Sexual Education


Story submitted by: Dan

Being nineteen of age, I was very curious about sex and the prescribed sexual education in school did not satisfy my curiosity so I decided it was time I self-sourced my knowledge of sex and here goes:

I was working in a department store as a part time retail assistant and my colleagues around me were surprisingly relatively younger than the other departments, where they were aunties. Most of them came from across the straits to come work here in Singapore. I was close to the few who were closer to me in age around twenty plus. We were all very open and relaxed around each other as we were mostly all from the same hometown. One of the topics we loved talking about was love and sex. Everyone asked whether I had a girlfriend already or not, but sadly I was single at the time. One of them actually asked me directly whether I was a virgin or not, but all I could reply was:

“Yes of course.”

“Huh nineteen years old liao lei.” Jane commented.

“Siao you do with me la!” I rebutted her, but nothing happened between me and her (Well, not yet.), but it was another female promoter that satisfied my curiosity and my desire to try my ‘First’.

Cara was a promoter from another department, but she was close with colleagues in our department as she was also from the same hometown as us. She was good friend with Jane as I often spent time having meals with Jane and her during our breaks and yes she was also very open about sex.

“Wa ah boy you so handsome no girlfriend ah?”

“No, I am lonely and single can? Break law already is it?” I answered while feeling annoyed for being asked the same question again and again.

“Eh next time your future girlfriend wants to do with you, don’t know anything how?” Cara gave me those teacher’s stare.

“Hahaha, eh you also single right, you do with him and teach him la.” Mocked Jane.

Cara at twenty five of age was not exactly the prettiest type of girl, but she stood tall at 175 cm, boasting a pair of C cup breasts and she had those booty that people described as ‘apple butt’.

“Wa ah boy so cute why nobody want sia, if not I want eh.” She laughed. The moment she finished the sentence I immediately felt a stir in my pants and my mind started having scenes of her straddling me on the bed, moaning loudly while burrowing my head into her breasts and begging me to suck on them. (I had seen these in porn movies.)

“Wei don’t zone out liao la time to go back to work.”

The day passed hectically as it was the holiday season and families liked to come and spend time in the store and made us worked like their servants. I always looked out for chio bus around the store and when ladies wearing loose shirts bent down to sort their coins etc on the waist height benchtop I would try to stare down hard at their cleavage. I remembered when there was this really chio girl one time bending down to sort her coins for like two minutes and showing everyone behind the counter could see her baby blue bra and her cute melons. Everyone at the counter saw it and the atmosphere was quite awkward. I turned around to see my supervisor staring at her also and then he looked at me with a smirk and raised his eyebrows. I gave a grin back to him and everyone was laughing after she left, but it was an eye candy.

Closing time quickly came and it happened that just me and Cara went to take the train back home as the others had to stay back for some meeting.

“Oi Jie you virgin meh?”

“No ah I lost it back eighteen years old when I was studying in our hometown, but my boyfriend always wants to use condoms and he wasn’t very good at it, always doing it in his small bed. Aiyo, I don’t feel good la anyways.”

“Wa why you tell me so much sia.” This was what I meant by them being open about sex.

“Eh, you why you still virgin sia. Never ask from your ex-s before meh.”

“Aiya, my ex-s all guai guai de. Some more I don’t dare to ask mah still so young. But I very curious, eh only can watch porn and fap every time.”

“Wa so pure ah didi.” She banged me with her shoulder playfully.

That night I couldn’t sleep as my mind was full of images of Cara striping and seducing me to have sex with her. I fantasized her wearing a black silky dress with a deep V cut showing her deep cleavage and crawling up on my bed. She pressed her chest on mine and kissed me on the forehead. I slid my hands up to her slender waist and hugged her tight but she pushed my hands away and sat on my pelvis like a cowgirl. She started touching herself up and down and wriggled seductively. I then tried to touch her thighs, but she held my hand and drew it to her right breast. I could feel her round breast and her poking nipple through her thin smooth dress. She moaned lustfully while she dug into my shorts and pulled out my dick. I reached my other hand to grab her other breast and squeezed them both. She smiled at me and started stroking my dick. Then I was drawn back to reality, I was masturbating unknowingly and I shot my cum before I could stop myself. Luckily I did not wake up my roommate and quickly cleared up my mess. I thought to myself, I had to stop masturbating and do the real thing.

The next day I got back to work, but I couldn’t concentrate as I kept staring in the direction of Cara, where she was standing elegantly with her right foot in front of her left and smiling to every passerby. Her shirt was kind of undersized that day and I could see her pressurized boobs and outline of her bra. Images of her naked and standing there appeared and I zoned out again.

“Wei eat snake ah whole day keep looking for what don’t want to go home.” My supervisor slapped me on my back. The store was quite empty that day and closing time came unnoticed.

“Guess it is me and you again. They need to go see the division manager.” Cara came to ‘fetch’ me up to go home together.

“Eh, siao eh why you keep staring at me from just now sia I very pretty is it?” Cara said while slapping me lightly on the cheeks.

“I don’t know eh just suddenly find you attractive.”

“Oi simi suddenly, I have always been okay. Got boobs got height got face. Don’t know why no guys want to date and do it with me.” (Why did she always got to say do it with her and made me horny.)

“I want to do it with you ah.” I blurted out suddenly.

She stared at me with her mouth open.

I thought since I already said it out I might as well just go with the flow. I mustered my courage and told her seriously.

“I want to do it with you. I am single and you are also. I want to know how it feels like to have sex. Teach me how to fuck.”

She was obviously shocked and looked around the train to see if anyone heard us. As if everything was scripted, the train opened the doors and she left hurriedly off as it was her stop. I regretted for being so impulsive.

The next day at work I couldn’t face Cara and I thought I just ruined our friendship. She was also busy with her sales so we did not have eye contact for that day… Until lunch.

“Eh Jane you mind if I eat with Dan alone today I have something important to discuss with him.” Cara pulled me out when lunch time came.

“Jie, I was sorry that day.” I tried to break the silence during lunch.

“Sorry for what, I thought we are open about it. And I understand you are young and curious about sex which is normal especially when you still haven’t done it at your age.”

“Errrr, so…”

“So you do want to do it with me? Like have sex?”

“Yah, but I don’t want to spoil…”

“Ok, let’s do it. Let’s fuck one day.” She interrupted and gave a serious look.

“Wait really? You don’t mind teaching me how to fuck?” I gave a surprised look to her, but deep down I was feeling like a football player who scored a goal. And by the way, my dick was standing hard and oozing pre cum when she said ‘do it’ again.

“Honestly, I am also yearning to have sex ever since I came to Singapore and I need to satisfy myself. Next week I know you have an off day after the early shift, same for me, keep the one and a half day empty.” She commanded while she finished her last bite.

The few days in between I was so excited as I felt like I struck a lottery and I just could not believe that I was going to lose my virginity to Cara. I did not masturbate during the days before our ‘date’.

Finally the day arrived and Cara came to ‘fetch me’ at my counter and Jane was suspicious of us.

“Wa eh you two recently suspicious ah. Eh Cara don’t tell me you are taking advantage of this young boy.” She interrogated.

“I am not young ok, I am becoming a man liao hor.” I challenged as I walked away with Cara.

Cara brought me to a hotel nearby and we ate an expensive dinner in the restaurant. Like usual again, we talked sex again and I swore I did not care what I was eating for dinner as I was more concerned with what I will be eating later!!

She held my hand along the way to the receptionist and checked in. We were both in the lift later on and she hugged my arm and rested her head on my shoulder. I enjoyed it as I felt like I was in a romance movie and her right breast was pressing on my arm and it felt so soft. I was trembling with excitement as I finally got to feel her boobs for the first time instead of fantasizing it and of course, excited for the ‘lesson’ I was going to get later.

The moment we entered the room, we took off our shoes and collapsed on the king sized bed side by side.

“You sure about this? Got ask your daddy mommy or not?” She asked while putting her arm over to hug and again pressed her boobs on my shoulder.

“Siao ah, of course never tell la. I told them I was staying over at friend’s chalet la.”

“Wa clever hor. Tell them you are going to have fun and learn a lot at the chalet.” She whispered and kissed me on my lips. I sucked onto her lips and grabbed her behind her head. I started to kiss her deeply like how I kissed my ex-s. She responded by sliding her smooth lips across mine back and forth while I climbed on top of her to keep her still while I showed her how I kissed. So I lightly ‘bit’ her lips with mine and slowly forced my tongue into her mouth. She showed her surprise by moaning, but she let me slide my tongue onto hers. She grabbed my hair tightly and twirled her tongue furiously onto mine. She was sure enjoying and of course so was I, since it had been years since I kissed someone of the opposite sex. My right hand had unknowingly roamed onto her chest and caressed her right breast. It felt so nice to touch her as her breast was round and firm and the curvature fitted to my hand like a key fitting into a lock. I squeezed her lightly and pushed her boob around slightly like I was moving a mouse.

“Oooh emmm emmm ahhhh.” Cara moaned lustfully in between the kisses.

I was so horny and anxious, I broke the kiss and smooched her neck inexperience-ly. She grabbed my neck and moaned, “Yes, yes, very good, that’s it. Touch both my boobs and kissed me slowly instead.”

I followed her instructions and now I was grabbing both her boobs and attempting to kiss her down deeper into her collar. She unbuttoned the first two buttons and then proceeded to fully unbutton my shirt. I was enjoying my time grabbing her boobs and kissing them through her bra at the same time. I tried to unbutton her further, but she stopped me and pushed me away.

“Ah boy your kiss very skillful, listen to Jie Jie, we do it slowly, come to the bath room with me.” She took her cardigan and pulled me to the bath room.

Oh my god things were going to get started!

Cara stood in front of me in the bath room and asked me to unbutton her slowly. I followed and enjoyed the excitement of opening my ‘gift box’. I dropped her shirt off to reveal a blue lacy bra which was cladded to her body tightly.

“Pretty or not. I wore it so you can admire it. Victoria Secret one lei.”

“I love blue lingerie the most.” I commented while I grabbed her boobs again.

“Come Jie Jie take off your pants.” Cara unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them off.

“Wa eh you got so excited mah. Your didi sticking out of your underwear and oozing out so much pre cum eh.” She commented and wiped my pre cum off my dickhead. I shivered with excitement.

“Na, I am fair, I also take off my skirt.” She unzipped her tight skirt and dropped them on the floor, revealing her matching cute panties.

My dick twitched as soon as I saw her panties and more pre cum oozed out.

“You see ah to remove a bra, you must find the hooking mechanism first. Mine is between the cups so it’s easier for you. You find and you try.” She pointed.

I found the hook and removed her bra. I fondled with it and smelled her aroma on it.

“Wei focus here la.”

She snatched the bra away and tossed them. I finally got to see a pair of boobs with my own eyes.

“Nice right. Try to cup them and squeezed lightly.” She held my hand and directed them to hold her boobs.

I cupped her boobs and caressed them softly, feeling her smooth skin and the perfect curvature. Her nipples grew hard as I massaged her boobs and she was moaning softly while throwing her hair back, which was damn sexy. She then asked me to peel her panties off and I touched her hips timidly and slowly peeled her panties off. I was presented with a cleanly shaved pussy and gasped.

“Like this easier to show you how to fuck mah. Come take off your underwear we go shower.” I followed her into the shower and we showered ourselves with the warm water to rid ourselves of our fatigue. I saw her hair getting wet and the water trickling down her body which was a heavenly sight and I wanted to touch her again. She squeezed some soap onto my palm and asked for me to rub her body. I started off by rubbing her neck, shoulders and to her boobs. I caressed them in circles and feeling her nipples poking at me. She held my hand and directed to fondle her on the nipples only and she gave a lustful moan.

“This is the sensitive part of the breast. Squeeze the breast and then play with the nipples to get a women started.” I nodded and pinched her nipples softly and saw her face change as if she was high on ecstasy. She guided my palms to her vagina afterwards and she moaned in surprise when I curled my fingers in excitement. She then turned around for me to apply soup to her and her lovely apple butt.

“Now it’s your turn to be cleaned.” She squeezed more soap onto her chest and hugged me tightly, pressing her boobs on my chest. She rubbed her boobs and soap all over my body and occasionally she would rub my dick with her smooth body and I was standing there anxious to fuck while she ‘cleaned’ me in such erotic way.

After ‘cleaning’ she rinsed both of us with cold water as she said she needed to douse the ‘fire’ in me first. We dried ourselves and we both dried our hair naked.

She held my hand after we were done and pulled me to the king sized bed. She told me to lay down on my back while she sat on me just like in my fantasy. Her vagina was pressing down on my dick and that of course turned me on. She slid her hands around my chest and I could feel my breathing getting faster. She laid down on me then and pressed her boobs on my chest and kissed me just like how I fantasized. (You could imagine how turned on I would have felt.) She then kissed and sucked my neck while I hugged her tightly.

“Feels good doesn’t it? Sit up and do the same to me.” She said while she pulled me up. I licked and kissed her neck while she moaned and complimented how I improved from just now. Unknowingly, I was kissing lower and lower down her neck and reached her cleavage.

“You should start kissing the cleavage of a woman first, then you slowly proceed closer to the nipples and tease them.” She arched her back to make her boobs stand out more. I listened to her by kissing between her boobs while I messaged her right boob. Obviously she was enjoying it as she threw her head back and moaned sensually.

“Ahhh yes, that’s right, oooh continue don’t stop.”

I started to kiss her even slower as I thought it would tease her even more. And it worked as she was fidgeting more and trying to push her nipples onto my face.

“Suck my nipples. Come on. Do it.” She commanded impatiently. I gave a slight lick on her left nipple and she moaned loudly.

“How dare you tease me like this!” She pushed me down onto the bed and pinned both my arms. “My turn to tease you!”

She rubbed her already wet pussy onto the shaft of my dick and humped back and forth. It felt good I was eager to penetrate her and tried to struggle, but she pinned me down hard.

“Errr you like to tease me huh? You want to be naughty don’t you?” She whispered slutty-ly while she rubbed her entrance of her pussy onto my dick head.

After three minutes of the teasing, she was also becoming more horny and decided to start her lesson.

“Since you are inexperienced, I will be on top to guide. You should let a girl be on top if she is doing it for the first time so she can control the pace so you won’t hurt her.” She explained while holding my dick up right and gradually sitting down. It was the first time I penetrated someone and I could feel her vagina slowly devouring my dick. It felt so magical.

“Ahhhhh Jie it’s so shiok.”

“I am on the pill so I can afford to let you fuck me raw and experience the full thing.” She said as she was starting to ride me slow and steady while holding my hands.

“Ohhh my god, that’s so nice of you. I am loving this.” I tried to hump my hips so I could fuck her deeper.

After four minutes of riding, her moans became louder and she rode me faster and faster.

“Oh my, I am cumming soon. Oohhhhhh ahhh ahhhh.” She shouted as she pulled me up to hug her.

“Suck a woman’s boobs when she is close to orgasm so she feels really good.” She moaned in between her moans. She also pushed my head into her boobs and begged me to suck them.

“Ooooh, I feels so good Jie, it’s just like how I fantasied you in my dreams.”

Just then she threw her head back, arched her back and moaned really loudly.

“Ah ah ahhhhh yes, Dan fuck me ahhhhh, do it with me.” I got excited by her calling my name and I held her hip and fucked her harder. She collapsed onto me and pinched my back. I could also feel her shaking from the orgasm she was having. It was my first time satisfying a woman.

She became strength-less and she was mine to control. I dropped her on the bed and positioned myself to fuck her missionary style. I ramped into her hard as I also wanted to have my orgasm also. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed me as I fucked her. I bent forward to kiss her sweaty body. In only about three minutes I was already feeling the urge to shoot already. Cara felt it too, and grabbed my neck so she could french kiss me again. Soon enough, I was near the point of no return and I pumped her furiously to fill the room with the sound of our moaning and our bodies slapping.

“Don’t worry ahhh ahhh, just cum… Ahhh in me… Ahhh ahhhh just let goo… Ahhh ahhhh ahhh.” She assured me before she had her second orgasm and was shaking again. Next few seconds I shot my load into her and I groaned loudly as it was the best orgasm I ever had.

“Ahhhh Jie, I am cumming into you now, ahhhh.”

“Yes, I can feel you! Fill me up!!!” She said in between her orgasm.

Finally the whole thing ended and I collapsed onto her and was panting. She was still trembling slightly with satisfaction and we kissed again. We hugged each other and we soon fell asleep.


Source: Dan

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  1. lote says:

    Yes, the first time making love and losing your virginity ia a very sweet memory and you will remember it for a very long time. i lost my virginity to a lady 40 years old when i was just 17. the memory really haunt in a pleasureable way.

  2. Dan says:

    but my jie was oni 25 back then though

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