Sexual Education 3


Story submitted by: Dan

This is a continuation of ‘Sexual Education 2‘.

I was woken up by the chatter of the girls. They were already awake and preparing to set off for sun rise.

“Oi get up we are leaving to watch the sun rise.”

I stretched myself and went to the toilet to wash up. The two girls hung their underwear on the rack in the toilet and this summoned my morning wood. I was wearing only my shorts so it became very apparent. Cara then barged into the toilet while I was brushing my teeth and yes she noticed my wood.

“Wa eh so energetic in the morning ah? I was drunk last night so I didn’t play with you. I will compensate you tonight ok?” She whispered seductively as she stroked my wood, which was going to become steel very soon. I told her it was okay while I spat out the foam.

“You sure you are fine alright?” She asked again when she blew into my ears like a pro seductress. I looked her in her eyes and assured her with my most sincere heart (It was ok because I had my fun last night. ;)).

“Dan, get out now I wanna shower and do business.” Jane shouted and the both of us got out.

We lay on the bed for a quick nap. Without Jane around, Cara transformed into her lustful mode.

“Wei, give me attention.” Cara pulled the strap of her spaghetti top off and shrugged them. It dropped down her torso and her bra presented in my face. I fell for her evil plot and buried my face into her cleavage anxiously. I motor-boated her breasts and while caressing them through the bra cups, it turned on Cara too. I then tried to push her bra aside to expose her nipples it was difficult for me (At that time.). She then took over by pushing the cups up and revealing her bare breasts finally. I grabbed them both hungrily and started to taste them. Cara relaxed on her back and wriggled every time I sent sensations through her body. She closed her eyes and moaned very softly which gave me a sense of achievement.

“Let’s see who orgasms first! The loser will not be allowed to continue masturbating!” She removed her dressing swiftly and reached into her FBT shorts to please herself. I also pulled out my dick too, and started stroking myself with speed but not too fast.

Now we were masturbating on our own beside each other under the blanket. We could see each other in action by pulling the blankets up to half our thighs. It was really erotic to see Cara pleasing herself skillfully with her moaning closely just right beside my ear. Her breathing deepened and I knew she was close to her climax. I quickened up my pace.

“Ahhh yes, I win ahhh.” Cara warned as she tensed and lifted her hips. Her thighs tightened and her arms too. She moaned in enjoyment, but she promptly pulled my hands away to my chest and hugged me tightly.

“This feel sooooo erotic. 这样好色情.” She squirmed while squeezing me tight as she enjoyed her sense of ecstasy. I tried to struggle free as I can reach my orgasm in a few more strokes.

“Remember the rules!” She reminded as she held me longer. She forced me to wear my underwear and proper shorts back and then Jane left the bathroom. Jane was smelling like heaven with her shampoo or whatever and it just aggravated to my horniness and I will have pounced on her if Cara wasn’t there!

I was left with an extremely sensitive dick for the whole day when we watched the sun, ate and went on boat to some small island in the middle of the sea. I became a photographer of the day as they took pictures with the scenery with improper dressing. Cara‘s white spaghetti top was loose and failed to cover her belly and even showed glimpses of her under boobs when the sea breeze blew. Jane’s white tank top was wet with sprays of the seawater and her pink bra stole the attention of onlookers. The boat driver and fellow male passengers must be dying to see them naked which I had accomplished. (Y.) (Y.) And I got to keep the photos for my fap material next time. After visiting the island that bored out male visitors, we took the boat back to the mainland. While on the boat I scanned the female passengers on board. This young lady wore a deep cut shirt so I was waiting for her to bend down to see her valley.

One speed boat came zooming past us and Jane, sitting at the edge of the boat was splashed with the seawater. Her white shirt was now useless as they posed no protection of her curves and colors of her bra. The wives and girlfriends onboard watched their male companions closely. Me and Cara sat close together and Jane hid behind us. So now Cara was hugging my arms while Jane lay on my back pressuring my back with her boobs. We kind of gave the ‘we are siblings’ vibe so no one was judging our intimacy. But I was turned on again (Still eager to cum from morning.).

Our next activity was some jungle exploration thing where we had to climb up a ladder leading to some giant tree and crossing a long suspension bridge. I wasn’t paying much attention to the surroundings because I was cowardly holding on to the supports. Oh yes, Jane who was wet from the splash insisted on not changing her wet clothes so the ranger didn’t have to wait for us. So she continued to be the attraction for a while.

Seemed like Jane regretted her decision. By dinner time, she was feeling cold and probably having a fever.

“Seems like I have to miss the seafood buffet. Dan, bring me back to the resort.” Jane said with a weak voice. So I got to help her back to the room and snuggled her into bed.

“I should get you medicine for your fever and cold.” I sighed after I touched her forehead. I turned to leave, but she stopped me.

“Get me new clothes to change can?” She asked.

So me, the male servant, went to her bag and dug for her clothes and brought it to her.

“Shit, I am too weak can you help me?” She complained like a spoilt kid. But she sounded really bad, so I had to help her. She sat up and raised her arms so I can pull her top and finally saw her slender body. She tried to reach her bra hook, but she was weak, so I had to do it for her too.

“Wei you never bring my underwear ah.” She complained, glaring at me mildly.

“Aiya, I guy forgot liao lei.” I argued.

“Never mind la never mind, I will be sleeping so I also don’t want to wear.” She sighed as she wore her t shirt and took off her shorts and panties too. I handed her the FBT shorts and she slipped into them. All this stripping got my dick hard again and I almost wanted to take advantage of her weakness, but she triggered my ‘inner boyfriend’ so I didn’t.

“Eh, thanks ah, Dan. It is a bit over to ask you to help me change, but I can’t.” She hugged my arm and lay on my shoulder.

“I should go get you medicine.” I said awkwardly, pointing to the door.

“Go enjoy your buffet first and get me medicine after that.” She patted my head and asked me to go. I abided and made sure she laid down comfortably before I left for the sibei expensive buffet.

So I finished the buffet and some DJ was present at the restaurant. Me and Cara just, I wouldn’t say dance, just wriggling around awkwardly and Cara prohibited alcoholic drinks as she said she wanted me to be awake for something later.

We went back to the room at like 10 plus, getting medicine for Jane too. Somehow she got better a bit from sleeping and took a shower by herself.

“Hey darling, you feeling better?” Cara jumped onto the bed beside Jane and hugged her like real sisters.

“I felt better liao la but should take some medicine.” Jane assured as she hugged Cara back. These two may secretly be lesbian sia.

So Jane took the medicine that made her drowsy and she got knocked off soon enough. Then, Cara signaled me to go over to the pool on the balcony.

“Haha, you must be horny the whole day right staring at girls and Jane!” Cara teased as she stripped her spaghetti top off onto the floor. She knew I was horny and was doing this to me.

“Did you take advantage of her while she was sick just now?” She teased again while she took off her shorts and panties.

“Eh, I swear I didn’t hor!” I answered sincerely.

“Should be la hor since you only took a while to come back.” She said as she approached me and placed her lips close to mine.

“I wanna do it with you, jie.” I said, but she turned around and entered the empty pool.

“Wa you only wanna do with me ah so romantic ah.” She said as she opened the valve for the water to enter. I didn’t even know how she heard it that way since I joined her after stripping naked.

“Let’s start from where we left this morning shall we?”

Cara hugged me by the neck and kissed me on the lips. I responded by holding her hips and pulling her closer towards me. We were french kissing in the pool like people from those romance movies, except things turned naughty from this moment. Cara made me sit on the edge of the pool (Actually it was meant to be a spa thingy more than a swimming pool.), and held my dick in her hands.

“This morning you lose the game right? Should I make you cum?” She teased as she stroked my dick up and down slowly, making it more erect and hard.

“My dick was fucking itchy the whole day alright!” I complained.

“Of course I know. You think I did not know you were staring at the other ladies and Jane?” She sneered as she clamped my dick in between her boobs.

“This is called a boob job.” She explained as she bobbed her body up down. It was a total new thing for me and it was really erotic to see her cherished my dick in between her boobs. The softness and warmth of her breasts simulated a vagina fuck so I sat down and enjoyed Cara‘s beautiful face.

“You look like an angel like this jie, uhhh.” I confessed as I brushed her hair back to admire her face. She felt a twitch from my dick.

“Wa you really horny ah. Really twitching liao. Means you gonna cum already!” She lectured as she pressed her boobs tighter and spat her saliva on the tip of my penis to lubricate it. It looked disgusting, but it was convenient to wash it off. Furthermore, I was more focused on my oncoming orgasm that I waited for one whole day.

“Urghh uhh ahhhh!” I groaned furiously as I thrusted my dick in unison with Cara‘s pacing, to achieve my orgasm as I feel it coming.

“Wei not too loud, its late already people want to sleep.”

“I am sure everyone else is fucking too now!” I exclaimed as I continued to groan loudly.

I continued to thrust Cara‘s breasts roughly and the tip was hitting her chin as she focused on letting me shoot. I suddenly thought of where to ejaculate but it was too late. A huge wave of sensation raced throughout my body and I finally orgasmed. Due to the tension during the day, my shot was explosive and it hit Cara‘s fringes and I cummed a fair load all over her, spreading across her face and dripping from her chin. She was obviously shocked by me shooting so much cum at once also all over her face.

“My god Dan this is so much.” She splashed some water on her face to try washing off, but she just dunked her whole body into the water in the end.

“That was huh… So good, huh… Don’t tense me like this, huh… Anymore.” I panted. I also dunked into the water to wash off all the sweat from the day of fun.

“My turn to be pleased now Dan.” Cara said as she guided my hands towards her vagina.

“Make me cum like how you did just now.” Kissing me as she rubbed my fingers on her folds to get me starting.


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