She Was Those Kind of Typical Good Girl


Being a new and young JC teacher, it can be really boring and mundane.

All I got to see in school, were just nerdy students mugging non-stop for the coming A levels.

Well! But there were always a few students who were the exceptions.

One of them was Joyce.

Joyce was my Physics student. She was those kind of typical good girl. Never failing to hand up any given homework and had never been late for a single class. Also, having seen her parents picking her up right after school every single day showed how strict her family was.

She stood out from her classmates due to her beauty. Having those smooth fair skin accompanied by her flawless slender legs with a tight gap and a curvy body from her netball training. Not forgetting her B cup size looking boobs that complimented her petite size body perfectly, with that tight perky ass.

In class, many of her male classmates treated her exceptionally well.

Well, I bet they were trying to make an impression to woo her. But the girls in her clique will usually shatter those guys’ hearts by telling them Joyce is a good girl! She doesn’t want to get into any relationship! She said she will only consider one after university.”

One weekend evening, I was going back home from my usual gym session. I saw this girl walking in front of me. What I saw was her back view, a girl with long silky hair, curvy body, fair smooth skin, perfect legs, and dressing in a white crop top that was translucence enough to see the shadow of a yellow bra. Accompanied with a short blue shorts, beautifying her tight perky ass.

At that moment Joyce crossed my mind.

I thought to myself, “Wow! Such a coincidence! That must be Joyce!”

Since she was walking towards the same direction as my house, I decided to follow behind her to enjoy the perfect view of her ass, watching her tight ass swaying left and right made it tough for me not to fantasize about squeezing her tight perky ass. After a while, she entered a provision shop located right below my block. I went into the shop too, but walked towards the other section of the shop peeping at her.

After a while she tried to leave the shop.

Uncle from the shop: “Oi girl! Come back come back!” *Grabbing Joyce arm.*

Joyce: “Let me go!!! I never do anything!!”

Uncle from the shop: “You sure?! Empty your pocket! Or you want me to let you see the CCTV!”

Joyce reluctantly took out the chocolate and sweets from her pocket.

Joyce: “Sorry, Uncle, sorry sorry! I pay you back the money, sorry, sorry.”

Uncle: “No no no! So young only! Learn how to steal things! I am gonna call your parents if not I call police!”

Joyce: “Uncle please, please! Both also can’t! My parents will kill, Uncle please!” *Tears started to slide down from her rosy cheeks.*

I decided to walk over and help Joyce out since Uncle knew me since I was a little boy.

Me: “Uncle Lim, I am her teacher! Er! Maybe let her go first, I will handle this?”

Uncle Lim: “Ohh! Mr. Tan! You are her teacher ah? Can can can! Please handle this! Make sure she doesn’t do this again.”

Joyce: “Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you, Uncle! Thank you Mr. Tan.”

Joyce thought that this was the end of the saga, but this was just the start of my evil plot…

Me: Joyce come! Follow me.”

Bringing her to a cafe nearby, ordered two drinks and walked to her.

Me: “So! Tell me what happened and why are you doing this?” *Sternly*

Joyce: “Sorry Mr. Tan.” *Looking at me with puppy eyes.* “I was too stressed with studies.”

Me: “Stress?! Stress, and so you did this?!” *I replied angrily.*

*Tears started flowing down from her rosy cheeks again.*

Joyce: “My mum expect lots from me, but I really need a break. Stealing give me a sense of thrill and achievement.”

Me: “But this is still not the way to go! There are so many ways to destress! Why steal?!”

Joyce: “I am really sorry Mr. Tan! I promise! I promise I will never steal again! Sorry!” *Sobbing*

Me: “I think I still need to report this back to the school.”

Joyce: “No Mr. Tan, please don’t! I beg you! Really, please. The school will expel me and all my effort will be wasted!”

Joyce: “Please Mr. Tan please I beg youuuuu.”

Me: “It’s only right for me to report~”

Joyce: “Mr. Tan pleassssse! I beg youuuuu.” *Tears flowing down more and more.*

The evil side of me really enjoyed her begging me and tearing. It really turned me on.

Me: “Unless…”

Joyce: “I am willing to do anything! Really! Anything!”

Me: “That’s what you say Joyce! Finish this coffee first~”

Joyce slurped up the coffee right away.

Joyce: “I am done Mr. Tan.” *Wiping the tears off her face.*

I stood up.

Me: “Follow me.”

Joyce followed behind me quietly the whole while, feeling frightened, lost and confused. I walked all the way to a handicap toilet near the market.

Standing outside the handicap toilet, looking stunned.

Joyce: “Ermm… Mr. Tan, why are we here?” *Trembling*

Me: “Well, remember you said you are willing to do anything? Or do you need me to get the CCTV footage from Uncle Lim?”

Me: “Go on in!”

Joyce stepped in reluctantly. I pushed her in, stepped in and locked the door behind me.

Joyce: “Mr. Tan what do you want?” *Trembling with watery eyes.*

I pulled down my shorts and boxer in a swift movement, revealing my hard erected dick!

Me: “I want you to suck my cock!”

Joyce burst out in tears and turned back, with her hands covering her face.

Joyce: “Mr. Tan, please don’t. I have never done that before! I have never even seen one before. Please anything else but this.”

I took a step forward, hugging her from the back, pressing my dick against her perky ass, rubbing my erected dick against her ass while grabbing and fondling with her breasts. Joyce started pushing and struggling, trying to push me away while trying to shout for help.

Me: “You shout some more! You can forget about your A level!”

I let go of her and took a step back.

Me: “You either suck my cock for me now or get out of here and get out of the JC now!”

Joyce: “But I really don’t know how.” *Still crying while turning back to face me.*

Me: “Kneel down first!”

Joyce slowly kneeled down. I placed my dick right in front of her face, slapping her rosy cheek with my erected dick for a few times. Then moving her with my hand, aiming her mouth at my dick.

Me: “Open your mouth! I will put my dick in and you suck it like how suck a lollipop.”

Joyce didn’t want to do it. I forced my dick right into her mouth, forcing it to open. Joyce murmured. I pushed her head against my dick. Soon she gave up and my dick slipped right into her mouth. I will never forget those soft lips and warm mouth of hers.

Me: “Suck it! Suck it like a lollipop! Suck me hard or you will regret!”

Pushing my dick deeper into her throat, Joyce choked and pushed me away.

Me: “You either continue or you give up your future!” *Exclaimed*

Joyce suddenly sucked me real hard! The feeling was never felt before. She was sucking and crying while I kept ramming my dick into her mouth. After a while I pulled out and cummed all over her cute tearing face. She was shocked and brushed her face nonstop.

Me: “Don’t worry cutie. It is just cum! Taste it! You might like it!”

Joyce: “You jerk!” *While crying.*

I put on my shorts and went back home thinking if Joyce were to ever tell anyone about this, I will be in real deep shit! So on the way home, I took the CCTV footage from Uncle Lim to reach my final aim.

Next day back in school.

During the morning assembly from far looking at Joyce, I started recalling the blow job that she gave me. But now, a new fantasy, imagining her blowing me in her white school uniform. My little bro stood up with those thoughts. I walked towards Joyce.

Me: Joyce! Come to the staff office and find me after the assembly.”

Joyce: “Yes Mr. Tan.” *Trembling*

The bell rang and it was the end of the morning assembly. I was sitting in the staff room waiting for her.

Joyce: “Yes Mr. Tan?”

I took out my phone and showed her the CCTV footage from the shop. She tried to snatch my phone from me. I pushed her away.

Joyce: “You promised not to tell on me!”

Me: “Yes! That was for yesterday! Not today!” *Smirking*

Joyce: “What do you want from me again?” *Her voice softened while her eyes started getting wet.*

Me: “Go to the dance studio and wait for me!”

Joyce: “But I have got class now.”

Me: “It’s fine. I will tell Miss Tan that you will be helping me with some stuff.”

Me: “Let me get the dance studio key!”

Me: “You know what will happen if I don’t see you there!”

When I reached the dance studio, Joyce was already outside waiting for me. I unlocked the dance studio.

Me: “Go in! Turn on the lights and air-con.”

Joyce: “Yes Mr. Tan.”

I followed in and locked the door. Joyce was just standing at the corner of the dance studio.

Joyce: “Mr. Tan, what do you want?” *With a trembling voice.*

My eyes scanned Joyce from head to toe.

Me: “Strip! I want you to take off everything!”

Joyce: “Mr. Tan, pleasssse I beg you. No, pleasse.”

I walked towards her. She tried to back off, but she was already at the corner. Putting my face near to hers, whispering to her.

Me: “You either strip yourself or I will strip you by force.”

Joyce started tearing again. Resigning to her fate, she slowly unbuttoned her uniform.

Me: “Fuck! So slow!”

I ripped her uniform apart, her B cup bosom was just cupped so perfectly by her white bra. I went on to hug her and tried unclipping her bra. One swift motion, I unclipped her bra and forced her hand away. Her bra dropped onto the floor at an instance. I didn’t wait and attacked her pink nipples with my mouth right away. Joyce burst out in tears trying to push me away, I just keep sucking and licking while fondling another boobs with my hand. Joyce was trying to control not to moan, but she just couldn’t control, moaning and crying at the same time. I pushed her down onto the floor. She was lying on the floor trying to cover her breasts and crying. I went on to unzip her skirt.

Joyce: “Mr. Tan. Please don’t please! This is enough please~”

I didn’t care. Unzipped her skirt and pulled it off along with her FBT. Without hesitation, I tugged off her white panties. Joyce was in her birthday suit. Perfect slender figure, white skin, pink nipples and clean shaven pussy right in front of me. I took out my phone, snapped a few photos of her. I couldn’t wait any longer, I took off my pants and boxers, letting my long hard dick out. I couldn’t take it! I pounded on Joyce right away. I forced her leg open.

Joyce: “Mr. Tan pleasssse! I am still a virgin~” *Crying and shouting.*

The thought of a tight pussy made me even hornier.

Mr. Tan: “I don’t care.”

I forcefully spread her leg, aiming my dick right in front of her pussy. With a movement, thrusted my dick right into her warm and tight pussy. Joyce let out a loud moan and cried even louder. I was shocked that she didn’t bleed. It might be because she already bled due to the intensive netball training since it was common for sportswomen.

Joyce virgin pussy was really tight. I kept pumping her in missionary while holding onto her hips. Joyce put her hands on her mouth, trying to cover her moans while crying. I just thrusted harder and deeper, looking at her breasts bouncing, moaning and crying louder and louder. With the tight pussy and perfect body. I pulled out my dick and cummed all over her breasts. Again. I took out my phone and snapped a few shots. Joyce looked at me.

Joyce: “Please let me go now…”

I threw her a PE t-shirt from the corner of the room.

Me: “Wear this! Since your top is torn.”

Me: “Use that torn uniform to clean up the cum.”

Joyce was hiding in a corner trying to cover up herself in a corner. I got dressed up and went over, squeezed and slapped her tight perky ass.

Me: “Today you won’t be needing this.”

I took away her bra and panties.

Joyce: “Mr. Tan, please give me back! I already done whatever you want, please let me go.”

Me: “No! Today you will only be in in your PE t-shirt and skirt! Nothing underneath it!”

I did not care and walked out of the dance studio.



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  1. Ryan says:

    Joyce my bae. I would also do this to her but she needs to be to steal again. Keep her as my personal cum dump. Marry her when she’s pregnant. Fuck her friends

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