Sexual Education 2


Story submitted by: Dan

This is a continuation of ‘Sexual Education‘.

Dawn soon came shining into the room after an exciting night. I woke up first and noticed that Cara were hugging me tightly from my back. I turned over to face her and enjoyed her beauty. I kissed her neck and caressed her shoulders, then her breasts softly so I can enjoy the moment without waking her up. I felt so blessed at this time to have enjoyed a memorable first time sex with the girl I wanted to fuck most at that time. Somehow she woke up catching me touching my dick.

“Wei early morning want to do again! Go order room service la you not hungry meh.” She commanded while she pushed me away and went to the bathroom. I ogled at her hourglass figure while she walked. I called for room service and followed her to wash up.

‘Ding dong’ the doorbell soon rang. I quickly grabbed a bathrobe from the closet and quickly opened the door for the attendant to come in. While I walked behind the attendant into the room, the attendant walked past the open toilet door and I swore I heard him gasping and stared hard into the toilet for that two seconds. I walked past the toilet door after him and found Cara brushing her teeth naked and showing the two of us her boobs. The attendant went out quickly as he was shocked.

“Oh my god Jie you not shy at all ah.”

“I want to show off a bit mah, you saw his reaction? So funny, I need to do it again next time.”

We ate breakfast together and yes, she ate while naked and I just can’t help staring at her smooth body.

“Still early to check out, eh. Should we have round two? This time I will let you have your way with me.” She said while she bit her lips seductively and reaching her toes to my groin area. This action aroused me and I can’t wait to fuck her anymore. I pushed her onto the bed and kissed her hungrily. She hugged me tightly and pulled my head closer to her and kissed me even more passionately. I proceeded to kiss her neck and then her shoulders while she moaned softly in return.

“Yes, you learn quickly, just apply what you learned and fuck me the way you want.” She whispered in my ear with moans in between.

I massaged and kissed her nipples to make her really horny. But she was better at it. She was tickling my chest area with one hand and stroking my penis head which was gushing out pre cum.

“Should you start to ahh show me hoooo how much you want to fuck me?”

With that prompt, I flipped her around and made her go on fours. I teased her by rubbing my fingers along her vaginal folds and caressed her butt.

“Fuck me Dan, fuck me how you want!”

“I want to fuck you like a hungry beast.” I replied and pushed my dick into her slowly.

“Ahhh that’s it! I love this!” She exclaimed.

I then pumped her deep and slow while grabbing her hips. She pushed her butt onto me every time I pulled out and the whole room was echoing with the piak piak sound and her loud moans.

“Oohh ohhh ohh Dan I am going to cum already ahhh go on fuck ahhhhh.” She shouted and pushed herself onto me harder. I reached forward to grab her boobs and tickled her nipples. She raised herself up and reached her arm back to grab my head and kissed me. I hugged her boobs and banged her quickly.

“Ahhh ahhhhh yes ahhh.” She let go of me and fell onto the bed, her hips raised and still getting fucked by me. She moaned especially loud when she orgasmed and scratched the bedsheet tightly.

“Oooooh, I think it’s my turn.” I leaned forward to hug her and kissed her back while I shot my biggest load into her. I pulled out, panting and saw my load leaking out of her pussy. How much had I shot into her!

Fast forward to a few days later.

So Cara was kind of like very close right now. I can’t really describe our relationship because we were like siblings, we fucked but we were not officially couple yet. I reminded myself to not put in real feelings for her as it would really complicate things.

So it had been three months since I started working here and yah also lost my virginity. I was posted outside of the counter to assist the promoters with their sales and also answered to customers while new part timers took my place on the counter. This meant that I was ‘allowed’ to walk around my department and ‘eat snake’. One time our supervisors were having their off day simultaneously, so we were all slacking around at 8 pm after dinner peak.

“Hey Dan! Come over!” Cara shouted across and I went to sit at her counter to chat with her (She was selling high end products so she had her own chair and counter to herself.).

Jane and I are planning to go back to Malaysia for a holiday you wanna go with us? You and I can have fun together again oh!” She whispered into my ears as she planted a kiss on my cheeks, I was surprised at her daring-ness. I turned and return her a kiss on the lips, which she was surprised and people might see us. The thrill of being exposed actually turned me on so I reached my hands between her legs and felt the warmth. She cracked a soft moan and turned around to see if anyone was watching. There was actually nothing to worry since her counter was tall enough so no one could see what’s going on under and since there was no one around anyway (Post peak hour at 8.30 pm.). She held my hand to reach into her pants to feel her smooth underwear and really got my hormones flooding! I wanted to savor this moment, but my manager stepped out of the office to do her ‘patrolling’ and I immediately ducked under the counter as there was no time for me to escape.

“Oh, hi madam, our new arrival is quite popular!” Cara attempted to distract the manager so she wouldn’t notice me. She also stood up pretending to be attentive. I cursed at the manager silently for spoiling my fun but… Since Cara stood up, her area was just slightly above my head. I had an evil thought and I stroked her in between her legs and of course, she let out a gasp and grabbed my hands so I couldn’t continue.

“Why you grabbing your thigh huh? Sit down slack too long leg numb already right.” My manager challenged. Cara gave a fake grin and nodded while the manager left.

“Eh, don’t get me into trouble hor go back la.” She chased me away.

So yeah, I agreed to tag along Cara and Jane on their trip. We took a luxurious bus trip of six hours to the coastal village. Me and Cara sat together with Jane behind us having two seats to herself and she fell asleep half after crossing the Malaysian customs.

Cara decided to have her little revenge for last time’s incident by reaching her hands into my shorts under the blanket we were sharing (Bus was cold.). She unzipped my shorts and reached her hand in and I stared at her hard while trying to push her away. She planted her lips on mine to shut me up and went ahead with her mischief. She lubricated her hands with her lotion and stroked my dick and it felt totally awesome. I was enjoying this moment so much and I frenched her so passionately. We were trying to be really discreet as we would not want attention from other passengers. I breathed heavily while she stroked my dick faster. I held her hand and stopped her as I was near to shooting my cum onto the blanket (Which wasn’t ours.). She pulled out some tissue and continued to stroke no matter how much I refused. I struggled a bit, but she got the better of me and I unloaded into her tissue paper. I groaned and I was sure some people heard me. I was unwilling, but I had to admit it felt so good and hoped I can have it again.

“That’s for teasing me in front of the manager! Good hand job wasn’t it?” Cara said cheekily with a teenager’s grin and I just didn’t know whether to be angry, happy or find her adorable.

Anyway, we finally reached the resort after the long tiring ride and we finally checked in to our room. It was spacious with mostly wooden furniture with the sea view available. Not to forget a private spa on the balcony! I was checking out the room to see what possibilities were there during the night (You know what I meant.). Sadly, the two ladies will be sleeping together on the king sized bed and I will sleep alone on the huge couch. Yup, so we went to the beach to play and the two ladies were so beautiful in their beachwear. Cara wore a floral beach dress that made her look elegant but it was Jane this time that caught my attention, wearing a translucent white beach dress which allowed her bright pink bikini to stand out. It was the first time I saw her slender body. Her boobs were slightly smaller than Cara’s but it was firmer. Her butt was also smaller but her body looked fabulous to me. More like a model than Cara. We just played in the water till the evening and dined at the seafood restaurant just nearby.

Here comes the exciting part! Cara suggested to go drinking in the bar and played a drinking game. Ended up her losing most of the rounds and got drunk. Me and Jane only drank a few shots so we were only a bit tipsy. And yeah, we carried her back to the room while she went drunk talking all the way back. We put her on the king size bed and she slept like diagonally so Jane couldn’t have her space.

“Dan I give up I am sharing the couch with you.” Jane murmured as she collapsed beside me on the couch (Couch was quite big.).

Just after a few seconds, she pulled off her dress and threw it off sloppily, leaving behind her wonderful body with only her bikini. I was attracted and I stared at her boobs and slender legs. Somehow she knew she had my attention and signaled me to go over. I went closer to her timidly and out of expectations (Or maybe not.), she pulled my hands to touch her between the legs and stroked up and down. I took it as a signal and under the influence of alcohol too, I hooked her neck with my arm and lunged forward to kiss her. She went aggressive mode and returned the kiss. Soon it progressed into a full blown french kiss. She kept swirling her tongue and sucking mine as if she wanted to eat me up so I was truthfully quite afraid. She broke the kiss and pushed me to lie down on the couch, sat on me and untied her bikini top quickly. This was what alcohol was capable of! She pinned both my arms down on the couch and started to suck on my neck. I was actually kind of scared at this time.

“Pull off your shirt!” She commanded while I pulled my top off.

I manned up and pulled her down onto me and kissed her neck as well. She did the same and we were exchanging favors for I didn’t know how long. Jane got herself up and combed her hair back with her fingers, which was a beautiful sight and of course super turn on. She pulled my shorts down together to expose my dick which was super wet now. Without hesitating, she put my dick into her mouth and sucked on it. It was the first time someone took my dick by mouth so I was really shocked and held her head signaling her to be careful. The experience was comparable to vaginal sex!

Jane was doing really well by licking my dick head in her mouth and staring at me seductively.

Jane, please don’t stop!” I begged as I enjoyed the unique sensation.

“Of course I will not! I will not let you off tonight 今晚我不会放过你.” She ‘threatened’ while she sat up and took her underwear off. This girl was fucking slutty! She positioned my dick upright while she slowly sat down on it. I clenched while I let her devour my penis.

“Uhhhhh! Dan your first time is mine! You eager to have sex don’t you!” She moaned as she started to ride me. I held her hips and let her enjoy her ‘sense of achievement’.

I had totally forgotten her boobs so I reached to touch them with both hands. She let out a sexy sigh and threw her hair back. I loved it when she did this! Jane wasn’t like the girls I saw in porn that moaned loudly, but she let out sexy deep breathes that I think was more sexy. But she started to get a little louder and quickened her tempo which was a hint she was near to climax. I hurriedly thrust in unison with her and kissed her cleavage and nipples more frequently and soon enough she arched her back and orgasmed.

“Ahhh fuck!” She shouted. I was worried Cara would wake up so I got up and hugged her tightly. She also hugged me and buried her face onto my shoulders to dampen her moans while she continued to savor her climax.

However, I hadn’t got my chance yet! I continued to thrust her while she sat on me. I nibbled her neck and ears, which was sensual to her as I could hear her breathing hard every kiss. My hands were of course taking the advantage to feel her smooth back and butt.

Just then, Cara turned herself around to face our direction and I quickly laid down on my back with Jane on top of me. We both were startled and looked at each other.

“Shhhh let’s continue quietly!” Jane put her fingers on my lips and smiled prettily at me. I shook her finger away and frenched her again, holding her cheeks.

“Uh uh, uhmm…” We continued to fuck quietly.

“Uh, I am coming again.” Jane whispered as she tensed up and pinched my shoulders. I felt that I was coming too, but I was worried about cumming in her.

“I said I am not gonna let you off tonight!” Jane whispered as she grabbed me harder. I had the green light so I pumped her faster and faster till…

“Ahhh Jane, oh my god.” I shot my load into her and pumped her continuously. This experience was better than fucking Cara the last time due to the dangerous situation. Jane got up from me and went to the toilet. I wore my shorts back and went to sleep without her.


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