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Samantha’s Little Surprise

It came out of nowhere, that was for sure. Samantha had been nothing more than a platonic friend to Jake. They were classmates in one of the top junior colleges in Singapore, part of a group of closely-knit friends who studied and played together. It wasn’t as if there was any special relationship between Samantha and Jake, but the events that night sure didn’t play out that way… It all started with a proposed group outing; the four friends had planned to meet up that weekend at the...


Customer Relation Officer

Let me start, I bought a condo unit in downtown area few years back during the soft launch. During that time, I got a girlfriend and we were preparing to marry when we got possession of the unit. Somehow we broke off. Anyway this story is not about her. Is about the customer relation officer (CRO). Last year, I received a letter from the developer that my unit will be handover on a particular day of the week, which happens to be during my oversea business trip. Letter...


My JC Life

The first morning “Beep beep” “Beep beep” “Ah boy ahh !! Wake up liao !! You want to be late for school for the first day?” Sigh~ that is my elder sister. And yes, this is the first day of school. My first day in jc. It is my three month course actually. I really have no idea why I choose to go to the three months course in jc. I want to go to poly anyway. But well, like my buddy, jay always said, “Jc gals good”...


Penang Chic

Penang girls. Ah…there is a certain charms in them that sorta make them alluring. Meanwhile the relationship between me and london girl was growing too monotonous and the sex seems to be dwindling with direct proportion of her waist line. That had me using irc again, and found this sweet Penang lass, ex-model, so she claimed. After tonnes of sexually aggressive chats and phone sex which made both of us masturbate until we almost went blind, I went up to Penang. My friend has a place there, and...


My Very Timid Sexual Encounters

My first sex encounter I am an average looking guy with average height and average weight, everything’s average so if I strolled along Orchard Road you will not even take an extra look at me. I was 17 when I first had a sexual encounter (began PCC-ing at the age of 13 though), the girl was my second girlfriend. It was a hot and humid afternoon after school. We were classmates and we both took up the same ECA at school, in which we spent a few hours...


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Repaying the Lifeguard

“Let me know if you need anything! You just sit there and rest, Trisha.” Dan was now actively adjusting his trunks, but from her vantage point, Trisha could see that he had a full hard-on. She grinned and waved as he walked away. He’s probably imagining my lips wrapped around his cock, pushing his shaft down my throat, halfway to my stomach… imagining me swallowing his cum. Tricia’s fantasizing was out of control. She had just pretended to faint in the swimming pool only to get his attention...


My Naive Classmate (SG)

This is my true experience, decided to share it as to keep my memory fresh on her. During a period of my life. I was going through a tough patch. My girlfriend left me for a douchebag, taking along my broken heart, my soul and my wasted cash. I could not get into any courses I wanted to, without any directions, I wanted to join the army till a particular ‘JC’ decided to take my poor ass in. Without much hesitation I went in. Well, a lil background...


My Story – Betrayal of a Buddy

I have always advocate that while all of us comes out to play, we need to abide by certain moral values relating to brotherhood but unfortunately, I regret to say that I myself have broken this value the day I fucked my buddy’s wife. Jason was a good buddy of mine. We first got to know each other while working in the same company and honestly, it never occurred to me that we would become great buddies. When I first started to befriend him, it was never my...


Soul Mate = Older, Married Colleague… Sigh!

Background Circa 1999 (i.e. Not so long ago) in an office building in Raffles Place (or is it Suntec City?)… I had just switch banking jobs, and, at 29, was suitably pleased at having climbed a further step in the corporate pecking order and salary scale. While I found that most of my new colleagues were very welcoming and friendly, there was one – Monica – who particularly stood out as being stuck-up and unapproachable. Jack, a colleague, gave me the low-down on her over drinks one day....