Sex with My Cousin


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It’s the June holiday and my family and my Cousin‘s family were planning on a 5D4N trip to Bangkok. It was a Saturday and my family and I went over to my Cousin‘s house for a discussion.

Me and my Cousin were in her room as the adults were discussing about the trip. My Cousin usually locked her room door so we were in the room and she suddenly asked me, “Kor kor (As in brother.), what is sex?”

My jaw almost dropped. She seemed to be very curious about sex so I explained to her.

She then said “Kor, wanna try?”

I just said, huh ok loh. I took off all my clothes and watched her stripping. She took off her clothes and I watched her boobs slowly exposing to me, I wanted to squeeze her boobs.

She then said, “Kor what’s next?”

I then asked her to sit on the floor and slowly spread her legs open I saw her soft and pink pussy wanted to fuck her immediately. But I just slowly put my cock into her pussy and slowly moved in and out. I think she was enjoying so I decided to fuck her faster.

She said, “Kor faster I love it fuck me harder.”

But suddenly I heard footsteps outside the room so I immediately pulled out my cock from her pussy and wore up my shorts and shirt. But after a while no one knocked the door. When I turned back, I saw my Cousin trying to clip her bra back, but unable to clip back. I saw her shaking a bit. Her boob went up and down looking so delicious.

I said, “Never mind lah, nobody liao.”

She then let go her bra and the two breasts slowly exposed to me again.

So I asked her, “Want to continue?”

She replied me, “Don’t want lah, a little bit tired liao, maybe next time.”

She then wore her panties back and tried to clip her bra but still cannot. So I offered to help her, she then turned and show her sexy back to me. I tried to clip it but also cannot. So I used one hand to squeeze her boobs together then try. When I touched it, it was so soft and a little dark. She had pinkish red nipples. I just managed to clip her bra and then she wore back her pants and shirt.

Around 5.00 pm in the evening, my parents came and knocked the door. They said that we were going soon so I had a kind of disappointed face. My Cousin saw that then she came and sat beside me.

She held my hand and say in a sexy tone, “Never mind lah. Next time lah.”

I just replied with a yes and I told her that must keep the secret. When I was in the car on the way back home, I asked my parents when were we going to Bangkok. They said the next week, I was so excited seeing my Cousin again.

Finally!! The day came, we arrived at the airport at about 8.30 am. From afar, we spot my Cousin and my uncle and aunt. We walked towards them and my parents asked them if they had eaten.

My uncle said, “Haven’t, want to eat now or check in first?”

My father replied, “Hmmm, check in first loh.”

I looked at my Cousin and smiled to her, she returned me a sweet smile. After we got out boarding pass I saw that she was seated beside me. I was so excited, I saw her looking at my season number and smiled sweetly at me. I smiled back. When we were eating breakfast, I went to the toilet while the adults were chit-chatting. I didn’t notice that my Cousin was following me. Suddenly someone hugged me from the back, I turned back and saw her.

I asked her, “What you want? Later our parents see how? Later lah.”

She walked back to her seat with a disappointed face, after I go toilet I went back to my seat, waiting for boarding.

It’s 10.30 am and we were sitting outside the gate. The announcement was made that everybody can board on the plane now.


Source: Boyang

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