard on her flowing slit and lapped at her flowing juices. Her thighs clamped hard onto my head as she hit another orgasm.

I climbed my way up onto her body again and locked my mouth onto hers. I could feel her hot steaming sex pressing hard against my stiff cock head. Jean grabbed my ass and shoved it down onto her. I was still hesitating, as I knew I was not putting on any rubber. But Jean was shoving her tongue hungrily into my mouth and thrusting her hips up against my groin. My hot shaft was rubbing along her hot wet lips. Finally I directed my cock against her slick opening and pushed it.

“Mmmmnnnn…!” Jean digs her fingers into my firm ass and we both groaned hugely into each other mouth.

She was so incredibly tight on my cock head. She held her breath as I pushed my cock inch by inch in. We held each other tight when I was fully embedded inside her, feeling her warm and wetness. My cock throbbed hard as I felt Jean rippled her muscles around it. I started to move my cock in and out of her, very slowly and gently. She got wetter each time my hard shaft rubbed across her inside.

I gradually increased my speed, penetrating deep into her. Jean locked her long slim legs around my waist, pushing me deeper into her each time I slammed down my ass. The old bed squeak hard as we humped our sweating bodies hard against each other. With my cock still deeply inside her, I grabbed her body up and made her sat on me. Instinctively she began rocking her hips on me, sliding my meat in and out of her. I cupped onto her bouncing breasts and watched her beautiful face moans, her hair swaying from side to side. I was starting to lose my hold. I put my hands on her hips and slammed her down on me hard and fast. My hips thrust up to match her slamming ass. I was getting close. Jean was sweating tremendously.

I pulled out of her and in seconds I was squirting ropes after ropes of hot white thick cum over my belly and chest. Jean grind her hips and rubbed her wet swollen lips against my groin and her hand help to grab onto my pouring cock and stroke it hard. I came so hard that I almost pass off. Jean playfully strokes and milked my jerking cock to the last drop. She then dropped her body onto mine as we hugged each other to sleep.

Day three…Sunday morning.

I slowly opened my eyes and swallowed a mouthful of saliva into my dry throat. I felt like having a dream. But reality soon set in. I felt a warm wet flesh slid across my scrotum. I looked down and Jean was playfully teasing on my huge sagging balls with her tongue. I gave her a smile and placed my hand under my head, and just lay back to enjoy her work.

She licked and circles her tongue over my sensitive balls and slowly moved up onto my sleeping cock making it glistering wet. Without using her hand, she swallowed in the head and holds it in her mouth, swirling her wet tongue around it. I gasped softly with approval. She gave me a naughty wink and sink down her mouth more, taking my growing cock deeper in. My cock hardens in no time and was filling her tight sweet mouth fully. Still without using her hand, she locked her soft lips tight against my shaft and began bobbing her head up and down skillfully. Her silky hair flows down and tickled onto my groin and belly. Her flowing saliva warmed onto my groin and balls.

She then combs back her hair with one hand and licked over my swelling cock head before resuming to mouth fuck me again. My cock could not take much teasing from her sweet mouth. Jean was bobbing hard and furious on my wet throbbing cock, pushing me nearer and nearer to the edge.

“Arrghhh…” I groaned hard and tried to pull out my erupted meat.

But Jean clamped tightly onto it and pumped her mouth harder and faster on it. I tried to give another push on her bobbing head to back off but failed. Seconds later, I erupted my hot cum into Jean pumping mouth. My whole body tensed hard as I poured load after load into her milking mouth. Finally I slammed back my head onto the bed, totally spent as Jean removed her mouth from my stiff meat and spit my sweet cum out onto her holding palms.

It was until minutes later that we finally spoke.

“This is not right…” I said, as Jean was resting her head on my chest.

“I know…but I just could not control myself…” Jean murmured…running her fingers lightly over my chest.

“I love you sister.” I tried to hint her. And suddenly that also strike my mind that I am in deep shit.

“I love you too.” Jean said.

“You can’t! You know it is not right. I…we should stop this.” I knew it could be too late.

“It’s not your fault…I allow this to happen.” Jean sat up beside me and looked into me.

“But what about your sister? It is not fair to her…and to you also.” I caressed her hair lightly.

Then we heard a knock on our door.

“Hey Kelvin…time for breakfast and get ready for the dive.” It was our dive master.

“Err…Dave…sorry but Jean is not feeling well. We will skip the last 2 dives of the day.” I replied.

“Ok sure. Is she fine? Need any medication?” Dave asked.

“I think she will be fine after a sleep.” I said.

“Ok then…see you at lunch later. We will be leaving this island at 1pm.” Dave reminded us.

“Ok.” I replied and stood up to walk into the bathroom.

I on the shower and let the water runs onto my face. I really hope it will wash away what had happened for the past two days. But I knew it was too late. Moments later, I felt a pair of hands circled around my waist. I knew it was Jean. Her body and breasts warmed onto my back.

Jean…please…let go of me. We should stop here.” I said.

I tried to release her hands off me, but again I let the sinful lust took over me. The feel and warm of her smooth skin on my back made me trembled with great sensuous and excitement. My hardened cock was slowly betraying my will. Jean knew it, as her hand was now stroking gently on it.

“Kor…it will be between us. No one will know about this.” She said

Jean…you must understand…both of us will never be accepted or forgiven by all our friends and relatives.” I warned her.

“I know…I am scared too.” Jean‘s voice cracked a bit.

I turned around and hugged her into my arms. “I am sorry. I brought this to you.” I caressed on the back of her head.

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