Poly Student


Story submitted by: Gem

It had been six months since my breakup from a six year relationship. I had known Jeremy, now my ex-boyfriend, since our secondary school days. After a year of courtship, we became steady.

The reason for breaking up with me, was because he had found another girl who was willing to give in to him and satisfy his sexual needs. Coming from a conservative and strict family, sex was a taboo and throughout the six years, despite all his sort of advancements, touching me was a definitely a no no, let alone sex. Although we did french and kiss, and allowed him to hold hands and sometimes my waist. That was the limit I went as far as I was concerned. Even though sometimes when I was not aware while kissing, he would try to squeeze my boobs and honestly it did feel good for me, but I would still stop him. Thinking that I should save the best things for after marriage. Hence, not once did I allow him to enjoy my 34C-24-36 body. It was a long six years of sex-starved relationship for Jeremy.

By the time when I came to enlightenment after a long six months of tears and heartbreak, my mentality changed and I realized having sex before marriage was no longer a big deal. I realized that my conviction had made me lose someone I really liked, but the more important issue was that my studies should not be affected by such unchallenged relationship. The breakup had bad negative impact on my studies and grades. Without the mood to study or do my final project, it would mean I would most likely fail and redo another year, which was very crucial for me, because previously I have ace-ed with good grades. Especially now when I was in my final year of my poly, it would be a shame if I had not completed my final year and got my diploma in business information technology.

Approximately more than one and a half month’s towards our FYP (Final year project.), submission, my FYP supervisor, Jeffrey Teo, called me into his office.

Jeffrey: Gem, do you know why I call you in my office today?”

Gem: “Yes, Mr. Teo.”

Jeffrey: “Good, then you should know that you barely had more than just one month left to complete your project, but I see you are not even close to 10% done. How are you going to get a good score for your project then?”

I went to complete silence as I did not know how to respond to Jeffrey’s question. Simply because I had no solution and even if I worked day and night to rush my project, I was still running out of time as I could never catch up with my studies as well. Anyway, it would mean I would not be able to graduate by the following year. Just by the thoughts of retaining one more year in school, it devastated my mind as tears rolled down my cheeks. Thinking in my heart, “How do I answer to my parents, if I need to stay another term?”

Jeffrey continued his lecture: “You know crying does not help get things done little girl.”

I folded my arms raising and squeezing my pair of perky C cup boobs, covered by my long sleeve fitting tee, as I looked down with more tears rolling down my already wet rosy cheeks. I always did this naturally as it helped to calm and soothe me in my emotional state. Unknowingly to me, Jeffrey’s eye widened when my boobs seemed to display much bigger when squeezed.

Jeffrey: “Ok, I have an idea to help you get back to track for your project and probably could even help you to let you get a distinction for your project.”

My sobbing stopped for a moment as I looked up to Jeffrey with my big round watery eyes with hope. Jeffrey stood up from his seat and moved himself behind me, as he rested both his hand on each of my shoulders.

Jeffrey: “I need you to do something in return for me and I need you to trust me on this. Would you trust me on this?”

I nodded my head, “Yes…”

Jeffrey slid his hands underneath my tee and bra, grabbing my boob with his hands and started squeezing them with the warmth of his hands, moving in circular motion, giving my boobs sensual massages, making them feel by instinct.

Shocked by Jeffrey’s action, I sat there still, allowing his pair of lecherous hands had a good feel of my bosom before I realized this was wrong and I tried to move myself away, opening my mouth and was about to yell in retaliation.

Jeffrey’s 1.75m tall body, suppressed my 1.62m small body frame as he held me back tightly to my seat, hugging me with one arm with his hand grabbing my right boob hard and with his other hand, covering my mouth, silencing my protesting yells.

Jeffrey: Gem… I told you to trust me on this… It’s either you walk out of this room and prepare to fail very badly and continue to see me again next term. Or you can walk out this room, with me satisfied, thus giving you a good grade depending on your performance.”

My retaliation stopped as I pondered upon Jeffrey’s proposal giving him the chance and access to my boobs as he pulled down the collar of my tee along with my bra, exposing my pair of fair and juicy boobs with erect pink nipples feeling cold in the air conditioned office of Jeffrey’s. The lascivious project supervisor warmed my breasts with one hand caressing my right boob, easing the pain from his previous hand grip and the other with his mouth and saliva as he licked and sucked on my boobs, alternating his play from time to time.

The conservative me, never had my boobs exposed to other men or had them played, not even my ex-boyfriend Jeremy had the privilege to see. My lucky supervisor continued to enjoy my fun bags arousing my body which had never experienced before, like the warm feeling that you get in your chest when you drink something warm in a cold air-conditioned room. I felt like that, but in my pelvis. Soon it was like peeing in my panties a little as I felt this warm wetness started building around my groin area.

Jeffrey stood up while he unzipped his pants and finally paraded his dick in front of me. It was my first time seeing a real man’s penis, so upfront and so close to my face, as if the 6.5 inch long and thick meat was about to hit my pretty face like a baton. My face blushed as I turned my head, avoiding the sight of Jeffrey’s meat. The warm meaty baton then placed in between my tits and Jeffrey started to fuck my tits.

The meat baton slid smoothly up and down over my silky skin and with Jeffrey’s hands pushing my tits together, squeezing to form a valley holding his cock tight and firm. His dick was warm and I could feel his throbbing as the blood made it harder and harder. Jeffrey then humped my breasts as he slowly accelerated his movements, with his eyes closed and face filled with content. Perhaps it was due to the coldness of Jeffrey’s office, but my body appreciated the warmth given by his hands and his meat baton. And the abrasion exchanging between the skins.

Jeffrey then pulled me out from my chair and dragged me to his chair on my left hand, as he sat back down in his executive office chair like a boss.

Jeffrey: “Suck my dick?”

I looked up innocently at Jeffrey’s salacious face, not knowing what to do?

Jeffrey: “Come on, Gem. Don’t waste my time here. Suck it. Don’t tell me you never suck a dick before?”

I argued, “No… Never.”

Jeffrey: “Come on, Gem. You think you are a virgin?”

I rebuked, “Of course I am. No need to think.”

Upon hearing my words, Jeffrey was thrilled to learn as his facial expression displayed a look of surprise and joy, liked he struck the jackpot. He then changed from his demeaning attitude to a more subtle tone.

As my pretty little face got close to my supervisor’s meat baton, the rancid stench of his penis made me even more disgusted than the sight of his erected meat, the penis of a mid 40s man, older than me by 27 years. I was reluctant to get close to his dick, let alone placing it in my mouth.

Jeffrey: “Come Gem… Don’t you want to get good grades for your FYP?”

My supervisor reminded me again about my rewards. I already exposed my breasts and had them played by this man sitting in front of me for the very first time in my life, I had already lost so much and came so far just to ace in my FYP. So I start kissing his dick with lips of mine as he patiently guided me and supervised me how to handle his dick.

Jeffrey’s gifted student in no time learnt the techniques of how to handle his cock. Like imagining a 6.5 inch long popsicle, I licked his shaft savoring the taste of his meat and tasteless pre-cum. Giving gentle pecks of kisses alternating between my licks. Jeffrey’s cock was well taken care of in no time as I sucked more pre-cum out from his thick head with my eye closed, imagining that I was having a Magnum. Jeffrey’s fists both clenched tightly as he was utmost pleasured by my blowjob and the sight of a nineteen year old angelic face, the face of a well-known school belle in my faculty sucking him off.

Knock, knock, knock. “May I come in?”

My eye opened wide and my heart almost jumped out of my mouth, which still contained Jeffrey’s dick. The scene of being caught in action flashed across in my mind, as feelings of shame and remorse slapped my cheek warm red. Jeffrey quickly moved me underneath his table as he pushed more of his meat into my mouth deep throating me as I could feel his penis hitting the back of my throat.

Jeffrey: “Come in…”

Jeffrey allowed that stranger at the door to come in, how could he! How dare he not locked his door! I recalled myself allowing him to play my breast in a while back, luckily no one barged into his office at that time. Luckily. As the door opened, Jeffrey released his grip on my head and hair, allowing me to pull my head backward from almost choked to death by his long thick girth.

The stranger was my fellow course mate Ming, who was obviously sharing the same project supervisor with me. Ming was a solitary nerd and a geek, who hardly talked and mixed around with people, except me. Somehow I did know that Ming had some interest in me, but who wouldn’t? After all, with an angelic face and demonic 34C-24-36 body, I was conferred by the school boys as the school belle for years. I was so worried that Ming would catch me sucking off on our project supervisor, but Jeffrey didn’t allow to let me go. As Jeffrey was talking serious business with Ming above his desk, underneath it, I was discussing another sort of business with him hold my head up and down, forcing me to suck his cock and I did. I did it to avoid making silent sounds as my heart beat heavily at the same time.

Jeffrey: “Ming, I asked you to come meet today is because I need to give you a special assignment. As you can see, your fellow course mate is particularly weak in programming and it’s only slightly more than a month for the project to come to an end. I know it is too much for me to ask you. But could you help Gem on her FYP, giving her some assistance. And to be fair with you, it would be plus points for you if she can do well in her project.”

Ming (Sounded excited.): “Certainly, Mr. Teo. Certainly I would glad to help!”

Jeffrey: “Good, I knew I can depend on you. After all, you are already done with your project and I could see very little room for improvement. So what’s next is I need you to write up a good documentation for your project and do your best for your presentation as well…”

The discussion carried on for another six to seven minutes, the longest time in my life. When it ended, due to lack of concentration from my blow job, Jeffrey excused himself and asked Ming to meet him the following day again to discuss more details of his project’s documentation and presentation of his FYP. The door closed with Ming leaving his office, at that moment Jeffrey began to ram his cock deep and fast, fucking my mouth intensely with his huge meat baton.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh.” Jeffrey released his cum in my mouth, gagging me as I inadvertently swallowed shots of his protein shooting internally within the walls of my mouth. Surprisingly, or luckily, his cum tasted like just a protein shake with just a bit of plum flavoring.

Jeffrey: “Drink it Gem… Drink it!”

Not that I was obeying his commands, it was because I had no choice. I wanted to spit his cum out of my mouth, but his thick long cock gagged me and left me no space to keep his overwhelming loads of cum within my mouth that I had to swallow them down.

Jeffrey: “Look me in the eyes! Look!”

I obeyed my supervisor’s commands as I looked upon his eye with an agonizing look. The look made him even more dominant as he withdrew his penis mostly out of my mouth and he oozed more cum by squeezing his meat shaft with his hands.

Jeffrey: “Tasted it, eat it, don’t waste!”

Again, I followed his orders, tasting more sweetness from the protein milkshake before swallowing down into my throat.

We dressed ourselves properly before my supervisor gave me his last instructions for this session.

Jeffrey: “From now on, you will be my slave. I want you to stay back later at the end of the day and meet me back at this office. I have more for you by the end of the day.”

I took some wet tissue from my bag near the computer and hurried myself to the toilet. I used the wet tissues to wipe my body, my breasts, dirtied by Jeffrey’s sexual harassment earlier on. I gargled with tap water many times to wash the filth from my mouth. I felt like crying, but the day was still young for me to get my eyes swollen with tears. I sat in the toilet cubicle for a while before returning back to the lab.

Back in the computer lab, Ming happily turned to me as I sat beside him.

Ming: “Just now Mr. Teo says you have difficulty in your project and ask me to assist you. You can use whatever help you need from me.”

Ming chatted with himself and bombarded me with numerous questions about my project, but my heart and mind was not in conversation with Ming. Plagued by the incident earlier on, I was worried what else more would Jeffrey get me to do. Ming sat closely next to me as our arms brushed against each other many times throughout the conversation. Eventually, he took over my seat and computer as he went through lines of code of my barely started project and keyboard hit quickly as he coded like a professional coder, building my project with lines of code.

Ming expressed enjoyment from his face. He smiled as he happily coded my project and like a lecturer, explaining along the way as he coded. More importantly for him was, I was sitting beside him with my body so close, leaning against him, bringing him to cloud nine as he coded.

Soon it was the end of the day and I had an appointment with Jeffrey to catch. Before the leaving the lab, Ming bade me farewell happily as if he was in love, while I slowly walked my way to Jeffrey’s clutches.

Jeffrey and I rendezvous at his office, before we made our way to the car park for his car. Jeffrey drove me to our future favorite lovemaking hotel 13 to 15 minutes’ drive away from the school.

It took us some walking distance to the love hotel as the place had no parking lots. As we walked to the hotel, I lowered my head, afraid of being recognized, while Jeffrey held me by my waist as he guided me towards my destiny of losing my first time. We checked in the hotel and went to our room on the third floor.

In the room, my master made me strip naked as I obeyed his wish, except that I was still trying to protect my modesty with my hands covering myself. My annoyed master then warned me once more not to cover myself and I showed him all of my assets. My smooth and fair naked body, my beautiful boobs decorated with pink nipples and my pussy with my little forest was for master to see.

I was made to kneel before master as I took his dick, once more with my mouth. This time, his penis stench was even stronger as the stench almost choked me. Even so, I continued to do as master pleased, thinking that I had already come so far to give up for good grades. I licked, kissed and played his 6.5 inch dick with my mouth and tongue, handling his cock better than the first time, while he wasted no opportunity to play with my beautiful pair of bosoms. He squeezed, fondled, twitched and pinched my nipples, which I hate to say, got me aroused. At that point of time I was thinking, what if, wouldn’t it be better if I had sex with Jeremy, giving my virginity to him. But life was like that, life did not have so many what if-s.

Master enjoyed my blow job so much that he rewarded me by eating my pussy. His licking and tonguing gave pleasure to my pussy. I felt like I wanted to pee as Jeffrey skillful tongue made my pussy wet till part of my little forest below became a tropical rainforest, warm and moist. Master rubbed my clitoris well as he licked and sucked my pussy juice. Soon, like sitting on a roller coaster there was a swoosh feeling in my pelvic and after that, I felt like my bladder was going to lose control anytime soon. I tried to stop master from touching my pussy, but he pinned me down with one arm and continued to rub my clitoris vigorously. That’s it. I could not hold on to my pee any longer and I released everything.

My body was trembling out of control with ecstasy. It was not pee. It was me squirting out jets of love juice like spraying from a water gun. Master Jeffrey slurped and drank my holy cum juice making loud noises like he was drinking some delicious soup. I was ashamed to admit, but my first orgasm felt really great and the sight of master drinking me off turned me on even more. So this was the experience of sex that my ex would like to experience with me which I had declined all these years and finally gave in to my project supervisor for grades. All these years of conservative up-bringing my parents had taught me had gone to drain in a single day. If my parent had knew what I did, they would be very upset, ashamed and even disowned me, the only child in the family. Thinking of all these, tears of remorse and disgrace started consolidating around my pupil and sourly sharp pain was felt in my throat.

Master Jeffrey was at the peak of his horniness state and having a steel hard erection, placed his penis head on the gateways to my virginity. Using his thick steel hard meat baton, he rubbed against my pussy up and down, each time stroking against my sensitive clit. His actions brought me back into this sexual reality as my saddened feeling dissipated into the background, as I began to panic about him penetrating me raw.

I tried to move myself away from Jeffrey and covered my pussy at the same time, but it was futile. He grabbed both of my ankles and pulled me back towards him, and grabbed both of my hands pinning down by my sides. He pried my legs open positioning himself in between in a ready missionary position as his cock found its way back to my pussy lips.

Me: “No… Don’t do that… I beg you please… Don’t!”

Jeffrey: “How dare you say no to your master!? Don’t you want to get good grades for your exams?”

Me: “Please Mr. Teo… Let me go… Please!”

Jeffrey: “Address me master!”

Me: “Yes, master! Please, I beg you… Don’t do this to me… Not especially without any protection!”

Jeffrey: “Hahaha… Gem, you may be begging for me to stop now, but in time to come, you will be begging me for more. As for protection, rest assure, your master is clean and you won’t get pregnant… This I promise you…”

Saying that, Jeffrey gave me an evil grin and his cock intrusively entered within my pussy slowly, stretching the walls of my vagina and I felt pain as he first slid in further till he completed filled me up. The intensity of my pain reached maximum as I squeezed my eyes so tightly, tears started to roll down my cheek. It made my struggles stop and I resigned to the fate of giving Jeffrey my first time.

Although well lubricated from my last big orgasm, the tightness of my pussy squeezed the blood vessels of my master’s throbbing dick.

Jeffrey: “Oh god, Gem you feel so good and tight… Tightest that I ever felt!”

Jeffrey slowly retracted his long large penis as he took a quick peek underneath, as he could see a few smears of blood, but not much, before he continued pushing himself back into me again slowly. I lay underneath master’s tall and well-built body, feeling his meat inside of me, giving me another round of painful injection. Jeffrey worked his movement slowly and gently until the painful look on my face subsided. With that, he released his grip on my hands as his head and hands moved southwards, as he placed his attention on my beautiful 34C boobs, sucking them on at the same time, pinching, twitching and even biting my aroused pointy nipples lightly, pleasuring me well enough and I was soon numbed from the pain.

Jeffrey placed my leg on his shoulders and he started piling his meat driver in the depths of my love hole deeper and this time more faster. His humps brought me to another stage of euphoria. The sight of a man, 27 years older than me, old enough to be my dad, was making love to me yet not even a slightest feeling of disgust hit me. In fact, he made love to me so well, like how I often heard my mum moaned till this very day when my parents made love in their room. I too moaned loudly together with Jeffrey’s heavy panting, filling the room with the sounds of our own mating session.

Jeffrey: Gem, does it feel good? Tell me… Did master make you feel good below.”

I didn’t want to reply Jeffrey’s shameless question. And Jeffrey continued to fuck me even harder, while repeating his question.

Jeffrey: “Say it Gem! Say it… Did master make you feel good? Say it you disobedient slave!”

I shamelessly replied. “Yes…”

Jeffrey: “That’s not good enough, say you feel good… Say that master make you feel so good.”

Me: “Yes, master… I feel good… Master makes me feel so good… It feels so great.”

Jeffrey: “Do you love it… Tell me… Tell me quick.”

Me: “Yes… Master… I am loving it… I love what master is doing to me now!”

Jeffrey: “Would you be master’s obedient slave?”

Me: “Yes… Master… I will be an obedient girl for master… Your slave.”

Master buried his tongue into my mouth upon finishing those words. The euphoric mating between the project supervisor and his student, transformed into a pair of loving couple passionately frenching each other and making love at the same time.

Me: “Ahh… I am coming master… Ahh… I am coming… Ahh.”

Master fucked me intensively as my next big wave of orgasm began to sweep throughout my body once more. My moans were louder than ever, my body vibrated as my boobs bounced vigorously on my torso by my master’s humping. Then I came and master gave my pussy a short break pulling out, allowing my pussy to squirt more love juices out of my body. Once again, master went below me and drank my pussy juices as if they were tasty and delicious. Tired out by my two waves of orgasm, I restlessly lay on the bed for master to savor off my hot cum juice.

When master finished his drinks, he flipped me around easily like a pancake and placed a pillow beneath my abs, making my hips arched, and ass facing him. He entered his large cock back into pussy and continued to fuck me again. He started slow and slowly accelerated his speed and intensity of his thrusts, making my body aroused again. While banging me from behind, master’s hand pinched my pink nipples hard making them feel good and sore, turning my areolas to cherry pink and sore. Master demanded frenching from his slave and so I tilted my head as his tongue made love to my mouth.

My third and last big orgasm came when master banged me in doggy style after lifting my hips high as he grabbed both of my arms tightly when he rammed hard, hitting his groin against my cushion butt cheeks, make loud flapping sound. I let out a loud scream to my mind-blowing orgasm, as master continued pounding away inside of me.

Not long after my orgasm, master came as well, he came inside of me raw. I felt the penis of my master pulsating as he shuddered while he was releasing his lust in my cum hole. Hot cum filled the inside of my hole mixed with my own love juices dripping out when master pulled his dormant dick out of my pussy. We rested by lying on the bed stained of our sweat and cum for fifteen minutes before we proceeded to the showers where master made me give him a soapy cat bath, supervising me how to do it.

When we were done bathing, master threw me a tab of pills to me and a tube of cream.

Jeffrey: “Take this… So you will not get pregnant… As for the cream, is for your vagina, it will help you a lot.”

I obediently took a pill from the tab as I drank it down with a bottle of mineral water provided by the hotel.

Jeffrey sent me home a few blocks away from home after our session. I purposely did so, in case anyone caught me in a school lecturer’s car, sending me home. That night, despite of having numerous thoughts, the fatigue I had earlier today sent me to sleep soundly after thinking that it was finally over. How naive I was?

The next day, he summoned me back to his office while I was in the computer lab going over my project with Ming.

Me: “Good morning, Mr. Teo.”

Jeffrey: Gem Gem Gem… Just one night and you forget to address me as master. What a naughty girl you are. You need to be taught a lesson.”

Me: “But… I thought after yesterday it was over.”

Jeffrey: “No no no… My little Gem. It is only over when I say it is. And this is your makeup project. Your FYP will be handled by Ming so you no need to worry about it. As for this, this is your side project if you want to get good grades. Now… Enough talking. Take off your clothes.”

No choice, I had already come so far. I turned and ensured the door was locked before I undressed my dress and undergarment, stripping myself to nothing. I placed my clothes neatly on the shelf beside the doorway as I exhibited my naked body for my master’s eyes.

Jeffrey: “Come over here.”

I moved towards him, as my master sat in his executive chair with his lower body naked and his dormant penis. I did what I had to do and I knelt before him and started giving him a blow job. In no time his penis turned lively from the foreplay my mouth had to offer. Master made me mount on his penis and I did, slowly surmounting my pussy over his dick and I sank myself down taking his shaft inside of me. The soreness of my pussy was already numbed by the cream master gave me yesterday, but taking his large, long dick still gave pain to me as my pussy was also not well lubricated.

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