Perks of a Co-Pilot


The road to become a qualified pilot on our national carrier is a long and uncertain path. From the initial batch of 43 trainees, only 8 survive the stage to qualify as a co-pilot. Unfortunately, in order to clock enough hours in the plane, I had to relocate to Indonesia for two years. Many with families dropped out at this stage, but I was single, so I took the chance after getting advice from my senior captains.

As part of the package, I was stationed in Jakarta and the company put me up in a service apartment together with another co-pilot. For the first half year, both of us were taking turns flying the same flight. As such, only one of us is in the apartment at any one time.

Many guys dreamed about becoming flight steward because of the stewardess, but let me share this secret that the real perks was to be a pilot.

These were my encounters…

The average age of girls applying to be stewardess was around 19. Most applied directly after their A levels or Poly. Although they underwent the training to become more sophisticated, many were still very naive.

Take Pearlyn as an example. She was a very pretty girl that looked like Patty Hou. A bit blur and was very sweet. Fresh from training, she was attached to my flight for the first few weeks and I got to know her while waiting to clear customs. One thing about her was that she was not very tall (Compared to most of the girls.). She tried to make up for it by wearing high heels, but it affected how she walked. Think she was still not used to it.

As we walked towards our aircraft, she took a tumble unglamorously and I quickly helped her up. Can you imagine all the passengers in the transit lounge looking at her? She was so embarrassed, but I quickly helped her to move away quickly. As she walked towards our aircraft, she was sobbing and I tried to cheer her up, although that was the first time we met.

As our flight got on the way, I kinda forgot about her until I requested for some snacks for my captain and myself during the flight. Pearlyn, being the newbie, brought up the refreshment. She gave me a wink in appreciation of the help I rendered just before. I thought she looked so cute.

The eight hour flight was pretty boring as usual. All the flight crews were then given 18 hours to rest before the return flight back to Jakarta. As we proceeded to the hotel, I happened to overhear the girls planning to go out for dinner and disco. Interestingly, Pearlyn didn’t want to go.

At the hotel, my captain (43 years old.), dumped me to go shopping for his gadgets and I was pretty much alone when I saw Pearlyn at the hotel lobby.

Me: “Hey girl! What are you doing?”

Pearlyn: “Don’t know leh. First time here.”

Me: “Why didn’t you go with the girls?”

Pearlyn: “I don’t know. They seem very wild. Don’t really like to go disco.”

Me: “How about we go for dinner together? I show you a nice place to eat.”

After some hesitation, she agreed and we took a cab to a posh eatery. The food was excellent and the companion was great. I thought the white wine was pretty crisp and really went well with the food. Pearlyn was obviously a poor drinker as she was blushing by the first glass. We chatted during the meal and really got to know her better. Knew that she was currently single after breaking up with her NS boyfriend. She came across as someone very, very naive.

After dinner, I sent her back to her room which she was sharing with another girl. Being the gentlemen, I left her after a courteous kiss on the cheeks. I could sense that she seemed to be okay with me.

Over the next few weeks, we started smsing each other and met up whenever we were in the same city. One particular night, after dinner, we were taking a stroll to the nearby mall that we were cornered by three Indonesian men. After hearing so many stories from other pilots, I knew better than to wear expensive watches and other stuffs.

As they demanded for our possession, I readily gave up my wallet (Very little cash and cards since I usually kept them safe in the hotel safe.). Pearlyn had more to lose with her LV bag. I was fine with losing possession, but when they started having ideas with Pearlyn, I got pretty ready to fight with my karate background. As they pushed their luck, I managed to unarm the man with the puny knife and hit hard at his throat. The other two idiots probably high on drugs, tried to intervene, but two easy kicks to their stomachs floored them completely, leaving the main guy gaggling for breath. A few more kicks later, Pearlyn and I took off to a crowded place before the idiots can recover.

Back in the hotel room, both of us started shaking. I didn’t feel very ‘hero’ then, but Pearlyn was very appreciative. She was shaking quite badly and started sobbing hysterically as she was almost molested by the three idiots.

All the flight crew managed to get their own individual rooms in that particular hotel (Only four stars, so all of us opted for single rooms.).

As I comforted Pearlyn, I hugged her gently as she cried her heart out. In my lusty mind, I was enjoying the physical intimacy. After midnight, she kinda calmed down as we chit chatted. She wanted to bath, but was afraid to be alone, so she made me promise to wait while she showered.

I made the excuse that I needed to pee and went into her washroom. I left my wallet (Which I grabbed back from the idiot.), and my spy camera that was shaped like a car remote! Haha… I knew it would come in handy for a pervert like me. After positioning my stuffs carefully, I started the recording and left the toilet for Pearlyn to shower.

As she showered, I took a quick peak into her hand carry to check out her bra size! After she got out of the shower, I made an excuse to go to the toilet again to collect my ‘precious’ recording!

Pearlyn wanted me to accompany her that night, but acting like a gentleman, I told her it was not appropriate. If she was afraid, she could give me a call and I would go to her. In my mind, I wanted to download and view the video!

Back in my own room, I dashed to download and view the video. Pearlyn had a really slim and tight body (Used to play netball.). Her B breasts looked perky with small pink nips. From the video in the toilet, it was obvious that she was affected by the episode. I was too, by the video, so I masturbated watching her shower. What a sight!

At around 2 am, the phone rang.

Me: “Hello…” (Sleepy…)

Pearlyn: “Can you come over? I can’t sleep.”

Me: “Okay. Give me two minutes.”

In my heart, I was very excited as I knocked on her door. She invited me in in her pajamas which was quite ‘auntie’. She explained that she was still very afraid. I led her to her bed and tried to pat her to sleep as she leaned on my body. She smelled absolutely great and soon I had a hard on.

As she moved, her hand brushed across my groin area.

Pearlyn: “What was that?”

Me: “Err… Normal man’s reaction in the presence of pretty girl…”

Pearlyn: “Ah… Someone is getting naughty ideas…”

Me: “Paiseh paiseh… Hee… I am a normal man ma…”

To my surprised, she turned her body and hugged me. I took it as the signal and we started kissing. Her hand went to squeeze my manhood much to my surprise! That gave me the courage to explore her body.

My hand went under her ‘auntie’ top and found the silky bra. As we fondled each other, our kissing and frenching became more passionate. I managed to unclip the bra strap to release the yummy breasts. I started sucking and playing with the perky nipples. Before long, my hand ventured southwards into her panty. She was already wet as I played on the outsides of her vagina.

Her breathing quickened as I inserted my forefinger into her. Her hands reached into my boxer and started stroking. It felt real good. After a while, I quickly pulled down her pants and took off my boxer as well. She took off her own panty and we dived under the blanket.

I entered her in missionary and she let out a soft moan. I then took off all the rest of her clothes and my t-shirt. As our tongue fought, I pumped her as hard as I can. Flipping her on top of me, she controlled the pace till I almost cummed. I told her to go down on all four and I fucked her in doggie position. Before long, the urge to ejaculate built up sufficiently. I cummed a lot on her back. Quite fun to see it flowing down the backside to her back.

I then took some tissue to clean her. She gave me a hug. As we lay on the bed, I was still playing with her tits when she fell asleep. Felt weird sleeping naked.

Around five plus, I awoke at my usual timing to find Pearlyn still asleep. I was instantly aroused and started painting her while she’s still sleeping. Soon, she was stirring and squirming uncontrollably. I climbed on her and fucked her for the second time. It felt like a quickie and I cummed very fast. What a morning treat!

We needed to report to the airport by 9 am, so we took a shower together. As I played with her body, my manhood quickly recovered and soon I was fucking her from behind while standing in the bathtub. Without much thought, I ejaculated into her.

I left her room tactically to prevent the rest of the crew to know. After packing, I headed to the lobby where the flight crew was supposed to gather. As Pearlyn came down, she gave me a mischievous wink. I knew I would have more fun subsequently.

As we got on the plane, I was the last few as I went to inspect the plane. As I walked past Pearlyn at the narrow doorway, she squeezed my manhood! How naughty!

The next few days were fun as we fucked with every chance we got. She bought a big box of Durex condoms, but after two tries, both of us didn’t like it. We bought another brand that promised the ‘feeling’ and soon, we bought another big box.

This went on for a few more weeks as she practically shifted into my apartment. Unfortunately, because of her language ability (Can speak Japanese.), she was then transferred to the Singapore – Tokyo route. We promised to keep in contact and meet up whenever we were in the same city. Deep down, I think both of us knew that it was just a fling.

By then, I got to know another Malay stewardess called Asilah. She was an elegant and tall girl at around 1.72 cm. Her legs seemed to go on forever and she had very nice features. Compared to Pearlyn, she had the air of sophistication.

I had never had sex with a Malay girl before, so I was pretty intrigued by this brown beauty. We were already on good terms and I started pushing the boundary with her by asking her out to eat and disco.

Asilah was a fun-loving girl and I realized that she drank and she liked to drink a lot. I had to send her back to her room for a few times, but her girls tend to stick around too, so no chance to eat her.

There was a new club in Jakarta and I invited her alone to it. It was a posh club that only allowed foreigners, flight crews, and rich people there. The drinks were horribly expensive, but the decor was top notch. There were many dim corners for people to hanky-panky too. Asilah and I even caught a glimpse of a blond giving blowjob to a man.

We sat at the bar counter and ordered our drinks. Asilah then went to the washroom. Within a minute, two blinds with unnaturally big breast surrounded me to ask if I needed a companion. From their accent, I guessed they were from Russia or Ukraine. I tried to reject both of them (Breast was too big!), but they were quite persistent.

Thankfully, Asilah came to my rescue!

Asilah: “He is my man! Shoo…”

The two blondes left reluctantly. We started to drink, then to dance and back to drink again. At 2 am plus, both of us were rather intoxicated as we headed back to our service apartments (Same block.).

My horny mind was already planning how to score as we took the elevator up. At her doorsteps, we started kissing and I made my way to her bedroom. The sex was pretty savage as we stripped each other’s clothes off fast. Maybe because of the alcohol, I did not cum in my usual duration and managed to change many positions including carrying her. That was the first time fucking a minah and it felt interesting to see my white cock in her brown pussy. Best of all, she was a fan of Brazilian waxing.

I started pumping her hard and fast and she started to scream with every thrust. I finally cummed on her breasts, although she looked in disgust and rushed to clean it off.

Both of us fell fast asleep. I woke up with a funny sensation in my lower body as if someone was tugging my manhood. As I cleared my head, I realized that Asilah was giving my small head that special mouth attention! What a better morning surprise!

I grabbed her on top of me in a 69 position and we started to pleasure each other. I painted the pussy lips and slower inserted my finger into her. I started with one finger, then two and started stroking faster. Asilah started to moan loudly, but I wasn’t ready to let her go… I pumped even harder and she retaliated by sucking my cock even faster. As she screamed, I also cummed into her mouth.

She gagged on my cum and accidentally swallowed it.

Asilah: “You didn’t warn me idiot! I swallowed it. Ewww…”

She ran to the washroom to rinse her mouth and I was on the bed enjoying it. CIM. Yeah…

It was during the shower together that I truly appreciated the beauty of Asilah’s perfect body. She had the right curves and was slim in a very fit way. Her size B+ or C breasts hang perfectly on her smooth body with small brown eraser-size nipples that reacted at the slightest stimulations. Her shapely hips seemed to be the right balance of size and shape of a real woman. Compared to her, Pearlyn seemed like a teenager, whereas Asilah was a fully bloomed woman.

As I played with her cleanly waxed pussy in the shower, she smacked me as we were running late.

Me: “Make it a quick one lah… Please.” (With puppy eyes.)

Asilah: “You horny bastard. No time already lah. I still have to dry my hair and put on make-up.”

Me: “Arghh…” (Fake pouting.)

Asilah: “Later lah… I promise.” (With a naughty wink.)

In my mind, I was thinking what she meant by ‘later’ and began to fantasize the different possibilities. As we gathered at the hotel lobby, Asilah mingled with the rest of the ladies as if nothing had happened. (There was a company’s directive that flight crews should not be involved emotionally with one another, so romance tended to be hidden.)

The six hour flight was as mechanical and boring as usual. With the autopilot properly programmed and switched on, the pilot and I took turns taking a break. This usually includes mingling with the rich passengers in the first class cabin as part of the company’s way to promote the customers’ loyalty. As I played with some kids (Although obviously spoilt kids.), I couldn’t help but noticed Asilah in her tight flight uniform. She winked at me and I followed her to the pantry at the back of the first class cabin.

Once out of sight of the passengers, she grabbed me into the first class toilet, which was much bigger than those in the economy class. We kissed passionately and she immediately unzipped my pants to release my manhood. I attacked her breasts, but didn’t remove her clothes. I lifted her uniform up and pulled down her black panty. I entered her in doggie and started pumping furiously. She had to use her hands to cover her mouth to prevent herself shrieking in ecstasy. Hey, I joined the mile high club!

It was over pretty fast as it was pretty exciting. As I was about to cum, my mind was thinking, “Oh shit, where to shoot so that we don’t have to clean up later.” She helped me to answer that.

Asilah: “Cum inside me… Ah ah ah…”

It was damn stimulating to see my cum dripping out of her brown pussy. We scrambled to get cleaned up and dressed up. With a peep to check that the coast was clear, we got out of the toilet tactically.

The rest of the flight went on smoothly. It was dangerous, but exciting. If caught, the airline was sure to fire both of us.

Once every two months, I would hop back to Singapore to settle some stuffs and visit my parents. By then, Asilah was more or less cohabiting with me. Before I left on a particular morning, I sms-ed Pearlyn to see if she was also in town. Hey, she was on the return leg from Tokyo and we arranged to meet at the terminal.

Before I left my apartment, I saw Asilah taking her usual morning shower and my manhood woke up. With luck, I will be fucking two women today! I took off my clothes to join Asilah in the shower. She knew what I wanted and we had hot, steamy, wet sex in the bathtub. Kinda dangerous as we almost slipped. After that, I left with a promise that I would get her the XXX instant mix from Singapore.

As I sat on the empty business class seat, my mind was already fantasizing about Pearlyn and her nubile body. Can’t wait to meet up with her again!

I landed first in T3 and I waited for her at the cafe. As she walked towards me, she had a huge sweet smile which would melt any man’s heart. We did not hug nor kiss as she was in her uniform, but once in her car, we frenched like nobody’s business.

We went immediately to her house…

It seemed that the few months apart only made sex better!

Our hands were all over each other once in the car and once we got in the lift, we kissed like never better and I took the opportunity to pull down her panties.

The lift stopped at the level just below her apartment and we had to do an emergency brake as this middle aged couple walked in. I was like… WTH… Why are you going up?

Pearlyn: “Pa, Ma, What are you doing here?”

I was like, shit!!! I scrambled to hide Pearlyn‘s panty in my pants. Her parents wanted to visit her, but got mixed up which level she was staying (She moved around a fair bit as she rented the apartment with two other stewardesses.)

As Pearlyn introduced me to her parents, part of me was cursing and swearing as this might signal an escalation in our relationship which was not what I was looking for.

Anyway, we had dinner together which felt really weird as her parents asked me lots of questions. I could sense that they kinda liked me as I tried my best to present the better side of me. We sent them home after dinner and drove to Mount Faber which was near to her parent’s place at Telok Blangah.

As we chit chatted, Pearlyn was very pleased of the dinner and my ‘performance’. Before long, we found a dark bench and started kissing. As we frenched, my hands automatically started to roam under her blouse and bra…

We were interrupted by this group of noisy teenagers. We quickly left the place and went to her car to find another place to continue.

We went to a car park which I thought will be secluded, but end up the car park was very ‘crowded’ with couples doing exactly what we had in mind. We thought of joining the ‘newspaper’ club, but gave up when we saw some people playing a fool in the car park by purposely bumping the cars there.

What the heck! We proceeded back to her apartment which should be the safest, although her two housemates were at home too. Before entering the apartment, we can’t help but noticed the pair of man’s shoes at the rack. So Catherine (One of the housemates.), was also having fun that night!

As we tiptoed back to her room, we can hear the obvious sounds of love-making. Catherine was moaning like a whore and we could hear the bed pounding against the wall. We giggled quietly and continued our ‘fun’. As Pearlyn‘s room was beside Catherine’s, I was ramming Pearlyn while surrounded by Catherine’s sound effect. Felt like having sex while watching porn.

Maybe due to the ‘sound’, Pearlyn was definitely more adventurous that night. I fucked her while standing directly in front of the window. I hoped nobody saw us as the window faced the swimming pool and BBQ pits which were utilized that night.

I managed two rounds of battle before I fell asleep.

The next day, we went shopping and eating in Orchard. Felt great to have Pearlyn beside me as we went down to Paragon as Pearlyn really knew how to dress up now. She was wearing a one piece short dress that really showed off her endless slim legs. Both guys and girls were drooling at her as we walked by.

She pulled me into this high end lingerie shop in Paragon. My eyes popped to see a bra selling at $89.90 after discount! The petite and cute salesgirl recommended some of the latest range and offered to help Pearlyn to do a new measurement and helped Pearlyn to get the best fit.

She led us to a luxurious little room and expected me to wait outside until Pearlyn insisted that I joined in. Yeah. It felt erotic to see Pearlyn half-naked and the cute salesgirl helping her with the new bras. I must say the pricy bra can really create magic! With the right size and adjustments, Pearlyn looked like a C+ although she’s a B- at best. My manhood was at attention throughout the fitting. I think Pearlyn noticed that and told the salesgirl that she wanted to try a few others without her assistance.

After the salesgirl left, Pearlyn paraded herself in her bra and matching undies for me. I could not stand it anymore and grabbed her close. Pearlyn giggled and I fondled her slim sexy body.

It sure was a fun quickie as I fucked her still wearing her undies and bra. The comfy armchair provided the best aid as I doggied her while she kneeled on it. It felt good fucking her raw. Can really feel her juice lubricating and dripping!

Alas! We were interrupted before I could cum! The salesgirl knocked on the door to check. Bo bian. Dressed up and quickly went to pay. Burnt a hole in my wallet in that shop, but I complained to Pearlyn that I felt ‘unfinished’!

She giggled and gave me a wink that suggested that she had an idea. She dragged me to the nursing room after ensuring that no one saw us. We continued our session. It felt really wild as I was banging her silly while some kids were outside changing diaper. We had to control our moans and ‘piak piak’ sounds!

Thank goodness there was tissue in the nursing room as we cleaned up and left with some of my cum on the floor…

End up that for the four day break in Singapore, I did not even go to visit my parents as Pearlyn was pretty stuck to me, although she still had to work (Regional flights so the turnover was very fast.).

I lost count the number of times we made love. I was starting to be afraid that she may get pregnant if I continue to shoot into her, although she told me it was her safe period.

I made the mistake of shaving both of us on the second day. It was quite fun though. It felt like fucking a teenage girl when you can see her genitals clearly. However, it started getting prickly after a few days and I started to itch. Bad mistake. Had to use lots of powder after that. Another way was to continue to shave.

I brought her to stay in MBS. The shopping there will kill you. Super expensive compared to overseas. But it was worth it when we went swimming in the Sky Park.

Pearlyn looked absolutely gorgeous in her bikini suit that showed off her slim body. As we lay there, I knew that every guys’ eyes were sneaking glances at her body, even as they accompanied their own girlfriends or wives. Damn funny to see. I told Pearlyn about it and we decided to do a little experiment.

As we moved to another part of the pool, it became obvious that more and more people, especially the single guys, were also moving to that part to gawk at Pearlyn. Haha… Won my bet with Pearlyn! Payment to be made in flesh!

She wrapped her hands around my arms as we walked back to our room. You can almost feel the envy of the guys looking at me with dagger eyes. I purposely squeezed Pearlyn‘s bum so as to infuriate them further. I was naughty I knew!

After an expensive dinner, we went back to the swimming pool, although it was damn cold. The pool was not very populated because of the weather was really quite cold and windy. There were some couples around and they clearly had the same ideas as us. We went to a corner of the pool and started kissing as she sat on me in the water.

It was damn erotic to feel her cleanly shaven pussy in the water. As I pulled her bikini aside, I slid my manhood into her. Alas… The security guards must have noticed us and started to ‘patrol’ around us regularly, so we just sat there in the water still ‘connected’, but cannot hump… After a while, we decided to go back since it was really getting too cold.

We had a bubble bath in the large bathtub. The warm water felt good, but playing with Pearlyn‘s tits felt even better…

After my escapade with Pearlyn, I reluctantly returned back to Jakarta only to receive notification that I was sent to Toulouse, France to be qualified for the A380.

I was ecstatic because there were only so few A380 pilots around. It meant a higher flight allowances, longer breaks between flights! Guess I did okay in all the Airbus family of planes so far!

Not surprisingly, Asilah didn’t take quite well to the news that I was posted away. She shifted out of my service apartment and I didn’t really try to stop her or maintain the relationship. The sex was good though.

I was given a business class seat to France because the first class was full. Kinda angry at first, but upon boarding the plane, I was pleasantly surprised to see Lilian as the flight stewardess.

Lilian was my secondary school classmate. In school, she was the girl that every ah beng liked. She had a sweet smile (With dimples.), and mid length hair that seemed to glow. With so many suitors then, I didn’t even try to ‘buaya’ her as she seemed beyond my class. In fact, my initial liking for her became a kind of ‘hatred’ as I felt that she was very vain and made use of her looks to great effect, manipulating many guys along the way. We even went to the same JC together where she often spoke condescendingly to my good friend. I remembered that I even scolded her once in defense of my pal.

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