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When I was still in school, my grades were average. Thus, liked many Singaporean parents, tuition became mandatory. One tutor, Miss Ng, who tutored me Maths stood out. I still remembered the first day I met her. She was about 1.6 m tall, had small features (Nose, mouth.), but her eyes were really beautifully olive shaped. She wore a tight t-shirt and jeans on the first day. You could see her petite frame with B cup boobs (Big for her height.). She looked like those cute Chinese girls that you would want in your arms to protect.

Me: “Miss Ng.”

Miss Ng: “Hi (Name.).”

Me: “Let’s go up to my room.”

Miss Ng: “Can I use the toilet first?”

Me: “The toilet is in my room.”

She then followed me up to my room.

Me: “I help you turn on the light.”

Miss Ng: “Thanks” *She went in the toilet.*

What she didn’t know was that there was a small hole at the side of the door.

Of course, as a teenager with raging hormones, I took a peep, or more like watching the entire show. Haha.

She was doing her makeup etc.

Then, she unzipped her pants and pull down her panties. She wore those lacy G-string type. I erected right away as I saw her pussy. It was clean shaven and the color was those light pink type.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps and fumbled on the floor as my room door was still open (Stupid me. Forgot to close.). It was my mom.

Mom: “What are you doing on the floor?”

At that point of time, my heart was racing fast and Miss Ng came out of the toilet.

Miss Ng: “Peeping at me? Haha.” *Jokingly*

Me: “Noo…” *I stuttered.*

Miss Ng: “Just joking with you aha.”

Mom: “Miss Ng, can I speak with you about the fees?”

My mom and Miss Ng proceeded out of my room to talk about the tuition fees and stuff.

“Phew, what a close shave,” I thought to myself.

So Miss Ng came back in and we talked about my current results etc. Etc…

And she said her name is Steph and I could call her that.

Steph‘s phone rang. She excused herself and answered it while I was doing my work. I distinctively heard her saying, dear, and I thought to myself, “Aiya she got a boyfriend already.” Anyway, I wouldn’t have gotten a chance.

After she put down the call,

Me: “Boyfriend called?”

Steph: “Ya. Sorry, had to answer it during lesson time.”

Me: “No worries.”

We then proceeded with the tuition as per normal.

Halfway through, I needed to use the toilet and left. Before leaving the toilet, I looked through the peep hole and (What’s the term? Beo.), her. But she was sitting down plus only can see the back view as the back of the chair was facing the toilet.

But she suddenly adjusted her seating and then I saw it…

From the back view, I managed to see her lacy G-string which peaked through the edge of her jeans when she adjusted her seating. As a teen, I instantly erected and wild thoughts ran through my mind. On top of that, her skin on her body looked flawless fair and smooth, every man’s dream girl!

I waited for the erection to subside and proceeded back to tuition. But thoughts of me mentally undressing Steph occupied me for the rest of that lesson.

Steph: “That’s all for today.”

Me: “So fast?”

Steph: “It’s 4 pm already.”

Tuition was supposed to end at 3.30 pm.

Me: “I didn’t realize the time.”

She then packed up quickly and leave.

I thought to myself, was she in a rush to meet her boyfriend? Hmmm. Since it was a Friday afternoon, I waited for her to leave before following her.

While following her, my heart was racing fast. Thoughts about what if I got caught etc. When she reached Orchard Cineleisure, I saw her with her boyfriend. The first thing they did when they met, they started frenching in public. Imagine seeing a cute innocent looking girl behaving so wild, it’ll make you crazy. I had thought she was conservative. When she was walking in after that short frenching session, her boyfriend’s hands were all over her ass as he wrapped one arm around that petite 24 inch waist of hers.

I was so jealous. Anyone would have wanted to be in the boyfriend’s shoes.

I then left and went back home, looking forward to the next tuition session.

The next tuition session, Steph wore a light blue spaghetti top and a jean skirt. It was difficult to hide my erection as more skin was revealed and her bra strap was matching color as well. This time I let her walk up first, then I can have a nice view from the back hahaha. Her legs were well toned, very little cellulite and baby smooth skin. She sat down first. That gave me a chance to view her cleavage from the top. Although only can see a bit for the cleavage, but that was good enough for me to mentally undress her.

Halfway through, she used the toilet. I peeped at her again, of course.

This time she was wearing a boy’s shorts panty, those kind that revealed the lower half of the girl’s butt. Her ass was small and tight, just the way I like it!

I quickly searched her bag to see if she got anything naughty inside, like a small vibrator. I searched it carefully, not to mess up the things inside. I got my hand on something inside her bag something plastic. But then I heard the tap turning off and I was shocked and scared and didn’t know what to do. I just took the plastic thing and put it in my pocket while placing her bag to its original position.

At that point of time, I didn’t know what it was as I was too scared to see it during the lesson. I kept it in my pocket till after the lesson.

Steph‘s phone rang, she had a message. I peeped over at the message, her boyfriend asked what time was she coming over. Steph replied 4.30 as my tuition ended at 4. I was then thinking what are they gonna do at his (Boyfriend’s.), place and lost focus.

At the end of the lesson, Steph noticed and placed her hand on my thigh saying…

Steph: “Why today, you seem to be distracted?”

I instantly erected when she touched me…

Luckily she didn’t notice. I remained very still in case she brushed against my erected dick.

Me: “Just a bit tired.”

Steph: “Ok. We’ll end here today.”

Me: “Ok.”

I then walked Steph out the door and quickly ran up to my room, locked the door and prepared to see what I found in her bag…

To my amazement, it was a condom!

Thoughts of Steph having sex with her boyfriend aroused me and occupied my thoughts.

She looked so innocent but inside she’s wild!

The next tuition lesson, Steph wore a body hugging t-shirt and shorts (Those super short kind.). Her legs were well toned and slender. But what I loved most was the fairness of her skin. The shorts also revealed the shape of her butt, small and firm. And I was walking with an erection behind her up the stairs

During tuition, I kept peeking at her thighs and fantasizing about her sitting on my lap. I just wanted to feel her nicely shaped butt. Suddenly, she knocked her hand on my thigh and accidentally brushed a bit of my erection. I was suddenly shocked, thinking if she felt it. I then excused myself to the toilet. All I could think of was that is Steph going to tell my mother about what happened. But on the other hand, maybe it was just my active imagination. After like 10 minutes in the toilet, I came out. Nervousness shook me as I approached the chair. I slowly sat down and pretend nothing had happened. Steph didn’t seem any different also. So I guessed she didn’t feel the erection.

Phew. What a close shave I thought to myself.

When tuition ended, I quickly locked my door and fantasies of Steph brushing across my erection escalated to fantasies of her giving me a hand job.

At that point, I didn’t really care if she felt my erection. I just masturbated with thoughts of her giving me a hand job. They say the brain is the most powerful organ, you can live out any fantasies through it haha.

The next lesson, Steph wore a red hugging t-shirt and skinny jeans. I could totally see her curves in her petite frame. As usual, I let her walk up before me so I can admire her. Haha.

Her butt was moving side to side in a swaying movement. It would certainly arouse any man who sees it. When she reached my room, she said she needed to use the toilet and placed her bag on my table.

Curiosity overtook me and I found myself searching through her bag in no time. While searching, I was shocked. I found a dildo inside! I was shocked as it’s the first time I saw it real life, other than in porn videos. Many thoughts were running through my mind. Suddenly, the toilet door opened and I was still holding on to the dildo.

I saw the expression on Steph‘s face…

Steph was as shocked as me and we just stood there not moving for what seems to be an eternity.

She then raised her voice and said…

Steph: “What are you doing!?”

Me: (I just froze there and whispered sorry.)

Steph: (She then snatched back the dildo from me and put it back in her bag.)

I just refrained from eye contact and looked down.

Then she noticed my erection and slapped my balls and said “What’s with the erection!?”

I just stood there in pain as she pulled down my shorts to reveal my penis.

She then played with my penis while scolding me. Suddenly she used her hands to force my foreskin back. I was still a virgin, so it was damn painful.

I pleaded with her to stop, but she just continued to force it back.

Her phone rang. I was hoping she had to go. And true enough, that was her boyfriend who called and she had to go. But before she left, she gave my penis a few jerks and I ejaculated all over the floor.

She then said…

Steph: “Lick it all up.”

Me: *I whispered.* “No…”

Steph: “Or else I will tell you mother what you did.”

I was left with no choice. So I licked it all up.

She left shortly after that.

Planning my revenge…

I had plans on revenge…

When Steph arrived, she wore shorts and a spaghetti top. Purposely to tease me.

When we entered my room, she locked the door. My heart started pounding as she slowly approached me. She gave my nipples a hard pinch, it was damn painful. I winced in pain as she continued to pinch them a couple of times. I pleaded with her to stop, but she continued like as if she had a fetish for that.

After a while, I couldn’t endure the pain any longer, I retaliated. I pushed her off balance and she fell on my bed. Without thinking, I pinched her nipples beneath her bra a few times. I still remembered the look on her face.

It was a pleasure to her, what a twisted mind she had, I thought to myself. I continued to pinch her nipples till I got an erection. She was stroking my penis!

The feeling was great, getting a girl to stroke your penis for the first time it’s like heaven!

As I was enjoying the stroking, I slowly toned down the pinching to rubbing and playing with her nipples.

Suddenly, she pulled down my shorts to reveal my erected penis. She then proceeded to give me a blow job. It felt great! I was about to climax. I told her…

Me: “I can’t hold it any longer, I am going to shoot.”

Steph just jerked my penis and aimed it towards her face and I unloaded all over her face. I then just sat there on my bed while she rushed to the toilet to clean up.

My first cum on face…

The next lesson, Steph couldn’t make it. So I went to Orchard with my friends. At the corner of my eye, I saw Steph. What a coincidence! I waved and she pretended not to see. Maybe it was because of the previous lesson. So I just carried on with my friends. While window shopping, suddenly I heard a loud argument, and a girl crying. I went to check it out. It was Steph. I then approached her and asked her to calm down and tell me what happened. She told me her boyfriend broke up with her. I, as a guy consoled her. I think people walking past thought I was her boyfriend because at that time I was 15 while she was 18. And she’s petite, so she looked younger than her age. I then followed her back to her place as she invited me over.

When we reached her place, she thanked me for helping her out just now. She sat beside me and then, some sex demon took over her. She started to french kiss me like mad and was stroking my penis at the same time. I just sat there enjoying every bit. I then slowly caressed her boobs and pussy while frenching. She then took off her top and bra and asked me to suck on her nipples. I complied, hahaha. She really loved being sucked! After a while, she pulled down my shorts and started to give me a blowjob. She really knows how to tease a man’s penis. She will slowly start to lick the balls, then the length of my penis.

Luckily, her parents were out that night. We stripped each other off, and then as I lay there with my erect cock, she looked at me seductively and frenched me while sitting on my stomach area, using her pussy to rub my dick, the sensation was out of this world, I could feel her getting wetter each time she rubbed, and soon, she adjusted and slipped my dick into her,

That warm sensation in her pussy was great, and it was a bit tight, guys will know, when the pussy is warm, it feels really great. She rode me without a condom as I played with her nipples and caressed her boobs. I was about to cum and told her, she then continued riding me. I had to endure it as I didn’t wanna become a father haha.

I could feel her body jerking to the orgasms she had, when I really could not hold it longer, I pushed her off and unloaded it on her face.

She then proceeded to suck and lick my dick clean and I helped her to wipe her face…

We then went to her room and lay there together as we were both exhausted and slowly fell asleep…

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms, I thought to myself, if this was my girlfriend, I would be the luckiest guy on earth.

When I woke up, it was already morning, I was panicked as I heard her parents outside in the living room talking, and I quickly shook her up and asked her what to do.

As she was still semi awake and fully naked, lust took over, I found myself caressing her soft breast as she just lay there enjoying it. I leaned my face towards her pink nipples and gave it a light lick, she tried to control her moans as I continued to suck on her nipples.

While sucking on her nipples, she reached down and started stroking my dick. I then started frenching her as I continued to caress her boobs. Soon, I positioned my dick in front of her face. She playfully closed her mouth, I rubbed my dick all over her face, hoping that her mouth would open up and give me a blow job. After playing for a while, I reached down to finger her, as she started to moan, I took advantage of the situation and pushed my dick in. Haha

She started to deep throat me while I fingered her pussy. The faster I fingered her, the faster her head was bobbing on my dick. As I was about to cum, I pushed her dead down hard on my dick and shot it directly down her throat, what a great feeling, as I slowly released her head, she was gasping for air while choking on my semen. I then continued to finger her to orgasm.



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