Sexual Education 5

Story submitted by: Dan

This is a continuation of ‘Sexual Education 4‘.

Finally the day to leave the resort came. Such fruitful two nights spent with my dream girl, Cara, and a surprise from Jane. I honestly didn’t think I would have such a relationship with Jane as she appeared to be a conservative girl, even though she joined in our sex talks frequently. I wondered if she had done it with other fellow colleagues.

“Hey, thanks for taking care of me ah, when I was sick ah Dan. You are very sweet!” Jane sneaked a kiss on my cheeks at the lobby when Cara was away checking out.

“Haha most welcome la. Thanks for the night too Jie.” I said shyly.

“I became wild didn’t I? The alcohol and situation tempted me too much.” She explained shyly too.

“Wa eh talking behind my back ah.” Cara walked towards us without notice. Jane and I stared at each other, not knowing what to do.

“Assholes let’s go la.” Cara slapped us on the shoulders. What a close shave!

While Jane left the toilet before the bus came, a young couple approached me and Cara and the lady asked:

“Are you Dan from room XXX?”

“Uhmm, yes? Why would you ask?” Cara answered with suspicion.

“Did you two have a good time last night?” The lady asked discreetly.

“Oh, you must be from next door!” Cara answered with excitement. I was stunned by her openness and I turned away in embarrassment.

“We had a good fuck last night thanks to you two! You sound so good at sex!” The lady said while hugging her boyfriend’s arm.

“No la hahah last long due to you two!” Cara answered proudly. I face-palmed and walked away to buy drinks from the vending machine.

I shared the seat with Jane on the bus trip as she was still weak and I could look out for her. The couple got off the bus at a bus terminal in Johor so apparently they were locals so they waved us goodbye and I only nodded awkwardly.

After a few days, I took two days off as my friends from poly were having a gathering. Everyone was happy to see each other since it had been a long time since we met after graduation. Everyone still looked the same, but they said I changed a lot and I looked very mature and stuff like that. Claire, who used to be in the dragon boat team was particularly attracted to me. I think because she started talking to me a lot suddenly when she didn’t during school time. She was a quiet and cool girl and hardly stood out from her clique, but I noticed her and actually considered her to be a girlfriend material but she was too quiet so nothing happened.

Most people came in the evening because of their part time jobs etc so we decided to play a game before we started the fire for barbeque.

It was this game called burning bridges where your neighbor asked you a question and you chose someone that fitted best as the answer. As expected, dirty questions surfaced. I was asked to answer who would I have sex with and I just pointed to Claire who was beside me as a joke to tease her, not that I would mind fucking her though. I lost to her in scissors paper stone so I had to announce the questions to the whole group and her. She blushed and laid her head on my shoulders which was actually cute because she didn’t look like she will do this kind of girly stuff. Everyone was cheering and stuff when they saw so I just accepted it like a gentleman. Someone asked her who would she choose to give her virginity to and she pointed to me, without me knowing what’s the question. I also lost to her in scissors paper stone so I was excluded when everyone got to hear the questions. A loud applause and cheering was heard and everyone was looking with those pedo pedo face. I was really curious so I suggested to drink three shots to hear the question, which wasn’t a problem.

“I choose you to have my virginity la.” Claire confessed and punched me on the shoulders.

“Oi just go up to the room la. She 21 years want to have sex la.” Someone shouted.

“Shut the fuck up la you.” Claire cursed.

The game ended as we needed to start the fire for barbeque. A lot of people left to collect the barbeque food. There wasn’t anything much left to do so I just day dreamed alone on a bench at the corner.

“Mai emo leii.” Claire joined me, sitting beside. We had a conversation and she talked a lot about our CCA blah blah.

“I heard some rumors dragon boat people a lot of people have sex one sia.” I asked randomly.

“Yah, it’s true, almost everyone had a sexual encounter in DB lo.”

“Huh, then you lei?” I asked in shock.

“I only had oral sex lo. Me and the other girls sucked our seniors’ dicks in the showers before lo during year one. Then they only chose those pretty ones to fuck lo. I at most get my pussy licked only.” She confessed in shame.

“Wow man really wow.” I was impressed but also disgusted.

“So I feel like I am not a woman lei, like I feel so inferior compared to my CCA mates.” She said depressingly, knocking her head lightly on my shoulders. Was she trying to smitten me?

“Shit man I can feel you. I also felt this way before I lost my virginity.” I patted her head lightly to comfort her.

To avoid attention, we moved to the swimming pool. She sat closer to me and rested her head fully on my shoulders while hugging my arms as if she was my girlfriend. I sure fell for her and tilted my head to rest on her head too. I was enjoying her company and so was her.

“I was serious about losing my virginity to you, Dan.” She confessed suddenly, looking down into the pool and kicking the water.

Our conversation earlier actually made me horny and I was thinking of fucking this girl who came to me willingly, but I needed to be careful.

“But who am I to take your virginity?” I whispered in case people were around.

“I was attracted you during poly alright. You were so smart, helping everyone for projects and being really kind. You are so man in the eyes of the girls.” She continued, hiding her embarrassment by burying her face in my arm.

“Woo, I didn’t know you are like this. You seem so cool in class, but you are acting all cute now.” I smiled brightly because of her cuteness.

“Aiya people very shy right now la. Only you make my heart flutter.” She kissed me on the cheeks as soon as she finished and I was taken aback by her initiative but impressed by her courage. She looked more like herself now since taking the initiative would be something she would do being a cool girl. I smiled back and moved forward to cup her cheeks with my hands, making sure she couldn’t turn away, I kissed her face too. She obviously liked it a lot and avoided eye contact by looking down into the pool. I decided to test her further by hugging her waist and blew at her ear. She was nervous with my approach and was pinching her thighs.

I held one of her hands and moved in closer to smell her hair and breathed at her. (I was good when it came to being a playboy, but not for sex until I met Cara and Jane.) Claire couldn’t tolerate anymore and kissed my lips in one swift motion. I was totally surprised by her move just like how surprised a wolf will get if the rabbit turned to attack the wolf instead. I pulled off her arms which she used to grapple me and stared into her eyes deeply. Anyone could tell she was very nervous and doing more than her limit as she was kind of panting and her arms were trembling from the fear.

Claire, just relax ok, I know you are the cool and initiative type, but don’t force yourself too hard alright?” I spoke softly and stroked her hair, making her fall more in love with me.

Still holding her arm, I waited for her breathing to slow down and calm herself before I slowly zoned in to conquer her lips. She closed her eyes in anticipation. I planted my lips onto hers and paused for a while before I started to open my mouth a little. She did the same, so I progressed to biting her lips with mine. Feeling the softness of our lips, Claire grappled me by the neck again while I cuddled her. The soft kiss soon elevated to a french kiss and she boldly accepted my tongue into her mouth and welcomed by twirling her tongue with mine as if she wanted to tie a knot. Sensing my horniness, she reached for my shorts and felt the bulge. I groaned and touched one of her boobs through her shirt, feeling the curvature and cupping it. Indeed, her boob size was as big as I had guessed when she wore tight dry fit shirts at school. She must be shy as she hunched her torso to retract her boobs so I released it since I was afraid someone else might be looking too. I broke the kiss but she refused to let go.

“Dan, I love you. I want to give you my virginity. You are worth it.” She said, looking more beautiful as ever.

“But where? People might see.”

She pointed to the showers beside the pool. I thought she was crazy, but since there was no one at the pool I gave in to her. I held her hand and brought her into the cubicles.

“Are you sure about this Claire? We can do it another time.” I asked gently, looking into her eyes.

“I am sure. I am afraid I won’t see you anymore. I want you in me Dan.” She pushed me into the cubicle and locked the door. Since she agreed, I unleashed the wolf in me. I hugged her roughly towards myself and she crashed into my embrace. I cupped her face to look up and kissed her once again. She wasn’t that shy anymore and immediately french kissed me. The atmosphere grew hot, prompting me to put my hands into her shirt and feeling her smooth back, feeling the curves of her hips to her shoulder blades. She found it ticklish and hugged me fully, removing the distance between us. I roamed my hands around her shoulders and back, feeling the outline of a sports bra. She was not used to this so she tried to move away from my invading hands, only to press her breasts harder against mine and let me feel the softness. She was trapping my arms, but yet she felt she was being cherished (That’s what she told me afterwards.). Her dry fit shirt was now lifted up to below her boobs because of my elbows. I tugged the bra strap to her side to expose her shoulders, which showed a tan line due to her dragon boat. I kissed her neck, then shoulders in which she tilted her head away to expose more, wanting me to kiss her more. I licked her with the tip of my tongue and sent trembles down her body. She wanted more and held my head, signaling me.

After sucking and planting red marks on Claire‘s neck, she pushed me away and tried to pull my shirt off, which I obliged. I also stripped her shirt off and hung them on the hook. She presented me her athletic body with a hot skinny waist. She didn’t have solid abs like a guy but had vertical abs lines which complemented her athletic figure. Her soft pink sports bra made her feminine, but was mistreated by me as the left strap was pulled off.

“Stop staring at me la.” She said shyly and folded her arms to hide her boobs.

“You look beautiful, Claire. No need to hide, I love it.” I assured while removing her arms slowly.

Her cleavage showed in front me and without hesitation, I grabbed her breast and caressed them though the sports bra.

“Uh, Dan. I am yours.” Claire moaned as she laid her head back on the cubicle wall. The materials and the curvature of her boobs felt so good. I kissed her cleavage once and hooked my thumb under the bra. She knew my intentions and assisted me in stripping the tight fitting bra off. Her breasts bounced and her nipples were pointing at me and I sucked one of them and grabbed the other breast.

“Uh uh, this feels nice.” Claire was enjoying this a lot, but I moved onto her FBT shorts. Through the thin material, I stroked her between the legs. Clamping her thighs, she begged me to strip her.

“Dan strip me naked please, uhhh.” She begged and I hooked her shorts, pulling them down slowly and watched her curvy hips and her pussy ’emerging’. I also stripped off my shorts and now Claire was finally naked in front of me, her tan skin tone making her smoking hot. We hugged, enjoying the tingling sensation of our skin rubbing and warmth of each other. Our hands also roamed on each other’s body anxiously, trying to familiarize the curves.

“I love it even though we are only making out!” Claire said as I grabbed one of her legs up to my waist.

“It barely started Claire!” I warned as I pointed my dick at her vagina.

“Errrr… I scared Dan, be gentle.” Claire squeaked timidly as she hugged my neck for support.

Slowly, I tried to insert my dick into her, but she was too nervous and therefore dry and tight. She was a little embarrassed, but I looked into her eyes lovingly and assured her. The shower button called out to me and Claire knew what was on my mind and nodded to me. We went under the shower and let the warm shower water run down our bodies. Claire became even sexier when her short hair was wet and I told her about it, she told me that’s what her seniors said too but no one wanted her. I smiled at her and squatted down and opened her legs wider, her pussy was now more accessible. After splashing with some water, I licked her pussy and she shuddered in surprise. I sucked and slurped her pussy and remembering what Cara taught me, I paid attention to her clit. Claire was savoring this treatment as she was slightly more familiar with this and moaning along. She would grab her boobs and squeeze them as they were begging for attention again. I helped her with that, drawing my free hand up and down her torso, squeezing her boobs every time I reached them. As I planned, she became sufficiently aroused and secreting more juice from her vagina. I continued to lick her until she climaxed, when she burst out juices from her love hole. Now she was ready! I grabbed her leg up like just now and slowly pushed into her.

“Arghhhh Dan.” Claire squeaked in pain.

“Are you alright Claire?” I asked worriedly.

“Try again slowly, please.”

I did so just in case I did hurt her and scar her for life as it was her first time. Once my dick was half into her, I held it there for her pussy to get used to the size.

“Dan, thrust slowly please, I want it.”

I started to pump into her really slowly and pulling out ever slowly. She closed her eyes and felt my dick going in and out of her, which kick started her desire for sex. She was bleeding a little, but the water would wash them away.

“Ahhh, it is starting to feel good!” Claire moaned sexily, the timid eyes soon turned into a seductive stare. She tried to move her body in unison with my pumping and I responded by cupping one of her boobs and massaged her, making her feel good top and bottom. I slowly increased my pace and now I was fucking her at a normal and enjoyable speed.

“Urh urh ahhh.” Claire‘s moans started getting louder, meaning she was getting the hang of this and while I kissed her neck under the shower, she suddenly breathed deeply.

“Shit Dan I am cumming!!” Claire warned as she kissed me desperately, I returned the kiss passionately so she can enjoy her first sex.

“Urh urh ahhhhhh.” Claire let go of the kiss and shouted into the shower. I was shocked and I quickly kissed her mouth to shut her up, so she was basically shouting into my mouth while she orgasmed in her first penetration.

“Dan that was so fucking good! I want it again!” She begged as she humped her hips again.

It was tiring to carry her legs so I got Claire to turn around and lean on the wall in standing doggy style, my favorite. Watching the droplets of water ran down her toned and sexy back, I inserted my hard dick into her again, inducing another sexy moan from her. Like how I fucked Cara, I pumped my full length into her, but at a slower pace. Learning to enjoy sex, Claire was moaning and wriggled her sexy back whenever I pumped into her and because of the water, the piak piak sound was even louder and I was secretly still hoping the shower room (Ladies.), will still be empty. I leaned forward to hug Claire and rub her perfect boobs too, with her nipples poking hard.

“Ahhh Claire I feel good, you are so fucking hot!” I complimented her as I proceeded to kiss her shoulders and neck, adding to her sensations.

“Ah yess Dan, I love you, I wanna have sex with you so much.” She replied as she turned around to look at me. Her short hair was wet and of course fucking sexy in my eyes. I usually didn’t like girls with short hair. I kissed her cheeks and pumped faster to orgasm quickly, since we were fucking in a public place.

“Ahhh Dan again ahhhhh.” Claire shouted again, I quickly covered her mouth with my hands and let her shout into my hand. She just had her orgasm again.

Claire shhh ahhh ahhhh.” I could not control my groans as my orgasm approached. I pulled out and stroked my dick furiously, firing my load over the floor as I didn’t want to cum in an innocent girl.

“Oooooh Dan.” Somehow I let go of Claire and she also moaned loudly. We couldn’t care anymore as we were having too intense orgasms.

Our legs gave way after our hot intense sex and now we were cuddling in the cubicle, sitting down.

“That was good, thanks Dan, I love you.” Claire kissed me on the lips.

“Oh my god someone’s having sex in the cubicles.” I heard a soft voice outside.

Me and Claire stared at each other and we quickly wore our clothes back. Claire‘s bra and panties dropped onto the shower and were wet.

“Shit, I can’t wear them anymore, at least my shirt dries up quickly.” She said as she wore her shirt and her nipples, which was stimulated just now, were poking through her shirt and very apparent. Her FBT shorts didn’t have pockets so I suggested I kept her underwear in my pockets for now.

“I count to three we run back to the chalet as fast we can ok?” I cupped Claire face and stared into her.

“I will go anywhere with you.” Claire replied and she melted my heart.

“Three two one, run!”

I held her hand tight and we dashed out of the showers in a bolt, leaving screams of terror behind and we were giggling as we ran back to the chalet.


Source: Dan

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