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Smart Alecky JC Student

In the years of being a loan shark, I have seen many interesting and also bizarre things. I remember one time when a junior college student came to me to borrow money. She was only 17.. Going on to 18 in a weeks’ time and boy was she ripe. She had shoulder length hair, nice big round eyes, and she was rather tall, around 1.68m. Her terms for borrowing money from me were rather bold too. What was most interesting was that she seemed confident and a little...


Stuck in the Library

I was writing like a man possessed, my fingers scrabbling frantically over the pages to scribble down as many quotes and references as I could muster. I actually felt better and better with every passing minute, thinking that I was getting closer and closer. I even relaxed a little, and forgot about the impending threat. And then the lights went out. — 9.37pm. The clockface of my watch stared back at me as I caught my breath. I was pretty sure all the way to the library immediately...


Stranded on an Island

Last June, I had just finished my university exams in my first year at SMU. All my friends had already made plans for the holidays and I was staring at weeks of boredom ahead. Then I remembered my elder sister also had no plans. She had just finished her exams at NUS Business School too and she initially planned to go on a tour with her boyfriend. But I heard he was going for a trip with his otaku friends to Tokyo instead for the latest gadgets, anime,...