Secret of Uncle Wong


Let’s start off with some brief description of characters:

Uncle Wong: A henpecked Uncle in his 50’s owning a small provision shop or mini mart under a HDB block in Hougang area. He usually started work in the morning and closed shop at 9 pm. Business was not so good, but he was still living in a comfortable life, thanks to his investment and some lucky TOTO money he struck some years ago. After work, he will go home straight to do all the house chores while his wife was likely to have some mahjong session with her kakis.

He was a quiet man, never talked much, only served her wife like a queen, but he still got to lay his wife and most of the time, he was like a sex toy to his wife, who was a cougar. She will make him lick her ass, sucked her toes and also licked her stinking hairy armpit, which was her fetish anyway.

Aunty Teo: A widow in her 40’s, lived in the block above Uncle Wong’s mini mart. She used to be an attractive housewife before her hubby passed away in a car accident some years ago. Now she had suffered from some mental illness, which at some times, she will behave like a small kid, but at times she was a normal aunty. Life was harsh for her, but fortunately, she was still surviving on the insurance paid out from her hubby.

Grace: A SYT, 17 years old, the only daughter of Aunty Teo, looked chio, standing at 1.6m and about 50 kg. B+ cup breasts which often attracted lots of vision from ti ko Uncles around her block. She was a timid, quiet person, never had any relationship before, a purely innocent virgin. She will work part time during weekends to supplement the income as they only depended on the insurance of her dad and it was soon depleted.

Stella: The only good friend of Grace, a typical ah lian, basically she befriended Grace because she can always help her with her homework. She was another SYT, liked to dress in low cut and mini skirt, always cursed and uttered vulgarities when Uncles looked at her. But she was still a close friend of Grace as she always brought food and clothing for her.

The story begins one fine day when Uncle Wong was sitting in the little mini mart, it was a quiet evening as most people were staying home. He was watching some AV show in his store rubbing his crotch as the scenes got hot. Aunty Teo stepped in to his stores and started browsing around, he couldn’t bother as Aunty Teo was a frequent patron of his store and he knew she had gotten the mental illness.

After some time, he noticed Aunty Teo started behaving abnormal again, behaving like a child, murmuring to herself and he saw her putting some potatoes chips and candies in her grocery bag. It was all captured on the newly installed CCTV he installed in the store. He was very angry, but he decided to monitor the situation. He saw her putting a number of stuff in her bag and soon she was stepping out of his store… Now he was furious, he dashed to the entrance and stopped her.

Uncle Wong: “Hey, you seow char bor, you dare come my store to steal things?”

Aunty Teo: “Haha… I never steal I only want to eat… Grace will come and pay later.”

Uncle Wong: “You think I stupid, no wonder my goodies keep missing, now I know who the culprit is.”

Aunty Teo: “No, no… I dun care I wanna go home now, I wanna call police catch you.”

Uncle Wong: “You better call your daughter now…”

Aunty Teo: Started mumbling… “Dun wan dun wan…”

Wong couldn’t be bothered by her crazy act, he just grabbed the mobile phone from her hand and searched for Grace‘s number… It was easy as she only stored 1 number in her phone, which was her daughter, Grace.

The phone rang and Grace picked the call:

Grace: “Hi mum…”

Uncle Wong: “This is Uncle Wong, I catch your mum stealing in my shop. Please come down now…”

Grace was panicky and immediately grabbed a t shirt and rushed down, she just finished her shower, and her hairs were still wet. But worrying about the situation, she ran down the stairs as fast she could.

Upon reaching the stores, she saw her mum was sitting inside playing with some toys, Uncle Wong was furious. She can sense it as his face was black like a wok.

Grace: “Sorry Uncle, you know my mum got sickness, please forgive her… I will pay for the things she took.”

Uncle Wong: “What pay? Now I catch her, you pay, what about the other days that she steals from my store. No wonder my things keep missing so install CCTV.”

Grace: “Sorry, sorry… How much goods you are missing?”

Uncle Wong: “Couple of thousands…”

Grace: “How could it be? Few thousand, I dun have so much money, can I just pay you 100 and we settle this?”

Wong started to cool down and had a closer look at Grace.. Her hair was wet and she was just wearing a t shirt, he can see her nipples poking out as she was too rushed to run down without putting on her bras. He can feel his cock getting hard… And evil thoughts started running in his mind…

Uncle Wong: “Do you know if I show the CCTV clips to police and your mom will be jailed? 100 is not enough. I want you to compensate 3000.”

Grace: “Please Uncle… Dun call police, my mom cannot go to jail.”

Uncle Wong: “Then you pay me 3000 as a compensation lor…”

Grace: “Uncle, you know we are poor, we dun even have 1000, how to pay you 3000? Give me some time to raise the money.”

Uncle Wong: “No way, either you pay now or I call police.”

Grace started sobbing and crying, she kneeled down in front of Wong begging him not to call police.

Grace: “Please Uncle, I can work for you for free after my school, but please dun call police, I beg you, and I do anything for you.”

Uncle Wong: “Hmmm… Ok, I can let you mom off on one condition.”

Grace: “Thank you, Uncle… Thank you so much, what can I do for you?”

Wong’s evil grin appeared… He pointed his finger at the AV screen, “I want you to do that for me.”

Grace looked at the screen and her face turned red, it was a scene of BJ… She knew what this evil Uncle demanded.

Grace: “Uncle… No please, I can do other things for you, not this.”

Grace: “I am still young… I never do all these dirty things… Please I beg you.”

Wong walked towards the entrance and locked the door and pulled down the shuttle.

Uncle Wong: “Either you do what I say or else I call the police, the choice is up to you!!!”

Aunty Teo was still sitting on the floor playing with the toy car she took from the shop, playing happily, she didn’t know what was happening to her daughter soon.

After some persuasion and Grace stared at her mom helplessly. Wong walked over closer to Grace and told her he was generous enough to offer her a chance to let the mother off, otherwise she will be jailed. Grace, with her timid characters, remained silent sobbing, folding her arms across her chest as she realized she was not wearing a bra. She felt Wong’s eyes staring at her fully grown breasts.

Wong started to pull her hands away closer to him… Her teary eyes made her more attractive, she obliged unwillingly.

Uncle Wong: “Dun scare, Uncle not monster, Uncle won’t harm you, you never try that before?”

Grace: “No Uncle I never.”

Uncle Wong: “You never have a boyfriend before?”

Grace: “Never.”

Uncle Wong: “You still a virgin?”

Grace bit her lips, never answered him, but nodded her head…

Uncle Wong: “Ok, Uncle teach you how to please a man, so next time you will be a good wife, I promise I will take good care of you and you can make some money after this ok. Otherwise, I call the police and she will be jailed.” Pointing at her naive mom…

Grace didn’t answer him, standing there motionless, but her arms had already unfolded, he can now catch a glimpse of her breasts, it was a nice shape and her hairs smelled nice.

The next moment, he pulled her towards the small little space near the toilet, he pulled off her t shirt without much resistance as Grace was already giving him silent approval.

Grace: “Please dun hurt me and you promised to let my mom off…”

Uncle Wong: “Dun worry. You make me happy and I can do anything for you. Dun cry and just close your eyes…”

Grace obliged and he now had full access to her beautiful body. Her nipples were pinkish, small but perky, he put his mouth close to the nipples and started sucking it. While the other hand grabbing the boobs. He can feel Grace was shivering, maybe she was frightened, but he ignored her pleas… Continued to suck her erected nipples. Soon Grace‘s breasts were covered with his filthy saliva… He then turned his head towards her mouth and started to poke his filthy tongue inside her mouth, Grace tried to lock his mouth tight, but soon gave in as he pressed her cheek hard to pry open a small gap. Grace felt so disgusted as this was the first time she had a french kiss, she could smell the bad breath and cigarette smell from his mouth, and he continued to run his tongue inside her mouth.

Grace closed her eyes, not daring enough to see what this disgusting old man would do to her… He continued to kiss her while his old rough hands started to caress all over her body, he can feel the her nipples getting so hard now. He started to lick her nose, her ears and her neck… She responded with shivers. It was a mixed feeling for Grace too… It was frightening, disgusting, and filthy, but it felt good too, as this was the first time she behaved so intimate with a man. She could only console herself by imagining a Korean superstar was kissing her right now, which was the reason why she dared not open her eyes.

After some time, Grace felt more comfortable as she was fantasizing now, she started to feel strange in her pussy, and it was like itchy or uncomfortable down below. She started to cross her legs and moaned. It was the very first experience for her and she didn’t know why she felt that way.

Soon Wong started to lick her chest and her arm, he raised her arm and sniffed her armpit, and it smelled nice, clean shaven, unlike his old disgusting wife, thick bush and stinky. This young woman was so different, smelled goods so he started to lick her armpit like what the wife made him do. She wiggled a bit as she felt ticklish… Wong moved his hands southward to unbutton her bermudas, her hand tried to resist, but soon it was overcome by the powerful hands of Wong, her bermudas dropped on the floor. Now standing in front of Wong was a beautiful SYT with only a small panty covering the most important base of any woman.

Wong tried to slip his hands to pull down the panty, but this time round, Grace fought back to protect her most important asset of her body.

Grace: “Uncle no… No, please.”

Uncle Wong: “Take your hand away… You must make me happy, remember.”

Grace: “No, please Uncle. You promise not to hurt me no…”

Uncle Wong: “It will make you shiok, trust me, next time you will like it.”

Grace started to push him away, but he continued to hug her tight.

Uncle Wong: “Ok… Relax, I won’t put my finger inside ok. Just wanna feel it. Just a little while will do…”

Wong started to slip his hand inside the panty instead of ripping them off, soon Grace had given up hope as she already felt her base conquered. Wong’s hands could not feel the scarce pubic hair, it was thin and fine… He moved his hands further down and he could feel her pussy was already covered with sticky juice. He knew this girl already turned on, feeling horny.

While Wong’s hand reached the clit area, it was like soaking wet. Her small little cotton panty was soaking wet with the juice from her pussy. Grace felt confused, she wanted him to stop, but also wished him to continue, it was the first time she felt so good, just like someone scratching the itchy part of her body, she tried to cross her legs tight, but it seemed to make it worse, she felt her pussy excreting more love juice, she wanted to stop but her body told her she was enjoying it, she felt her face so hot, she must be blushing by now… Unwillingly, she let off more moans…

Grace: “Er… Er. Erm…”

Uncle Wong: “You like it? Very wet now…” (Wong slowly pulled off her panty, this time round, no more resistance from her.)

Soon, Grace was standing totally naked in front of this filthy Uncle, however, her eyes still shut tight. Wong felt so steamed and it was like a dream for him to see such a young girl naked, without much hesitation, he removed his old torn singlet and unzipped his pants and pulled down his old boxer. He never felt his cock so hard, at least not for the last 10 years. As he was a henpecked husband, he dared not visit places like Geylang, always worried his wife might find out, but today it was so different, he felt he was 20 years younger. His cock was so hard like the baton of policeman, for the first time, he felt he was a man again.

He took Grace‘s hand to hold his cock… Grace‘s hand withdrew immediately as it came in contact with it. She had never seen a cock in her life, so she could help but to peep at it. In spite of his age, Wong’s dick was quite a long and thick one, it was not a circumcised dick, but the look of it was frightening to Grace, she was thinking how could such an ugly stick poked inside a vagina? But now she was grabbing his cock, Wong grabbed her hand and taught her to thrust his dick front and back.

The 2 of them were in standing position as he was rubbing her cunt while she was shaking his dick… So now she understood why women were so enjoyed when a man touched them, she always heard how her good friend Stella boasted about it in school, but never knew how it felt, but today, she understood it thoroughly.

After some hot touching, Wong pulled Grace near to his cashier counter, he told her to sit on top of the counter. She obliged, worrying and scared. She didn’t know what’s going to happen next… Soon, when she sat on top…

Uncle Wong: “Spread your legs for Uncle to see.”

She shook her head and shut her legs tight.

Grace: “No… No… Please dun…”

Wong pried open her legs without much effort, now a fresh seducing pussy appeared before his eyes… It was such a long, long time since he had ever seen a young pussy… Perhaps 30 years ago with his ex. The nicely trimmed scare pubic hair made her vagina looked sweet… He used his finger to pry open the lips of her vagina. It was so wet and he can see sticky juice covered the entrance of the sweet hole. The clitoris was wet and swollen… So reddish in color and it was so because she was so aroused by his magical finger touch.

Grace kept shaking her head telling him no… No… No… But he ignored her plea and stuck out his tongue to have a good lick at her vagina… Grace immediately responded with a jerk on her body followed by trembling. She felt the shock in her life as it was the first time a guy licked her… She felt she was electrified, the feel of stimulation ran down her spine. So embarrassing and yet she couldn’t refuse it, she wanted more, she could feel her vaginal muscles contracting as he tried to push his tongues into her love hole. It was so wet by now, a mixture of her love juice and Wong’s saliva.

Her legs were wobbling as Wong continued to attack her clit… She felt a strong urge each time Wong sucked her clit… She felt her heart beat getting faster, she longed for more… The harder Wong rubbed on her clit, the pleasure grew stronger… She pressed Wong’s head tight to her pussy, afraid he would stop giving her that pleasure… On the other hand, she felt so shameful and dirty.

As it was this dirty and filthy old man who was the first to taste her juice, never expected it.

She continued to close her eyes, indulging in this first experience of oral sex performed on her. Just then she felt Wong stopped and something was trying to enter her hole… She quickly opened her eyes and she saw Wong was holding his hard cock trying to enter her hole. This time, she struggled off by kicking him.

Wong fell and was furious, he stood up and return her with a slap on her face.

Uncle Wong: “What the fuck are you doing?”

Grace: “Sorry, Uncle… You told me you won’t hurt me… I am not ready for this… Please.”

Uncle Wong: “All girl have their first time, if you let me do it, you are helping your mum, better than let some young punk use it right?”

Grace: “No, no… Please, if you put it in I will die before you…”

Uncle Wong: “Ok… Ok… Relax, I dun force you… Come down.”

Grace stood up and Wong switched position with her, now Wong sat on the counter top and he pulled her closer… “Now if you dun let me fuck your pussy, at least let me fuck your mouth, we compromise ok…”

Grace: “No, I dunno how to do it.”

Uncle Wong: “Just close your eyes and open your mouth… I will guide you.”

Grace followed his instruction… He pulled her head towards his hard dick and shafted it into her mouth. For the first contact with a hard cock. A strong stench of urine and stinky smell was what she felt… The cock was thrusted so deeply inside her throat that she felt like vomiting. She could not imagine why a woman can suck such a stinking object. Wong pressed her head further down… She could only breathe through her nose. The cock pushed deep inside her throat and soon she started to puke. Wong’s was laughing and giggling as he seemed to enjoy seeing her in this desperate state. Her teary eyes made him more wild. He stood up and made Grace kneeled before him… Holding on to her head, he thrusted deeply inside her again…

Suddenly Aunty Teo stopped playing with her toys and kneeled beside her daughter…

Aunty Teo: “Ah girl, what you eating I also want…”

Uncle Wong: “It’s a candy lollipop, very nice. You want to try…”

Grace pushed him away and shouted: “Stop it, dun get my mum involved. She is sick.”

Uncle Wong: “Good things must share, your mum never has sex so long… Maybe she also like it…”

Grace: “I say dun get my mum involve I already do what you say please get away from her…”

Uncle Wong: “Ok, ok.”

He said ok to her while he couldn’t stop and had a quick grab at Aunty Teo’s breasts, it was hard and firm, now he realized actually this MILF had a solid breast, no wonder Grace‘s breasts so solid, so like mother like daughter.

Grace screamed at him again… “I said dun touch my mum and get away from her…”

Wong seeing Grace got upset pushed her mum away, he was thinking… I must lay this bitch tonight… Never had a virgin in my life before.

The thought of popping the cherry of such a sweet girl made his cock harder…

So he continued to grab her head to fuck her mouth furiously… Whenever he choked her, he was so excited…

Uncle Wong: “Suck it suck it hard baby.”

Grace kept telling herself not to puke, but the salty and foul smell of the dick made her so uncomfortable, the urine smell made her so disgusted and the hair from his dick kept brushing her nose and made her so uneasy.

Wong was pinching her nipples as she was sucking him in kneeling position… The erected nipples made his blood boiled. He kept telling himself to hold a bit longer because he wanted to fuck this virgin so much, but Grace seemed to have got the rhythm right. She followed whatever he said and soon Wong couldn’t hold it longer and exploded inside her mouth…

The sperm gushed inside Grace‘s mouth and she responded with a puke, not only sperm did she throw out there was her dinner too… After all was done Grace rushed to the toilet to rinse her mouth. He can hear her inducing vomit inside the toilet, probably she had swallowed some of his sperm.

Wong took his cock in his hand, it was covered with some stuff which Grace threw out earlier and some milky stuff, which was his sperm… As Grace was still inside the toilet, he took his cock and pushed it into Aunty Teo’s mouth and told her to eat it… He whispered to her, “Suck this candy. It’s sweet…” Aunty Teo opened her mouth and sucked his whole dick, but soon she pushed him away, she whispered to him back… “Taste bad, smell stinks, I don’t want, this candy expired le… Get me new one.” Try again, before he could do that again, he heard some flushing from the toilet and he knew Grace was coming out.

So he grabbed a tissue from the table and wiped his dick. Then he was thinking to himself…

Damn… So long never enjoyed but come so fast, never have the chance to fuck this virgin… Must think of a plan.

Grace walked out quickly wear her t shirt and panty. After that, she grabbed her mum and told Wong to open the door.

Grace: “Open the door, you say you will let my mum off, I dun want anyone to know this.”

Uncle Wong: “Sure you are most welcome.”

He pulled out a 100 buck bill from his counter and handed over to her, “Take it, and buy something for your mum.” Grace refused to take and ignored him, she was sobbing and she started to scream at him…

Grace: “Open the door, I wanna go home, I dun wanna see again.”

Wong opened the shuttle and unlocked the door while Grace walked off quickly with her mom… Wong was happy clearing up the mess and puke on the floor… He was laughing and smiling while doing it.


Because his CCTV recorded all the incidence which happened earlier, the part where Grace stripped and sucked for him.

An evil thought scrolled across his mind…

Chronicles of a Virgin

Soon after Grace went home, she brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth more than 10 times, the feel of sperm in her mouth made her uncomfortable. Her mum went to sleep while she kept tossing on her bed.

The scene which Uncle Wong licked her pussy flashed in her mind, the feel was strange to her as this was her first time being so intimate with a man, unknowingly, her fingers were already rubbing it, the sensational feel made her let off a soft moan. Suddenly, she was shocked at what she was doing… Felt so shameful and she covered herself in a blanket trying hard to forget the whole trauma.

The next few days were normal, she went to school, took care of her mum and her mum was quite normal.

As for Wong, it was quite busy for the last few days, not because of the mini mart business, but he was busy entertaining his wife as her mahjong kakis weren’t around to have mahjong with her. So Wong was being tortured by the wife again, doing all the stunts sexual movement, sextifying all her needs, licking her pussy and ass, but he still thought of Grace whenever he fucked his ugly wife, otherwise his cock turned soft in no time.

The chance for him came upon when his ugly wife told him she was going to Macau for some gambling activities for 4 days. He was so glad and smiling inside his heart, but showed a reluctant face in front of his wife. Soon after seeing the wife got a taxi heading to the airport, he started to plan for his next moves…

Watching the CCTV on how he played with Grace and how she ice creamed for him made his cock stand, but how to find an excuse to up this virgin and popped her cherry… It was about 8.30 pm and Aunty Teo popped in his shop again. This time, she seemed to have a relapse again, playing again in his shop like a small child. So he walked to her and grabbed her hand to have a close look at her…

She was in her mid-40s, slim body, smooth complexion, she was wearing a loose t shirt, but he can still see the shape of her breasts vividly. Hmm… Why didn’t he notice her in the past? It was a good opportunity for him, he told himself, since the daughter not around, it’s a good time to have some fun with the mum first…

He immediately pulled down the roller shuttle and pulled her into a corner.

Uncle Wong: “Hi, long time no see, are you hungry?”

Aunty Teo: “No… Your toys look so funny. I wanna play…”

Uncle Wong: “Ok… I let you try a new type of ice cream ok, it’s a warm one, never melt.”

Aunty Teo: “Really? You bluff me, all ice cream melts… You think I seow huh?”

Uncle Wong: “Haha… You really seow, I will show it to you…”

Wong immediately unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxer, showing off his ugly crumpled dick… He held the dick in his hands and shook a few minutes to make it hard.

Uncle Wong: “See this ice cream is long and warm, never melt, but it is delicious.”

Aunty Teo: “Your ice cream is chocolate favor huh, but why so ugly got hairs on the ice cream some black and some white, what brand? Magnolia or what?”

Before she could finish her sentence, Wong grabbed her head towards his dick and shafted the ugly dick into her mouth. He pushed the cock so deep inside that it almost choked her.

Aunty Teo: “Why your ice cream got urine smell, you drop your ice cream in the toilet huh?”

Wong ignored her speech and pushed the half hard dick inside her mouth again. Being more bold, he slipped his rough hand inside her loose t shirt and lifted up her bra to grab her boobs, he can feel her eraser like nipples getting harder, feeling more horny, he started to pinch and pull the nipples…

Uncle Wong: “Suck it harder, lick it come on… It’s good.”

Aunty Teo seemed like enjoying his dick, sucking his dick ferociously giving a slurping sound.

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