Shut up and Fuck Me

We’re both smiling. Andrea and I were making our way into the male departmental store… She just finished her running session while I just finished a boring half-day of internship. She wore her cute and revealing black sports attire with black shorts which complimented her slender legs.

It was one thirty in the afternoon on a Tuesday while she pulled me into the men’s department of this deserted Uniqlo store…

“They aren’t going to fit… Ehhh…” I called over my shoulder, referring to the pair of tight jeans I had in my hand while Andrea was about three steps behind.

“They will…! Don’t be a noob… Hehe, did I used the term correctly?” Andrea flirtingly replied, shaking her head and gave me a wink.

I stopped and turned to face her and purposefully bumped into her head. “If you’re so sure, then you should come in and help me try them on.”

Andrea the cutie girlfriend of mine looked up at me and smiled. She quickly glanced around the store. No one was around so she motioned towards the changing rooms, “Lead the way.”

I smiled and headed back into the dressing room. She grabbed hold of my hands and sneakily entered the changing area and I headed to the second stall. I entered and held the door for her as her body brushed past me, which made me kind of aroused.

Andrea gave me a sly smile on her face. I could smell the jasmine hair shampoo from her silky hair while her slender body just gave me a fricking hard on… In my mind, I was thinking of the little fitting room fantasies.

I moved to close the door, but found it won’t close all the way. The door barely fit into the jam. We both looked up at it.

Andrea slammed her left foot against it. “I will keep it closed for you hehe bleah,” she proclaimed as she ordered me. “Try on the jeans, Travis.”

I set the jeans on the small bench and kicked off my shoes as I reached for my belt… The belt I used to SM her during our bed time fun at my place… I paused and looked at Andrea. “Uhmmmm…”

“What la?”

“Well, we’ve been kinda flirty all afternoon… So i’m… I am a little hard. Like I need you now…”

“Okay…” She smiled and asked me to just try the jeans first…

I unzipped my pants and began to pull them down. She looked down and saw my cock straining against my gray boxer briefs.

She gave me a dirty smirk while I pulled the shorts I was wearing off and rigorously tossed them on the bench. I grabbed the skinny jeans and began putting them on my legs.

“They aren’t going to fit… My boner is in the way… Fuck… Andrea…”

“They’ll fit.” She insisted.

I had them up and began buttoning the fly. The top button was fastened.

“They fit.”

“I told you. Now turn around.”

I turned around for her as I heard her laughter…

“It looks good ah hehe, my cute boy boy.”

I turned back around and looked into her cute face. “Okay, I will get them.”

I began to fumble with the top button.

She erotically looked right into my eyes… “Need help with the button?”

“Yeah…” I said, dropping my hands.

She smiled and stepped forward, keeping one foot against the door as she reached out and slid four fingers from each hand slowly down the waist of the jeans. Her thumbs rested on the top button. My cute girlfriend just stared at me with a wicked smile and popped the first button. I had gone completely silent. Breathing heavy as her eyes were glaring back at me. She slowly popped the second button and her index finger of each hand brushed up against the side of my cock.

Her quirky smile began to bloom as she looked like she wanted my dick now…

“You are hard aren’t you?”

I nodded obediently like a fucking lost puppy waiting for the owner to give me the food, but it was her pussy I would be feasting on…

She popped the third and fourth buttons. And now the jeans were loose enough to slide down.

She stepped forward, our lips almost touching each other as she definitely felt my heart beating faster.

“You need help getting them down?” Andrea continued cock-teasing me by asking me silly questions.

Before I replied, she slid down my chest while still staring at me as she moved downward. She was on her knees and her hands pulling down the waistband of my briefs.

My cock lurched free. She reached up and clasped a hand around my cock. Feeling it throbbed in your hand. I fell back against the wall of the changing room stall, leaning behind it as Andrea, my petite cute girlfriend, slid my fucking cock into her warm deep mouth.

“God that feels incredible.” I whispered as she sucked on me like a fricking lollipop. Her hands were sliding up and down on me. She felt my cock growing even harder after my long awaited boyfriend treatment and her cute reaction was just so adorable… She continued moving her small head back and forth on my cock, looking like a baby girl getting her daily dose of sucking. She was alternating between sucking and licking while my donger fidgeted a bit, trying to hold back my load of cum.

My hands brushed on the side of her face as I looked down at Andrea.

I was so focused on her and how she made me feel, fucking incredible.

I enjoyed Andrea‘s movements for several minutes but then I felt something sparking deep within me.

Something very primal, I wanted her.

My hands on either side of her face, holding her just a little tighter not hard but firm.

I directed her submissive face towards me, she looked into my eyes and she knew that I wanted it… And I would not be leaving this room until my dick was in her.

I guided her up to meet my lips, her hand still on my cock. I frenched her like a mad man as she moaned against me. I slowly caressed down her chin to her neck where I began biting her in between kisses.

I could hear her pants growing more ragged. I kissed and bit her down her neck, across her collar bone and then back up the other side. I reached to Andrea‘s ear.

“I want to taste you. Now…” I rasped softly.

She moaned and stepped back a little, my hands were on the waist of her loosely tight-up black shorts, the kind that could see her bubbly butt shimmering like a dog wagging its ass. I simultaneously undid them and pushed her back against the opposite wall.

We were kissing as I pulled down her shorts as she shook off her butt. My tongue backed up into her fricking mouth.

I wanted her so bad… I loved her when she was being so submissively erotic, a little angel…

I got her shorts opened and slid them down her legs.

I dropped down on my knees. I helped her get one foot free of her shorts. The other, still firmly lodged against the door remained.

I looked Andrea right into my eyes.

I placed her hips in my hands and pulled her waist forward.

One hand slid down and pulled her panties to one side. The moment her pussy was exposed, my tongue was on it.

I devoured her up as she could clearly see how bad I wanted her fucking pussy… The one that did my bidding like a lost sheep… Andrea was just about the cutest girl you could find… No one even knew such eroticness was hidden inside this cute little face of hers.

How badly I wanted to taste her. How much I wanted to make her cum.

My hand guided her legs up on her foot that was now rested on the bench in the room.

I now had better access to her… To what I wanted… Andrea

Her hands slithered the way to my hair and her fingers gripped it tightly.

Loving the feeling of her whole body reacted to what I was doing.

Andrea attempted to keep everything somewhat quiet as we were basically in public but slowly… Louder moans were escaping from her lips…

I was kind of moaning too… I was deep into her. My tongue circled around her clits as it did I slid two fingers deep inside of her and she bucked against me.

I continued to taste her for several minutes as her body was growing more tensed. More restless as I tasted my little baby girl, Andrea turned her head back and closed her eyes, biting on her lips. Her breath was now out of control… I could tell she was close.

Her fingers gripped my hair tighter as her whole body tensed up.

“Fuck… Travis… You’re so good… At this like always… Ahhh… Fuckkkkkkkkkkk…”

And it was almost as if for a second, time stopped. Except my fingers didn’t and my tongue didn’t. It was their motions that finally pushed her over the edge and she fricking came.

Andrea was grinding herself against my face as my tongue continued tasting her while she shuddered back against the wall. Her hand left my head and desperately tried to make little fists against the wall of the room.

Slowly, so slowly she started to calm down. After a minute or so she finally opened her wet eyes and looked down at me.

The moment our eyes locked, I was sliding it up her.

Our lips met and at that moment I was deep inside of her tiny pussy.

She gasped as I slid all the way in. My hips actually lifted her up off the ground. Our eyes were just glued to each other as I leant forward to her left ear.

“You feel so incredible.” I proudly proclaimed.

She leant forward as she erotically yelled, “Travis. Shut up and fuck me.”

That’s all I needed and I didn’t even need that. I started thrusting in and out of her glory hole like a wrecked train.

I slid it out completely, till just the head of my cock was in her, then fully back in.

She was mine. There were no questions with the way I was fucking her at this moment.

The walls of the changing room were shaking and she moaned in my ear.

My hands were on her hips, making sure each thrust was harder than the last.

Her nails dug into my back as I was growling…

I wanted her so bad.

“Ughhhh… Fuck… You’re so deep… Ahhhh…” Andrea yelled as if we were not in a public place… She clearly didn’t care about it anymore.

My hands gripped her hips tight and I lifted her up and pinned her against the wall, off the ground. She cummed around my cock for the second time… As I felt Andrea‘s lewd body all tensed up in my grip.

I kept plunging into her, pounding in deeper and deeper into her.

Andrea moaned were louder, “Fuck me… Oh, fuck me… Yes…! Yes…!”

I was growling more, slamming into her. I felt the beginnings of my finish deep within me.

“Yes, like that…! Keep fucking me… Cum for me Travis… Baby… Cum it deep inside me… Uahhhhh…”

I continued my accelerated thrusts into her, I went wild… Really wild… I wanted to cum in her so bad…

My body was not my own as I continued to move inside her.

Suddenly, it locked up and I pushed all the way into her pussy.

My hands were holding Andrea down onto my cock.

“Fuck… I am cumming…” I growled. “I am fucking my baby girl in the fucking dressing room…”

I cummed deep inside her as her body uncontrollably fidgeted, trying to hold her pleasure back.

I tangled her body up and locked her tight, we froze together.

Only breathing into each other as we both returned to normal…

We stared closely at each other’s beautiful eyes as I gently lowered Andrea to the ground…

We smiled at each other and I took her hands in my face and frenched her vigorously. I didn’t want this rough sex to end, but we knew I had to.

We laughed quietly as we got dressed. She glanced over at the door. It was slightly opened… “Think anyone saw us…?” I jokingly asked.

“I don’t know and I don’t care ah. I was too busy with your cock… Hehe…” She laughed as she rubbed my still semi-harden cock under my jeans.

I stepped forward and pulled her closer and gave her a slight peck on her cheeks.

“Thanks for helping with the jeans…” I exclaimed… (We all knew what kind of help I got…)

“Told you they’d fit.”

I smiled and opened the door for her and we headed back out into the store.



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